Twizzle - A Princess' Pride

Jun 24th, 2014
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  3. >Celestia locked the door and left it between the two princesses. Twilight needed absolute control over the foaling. Twilight tensed up, feeling the contractions. Celestia offered her strong back to Twilight for support, Twilight only taking it up as she felt the contraction passed. Her eyes furrowed, quivering as she looked down to her stomach. “WHAT WAS THAT?!” She yelled to seemingly no one. Celestia stepped back from the volume that Twilight used, evoking some form of the ancient, yet traditional, Royal Canterlot voice. Celestia smiled after figuring out who Twilight was talking to. “WE COULDN’T BE ANY LESS DISAPPOINTED! CONTRACTIONS ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE SO MUCH MORE PRESSURE AND DISPLEASURE THAN THAT MEAGER DISCOMFORT THAT YOU GAVE US!” She tried looking through her book, but the book described the process as taking along the lines of thirty to sixty minutes. She checked herself in the mirror, spreading her plump pink nethers apart. “I can already see that the placenta is draining and my body is ready to push. This should not be this easy!” She balked, the young alicorn whined as she looked to her mate, Celestia chuckling as she stroked Twilight’s mane. “What’s the worry, Twilight? I thought that you would be ecstatic at not having to work as hard.” She quipped, gesturing for a hand to fetch them water.
  5. >The assistants came back offering water, a thin vegetable broth and plenty of towels. Twilight breathed heavily, hanging on to a sill as she squats very low, the foal just entering her birth canal, “Oh, Celestia!” She called out, her beckoned mate looking to her. “What is it, Twilight?” She asked, her voice quivering as she feared the worst.
  7. >”I wasn’t calling for you, dear!” She gasped, groaning as she trembled. Her hooves clacked against the stone, each push feeling like she got a lot of traction. “Celestia, could you please see where our young is?” She pleaded, the pressure still very real. She put a hoof to her belly, feeling how low the foal was, closing her eyes as she concentrated on pushing. Celestia casted a spell, allowing for an inside look into Twilight. “Well, looks like you’re ahead of schedule yet again, Twilight. You should be proud.” She teased, holding Twilight’s hips as low as Twilight would allow. Twilight huffed and scrunched at her, the moment fleeting as she felt the foal drop, a wet thud on the floor as the foal made contact with the stone floor.
  9. >Celestia checked its vitals, confirming that the small colt was alive, before he rose up, surprising the ancient alicorn. His wobbly knees hardened, allowing him to do a bit of walking after merely being born. He was a ways away from being able to walk the castle, but the tiny colt was strong in his determination to live.
  11. >Celestia placed a lock of Twilight’s hair back into place after the delivery of their third child. Celestia was proud of her mate, but she had yet to hear from her niece. She paced for a bit before twilight caught the uneasiness of the alabaster princess. “A bit for your thoughts, ‘tia?” She yawned, snuggling into their bed, the wet nurse attending to the newborn prince. “I haven’t heard anything of the status of Cadence. I must travel to the Crystal Empire to check on my niece.” Twilight could do little more than nod in understanding as she snuggled into the bed sheets. She’d have to ask the chambermaid to change the fabric later.
  13. >Celestia kissed her princess, then donned a cloak, checking herself out in the mirror. Her mouth twisted into a worried frown. She concentrated on the crystal castle, on Cadence, specifically and activated the spell to transport herself.
  14. >Shining Armor and Cadence were shocked when a spark of light opened in their room, Celestia stepping out from the radiance, her sign drawn in the air for a couple moments before dissipating. “P-princess Celestia!” Shining Armor sputtered before jumping out of bed, kneeling before his liege. She only had to glance over at Cadence, a chill running down the dusty-rose pony’s spine.
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