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Dec 11th, 2012
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  1. Please Note that this is pastebin old, all information is still relevant. it is undergoing updates To bring it up to 1.27 standards.
  5. First of is the Hurricane Line; These are ALL Energy/Hybrid Fighters, I'll tell you that right now. only the Hurricane mk.1 and the biplanes in this line don't get bombs or rockets, They are great at ground attack. These planes do well against;t other slow moving targets where they can rain death with their multiple Guns/cannons. When it comes to direct player combat, These aircraft play as vultures, Watch a dogfight; Wait for it to be in full swing, then swoop in and shoot the enemy down; your Buddie will probably appreciate it too. Why do this? Most plane in this line have 0 roll and yaw and really fly straight and this is best used for energy fighting in pairs. You can dogfight if you wish with these aircraft, Just be very careful of your speed and what target you are engaged with- combat flaps always.
  7. Spitfire line! Spits are dog-fighters, nothing but it; Find something that turns worse then you, get behind him ,Shoot his ass down; quite easy; Just pay attention to what is around you. Don't what a BF-109 skittling you because you weren't paying attention elsewhere.
  8. Spits are rather easy to learn and the first one is available at level 4, after the gladiator- which teaches you a fair amount of dog fighting tactics. Spits eventually get at level 6 with the Mk.2, They all still turn well and are very powerful and can kill heavy fighters and bombers with relative ease, they only suffer from limited cannon ammo.
  9. The meteors are jets indeed, They are not the fastest, nor the most agile- But they hit hard.
  10. When playing the meteor pay EXTREME attention to what is chasing you and if the enemy has any jets as well. These work best at a altitude of around 2-4km and energy fighting.
  12. The bombers start with the humble swordfish which is slow and large, but makes for a good teacher on the topic of torpedoes.
  13. the Blenheim which has amazing turret defenses and good speed retention making it solid in a dive, while the payload is substandard is is good for a leaner and is a bit tough for its size.The Beaufort is OK at best, it is a slightly larger Blenheim with a torpedo option. Beau-fighters are the bane of anything and everything that gets in the cross-hair, they can maneuver well for the sheer size of them, can can accelerate well.
  14. Wellingtons get a good payload a not very tough for the size right now ( this is due to a fault in the model- they will be very tough later) defenses are at least in key locations but it is slow.
  15. The mosquito is a great heavy fighter and is quite agile, it also makes a fairly good energy fighter.
  16. The lancaster Carries a large payload, moves rather fast and is tough as nails.
  20. The initial Fighter line for the Americans Is quite large, and All aircraft in the first line (cept' the p-26) are Strike/Energy Fighters All the way from the P-40 to the F-86; And they all share one thing in common- .50-cals.
  21. .50-cals SOUND underwhelming, But they are used en-mass by the americlaps and are actually quite effective. The first tree takes some getting used do as all energy fighters do, and the P-40 and P-47 are strike fighters and work best in groups or playing escort.THe P-39 and P-61 take a bit of getting used to as they turn rather poorly, but gain speed fat. THe XP-38 and P-51D are solid Strike fighters and are fast as fuck and solid at killing bombers and anything slower then you. Just avoid dogfights unless you know you can turn faster and better. Also,Americans LOVE to slap bombs on anything they can,so thats a bonus too.
  22. The Large bomber tree starts with the A-20G which is a very solid medium bomber/attack plane, but suffers from poor bomb locations which hurt it in HB, otherwise fine in AB, B-17's abd B24 are kick-ass levels of awesome and everyone dreams of flying the Silver one. Great bombers, high altitude and amazing defenses.
  23. In HB a B-17 can fly low to the ground and practically be a AC-130 gunship(be wary, asright now turrets are overnerfed and you will probably have to field them yourself.).
  24. The navy fighters start with the Humble blue and yellow F2A-1, Until you get to the hellcat, navy fighters are rather underwhelming but have the nice cable hook for landing on carriers. The F4U's are quite average but Tough. They are VERY well armored and turn quite good at low speeds though.
  25. Cont>Lastly Is the navy float-planes and bombers; These are fun, But not the best; the PBY is really a baby H6K4 (less guns and armor,cheap to repair,double the bombs) but can be just as successful. The SBD-3 is a solid dive-bomber and I recommend it for anti ship operations, even comes with dive-break.
  26. The TBF is rather slow but tough and good for killing stuff that moves on the ground, rather moderately defended.
  28. JAPAN!
  30. Japan is split into 3 trees right now; Medium fighters; Light fighters; and Bombers. Japanese planes are good in 3 aspects; Small size; Small average turn circle and Fast dive speeds. They generally can't take much of a beating; with a few exceptions. They used fairly fast firing weapons, but suffer from Weak propellants and thus do less damage then other nations overall. The fuel tanks are literally everywhere in Japanese planes and while most have self-sealing fuel tanks, You often get that many holes it is too late to matter. Onto the categories of aircraft.
  33. These are all fast, fairly nimble, are well armed aircraft; All the planes in this line are dog-fighters except the N1K series. They work best in groups, and low to the ground where they can use their turn radius to full advantage; Or Dive in for a kill and then initiate a dogfight.
  34. Just be fearful of anything that can keep behind you such as a Spit Mk.1 or bi-plane, they will tear you into tiny bits. Asian; these are mostly group based planes and work best with a wing-man; Find another dog fighter and stick with him, Just be careful not to crash into him; Use advanced maneuvers and take turns tailing people so you don't start a fur-ball.
  35. The N1K's are Strike fighters and can bomb targets quite well; They are Armored and have huge firepower; They can Fight literately anything right now; You just have to again be careful of faster turning aircraft.
  37. The medium line, are soft targets, but can ruin someones day; Keep in pairs for maximum efficiency and always pay attention to what is around you. keep in mind; you can abuse the terrain and surprise people; Make use of everything; you cannot take a single hit for it will ruin you. Pick targets well, and leave a fight if you have too.
  39. Light Fighters;
  40. These planes are even easier to kill then the Mediums, But have faster turn speeds again, and dive better again, But suffer from weaker engines and climb at a slower speed. These again are teamwork based; But if you feel like an ace; Can work wonders solo; Their speed and accurate guns can hurt things badly.
  41. Just avoid getting Hit in a strike run. Abuse terrain and you'll do fine; These play very similar to the Medium fighters.
  43. Bombers;
  44. Japanese Bombers are fast; Climb fast; Turn fast; and Dive fast and have great defensive turrets, But have little Armour, are shot down quickly and have bellow average payloads(except that fucking tank the H6k4; That is opposite of everything I just said, Still has good turrets though.)
  45. They are best played as dive bombers as they retain speed very well; and are accurate in the dive, and can use that speed to climb away from chasing fighters; or use your huge climb rate and get Really high and just High-alt-carpet bomb.
  47. Japanese bombers are small, fast but are soft; Pick the right time to strike and you will do well; Just keep yourself out of sight, and you will be out of mind.
  49. Overview;
  50. Japanese are soft, but hit hard if you give them a chance; One bee sting is annoying; 1000 kills. Play them as such, Only leave a target if you think you re in danger; you cannot give them a chance to break your wings; Fly with friends to increase your time on a target. The bombers are fast, and make decisive strikes, and you should play them like a scalpel, hit high EXP targets and then leave quickly.
  51. The take a bit to learn, but once you figure out the premise of dog fighting and strike fighting/bombing you can expect a lot of exp quickly, Just always revalue your situation and whether it is worth it to stay.
  55. BF-109/110 and ME.410 BASIC GUIDE
  57. You have a fairly average turn time; Your guns are very well located so convergence of your aircraft is GREAT! You have above average Climb rates, your tail actually has Armour,
  58. You accelerate REALLY DAMN fast, and you have a good top speed.
  60. All this things constitute a good energy fighter; Find a slower target, AN early model spit, hurricane, F4F, Il-2; Something slower then you with worse climb rates; Boom and zoom his ass, Aim for the wings, it'll make it harder to turn to face you after you leave (plus the added bonus of cutting them off)
  61. If you work in pairs or greater, Bf-109's are fairly decent dog-fighters if you turn combat flaps on. Mind you, a yak, spitfire or bi-plane will slap you silly for such impudence.
  63. General rule for Bf-109's Energy fighter, aim for wings, Se convergence to 400,500 or 600, Find you what like best I use 400. If you work in pairs, one can distract the target while the other wrecks his shit, or just both Dive and ruin someones day.
  64. German heavy fighters Focus Completely On hit and run tactics, Dog-fighting Is Not forbidden, But it is unforgiving in arcade.
  66. They excel at hitting Slow, Large targets like bombers or ground attack planes, and your targets should be as such.
  68. The Me.410 series Are EXTREMELY fast, climb Like a rocket, and gain speed like a meteor.
  69. Use your powerful engines to climb High, Get to those bombers, Always attack from above, Or the front, Never from the back.
  70. You can attack the bottom or sides if you can manage it, all German heavy fighters have cannons, and they are good; all nose mounted so again; Kick ass convergence.
  72. If you feel like you want to go low to kill ground targets or do some bombing, Dive bomb or strike, the Bf.110 and Me's gain speed quickly, and retain for a long time, But turn slowly.
  73. You can Energy fight quite well provided the enemy is distracted, and god help anyone who plays chicken with you.
  75. General rule; Hunt bombers, Get higher then them, And in front of them; Aim for the wing hubs and cockpit. Hit slower targets in the wings, those cannons snap them like twigs.
  76. Try to avoid getting in a dogfights The rear gunner helps, but not many people are deterred. Use your speed to get around the place; don't be afraid to overcharge the engine, it lasts for some time and you accelerate fast.
  78. Also; you are tough like bricks, just avoid getting hit, because a broken aileron or elevator means death, Bright side, you can take a beating.
  80. Only use the U4 models for fun, the 50mm cannon is hart to hit with, and random for damage at best. U2 models are the good ones, A1 and B1 are dive bomber hybrids and can crack pillboxes and boats once you've killed the bombers.
  82. That B-6/R3 is Awesome, quad cannons tear apart anything you hit.
  84. The Bf.110 is sub par; but fun as fuck; at least it can bomb fairly well.
  88. Ok, lucky for you; I fucking love Italian planes.
  89. First things first; This is my recommended line up; That 202 is your best plane,
  91. Italian planes have the awesome ability of being bad; But don't let that get you down Their limited firepower and funny camo fool you, it is easily overcome by the Amazing turn rates, rate of climb, Decent Armour and accurate 50.cals.
  93. All italian planes are very good at both turn fighting, and energy fighting; so you can use both roles Against different opponents.
  94. The main skill involved to do well with these planes is Timing; You are not a spitfire, you are not a F4U, you are not a Zero; These planes are teamwork based; Find a buddy; stay with him for a while; Help him; Once he dies or you get split of; no matter; You can still shoot stuff down. Use the terrain a lot; These planes almost never stall; Weave along cliff faces, behind house and in trees if someone is right behind you; Just make sure to get back high afterwards.
  96. The general conclusion is; You are both Dog-fighter and energy fighter; You do best with wing-men, You can abuse terrain like a bitch; and you will out-stall a lot of enemy aircraft; Use that by climbing along a cliff for example.
  98. Italian Bombers are very fast, Use the speed as your defense. Other then that use the 5x250kg bombs.
  99. You have alright defenses so try not to let anything get close if you can help it.
  101. He.112
  103. This is one of Germany's 'dogfighters' Avoid diving as you will have trouble pulling up, try to keep around 500m-2000m height and use the rudder. The rest is rather simple.
  105. he.111
  107. This bomber is rather sad, While it has a very decent payload selection, it is easy to down, slown and easy to spot. Try to keep very high, out of sight and plan your attack. You will start with the 32x50kg bombs, just use these to carpet bomb armored columns or AAA sites. When you unlock the 8x250kg then you can have some real fun.
  109. Ju-88
  111. Very similar to the S.79 except you can dive bomb.
  118. (undergoing work)
  120. Yaks are dogfighters, but have a high flutter speed and can energy fight if you 'must'
  121. la-5/7 is a hyrbid fighter but Prefers dogfighting.
  124. TU-2 AND PE-2/3 BASIC GUIDE!
  126. First up I'll start with the TU-2 and the TU-2S.
  127. Straight up, they are exactly the same aircraft except for carry capacity, Exp bar size and reward bonus. They both play exactly the same, With the Tu-2 focusing more upon the strike role. They are both fast, Have a high ceiling and carry a good selection of bombs. (I recommend x4 500kg for the S and 2x 250kg for the beta) They have to forward cannons and have great waist gunner positioning. The Tu-2/S does best Attacking from a flank, Let you team engage the enemy; take your time to fly around the edge of the map to get behind lines, Then use your speed and good dive rate to get in there and drop your payload; Now is your choice; The Tu-2's don't have the best climb rate; but you can either; Continue your attack on ground targets and use your forward guns, or go hunt slower aircraft such as low flying bombers or other ground attack planes/ Dive bombers. Any fighters that tail you should get a face full of .50-Cal death. Make your strikes count; Hit things like heavy tanks, destroyers or pillboxes. Get the Most exp you can in one run; Then look around; Is it worth staying for more kills, or leaving due to incoming fighters or their are easy air kills; choice is yours here. I generally leave and go pester someone while my bombs reload in arcade. i stay for ground kills in HB.
  129. Pe- Cont>
  130. Now the Peshkas. You might have gotten the Pe-2-205 in the kit if you bought it!(I got mine for free when they moved it over; hehehehe)
  132. Peshkas are split into two groups, The 2 models, and the 3 models.
  134. The 3 models Focus on early ground attack then later on killing of heavy fighters, low down bombers, Dive bombers and other Ground attack planes. They have good forward guns and carry an OK payload; You can use their incredible dive speed to get around the map; they have a good climb rate and can get back up easily. Use that speed to make a good early strike on a target and then get back to allies; Or follow the same guide to the TU-2 and either hunt things, or kill targets.
  136. The Pe-2's however, are solid ground attack; They are well defended and have little in the way of forward guns so suffer in direct engagements with players. They do benefit from huge payloads; Such as 10 rockets, or 4 250kg bombs. They retain the same dive speed advantage and can move around the ma quickly; Use that speed and strike hard targets; You are well defended so don't panic if one or two planes come after you; just make a retreat back behind friendlies. These models are great at flanking entire columns with rockets or bombs; use them as such.
  137. If you feel brave you can go bomber hunting with the 10 rockets as you have many shots to get it right; or coax players into head on chicken and fill the sky with HE death.
  139. Overview; All tu-2/PE are ground attack with reason to hunt bombers/ slower targets. They are moderately defended and fast; But do get hurt easily; Play them as precision instruments.
  145. So far; Premium aircraft exist In two categories; lend-lease/captured and Restricted (with gift being a 3rd).All premiums benefit from both the Reward bonus AND a 100% exp bonus. They all cost Golden eagles and which one you choose comes down to personal choice.
  147. I'll start with AMERICANS.
  148. Ki-61-Ib; This is a captured Japanese Ki-61; It is exactly the same as the standard one except 2 tiers lower; It excels at dogfights and do a degree; Energy fighting. It fits well in the Americans with the 4x.50-cals you are already used too.
  149. A6M2; This is a captured Japanese A6M2; It is exactly the same as the standard model. ; It excels at dogfights and to a degree; Energy fighting. You might choose this for some dog-fighting in your Americans, And as it has cannons they might add some fun to the mix.
  150. BF-109 F-4; This is a captured German BF-109 F-4; It is exactly the same as the standard model except 2 tiers higher. ; It excels at energy fighting, and to a degree Dog fighting. You might choose this as it plays in a similar manner to American planes, but uses more out of plane maneuvers; such as vertical turns.
  151. Spit Mk.9; This is a Lend-lease Spit; It is exactly the same as the standard model except 1 tier higher. ; It excels at dogfights and to a degree; Energy fighting. You might choose this for some dog-fighting in your Americans, And as it has cannons they might add some fun to the mix.
  153. GERMANS;
  154. He.112 B-1; This is an RESTRICTED aircraft, It is a Modified He.112 B-0, it has a more powerful engine and can climb for longer, and use WEP longer as well. it is a good dog-fighter and has a good selection of guns.
  155. Wellington Mk.1c; This is a Captured Welli; It is exactly the same as the standard model but with no 4000lb bombs. ; It Is different from German bombers as it is fairly large, has a different style of payload, and different defensive turrets; You might get this because you want a 'larger' model bomber with a slightly larger payload.
  156. P-47; This is a captured American P-47; It is exactly the same as the standard model except it does not get any rockets or bombs. ; It excels at energy fighting. You might choose this because it is tough, fast and hits hard.
  157. La-5Fn; This is a captured Russian La-5Fn; It is exactly the same as the standard model except it does not get any bombs. ; It excels at Dog fighting, and can be used to a great degree for energy fighting; A hybrid. You might choose this because it is fast; dives well and Has a fairly good set of forward guns.
  159. RUSSIANS!
  160. PBY; This is a Lend-lease American Flying boat; Exactly the same except 2 tiers lower. You would get this for Russians because it is cheap; Is very tough; can land anywhere, has a good pay load and has good defenses.
  161. P-40; This is a Lend-lease American Fighter; Exactly the same as the normal one. It excels at energy fighting. You might choose this because it is Hits fast, has accurate guns, has a good payload and dives well.
  162. I-153P; This is an RESTRICTED aircraft, it is a modified I-153, If you liked the Normal one I recommend it, as it changes the Machine guns for cannons and gets rockets and bombs. Fun for stomping high tier aircraft.
  163. P-39K-1; This is a Lend-lease American Fighter; Exactly the same as the normal one. It excels at energy fighting. You might choose this because it is Hits fast, has accurate guns, Dives quickly and has that nice 37mm cannon.
  164. P-39N-0 (event sale only) ; This is a Lend-lease American Fighter; Exactly the same as the normal one, but without the 7.62mm guns. It excels at energy fighting. You might choose this because it is Hits fast, has accurate guns, Dives quickly and has that nice 37mm cannon.
  165. I-16 type 28; This is an RESTRICTED aircraft, it is a modified I-16, If you liked the Normal one I recommend it, as it changes 2 of the Machine guns for cannons and gets rockets and bombs. Fun for stomping high tier aircraft. Though it does turn a little slower.
  166. P-63; This is a Lend-lease American Fighter; Exactly the same as the normal one. It excels at energy fighting. You might choose this because it is Hits fast, has 4x50-cals which is nice, Dives quickly and has that nice 37mm cannon.
  168. BRITISH
  169. Wirraway; RESTRICTED AUSSIE PLANE MATE! A solid little low tier aircraft with a decent payload; turns fairly well and has a defensive turret; Get this if you want a dedicated dive bomber in your British; or want to be patriotic.
  170. Havoc; RESTRICTED! (really just a different A-20G) A solid Light bomber with a decent speed, dive right and payload; Get this if you want a Quick little bomber and you are not to fond of wellingtons.
  171. Boomerang I/II; RESTRICTED AUSSIE PLANE MATE; A very good tier 4 aircraft that excels are dog-fighting, Has a good armament and turns very well; but a tad slow and suffers from low cannon ammo. Get this if you want A heavy hitter and is very maneuverable.
  172. D.520; RESTRICTED FRENCH PLANE; A nice Energy/Dog-fighter hybrid that plays similar to a Spit Mk.Vb, Is fast accurate and changes direction well, But has trouble with cannon ammo, is easy to hurt and struggles to recover from slow speeds. Good if you liked the Hurricane.
  173. Hellcat; American Lend-lease, A tier higher. Very tough plane, and a great energy fighter; Get this if you liked the Typhoon but wanted something that can take a bit more of a beating.
  174. Mustang; RESTRICTED BRITISH PLANE; A very, very powerful Energy fighter, has x20mm cannons and can rip and tear; Very similar to a Tempest; But suffers from acceleration problems as well as Climbing.
  176. JAPANESE;
  177. BF-109 E-3; Lend lease Bf, Exactly the same as the counterpart, but no bombs. You would get this if you love Energy fighting, but Still love jap aircraft; It adds a nice mixture; and can still apply Dog-fighting maneuvers to full effect. Rather tough, hits a bit harder then a Zero and dives fast.
  178. F4U; Captured American F4U; Exactly the same as the counterpart, You would get this if you love Energy fighting, but Still love jap aircraft; Turns rather poorly though, so A solid energy fighter that Hits very hard; has lots of guns and is very tough.
  179. FW-190 A-5; Lend lease FW, Exactly the same as the counterpart, but no bombs. You would get this if you love Energy fighting, but Still love jap aircraft; It adds a nice mixture; and can still apply Dog-fighting maneuvers to full effect. Rather tough, hits a Much harder then a Zero and dives fast.
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