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  1. @:loop
  2. @if (%1) EQU () @goto end
  3. @set name=%1
  4. @set name=%name:"=%
  5. @if /I (%name:~-3%) EQU (mkv) @goto okay
  6. @if /I (%name:~-3%) EQU (avi) @goto okay
  7. @if /I (%name:~-3%) EQU (mp4) @goto okay
  8. @if /I (%name:~-3%) EQU (mov) @goto okay
  9. @if /I (%name:~-3%) EQU (.ts) @goto okay
  10. @if /I (%name:~-3%) EQU (flv) @goto okay
  11. @echo Cannot remux file type
  12. @goto end
  13. @:okay
  14. @call nice c:\cygwin\Handbrake\HandBrakeCLI.exe --native-language eng --subtitle-forced scan --subtitle scan  --native-dub -C 1 -i %1 --preset "iPad" -o "%~n1.converted.mp4"
  15. @shift
  16. @goto loop
  17. @:end
  18. @pause
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