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  1. [DB0]
  3. So, your desire’s flaring even more, huh? I guess I can sate it…but nothing in this world is free.
  4. If you’re willing to take on more burdens, I can provide you with more power…
  5. How does a max of +1000 CP sound?
  6. You better get to work.
  8. Begins Night(+0): You’re starting from a bit further than the beginning, it seems like…You’re starting off in the year 2007, a year before Sokichi is killed and Phillip+Shotaro first become Kamen Rider W. You’ll find that things will quickly change if you start affecting any events that set up the show, but that might be for the better…
  10. Let’s Go Kamen Riders(+0): So you’ve come here before, huh? I guess we can see how a few events 30 years ago can affect the now. If you’ve been either Showa Kamen Rider or Showa Kamen Rider Part 2, the events of your jump there are now canon and present as backstory for the current age. Granted, it’s been well over 20, 30 years, so many of your allies and enemies by that point may have died, retired or dispersed…but you never know. Sometimes heroes will come out of retirement, and some villains may resurge again.
  12. Kamen Rider W.T.F?(+100): What the hell is going on? It’s not often, but there are moments where all logic and internal consistency appears to completely go out the window. What the hell is a “Memory Memory”? Why are a bunch of people with the kanji for 1000 in their name popping up? Why does your benefactor suddenly demand you start recording a cheesy film based on a dramatization of when you first jumped? Why do your various powers start functioning in comedic but inconsistent ways during these times? Who knows? You’ll just have to deal with it, and these ‘episodes’ have no sense of timing. At least you can feel when they come up…
  14. Your Costume needs work(+100): Well that’s…gross. It looks like all the riders and kaijins have been changed so that they look…vaguely off-putting. They bend and wave and wobble when they shouldn’t, or you see strange zippers and patches where there shouldn’t be. It’s really kind of unnerving and you’re happier to not deal with the beasties when you can, but you can’t help but notice how fake the monsters you fight feel, and how chunky and plastic-ky the gear you’re using feels in your hands…Ick.
  16. Pay the Piper(+200): It seems like your benefactor had a favor to pay off or two, cause now your warehouse has a landlady. Specifically, a VERY easily pissed off landlady, who only forgives you if you do a humiliating ass-kissing and flattery routine. She also appears to no-sell damn near everything you can think of to try and get around not setting her off. Mind control, molecular control, charisma perks, nothing. Literally all you can do is suffer her presence and hope she doesn’t lock you out of your warehouse…Again. Any workarounds seem to also be accounted for, if she decides she doesn’t like your tone, you just can’t access what stuff in your warehouse. She also likes to smack you upside the head with a green slipper for whatever reason…ow.
  18. Overwhelming Power!!!(+200): It’s pretty tempting, isn’t it? You’ve found your desire awakened and enflamed by the energy in this world! Now, you find that your sense of self control is a bit…weakened. You tend to snack heavily, take whatever catches your fancy by any means you have, and are exceedingly greedy, miserly and selfish to self-destructive capabilities. This also makes the Core Medals even more dangerous, as getting in contact with them will cause you to lose control and become even more reckless…Try not to get in over your head, okay?
  20. Got to Collect them All!(+400): Well, that’s unfortunate. Your abilities have all been tied to a number of Gaia Memories, every single one, and distributed across the city for people to openly use. They’re also T2 memories, and confer all the benefits as such to whoever uses them, so…They might be a lot more difficult to wrest from their new-found owners. Even after you capture all of them, you’re going to have to be switching memories constantly in order to vaguely fight in the same condition as before…Hope you’re quick on the draw.
  22. You’re no friend of Justice!(+400): An entity like you…You can’t possibly understand what it means to be a Rider. The Rider is fangs for the fangless, and a bulwark of the weak. You wouldn’t know weakness, and now you’ve been singled out by the Riders as an enemy…Every Rider here(chiefly W, OOO, and Fourze as well as their secondary riders) will now attack you on sight, and they’ll already have access to their full capabilities in order to bring you to justice. It appears some strange man is granting them even greater powers…? He’s even turning the villains against you, creating unholy alliances between the Riders and Villains!
  23. Who could this mysterious man be?
  25. Space is Awful!(+600): The Presenters are an alien species with a strong connection to Cosmic Energy, befriending species across the universe and giving them the tools to travel into the stars with the power of Switches. Once upon a time, the Core Switch which can unlock the secrets of Cosmic Energy technology was granted to mankind…However, that power was stolen and perverted, one man killing another to take it for his own use. The Presenters have been made aware of this, and judgement has been made on all of mankind. If they cannot be trusted with the positive forces of Cosmic energy, then they must be defeated before they can taint that energy for all the species of the galaxy. The Presenters have declared war, and this is a war that very few if any forces on the planet earth can withstand. The Presenters are the masters of cosmic energy, so foot soldiers with systems resembling and surpassing Fourze’s will appear by the dozen, as well as war machines that use the powers of creation and friendship to produce weaponry capable of defeating nearly anyone on this planet, Rider or Not. The Presenters can be reasoned with and shown the light of Humanity, but it’ll require a thorough trial…and If that weren’t enough, the Presenters have befriended a number of alien species in the galaxy, who will lend their aid with their own kaijin and technology if need be. The allies won’t be so quick to forgive, even if the Presenters do. The Echoes of the stars have arrived, and they sound with the drums of war.
  27. The Dead are Not Silent(+600): Oh, you thought you put all that you’d done behind you, have you? What a fool. The Badan Empire has risen from their slumber, a kingdom of the dead and defeated villains who thirst for vengeance against the living that defeated them. Before, this empire consisted almost entirely of the previous Kamen Rider’s villains, chiefly the Showa and Heisei riders. Now? You’ve gone and added all of your previously defeated enemies to the list. That’s right, every villain(or hero, I can’t guess how you roll) who’s death were your clear responsibility(killed on your orders or by your friends too) on the journey up till this point has not only been revived, but is stronger than when you last saw them…and every single one of them is working together. Even if you’d never thwarted anyone before(which I highly doubt), you’ve attracted the attention of every single villain of the Heisei and Showa era Kamen Riders who realize your soul has the potential to grant them a power they can barely comprehend…Good luck.
  64. So…
  65. You’ve decided to give him THAT, right?
  66. That’s what the 200 cp was for, you know… That photo in your hand. You pass if off to the Jazz Dopant, not in his dopant form. He blinks, and looks up at you.
  67. “I’d given up finding out why…But I guess you can help me figure out why that old club went up in flames. I don’t mind some help but…I’ve got to do this myself.” A nod. “Let me handle this, alright?”
  68. So those are the terms of this little arrangement. You can’t kill anyone who’d give the Dopant a lead on the arson of the club, and if the Jazz Dopant dies in the process of this search, you’ll lose him and the opportunity for a greater reward.
  70. For now, the photo you’ve gotten points to 3 possible leads on who was behind the fire…Three gangs on the streets of Fuuto who were present at the night of the fire.
  72. The first gang suspected is the Broad Street Boars, a racing and ricer gang that rules the streets with their tricked out rides. Their rides aren’t the only ones that are tricked out. Many of the members are avid dopants of the “Motor” memory, fusing with their bikes and becoming massive speed demons. It could have been that they were hoping to settle a feud with the owner, Sanzo, a known racer.
  73. The Second gang on the list is called the Jupiter Monkeys, a bunch of martial artists who appear to be fiercely protective of an abandoned observatory in east Fuuto. They’re already skilled combatants, each one of them able to fight off 10 regular men, but with their “Ninja” gaia memories, a few of them can ascend into almost directly martial arts wizardry. They are known to take jobs for various gangs,so they might have been hired as a third party to take vengeance on Sanzo and Jazz’s club.
  75. The final gang is the Waterfront Shellshockers, an oddly elusive and careful bunch who appear to be gaia memory distributors alongside Fuuto’s waterfronts. They’re enigmatic and aren’t prone to giving out information for free, but they’re definitely tied to this case. If you’re willing to risk their usage of gadgets similar to the Memory Gadgets, then you might be able to eke out their connection.
  77. At first, it was difficult. Jazz wouldn’t be able to take them all out on his own without some training or help, but you couldn’t go around defeating them without breaking your bargain…However, if you can find a way to show them you mean business? They’ve got…gifts for you, to placate you and Jazz.
  78. Each of the gangs offers forth something in order to get you to both back off of the case and eliminate the Jazz dopant.
  79. The Boars offer you what appears to be a silver belt, with a handle much like a motorcycle’s…It appears to be a Driver, similar to the Accel Driver! It comes with the Motor memory, allowing you to become a Kamen Rider Motor. They won’t dilvulge where they got it, but they say that the Motor memory with that driver will let you move as fast as their most riced-up bike, and with thrice the stopping force.
  80. The Jupiters begrudgingly give you what appears to be a glove with a wrist brace, that has a space for a Cosmic Switch to sit. It comes with the Starlight switch, and can allow someone to manipulate light as a physical object, shaping it into weapons and shields.
  81. The Shellshockers finally present their treasure: The T2 versions of every Dopant memory, from Terror to Claydoll to Weather. The already potent memories are now enhanced and easier to use, meaning that if you so wished, you could abuse their effects all you want. Weather was so strong, Virus could clear out cities if used properly, Gene altered genetic material as it pleased…
  83. If you’re willing to sell the man who trusted you out for one of these gifts, choose one, and that’s the end of it. You walk away with your new toy, the dopant’s mystery unresolved.
  84. If you want to see this through to the end, however, and refuse? Then, things will get hectic.
  85. The Gangs will use their gifts in a last ditch effort to silence you and the Jazz Dopant, and as you can tell from the description, these gifts are no laughing matter. This may be your toughest battle yet, as you will still have to keep Jazz unharmed…though you’re free to defeat these enemies now with your full might, as long as one of them lives to tell the tale and cough up the information.
  87. You survived? Excellent. It must have been tough, especially with those T2 Dopants, but you made it!
  88. The survivors spill the truth. (If you have no survivors, the scenario ends here. Don’t be so overzealous.)
  89. Now, you’ve gotten all the pieces together. Each gang had a part in this…but the true mastermind wasn’t from any of them. The Boars-hired Jupiters carried out the attack…Killing the bouncers and moving in to distract from their attempts to burn the club, but it appears that the Boars only orchestrated this on request from a man within the Shellshockers proper, who tells you that the only reason they feuded with Sanzo? Is that the owner and bartender had stolen…something from the Shellshocker’s best customers. A foundation of some sort…
  90. They were able to track him down, but you had diverted them off their scheme to exact a more focused revenge.
  91. The Jazz Dopant thanks you, and he’ll wonder what Sanzo thought was worth all the trouble.
  93. If only he knew.
  95. You approach the home that the Shellshockers informed you of, already it appeared to be under attack. Strange soldiers with psychic powers, Quarks, armed to the teeth have raided the house, and it looked like if you were going to get some answers you were going to have to beat them to Sanzo. It’s a bit of a race but if you can handle it?
  96. You’ll find the barkeep, at the center of a number of defeated Quarks. He reveals his secret…
  97. He had been working for Foundation X, when they stumbled across a discovery that was so potent he couldn’t help but try to steal it away. He retired and started the Jellyfish Jazz bar as a cover for his schemes to mass produce the belt, when the Foundation cottoned on and destroyed everything. A Memory driver rests on his waist, which he calls “the NEXTGEN Memory Driver.” He was using it to defeat the Foundation X forces with his alcohol-themed “Spirits” Gaia memory. The Jazz Dopant can only ask “How can booze kill this many people?...All at once, I mean.”
  98. A smirk from the barkeep.
  99. Sanzo admits that the NEXTGEN’s properties mean that they give a greater enhancement and control over the subject of the Gaia Memory. In his case? He was able to control the trace amounts of alcohol in the human body and use it as a weapon. He directed that microbial alchohol to attack at the brain stem, stopping their vital functions before they even knew what hit them.
  100. The Jazz Dopant, now in his dopant form, faced Sanzo…He began to play a soft song as he asked the one question he wanted answered. “Power, was that all it was to you? The dances, the drinks, the songs? All those nights me and the boys played our hearts out for the people trying to get by in this town? All so you could…fight and kill?”
  101. Sanzo didn’t know how to answer him. Maybe he’d made a mistake…but now was do or die.
  102. You’ve got your choice here…You can either seize that NEXT GEN for yourself, or let Sanzo decide where to go from here.
  103. If you do decide to try and seize the belt, Sanzo’ll transform into Kamen Rider NEO Spirits with the NEXTGEN, and try to kill both you and Jazz…Jazz is curiously unaffected by the alcoholic manipulation that Spirits is using, but unless you can somehow find a way to scrub your body entirely of alcohol, it’ll be a fight against time as the minute amounts will travel up and around your bloodstream, physically attacking and destroying your internals during the entire fight. It won’t help that he’ll have access to producing misty droplets of the booze as a way of producing vicious flames, or slippery surfaces, or disgusting smoke screen.
  104. If you defeat him, the belt is yours, giving you an almost exact control of a single Gaia Memory places into the belt, once that memory is locked, it can’t be changed.
  106. If you spare the Barkeep, though…he’ll look at Jazz.
  107. An apology. He took away what Jazz loved most in this world, playing for people down and out on their luck.
  108. Now? The only way to make up for it, was to give himself up. This was his comeuppance, for all those years of running and trying to scheme to be the strongest in the city.
  109. But before he does? Jazz is handed the NEXTGEN system. He takes it, thankful.
  110. “Wish we could have had one more round at the club. I hope the boys’ll greet me wherever we all end up after this. ”
  111. With a smile, Sanzo goes to meet his fate.
  112. Jazz Dopant thanks you, and takes the memory out of his own body...Placing the memory in the NEXTGEN system, you finally receive the reward at the end of giving the Jazz Dopant his final justice, and putting his crew to rest.
  114. The Jazz Dopant is now Kamen Rider NEO Jazz, with a unique weapon to boot! The Jazz Magnum resembles a cross between a trumpet and a gun, and the NEXTGEN system’s bond to him allows him to use music to severely power up and enhance anyone who hears it, healing and invigorating anyone he likes while he plays. He can also use powerful sonic waves as weapons and shields, while keeping the emotional manipulation abilities of the Jazz Dopant, with a bit more fine control over the applications…You’ve done him a great service, and now he’s a truly stalwart companion of yours…
  115. Good job, kid.
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