Tarnished Silver - Chapter 4

Mar 5th, 2013
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  1. My apologies to anyone who has been waiting for this. I have put it off for too long.
  2. Chapters 1 & 2:
  3. Chapter 3:
  5. >You are in your room.
  6. >Today you bought some painting supplies.
  7. >Maybe it will help you get your mind off things.
  8. >You learned how to paint in prison.
  9. >It was one of few luxuries you were allowed.
  10. >The Warden though it would help reform you.
  11. >How do you reform a dead man?
  12. >You paid extra for the prepared canvases.
  13. >The layers of gesso are much smoother than what you could have done.
  14. >It has been a while.
  15. >You stare at the blank canvas.
  16. >What will you paint? Maybe your mood?
  17. >What do you feel?
  18. >You should be angry, but a few glasses of vodka took care of that.
  19. >An unused syrette sits on your nightstand.
  20. >It’s for later.
  21. “You should be angry.” You repeat to yourself - out loud this time.
  22. >Empty.
  23. >That’s about as close as close as you can get to your emotion.
  24. >Empty like the canvas before you.
  25. >Maybe you should just sign it in red.
  26. >Anon.
  27. >That would be pointless.
  28. >Black.
  29. >Black is a good enough.
  30. >You dab black paint on your palette.
  31. >A bit of thinner gets the oil to the right consistency for a background.
  32. >You start at the corners and work your way in.
  33. >You leave a a blank area in the center for your subject.
  34. >Every stroke reflects the light differently.
  35. >The shimmer of the wet paint intrigues you.
  36. >It reminds you of the past – brighter times.
  37. >But then it comes back to you.
  38. >No. Don’t think about that either.
  39. >Simpler things.
  40. >A flower.
  41. 1/7
  42. >You outline a single chamomile.
  43. >Its alone, like you.
  44. >Jesus, just listen to yourself.
  45. >You were never this soft before.
  46. >Life in Equestria has changed you.
  47. >Has it been for the better?
  48. >Give it a friend.
  49. >You make a blue outline for the vase.
  50. >When you are satisfied with the shape, you switch brushes.
  51. >It only takes a few yellow strokes to fill in the flower.
  52. >How will you deal with Diamond Tiara?
  53. >The last time you killed a man, you were thrown in jail.
  54. >Subterfuge isn’t your forte.
  55. >Though, neither is murder – you were caught after all.
  56. >Maybe you can get her hooked on drugs.
  57. >Then she would have to leave you alone.
  58. >You've seen ponies take things to extremes before.
  59. >Its possible that more prone to addiction than humans.
  60. >One of the petals extends too far.
  61. >You correct it with a few brush strokes.
  62. >Chamomile can change a person’s mood.
  63. >There could be plants here in Equestria that are poisonous to ponies.
  64. >That could work…
  65. >What about Silver?
  66. >You think about this as you paint in the vase.
  67. >Diamond said she staged the pictures herself.
  68. >The light was low and you didn’t get a very good look at the photos.
  69. >You could tell makeup or something was applied.
  70. >The black and blue marks on Silvers face – no one could sleep during that application.
  71. >She must be in on this too.
  72. >A knock at the door.
  73. >”Anon? Are you in there?” Shoeshine says.
  74. “Yeah.”
  75. >She opens the door.
  76. >”Oh, that looks nice,” she looks toward your painting.
  77. >She raises a hoof to touch it.
  78. “It’s not dry yet.”
  79. >She quickly retracts her outstretched limb, and looks around
  80. >”I wanted to talk to you about something. You've been acting strangely lately.”
  81. “Oh? How?”
  82. >”I don’t know. I can’t quite put my hoof on it.”
  83. 2/7
  84. >She sits on your bed.
  85. >”What’s this?”
  86. >Shit.
  87. >You should have put it away.
  88. “It’s nothing,” you say as you try to take the syrette away from her.
  89. >She’s faster than you, and moves it out of your reach.
  90. >”Are you using drugs?”
  91. >She examines it.
  92. “What? No. I’m – just holding that for a friend.”
  93. >She shakes her head.
  94. >”Anon, I haven’t seen you spending time with ponies.”
  95. “I have friends. I went out with Applejack a week ago.”
  96. >”You just met her. That hardly counts as a friend.”
  97. “I’m going out with her again in a few days.”
  98. >She ignores you.
  99. >”Where did you get this?”
  100. “I found it.”
  101. >She doesn’t believe you.
  102. >”How often do you use these?”
  103. >You sit next to her.
  104. >No point in hiding it now.
  105. “Almost every day. I need them to sleep.”
  106. >”These will kill you one day.”
  107. “I’ve been just fine so far.”
  108. >Shoeshine frowns.
  109. >”My cousin used drugs. He used to be such a good colt.”
  110. >She turns to you.
  111. >”Then drugs took over his life. He lost his job, and had to steal to get his fix. I haven’t heard from him in a while. You haven’t stolen to pay for these have you?”
  112. >If only you stole.
  113. >Then you would have fewer problems.
  114. >She breaks the uncomfortable silence.
  115. >”How silly of me. Of course you don’t do things like that.”
  116. >You want to say, “you don’t know me very well,” but you don’t.
  117. >”Are you going to quit?”
  118. “I’ve been trying.”
  119. >She nods slightly and places the syrette back on the nightstand.
  120. >You think about it for a bit.
  121. ”It’s harder than it looks.”
  122. >”We can get you help, Anon.”
  123. >They would probably have to lock you in a room for a few days to get it out of your system.
  124. >You knew a guy who quit once.
  125. >He told you that the first three days are the worst.
  126. 3/7
  127. >”There’s something else...”
  128. “Yeah?”
  129. >”I think Silver is having colts over.”
  130. “Why’s that?”
  131. >”I’ve been hearing,” she blushes, “well you know.”
  132. >You do.
  133. >”There’s no easy way to say it, so I’ll just say it. I think she has been sleeping around.”
  134. “She has her cutie mark. Isn’t that when they can start… doing that stuff?”
  135. >”No! She should wait a few more years.”
  136. “It’s not our place to tell the Spoons how to live their lives,” you shrug.
  137. >”We can’t just sit around and do nothing. What if she gets pregnant? How will we explain that to Mr. Spoon?”
  138. “It must be tiring to worry so much.”
  139. >”I can’t help it. Her father is always so busy. He hardly spends any time with her.”
  140. “I’ll handle it.”
  141. >”Thanks, Anon.”
  142. >She gets up to leave, but stops at the door.
  143. >”Think about what I said. It’s never too late to turn your life around.”
  144. ”I know.”
  145. >And then the door closes.
  146. >With Shoeshine gone you can return to your thoughts.
  147. >There is a good chance that Silver actually likes you.
  148. >Diamond is just on a power trip.
  149. >Driving a wedge between them is your best option.
  150. >You put down your brush, and let the oil dry.
  151. >
  152. >
  153. >Be Silver Spoon.
  154. >That night.
  155. >Shoeshine has gone to Caramel’s house.
  156. >With her out of the picture, you finally get a chance to speak with Anon.
  157. ”I’ve been waiting all day for this, Anon.”
  158. >”Me too,” he smiles.
  159. >You scoot over a bit and invite him to your bed.
  160. >He lays down on his side, facing you.
  161. >His arms don’t wait for permission, and pull you toward him.
  162. >You fit perfectly in his embrace.
  163. >He’s so warm.
  164. >One of his hands plays with your mane.
  165. >The other lightly rests on your flank.
  166. >A finger slowly traces your cutie mark.
  167. >He’s gotten a lot more compliant.
  168. >You didn’t even have to offer him a treat.
  169. >It’s finally started working.
  170. >He cares about you.
  171. 4/7
  172. >”You’re very beautiful, Silver.”
  173. >He takes off your glasses.
  174. >His half lidded eyes let you know that he needs this as much as you do.
  175. >You move forward, and his lips meet yours.
  176. >As you pull away his hand gently guides you back to him.
  177. >Again his kisses you.
  178. >It’s a long deep kiss this time.
  179. >He rolls onto his back.
  180. >You are cupped in his arms, and you follow him.
  181. >He stretches a few times before settling down.
  182. >You should tell him how you feel.
  183. >No.
  184. >He’s just doing this for his drugs.
  185. >Anon never cared about you.
  186. >Not really.
  187. >You’re just using each other for a cheap thrill.
  188. ”Do you like me, Silver?”
  189. >”I don’t know,” you lie.
  190. >He just smiles at this.
  191. >His hand slowly moves from you crest to your loin.
  192. >Fingernails press into your coat as he moves.
  193. >They make a long tingling sensation down your back..
  194. >”I didn’t at first,” he takes a deep breath, “but now I can’t help but like you.”
  195. >Just like.
  196. >See, he doesn’t love you.
  197. >Not yet, anyway.
  198. >”Do you like me, Silver?”
  199. >Your heart skips a beat.
  200. >Don’t say it.
  201. >Don’t tell him how you feel.
  202. >Then all of your power will be gone.
  203. >But that’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?
  204. >Anon spends time with you, and makes you feel better.
  205. >He’s the only pony who ever cared about you.
  206. >Not like your father, who is never around.
  207. >”That’s alright. You don’t have to answer.”
  208. >You hear a slight sadness in his voice.
  209. >Like your silence has hurt him.
  210. >Here he is bearing himself to you, and you won’t even say anything?
  211. 5/7
  212. >No.
  213. >Don’t say it.
  214. ”I love you, Anon,” you whisper. “I always have.”
  215. >You inhale sharply as the words leave you.
  216. >This was a mistake.
  217. >He isn’t ready for that.
  218. >His arms squeezes you slightly, and his face moves to meet yours.
  219. >A free hand brushes your mane.
  220. >He moves slowly toward you.
  221. >When his lips touch yours, you feel for the first time… loved.
  222. >A warm feeling spreads throughout your body.
  223. >You try to hold it as long as you can.
  224. >He pulls away.
  225. >His half lidded eyes let you know that he feels the same.
  226. >And in that moment you know that Anon is the only pony you can ever be with.
  227. ”Diamond is coming over tomorrow.”
  228. >“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”
  229. >You give him a confused look.
  230. >”She didn’t tell you? I thought you two told each other everything.”
  231. ”What happened?”
  232. >“I wouldn’t worry about it.”
  233. ”Com’n, Anon. Tell me.”
  234. >”After you went to sleep, we went into the guest room, and made love.”
  235. >They couldn’t have.
  236. >Diamond said that you would be the first to have Anon.
  237. >At least she didn’t show him the pictures.
  238. >”I was reluctant at first, but she was very persuasive.”
  239. “Anon, I never said you could do that. You belong to me, not her.”
  240. >He presses his lips together.
  241. >”Unfortunately, Diamond took some pictures of you and I sleeping together. I can’t let those get out.”
  242. >That bitch used you to get to Anon.
  243. >She wanted him for herself.
  244. >”It’s too bad. I prefer you.”
  245. “I gave you a job, Anon. Not her.”
  246. >”But she has those pictures. I’d be thrown in jail if anyone saw them.”
  247. >Diamond only has copies of your pictures.
  248. >You still have the roll of film stashed away.
  249. >She agreed not to show the pictures until you had no choice.
  250. >Why did she use them the first chance she got?
  251. >It was a dumb idea.
  252. 6/7
  253. >You should have known that Anon would have come around eventually.
  254. ”I don’t want you playing with Diamond anymore.”
  255. >”I have to do what she says. She blackmailed me.”
  256. >”I’ll tell her to bring them tomorrow night.”
  257. >”But, you shouldn’t know they exist. You were asleep in the photos.”
  258. >You can’t tell him that you posed for the pictures.
  259. “I’ll figure something out. Once she shows them I’ll grab them and rip them up.”
  260. >”She could have copies.”
  261. >It’s possible, but you don’t think Diamond thinks that far ahead.
  262. ”We’ll worry about that later.”
  263. >Anon nods.
  264. >You have a wrenching feeling in your stomach now.
  265. >You sleep in Anon’s arms.
  266. >
  267. >
  268. >Be Anon.
  269. >The next day.
  270. >She fell for it.
  271. >Silver thinks that you care about her.
  272. >You don’t care what it takes.
  273. >Those pictures have to be destroyed.
  274. >You will not go to prison again.
  275. End of Chapter 4
  276. 7/7
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