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Jan 6th, 2017
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  1. Operation Shock & Awe is now in effect against Scourge alliance (I'm bad at op names).
  3. mmP1ALL.png
  5. 1. The target
  7. Scourge. are a Russian alliance basing out of 5ZXX-K in Pure Blind, near 7rm (DOTLAN LINK). They're competent at what they do, and use expensive doctrines, t2 logi, recons and spys/scouts to win the fights they bother with. They drop black ops fleets, roaming gangs, awoxers and spies against Horde. PBC, MOA, GOTG and Brave have all been awoxed, dropped on, or otherwise by Scourge as well.
  9. 2. Their actions
  11. You've all seen them. They show up in long range doctrines (Macharials and Feroxes), sit at range on a gate (usually 7rm gate in kly) then bait people to jump in. They'll convo FCs, especially newer ones, to try to bait them into "fights". They'll run like hell if a more experienced FC even pings. They'll log out in space if they can't win a fight 100%. They work with Goons and INIT when they're in the area (these are DBRB's "russian friends").
  13. 3. The plan
  15. Make their life hell. Living in NPC space means it's near impossible to actually evict them - they live in an NPC station in 5ZXX. However, we can fuck with them at every moment. As of last night, we put their max-gunned Titan staging POS into reinforce with 20 dreads. Their staging astra will follow today. Any other poses they put up will be hit. We're going to hit their income too.
  17. 4. What you can do
  19. Scourge make ISK running burner missions in frigates in 5ZX and surrounding systems (see their losses). They need to return to 5ZX for these missions.
  21. Effective immediately, I am attaching a 20million ISK bounty to final blows on any scourge ships running burner missions (basically, faction and t2 frigates not involved in a larger fleet fight). Camp 5zx. Hunt surrounding systems. I don't care. Take a 5 man gang and just roam around if you have to. PM me on discord with a killmail if you pull this off. There will be a further 1 million ISK bounty for final blows on Scourge. cyno ships. Final judgement on qualifying kills is up to my discretion. Do not use 7RM standing fleet to hunt in 5ZX area - feel free to have another open fleet up for hunting.
  23. Since they live in an NPC station, bubbling the undock will also generally piss them off. Get anchored bubbles. Warp dictors in and out. "huehuehue" in local when they cant leave.
  27. Show up to posted ops. Roam towards their space and ruin their income.You want a war? Here it is.
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