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  1. [14:59] <@Little_Gloom> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Three: Welcome to Nexus (Part Three) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYp50_ymaZU&feature=youtu.be
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  4. [15:05] <@Little_Gloom> 3“The biggest little town in the world.  Trashcan fires and neon sighs bathe the city in a hellish glow.”
  5. [15:05] <@Little_Gloom> 3Departure.
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  9. [15:05] <@Little_Gloom> 3Night is waning over the city of Nexus.  Stars have begun to fade behind a slowly lightening sky.  The tentative first rays of dawn mix with the glows of harbor lights and flickering neon to cast bright reflections on the dark water of the Ponytomic.  Soon, night would be but a memory, and a new day would embrace the citizens of the New Canterlot Republic.
  10. [15:05] <@Little_Gloom> 3The /Princess Gambit II/ rests at the end of the dock, black smoke curling out of the stacks.  The old steamboat has seen better days, many of the mechanical components having been scavenged and repurposed at least a dozen times, now held together by Wonderglue and hope.    
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  12. [15:07] <@Little_Gloom> 3Smiling Jack waits on board for his guests, leaning against one of the railposts and nursing a pre-dawn "pick-me-up" of whiskey.
  13. 07[15:08] * @Get_Lost checks on her stuff; the mare iscarrying more stuff than a pack mule nad is aldready regrettign to have left behind a tent and some cooking equipement... but hey, you just can't take with you your home unless you're a tortoise...
  14. 07[15:12] * +Kid is satisfied with her conversation with the ghoul from last night. It wasn't as fancy or really as productive as the party since the tree-fertilizer ghoul since they really didn't say much, but she couldn't leave that poor thing to starve. "Good mornin', Lost." She happily said, the thin mare somehow carrying all of her clinking and clanking equipment with a smile on her face.
  15. [15:13] <@Little_Gloom> 3The weathered young stallion casts a glance towards the lights of the Nexus Bridge, Equestria's oldest working drawbridge.  The skeletal giant of iron and stone stretches over the Ponytomic at its most narrow point along the length of the city. Backlit by the slowly rising sun, it gives the impression of a pitch-black frowny face looming over the river.
  16. 15[15:14] * +Spero 's stuff consists of barding and a couple grenades and a couple mines... he's feeling rather light weight as he heads to the dock with the rest of the group.
  17. 07[15:15] * +Kid looks up at the Nexus Bridge and lets out a nervous chuckle. "Hey, here's hopin' that ain't an omen."
  18. 07[15:16] * @Get_Lost looks at trhe boat "princess gambit... two... i guess i won't ask what happened to the first one... i like the name." the mare smiles "at least it's not theimmortaltitanicwewillneverlose"
  19. 15[15:17] * +Spero tilts his head as he follows Kid's gaze. "Ah... it can't be. Too big a city to have a big bad omen come every morning.
  20. 15[15:17] <+Spero> "
  21. 07[15:18] * %Mitzi tunnels up from beneath the hooves of the rest of the party; "Gud morneen." She announces with a deep set yawn.
  22. 15[15:19] * +Spero looks rather startled for a moment before settling back down. "Good morning."
  23. 07[15:20] * %Mitzi hunches over after a stretch and scratches at her back. She looks at the boat warily; "We dun hav to ride dat ting fur long, du we?"
  24. 07[15:21] * @Crescendo_ looks between Kid, Get_Lost and the large packs they're carrying. "Are you sure you wouldn't like a hoof with those?"
  25. 07[15:21] * +Kid cocks an eye at Get_Lost as she makes her way up the plank leading onto the boat. "Yeah. Too big a city." She didn't seem that terribly broken up to leave it. "So many ponies, but they're so foalish, they manage t' get lonely." She giggles at Get_Lost and waves at Mitzi. She's on a boat! They're on a boat! Take a good hard look, Nexus, at this -awesome- little boat!
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  29. 07[15:23] * %Mitzi saunters around, getting closer to the boat but not actually boarding it.
  30. [15:23] <@Little_Gloom> 3Smiling Jack slips on an old carnival barker's cap as he sees his guests begin to arrive.  "Welcome aboard the /Princess Gambit II/."  His ears perk, catching Get_Lost's comment.  "Original boat belonged to muh unkle, Tuber.  Used to run it up and down these waters, particulary all through the dark places and the bog."
  31. 07[15:24] * @mimezinga shrugs "nah, i'm fine thanks for the offer, Crescendo_ " the mare jumps aboard and puts on her shades... yeah, it feels good, being on a boat... not everypony can affort that
  32. 15[15:24] * +Spero trots down the dock following Kid. He looks over at Smiling Jack. "So just how long -will- this trip take?"
  33. 07[15:24] * @Little_Gloom 3adds, "Till someone killed him an' ran his ship aground.  Scavenged most of the parts to build the /Princess Gambit II/.  You could say she has the heart of the ol' steamship."
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  35. [15:24] <@Kkat> 3(s/Little_Gloom/Smiling Jack)
  36. 07[15:26] * @mimezinga "well, that's an interestingstory: old tech usually gets too damaged at some point, so, dismantling it to build a new one with the still working parts is always an option... i like all the wrench work involved"
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  38. 07[15:26] * %Mitzi sets an uneasy foot on the boat, followed by another. Feeling immediately unstable, she hunches over enough to support herself with her knuckles on the deck
  39. 15[15:27] * +Spero looks over at Mitzi as he also hops onto the boat. "You ever been on the water before?"
  40. 07[15:28] * @Crescendo_ shruggs. "As you wish, my ladies." He slowly makes his way onto the boat, worried about falling off the pang plank.
  41. 07[15:28] * %Mitzi shakes her head; "No; eez not solid und makes ur kind uncomfortable."
  42. 15[15:29] * +Spero yawns then sniffles a bit. "Heh, I could float you the entire time if that'd make you feel better."
  43. [15:30] <@Kkat> 3Smiling Jack grins.  "Why thank you, miss."
  44. 07[15:30] * +Kid extends a hoof towards Smiling Jack. "Howdy, friend!" She chirped. She... Remembers this one. Where does she remember this pony from? "Sir, ah can't help but think we've met once before. M' daddy remembers ol' Tuber, ah think."
  45. 07[15:31] * %Mitzi shakes her head violently; "Nu, dat wud be wurse."
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  47. [15:32] <@Kkat> 3Smiling Jack notices Mitzi's discomfort.  "Don't you worry.  She ain't never sank.  And the trip is short.  Only a few days.  A week if we make stops.
  48. 07[15:33] * @mimezinga "well, mitzi, i was told that the rivers were full of magical radiation not longg ago, at least these days if the boat sinks you'll simply drown instead of growing two heads and drown twice"
  49. 15[15:33] * +Spero chuckles. "Alright, alright." He trots over to the edge of the boat and looks down at the water.
  50. 07[15:33] * @mimezinga "don't you love progress?"
  51. 15[15:33] * +Spero looks back at Get Lost. "Not... really sure that's progress there..."
  52. 07[15:34] * %Mitzi looks nauteous already
  53. [15:34] <@Kkat> 3Smiling Jack shakes Kid's hoof with his own.
  54. 07[15:34] * %Mitzi glances at Get_Lost; "Ur kind has thick hide. Even wen dere wuz radiation, eet didn't affect us as much as ponies."
  55. [15:35] <@Kkat> 3"Good to meetcha again," he grins.  "Yeah, ol' Tuber had himself a bit of a reputation.  But you couldn't find anyone who knew the swamp better."
  56. 15[15:35] * +Spero "I don't suppose anyone here has... like sea sickness pills or something?"
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  58. 07[15:35] * +Kid smiles at the stranger. "'m name's Sugar Whiskey. You can call m' Kid." She ponders for a moment while shaking his hoof. "Well, ah reckon I could." She gave him a sly look and a wink.
  59. [15:38] <@Crescendo_> "Let's see, I've got... hmm... potions and bandages. Not really what you need for sea sickness."
  60. [15:38] <@Kkat> 3Smiling Jack chuckles at that.  
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  64. 04[15:40] * @Kkat 3shakes his head to Spero.  "'Fraid not.  But I do got plenty of food for the trip if you don't mind not eating fancy.  And a little water purifier that will keep us supplied in fresh water."
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  68. 07[15:40] * @Get_Lost stares for a moment at the hellhound "well, so the only thing that you really need is to learn how to dive.... it's not that hard, it's like the pony pokey"
  69. 15[15:40] * +Spero looks at Smiling_Jack and smiles. "Well that does sound great. I suppose we can just help Mitzi here to the side of the boat when... the inevitable happens."
  70. 07[15:42] * @Get_Lost "as long as eating fancy doesn't involve sentient beings, i'm fine with anything... actually, i've always been fond of seafood"
  71. 07[15:42] * @Smiling_Jack 3nods.  "Yep.  Fortunately, at least for her, the radigator population died off back when the radiation was stolen from the water.  So no many things gonna pop up and bite her head off for upchucking into their homes.  At least, not this far northeast.
  72. 07[15:45] * %Mitzi doesn't say anything. She was focusing on keeping her balance.
  73. 07[15:47] * +Kid snickers at the hellhound. A thing that scary shouldn't be acting that adorably. "Aw, I'm sure th' radigators jus' need a lil' love." She snarked. "So hows about this trip?"
  74. 15[15:47] * +Spero laughs at that comment. "Yes, not getting your head bitten off is a good thing." He looks back at Mitzi. "How about some physical help there, Mitzi?"
  75. 07[15:47] * @Get_Lost stretches "so, is there a way we can help while aboard?"
  76. 07[15:50] * @Smiling_Jack 3grins.  "You bet.  I could always use  set of helping hooves.  Or eyes.  It's good to have someone playing spotter, and unless we want to spend a week on the river, someone's going to need to pilot her while I sleep."
  77. 04[15:50] * %Mitzi looks over to Spero; "Yu want ur help? Wat with?"
  78. 15[15:52] * +Spero "Help with you not falling over."
  79. 07[15:52] * %Mitzi shakes her head; "Uh'll manage."
  80. 07[15:52] * +Kid smirks. "Ya'll got a cook on this fine vessal?" She's on a boat she's on a boat omigoshomigoshohmigosh. Careful, Kid. Keep your thoughts in your head and not on your face.
  81. 07[15:54] * @Get_Lost "well, i can keep an eye on the engine and ifthe piloting part is just keeping the wheel still, i can do that.... mayybe..."
  82. 15[15:54] * +Spero yawns again and looks over at Smiling_Jack when he says spotter and flaps his wings. "I oughta be able to spot. What exactly needs spotting?"
  83. 07[15:55] * @Smiling_Jack 3grins, "Well, I've got me.  But if you have a cook's skill then we're probably a lot better off."
  84. 04[15:56] * @Smiling_Jack 3turns to Spero.  "Keep your eyes peeled for trouble.  Good news is, probably not going to see any.  Bad news, if we do, it can come from anywhere.  The sky, the water, the shore..."
  85. 15[15:56] * +Spero nods. "Lovely..."
  86. 07[15:57] * @Crescendo_ smiles as he can't help but noticing the look on Kid's face. "Well you seem to be enjoying yourself."
  87. 07[15:58] * %Mitzi grumbles to herself. If they were on land, at least she'd be able to tunnel around or under any trouble.
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  92. 07[16:00] * +Kid hears Crescendo and immediately tries to straighten up. "Err. Right. M' Ma's th' best durned cook around, she could make swamp apples taste good, and she had me. I'll have us somethin' good t' eat in a lil' bit.
  93. 07[16:01] * @Smiling_Jack 3looks thankfully to the lot of you.  "Excellent.  Sounds like I couldn't ask fer a better batch of passengers.  Or crew, for that matter."
  94. 07[16:03] * +Kid trots off, then when passing by Crescendo, her eyes fill with a filly's glee and she mouths out the words "We're on a boat!" almost clear enough that one could've been fooled if she had just whispered it. Right, Kid. Time to get your cooking on. Make these ponies want to stay a while.
  95. 15[16:03] * +Spero shrugs and gives a smirk. "Be a boring few days if we didn't help out."
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  100. 07[16:08] * @Get_Lost "i don't like keeping my hooves empty... anyway, i'm not exactly very good at staying awake for too long, so i guess i'll rest during the day if i have to make this pretty lady run during the night... and maybe i'll go slow to avoid unwelcome surprises"
  101. [16:10] <@Smiling_Jack> 3"Keeping the engine runnin' is a huge help."
  102. 07[16:11] * @Crescendo_ chuckles at Kid and moves off to help with anything he can.
  103. 07[16:11] * @Smiling_Jack 3looks around,  "Is that all of you?  I coulda sworn there was supposed to be one more."
  104. 07[16:13] * @Get_Lost "wondereful, then i'll see if i cn add a spark fusion auxiliary warp drive... i was told it works wonders, when it doesnt' open whormholes"
  105. 07[16:14] * %Mitzi is not having an easy time of balancing, and decides to just lay down
  106. 06[16:16] * Mitzi sets mode: +v Tani
  107. 15[16:17] * +Spero does a head count then looks back to Smiling_Jack. "Should be one more... haven't seen 'em this morning yet though."
  108. 07[16:19] * @Get_Lost shrugs "well, if we're not in a hurry we could simply wait some more minutes... or go looking for them"
  109. 07[16:21] * @Smiling_Jack 3nods.  "Well, it is early."  He gives a little stomp, "All right now.  Everypony and such get settled.  There are bunks below decks.  Kitchen and engine room are in the aft cabin.  Fore cabin is muh own space, so keep out unless I'm asleep in there an the ship's on fire."
  110. [16:22] <@Smiling_Jack> 3"We'll give your friend 'till the top of the hour, then we're shoving off."
  111. [16:23] <@Smiling_Jack> 3The sun is now peaking through the hills, sending golden rays of dawn across the hung-over city.
  112. 15[16:24] * +Spero gives a nervous chuckle at the condition of why you would wake Smiling_Jack up...
  113. 06[16:25] * Tani is now known as Shatara
  114. 07[16:26] * @Get_Lost "alright, let's go and get acquainted with this lady and see if she likes it smooth or rough" the mare merrily trots to the engine room
  115. 07[16:26] * @Crescendo_ gives a little cough. "Well, quite."
  116. [16:28] <+Shatara> Not long later, a tawney form darts nervously from the streets, his wings beating vigourously and his various doodads sloppily sticking out of his packs. "Latelatelatelatelate", he can be heard muttering under his breath as he darts toward the moored ship.
  117. 15[16:29] * +Spero blinks at the griffin then chuckles. "I think he made it just in time..."
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  140. 07[16:36] * +Kid whistles a happy tune while she works in the kitchen. She liked improvisational cooking. It was like gambling, except you got to eat it afterwards.
  141. 07[16:41] * %Mitzi isn't sure if going below deck would be an improvement, or just make things worse.
  142. 13[16:42] * @Strobe (Strobe@Pony-mu3ner.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: http://strobe-the-pony.tumblr.com/ <-- I have a tumblr now. /shameless plug)
  143. 07[16:42] * @Get_Lost is already working; noww the problem is deciding if a solaris working on an engine is a good thing or not
  144. 07[16:44] * %Mitzi decides to chance it and gets to her feet, still hunched over. Even stationary, she found walking on the boat difficult as she made her way below deck. She didn't know much abotu pony machines, but she could smell something coming from the kitchen, so she decided to head that way.
  145. 07[16:45] * @Crescendo_ waves at Shatara as he arrives. "Hello there! I didn't realise you were joining us too."
  146. 07[16:47] * +Shatara lands on the gangplank and blinks. "Wait...you guys are on this run?"
  147. 07[16:48] * @Get_Lost from the lower deck the voice of the young mad scientist yells "hey they made it! they really made it! a sparkle cola engi- no wait, it was the fridge...."
  148. 15[16:48] * +Spero nods at Shatara. "Yeah. Good to see you made it."
  149. 07[16:49] * %Mitzi pushes open the door to the kitchen and walks in to see what Kid was making. It at least smelled enticing
  150. 07[16:50] * +Shatara sighs and lowers his head. "I'm doomed." Morosely, he pads onto the deck.
  151. 15[16:51] * +Spero snorts. "Doomed?"
  152. 15[16:51] * +Spero "The conga line was awesome."
  153. 07[16:53] * +Kid always felt like cooking and brewing alcohol was the closest to creating magic as an Earth Pony could get. Well, as she could get. And these old dried provisions needed some magic alright. First there was some pasta noodles, but no sauce. Plenty of dried veggies and butter, though. So she boiled the stuff and made a garlic butter sauce. Then there was the matter of what to put on it. Again,...
  154. 07[16:53] * +Kid ...nothing but dried provisions, so she made do with some chopped dried alfalfa and peppers of different sorts. Then she realized that it wouldn't be all that hardy. She didn't want to, but she decided to add in some flakes of fish meat, and decided this would work.
  155. 07[16:54] * @Get_Lost pokes her head from the lower deck and asks, a bit worried "ah... do we have some magic expert here? there's something i don't think is completely scientific going down there"
  156. 15[16:55] * +Spero looks at Get_Lost and yawns. "Um... I suppose yeah. Not an expert but... I do magic." He gets up and goes to follow Get_Lost.
  157. 07[16:55] * @Smiling_Jack 3bites a rope with his teeth and tugs, sounding a shrill whistle.  Then he begins casting off lines, calling back to Get_Lost, "Everything okay back there?  Ready to set a'paddlin'."
  158. 07[16:55] * @Get_Lost looks at  the captain, a bit confused "ah... i think i am at a stalemate with the... fuel..."
  159. [16:56] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Kid: The kitchen isn't much.  It's clear that Smiling Jack subsists mostly off of cooked beans, stew and soup.
  160. 07[16:57] * %Mitzi comes up behind Kid; "What yu makeen?"
  161. 07[16:59] * @Smiling_Jack 3trots towards the wheel and ship's controls.
  162. 15[16:59] * +Spero "So what is it, Get?"
  163. 07[16:59] * @Get_Lost "ah... doesn't matter, i think i gan start the engine anyway, i'll figure the rest somehow, don't worry" the mare smiles and goes back down
  164. 07[17:00] * +Kid jolted up when Mitzi padded her way in. "Oh! Uh, Supper's ready in a bit! Got ourselves a nice lil' garlic butter pasta n' some waster's 'shine. I'll admit, it's a bit've a challenge tryin' t' find anythin' that ain't beans 'r stewin' stuff 'r just still good, but ah think I've got somethin' everypony can choke down. Come 'ere, try a little've this stuff." She says, dipping a spoon into the...
  165. 07[17:00] * +Kid ...garlic butter and raising it up.
  166. [17:00] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Kid: There are all the ingredients you mentioned, and a half-dozen pots, but only one little fire pit beneath a chimney, with a spit and several pots to work with.
  167. 07[17:01] * %Mitzi raises an eyebrow; "Dere any meat?"
  168. 07[17:02] * +Shatara finds a cozy spot on the deck and starts fishing through his saddlebags.
  169. 15[17:02] * +Spero shrugs and turns back around. He takes a deep breath then breaks into a short gallop and leaps off the side of the boat.
  170. 07[17:03] * +Kid blinks and turns away ashamedly. "Well, jus' between you'n me, I put a lil' dried fish flakes int' the mix t' make it a bit more hardy. Hope everypony don't mind too much. I mean, I used'ta live off've what I could get an' that included fish, but it looks like everypony else tends'ta keep t' vegetables."
  171. 07[17:03] * @Get_Lost tries to start the engine, ignoring whatever it uses as a fuel and whistling something to herself, instead... why she can only think of old nightmare night tunes now?
  172. [17:04] <@Smiling_Jack> 3There is a chug, and a change of noise from the engine room, and the giant paddlewheel on the back of the steamboat begins to turn, groaning loudly at first.
  173. [17:05] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Soon, the ship has moved out into the water and is pushing its way slowly upstream.
  174. 07[17:05] * @Get_Lost "yes baby! gimme some loving!" the mare neighs in triumph
  175. 15[17:07] * +Spero takes flight and flies a fifty yards or so in front of the boat as it goes upstream.
  176. 07[17:08] * %Mitzi snorts; "Ponee fud eez always lackeen substance. Eez fish meat?"
  177. [17:10] <@Smiling_Jack> 3The ship is heading up the river, the town passing by along the banks.  The drawbridge is looming up ahead, now an iron matrix of light and shadow before the rising sun.  
  178. 07[17:11] * +Kid scratches her head. "Well, yeah. I mean, naw. I mean, it ain't nothin' that has a mind, ah think. I dunno, does fish count as meat?"
  179. 04[17:11] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Spero is about 400 yards downstream from the bridge when he feels the touch of his Green Sister's mind.  
  180. 07[17:13] * %Mitzi shrugs and takes the offered spoonful anyways. "Taste eez gud und strong, but still too thin fur ur likeen."
  181. 15[17:15] * +Spero cocks his head. Her again. Alright. He lifts himself a bit higher into the air and listens to see if she's still worried about those protestors.
  182. [17:17] <@Smiling_Jack> 3(600 yards, rather)
  183. [17:18] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Green Sister seems momentarily disturbed by the contact.  << Where are you? >> she asks.
  184. 07[17:19] * +Kid sits down, folds her forelegs, and pouts a little. "Well, it's as close as I get t' makin' somethin' good out've what I got."
  185. 15[17:19] * +Spero <Flying up the river towards the bridge. Where are you?>
  186. [17:24] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Green Sister thinks again, << Are you with them?  With that ship? >>
  187. 07[17:24] * %Mitzi reaches into her pack and pulls out a hunk of meat that had been salted and wrapped. She unwraps it and holds it out to Kid; "Put sum on dis."
  188. 07[17:25] * @Get_Lost first things first: a pleasant environment helps the work! the mare puts her sisterhood poster on a wall, then goes back cleaning the engine
  189. 15[17:27] * +Spero nods at the Green Sister's thought, although the physical effect is completely lost. <The ship going upstream right now, yes. Why?>
  190. 07[17:27] * +Kid didn't like real meat very much. I mean, she had to eat it sometimes, but it always tasted like death and acid to her. Nonetheless, she learned not to disrespect anyone by their dietary habits. A hellhound had to eat some way, right? She went ahead and spooned a little of the sauce from the boiling pasta onto the chunk of meat, not really showing it, but feeling quite grossed out by the ordeal.
  191. [17:28] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Green Sister's thoughts feel concerned.  << Where do you go?  And for what purpose? >>
  192. 15[17:29] * +Spero <Darkness Falls. We're supposed to be heading into the zebra lands to pick up a package and bring it back.>
  193. 07[17:29] * %Mitzi slices off some of the meat with a claw, using her paws in lieu of utencils. She scarfs down the meat, donning a contented expression afterwards; "Eez gud." She re-wraps the rest of the meat and slips it away, then pats Kid on the head.
  194. [17:30] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Green Sister's thoughts are now definitely worried.  << Package?  What manner of package? >>
  195. 15[17:30] * +Spero blinks. <We weren't told. What's wrong?>
  196. 13[17:31] * Mirage (Zepheniah@Pony-lvm3dg.pool.mediaWays.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  197. 04[17:33] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Spero can see Green Sister's silhouette move within the shadows of the trusses of the bridge.  << We must let our New Mother know these things.  There are ill designs on wing, we fear. >>
  198. 07[17:36] * +Kid is strangely comforted by the pat on the head. "Aw, thanks friend. Work m' best here." She's like a big peaceful puppy, she thought. How could anypony be scared of that?
  199. 15[17:36] * +Spero starts flying towards the Green Sister specificlaly. <I kinda got the feeling this was a trap too, but what do you know that I don't?>
  200. 06[17:36] * Mirage (Zepheniah@Pony-6hl.h7a.204.89.IP) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  201. 07[17:37] * %Mitzi smiles and seats herself; "Da smell here eez distracteen me frum da moveen water, Uh stay here."
  202. 04[17:37] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Spero catches a stray thought from his Green Sister as she takes to wing, flying into the morning sky.  << This is fortunate.  With a Green Brother there, We have no need to probe the ponies minds.  They know nothing of this treachery.  Not yet... >>
  203. 15[17:40] * +Spero tries to keep up within telepathic range of the Green Sister to try and learn anything more that he can. What treachery? The protestors or something in the zebra lands?
  204. 04[17:42] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Spero feels the mental connection break for a few moments before flickering into existence again.  Green Sister's thoughts are now focused on moving as far as she can as fast as she can.  Spero can hear her mind flashing through possible places to deliver the news she has learned, rejecting both Ditzy Doo's Deliveries and the nearest Followers base...
  205. [17:43] <@Smiling_Jack> 3...thinking of them as << ...too close to Nexus >>
  206. 07[17:43] * +Kid has always had a strange sense of what was considered adorable. It came with growing up in the place where she had, away from most ponies or even most products by ponies. "Ya'll can stay here as long as y' like. Ah like th' company."
  207. 07[17:43] * @Get_Lost since there seems to be no rivets exploding nor wild steam geysers, the mare accepts the fact that the engine moving the boat is simply weird, but effective, and decides to nap for a bitr
  208. [17:43] <@Get_Lost> *bit
  209. [17:44] <@Smiling_Jack> 3The boat is now approaching the bridge.  Smiling Jack sounds the shrill whistle twice.  
  210. 07[17:44] * +Shatara looks up from his pack-digging as the whistle sounds, looking over the bridge before them.
  211. 15[17:45] * +Spero looks back at the ship. He wouldn't let it get out of visual sight, but he had to ask the Green Sister another question. <If this treachery involves us, can you at least tell me what to look for?>
  212. 07[17:45] * @Get_Lost wakes up even before falling asleep "i'm awake, i'm mawake!" the young mare blinks for a moment and yawns "oh, we're gaining speed... better make this thing go faster"
  213. 07[17:46] * %Mitzi nods and watches Kid work, enjoying the scents, even if she wasn't eating any of it.
  214. [17:47] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Shatara can see ponies at winch-house of the bridge perk up and begin to move.  Slowly, great metal gears begin to turn beneath the bridge and the cranes above groan as cables pull taunt and a section of the span begins to move, pitching upwards.
  215. [17:48] <@Smiling_Jack> 3The steamboat begins to pick up speed.
  216. [17:49] <@Smiling_Jack> 3The Green Sister responds, << When you learn what the package is, look for family. >>
  217. 15[17:50] * +Spero stops and starts hovering. <Alright...>
  218. 07[17:50] * @Crescendo_ pops his head into the kitchen, seeing Kid and Mitzi. "Something smells good. What are you two cooking?"
  219. 07[17:52] * @Get_Lost from the lower deck, the mare yells "hey i think the engine is going a bit wild! tell me there's noting on our way bcause we are going to run for a while..."
  220. [17:52] <@Smiling_Jack> 3The steamboat continues to pick up speed as the drawbridge begins to rise with aching slowness..
  221. 07[17:52] * %Mitzi points lazily to Kid; "She eez cookeen; Uh'm tasteen."
  222. 07[17:53] * +Kid perks up a little, shifting her straw hat up to get a better look at the fellow. "Pasta." She chirps at Crescendo. "Just about ready t' serve. Ya'll wanna set th' table?"
  223. 15[17:53] * +Spero sighs and flies back to the drawbridge, waiting for the ship to pass under it.
  224. [17:54] <@Smiling_Jack> 3You hear an "Oh crap!" from Smiling Jack.
  225. 07[17:54] * @Get_Lost "dpon't worry don't worry i've got it!"
  226. 07[17:54] * +Shatara 's eyes widen as he takes to the air. "The bridge!" He quickly looks around for some way to arrest the boat and/or accellerate the bridge.
  227. 07[17:55] * @Crescendo_ holds up a hoof. "Hold on... did you hear that shout? It sounded like something was wrong with Miss Lost... I'll be right back."
  228. 15[17:55] * +Spero flies down towards the boat. "What's wrong?"
  229. 07[17:55] * +Kid blinks. Oh crap. She shouldn't be hearing 'Oh crap' from anypony, ESPECIALLY her captain. She put out the fire and pulled out her shotgun. "What's th' trouble!" She said, gun darting from place to place.
  230. 07[17:57] * @Smiling_Jack 3mutters, "Engine's going wild.  I can't get her t' slow down."
  231. 15[17:58] * +Spero shouts, "Toss the anchor!"
  232. 07[17:59] * @Crescendo_ follows the tortured sound of machinery to find Get_Lost and the engine in a scene of chaos. "Is it supposed to be doing that?!"
  233. 07[18:00] * @Get_Lost "actually, not.... but really, i can't say i'm an expert of engines fueled by everburning zebra bones... help me release the transmission geear! there must be a lever somewhere but i can't fingd it!"
  234. 04[18:01] * +Shatara nods towards Spero, diving back to the deck, searching for the boat's anchor.
  235. 07[18:03] * @Crescendo_ frantically tries to assist, pulling levers which Get_Lost indictates one way, then the other since that's the way she actually meant. "Have you tried asking it nicely to stop? Sometimes I find that that works wonders!"
  236. [18:03] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Shatara spots the anchor and leaps for it, pulling the release lever that sends the anchor plunging into the water.  A moment later the ship LURCHES as the anchor grabs hold of the riverbed, the ship slowing and canting to the side, turning towards the shore.
  237. 07[18:04] * %Mitzi tenses and attempts to stand up, only to stumble backwards from the increasing speed of the boat.
  238. 07[18:05] * @Get_Lost "damn damn damn we're turning on a side we need to stop the wheel NOW! help me find that damn release mechanism or cut the transmisison!"
  239. 07[18:05] * +Kid stumbles a bit. Anchor? The hell's an anchor- OH! "Um! We're turning! We're turning! We're headin' fer the shore! Is that what we're supposed t' do?"
  240. 07[18:06] * +Shatara squawks a bit, seeing the sharp change in direction. "You got that engine fixed yet?" He prepares to raise the anchor again before the boat beaches.
  241. 07[18:06] * %Mitzi barely manages to get her feet under her again when the boat lurches, sending her toppling head over heels.
  242. 07[18:07] * @Crescendo_ holds up a broken lever. "Erm... I swear this has never happened to me before."
  243. 07[18:07] * @Get_Lost yells at crescendo "i'm opening the steam valve at max! run away ot you'll become a roastbeef!"
  244. 07[18:08] * @Crescendo_ leaves a dust outline of himself hanging in the air as he rushes out the room.
  245. 07[18:09] * @Get_Lost the mare turns a wheel and keeps turning it as the steam invades the room
  246. [18:09] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Steam explodes from the engine room, scalding hot, blasting open the door and out of every gap in the aft cabin.
  247. 06[18:13] * Rippedshadow (Hooman@Pony-b1r.ktm.96.24.IP) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  248. 06[18:13] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Rippedshadow
  249. [18:14] <@Smiling_Jack> 3The steamship drags the anchor, moving towards the shore at a swiftly dropping speed as the ship's paddle slows to a stop.
  250. 07[18:14] * @Get_Lost "screams in pain as the wteam invades the room litrerally cooking her alive"
  251. 07[18:15] * %Mitzi grunts painfully, but not as much from the steam bath as the high pitched scream of another of the ponies
  252. 15[18:15] * +Spero flies down to the ship and rushes in to check on anyone who was injured.
  253. 07[18:17] * %Mitzi attempts to right herself, which was uch easier when the thing wasn't moving. She gingerly picks Kid up and sets her back on her hooves.
  254. 07[18:17] * @Crescendo_ collapses to his knees as he's hit by the wall of roasting heat, but forces himself up again to stagger back into the engine room... towards the sound of that horrific scream.
  255. [18:17] <%Mitzi> much
  256. 07[18:17] * @Get_Lost is still grabbing the valve, the surge almost killed her and could still finish the job
  257. 15[18:18] * +Spero runs down into the engine room with Crescendo_ and Get_Lost. "Tell me that's over!"
  258. 07[18:19] * +Kid covers her good eye and gets a scalding dose of steam. So this is what veggies feel like, she thought to herself. "Thanks, Mitzi." She said, trying to get a picture of where she's going, at least. "C-c'mon. We need t' leave before we're cooked!" She unsteadily started to plod her way to the deck of the ship.
  259. 07[18:20] * @Get_Lost the mare can't reply, she's too busy being completely covered in burnings
  260. 07[18:20] * @Crescendo_ freezes for a moment as he sees the ruined form of Get_Lost, but surges forward as she shifts ever so slightly. She was still alive!
  261. 07[18:22] * %Mitzi picks up the small filly, who seems to be more affected by the steam than she was, and carries her to the upper deck. She sets her down gently. "Where is da rest?"
  262. 07[18:25] * @Crescendo_ trembles as he pulls out a healing potion and tries to give it to the half dead mare, spilling much of it over her scorched lips.
  263. 07[18:25] * @Smiling_Jack 3rushes into the fore cabin, fetching supplies from one of the three yellow medical boxes on the wall just inside.  
  264. 07[18:26] * +Kid sputters a bit. "Dunno! We c'n get a better idea when we're not covered in this stuff!"
  265. 07[18:28] * @Get_Lost mutters some words "is... is the ship safe?"
  266. 15[18:29] * +Spero "Yes the ship's fine now let's get you out of here!" He starts forming a telekinetic field around Get_Lost so she can be brought out onto the deck and out of the engine room.
  267. [18:29] <@Smiling_Jack> 3The ship is at a complete stop now, bobbing in the water.  You can hear far off shouts from the bridge, but they are mostly muffled by Get_Lost's screams.
  268. 07[18:29] * +Kid coughs and sputters as she reaches the deck of the ship and starts waving her hat in front of her face.
  269. 07[18:29] * @Smiling_Jack 3pushes through the steam, bringing healing potions and bandanges.
  270. 15[18:30] * +Spero floats Get Lost out of the engine room and out of the steam onto the deck. "Here give that stuff to her out here."
  271. 07[18:31] * +Shatara leaves the anchor lever and dives below deck to check the situaion.
  272. 07[18:31] * @Smiling_Jack 3follows Get_Lost out.  "I'll do my best, but are any of you a medic?"
  273. 07[18:32] * @Crescendo_ trots by Get_Lost's side as she's levitated out. "Yes, the ship's safe. Don't worry, just keep talking."
  274. 07[18:32] * @Get_Lost mutters "yes... i'm a medic... who's hurt? did smepony get hurt? it's my fault...."
  275. 15[18:33] * +Spero lays Get Lost down on the deck in a clear area. "Yes, you got hurt."
  276. 07[18:35] * @Get_Lost "i.... it's not important... i...  i deserved it.... i have a couple of potions in my bags and bandages.... please bringg me my stuff..."
  277. 07[18:36] * +Shatara stops as he sees Get_Lost's condition, slumping a bit as he has little medical abilities himself...instead he busys himself looking for the mare's bags.
  278. 07[18:37] * @Smiling_Jack 3produces five healing potions and four rolls of magical healing bandages.  "This is all I've got, but it's the good stuff.  I don't skimp on my medical supplies."
  279. 07[18:38] * @Get_Lost starts muttering "don't.... give me the potion... pour the bndages in them... and wrap the wounded parts.... i have more in my bags..."
  280. 07[18:40] * @Crescendo_ tries to follow her instructions, but she seems to be fading in and out making it hard to hear her clearly.
  281. 15[18:41] * +Spero has literally no idea what to do...
  282. 07[18:41] * +Kid flaps her hat over her mouth, then looks at the really burned mare and felt lucky that she only got a light steam. She sighed at the situation, not only because this was her super-special boat ride that went horribly wrong before they even pulled out of Nexus, but because she felt... Weak. Useless. She couldn't heal ponies, couldn't cast spells. All she knew how to do was cook, brew, and shoot.
  283. 07[18:44] * %Mitzi waves a paw; "Dun pour on her skin; eet'll sting und da pain could keel her at dis point."
  284. 07[18:45] * %Mitzi adds; "Burns onlee skin deep. Shuld be okay to drink dem."
  285. 07[18:45] * @Get_Lost "no, no... really... i'm feeling a lot better i... i have to go bacl and close the valge or the tank will melt..."
  286. 07[18:45] * @Get_Lost "there's no way to kill the fire.... the tank must not stay empty for long"
  287. 07[18:46] * %Mitzi uses a paw to pin the burned pony; "Yu stay put."
  288. 07[18:47] * @Get_Lost "no, no... you must put water in the tank... the fire will eat the boiler...."
  289. 07[18:48] * %Mitzi looks to the others; "One of yu ponies what knows machines go du eet."
  290. 07[18:48] * +Shatara flys back to the engine room and examines the engine
  291. [18:49] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Mitzi and Smiling Jack manage to wrap Get_Lost like a mummy-pony, but she is back on her hooves (so to speak) and in a whole lot less pain.
  292. 07[18:50] * %Mitzi was really just making her stay put while jack did the mummifying
  293. 07[18:50] * @Get_Lost as soon as she can walk, the mummy pony trots back to the engine room, but lets shatara work as she checks that there are no damages in the transmisison
  294. 04[18:51] * +Kid looks to her left and right. Right. A plan. They... Kid needed a plan. What could she do. Think, Kid, think. How can one get down below decks without getting burnt to a crisp? "Spero! How'd she get out've there without gettin' killed?"
  295. 15[18:52] * +Spero looks over at Kid. "I have no idea, I was flying at the time. I just came down and floated her out."
  296. 07[18:53] * @Get_Lost tries to explain shatara the little she understands from the engine "the odd thing is thatthe fire in the engine is permanentrly fueled by what seems to be a bunch of zebra bones that never stop burning... i tried undertanding how the thing works, but i wasn't able to figure it out.... this is why i lost control of it and had to purge the steam"
  297. 07[18:56] * +Kid frowned. "Great! This boat's full've zebra ghosts and they attacked t'day! This is what happens when ya'll kill zebras n' piss off their ghosts. You get broken boats!" Zebra ghosts were no laughing matter. They were all over the bog.
  298. 15[18:58] * +Spero can hear a small zebra mare cursing at him. In rhyme. He blinks and shakes his head to get that thought out. He looks at Smiling_Jack. "SO what do we do if the engine is broke?"
  299. 07[18:58] * %Mitzi rubs the back of her head; "Ghosts dun actually exist; dey just used to trick ponies."
  300. 07[18:59] * +Shatara nods to Get_Lost's explinations as he examines the machine, understanding the basics of it. As he looks for the valve to refill the boiler, he notices some odd...modifactations, and examines a bit closer to see if they need be repaired before starting up again
  301. 13[19:00] * Pantzar (znjnkpovwbgqh@Pony-7or5gr.customer.t3.se) Quit (Connection closed)
  302. 07[19:00] * +Kid glares at Mitzi and lifts her hooves. "Of course Zebra ghosts exist! One time, in th' bog, a zebra ghost broke m' still because I used one'o their lighters. I could 'ere her laughin' in th' fog!"
  303. 07[19:02] * @Get_Lost sighs... there's no point in crying over the spilled milk, the mare gets near to the griiffon "alright, ihow can i help?"
  304. 07[19:03] * %Mitzi shrugs; "Uh never seen un. Und old albino used to make a fake headless horse tu scare away ponies."
  305. [19:05] <@Smiling_Jack> 3The drawbridge finishes lifting.
  306. 07[19:06] * +Shatara starts the boiler filling before it cracks, then goes back to the 'modifacations'. "Well, what exactly did you *do* to this thing?"
  307. 07[19:06] * +Kid continues. "Well, o' course you never saw one! They're invisible! An' they're real! You'll see! We'll be doin' somethin', and then a Zebra ghost'll come along'n screw sp,etjom
  308. [19:06] <+Kid> (Somethin' up for us!)
  309. 07[19:07] * @Get_Lost "hey... i just made it go and built up the steam.... i must have read some instruments wrong.... is that damaged?"
  310. 07[19:08] * %Mitzi shrugs; "Eef Uh can't smell eet or hear eet or see eet, den it's no dere."
  311. 15[19:08] * +Spero facewings at the conversation going on between Mitzi and Kid.
  312. 07[19:08] * @Smiling_Jack 3looks to Kid and Mitzi, "How are you two doin'?  You took a bit of cookin' yourselves."
  313. 07[19:08] * @Get_Lost "the tank was still inside the safe zone when i purged it, it was to stop the boat without damaging the engine...."
  314. 07[19:08] * %Mitzi shrugs; "Uh'm a tough un."
  315. 07[19:09] * +Kid pouts. "Well, they're real. Ah swear it." She looks up with her one eye. "Ah'm fine. Lil' singed, but ah can take a lil' scratch fer a lil' while."
  316. 06[19:09] * @Rippedshadow (Hooman@Pony-b1r.ktm.96.24.IP) has left #FalloutEquestriaPNP ("I dropped my spoon!")
  317. 07[19:11] * @Smiling_Jack 3trots away, heading for the engine room.  "What's the damage?" he asks the other two mechanics as he looks around.  He spots the odd modification.  "Well, that shure weren't like that last I saw."
  318. 07[19:13] * @Smiling_Jack 3begins looking everything over, makes a few adjustments, kicks a few things.  "Well, once the boiler's built back up, we should be able to set off again.  Looks like more damage was done t' you folk than to the ship.  She's a stubborn mule of a gal, she is."
  319. 13[19:14] * Mirage (Zepheniah@Pony-6hl.h7a.204.89.IP) Quit (Connection closed)
  320. 07[19:14] * @Get_Lost "well, mayb i could have touched a couple of parts to make it build power faster... hey, if you aren't going against a bridge it could be useful!" and yes, a pony can be fixed, an engine needs parts...
  321. 07[19:15] * @Smiling_Jack 3gives Get_Lost an odd look.  "Well, maybe."  He trots out, heading back up to the wheel.  
  322. 07[19:15] * @Smiling_Jack 3stops along the way to store the medical supplies that were not used.
  323. 07[19:16] * +Shatara watches the skipper makes adjustments, glancing at the pressure gauges as the steam builds up, making sure it doesn't go nuts again.
  324. 07[19:17] * @Get_Lost looks at the transmission "this thing needs a failsafe"
  325. [19:17] <@Get_Lost> totally
  326. 06[19:17] * Arcane_Scroll[A] is now known as Arcane_Scroll
  327. 07[19:17] * @Get_Lost without even waiting for a reply, she starts tinkering with the transmission until it is still detached
  328. 07[19:18] * @Crescendo_ slowly collapses onto the deck, adrenaline draining away as relief washes over him. "It's ok... everypony's ok," he mutters to himself.
  329. 07[19:19] * +Shatara watches Get_Lost work, making sure she doesnt do anything *too* crazy.
  330. 07[19:20] * @Get_Lost watchesat shatara "hey help me, we dont' want to fall in the same hole twice!"
  331. 15[19:22] * +Spero looks down at Crescendo_ and cocks his head.
  332. [19:22] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Get_Lost shows deft mechanical skill at jury-rigging together a solid-looking failsafe for the transmission.
  333. 07[19:22] * +Kid looked at everypony dashing around all busy-like, and decided to just return to her cooking. Screw it. The least they could do is end up doing this stuff on a full stomach.
  334. [19:24] <@Smiling_Jack> 3All-in-all, it takes about an hour for the ship to be fully functional again and for the journey to resume.  Of course, by that time the bridge has once again been lowered, and they have to wait for it to rise.  But that is only a minor inconvenience.
  335. 07[19:24] * +Shatara helps assemble the failsafe, mostly trying to stay out of the way.
  336. 15[19:25] * +Spero sighs as the boat's ready to go again and once more takes to the air.
  337. [19:26] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Soon, the steamboat is paddling along, headed upstream, the town of Nexus disappearing behind them and the mostly-charted wilderness of the north-eastern Ponytomic yawning out ahead.  In the far distance, the cold and storm-shrouded mountains are now visible.
  338. 07[19:26] * %Mitzi follows Kid back to the kitchen, not knowing how to help with anything else.
  339. 04[19:28] * @Smiling_Jack 3calls out to Spero, "Get some sleep if you want any.  With the delay, I reckon we'll be hitting the canyon after nightfall.  If we want to push through, best have our spotter as alert as possible for that passage."
  340. 07[19:28] * @Get_Lost when the griffon shows to have hte stuff to manage the engine, the mare starts resting in the engine room; she is supposed to grive the buat during the night shift, so she needs to rest, but stays next to the engine, so she can help if something goes wrong
  341. 07[19:28] * +Kid strolls on up and sets the table gingerly. After all of this dream-crushing stuff, she at least wanted to have this go well. "Soups on, everypony!" She shouted from the kitchen.
  342. 15[19:29] * +Spero stops and hovers. "Good point!" He dives back down to the ship and lays down in an empty corner of the deck.
  343. 07[19:31] * %Mitzi uses the soup to garnish her meat and chows down.
  344. 15[19:32] * +Spero blinks and gets up and heads into the kitchen. "Soup?"
  345. [19:34] <@Smiling_Jack> 3With the smell and taste of delicious soup, brewed by the group's clearly accomplished cook, the morning moves into afternoon.  And later, the afternoon into evening.  The river cuts through ever more significant foothills and minor mountains with stone of dusty orange and muted brown.
  346. [19:36] <@Smiling_Jack> 3Grimfire Canyon is coming.
  347. 07[19:36] * +Kid spoons a mouthful of pasta/soup into her mouth. "So. Ya'll got any interestin' stories?"
  348. [19:36] <@Smiling_Jack> 3--- End of Session Three ---
  349. 07[19:36] * @Crescendo_ gets back to his hooves, wincing from his scorched flank, and gradually makes his way back down the to kitchen and the delicious smells therein.
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