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  1. <fieldset>
  2.   <legend>Occupation</legend>
  3.   <select class="form-control dropdown" id="occupation" name="occupation">
  4.     <option value="" selected="selected" disabled="disabled">-- select one --</option>
  5.     <optgroup label="Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations:">
  6.       <option value="1">-  Chiropractor</option>
  7.       <option value="2">-  Dentist</option>
  8.       <option value="3">-  Dietitian or Nutritionist</option>
  9.       <option value="4">-  Optometrist</option>
  10.       <option value="5">-  Pharmacist</option>
  11.       <option value="6">-  Physician</option>
  12.       <option value="7">-  Physician Assistant</option>
  13.       <option value="8">-  Podiatrist</option>
  14.       <option value="9">-  Registered Nurse</option>
  15.       <option value="10">-  Therapist</option>
  16.       <option value="11">-  Veterinarian</option>
  17.       <option value="12">-  Health Technologist or Technician</option>
  18.       <option value="13">-  Other Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupation</option>
  19.     </optgroup>
  20.     <optgroup label="Healthcare Support Occupations:">
  21.       <option value="14">-  Nursing, Psychiatric, or Home Health Aide</option>
  22.       <option value="15">-  Occupational and Physical Therapist Assistant or Aide</option>
  23.       <option value="16">-  Other Healthcare Support Occupation</option>
  24.     </optgroup>
  25.     <optgroup label="Business, Executive, Management, and Financial Occupations:">
  26.       <option value="17">-  Chief Executive</option>
  27.       <option value="18">-  General and Operations Manager</option>
  28.       <option value="19">-  Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations, and Sales Manager</option>
  29.       <option value="20">-  Operations Specialties Manager (e.g., IT or HR Manager)</option>
  30.       <option value="21">-  Construction Manager</option>
  31.       <option value="22">-  Engineering Manager</option>
  32.       <option value="23">-  Accountant, Auditor</option>
  33.       <option value="24">-  Business Operations or Financial Specialist</option>
  34.       <option value="25">-  Business Owner</option>
  35.       <option value="26">-  Other Business, Executive, Management, Financial Occupation</option>
  36.     </optgroup>
  37.     <optgroup label="Architecture and Engineering Occupations:">
  38.       <option value="27">-  Architect, Surveyor, or Cartographer</option>
  39.       <option value="28">-  Engineer</option>
  40.       <option value="29">-  Other Architecture and Engineering Occupation</option>
  41.     </optgroup>
  42.     <optgroup label="Education, Training, and Library Occupations:">
  43.       <option value="30">-  Postsecondary Teacher (e.g., College Professor)</option>
  44.       <option value="31">-  Primary, Secondary, or Special Education School Teacher</option>
  45.       <option value="32">-  Other Teacher or Instructor</option>
  46.       <option value="33">-  Other Education, Training, and Library Occupation</option>
  47.     </optgroup>
  48.     <optgroup label="Other Professional Occupations:">
  49.       <option value="34">-  Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations</option>
  50.       <option value="35">-  Computer Specialist, Mathematical Science</option>
  51.       <option value="36">-  Counselor, Social Worker, or Other Community and Social Service Specialist</option>
  52.       <option value="37">-  Lawyer, Judge</option>
  53.       <option value="38">-  Life Scientist (e.g., Animal, Food, Soil, or Biological Scientist, Zoologist)</option>
  54.       <option value="39">-  Physical Scientist (e.g., Astronomer, Physicist, Chemist, Hydrologist)</option>
  55.       <option value="40">-  Religious Worker (e.g., Clergy, Director of Religious Activities or Education)</option>
  56.       <option value="41">-  Social Scientist and Related Worker</option>
  57.       <option value="42">-  Other Professional Occupation</option>
  58.     </optgroup>
  59.     <optgroup label="Office and Administrative Support Occupations:">
  60.       <option value="43">-  Supervisor of Administrative Support Workers</option>
  61.       <option value="44">-  Financial Clerk</option>
  62.       <option value="45">-  Secretary or Administrative Assistant</option>
  63.       <option value="46">-  Material Recording, Scheduling, and Dispatching Worker</option>
  64.       <option value="47">-  Other Office and Administrative Support Occupation</option>
  65.     </optgroup>
  66.     <optgroup label="Services Occupations:">
  67.       <option value="48">-  Protective Service (e.g., Fire Fighting, Police Officer, Correctional Officer)</option>
  68.       <option value="49">-  Chef or Head Cook</option>
  69.       <option value="50">-  Cook or Food Preparation Worker</option>
  70.       <option value="51">-  Food and Beverage Serving Worker (e.g., Bartender, Waiter, Waitress)</option>
  71.       <option value="52">-  Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance</option>
  72.       <option value="53">-  Personal Care and Service (e.g., Hairdresser, Flight Attendant, Concierge)</option>
  73.       <option value="54">-  Sales Supervisor, Retail Sales</option>
  74.       <option value="55">-  Retail Sales Worker</option>
  75.       <option value="56">-  Insurance Sales Agent</option>
  76.       <option value="57">-  Sales Representative</option>
  77.       <option value="58">-  Real Estate Sales Agent</option>
  78.       <option value="59">-  Other Services Occupation</option>
  79.     </optgroup>
  80.     <optgroup label="Agriculture, Maintenance, Repair, and Skilled Crafts Occupations:">
  81.       <option value="60">-  Construction and Extraction (e.g., Construction Laborer, Electrician)</option>
  82.       <option value="61">-  Farming, Fishing, and Forestry</option>
  83.       <option value="62">-  Installation, Maintenance, and Repair</option>
  84.       <option value="63">-  Production Occupations</option>
  85.       <option value="64">-  Other Agriculture, Maintenance, Repair, and Skilled Crafts Occupation</option>
  86.     </optgroup>
  87.     <optgroup label="Transportation Occupations:">
  88.       <option value="65">-  Aircraft Pilot or Flight Engineer</option>
  89.       <option value="66">-  Motor Vehicle Operator (e.g., Ambulance, Bus, Taxi, or Truck Driver)</option>
  90.       <option value="67">-  Other Transportation Occupation</option>
  91.     </optgroup>
  92.     <optgroup label="Other Occupations:">
  93.       <option value="68">-  Military</option>
  94.       <option value="69">-  Homemaker</option>
  95.       <option value="70">-  Other Occupation</option>
  96.       <option value="71">-  Don't Know</option>
  97.       <option value="72">-  Not Applicable</option>
  98.     </optgroup>
  99.   </select>
  100. </fieldset>
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