Anon in Saddle Arabia's pony prison, chapter 9

Nov 22nd, 2016
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  1. <Previously, on ‘Anon in Saddle Arabia’s prison’!
  3. >A boss… a kidnap of a colt, the box, the edgy shadow pony…
  4. >Something big is happening in this desert… and you need to solve this mystery
  6. >”Hello Jenny!” A voice came from behind the giraffe
  7. >Standing behind her was Yarn Feather with a happy expression
  8. >”Cookies?” The Pegasus simply asked
  10. “Goodbye… Pancho”
  11. >”See you… space… monkey….”
  12. >Your buddy, friend, pal and amigo Pancho, died.
  14. >”All we need to do is see which pony had this… signature… hmm.” He examines the signature from very close. “This signature is… obviously not from a pony, or maybe a pony with hoof problems.”
  17. Be Yarn Feather
  18. >No, wait wait wait. Wrong name!
  19. <Are we seriously messing with the lines this early!?
  20. >Hush silly voice in my head!
  21. Be Musul Mare
  22. >YAYA! Much better!
  23. >Be in your cell along with Codename Wing and Rock
  24. >You have both spies taking a glass of milk with extra milk in their glasses. Yes, /extra/ milk. You can’t have enough milk in your glass of milk
  25. >For some reason they don’t want cookies, must be because they could think you want to mindwash them. But nah, they aren’t so worth a cookie
  26. >You are so ready to tell the news about the box and how they are useless and worthless little ponies right now! That they could get fired and probably The Boss could and /will/ punish them for this!
  27. >Can’t believe all you had to do is enter the cell of Anon and just take the box and quickly play with it before destroying it piece by piece!
  28. >Although you aren’t sure why she was looking around the ceiling, as if she saw something flying around. But gosh, that cell was really warm… was it getting hot or was it just you?
  29. >You place your butt on the chair next to them and stare at them for a bit while, waiting for them to ask you why the glare
  30. >…They don’t ask
  31. >Come on! Do it you silly willies!
  32. >”Uh… Yarn?” Rock starts the conversation
  33. “MUSUL! MUSUL MARE!” You correct the Pegasus spy
  34. >”Yeah… is hard to tell the difference but, well I was going to ask…”
  35. >Yes! He’s going to ask about why you are staring at them! And then you’ll tell the BIG news!
  36. >You can’t wait to see their reactions!
  37. “Yes, Codename Rock?” You smile widely and wait
  38. >”Can I have more milk? The milk in my glass doesn’t have enough extra milk”
  39. >Oh for Tartarus sakes!
  40. “Sure, let me get it very quick.” You clear your throat before tenderly calling the cat of Yarn Feather. “LUCIFER! OHHHHH LUCIFER!”
  41. >The cat quickly jumps into the table and even puts his paw on his forehead as a soldier would reply
  42. “You. Get the milk with extra milk from the fridge.” You point at the fridge that was mere inches near the table
  43. >Lucifer nods and jumps from the table… and slams his face on the floor. Weren’t cats supposed to get in four legs or something…. Eh whatever, cats are not your thing. That’s for Yarn to worry about
  44. >With the cat going for the milk, you stare again at them but this time you don’t wait for a question. You straight yell at them
  46. >”Y-YES MA’AM!” Both spies quickly stand up and salute at the same time, same way as the cat, hoof to the forehead
  47. >Oh yes, here come the news!
  48. “I have news for you two…” You glare at them with a creepy expression in your face, making them worry as you silently wait for some good drama effects. They start sweating and you can sense the fear on one of the ponies… must be the Pegasus. “Well, as you two know… the box-“
  49. >Suddenly from the saddlebag that was on the table, static sounds. Must be a radio call from somepony from the terrorists… maybe is the news of that kid they captured. Nightly something, was it? You have memories from Yarn Feather that, that kid was just silent and serious
  50. >Yeah, he’ll do well if he’s already mindwashed as Yarn is.
  51. >Is funny how a mindwash cookie works
  52. >The effects of a good cookie can be fought and the original host can talk with the guest, but over time… the guest will always win
  53. >Isn’t that right, Yarn?
  54. >Of course she can’t talk; it’s been a long time since she got to speak as you were in control of her body. Tricking her into letting you have the control sometimes was easy, so easy. That warden really is friend of Yarn, and it wasn’t so hard to threat her into telling the warden Yarn was part of the terrorists
  55. >It only takes a cookie…
  56. >Oh gosh your internal thoughts got the best of you that you almost forgot your call. Hmm, AYAYA, time to answer it
  57. >You search for the radio and quickly turn it on, grabbing it and bringing it to your ear level, you start hearing a female voice in the radio
  58. “Ya, Musul Mare here” You push the button of the radio so your message goes to the other radio or station
  59. >”I left the oven on… Go to the library, secure a book of hoofprints and take the witnesses out and blame the hueman for it.”
  60. >That voice… it was The Boss in the radio
  61. >Witnesses? Witnesses…
  62. >Wait, hoofprints? Why would she-
  63. >…
  64. >Oh golly, you left the oven on!
  65. >Maintain the calm; she doesn’t need to hear you like this
  66. “Roger, I’ll do it as soon as possible”
  67. >”Not soon, now.” The radio stops and all that’s heard is the static. You put the radio on the table and place a hoof on your forehead, rubbing your temples
  68. >…This is bad, if she wanted this now she must mean serious business…
  69. >You look at the two ponies that still were waiting your bad news
  70. “Okay you two.” You take a sigh of defeat; you really wanted to ruin their days. “Change of plans. You two are going to the library of the prison and I want you to take a book of hoofprints. Burn it or rip the pages off, is important that that book isn’t find”
  71. >They both nod without asking questions, good… very good
  72. “And you two must go in this precise moment, this mission is more important than the box. Forget the box, focus this book. You two NEED to get that book. Is an order from The Boss.” You open your saddlebag and get a pair of cookies. “These two cookies will set to sleep anypony that eats it, use them wisely”
  73. >Codename Wings picks one and Codename Rock picks the other one, both saving them in their prison uniforms pockets
  74. >But before they leave…
  75. “And I don’t want witnesses. Probably Anon is in the move and he could be clever enough to know about this b-“ You almost spilled some beans over there. “Forget that, just get the book. You two have one mission and The Boss is counting on you two”
  76. >”Yes, ma’am!” Both ponies nod a gesture and leave the cell
  77. >Lucifer gets back to the table and gets two glasses of milk on the table and looks at you with a salute, same as the other one
  78. >From rage in your veins, you throw the table along anything on it, even the cat. You were mad, angry…
  79. “ADD THE SIGNATURE TO THE NOTE, BOSS! IT’LL MAKE HIM SURE TO NOT STICK HIS NOSE IN OTHER PONIES BUSINESS! IS A GREAT IDEA!” You kick a bottle that was on the floor, hitting a cat in the process. “AAAAAAAGH! This must be fault of Yarn Feather! It must be! Dumb, dumb pony! If Anonymous find who’s the hoof signature from… she is going to… blame me…”
  80. >…
  81. “Agh… okay, relax… relax. Everything will go just fine; we got the crystal and even a colt as hostage. I’m just going to call the terrorists and see what they’re up to…”
  83. Be Light Cloud
  84. >Be talking with Water Fall, or as he likes to call himself, Page 9
  85. >You two are sharing a friendly chat in the watchtower of the prison, since you are here the griffon that was guarding the skies and around is taking a well deserved break
  86. >You find it cute that Water Fall decides to stay hidden in your long mane as you two talk whatever comes to mind as time passes. Maybe is his habit; you had to remove your helmet as to let him stay there for a while… you really didn’t mind! It feels as if he’s giving you a head massage!
  87. >Good thing his east wing of the prison was guarded thanks to the friendly minotaur brothers. It’s amazing how minotaurs can be so protective over their places, their energies are so wonderful that it makes you jelly! You would love to guard not only one spot in the same day!
  88. >Hehe, maybe with time you’ll get more stamina for multiple jobs! Sky’s the limit as grandma Blur always says!
  89. >”It’s so fantastiskt that a pony like you got the opportunity to be a royal guard and work for Celestia!” He sighs slightly. “Too bad we breezies are so tiny that we can’t get the opportunity to do something for her, like defend her. I bet any kinds of dangers happen often around her.” His tone could be heard as a bit down, a bit of sadness, maybe? Or jealousness? Hmm…
  90. >Well, only crazy dangers that recently happened were the changelings attack and that draconequus turning Cloudsdale into a big cotton candy colored purple… that was some sticky situation back in the days, ah… such a naughty creature. Wish you had the opportunity to meet him in combat! You would have loved to get ANY of his attacks! Oh so many attacks doing harm to you that they… mmnnn… they would send you to insanity! Insanity that quickly would go into bliss of what nature calls your love for extremely dangers!
  91. >If only he had noticed you…
  92. >But back at the topic! You shouldn’t see your new friend so sad about something he hasn’t tried yet!
  93. “Aww… don’t be like that! Sky’s the limit, Water Fall! Look at me, an earth pony that is guard of Cloudsdale /and/ royal guard of Celestia! I have among the top ranks in the team and my family is proud of me!” You stare at the sun for a while; it had some clouds around it, making you remember of so many good memories. “When I was a filly I wanted to fly like the rest of my friends… and Celestia made my dream come true.” You were starting to get a bit nostalgic, some tears getting in your eyes. “If I could accomplish this, I don’t see why not you couldn’t! Just try!”
  94. >Well, for a breezie maybe he couldn’t get something about protection… but he’s so tiny that most ponies couldn’t see him and he could spy or something. Right? Yeah… that could work. If you were Celestia you would think of that
  95. >Oh if only you were as tiny as a breezie so other ponies could hurt you more… mnn… maybe step on you a bit or-
  96. >Oh whoops, you got distracted again in your train of thoughts! Te-he!
  97. >Or maybe Water Fall special talent could-
  98. >…Wait, Breezies don’t have cutie marks… eeeeh, maybe he’s good in something!
  99. “And look at you. Page 9? You said that’s among the highest of ranks in Clover prison! We are so similar both…” Well, except for body size. “Just think about it!”
  100. >”Tack… Light Cloud.” You felt as if your mane was being nuzzled; maybe he decided to lie down in there. “You really are a gott pony… maybe with time I can accomplish that… and if not, well, I still have my rank!”
  101. “That’s right Water Fall!” You slightly nod. Just a bit so you don’t go too rough on him since he’s lying on your mane. “And you have me and your friends here in the Saddle Arabia’s prison! Everypony is here to support you! Just imagine! Water Fall! The first ever royal guard ever!” Hopefully Celestia gives him a helmet tiny enough for him! Or else he couldn’t carry it around!
  102. >You keep staring at the sky with dreamy eyes on it. You don’t know if Water Fall was doing the same, but this moment between him and you are to remember
  103. >The solid determination of a breezie to accomplish a goal and the unstopped dream of an earth pony to fly…
  104. “Did you know something, Water Fall?”
  105. >You keep staring at the sky
  106. >”…Ja? Light Cloud?” He takes another slowly and tiny sigh as he nuzzles on your mane
  107. >Your eyes start to water a bit…
  109. “Aaaah! My eyes!” You close them and place your hooves near your eyes. “Why, Celestia, why! Why did you make the sun so glorious that it starts to blaze into my very soul! AAAH!” You fall back, landing on a pillow that was on the floor.
  110. >Okay on second thought, you shouldn’t stare at the sun for too long
  111. >You bite your lower lip to try to hold the pain in your eyes. Now that you think off… biting your lips could lend into more ways to hurt you
  112. “Mmnn~”
  113. >From worry of the situation, Water Fall came out of your long mane and went to see if you were okay. ”Light Cloud, my karlek… you okay?” His voice, although you could barely hear it, sounded worried
  114. >You might be right but your pride isn’t… that was so embarrassing… that it almost turns you on
  115. >The mere feeling of somepony watching you as you struggle to stop the pain… your pride being trampled… anypony laughing at you… unf
  116. >aswdaggh
  117. >This secret desire about your liking of pain… needs to stop
  118. >But not today
  119. >Not tomorrow
  120. >Not next week
  121. >…Not next month
  122. >Maybe next season
  123. >But… someday probably
  124. >Also… did Water Fall said Kar-luk? Or what was it that he said and you didn’t quite hear for all the pleasu- aaaeeeh pain you were feeling. You should ask just for curiosity
  125. “Umm, yes I am okay!” You wipe a single tear from your eye and sniff the pain away, the sweet, sweet pain and get yourself up from the floor. “But, what is kar-lak? Is it some breezie way to call a friend?”
  126. >Water Fall starts to blush slightly. You couldn’t see it very much because of size differences but you could tell he was blushing for something
  127. >”Umm… ya… it is the way we breezies call other friends… ja…” He scratches his mane and looks away from you
  128. >Daww, the little guy is shy!
  129. >With little of your strength you pull the breezie for a face hug, letting him hug your nose slightly but not strong to hurt him
  130. >Oh my, hopefully this isn’t like some indirect boop
  131. “Don’t worry! You can call me whatever you like! We are friends for something, right?” You take a pause and then giggle. “Or maybe karleks as you called me before? Hehe!”
  132. >Hopefully this hug wasn’t lewd enough for the little guy. He seemed to be still a bit sad and you are trying your best to raise his spirits!
  133. >Well, lewd for you would be getting a tiny punch from him… but you are not telling him to do that. Well, not yet maybe?
  134. >Hnnng… now you remember how you did in the past bad things as disobey an order from your superior and get scolded in front of everypony… Aaaaah if only you had wings you would get a wingb-
  135. >…You are starting to blush and you shouldn’t… Water Fall will think other things and you need to stop that, you silly not-pegasus pony
  136. >”Ja… y-yes… b-but” You feel his little hooves over your nose, maybe he wanted to stop the hug? You back away your face from him so he gets to reply without you hindering him. “Just call me by my name… or rank. Is that okay, Light? Or… Cloud? U-uh, or Light Cloud?” He started to blush again while acting all shy. How cute! “Uhmm… how about we continue telling histories of each other?”
  137. >You smile at the breezie guard and nod
  138. “Sure! I would love to hear more from your prison! It’s quite interesting how the system of inmates works in there!”
  139. >”L-Love…” The breezie was touching both his hooves as if thinking of something
  140. >You tilt your head and stare at him in curiosity
  141. >”I mean! I would love to too! To hear, the stories I mean. Ja! Stories!” He quickly gets back in your mane while murmuring some words in his native breezie language
  142. >D’aww, you are starting to like this breezie… as a friend of course! He seemed at the beginning like a serious guard, but now? He must be showing you his normal way to be… and is so nice and warm and fuzzy and cute and you want to boop hug him again for some reason
  143. >Hmm… wonder if there is any spells to turn into a breezie… you would have a good time with him!
  144. >N-non lewd of course! Just… maybe he could give you a ride in his city?
  145. >O-Or maybe somepony could make fun of your breezie size… mmmn….
  146. >No! Bad Light Cloud! Thinking somepony would laugh at you for being a breezie would mean that somepony can laugh at Water Fall! He is not laugh material!
  147. >Hmm, maybe you need to find better ways to hurt yourself again. You’ll throw several pillows at your face this night
  148. “Well, do you want me to start a history or you begin?” You ask Water Fall
  149. >”Oh! I would like to hear from you this time! Tell me more about those… boots of flying”
  150. “Haste” You correct him
  151. >”Ja! Yes!”
  152. >You giggle slightly and roll your eyes
  153. “Well all started when I was starting as royal guard… it was my first day and I had the pressure of being the lonely earth pony royal guard and-“
  154. >Both of you hear some knocks on the trapdoor of the watchtower. Maybe it was Betty? Uh, you thought that she would take a break of hours instead of just minutes… well; maybe she likes her spot in the watchtower
  155. >You open the trapdoor and greet the griffon
  156. “Betty! I thought you would take more… time”
  157. >But a griffon wasn’t in the other side of the trapdoor… what comes up was a… yellow with brown stains head from a creature with a very, very, VERY long neck that had the exact stains and was yellow. From her eyelashes you can tell the creature is female
  158. “Whoaaa” You say in amazement, you’ve never seen a creature like that! …This is why you got C in Creatures History. “Hi! Who are you?”
  159. >The neck just comes up and up! She better be careful to not hit the-
  160. >”Auch!”
  161. >Ceiling…
  162. “Ah… you okay? I think the ceiling is a bit too low… at least for you, heh…”
  163. >In your mane, Water Fall doesn’t say a thing. Maybe he didn’t know as you the type of creature this one was!
  164. >”I get used to it…” Poor thing… she can’t rub off the pain in her head! …You got kinda jealous for that. “Hello, my name is Jenny! I was just passing by, saying hello. You are one of the few new guards, right?”
  165. >You smile and nod, making a tiny gesture and an old salute from the royal guard, except that you lack your helmet
  166. “That’s right! Light Cloud to protect and serve!” You stare at the trapdoor, she wasn’t stuck but you could see an orange uniform. “So you are a prisoner, uh? Well, I hope you get out in time for whatever you did!”
  167. >Water Fall hasn’t said a thing yet… weird. You kinda want to present him to the nice prisoner lady, but he needs to stop being shy and present himself! So you won’t say a thing
  168. >Oh! You should ask what creature she is!
  169. “Umm, do you mind if I ask what type of creature are you? I’ve never seen one like you before! Sorry if I’m a bit rude, I wasn’t the brightest one in fillyschool…” You stick out your tongue and wink an eye to her along a tiny giggle
  170. >”Don’t worry.” The prisoner lady chuckles slightly. “I’m a giraffe, you can tell the difference by our long necks. As you can tell camels have their backs, well, like the way they have it”
  171. “Ooooh” Today you learned something! Are you proud now, Mister Snake? You learned about giraffes! …And camels! “And well, if you wanted to see Betty… she’s on a break for some hours. I’m helping her!”
  172. >Shouldn’t it be an implied “we”? You should count Water Fall too
  173. >The giraffe giggles slightly
  174. >”Just don’t take her entire job or she’ll get all sad like a cat, you know some compare cats with griffons? It’s so curious, really”
  175. >You giggle too at that, it was kinda funny that ponies would compare griffons and cats… you don’t know why, must be something about the class that you didn’t listen or take note
  176. >Mister Snake is disappointed again
  177. >”Would you be a dear and tell me how many new guards are in the prison now? I’m a bit curious myself” The giraffe, jenny asks. “I heard from other ponies and I was really curious about it”
  178. >Hmm, weird. Thought the warden tried to keep a secret the operation of new guards. Although, some of the guards can be noticed as new, so is not big of a secret operation anyway
  179. “Hmm… about five counting me! And a nurse! You can’t have too many nurses, you know that?” You laugh a bit and Jenny shares a laugh with you
  180. >”Yeah… oh right” I was forgetting something…” Her neck retreats to the trapdoor for some seconds and your curiosity wonders why she went in the trapdoor again. It wasn’t a goodbye, so… you look at the trapdoor by close and, she quickly gets back with something in her mouth. It was a… lunchbox? She puts it in the floor next to you. “I got you something, well… it was for Betty… but she isn’t here so feel free to check the surprise in the lunchbox!”
  181. >Oh boy! Surprises! You love surprises!
  182. >You thank the giraffe prisoner and put the pillow next to the lunchbox while sitting on it. You open the lunchbox and inside was…
  183. “Whoa! Cookies!” Your nose catches the smell of the sugary treats. “And they smell so well!” You look at Jenny while your mouth starts to drool a bit. “I’m sooooo sharing these with Betty when she comes again!”
  184. >These were actually many cookies… and they come up in so many different shapes! A star! Clouds! Happy faces! Even a face with a question mark! Or was it a mask? Hmm… anyway. How creative cookies!
  185. >”Why share these with Betty when you can share them with /all/ the new guards? You are friends with them, right? Don’t you want to share these cookies with the others?” Her head gets close to your ear and she whispers something to you. “I made these myself, so there are more anyway.” Her head gets away from you and she winks at you
  186. >You get the message! You’ll be sure to share these!
  187. >Starting with Water Fall that hasn’t said a word since Jenny arrived, but you’ll be the first one to bite one of these!
  188. “Thank you, Jenny!”
  189. >”Come on, be my guest and taste one…” Jenny was excitedly waiting for you to eat one. Such a kind giraffe!
  190. >You grab one cookie and…
  191. >Before eating one, you look back at Jenny
  192. “Oh! How can I eat such good treats without milk!” You put the cookie back in the lunchbox. “Don’t you think it’s better with some milk, Jenny?”
  193. >”Umm…” The giraffe nervously giggled. “How silly of me… forgot to bring the milk! But… worry not! Just try one and I’ll go for some milk for you to take some of the others!” She got her neck down a bit and with her head she moved the lunchbox slightly to your side. “Come on! Please! These are tasty! Reaaaaaaaaaaally taste!”
  194. >She was really eager for you to eat one cookie…
  195. >But without milk you could choke as you try to swallow the cookies… you could go super pale as you try to breath for dear life while Jenny gets help…
  196. >On second thought, maybe isn’t that bad
  197. >You grab again the cookie and slowly get it near your mouth… until.
  198. “Wait!”
  199. >You hear a grumble coming from Jenny. She then coughs a bit and smiles widely at you. “W-What now?”
  200. “Oh well… this cookie is vanilla flavor? Or chocolate flavor? Oooooor hay flavor? I want to know first!”
  201. >Jenny looks a bit annoyed and takes a quick sigh before smiling again. “H-hay flavor, I have different flavors in the lunchbox, some are surprising good that they will leave you in trance!… heh”
  202. >You two stare at each other while you hold the cookie on your hoof. Holding cookies is so relaxing now that you think about it
  203. >”Would you kindly… eat the cookie now, please?
  204. “Sure!”
  205. >You get the cookie near your mouth… but again you stop and look at Jenny
  206. “Wait!”
  207. >”Oh by the all mightly Faust… what now?”
  208. >You blush a bit while looking at her. “Do you think you have tiny cookies? Asking for a dear Kralurk!” You wave your tail a bit… not sure why. Also, did you said the word correctly?
  209. >”YES! I HAVE TINY COOKIES! YES, I HAVE ALL THE FLAVORS OF COOKIES! YES, I WILL GET YOU MILK! JUST….” She breathes and slowly exhales after yelling. “Just… eat the cookie, please? I got… other ponies to give cookies to!”
  210. >Wow, that was such an explosive reaction. It was a bit scary, buuuut you must have made her mad because you’ve been avoiding this godly like cookie!
  211. >You don’t hesitate to eat the cookie, you straight eat it and taste it
  212. >Just as you start savoring the cookie, Jenny quickly changed her mood to one of calm and smiling, even started singing something!
  213. >”We’re living in Equestria…”
  214. >Meanwhile you start munching that sweet cookie that the sweet giraffe brought to you!
  215. “Mmnn…!”
  216. >It tasted like!
  217. >”We’re living in Equestria… Equestria…” She continues singing
  218. >…It tasted like…
  219. >Oh by Celestia and Luna’s eclipse… what in Equestria you just ate!? You like getting punched, scolded, humiliated, treated like a filly, sometimes booped and probably somepony holding your hoof… but this is just… this is bad! This is not okay!
  221. >What kind of bad prank is this!?
  222. >The giraffe that made these cookies just smiles at you as she gives a cookie a tiny bite
  223. >You put out your tongue and try to clean it with your hooves… but you can’t get your hooves to move for some reason
  224. “H-Hey! What gives!”
  225. >Your whole body couldn’t move on its own! This is not hot! You mean… this is not good!
  226. >Jenny stares down at you with a deep stare as she saves the cookie she just bite in the lunchbox, closing it and putting it away
  227. >”Welcome to the family”
  228. >You want to throw… but that’s bad for your stomach… yet again is pain that you also enjoy but is disgusting pain…
  229. “We… are… living…” You start singing the same words Jenny was just singing in the same rhythm. “E…questria…”
  230. >”Isn’t wonderful?”
  231. “E…questria… Equestri…a” You can’t control what you’re saying anymore and your mouth moves by itself. “Equestria…”
  232. >”Good girl.” The giraffe pets your mane before exiting the watchtower. “Don’t forget to share the cookies! They’re all good…”
  233. “Yes… ma’am…”
  234. >You heard Jenny mumble for a bit, but then she closes the trapdoor behind her…leaving you alone
  235. >You can’t feel the control of your own body… it is moving on his own…
  236. >And you can’t think of anything else but share the cookies with the guards and let them be like you! Oh no!
  237. “Share… cookies…”
  238. >You’ve been tricked! The inmate tricked you! You are no longer able to control your body and part of you wants to do the contrary of what’s good!
  239. >Although part of you finds it hot that someone else is taking over your body, telling you what to do and being treated like a weakling slave… hnnn… if you could bite your lips, you would
  240. >Ah~ if only someone couldn’t help me~
  241. >You mean! You need help! Somepony! Anypony! Before you do something wrong to the guards! Or worse…
  242. “Warden… needs cookies…”
  243. >Oh no! Whatever you think the voice or whatever is controlling you also thinks the same! What to do… what to do!
  244. >…
  245. >You wonder what the numbers of tomorrow’s lottery are. Not like you want to know or plot something evil or cheat!
  246. “175826…”
  247. >HAHA! BINGO!
  249. Be Project Night
  250. >Aka the colt that was kidnapped from Saddle Arabia prison and bluepilled to join the terrorists of Saddle Arabia
  251. >You have ranked as the new lieutenant of the terrorists of Saddle Arabia
  252. >A big step for a tiny pony…
  253. >Well the lieutenant rank was available anyway since the crazy doctor was in a sugar coma after we came out of that void or whatever dark place that training ground was
  254. >But do you care he’s in a coma? No! Do the other terrorists care? N- okay, maybe. Okay, they might care a bit more than what you thought
  255. >You take a sight while playing with your mortal secret weapons, which were a pair of measuring squares. These babies were so pointy, a strike from them would hurt even the strongest of ponies… you can’t wait till you use em!
  256. “Wish I knew what day or hour it was…”
  257. >You really don’t have a good hang on time. The terrorists don’t like to use clocks to see the time, they just see the sun and the moon and… that’s pretty much it. You remember something about The Boss hating clocks and that she prefers to see the time by the sun and the moon, heck, even the stars probably too
  258. >But whatever, nothing that you mind. As long as you do what The Boss wants and make her happy for…
  259. >For…
  260. >Why were you a bad guy again?
  261. “…”
  262. >Oh right, the cookies and weird song about Equestria
  263. >You ain’t singing that soon, you can take the cookies but you can’t sing. Nopony can force you into singing!
  264. “Singing… pfft…” You open your helmet slightly so your eyes can catch a good sight of the sun and the clouds above. “It just makes me remember how much Butter wanted me to sing with… him… and…”
  265. >…Butter
  266. >You keep staring at the sun as your memories try to fight back
  267. >A distant voice resonates inside your mind with a laugh along
  268. >”Nightly! Lwet’s play togwether!” You hear the voice of a filly followed by the voice of a colt.
  269. >”Nighty… I want to be at your side forever, you are such a great friend…”
  270. “…”
  271. >Tears start coming out of your eyes as you keep remembering some distant memory
  272. >…But the sun of the desert is too strong to look at and it doesn’t last that much for your eyes to start hurting
  273. “AAAH!” You cover your eyes with your hooves and kneel. “What was I thinking!?”
  274. >Seriously! What were you thinking? Looking at the sun while thinking about… something… somepony?
  275. >What were you thinking again?
  276. >You remove the tiny tears that your eyes produced by looking at the sun and shrug off whatever thoughts you had before burning your eyes to Celestia’s sun
  277. “Whatever…” You put back your helmet, hiding your eyes and just showing your snout. “I should go back and see if the preparatives are ready”
  278. >”Sir Night, sir!” You hear the voice of a young stallion below were you were. “I came here to tell you that we’re ready whenever you tell us to!”
  279. >You look down to the ground to see a brown stallion with a gray mane, he had the cutie mark of a tiny tornado on his flank. It was Sand Storm, probably being worried about you
  280. >He was looking up at you since you were sitting on the roof of his house, which was the secret operation hideout of the terrorists 2.0. The 1.0 hideout was, well, that doctor’s house but her mother was kind of mad about the whole “You ponies can’t do ritual to summon evil stuff in my basement and get my only son knocked out!” stuff
  281. >Seriously, what a party pooper
  282. >But Sand Storm lives alone near the prison of Saddle Arabia, in a location that not even a gryphon could find
  283. >And he wonders why nopony visits him…
  284. >”Sir! Can you get down now, please? You’re worrying the neighbors!”
  285. >You look at your sides; there was no house around… not even in a kilometer
  286. >That’s so sad you ain’t replying to that
  287. “Yes, yes…”
  288. >You do a backflip while falling to the ground. Sand Storm’s first instinct was to catch you, but you land mere inches near him with your four hooves
  289. >Nothing too hard, Master Sombra taught you enough to land your strikes /and/ land with style
  290. >Although… you can’t use some attacks you used in that void, which you find odd. You can’t jump that high anymore, but the suit helps you at least
  291. >Your helmet as always, inspects everything around you. Ground, air, the house, even Sand Storm…
  292. [[01001000 01101111 01110010 01110011 01100101 00100000 01001111 01101110 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100101]]
  293. >Ugh… you hate these numbers, they’re so annoying!
  294. [[Analyzing… Earth Pony… Name: Sand Storm... Vocation: Terrorist… Talent: Spin in place until in a dizzy state… also, knows when a sandstorm hits as his tail spins. Weakness: Socially awkward… Rating: 40/100 weak target.]]]
  295. >Yes, yes, yes… blah, blah, blah… LET ME SEE CLEAR, DANG IT! THE WORDS ARE SO ANNOYING!
  296. >”Why is your helmet flashing again, sir Night? It’s… scaring me a bit” Sandstorm says, voice quivering slightly
  297. >OKAY! Maybe one day you’ll be able to stop this helmet from freaking inspecting ANYPONY AT SIGHT!
  298. >…
  299. >Is it done? Can you talk to San-
  300. [[01001000 01101111 01110010 01110011 01100101 00100000 01001111 01100110 01100110 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100101]]
  301. >Son of a siren…
  302. “I still can’t control this suit very well, okay? Master Sombra didn't quite teach me how to use it; he just gave it to me… BUT I ACCEPT ANY CHALLENGE!”
  303. >Sandstorm is taken aback by your last words, startled. Maybe you yelled a bit louder… but you don’t care
  304. “Well?” You say waiting for Sandstorm to stop quivering and to bring you to the rest of the terrorists. “Lead the way!”
  305. >”Y-Yes sir!”
  306. >Sandstorm spins twice and enters his house; you just roll your eyes and follow behind
  307. >You enter his house and the first thing you do is ignore all the pillows with happy draw expressions. Jeez this guy needs some real friends
  308. >Not you
  309. >Other friends
  310. >Maybe make friends with a Tatzelwurm…
  311. >You finally arrive at the room with all eight terrorists, counting Sand Storm and you, you were ten in total
  312. >Sand Storm sits right next to you and at the side of another terrorist, you sit in the chair of the leader, which was the first of the entrance to the room of course
  313. >It was a round table, nothing to be proud of.
  314. “Gentlecolts… It is time to move to the next step in our domination over Saddle Arabi-”
  315. >Before you could start your speech about the mission The Boss gave you, the helmet decides it’s better to ACTIVATE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ASSEMBLY
  316. [[01001000 01101111 01110010 01110011 01100101 00100000-
  317. >With a strong and angry grip, you remove your helmet and throw it to the table in front of you
  319. >That made a good impression, as all the terrorists flinched to your throw
  320. >Good
  321. >You smirk and then hide it, going all serious again
  322. “As I was saying… our boss gave us the plan to raid the-“
  323. >This time, a light brown with blonde mane stallion that had a really squeaky voice tried to correct you
  324. “Actually, it’s “The Boss”, not, “Our Boss”. She likes to, you know, be exact in that… she tends to”
  325. >You started gritting your teeth and yell at the terrorist that tried to correct you
  326. “I DON’T CARE!” It instantly shuts him up. “Now… as I was saying.”
  327. >This time you wait, just in case another coward terrorist wants to correct you. You eye from right to left… they don’t seem to say a thing
  328. >Finally
  329. “Okay… The Boss wanted us to invade the prison, take over and force them to listen to us… BUT I GOT A BETTER IDEA! More strategic! More interesting! More genius!”
  330. >You could hear a whisper between two of the terrorists, something among the words “Did he called The Boss dumb?”
  331. >You’ll ignore that
  332. >You place your two hooves on the table and look to everypony in the room
  333. “I plan to challenge those guards of the Saddle Arabian prison to a duel! 3 duels! The winner takes everything!”
  334. >As you expected, everypony in the room starts murmuring with each other about your genius idea
  335. >Eventually, some terrorist speaks asking about the plan in mind
  336. >"Three games? I thought with one game everything should be enough, why that many games in just one day? We don't want to get exhausted... and I think neither the guards want to..."
  337. >You can't believe how weak these terrorists are. Wonder how the other leader threats these guys
  338. "Three games indeed, games of dexterity, teamwork, and strength! Games just foals could play seriously! Just like me!"
  339. >Because, well, you were a foal.
  340. "And you would be thinking... two out of three? Hah! We only need to win twice, but we'll continue until we crush them three times! The three games! Triple humiliation!"
  341. >”And if we lose?”
  342. >You smirk while putting the two hooves that were on the table to the floor
  343. “We can’t lose. But if somehow we do end losing, we’ll do whatever they want. Sounds fair, right?”
  344. >”Well, may-“
  346. >Being the new leader rocks. That doctor can go eat a nut.
  347. “I’ll explain EVERY game we challenge those guards! And with the help of my suit… we can’t lose! Haha! Hahahaha!”
  348. >Terrorist and prison guards have challenged each other for a long time now. The Saddle Arabia guards always go with their rules and the terrorists do follow too… but this time? You are with the terrorists! You’ll do things your way! To Tartarus with the rules! You’ll win and show Master Sombra and The Boss your potential!
  349. >And maybe that way, The Boss can talk to you /personally/ about that “master plan” she likes to talk about but never talks about it, because it’s sooooo secret and whatever
  350. >But whatever it is, it must be juicy!
  351. >Enough evil planning, it’s time to continue! …BUT BEFORE YOU START!
  352. “Now…” You walk and stare at Sand Storm, which quickly starts to worry as you stare at him with so much deep soulless eyes. “Before we go…”
  353. >Sand Storm gulps and his whole body starts quivering as if you were using him as food for Hydras
  354. >You extend your hooves to him and try to reach him a bit, but you fail
  355. “Give me upsies”
  356. >Sand Storm is taken aback once again and doesn’t know how to react, but speaking to you
  357. >”Uhm, excuse me, sir?”
  358. >You start losing your patience and yell at him
  360. >”Uh… o-okay”
  361. >You need to show leadership! You need to show fear! You need to-
  362. “W-Whoa!”
  363. >Sand Storm didn’t think twice as he lifted you, everypony was looking at you and you… you were flying!
  364. “L-Look at me! I am flying! Behold, the terror of my skydiving!” Sand Storm must have a great balance if he can hold you with two hooves and stay with the other two on the floor… you need to give him props for- “Weeee!”
  365. >You sure could jump from building to building but boy! This just feels good!
  366. >The room just fills with the sound of your innocent noises and the rest of the terrorists trying not to get a heart attack from your adorableness
  367. >”By Larson and the winged one, that’s so cute… colts are really a dangerous weapon…”
  368. >”An adorable weapon…”
  369. >”A weapon to surpass-“
  370. “NO MORE WORDS!” You shut the last terrorist before he speaks. “JUST UPSIES!”
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