Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 8, you're gonna go far, kid

Oct 2nd, 2016
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  1. >Some hours later at the Everfree Forest town
  2. >Pinkamena and you got back, she got her bruises healed thanks to Nurse Redheart and… there wasn’t any sight of that teacher
  3. >You were outside the tent Pinkamena was in, which was of course the one you were in when you woke up in this town. Weird thing was that Cheerliee decided not to check her wounds in the nursery, according to Nurse Redheart
  4. >Maybe she was so defeated that she went in shame to wherever is her house and started crying or something
  5. >You don’t know her, but part of you is a bit concerned about her. Hopefully she doesn’t attempt a suicide…
  6. >Oh yeah… Sweetie Belle was with you as you waited for Pinkamena, you told her what happened, except for the fight. You told her those two had an accident near the forest and they stumbled
  7. >You should be the lie prince instead of the chaos prince; you’ve done nothing but lie and sneeze at ponies. Discord better is preparing an Oscar or anything to reward you for your efforts
  8. >”And do you know how many ponies you can teleport with?” Sweetie Belle asks you as she plays with the necklace of yours using her magic around it; you didn’t mind her playing with it at all
  9. “I only know I can teleport you, so one pony. I don’t really know if I can much than one. How does teleport magic works for unicorns? Can they teleport a bunch of ponies to somewhere? Because that would be helpful”
  10. >She takes her time thinking about it
  11. >”Hmm, I really don’t know that. I don’t have that spell learned, only levitation, buuut maybe you can teleport with… 5 ponies at least, I’m not sure at all… but.” She looked happily to you, even placed your necklace around your neck. “Knowing you, I know you’ll do your best, Anon.” She blushed for a moment. “Eh… I know we don’t know each other that much… but I have this feeling you’ll do good in that!” Sweetie Belle finished with a squeaky noise
  12. >Fucking hell, you are going to feel sooooo bad when you tell her that you are Discord’s son and it was all a trick… or… you could…
  13. >You could tell Sweetie Belle the truth and see how she reacts, that you are here to end this all by chaotic yet peaceful methods
  14. >Is a bit risky… and this is still an undercover mission that any bad movement can get you in trouble or worse, hydra’s food…
  15. >Hopefully the yellow amazon isn’t around yet. There is a high chance that she comes with the group that is going to today’s raid, but any change of plans can happen and you need to be sure of what to do
  16. >If you get Fluttershy and Pinkamena to follow you, you could probably stop for once and all this rebellion
  17. >Wish Cheerliee didn’t come… she is really getting on your nerves as she could ruin it all. But she has to, and she’ll never get her guard down on you, hell, maybe if Discord attacks she’s the one first going for your ass
  18. >Maybe you need to talk to her… give her some of your kid enthusiasm and see what happens
  19. “Sweetie Belle.” You call her, her attention was already on you but now it was even more. “I know you for a few time, but I think of you like… the sister I never had. You are a good pony and I bet your future will be even better.” Probably Discord could accept another kid to adopt… “And I thank you for everything that you have done to me; you were there to defend me… to talk to me… to be my friend… I can’t thank you enough for all of that”
  20. >Fuck you Leonardo DiCaprio, this is your spot and time to shine as the good actor you are
  21. >Well, not the best. Maybe there is some actor out there better than you, but whatever
  22. >Sweetie Belle with an expression showing happiness and all the fuzzy feelings gives you a direct hug, it was warm and suave
  23. >”No Anon… thank you for giving this town a chance, for being my friend and being a cute and fun colt I’ve ever met…”
  24. >She went silent all of the sudden and stopped the hug, looking at the ground with a big ass blush on her face
  25. >Hah, she called you cute and fun. You knew the first but second?
  26. “I’m cute?” You tilt your head while looking at her who in reply slowly tried to nod
  27. >Eh, right now you could give her a kiss in the cheek and make her lost in yourself. Buuuut today is not the time; you are no Don Juan here, although you have the cutest body ever. Still, you are returning that compliment
  28. “Is someone is cute here, that is you, Sweetie.” She quickly raised her head; the blush was even harder that she looked almost like a tomato. Damn girl; control yourself, no seas caliente. “My father would find you adorable too, heh, maybe he could take you as his daughter!”
  29. >Maybe you hit a wound as Sweetie Belle felt… uncomfortable with what you said
  30. >But she still showed you that smile of hers
  31. >”D-Don’t be silly! I still have a family out there, probably waiting for me… I’ll find them eventually! This is why… I want to help you too to find your parents, Anon”
  32. >Ouch, ouch, ouch! Low hit, low hit!
  33. >Change topic, now!
  34. “Anyway… I would like to see where Cheerliee lives so I could see if she’s alright from the fig- CAIDA!” Your Spanish slipped accidently. “I mean, the fall, the timberwolves, you knoooow… heh…”
  35. >She starts to giggle and puts her hoof over her muzzle to try and muffle the cute laugh
  36. >”I can show you if you want where her house is.” She starts walking and you follow behind her. “But you really need to teach me to speak your language… Spanish, right?”
  37. “Ay, ay, ay, sera un gusto!” You reply to her in Spanish that it’ll be a delight to teach her sometime
  38. >”I’m… going to take that as a yes”
  39. >You both start walking and she asks some words out of curiosity, which were related to nursery and magic. Words like levitation, magic, nurse, first aids, hello… asking the basics at the last moment it appears
  40. >You had school flashbacks of the damn English teacher teaching you the verb “To be”… you hate it. No, it wasn’t that hard but you hated that the teachers in México teach that damn verb for 3 damn years like is that hard
  41. >Must be for dumb little shits that don’t understand English words
  42. >You two finally arrive to what appears was Cheerliee’s house. It was silent and it did appear nobody was home. Maybe she was sleeping or crying in silence
  43. “Well, thank you Sweetie for taking me here, I’ll be in my own for now… que tengas bonita tarde!” You give her a good afternoon and almost go to knock over Cheerliee house, but Sweetie Belle stops you
  44. >”Wait, what does ‘que’ mean in English?” Even in curiosity her squeaky voice sounded, and in Spanish it was even more cute… hnnng, your damn Corazon
  45. “It means what” you quickly reply
  46. >”Que Anon, I’m asking you what que means”
  47. >Boy, even she saying “que” was so cute, instead of the word in one go, she says it like “qu-e”, which sounds damn cute
  48. “I told you. Que… means what”
  49. >”What?”
  50. “Exactly!”
  51. >”No sorry, I don’t follow”
  52. >You rub your temples… she gotta be playing with you, she must be wanting to have more time with you, that’s it
  53. “The word QUE… means WHAT”
  54. >”I’m asking you! Don’t question me that!”
  55. >You calmly look at her forcing an awkward tiny smile
  56. “Que… means… WHAT”
  58. >”I don’t know!”
  59. “Third base!” You yell and point with your hoof to her
  60. >”…What?” Sweetie Belle says, only getting more confused from the conversation
  61. >Whoops, wrong reference
  62. “Atchah… What I’m saying is that que, means what. No, is not a question, that’s the meaning! Que is what! Not a question, is the meaning… so please, please get it right Sweetie”
  63. >She takes some seconds to process the information and finally gives you a big “Oooh” as anwer
  64. >Finally…
  65. “Now, if that’s all what you wanted to ask, I’m going to-“
  66. >”And Anon! Before you enter…”
  67. >ME LLEVA LA CHIN… this filly is getting in your nerves now, it was funny but it got annoyed
  68. >You look at her not showing any complain, hell, you try your best to fake a smile and close your eyes while talking to her
  69. “Yes, Sweetie?”
  70. >She takes some moments before talking, but she finally decided to ask
  71. >”…I want to come with your group, but don’t… don’t tell them… will you promise that? I want to be useful too and be there with you in case anything happens”
  72. >Oh so she wants to come? Great, maybe you’ll even thank her when your parent shows up all of the sudden
  73. >This is perfect; maybe Discord could accept her as daughter after all. He is seeing you, so it probably is a probability
  74. >Son of chaos and daughter of chaos… you could have a sister… and do some wincest later on!
  75. >Ohhhhh boy you feel like bursting out in a song!
  76. >…But not today, you need some guitars and other stuff present for the occasion
  77. “I’ll do it, but you’ll need to be very careful that they don’t see you, otherwise they could want me to teleport everypony back to town, or at least you and you could get scolded… and probably me too”
  78. >She nods and you nod too
  79. >”Great, thank you Anon… I’ll be careful so the other ponies don’t see me there”
  80. >And with that she started walking off and you waved at her a goodbye
  81. >Now time to talk with Cheerliee and show her that you are not that bad… well you are, but you want to her to think different and… you guys know the drill
  82. >You knock on the door and call her name… but nobody came to answer it
  83. >You knock once again and nothing
  84. >They say third is a charm, but the moment you try to knock, the door slowly opened by itself showing the insides of the house, which were mostly dark like a creepy abandoned house
  85. >Now your mama told you to no enter to houses that suddenly open with nobody nearby. But you don’t care; Cheerliee is just a teacher that is against you right now. You’ve come here to stop that and make her trust you
  86. “Miss Cheerliee? Is me, Anon!” You peer over the house but there was only darkness. “Cheerliee? Miss Nurse Redheart told me that you weren’t there in the nursery tent and I got worried about your wounds… hello?”
  87. >Damn has this become fucking Luigi’s mansion? No fucking answers in here
  88. >You enter the house and the moment you enter, the fucking door closes behind you damn quick and loud that it made you jump and yelp
  89. “Santa maria! What the?”
  90. >Do doors close magically by itself in this world?
  91. >The inside of the house was so silent and dark; it sent chills down your back. The house, now looking like a mansion by the inside, had an old rustic style; it only had one floor, a chimney, two rooms including the kitchen and various furniture around the living room
  92. >Despite being alone, or as you thought you were alone… you couldn’t evade the feeling of someone watching you
  93. >Maybe they had cameras in the corner of the walls? You don’t know how advanced the creatures living in this world are, but seeing at everything in this place… maybe you are near the medieval era, although you haven’t seen any weapon, just the houses of the town and how Discord is living in a castle
  94. >Now that makes you think what these ponies use to attack Discord. What can damage a God? That… is something your curiosity isn’t going to leave sooner or later
  95. >Even the gods have debilities, right?
  96. >You take some steps and walk in the corridor that for you, it seemed long and never ending. It must be that your tiny body sees things bigger than when you had your adult size. Each step you take makes a creepy and tiny noise on the floor… the slower you try to walk, the louder it gets
  97. “Uhmmm… Miss Cheerliee? Hello? Anyo- Anypony here?”
  98. >No answer, just the sound of silence around this place. No, not the rock like sound in the corridor
  99. >You walk into the living room and notice the amount of pictures Cheerliee has in it, one with their students, other with the ponies of this town, one of her alone in a different school with a more picturesque feature than the school from this town and one where… she looked with a look from the 80’s
  100. >Unf
  101. >You take notice of the picture with the ponies in town, a zebra standing next to her. You grab with your hoof the picture and take a closer look to it
  102. >So that’s how zebras look in this world… and probably that’s the one these ponies call “Zecora”. Uh, so zebras are the equivalent of negros in this world
  103. >Uhmm, wonder if Discord did something to her or she just got lost into a long never ending quest
  104. >You leave the picture of Cheerliee that you were seeing on the table with the rest
  105. >Something is sure…
  106. “Miss Cheerliee looks better in that 80’s look, heh…” You heavy breathe while looking at the picture. “I would pay to see her like that everyday…” Ohhh your tail approves of that, heh… heheh…
  107. >Your tiny pony ears catch the sound of something moving in the room, in the table where you were looking the pictures to be more precise
  108. >For one second, you saw the figure of a blue pony in the picture… blinking. Was it… was it your imagination?
  109. >You blink for some seconds and rub your eyes. Are you sleepy or was that…?
  110. >You look at the picture again… the blue pony moved to the left of the picture! B-But how? …And now that you look more to the picture, you recognize that pony… the toothpaste tail like pony, the one that was with Cheerliee in the Tree of harmony
  111. >This is a creepy as fuck coincidence… right?
  112. >You take a gulp and… slowly walk to the door of the house, not taking off your eyes from the pictures on the table and trying to get out of the living room
  113. “Is just… my imagination… is just… my imagination… Ghosts don’t exist…”
  114. >You exit the living room and run directly to the door, anxiety and hurry on your actions as you desperately try to open the door, but the door wouldn’t open
  115. >Is not your hooves, but the door. It was locked with key and you couldn’t open it, you were locked inside the house of Cheerliee… if it even was from her
  116. >You start to hear noises… noises coming from the house… from the ceiling… IT WAS A ONE FLOOR HOUSE DAMNIT
  117. >At this point you were trying to open the door with your mouth, not caring your teeth were going to be damaged in the process… ALBERTO WANTS OUT
  118. “MNNGNH! Vamos! Abre!”
  119. >You bite, scratch and even kick the door trying to get out of here like a desperate puppy trying to take a piss out of the apartment of his master but failing because his master forgot to leave him the door open and now he’s closed with the only way to piss inside
  120. >But your attempts were useless and the noise was getting louder… and louder… and louder each second
  121. >This was levels of scary like Silent Hill. You don’t even want to turn around your head because you know bad things happen in situations like these
  122. >You stop trying to open the door, but don’t look back. You just stare at the closed door
  123. >And keep staring at it…
  124. >You then hear a giggle among the darkness of the house
  125. “Eeek!”
  126. >You are not scared… you are not scared… you are…
  127. >You suddenly feel a cold hoof on your shoulder
  128. >AAHDHG
  130. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” You cry out making a big ass jump that made you get on the ceiling, hanging from a very old but well made chandelier. “PLEASE DON’T HURT ME! I’M SO YOUNG AND CUTE TO-!”
  131. >You take a look down… down where was the teacher, Cheerliee. She was probably looking surprised at how you managed to jump this high
  132. >…When was this chandelier here anyway?
  133. >…Oh right, chaos magic. Maybe you even jump from the strength of it… or maybe Earth ponies are way too strong than you thought
  134. >”I don’t know how you got to jump that high! But jump down! I’ll catch you!”
  135. >Yeah, chaos magic was the trick in this one
  136. >Meh is not like you are getting hurt from this high… but suddenly you felt fear from it… you weren’t afraid of the heights back in México, were you?
  137. > …You don’t remember that. Why can’t you remember the basic of things like fear of heights? What the fuck…
  138. >Your hooves slip from the sweat of you grabbing on the chandelier and you slowly start to slip… and finally gravity does the rest. Maybe next time actions over thinking is the best way to go
  139. >You fall directly to Cheerliee hooves, she catches you without any problem or complain
  140. >”What do you need, Anon?” She said, you noticed her… different. First she wasn’t bruised as seen from the battle and her voice show no anger against you for having the possibility of being bad
  141. “Uhm, well, Nurse Redheart said that you didn’t get your… bruises check… and I got concerned and wanted to see if you were okay and…” You slowly jump to the floor and inspect every part of her, well, not every part… you sick pervert, she’s a horse… sexy horse. “You seem to be okay… not even a patch? You got really bad back there… I know it’s been some hours but still…”
  142. >She just simply nods while looking at you
  143. >”I’m okay Anon, earth ponies tend to heal faster, didn’t you know that? Maybe you didn’t study your classes with your other teachers? Everypony knows that earth ponies can heal by themselves…”
  144. >Did her tone was more… soft? Hmmm… but that fact was a little bit suspicious. Maybe she wanted you to say something about it, get your comment or opinion… despite of that… you still have amnesia, or implied amnesia
  145. >You shake your head while looking at her
  146. “I’m sorry but I don’t know, ehh…” You look at the ceiling for a second. “What was the thing Nurse Redheart said I had? Amne… amn… ammm…”
  147. >You obviously know the word is amnesia, but first of all, a kid wouldn’t remember a complicated word like that so good. Was it complicated, right? Right?
  148. >”Right… the amnesia.” She said, somewhat frustrated about it. ”You don’t remember… well…” She started to walk near in front of you. You were trying to back up but… the wall of the corridor was behind you. “So… little Anon was concerned about the health of his teacher? How cute…”
  149. >Here comes the bedroom eyes… so this was the hidden side of Cheerliee? She was a pedophile!? …not that you care because technically you are an adult with a kid’s body but… but… ahh…. Eh….
  150. “Uhm… C-Cheerliee?” You say with a confused and shy tone
  151. >She was cornering you. Moving slowly and… seductively? Were you tired and you were seeing things or this teacher wanted something from you?
  152. >”Yes, Anon?” Her cute green eyes were shining at you and you were sweating so much. She placed a hoof around your face and started to move it slowly… across… your cheeks. “Tell me Anon, are you a teacher’s pet…? You look like one…”
  153. “E-Eek!”
  154. >B-Bad touch!
  155. >You don’t know what her goal is… but you don’t like it! Maybe just a bit… but she’s in your personal space!
  156. >But her eyes… you were drooling a bit from looking at them. You need to control yourself, what would Rene Descartes say in a crucial moment like this?
  157. >’GIVE HER THE D.’ A muffled thought is heard in your tiny pony head
  158. >Okay, maybe not Descartes. What would your father say?
  159. >’DALE FUERTE MIJO’ You hear in your head
  161. “Eh… M-Miss Cheerliee? My daddy… I’m sure he told me something about mares approaching you so… close?”
  162. >’No seas puto mijo’ You hear out in the distance in your zone of thoughts
  163. >SHUT. UP!
  164. “So please… don’t do that” You look at her in the eyes, doing your best attempt for some puppy eyes
  165. >You came here to get her below you and she hits on you… eh, this is a win-win situation for you anyway
  166. >She obeys and steps a little away from you, looking disappointed for some unknown reason you… better no ask
  167. “So I can heal myself?” You ask her while looking at your tail, it was dancing at you… that damn devil tail. “Please tell me the way earth ponies heal is with their tails… because…” You start to go in circles in a cute attempt to grab your tail. “I… wanna… grab it!”
  168. >You are not going in circles too fast because you don’t want to get yourself dizzy, but this attempt of grabbing your tail is to make Cheerliee know and feel that you are a kid from heart. Also because chasing your own tail is damn fun
  169. >Will you feel something if you bite it? How much can the hair of it grow? Maybe your powers will stop if you bite it! So many questions… so close to bite it…!
  170. >”Just… stop, okay?” Cheerliee commands you, looking really annoyed at you. “You must know that what I told you was a lie; I wanted to hear from your words those lies that everypony trusts as if they were real”
  171. >You stop chasing your tail and look at Cheerliee, forcing a giggle and continue the cute attempt for her to stop whining at you and trying to find the truth
  172. “But Miss Cheerliee, I’m not lying!” You then lie on the floor of the house. “Now I’m lying! See?” You start to laugh as you playfully roll near Cheerliee while yelling “Rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, yay!”
  173. >But… nothing was making Cheerliee smile, laugh or even chuckle. It was weird, you were acting as cute as you could, but… somehow, she saw through your disguise
  174. >”Why don’t you stop that? Just say that Discord sent you and you’ll be making me lose less of my time. You might have fooled those foolish ponies… but not me, not me… Anon”
  175. >She suddenly grabs you as you were rolling on the floor; an angry expression and what you could sense as fury in her eyes were present
  177. >She had a powerful grip on you, she even had the strength to shake your whole body as you were in her control
  178. “M-Miss Cheerliee… this hurts… p-please… stop! You’re… scaring me…” You weren’t lying in something, she was really hurting you with that grip. But you did your best to add some tears to the battle
  179. >You weren’t going to give up the lies, not after coming this far… you just need to wait for the ponies… the two leaders to be with you and sneeze out of here toward Discord’s castle and everything will be done! Everything…
  180. >…
  181. >The sneeze!
  182. >As you were right now, you couldn’t reach for the feather that Cheerliee gave you to teleport with the power of the sneeze, you’ll need a truly original sneeze…
  183. >You struggle… and struggle, making Cheerliee to almost lose her grip and balance. How the fuck was she even balanced? Horses standing in two hooves are not natural… maybe is thing of this world or maybe the determination of Cheerliee to find out the truth about you was bigger than everything
  184. >”I won’t let you out of this, Anon! Not until you tell me the truth! I don’t care if I lock you myself in this house, just tell me!” For a second her face goes to a kind one. “Just tell your teacher and everything will be okay, what you have to lose anyway? I’m alone here.” Then her face changed to a more serious one. “But don’t think your chaos magic can get you out of this… I personally dismantled the chaos alarm from my house”
  185. >She obviously has someone around the house… and you don’t care if you can use your chaos magic or she knows about it, at this point is way obvious that you have chaos magic. Like, come on, these are alarms meant to be for chaos, ponies aren’t so dumb…
  186. >You struggle more… her balance getting a little off, but not enough
  187. >She was repeating the same dialogue once and once again, really trying hard. But as she talks your plan was in movement… each time you struggled, Cheerliee would move either left or right to gain her balance back… enough to get some dust from the floor… you could sneeze and teleport to someplace safe with ponies seeing how she was hurting you
  188. >The dust comes near your nose… you inhale and your nose quickly reacts to it
  189. “Ahh…”
  190. >”No! Don’t you-“
  191. >Too slow teacher, you need to learn more about desperate tactics coming from the son of Discord
  192. >Damn you can’t think for a good place to sneeze teleport!
  193. “Aaaat-“
  194. >Before Cheerliee could stop grabbing on you, you two teleport to the first place in mind you had… the nursery tent
  195. “Chuuu!”
  196. >Ah… nothing like teleporting on top of the bed that Pinkamena was in as Cheerliee still had a grip on you. As soon as she realized where you brought her, she stopped holding on you, your body falling in the comfy bed of the nursery tent
  197. >You look with watery eyes to Pinkamena and Nurse Redheart that are watching you two with surprise, not much surprise coming from Pinkamena, but her face showed curiosity and what not on whatever Cheerliee and you were doing
  198. >Specially because she caught on her holding you tight by the throat, or that’s where you feel she was grabbing you
  199. >You start sobbing and directly go behind Pinkamena, who now was sitting on the bed. You hug her slightly as to not do damage to her injuries and close your eyes while faking out the cries
  200. >You are no good actor so you can’t make yourself cry all of the sudden, so the sobbing must do the trick
  201. >Instead of talking and telling Pinkamena everything that happened, you decide to say nothing and just remain quiet as she silently judges the teacher
  202. >You feel a hoof on top of your mane as to seize your whimpers, it being from Pinkamena of course. She wasn’t looking at you, but at Cheerliee, waiting for an explanation
  203. >”Well Cheerliee? What’s your excuse? It wasn’t your style to attack innocent children. Speak and it better be quick or I’ll personally lock you up in this town’s jail”
  204. >Damn, her voice sounded colder than before. It seems that Pinkamena was still angry at Cheerliee from the previous battle, now even more for whatever she did to you
  205. >Remember that time you said you gotta be careful with ponies? Remove that. You /need/ to be careful around Cheerliee. She somehow knows about your disguise… wonder how she knows, she’s just an earth pony
  206. >Is not like ponies got something like, a sense or special ability, right?
  207. >”I have nothing to explain! I was trying to make the colt spill the beans! I had everything to make him tell the truth but for some reason… it didn’t work and I lost my…” Cheerliee looked down to her hooves, then up and straight to Pinkamena and you. “The colt is dangerous! He controls chaos magic and you ponies know it. Why would you bring it there knowing that?”
  208. >Heh, beans
  209. >Pinkamena tries to stand up from the bed but is denied by the injuries she had, making Nurse Redheart step near her to stop her
  210. >”You can’t move too much or the wounds won’t heal. I still don’t know how Cheerliee isn’t injured like you are, but that doesn’t mean you need to move like that-“
  211. >Nurse Redheart was interrupted by Pinkamena, which against the nurse recommendations, started to stand up slowly
  212. >She grumped at first but stopped, she was really one tough earth pony. Yet again, you need to ask Discord how strong earth ponies are, giving how Cheerliee healed fast and did a good show in that battle… you are super curious
  213. >Pinkamena stayed up, not losing balance or needed any help from the nurse. She showed courage, resistance and the determination of a leader
  214. >”We were in doubt at first, but now we know that Anon has the capacity to manage chaos magic. First of all, the chaotic alarms installed in every house triggered each time Anon was around and most important, he isn’t affected by the chaos nature outside the woods. We all know how ponies start losing it outside there, but Anon… he doesn’t”
  215. >Maybe you were insane already. Is what you think the nurse or Cheerliee would be thinking. But come on, you being a colt is the less to suspect
  216. >You played your cards already and you have the jackpot in your hands!
  217. >…Wait that’s not how poker works, is it? Damn you were never good at it… ehhhh….
  218. >Whatever, let’s just keep hearing what these ponies have to discuss now
  219. >”All that point to something important that we’ll discuss in private with the ponies that are going in today’s raid… but I’ll tell you by now so you at least calm yourself down and don’t hurt Anon.” She looked at you and then at Cheerliee. “We believe Anon is immune to any of Discord’s attacks… or we hope so, and him having the use of chaos magic… that could mean other ponies are developing that magic or Anon was the lucky one to get it”
  220. >Does this mean that you’re kind of special in any pony standard for them?
  221. >”Oh, so you are going to use Anon as bait to lure Discord. That’s your plan, isn’t it?
  222. “Bait?”
  223. >”No…” Pinkamena voice cracked for a second. “He’s the support of the team, he is going to teleport us to Discord’s castle and we are going to plant some explosives below his castle that have anti-chaos material. We’ll see if it works and we bring his castle down to earth terrain”
  224. >Jesus fuck they have explosives!? These ponies are not to fool around, jeez…
  225. >Cheerliee in the other hand rolled her eyes and pointed to Pinkamena
  226. >”Oh and you /really/ needed to tell the enemy what are we doing?”
  227. >Yup, she was talking about you
  228. >”Anon is /not/ the enemy. He is our ally and a colt, get over it, Cheerliee” Pinkamena says with a cold tone, looking with throwing knives at Cheerliee
  229. >Oh great, they were walking near the other. Another fight?
  230. >”By the end of this day you’ll regret EVERYTHING when you see that kid attacking us or something worse!”
  231. >Pinkamena looked at you as you were grabbing a pillow and hugging it
  232. >Smells like rocks
  233. >”Anon? Can you go outside for a little? The adults need to talk”
  234. >You just smile and nod to Pinkamena
  235. “Yes miss Pinka! Good bye Nurse Redheart!”
  236. >And fuck you teacher bitch
  237. >You don’t say anything to her but stick your tongue out of your mouth at her
  238. >Since you no longer have the feather from… the flying pig of before, you grab a feather from the pillow that you were hugging and start to tickle your nose so you can sneeze
  239. >Seriously too many sneeze is doing bad to you… hopefully not
  240. “Ah… ah…”
  241. >…
  242. >The sneeze went away…
  243. >Holy shit you hate when this fucking happ-
  244. “ATCHUUU!“
  245. >And with that you are out of the nursery tent
  246. >What the fuck was that, a cartoon gag? Uh…
  247. >Your sneeze teleports you outside the tent and… for some reason you seem like you gained height
  248. “Whoa, the town looks less tiny now!”
  249. >Maybe you can increase your height with this magic? Hopefully you can so you don’t look like a midget all the time. Yet again, you are a kid so… it shouldn’t matter, you should grow by time or maybe Discord will change your age for other missions or stuff he has for you
  250. >Is not like you are going to be a kid forever, unless kids in this world don’t age as Peter Pan
  251. >You hear something poking you in the legs, making you look down almost scared
  252. “Ah! Ants! Ants in my- oh wait” You were on top of a gray colt with black mane. Heey, this is the one from the school. “Oh hi, didn’t see you there”
  253. >”Where did you came from and… get off! You’re heavy!”
  254. >Seems like the sneeze teleportation is a 50/50 to get you on top of something or someone
  255. “Heh… sorry”
  256. >You slowly get off of the colt’s back and go back to the ground
  257. >You don’t remember his name but he was with this other kid that you forgot his name too
  258. >”Is funny how we were talking about you and you decided to appear in top of Rumble” The brown colt with the funny hat says as he slightly chuckles. “But really now… where did you came from? Did somepony in town teleported you here?”
  259. >The grey Pegasus, Rumble, didn’t look to happy as the first thing his friend said but he was in the same side when talking about how you got on top of his back
  260. “Actually…”
  261. >Now let’s think for a bit. These two could give you information about something in this town? Hmm… Sweetie Belle knows stuff because she helps Nurse Redheart and the nurse seems to have contact with both leaders
  262. >And you have curiosity about those explosives that Pinkamena mentioned about. If you could get near those or any weapons they have so you could sabotage them… Discord would be proud
  263. >Let’s see how these two ponies react to your chaotic magic
  264. “I teleported myself. I can get from one place to another by sneezing! Great, right?”
  265. >Would you look at that, you are telling the truth for the first time
  266. >But the two colts started laughing at it as if it was a joke
  267. >”Sneezing and teleporting? Really? Good joke!” Rumble says, first of the two starting laughing at your “joke”
  268. >”Yeah, come on Anon! Everypony knows that earth ponies don’t do magic!”
  269. >Oh so they want proof
  270. >You’ll give them proof
  271. >You pick up the feather from Pinkamena’s pillow and start to use it on your nose, it slowly tickling until giving you the strength to sneeze
  272. >You focus your mind into a single spot, behind them. Not too far, not too close, just the perfect spot to demonstrate that you can sneeze teleport
  273. >Both colts were cracking up more as you made sneeze yourself but their laugh stopped as you teleported out of there and behind them
  274. >With a tiny grin you look at them as they stopped laughed tiny by tiny and were now staring at you
  275. “Ora put-“ Whoops, almost said something vulgar in Spanish there. “Eheheh I mean… Heh, see? ”
  276. >”…” Both colts had nothing to say
  277. “Speechless? I know, right? I was like that too when first discovered today!”
  278. >No words coming from them, just keep staring without blinking
  279. >You move to your right side but the colts keep staring into the same location
  280. >Did you have someone behind you?
  281. >You look behind but there was no one there
  282. “Come on guys, say something! Not a single word? A “Whoa”? Anything? Are you two playing me a joke now? I don’t even know you two yet!”
  283. >You waved your hoof at both of them… they were still looking at something
  284. >Ok now you’re getting scared… is as if they stopped in time
  285. >Time…
  286. >You look at your watch that was in your hoof. It… started ticking, from no moving now was moving and… the two colts weren’t moving…
  287. >Does this…
  288. “Stops… time…?”
  289. >You look around you, there were ponies a bit away that weren’t moving… everything stopped. Was this work of the watch? The watch stops time as it… starts moving?
  290. >…Weird chaotic device. Question was, was this Discord doing or yours? This watch appeared in the fight of Pinkamena and Cheerliee... and how do you un-stop time?
  291. >Or how wide was the rank of this stopping thing? Was it only the town? Was it the entire forest? The world?
  292. >What if you get stuck in time and you don’t age but also never finish Discord’s mission!?
  293. >Okay Alberto… no need for panic, just find a calmly way to unfreeze time
  294. >You give a few hits to the watch but it doesn’t do anything
  295. “Ugh… maybe is a magical word? Uh… Alakazam! Hnn… Hocus Pocus!” You scratch the back of your head a bit. “Ugh… come on Discord… don’t make me say something like that… no mames wey…”
  296. >You fear with your new magic that… all that anime that you watched back in Earth does its work and you suddenly transform yourself into a magical girl… or colt… uhhhhh last thing you want is to look more cute and yell stuff in Japanese
  297. >A mental image appears in your mind of yourself, the colt yourself, wearing a pink and white magical suit as a wand that looked almost from Sakura Card Captor appeared on your hooves
  299. >MAKE IT STOP
  300. “Aaaaahhhh! Please work, please work, please, pleeeeease work!”
  301. >You start hitting the watch more tough, maybe if you damaged it, it would stop… but if you did overdo yourself maybe you’ll be stuck… AH, THIS IS COMPLICATED!
  302. >There must be another way to un-stop time!
  303. >You bite the watch, you lick the watch, you even imitate the watch… as you lie in the ground and move your hooves as if you were a clock pointing to the twelve
  304. >And yell on top of your lungs
  305. “IT’S HIGH NOON!”
  306. >You close your eyes and your face gets red from embarrassment, you even bring your hooves to your face because… this was too much. You can trick ponies into thinking you’re a kid but this…
  307. >……Fuck you Discord, this is too embarrassing even if ponies are frozen in time
  308. >Frustrated from your attempts, you get up from the ground and yell at the air
  310. -Spanish translation; Hora means Hour.-
  311. >Your ears hear various clocks smashing and stopping and the WATCH finally stops… it meaning that you solve the problem with the watch and everything must be going normally now
  312. >”YOU CAN TELEPORT!?” Both colts yell surprised at you
  313. >You jump from the reaction of the kids, heck you almost forgot them!
  314. >”Yooo, you need to tell us how it feels!” The brown colt says, hell you need to know his name… was it Buttons?
  315. >Both colt were near you as they wanted to hear any details. Uh, seems like magic is a big deal or something
  316. >But that watch… you stop time by saying “hora”? Hnmm… what a specific word
  317. >Oh… now that you remember, you were about to say some vulgar word in spanish but you stopped before it for good manners… Ora… Hora… Hour… too specific Discord, too specific
  318. -Second translation, Mexicans say “Ora putos” in their natural habitat when a Beta male approaches two or more species from the same sex to capture a territory or make a good reaction of them.-
  319. “How it feels? How what feels?” You ask with doubt
  320. >”That! You know, being an earth pony and having magic! How does it feel?”
  321. >”Oi! Did you have magic from the very beginning? You have amnesia; maybe you know more cool spells!”
  322. >You take a sigh. Is going to be a long day with these two
  323. >You decide that is good idea to tell these two kids what happened and everything, except for little details like Pinkamena and Cheerliee fight, Cheerliee wanting to do whatever she wanted to do and Sweetie Belle wanting to go with you to Discord’s castle
  324. >”So you are going to Discord’s land and help the town get a little of peace in here? Whoa…” Button Mash said… good thing you asked his name as you were explaining the stuff
  325. “So is getting late and I‘ll probably head with Pinkamena… but I was curious about this. She said that they have explosives… you two don’t know of any place holding something to fight against Discord?”
  326. >Both colts looked at each other and the left, Rumble, nodded
  327. >”Well, I’ve seen some adults bringing food and other materials to the kitchen of the town… but that’s all I know”
  328. >…Food? What?
  329. “…Why food?”
  330. >”As far as I know the town ponies use pies against Discord…”
  331. >…You start to chuckle
  332. >Pleeease Discord, pleeeeease… this must be a lie
  333. “Is it… a lie… right?” You were trying your best to not laugh
  334. >Rumble shakes his head… and you really want to burst out laughing… but you resist the urges. Discord could be watching and…
  335. >He could send you to a dimension of chanclas if he finds you find it funny…
  336. >And with that you stop thinking about laughing… you go serious
  337. “A kitchen, uh? Can you tell me which one? I would like to… I dunno, see the pies? I’m hungry all of the sudden…”
  338. >You could use some cheese pies now that you think
  339. >”Well the kitchen that stores all is over there.” He points a hoof to a building that was guarded by three ponies, it was a bit away from your position, but nothing a good walk couldn’t do. “But what do you plan to-“
  340. “Okay! That was a good conversation! But I need to see Sweetie Belle and then head to Pinkamena! See ya guys later!”
  341. >You manage to evade their questions and just thank the boys for giving you such tiny but valuable information about the weapons that they use against Discord
  342. >Pies or not… you are going to sabotage them
  343. >It takes you some walking but you finally arrive to the building… the “kitchen”. Inside it having whatever weapons they use against your dad
  344. >The door must be closed and you can’t teleport inside or else you could activate the chaos alarm… maybe is time to use your new toy
  345. >You take a breath and hope this doesn’t active any alarm inside the building or town
  346. “Uh… I have to say it…” You take another breath and raise the hoof that you are using to wear the watch to the air. “LA HORA!”
  347. >You hear in your mind the sound of various clocks starting to move and the guards are frozen in time
  348. >…Maybe raising your hoof to the air wasn’t necessary. And maybe you need another phrase for that… maybe “Ya es hora” would be a good change
  349. >Eh… you’ll think about it later. For now… you look at the doors and windows. The building had two doors, one main and a back one, both closed. It had three windows and one was semi-open… talk about good luck
  350. >You make a jump and pull up the window so your tiny pony body can fit in there. You enter the building and even with the time being stopped… you smell something good in the air
  351. >You look to the source of the smell and… you find the whole room filled with pies… tons and tons of pies… anti-chaos pies if you are right…
  352. >Damn you wish there was a way other than looking at your watch that the time has stopped. Maybe you’ll ask later to Discord if he can do something like, changing the colors of you around or something easy
  353. >For now, just try to find a way to ruin all the weapons and get out in time
  354. >But how… the table is a bit bigger than the desk of the town center and it’ll need at least other pony of your size to get to the pies…
  355. >Damnit why are the tables so damn taller… or well, maybe you are the tiny one
  356. >And now your belly starts grumbling
  357. “Hush… I can’t eat these pies… those are weapons of mass destruction!”
  358. >Or just probably normal pies and the ponies use actual dynamite to destroy stuff. Even so, why would they camouflage the pies as weapons? So many questions that won’t probably get answered soon or later
  359. >Right now you are trying to search for anything to mess with the pies… but what? Or are you sure these are the weapons?
  360. >If only one was close to you…
  361. >You walk around the kitchen looking around and by your luck; you find a spoon that seemed to be having something… looked like flour or any ingredient to make the pies
  362. >Well… you could throw it to something and it could make a domino effect if you are lucky enough… but eh, your belly doesn’t stop telling you to lick the spoon
  363. >You give it a lick
  364. >The lick suddenly becomes the spoon fully in your mouth
  365. >You taste the spoon… it tasted FUCKING AWFUL. Like leaves mixed with mint and wood! What the hell is this mixing?
  366. >Your head feels funny and you get a bit dizzy. Looking around, you see the torches that were illuminating the kitchen were moving…
  367. >Wait
  368. >You look at your watch… it stopped moving! Does it mean that-
  369. >”Is somepony in here?”
  370. >OH SHIT NUGGETS! Your spell stopping time is gone for some reason! Was it the spoon? Or is it a time limit? No… it couldn’t be a time limit, because with the two kids it lasted a good amount of time, longer than this time. Or maybe…
  371. >It must be the spoon… these /are/ weapons against Discord!
  372. >”Uh… could it be that timberwolf again?” The voice was getting closer, you need to hide and quick!
  373. >You don’t know where you are, but this hiding place had two pies that still weren't baked… and the place smelled weird too, like… charcoal. Maybe you were in.... What was its name? Eh, you didn't remember, but this was definitely where they kept all of their stuff and food
  374. >How are you forgetting all the stuff all of the sudden? Ugh… must be that you are hungry
  375. >”Well… it must be my imagination. Hopefully that timberwolf is playing with the rest of the kids instead of eating all the pies. Can’t let him eat these… specially the blueberries one… those are the bomb… heh, me again with my puns”
  376. >You hear some hoofsteps and then the door of what you think is from the kitchen slowly close
  377. >That was close… so the pies are also explosives… if you do touch them… would them explode? If that’s the case you would need something else to touch them or they could… you know… boom
  378. >And a boom is a no no
  379. >You tried to exit the hiding spot you were in, but you hear the door once again and you stop and try to peer an eye to see who’s there. It was the same yellow pony… or was it orange? Wait, his coat is yellow and his mane orange with an absurd ugly white and red bowtie
  380. >”Oh, almost forgot to turn on the oven!” He takes some steps and goes near the spot you are hiding. You quickly close the gap that you were looking through and wait. “Aaand done!” The pony takes a melancholic sigh. “If only I didn’t have to talk alone because of the fact that my wife is far, far away… good thing she wasn’t pregnant or Celestia knows what would have happen…”
  381. >You could hear some whimpers coming from the pony before he left the kitchen
  382. >Finally alone… now back to thinking about…
  383. >The spot you were in suddenly was filled with light. A light smoke of black cloud was above your head and you take a sniff to it
  384. “Smells like chicken…”
  385. >You take a look behind and… your tail was starting to burn
  386. “Oh”
  387. >…
  388. “MI COLA!”
  389. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUL5w91dzbo
  390. >You cry out and run out of the oven, going in circles with your tail merely in fire
  391. “Ah! Ah! Ahhhhh!”
  392. >As if you were an Olympic player you make a high jump into the sink and turn the water on… the water quickly extinguishing the fire
  393. “Ah ahh… hope the other ponies didn’t hear that… au… auuu…. My tiny colita”
  394. >You turn off the water and look around. The door was barely open and the pies were still there
  395. >And that fucking oven was on. Damnit, hiding in an oven… what are you, a jew?
  396. >You jump off the sink and into the floor you go
  397. >Time to think the next… the next…
  398. >Now that you think, the door is barely open. Did someone see you? Did someone hear you? Maybe someone did
  399. >You hear something from behind you that startles the fuck out of you
  400. >”Bark!”
  401. “Eeeee!” You make a tiny jump and look to the source of the… bark? “Oh…” It was the puppy timberwolf that appeared last time in the town hall. “Is you… Bark, was it?”
  402. >”Bark, bark!” The puppy timberwolf moves his tail as approving
  403. “So… you hungry? You must be hungry if you are here… or maybe I did chaos magic again? Did the alarm set off and I didn’t hear it!?”
  404. >The timberwolf puppy… shakes his head?
  405. >”Bark, bark!”
  406. >…You just noticed that you are talking with a fucking dog
  407. >You take a sigh… are you really going to team up with a dog to ruin the pies, aka the weapons, of this town…? You really are going to do that, aren’t you…
  408. >You can always blame Bark. You don’t know when your stop time spell or whatever is coming back, but in the meantime you can do this and then escape
  409. >Glad to know that your time stop can’t activate any alarm nearby, you aren’t sure why’s that but you aint gonna question it
  410. “Okay little buddy, this is what we are going to do. I’m going to help you to eat those delicious pies and I’ll replace them by other pies that aren’t yet made. How’s that?”
  411. >Bark barked once and moved his tail around. You’ll take that as a yes
  412. >
  413. >Some time passes as you help Bark eat the pies from the kitchen, the puppy was damn hungry… you thought that those wooden wolves ate, well… wood. But the way this timberwolf is eating tells you that they eat anything. Probably. Hopefully they only act offensive when a threat is near them.
  414. >As he finishes the rest of the pies, you get from the oven unfinished pies that had mundane aroma, these should do the trick and… trick the ponies into thinking these are their weapons.
  415. >Stepping in the stair out of kitchen books you made, you put as much pies as your tiny body let you place, but you quickly get exhausted. Placing only forty pies in the table, you give this job as done and make your way out of the building
  416. >Funny enough, Bark decides to follow you after he ate all the pies, good thing he wasn’t interested in the mundane pies
  417. >You don’t mind, little dog help you big time here and there is no need to blame him now, cause… he’s following you
  418. “Ready to leave, boy?”
  419. >Bark barks. Uh, it was funny in your mind, but anyway… you check on your clock and just hope it works
  420. “Well, I don’t know if this spell works if you touch me… time to check out.” You touch with your left hoof the head of Bark… which was very rough. “Es hora.” Instead of yelling, you whisper to yourself and… it works
  421. >Seems like there is no need to yell like a freaking attack or something
  422. >And as the sound of various clocks sound in your head, you quickly are sure that your chaos magic has returned
  423. >Everything didn’t move, everything except for you and Bark. Seems like touching someone as you do a chaotic spell works for the number of individuals that you are touching or want to be in the spell
  424. >Maybe
  425. >With that in mind you two get out of the building, you unfreeze time and give a tiny farewell to the timberwolf puppy that went as if nothing into the forest
  426. >You don’t know how much time has passed from you messing with the… “weapons”, but you better check on Pinkamena and see if she’s okay
  427. >Not that you care, you really are prepared for the raid to Discord’s castle
  428. >
  429. >A walk through the town minutes later, you find a dozen of ponies standing outside of the town center, you could only recognize a few ponies, the yellow pony from the kitchen from before, the mint unicorn Lyra and of course, a very grumpy teacher that didn’t look pleased as to come to this meeting
  430. >Seems like they were waiting for you. Pinkamena sees you from her position and calls you to the front line
  431. >You go and wait for a command
  432. >You then notice that the yellow menace was in there too. She wasn’t looking at you, or maybe she was… but you really hope she forgets you to think she’s fat… damnit Discord
  433. >Now that you wonder, Sweetie Belle wanted to come but as in secret. And you don’t know how many ponies you can handle in a travel… well, time to find out. Besides, maybe she’s hiding somewhere near or just gave up on wanting to come
  434. >Every pony that was in front of the town center was lined up as if it was a tiny army, they looked ready for anything
  435. >The only one with a look of concern seemed to be the yellow pony from the kitchen. Whatever is running through his head must be making him doubt. Maybe is his first time in this raid
  436. >Some of the ponies start talking with each other as you group with them, wondering what’s a kid doing in here instead of being indoors
  437. >Is it because is late? The sun was setting but that doesn’t matter much, at least for you
  438. >”Alright everypony, shut up and listen!” Pinkamena commands everyone, everyone quickly stop talking or whispering to each other. “I know you might be wondering why a colt is here. This colt is going to help us in our raid into Discord’s tower”
  439. >Everyone started mumbling again and talking to each other
  440. >Well, almost everyone, others were not as amused for some reason, like Cheerliee as example
  441. >”But what a kid would do to help?” A mare in the group asked to Pinkamena
  442. >”Now, is hard for me to explain, but long history short, this colt has the ability to use chaos magic and is going to help us in today’s raid. Now, you might think is dangerous for him, but all he is going to do is just teleport us to the tower, he’ll wait in a safe spot and we’ll come back quickly as we plant the explosives in the tower. We go in and out asap. Any question?”
  443. >Pinkamena gave a hard look at all the ponies as she waited for someone to raise his or her hoof, nobody complained about it
  444. >Without any questions Pinkamena continued talking
  445. >”Okay, this is what we are going to do.” Pinkamena pulled a map from her backpack. “Okay Anon, remember where we trained your teleportation spell?”
  446. >She moves her hoof as to make you come
  447. >You nod while getting a little close to see the map that Pinkamena was holding
  448. >There were markings in the map, red markings in places and a circle surrounding what you think was were Discord’s castle was located
  449. >”The red tiny circles are towers that are controlled by Discord. We have been destroying what towers we can ever since Discord used them as a defense to not face him. There are in total 6 towers and we already got 2, but the rest of them are tough and with Zecora missing… you could help us end what Zecora started”
  450. >You keep nodding as she puts a hoof in a red circle that was near the forest
  451. >”This tower is near the training ground that we used to practice your teleportation spell. This is the time to see if it works, your job is to teleport us into the training ground we used and then I’ll tell you where the next tower is so we get in there. You got all that?”
  452. “Yes… sounds easy, I barely get exhausted from teleporting… is my nose that is starting to get a little… sick, but I can handle it for you guys! I want to help as your town helped me! Maybe… maybe I can find my family after this!”
  453. >Definitely you’ll find one member of your family, oh yes
  454. >Some of the ponies from the group seemed touched by your words; others didn’t pay much attention to it, Cheerliee in these ponies. She stared at you as if she didn’t want you here at all
  455. >Teachers in this world be crazy
  456. >Pinkamena gets the map inside her backpack and looks at the group
  457. >”This is the spirit we need to defeat Discord! As celestia once said, this land was once full of harmony and nothing to worry about… we need to stay united, work together and remain calm at any time…”
  458. >This makes you remember a speech from those soldiers from México back in Earth, quick but to the point
  459. >You could swear someone said something about how Pinkamena gives the same speeches
  460. >Now about the teleport…
  461. >Uh… now that you think of, can’t the ponies hold their hooves or something around you or do a domino chain, like, everyone touching a part of the other and one touching you?
  462. >Is just… having everyone to touch your tiny pony body… too lewd for you
  463. >Besides, it could take time
  464. “Miss Pinka, before I use my teleport sneeze… can we try a better way that might get everypony in range to teleport them?”
  465. >”Hmm, what do you have in mind?”
  466. “Oh well… I was wondering if they could do a line, grab their hooves and somepony, just one of they hold my hoof and we try the teleport… is that okay? I don’t know what way you had to… you know”
  467. >Strangers touching your body is a no-no
  468. >…Why the fuck are you thinking like a child sometimes? Jeez something really is wrong with you with this mission
  469. >”Well hopefully that works and we save time, that way we could finish the rest of the towers before we run out of potions… speaking of them.” She grabbed a potion from her backpack and so did the rest. “Celestia guide us into this mission and our potion lasts the correct amount of time to not go insane…”
  470. >And they all quickly drink their potions
  471. >Pinkamena and Fluttershy then gave the orders and everyone formed a line, each pony holding their hooves. Damn you didn’t know they would obey you in that… maybe you should said that they better grab their tails by biting each others tails… that would be hilarious to watch
  472. >But is too late for that. Everyone already grabs each other hoof and is your time for your part of the support
  473. >You grab your feather, well, the feather from Pinkamena’s pillow… or the nurse pillow, eh, whatever, is yours now. You grab it and tickle your nose slightly
  474. >It… it tickles so hard it sends your nose a hard sneeze…
  475. “Aaaa!”
  476. >And you feel it, everyone feels it… the massive sneeze teleport of twelve ponies going through a sneeze
  477. >You concentrated on that field that you trained with Pinkamena and Cheerliee
  478. “Tchuuuuu!”
  479. >But… you weren’t in that field where you trained
  480. >”Uh?” Pinkamena quickly questioned as she looked around. “This isn’t the field… this is…”
  481. >In front of you and the group of ponies was a big ass tower that looked to be made of stone, sand and… plastic. Discord really has random ways to create stuff
  482. >”This is the tower we tried to raid time ago…” Fluttershy noticed
  483. >But how the hell you got in here? You didn’t think to teleport in here! Was this Discord’s doing? This is just getting you all more suspicious! Damnit!
  484. “I… I don’t know what happened! I aimed for the field! I swear!”
  485. >You were starting to lose it, or maybe Discord’s magic can affect you
  486. >”Before we talk about it… everypony! Line up!”
  487. >Everyone lined up as Pinkamena commanded and she started to count them
  488. >”…We only have ten out of the twelve ponies we had…”
  489. >Oh great, more suspicious shit to you, vaya mierda
  490. “Maybe the two that aren’t here didn’t grab each other hoof…?”
  491. >The group had their doubts and Cheerliee was the one that almost wanted to talk, but as she looked to Pinkamena, you think that if she talks, she’ll be in trouble. More than she already is anyway
  492. >”Only way to know if is you go back in town and check if they are there. If that’s so, you bring them here. Just… try to come in this same spot, we’ll wait for you”
  493. >Pinkamena really had her trust on you
  494. >God if she knew…
  495. >You just nod and apologize. Tickling your nose, you teleport back in town and try to search for those two
  496. >But… damnit nobody was in front of the town hall and you didn’t even knew how they looked like. Uh… what do you say now?
  497. >”Anon? I thought you had leaved!”
  498. >A squeaky voice calls you from behind. Yup, it was Sweetie Belle that had a backpack same from Pinkamena and looked ready to go
  499. “Sweetie… uhmmm, are you really going? I came back to see if two ponies were here but… seeing that there is nopony here, I thought maybe something went wrong with my teleportation sneeze… I think I already failed in something…”
  500. >Sweetie Belle placed her hoof over your shoulder
  501. >”Aww Anon, don’t be like that. Maybe they got teleported to somewhere near town or they didn’t get teleported at all! You are the support, right? Well, then have my support that you’ll do fine and the town will be pleased with you!” She smiled deeply at you. “Are you still… you know, can I go…?”
  502. >You take a tiny sigh. This filly dude, this filly will do fine as sister. Heck, maybe Discord can use a princess of chaos
  503. >She has helped you from the very beginning; you would believe that Discord bought this filly to help you
  504. “Yes, but you’ll be with me… if they find out about you, I’ll take responsibility and make sure you’re safe”
  505. >”Anon…” Sweetie Belle blushes slightly
  506. “But” You put a hoof in front of her. “Do you have any potion to survive out there? I don’t know how that works because… I don’t need one”
  507. >She quickly nods to you and shows you the potion
  508. “Good… drink it and we’ll go”
  509. >She obeys, drinking from the potion… and you are looking too much to a filly, which is a kid, drinking a liquid that is supposed to be a potion. You are a pervert sometimes
  510. >Heh, can’t wait to go into kids bathrooms…
  511. >”Okay! Ready to go, Anon!”
  512. >Sweetie Belle quickly holds your hoof without hesitating… and you blush from the touch of her marshmallow hoof
  513. “Ahumm… o-okay señorita”
  514. >Damn your Spanish got out again, must be the nervous of a girl touching your hoof
  515. >…A filly
  516. >A filly is touching your hoof
  517. >Which is a horse
  518. >Why the blush? Are you really back into the puberty? It’ll suck to be back to that…
  519. >Sweetie Belle giggles as she steps closer to you
  520. “Mmmnn…” You are now blushing from this… “L-La hora!”
  521. >Time stops
  522. >…
  523. >..
  524. >.
  526. >”Hora? Is that another word in Spanish? What does it mean, Anon?” She asked out of curiosity as she looked around. “Why does everything got quiet all of the sudden?”
  527. >AGH, SHE’S EVEN WITH YOU BECAUSE SHE’S HOLDING YOUR HOOF! Get your shit together, Alberto!
  528. >Is a filly, not a human girl! Get this over with, maldita sea!
  529. >But she smells so well…
  530. >…AJSHSDG
  531. “Nada… I mean… nothing… I mean… LA HORA!”
  532. >Time continues and a confused Sweetie Belle tilts her head to look at you
  533. >”Is everything okay, Anon?”
  534. >No
  535. “Yes… is just… I’m fine”
  536. >You grab the damn feather and tickle your nose
  537. “Ah….”
  538. >Let’s get over with this
  539. “Tchuu!”
  540. >You both teleport to where the rest of the ponies were waiting for you… and damnit, they are going to question why Sweetie Belle is here
  541. >”Sweetie Belle? You brought Sweetie Belle with you, Anon?” Fluttershy asked. “Why?
  542. >You quickly wanted to defend Sweetie Belle… but Pinkamena was the first to talk
  543. >”I always been seeing in Sweetie Belle eyes the determination to help in one of these raids we do… as dangerous as these are, you two won’t move from here, just look. This isn’t excursion, you know?”
  544. “Well… I know this is important, for everypony… but Sweetie really wanted to come and… I couldn’t say no because, she helped me and became my first friend in town… I just, wanted to give her the thanks by this. Is my fault that she came, not her, Miss Pinka… but we’ll be here to support the group, Sweetie is the nurse’s assistant… and I’m the one that isn’t affected by chaos, so we are support.” You look to Sweetie Belle, then to Pinkamena and the group. “I won’t let anything harm her, I swear on my country!”
  545. >Sweetie Belle must be blushing by this, heck; girl must be wet for the speech. Meanwhile, Pinkamena took a sigh
  546. >”Kids…” She turned around, in direction to the tower. “Anyway, we can’t continue with this tower. Discord was prepared and he protected this tower with a powerful seal… Fluttershy is doing her best but the seal won’t stop protecting the tower”
  547. >Uh… wasn’t Fluttershy a Pegasus? If there’s a seal… wouldn’t it be better for a unicorn to deal with it?
  548. >You wanna ask her that… but your curiosity gets the best of you and you walk to where the entrance of the tower was, Sweetie Belle following behind
  549. >Sweetie Belle was amazed by the size of the tower, it reached the fucking sky
  550. >”Whoa… is so huge…”
  551. >That’s what she said
  552. >And as you two get to see the entrance of the tower-
  553. >You…
  554. >…Ugh… you quickly get it now
  555. >Damnit Discord
  556. >This is too much…
  558. >Standing in the entrance of the tower lifting some weights was a colossal seal. The seal was ripped as fuck
  559. >It was posing in a menacing way that made the group step a little back
  560. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUhVCoTsBaM
  561. >”Oaw, oaw! Nopony shall enter Discord’s tower! Now get out! Oaw!” The seal changed his pose. “OR ELSE” You swear you saw some letters besides the seal for a moment
  562. >Este wey…
  563. >So this is why Fluttershy was attempting to… make the seal to let them pass. And when you thought Fluttershy was a magician trying to get pass some sort of… normal seal and not a mammal
  564. “So… is nopony going to face this seal? Can’t you do anything about it, Miss Fluttershy?”
  565. >Fluttershy was having a drink of the magic potion although it being for lasting over an hour. Must be a drink for… you don’t know, relax her?
  566. >”I’ve tried my best. Intimidating the seal, threatening the seal, convincing the seal into letting us in… nothing of that worked.” She took a quick sip from the potion. “And there is no other entrance to the tower, unless you teleport us there, but Discord has this anti-magic barrier around these towers so we can’t enter it by that way”
  567. >You scratched your head while thinking of something. Maybe you can talk with the seal? Do cute pony things around him to let you and everyone else pass? Hm… time to think again
  568. >Sweetie Belle stepped closer to Fluttershy and glared to her in confusion
  569. >”Wasn’t Anon immune to Discord’s chaos? Couldn’t that mean he is also immune to the barrier? That way he could teleport us into the tower without having to deal with the big seal, don’t you think?” She squeaked at the last word
  570. >Uhh forget about thinking for something, she had a point. You didn’t thought of that, the seal made you forget about that probability
  571. >Must be that you were thinking the seal would look rad in some black t-shirt with some words in the back, also him riding a motorcycle… man you have the… /sealiest/ ideas
  572. >God damnit, you were giggling to that that you needed to look at the ground and make sure nobody was seeing you laugh and question it
  573. >Fluttershy looked to Sweetie Belle and then to you. She saved her potion in her saddlebag and speaks
  574. >”I don’t know how I let that flew through my mind…” Her eyes were on you now. “Kid, you know what to do”
  575. “Pfft… sealiest…” You whispered to you and tried not to crack up
  576. >”Kid?” She noticed you were paying not attention and she used her hoof to poke you slightly
  577. >Quickly before they notice you were laughing from the dumbest of puns you go all serious and look at Fluttershy while doing a cute salute with your right hoof
  578. “Aye, aye! No problem everypony! I shall help in-“
  579. >Your words of support were interrupted by the grab of some colossal hands
  580. “Eek!”
  581. >”Anon!” Sweetie Belle cried out as the seal went directly to where you were and grabbed you with only one fucking hand
  582. >The fucking seal laughed at everyone. Pinkamena and Fluttershy quickly stayed in offensive mode as the seal had control over you. The group of ponies didn’t know what to do, all they could do was to watch. Or maybe someone could think of something and GET YOU OFF FROM THIS BEAST
  583. >”OAW, FOOLISH PONIES! You think I’m gonna let you all enter? Master Discord gave me this job and I won’t fail on him! OAW, OAW!” He flexed his left arm, showing muscles and veins… this guy seems real business, disgusting business. Guy smells like a sailor that hasn’t taken a shower in decades. “And this kid? OAW! Problem! Problem and problems for Master Discord! He shall be delivered to him! OAW!”
  584. >Oh nooo, whatever you could do. The seal was gonna send you to your father!
  585. >…Did this seal know that you were Discord’s son or didn’t? Maybe you teleported in the wrong tower somehow and this guy really didn’t know about you. You can only hope he doesn’t hurt your tiny cute pony body
  586. >Still though… how you teleported the whole group here is beyond your mind, your tiny pony mind
  587. >And the human mind too
  588. >Whatever, you aren’t going to stay still and not try to escape, at least you’ll try to convince him
  589. “Excuse me, mister seal… but can you let me go, like, please? Pretty please?” You looked at the seal with pleading eyes and doing a tiny gesture with your lower lip
  590. >”OAW, NO!”
  591. >Well you tried, it was worth a try. Time for the bites
  592. “Let me gooooooo!” You bite harder his arm, or what you think is harder for pony standars. But the muscles of the seal made it impossible for him to flinch
  593. >You tried struggling but it was no use, the arms of the seal were ripped as fuck. Only thing you can thing is…
  594. >You need to teleport with the seal to somewhere else and teleport back here, that if your nose let you… you really don’t have a count on how many times you can teleport to some spot, back in the training you did well, all the problem you find is that your nose itches for the amount of teleporting you do
  595. >Short answer, you’ll probably get flu
  596. >But whatever, time to do something you saw in TV a shit ton of time ago
  597. >You look at Sweetie Belle, Pinkamena, Fluttershy and the rest of the group with a solid smile in your face
  598. >They notice your smile and everyone wonders why you would smile in a crucial moment like this
  599. >Pinkamena is the first pony in the group to talk
  600. >”What is it, Anon? You have a plan or something?”
  601. >You nod. Here we go
  602. “Listen, there is not much time to explain, but I can think of a way to escape”
  603. >The seal, listening to your words made the grip a bit tight so you wouldn’t talk, making you yelp from it
  604. >”OAW, DON’T TALK!”
  605. >Jeez stupid seal, if only you were ripped as him…
  606. >Sweetie Belle quickly realized what you were about to do and almost jumped towards the seal, but was stopped by Fluttershy’s hoof
  607. >”Wait! I know what you’re planning to do! Anon, don’t!”
  608. >The group of ponies didn’t know what you were about to do, but Pinkamena realized now what you were planning, quite late. Too late for stopping you
  609. “Goodbye… friends”
  610. >The actual conversation made the seal a bit confused, enough to leave some space for you to set free a hoof and bring the feather that you were saving... somewhere in your, fur? Hell, you don’t want to question it
  611. >Everyone gasp at the sight of you trying to sneeze and teleport you to somewhere else. It was a risk with a big seal like this that could wreck you at anytime, but probably, just probably; you could escape in one piece
  612. “Aaa…”
  613. >”OAW! DON’T YOU-“ The seal said with anger in its voice
  614. >”ANON!” The two mares and Sweetie Belle yelled
  615. >But it was too late, you were already thinking for a place to teleport. The only place in mind you know… but you didn’t know how far it was
  616. >Were your teleport powers infinite in this place? Could you teleport to anywhere you wished? Time to find out…
  617. “Tchuuuuu!”
  618. >The seal and you appear in mid air, enough for him to try to fly as if it was holding onto something, but falling for the gravity
  619. >And you? You fall too. You don’t know where you would fall… but it didn’t take so long, maybe five seconds? The point is that you fell on a beach, on the comfy sand made of… sugar?
  620. >Right, Discord’s kingdom is random as shit, you even were here as Discord sang his daddy song or something
  621. >”OAW, OAW! My home!” The seal said from near the sea of… what was it, something orange? Juice? Probably… orange juice? You can’t think of any other falvor, so you need to taste the “water” out of curiosity
  622. >You lower your head at sea level and put your head there for a bit, getting some of it in your mouth. Was it dangerous, probably. But you were curious of what it actually was
  623. >You drink it… it tasted like that drink back in Earth… Fanta? Yeah… that, orange fanta.
  624. >…
  625. >Was he really doing the “Fanta Sea” pun? For you, really? Whoa, you’ll give him points for that
  626. >But not as glorious as your seal silly pun
  627. >Ah… you still chuckle from it
  628. >You look at the seal that was looking at the sea with wonder and awe
  629. “I’m sorry for the suddenly teleport, had to get off from your grip and the sneeze teleportation was my only solution”
  630. >You were thinking of the beach too because of the seal. It wasn’t a coincidence, you could have teleported to so many places, but you choose the sea because it was the only related thing it came to your mind, you didn’t had a plan. Besides, if you teleported to, let’s say, the forest… the seal would have done something to you in a defensive way. Probably. Or just maybe
  631. >”You…” The seal was looking at you… oh rayos!
  632. >You cover your head as expecting the seal to hit you or something… but he doesn’t. He just… pets your head?
  633. >”Thank you… I haven’t seen home in a while. I don’t care if Discord changed it, I’ll be sure to go and get back in my nature… it’s been a long time”
  634. >The seal now was getting nostalgic, great. What you needed, a ripped as fuck seal that felt nostalgic about home
  635. “Isn’t he going to get mad? He placed you there to defend that tower, didn’t he?”
  636. >”Oaw!” The seal nodded. “But my contract said that I was free if I was near the sea! Lucky me that you got me here! Oaw!” The seal puts on some sunglasses. “OAW! Now I can lift some sharks and teach them some lections!”
  637. >Pfft, yeah, whatever. Such a silly contract from a silly god of chaos
  638. “Anyway… I got to get back to the rest of the group. Anything you have to say for me?”
  639. >”Oaw!” The seal shakes his head. “I don’t even know you, kid!”
  640. “…Far enough”
  641. >The seal bids his farewell to you and proceeds to jump into the water, looking majestic as fuck as he dives into the water… almost made you reminder of a movie with how the sun was setting as the seal jumped in… the sun and the stars around it, fucking random sky yo. The seal finally entered the water, creating a big ass wave that suddenly go into… OH MIER-
  642. “AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaasfdfdffhgghhh!”
  643. >The orange flavored wave hit you hard in your face, hard enough to almost make you go dizzy from it or even knock you out. It was so sweet, even the sand… or rather the sugar was in your fur and mouth too
  644. “Agh… so… sweeter… diabetes… attack!”
  645. >You take a sigh and laugh for a while as you rest your belly on the beach… you really need vacations. And as comfy as it was, you need to go back or else the ponies will get worried about you
  646. >Not that you really care, you have a mission for your boss, father, god or whatever… this is your job anyway
  647. >…Sometimes you forget why you accepted that contract. Was it really necessary? He haven’t paid you yet, you need to remind him of that
  648. >For now, you gonna get out of this sugary beach
  649. >You take the feather… that was soaked on sugar and… more sugar. It wasn’t doing a good work as you try to tickle your nose, so you stick it inside and get a fast reaction sneeze
  650. “ATCHU!”
  651. >Well that was fast… and the sugar hurt in someway
  652. >You teleported on top of… ugh, it had to be Cheerilee, of course it was her. She was the last of the group in formation, they were going to do something… were they going to retreat or enter the tower you didn’t know, but as soon as Cheerilee spotted you she quickly made you lose your balance and you fall into the ground
  653. “Ummf!”
  654. >Startled or not, that was rude from her
  655. >The rest of the group, including the two leaders and Sweetie Belle quickly see you appearing from nowhere, so does the rest of the group. They go near you, worried of course and what not
  656. >”Anon! Are you alright?”
  657. >Pinkamena helped you to get up, she seemed to be worried about you. But, as soon as you get up from the ground you were tackled by Sweetie Belle from a hug that could knock out anyone… but not you
  658. >”OH ANON! I WAS SO WORRIED!” She was… nuzzling on your cheek despite you being all soaked and covered in sugar, it was… so cute. “Oh, uhmm… by I… I mean “we”! We were so worried!” She corrected herself but didn’t stop the nuzzling… GOD SHE WAS SO SOFT
  659. “Ahm… eheh… I’m Anon”
  662. >…You really are a very special kind of Mexican, aren’t you
  663. “I mean, to see you all! Specially you! I mean all! I mean- aaaaaa…” Now you were the one to blush
  664. >Some ponies in the group saw it adorable the hug between Sweetie Belle and you, but now you were dying from embarrassment
  665. >Some seconds after seeing that you were all okay and no damage was done except that your mane and fur was soaked in candies, Pinkamena and Fluttershy changed from emotions
  666. >”Anon! That was so irresponsible from your part! Don’t you know that your actions have consequences!? What if the seal could have the chance to hurt you? Being immune to chaos doesn’t mean you’re immune to physical damage!” You were quickly scolded by Fluttershy. “Now, I’m not your mother or any related of your family but even if we lost you, don’t you think we would blame ourselves for that!?”
  667. >Even with the hug that Sweetie Belle gave you, you felt guilty. You looked down and slowly nodded to her
  668. >From the group, a mint colored unicorn chuckled slightly
  669. >”Well you sure look like her mother”
  670. >Goddamnit Lyra
  671. >Fluttershy glared at Lyra, her cheeks were blushing and her eyes filled with anger
  672. >”This is the kind of danger I don’t want you kids in… Fluttershy’s right. You need to think before acting, acts like that lead you to disorientation, in other cases, you are alone and nopony is at your side. You two are going back to the town and is an order”
  673. “But!” Sweetie Belle stopped her snuggles to discuss along with you, well, if “discussing” was just saying a but
  674. >”No buts. You already managed to scare your marefriend over there. So no more adventure in this mission for you two.” Pinkamena words were… piercing and really commanding. God she really reminds you of some of the Mexican soldiers back in Earth, well, not that strict
  675. >…Also
  676. “What’s a marefriend?” You tilt your tiny head and glare at her, waiting for an answer
  677. >Sweetie Belle starts blushing a bit, she was… still close to you, managing to get you some blush on your face too
  678. >You were expecting the answer from Pinkamena, but Sweetie Belle seems to be the one to answer first
  679. >”Is… a type of… very, very special somepony… you know? Like… how much you like your mother or father? Like that kind of affection, that of a brother…”
  680. >Marefriend… special somepony… there are some words in there that you have heard before… where…. Where…
  681. >Huh, beats you
  682. “Well… I can work with that, I think I’ve heard it before but… can’t remember it”
  683. >”Oh… right… amnesia” Sweetie Belle ears dropped as she remembered your ‘amnesia’
  684. >Pinkamena cough on her hoof to call both your attention, Sweetie Belle stopped her snuggles and what no, making you say ‘aww’ slightly. You really were enjoying that
  685. >”Well? Are you two going to obey me or what?” She was tapping her left hind hoof, waiting for you to teleport sneeze back in town
  686. >Well… you didn’t had this in mind. Maybe you can leave Sweetie Belle and teleport somewhere hear and try to find Discord and tell him about them, but maybe he already knows
  687. “Yes ma’am…”
  688. >You grab your feather that… well, now it was useless
  689. “Does anypony have any feather? Uhm… mine is broken”
  690. >Everyone in the group of ponies were talking with each other, trying to see who had at least something to make you sneeze, but the one who actually makes the step to give you a feather… was surprisingly Cheerilee
  691. >”Why, of course I have a feather.” She shows you the feather… it was the feather you had when you teleported with her… oh man, she had it with herself? Why? “This way you and your marefriend can go to somewhere safe before things get ugly… because they will”
  692. >For a second you think you saw fire in Cheerilee eyes. Was it your imagination or not, it was really scary
  693. >But the bitch just wanted you gone, so you accepted it. Anyway, you’ll come back later
  694. “Thank you Miss cheerilee”
  695. >You just say that and blankly look at her
  696. >”You’re welcome” She fakes a smile, she totally fakes a smile and goes back in the group
  697. >Well, this is it. With Sweetie Belle already holding your hoof-
  698. “Aasdsfg, Sweetie!”
  699. >”W-What?”
  700. “Ah… well…” You look at her hoof holding yours. “Uhmm… It wa-” You bite your tongue by accident trying to say something. “A-Ah! May tongue” You stick out your tongue for a bit… damn horse teeth
  701. >Sweetie Belle face became closer as if she wanted to “help” your tongue or something
  702. >”Are you okay? Does it hurt you much?”
  703. >Her horn was glows… what was her trying to do? She was getting too close to your personal space
  704. >”Just say Aaaah~ and I’ll try to fix it, Anon”
  705. >adasfsfga
  706. >She was
  707. >Aaaahh… Too… closeee
  709. >You look at her face and feel her breath tickling your face... or maybe your neck. It made you feel... all funny inside
  710. >Her green eyes looking like emeralds
  711. >Her tiny cute muzzle
  712. >Her bicolor combed mane
  713. >Her lips that must feel as soft as her touch
  714. >Unf…
  715. >Oh your Mexican god you saw her lips getting close and you quickly cover your mouth out of embarrassment
  716. >”Come on Anon… I can fix it, it won’t hurt!”
  717. >You shake your head while talking behind your hooves
  718. >”Mmm fimm! Mnn neem to fmm it!”
  719. >Sweetie belle didn’t understand you… but it was clear for her that she was taking too much of your personal space, somehow. Because if she didn’t understand at first, you can’t guess how she did understand now
  720. >She stepped a bit away and you internally breathed. You don’t know why you got so… like that, but it was… something. You stopped covering your mouth and the moment you get your hoof in the ground, Sweetie Belle grabs one, again
  721. >W-Whatever
  722. “O-Okay everypony, sorry for wasting your time and-“ You looked at where the rest of the group was… everyone was surrounding you, waiting as if you two were going to do something adorable or… the fuckers wanted you two to kiss, didn’t they? Hijos de… “Aah!? Why is everypony so close?!” You surprisingly yell, you did know but… you didn’t want them to know that you know what they know that… damn, you are nervous as fuck around this filly that you can’t think straight
  723. >There was some look of disappointed in the faces of some of the ponies in the group, others went back in formation and you finally took your feather to the nose
  724. “Well… hope you guys have luck… you have our support!” You would wave your hoof if it wasn’t that you were using it, and the other was being hold by Sweetie Belle. She waved to the ponies at least
  725. >You tickle your nose
  726. “Aa….”
  727. >Tickle it again some, feeling that sneeze coming anytime now
  728. “Aaa…”
  729. >Come on you fucking dramatic snee-
  730. “Aatchuuu!”
  731. >You close your eyes and sneezed, not hard but… actually, very low
  732. >You open your eyes but… you were still in front of the tower, with everyone else. You sniff hard and tiny snot comes out of your left nostril
  733. “Oh-oh…”
  734. >”What do you mean “oh-oh”? What’s wrong?” Pinkamena asked. “In the training you teleported more than ten times in a row and it was like nothing! You should be in town with that crazy teleportation spell, or well, sneeze, that you have!”
  735. >Pinkamena couldn’t believe it; neither could Fluttershy and a frustrated Cheerilee too. Well, at least you now know that she wasn’t the one to give you a fake feather or a magical feather anti chaos
  736. >But… why couldn’t you teleport?
  737. >”Hmm…” Fluttershy was thinking with one of her hooves resting on her head, scratching it slightly. “Was it the sugar you have on yourself? Or was it the teleport with the seal made you waste tons of magic… or whatever you use to teleport… hopefully you don’t use… snot… for it” Fluttershy cringed slightly after that thought
  738. >The teleportation with the seal couldn’t done anything to you, or maybe you have limits
  739. >That’s the only you can… think… of…
  740. >You suddenly had a flashback where you were discussing with Discord about your chaotic powers
  741. >”Get as much chaos as you can and your powers will get stronger. Helps another ponies or do duties that they think are good and your powers will get weak. Don’t forget it.” Discord looked around, scratching his head. “Did I really say all this before? Is this flashback one hundred percent sure?” He shrugged and the flashback faded away
  742. >What? WHAT? You did something good? But… what was it!? You were meant to do bad things for him! Act like an asshole! But… what was it? The seal? His return to the sea made you feel good enough for your sneeze to not work? How in the fuck you teleported from the beach to here then!? IT MAKES NO SENSE
  743. >…Ah whatever, Discord would say something like “Chaos doesn’t need to make sense, now get back to work” or something like that
  744. >Or maybe the ponies getting to the tower was a good action? Or was it Sweetie Belle?
  745. >Ugh… whatever! You can’t teleport! Maybe you can’t use your time stop either!
  746. “Well… maybe I’m out of juice… seems like we’ll be following y’all, right?”
  747. >Pinkamena and fluttershy both looked at each other and returned the glare and at the same time both said
  748. >”No”
  749. “Aww…” Which you and Sweetie Belle replied at the same time
  750. >”Now we and the rest of the group are going to enter, exit and that’s all. You two stay here and wait for us, if your sneeze teleportation or how whatever you want to call it, isn’t up when we came… well, we’ll have to walk back to town and solve it later. Do I make myself clear?”
  751. “Yes… ma’am…” You grumble under your teeth
  752. >”What was that? Can’t hear you two!”
  753. “YES MA’AM!” You two yell, making Pinkamena to smile as if she was enjoying being top soldier or something
  754. >And with that the group walked inside the tower of Discord, leaving you two alone
  755. >Sweetie Belle was still holding your hoof though
  756. >It were some seconds until Sweetie Belle decided to break the ice
  757. >”So… what are we going to do now?”
  758. >You chuckle and roll your eyes while smirking at her
  759. “Follow them, duh”
  760. >You headed in first to the entrance of the tower, not before Sweetie Belle said something for herself that you couldn’t hear from there
  761. >”I love you…”
  762. >You look back to her, she was looking to you with bedroom eyes for a moment but quickly looked up and tried to avoid eye contact for a bit
  763. “Did you say something?”
  764. >”N-nothing!” She squeaked and walked to where you were
  765. >You shrug it off and walk with her to the tower of Discord. What mysteries await for you two? Time to find out…
  766. >…Man, Sweetie Belle’s flank was really near yours…
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