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  1. Maqam                A graceful song of the desert to cause clumsiness.
  2. Lay                  Create a field of distortion to protect against fashioning.
  3. Haiku                Alright, seriously now...what did that mean?
  4. Isorhythm            Claustrophobia is only a few, droning notes away.
  5. Tune                 Protect against damage of all types.
  6. Dirge                Soothe the hands of the grave.
  7. Fugue                Instill fear with a complex fugue.
  8. Solo                 Drain the mana from a victim.
  9. Poem                 A poem of gluttony and decay to induce nausea.
  10. Yodel                Shatter a crystal forest with an irritating yodel.
  11. Pastorale            Cause a target to develop a fear of heights.
  12. Noise                A screeching, meaningless noise that numbs the mind.
  13. Gimmegimme           A chant of generosity sure to pay off.
  14. Ditty                A ditty that will short-circuit one's brain.
  15. Limerick             Sing an impatience-causing limerick at your opponent.
  16. March                Cause even the most steady of mounts to panic.
  17. Requiem              If you think they're out to get you, you're right.
  18. Tremolo              Crush a target's legs with a sonic pounding.
  19. Vibrato              Shatter an opponent's arms with a trilling vibrato.
  20. Epic                 Paralyse a target with an epic tale of heroism.
  21. Aria                 Give a friend a short-term health bonus.
  22. Prelude              Fashion an illusion from song.
  23. Ode                  Addiction is a terrible disease.
  24. Cantata              Sing down someone's shield.
  25. Dwinnu               A chant that will disintegrate that which binds you.
  26. Qasida               With a qasida of asceticism, afflict someone with anorexia.
  27. Passion              Instill stupidity with a glorious passion of Imithia.
  28. Chant                Strip defences with a sonorous chant.
  29. Songbird             Whistle a helpful songbird to your shoulder.
  30. Soulfulvoice         Sing through vibrational barriers to reach your audience.
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