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Demon 1/1/2016 Update Notes

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Jan 1st, 2016
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  1. Updates, 1/1/2016
  3. New Dungeon Branch: The Anomaly
  4. - Reports have begun to filter down of a strange portal appearing on the
  5. fifth or sixth floor of the Tower. The very nature of the portal itself
  6. has become the subject of extensive controversy and theorizing among
  7. summoners and others who watch the Tower... to say nothing of what has
  8. been seen on the other side.
  9. - Putting aside for the moment the remarkable appearance of the area it
  10. leads to, reports suggest the region, called the Anomaly for reasons that
  11. make themselves apparent to all that enter, is home to demons that seem
  12. strangely incomplete or unfinished.
  13. - The demons of the Anomaly, unfinished or not, possess interesting new
  14. abilities. Thus, the Anomaly has attracted the attention of various
  15. summoners and other worthies of previously established reputations.
  16. Ludoc in particular has altered his strategy a bit based on new abilities
  17. and demons he has found within.
  18. - In addition, there are rumors a summoner never before encountered has
  19. undertaken a deep investigation of the Anomaly, believing its strange
  20. inhabitants to in fact be a shortcut to great power.
  21. - Finally, the Anomaly seems remarkably fickle. Once encountered, it must
  22. be entered before leaving that floor of the Tower, or that summoner will
  23. never see it again. Once entered, any attempt to backtrack through it to
  24. previous depths will result in being flung back to the Tower, with the
  25. original portal into the Anomaly closed behind. Those who wish to explore
  26. the Anomaly's depths will need to confront the dangers therein boldly, as
  27. any retreat through a portal will be final.
  30. Capture Mechanics
  31. - Demon demands for HP and MaxHP are now based off %s of their HP and MaxHP,
  32. rather than the player's. The main impact of this will be that these
  33. requests will be easier when dealing with demons of lower level and
  34. harder when dealing with demons of higher level.
  35. - Modified demons are now a bit snobby, requiring an additional success
  36. to recruit during negotiation.
  37. - Demons higher level than the player look down their nose (or equivalent
  38. organ) at them, and require one, or in extreme cases, two additional
  39. successes to recruit during negotiation.
  40. - Demons with movement abilities may use them during "chase me" capture
  41. quests.
  42. - Reduced the duration of many "kill X demons in Y turns" capture quests
  43. now that I see the fixes to make them more fair are definitely working.
  44. Further adjustment is possible.
  45. - Kasha and Ghoul now have penalties for failed capture attempts.
  48. Balance
  49. - Demon modifiers are distributed a bit differently: they are applied more
  50. often to a single demon, but less often to a group of demons. However,
  51. the overall effect has been to moderately increase the total number of
  52. modifiers distributed by about 50%.
  53. - Demons can now be modified even on Tower:2, at slightly lower odds.
  54. - Dodge abilities have had the Dodge chance they give reduced slightly in
  55. most cases.
  56. - Most Heal abilities now have a range of 8, the maximum up from 7.
  57. - (Note: Buffs are the only other abilities with a range of 8, most others
  58. are 7 or less.)
  59. - Light and Dark cooldowns now inflict an equal cooldown of the opposite type
  60. instead of a double cooldown of the opposite type.
  61. - Duality now removes this penalty entirely instead of halving it.
  62. - Demon modifiers (Fiery, Holy, etc.) can now provide a much broader array
  63. of passive abilities to demons that receive them. However, most such
  64. modifiers will force an active ability on the recipent first if they do
  65. not already have one of the related element. This increases the availability
  66. of various passive abilities while also trying to prevent situations where
  67. a modifier gives 2 of those passives to a demon with no way to utilize them
  68. (i.e.: High Voltage and Bolt Chain on a demon with no Electricity abilities.)
  69. - Unconquerable and Juggernaut no longer trigger off of reactive ability damage.
  70. - Buff abilities, and Slash abilities that confer Buffs, have had their SP
  71. costs reduced.
  72. - Impact abilities that confer Debuffs have had their SP costs reduced.
  73. - Quiet Prayer now has a small chance of a random, extra effect.
  74. - Refresh is now a free action, with a 1 turn Cantrip cooldown.
  75. - Reshape is now a free action.
  76. - Combust is now a free action, with a 3 turn Cantrip cooldown.
  77. - Mass Punish no longer affects allies of the user.
  78. - Mass Agony no longer affects allies of the user.
  79. - Inquisition no longer affects allies of the user.
  80. - Reaper Omen no longer affects allies of the user.
  83. AI
  84. - The AI is now significantly more reluctant to use healing abilities. This will
  85. probably need further adjustment, as I'm moving slowly on this to make sure I
  86. don't make allies too reluctant to heal the player. :P
  87. - Summoners now take cooldown usage into account when training their demons. It
  88. will be rare to see a demon receive a new ability that uses a cooldown it already
  89. uses.
  90. - The AI now shows greater preference for using free actions when available,
  91. especially if they cost 0 SP and have no cooldown, or just a Cantrip cooldown.
  94. Character Creation
  95. - Vodun Mask has a new Fire primary option centered around Fire's unique
  96. methods of "smiting" enemies.
  99. UI
  100. - Changed how invalid target areas for abilities appear when aiming them. I like
  101. the new method, but we'll see if anyone disagrees strongly.
  102. - The warnings you get for going through on a one-way trip through a portal
  103. are more serious if you are going to be losing access to a branch.
  106. Bug Fixes
  107. - Abilities can no longer be aimed at solid walls.
  108. - Fixed some lingering circumstances that allowed double encounters to still
  109. occur a bit too often.
  110. - Fixed a bug that sometimes gave tooltips when mousing over portals the player
  111. had not actually found yet.
  112. - Fixed yet ANOTHER bug with Duality. Adria is probably the most bug ridden
  113. thing ever added to this game. On the flip side, she lives on Tower:16, so
  114. all these times I've ranted about her in the notes, most people reading likely
  115. have no idea what I'm talking about and never saw her anyway. :P
  116. - Fixed a few ability descriptions.
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