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  1. Zethra would find herself on the battlefield after doing a bit of training. She was as ready as ever after her training with Feth and Knossos. She was going to make use of this new technique one way or another, but none of the fighters really caught the woman's attention until she saw Saba.
  3. Taking the Chieftain on head to head would prove herself to Dawn and surely help in its longevity, right? ..The Neries took a deep breath remembering what she told Emerald. That if the green haired woman was in her shoes that she'd hope she'd be able to cast personal feelings aside and win before coming back home.
  5. "I won't let others.. restrict my beliefs and progress any longer.", the Nina Leverd said before swinging her blade in the Gehennan's direction. A blast of energy soaring right towards the man.
  7. Shortly after the swing, the woman would begin focusing on taking in mana before making it her own and generating a ball of mana that'd float over her shoulder using gravity and energy magic. It functioned as an external power source and a means to absorb more mana into her Nerebia bead. As she did so, it'd grow in size. "I wish we met again on better terms.", the Mage would say loud enough for the Sugar to hear after the earlier attack either hit or miss. The woman's sword at the ready.
  8. (Zethra Nina Leverd)
  10. It seems today will be his day to test himself on the battlefield. Green hues darted across the fields in search of a target, a magi, anyone worth fighting. It was then that his gaze rested on a Neries, in the heat of the battle, taking out Gehenna, Huangzhou, and Levengard soldiers alike.
  12. He had found his target.
  14. A raging inferno surrounded the chieftain as he came flying into the battle, crashing through solider, after soldier. Spreading his flames throughout the battlefield, as his inferno came crashing into undead, and human alike. Although, he did have enough control over his flames to spare his own troops. After all, he wasn't a monster.
  16. He was simply a Human.
  18. A few moments later, and he was upon the Neries, flames still surrounding him, as he gripped Prodotis'... No, his halberd tightly. The woman seemed to have mumbled something before sending a blast of energy soaring at him, which was counted by a quick swing of his halberd, and a blast of golden energy.
  20. The two attacks hit, canceling each other out.
  22. His heart sank as he heard the woman speak again, as the smile that normally rested on his face during a fight, faded away, quickly replaced by a melancholic frown. "I... I was worried when I didn't see you in Gehenna after that day..."
  24. So it seems this is where she had disappeared off to.
  26. "I was really hoping you'd stay in Gehenna...Yet here we are. His voice was filled with an immense amount of sorrow. He truly didn't wish to fight a friend, yet here they were.
  28. "I suppose I have no other options here." A shroud of golden energy burst forth from around the magi, as he began to pull forth from the excess mana that resided in his circuitries convergence points, as the shroud of mana spiked up to incredible heights, although that would only last for a moment, as the Sugar began to weave his mana into his bloodstream, mixing his mana with his adrenaline.
  30. Inch by inch the shroud faded, until a second layer of golden skin surrounded the man. Excess mana quickly poured out from his eyes, taking the form of two golden orbs.
  32. Gripping onto his halberd, golden orbs would stare down the Nina Levered, as an eyebrow was raised at the sight of the strange orb of mana behind the woman, and strangely enough it seems as if his mana was being syphoned into it?
  34. How curious..
  36. With a swing of his halberd, a wave of flames was sent flying towards the Neries, as of right now, the fight had begun.
  37. (Saba Sugar)
  39. Zethra took no pleasure in this fight whatsoever.. It was strictly business though that didn't stop the Neries' heart from racing fiercely. Nor did it stop her from fighting with her all. -All these years the woman lived passively and avoided all the fights she could, but now she was picking and choosing what she wanted to fight for. She was going to put herself first.
  41. Without a word, the Nina Leverd would fight in silence with nothing but the sound of magic firing and grunting filling the air around them. The man had gotten stronger since they last fought. -Something around the time she was a child in the Academy. He even showcased a power today the likes of which she never saw before in a bright golden form, but it would just have to be dealt with to the best of the woman's ability now that he was here before her. It wasn't like she was the same person either after their battle all those years ago. She now had tricks of her own.
  43. The Sugar's regeneration was something of a hurdle. The lady knew from her fights with Declan that she had to be more aggressive with healers otherwise they'd regain all their health in no time. Sure she could heal slightly too though not as good as a healer could. It was tougher in practice than it was on paper though as the man would blast back with powerful flames for every blow of energy magic and cosmic she landed on him. -Sometimes he'd land energy blasts of his own against her as well disrupting her focus and dispelling the gathered mana above the Nina Leverd's shoulder.
  45. Over the course of the battle however, Zethra would enter a sort of zone. Sky blue hues glowing and focused on what they wanted... They wanted to capture Saba and make sure he was out of commission. As they fought their strikes grew more and more precise. The ball of mana over her should growing more and more massive with the mana she absorbed from Saba before finally, she'd end things with a decisive blow that would either make or break things.
  47. Swiftly, the Mage would soar close range to Saba charged with cosmic magic before grabbing him by the arm to absorb his mana directly. Then the Neries would empty their Nerebia bead's supply out into the ball of mana she kept overhead while still absorbing the man's mana. Golden light from the sugar dimmed slightly as the ball of mana grew more and more massive. Then with a force of gravity it'd come crashing down on Saba knocking him down to the ground unable to fight further for the time being.
  49. After picking up the fallen fighter, the woman would speak. "Honestly..", the woman replied, "I thought about joining and fighting alongside Gehenna because Akasha goes against the values of Sareen, but Mr.Sors helped me realized that well... You don't have to like someone to work with them, you have to consider who the biggest threat is, and you have to consider how long something will last. Sors won't live forever. Akasha will be sealed eventually. -That being said, if I want my culture to thrive and continue surviving in this harsh world I have to fight for it. I will fight for it. I won't let it die like my sister did. I rather except the consequences for my actions than inaction." The woman paused, "As such I think you'll be coming with me. Maybe we can use you to get Declan back. He wants to be by Lailah's side, and I think she needs him too. Regardless I'll beg your life be spared, so that we can have a drink though you might be collared for some time."
  50. (Zethra Nina Leverd)
  52. And so the battle raged on, golden orbs maintained their gaze on the Neries, as he spread his flames out around the field attempting to restrict the woman's movements, and control the flow of the battle. Which worked to some degree, as he used the embers from his golden flames to continuously regenerate his wounds.
  54. Golden energy clashed with cyan energy, as the two of them went back and forth, sword clashing with halberd, flames mixing with their cosmic energy.
  56. A sad smile spread across his face, as he continued his relentless assault. Truly, the Neries had improved since the last time they fought, no longer, honestly, if she wasn't on the opposing side of the battlefield, he'd be incredibly proud right now, but alas, that wasn't the case.
  58. She'd made her decision to fight for Dusk, just as he had made his decision to fight for Gehenna. Not that it was really a choice at this point, he was a Chieftain, and if he didn't fight, how could he truly lead his people?
  60. A question he'd have time to ponder after the battle... Provided of course he survives. Which at the rate this battle was going, was rather questionable. Each attack that Zethra landed on him hurt, a lot, and if he wasn't currently pumping his mana, and body with adrenaline he'd have fallen down ages ago.
  62. Yet here he stood, bloody, bruised, and nearly beaten, but he stood nonetheless. Ready, and willing to continue. Hell, if the stakes had been any less grand, and important for this fight. He'd have been smiling ear to ear.
  64. It was fun, this fight was incredibly fun, but he couldn't let it show. He needed to press forward, using every drop of mana he had at his disposal until he won.
  66. Yet it was at that moment that he realized, the reserves he was tapping into were getting thinner, and thinner, all while the Orb behind Zethra was simply getting bigger and bigger, and before he could react. The woman rushed him, charged with her cosmic energy. Good, she's close to him, that means he can-
  68. Yet, again he found himself unable to react, as the Nina Leverd planted their hand onto his arm, and within seconds the rate his mana was being drained increased, as the brilliant light around him began to dim.
  70. Was this how the fight was going to end? Him syphoned of all his mana, while he helplessly waited for the end? Nah, fuck that.
  72. Without hesitating whatever amount of mana he had left in his body formed up in his mouth, as he prepared for his usual mouth beam, only for... It to be too late. Zethra's orb came crashing down into him, all the mana that had been drained from him during the fight, finally came crashing into him.
  74. It was over, he was finished.
  76. The chieftain lay there on the ground, gasping for air, as the woman began to speak. He was still conscious, but his body wasn't listening to him, the shroud of vibrant golden light that had surrounded him, quickly faded away, as he lay on the ground. His life was in Zethra's hands.
  78. But, it seems as if the Neries would be sparing him this day, opting to take him back to Dusk in an attempt for a trade. His life for Declan's. Spirits, was Declan, and his lives so closely attached.
  80. A cough escaped from his lips, as he meekly lay on the ground. He had failed Ezmara, nay, he had failed Gehenna, and spirits if that didn't feel awful. The only thing he could offer the woman was.
  82. "I guess we can finally have that drink. That was all he had the strength to say. Even if they were fighting against each other, Zethra's words made a good amount of sense to him, and he really couldn't argue.. Well he could, but he didn't have the energy to do so.
  84. Silently, he'd lay on the ground and wait for Zethra to take him away.
  86. Though somewhat miraculously his shades had managed to make their way to his face as he crashed into the ground... Weird how that works.
  87. (Saba Sugar)
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