D3EE Changes

Dec 1st, 2020 (edited)
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  1. D3EE Features/changes list
  3. D3EE - Doom 3 Enhanced Edition tweaks and modernizes multiple aspects of Doom 3 (2004) in an attempt to make it more cohesive and immersive while staying true to how its developers originally envisioned it. You can try it here:
  5. NOTE: Features marked as "optional" are part of the ammo re-balance addon, so they only work if the user decides to load the addon with the main files.
  7. Visual improvements:
  9. Minor visual improvements that don't impact the aesthetics of the game
  11. - Cleaned-up, higher-resolution weapon view model textures.
  12. - Disabled gibbing for the weaker weapons such as the Fists and Pistol.
  13. - Accurate camera bobbing that matches the player's speed and Footsteps (requires new save, exiting current level/loading next level or loading a new level)
  14. - Added dynamic light effect to the projectiles of the Plasma gun.
  15. - Improved vision by disabling the smoke particles for the grabbed projectiles for Resurrection of Evil's grabber, to help solve problems of not being able to see the target because of the particles blocking the view.
  16. - Increased recoil time of the Rocket launcher to make the screen effect appear slower and smoother.
  17. - Reduced recoil time of the Machine gun to make it less painful to the eye to fire.
  18. - Added recoil effect to fists to give punching a little sense of weight.
  19. - Flashlight center moved closer to crosshair / the middle of the screen.
  20. - Smoother-looking fists model.
  21. - Trites now bleed and explode in red instead of yellow when they die.
  23. Sound Improvements:
  25. Small updates to pre-existing sounds to make them sound cleaner and more immersive without changing them too much
  27. - Cleaned up, higher quality versions of some of the sound effects. no new sounds, simply higher quality versions of the default ones.
  28. - A new raise sound effect for the double-barreled shotgun in Resurrection of Evil based on the reload sound.
  29. - Shotgun pump sound effect updated to match pump animation.
  30. - ZSec now use the same player firing sounds, for consistency sake.
  31. - Muffled sounds for some NPCs that are heard from behind the glass, for added immersion.
  32. - Every audio log, video log and transmission sound updated to sound like it's coming from their respective device speakers, for added immersion.
  34. UI Improvements:
  36. Updated UI with new additions and fixes without changing its overall look and style
  38. - An overhauled menu is included with more customization and screen resolution options. No more fiddling around with hacky console commands and weird methods just to play the game how you want.
  39. - Solved blurry, low-res and texture compression issues on higher texture quality presets. This should make texture overhaul mods look a whole lot better on higher texture quality presets.
  40. - A higher-res HUD.
  42. Fixes and Adjustments:
  44. Little tweaks and adjustments that don't affect the gameplay in a major way
  46. - Slightly Increased punching melee distance to make it less awkward to use (for Zombie and Chainsaw attacks aswell, so it's pretty much the same balance)
  47. - Shotgun now reloads 1 shell at a time instead of two, as per reload animation.
  48. - Adjusted the bounciness factor of the Hand grenades so they don't bounce like crazy / are actually satisfying to use.
  49. - Increased chaingun max clip size to 120 from 60, so now it's no longer just a machine gun variant (optional)
  51. A.I and Difficulty improvements:
  53. Minor tweaks to the A.I and Difficulty to make some of the enemies more threatening and make veteran difficulty more challenging
  55. - Wraiths no longer stop moving while turning invisible or visible, this should make them more threatening.
  56. - Arch-viles can now use their classic "Incinerate" attack anywhere outside of Delta Labs, instead of just "Firewall" and "Resurrection".
  57. - Slightly altered the final boss level to increase challenge without altering how it plays overall. This won't make the Final Battle too tough but it should be less of a cakewalk now.
  58. - Reduced the amount of ammunition received throughout the game so the player doesn't get excessive amount of ammo, this is done to incentivize switching between weapons and to make exploration more rewarding. You'll still have enough ammo, but not too much to the point of making it too easy to just spam 1 type of weapon (optional)
  59. - Soul cube now takes 8 souls to charge up instead of 5 (optional)
  60. - Adjusted how the armor absorbs damage on Marine and Veteran difficulties by making it drain faster, thus making armor pickups useful and valuable.
  62. To-do list:
  64. The current version of the patch functions as intended with no major or game breaking issues, but here's a current list of the changes planned to be included in future updates, mostly minor audio/visual tweaks, so expect the next update to take a while before release:
  66. - Muffle a few more missed NPC sounds from Mars City Underground, Alpha Labs 2 and Delta Labs 4.
  67. - Re-color RoE armor pickup to match RoE marine suit color.
  68. - Update textures for RoE weapons.
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