Good night, Anon! (TwiggyxAnon, fluffy autism, safe)

Nov 24th, 2017
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  1. "Y-yes, I'll, huh, I'll just go now, and..."
  2. >You try
  3. >You really do
  4. >But your legs won't move
  5. >Is it because of Pinkie's punch?
  6. >You're not drunk, are you?
  7. >Maybe you're having a stroke? Are you dying?
  8. >Could it be why your heart is beating so fast right now?
  9. >If that's what it feels like to die, then maybe...
  10. >But that's not it, is it?
  11. >You simply can't find any strength left in your legs
  12. >Is it because you carried her all the way here?
  13. >Or maybe something is stopping you from moving them, maybe you should look down and check if there's anything wrong with them--
  14. >But your eyes don't obey either
  15. >You can't tear them away from her
  16. >She's right there, not five feet away from you
  17. >She looks exhausted, but there's a content, if barely visible, smile on her face, the signs of how good of a party it was
  18. >The covers slightly rise and fall because of her heaving chest rhythmed with her slow, even breaths
  19. >She's as beautiful as ever
  20. >Maybe even more than before
  21. >You don't know why
  22. >You don't care
  23. >You feel like you could look at her all night and not feel bored
  24. >...can you?
  25. >Could you?
  26. >Would she mind?
  27. >Would she even realize you're here?
  28. >Maybe you could... j-just for a few hours! And leave before she wakes up and--
  29. >Or she could open her eyes and find you standing there, still gawking at her like a dumbass
  30. >Your entire being screams at you to look away, to try and proceed with some sort of damage control
  31. >But her eyes
  32. >You just can't
  33. >"Are you okay?"
  34. >Her voice is soft
  35. >And there's concern in it, and in her eyes
  36. >And your heart soars
  37. >She's such a good perso--pony
  38. >What did you do to deserve being here? Being her friend? Being so close to her?
  39. >Here you are, acting like a fucking creep and thinking about watching her sleep, and yet she's asking if you're okay?
  40. >"Is there something wrong? You know, you can tell me anything,"
  42. >Can you?
  43. >Your lips part, but you choke on your words
  44. >No, no you can't
  45. >And you finally find it in yourself to look away, taking a strong breath and coughing to quickly regain some form of composure
  46. "No, I'm fine, everything's fine, I was just thinking about tonight is all, don't worry about it,"
  47. >She keeps her eyes on you, as if trying to find out if you're lying or not, if you're hiding something
  48. >You don't know if she finds what she wants to find, you don't even know what she wants to find there, but her concern slowly disappears and leaves place to her usual heartwarming smile
  49. >But her eyes betray her, there's still worry in there
  50. >Maybe others wouldn't see it
  51. >But you can
  52. >"Yeah, this party was a doozy!"
  53. >She giggles after her imitation of the pink menace, and you follow her lead, giving a chuckle in return
  54. "Yeah, Pinkie outdid herself, even though I can't even seem to remember the reason she threw this one in the first place,"
  55. >"That's Pinkie for you,"
  56. >You nod
  57. >She keeps smiling
  58. >And just like that, you feel yourself slipping away once more
  59. >Her eyes trapped yours once again
  60. >But she lifts her hoof to her muzzle, and a long yawn follows
  61. >Which is your cue
  62. >You don't think you could've escaped her gaze all by yourself
  63. "A-anyway, I'll get going, it's getting late, we'll have all the time to discuss it tomorrow, so..."
  64. >She doesn't say anything but simply nod in understanding
  65. "Good night Twilight,"
  66. >"Good night Anon,"
  67. >You will tell her someday
  68. >Maybe
  69. >But not today
  70. >Today you walk out of her room and close the door, as you always did
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