Magic Talent

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  1. In humans, there is usually some sort of incident. They'll release a burst of vys and hurt someone or break something. However, in Samjan that's nothing special. Almost everyone has some level of magical talent and most know some sort of magic. Only the exceptional are sent to be tutored by a Master. Thus, to identify those of exceptional talent an artifact is used. A child is either recommended for the test by his parents or, in certain cases, will be required to take it due to a massive release of vys. As in, large enough to tear down a wall or even showing the capability for elemental magic without being trained.
  3. Mikhael was recommended for the procedure by his father, with additional recommendations by the Shah himself and the Shah's brother, the father of his betrothed. An incident occurred while at his family's country estate, the Shah's niece fell off a tree and broke her collar bone. Panicked and concerned, Mikhael healed the bone but expended so much vys in the process he fell unconscious.
  5. The test itself was fairly simple. You walked through a blackened doorway. Once inside there didn't seem to be anyway out. You panicked for a moment, but eventually calmed and sat down and waited to see what would happen. You were only nine years old, at the time. Eventually a voice from nowhere said simply "Ha! This one will do." and you woke up on the floor of the room you'd left. The doorway nowhere to be seen.
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