Sekiro endings

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  1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Endings guide
  2. For /ssdtg/ and /dsg/ on 4chan
  4. ===============================================
  6. ===============================================
  8. 4 Endings in total
  9. 1 Bad, 3 Good
  11. Shura (Bad Ending) = Side with Owl, 2 unique bosses and a skill, you lose access to the one area and a few bosses.
  13. Good Endings = Side with Kuro, then give Kuro the item that triggers the ending you want after the Final Boss, the Final Boss is the same for all 3 endings.
  14. A. Dragon Tears = Severance (Normal Ending)
  15. B. Branch = Purification
  16. C. Frozen Tears + Dragon Tears = Return (Secret Ending)
  18. A. Severance Ending: Dragon Tears are obtained through the story, as long as you don't get the Bad Ending.
  20. B. Purification Ending requires you to unlock Hirata Estate 2:
  21. 1. After Creating the Incense, go behind the statue and eavesdrop on Kuro.
  22. 2. Talk to Emma about it.
  23. 3. Talk to Emma again near the Owl arena, agree with her.
  24. 4. Talk to Emma again.
  25. 5. Talk to Emma near the Old Grave bonfire.
  26. 6. Eavesdrop Emma talking to Sculptor.
  27. 7. Confront Emma.
  28. 8. You now have the Owl's bell, Hirata Estate is now upgraded, contains 2 Mini-bosses and a harder Owl fight.
  29. 9. Defeating Owl gives you the Branch.
  31. C. Return Ending:
  32. You MUST do the following steps BEFORE the Fountainhead Palace Sanctuary Boss dies, due to the mandatory interaction with Kuro.
  33. 1. Meet the Divine Child at the end of Senpou Temple.
  34. 2. Consume or give away her Rice (the "fruit" old ladies will accept the Rice), ask for more until she becomes sick.
  35. 3. Give her a Persimmon.
  36. 4. Give Kuro her Rice, come back later, eat Kuro's rice ball.
  37. You can now no longer be locked out of this ending.
  38. 5. Talk to Divine Child in the Illusive Hall.
  39. 6. Give her the 2 Books.
  40. 6a. One book is obtained from either a green-robed corse-monk within the Main Hall BEFORE Genichiro, or at the bottom of the lake near the Temple Grounds Idol AFTER Genichiro.
  41. 6b. The second book is in the cave to the left of the Main Hall (the path to the pagoda containing the Senpou Esoteric Text), obtained from a blue-robed corpse-monk.
  42. 7. Get the 2 snake "fruits," the old ladies that talk about fruits (from #2 above) point you towards them. Giving them Rice will unlock hints on how to get them. You will need the Ninjitsu you get right before meeting the Divine Child.
  43. 8. She will now give you the Frozen Tears.
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