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  2. From :  --------
  3. To :    dugi
  4. Date :  2010-08-28 02:23
  5. Title : done
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  7. actually,im done playing nice with you,listen,It`s impossible to be shouting on the computer without a microphone is number one,number two,you give infractions(or in america (warnings) ) because it makes you feel better in some way.Of Course, I know myself that you do not get paid to moderate this site,you get nothing other than 5 or 6 stars.Look,I don`t know how or care how your a moderator but listen to this,back in 1999 they had moderators go through training courses to become a moderator.YOu basically give infractions to pass the time,obviously.Back Then,a mod was paid more often then they are today and it`s surprising to come to the fact that many people in the world today are asking to be a mod,but what they don`t realize is that there actually asking for a job,look,i really dont know if your 9,12,14,16,or 29 years old,but you still have never actually taken courses to become a moderator,ya i mean,maybe it`s the glitz and glammer of having Global Moderator stuck to your post,but honestly,your not a global moderator because a global mod means you work as a mod globally which means you travel and be a mod.I mean seriously,how old are you?And what do you do at home?I mean for all I know you could be some stink,smelly,and sweaty guy that dosen`t take baths and gets bullied at school and decided to become a mod in SA-MP Forums just to make yourself feel better,im not saying thats you,but for all i know,that could be the truth or maybe you just don`t get attention in the real-world so you come on SA-MP forums and start earning power to be a mod,but thats the wrong thing,thats what doesn`t get you popular.If you really want power,than,go out to the real world and enjoy the trees,the wind and the fresh outdoors instead of not taking baths or showers and being locked up with greasy hair giving infractions,i mean come on,seriously,this is how you pass the time?Please,go enjoy nature or in the future if your young,you may find yourself having surgery for sitting on the computer or laptop or mac day through night and i don`t know if you knew this,but there are like 3 people I already know on-here that were banned from here earlier,but have a secret account and actually,it is kinda easy to do.I realize you live in Poland and I live in the USA,but my ip has a range,which the first two points of my ip for example *.*.0.0.0 and thats one way to determine a banned user coming back,but flamed hackers through many years have created tool to fix that.What they do is change there first 2 numbers in there ip with an ip changer and thats pretty much it on how they can do it,so like i said,I don`t know if your trying to get attention because you don`t get enough in the real world or maybe you have a computer-addiction,but what I mean is,im not this way,but there are some people that get banned from different places that change   there ip and username and re-join the target community in forums,and they look at the web-code with software and internet tweaks to determine when you sent a message or when you made a post and the thing is,is that when you click a link on any forum or website or whatever your doing online is left with a small trace of your ip in it,and like i said,im not this way,but really,if you really flame someone in the computer world,they will get your ip with edited software they use,and they will literally put an RDP client on your computer like TeamViewer (with a hack) and take control of your computer and put rouges,bugs,and viruses on your computer to get back at you and the worst part is knowing that if they don`t live in Poland and your country does not have a treaty with yours for internet,you can`t do  nothing about it,but to take matters into your own hands,which it`s kinda lilke the real world where If you do something to piss someone off in the real world,which in a case(if your not addicted to computers) can be worse because like ok,for example,say you ran a fitness place and some guy you had that was enrolled in your fitness place and one day he slammed the doors open at your business and starts pissing you off,ok,getting my drift so far?Anyways,you get mad and say,"sir,this is a warning for you,you have 2 strikes for coming in here drunk and further more if you encounter here with 6 strikes,you can`t come back here!",than honestly,you would probably get hurt fighting with him and ya you can call the police,but that`s not gonna help once your sitting on the floor wishing you wouldn`t have been so smart to him,just saying so you know and lets go to another
  8. scenario where lets just say that you were in the bad business like drugs,and hits and stuff like that and say your were the drug dealer,ok?I have to wrap it up here i will send you the second part of the message next
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  11. From :  -----------
  12. To :    dugi
  13. Date :  2010-08-28 02:26
  14. Title : done part 2
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  16. So anyways he gives you money that isn`t any good so you tell him that the money is fake and you just gave him a warning for doing that.Ok?So what do you think a messed-up pot head that gave you fake money is going to do?well,honestly,in my opinion if he was pretty high,he would kill you,and did that solve anything?well,no,it just got you killed and this brings me to another things I wanted to talk to you about.Before I graduated,when i was in school,I was always told that people who like to Moderate or Cyberbully on the internet are usally cowards because they can`t go up to someones face and tell it to someone like it is.I remember that back in 1995 when I was in 9th grade,they would bring people in every day to tell people about the cowards and yes we had our laughs and stuff,but we did not think all were that way.I mean you honestly tell me,as old as I am,and i go to a gym every day and strengthen my muscles,with all that,do you really think you can tell me up to the face that I have 2 infractions?I mean this is just a terrible thought and please forgive me for this thought,but If I was having a bad day and you said that to my face,I could just see you with  your skimpy arms and legs and me going,"what did you say" and beating you into critical condition at a hospital,but again im sorry,but thats what I would have really done if you said that to me in real life.Now,as you may be thinking right now as of why i`m playing sa-mp is only because let`s start here.I come home from work and I play SA-mp and even made a server for my entertainment,ok,so theres one of your questions answered,so now lets move on to a second one you might be thinking like,why the sa-mp online detection icon states that im online at samp all the time,well,it`s because i leave my computer on with the webpages on 24/7 sometimes,but you can tell im not on all the time because i might be viewing my own forum for 12 hours and im still viewing it,well thats only because I stopped and went to bed or went somewhere such as work or the gym and left me last looking at my forum,but anyways to summarize and wrap this up,i want to say that you shouldn`t do what your doing now to me or anyone else.I mean,it does not get people to like you,i mean i can tell you right now that my vidoes on youtube get over 100 views per week and i have over 1,000 subscribers to watch it meaning I can talk shit about you on youtube all I want and you couldn`t do a single thing because youtube plays fair.I even have a website with my own forums I could flame you on because people come and talk to me there,but im not,because im not a bad person like that.Anyways,I hope this will teach you something later in life,if something ever happens one day,and i hope you have a great day!
  18.                   Best  Regards,
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  21. From :  michaelw352
  22. To :    dugi
  23. Date :  2010-08-28 23:31
  24. Title : Re: You have received an infraction at SA-MP Forums
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  26. dude,seriously,get a life and stop wasting your everyday here,dont you have a girlfriend or something,dont you have friends?If you ban me,i just register a new account,so,STFU
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  29. From :  michaelw352
  30. To :    dugi
  31. Date :  2010-08-28 23:33
  32. Title : Re: You have received an infraction at SA-MP Forums
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  34. You Have No Life At All,why don`t you come try to tell that to my face,i`d beat the living shit out of you then I would take my shotgun and kill you
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