Girls in the Hood (Quick Summary 1-20)

Sep 28th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Prologue
  3. Jun practices yoyo tricks on a rooftop, senses a witch that causes her to drop her bag of candy.
  4. Witch is in an unusual hunting ground, approaching children in a street.
  5. Just as she is about to transform, an earthquake happens, causing her to drop her soul gem and yoyo. She chases after the soul gem before it breaks.
  7. Electronic screen
  8. Nanashi (anon) is texting about wanting to be rescued from her tower. She wonders if it's Rapunzel Syndrome or Cinderella Syndrome.
  10. Mitsune (who posts to a message board anonymously) is watching a performance, comments how she enjoys it before the earthquake happens. She feels something land in her hood and freaks out.
  12. Nanashi: My first time outside in a long while, and a falling object almost hit me. An ambulance would have been called if it fell a few cm closer lol.
  15. 1
  17. Mitsune contemplates returning the yoyo to its owner or handing it into a police box, but is worried about how hard it would be to talk to the person. She heads back to the base of the building it fell from and runs up the stairs to the roof because the elevator stopped working due to the earthquake. Comments that stairs are too much for a hikikomori.
  19. Jun and Mitsune run into each other and fall down the stairs. They ask each other if they're okay. Jun says she was in a hurry to grab her soul gem, to which Mitsune seems confused about. She describes it as jewelry, Mitsune holds out her hand and asks if it looked like this yoyo. Jun says she couldn't see Kyubey and fulfill her contract without it. Mitsune returns the yoyo to her, saying it fell into her hood.
  21. The yoyo was a special prize she cherishes. She talks about how her memories of using it are precious to her. Asks Mitsune if she was frightened by the sudden yoyo dropping on her, to which she says it was fine (but only because she didn't have time to react). Witch barrier appears right on them.
  23. Mitsune freaks out, thinking the labyrinth is a dream. Jun says it is, and to close her eyes. Jun says she will protect her, so don't open her eyes no matter what. Jun transforms.
  26. 2
  28. Battle ensues, Mitsune is keeping her eyes closed, wondering what is happening, then decides to peek. Jun kills the witch, but Mitsune collapses afer seeing what's happening. Jun tells her it's all a dream. Mitsune wakes up outside, Jun tells her she collapsed after delivering the yoyo to her on the stairs, and carried her out the building. Mitsune questions how she was carried out alone down stairs, Jun realizes her strength as a mahou shoujo is a bit crazy compared to a normal human. Jun asks if she can stand.
  30. Mitsune mentions she has little strength since she is indoors all the time. Jun is surprised she struggles to even stand up, Mitsune lashes out that she's hikikomori. She hates going to school and hates leaving her room. Jun comments that isn't so bad. If she can yell that loudly she must be feeling well enough. They exchange names and find out they're in the same grade. Jun offers to treat her, Mitsune is confused because she was the one saved. Jun is more than happy to since her yoyo was saved. Asks Mitsune if she's changing her mind or if she's still not feeling well. Jun persists on taking Mitsune somewhere, but Mitsune loses her voice and realizes she's getting scared.
  32. Nanashi: Do you know about hikikomori having weak vocal cords? If you shout, your voice weakens, right?
  34. On a train, Jun asks what Mitsune is doing on her phone as she hits send. Mitsune says she's on the internet, to which Jun says she must like it. Train announces next stop is Sankyoin Educational School. Mitsune asks where they're going, Jun says somewhere nice.
  37. 3
  39. Mitsune asks if this area is where Jun lives, Jun says when she was little she did, but her parents transfer around. Her current home is in Chuo Ward and doesn't want to move anymore.
  40. Mitsune looks down again, Jun asks if she really is not feeling well, but Mitsune says she still feels like she had a bad dream. Jun reassures her it was just a dream.
  42. They arrive at a candy store. "Tomorrow Shop," the best candy store in Japan! Jun greets the old woman there, asking for 2 of the usual Ramune. Mitsune searches for money, but Jun tells her it's her treat for the day. Jun really likes Ramune. Two little girls greet Jun and ask who the other girl is. Jun says to make friends, so the girls ask Mitsune to play with them, but Mitsune can't get her voice out.
  44. Jun asks one of the girls if she wants to practice yoyo. The girl was in awe of the boy that plays yoyo with them. Other girl asks if Jun won a yoyo tournament. First girl says she wants to walk the dog, second girl asks Mitsune if she knows how to yoyo. Mitsune doesn't know what they mean by walk the dog. Jun calls them amateurs.
  46. 4
  48. Little girls say Mitsune is good at playing with a yoyo, one says she always just drops it to the ground. Jun comes back and spills candy out of her jacket, telling them to eat whatever they want. Little boy shows up and asks Jun for recommendations on what to buy, Jun asks what his budget it. Boy has 260 yen. Jun says ice cream bar, Fusen gum, or mini chocolates. Jun tells him when they're all done eating they should join her in a coin game.
  50. Mitsune is amazed by how loved Jun is. She thinks how she wishes she was born more social and willing to go to school. Girl wants Jun to show her how to walk the dog, but Jun says she needs to learn how to stop the yoyo in the air, but she can't because of how she winds the yoyo string. Girl asks Mitsune to show her how. Mitsune just says she winds it how Jun showed her earlier, kids are impressed. Mitsune thinks how this is the first time in her life she's talked to this many people in person, wondering what changed her today.
  52. Nanashi: Someday a prince will come and rescue me from this tower lol.
  54. Mitsune looks back to Jun and thinks maybe she will change for the better by following her.
  55. Mitsune wins the coin game and gets lots of money back, kids are impressed.
  56. Kid asks what time it is, it's 6 PM.
  57. Mitsune has to go home, declines being walked home by Jun. Jun says see you at tomorrow shop.
  58. Mitsune thinks about things like "It was fun, see you tomorrow" that she wasn't able to say.
  59. She decides to send a message, but doesn't know what to say, so she looks up templates on the net.
  60. "Thank you for taking time out of your busy day today." ...
  61. "Sincerely thank you so much." ...
  62. Mitsune yells out "These are for businessmen!"
  63. She finds a template for how to thank someone you just met for the first time.
  64. "Today was fun! Let's go drinking again some time."
  65. She wonders if that works since they had Ramune.
  66. She finally sends a message.
  67. "I don't go outside very often, but today was a good day. This was my first time at a candy shop, but it was fun playing at such a reasonable price! Anyways that coin game lol, I think it might be occult since I quadrupled my coins. My worry level increases for the management at that store..."
  68. Jun doesn't even know who the message was from.
  70. 5
  72. Mitsune is on a train, wondering how to greet Jun. She starts imagining saying different things.
  73. "...H, hey, it's been a while."
  74. She thinks it hasn't even been 24 hours yet, can't use that!
  75. "...Wh, what a coincidence, I was just on my way home from school, too."
  76. She didn't go to school, can't use that!
  77. She arrives at Sankyoin School's stop.
  79. Nanashi: I'm going out 2 days in a row, I'm escaping hikikomori life--!!!!
  80. Nanashi: That's why I took the initiative...
  82. Kids run up to old lady again today, saying they want to play, who welcomes them in turn. Mitsune sees that Jun is already there. She hesitates walking over, and sees Kanae. Kanae walks up to the owner, who notices she is a first time customer. She returns her purse that was left at Mikazuki Manor. Old lady thanks her and asks if she wants anything for her trouble. Kanae says she was just passing by on her way to the music store. She tries to walk off, but Jun steps in front of her, asking her what the rush is, she should relax a bit. Kanae asks who Jun is. Mitsune tries to listen from a distance.
  84. Flashback to a younger Yachiyo and Mifuyu, who have short hair and long hair.
  85. Old lady asks Kanae about a close friend that was always with Nanami-san, who went by Yacchan.
  86. She says the name sounds familiar, but can't remember. Kanae asks if she means Mifuyu. Lady says that's what it was, those two are always so cute. Kanae mentions that one of them ended up a celebrity. Nanami-san is often in magazines now. Kids ask Kanae if she knows her, she says she's a friend.
  88. Mitsune still isn't sure what to do, thinks people will start thinking she's a stalker. She doesn't want to move forward, so she decides to take a detour and just go home. She heads down an alleyway and hears a noise.
  90. 6
  92. Kanae loses at a coin game. Says she ran out of money so it's time to go, thanks them for the nostalgic game. Boy runs up to Jun saying there's a huge incident. The ghost of a woman appeared. Other kids don't believe him, say it was probably a cat or raccoon dog again. Jun dispatches the Tomorrow-Shop Kids Detective Team.
  94. Boy leads Jun to a woman standing alone, searches for magic. Jun sends the kids to split up as a separate team and investigate the park since alleyways are dangerous. She sees a barrier behind the woman, saying she could be mistaken for a ghost. Inside the labyrinth, Jun sees that several girls, including Mitsune, are caught. Kanae was already inside, saying the story of a ghost was suspicious. Kanae says she will kill the witch, so Jun should just wait outside. Jun says her friend's life is at stake and takes off, so Kanae just says whatever.
  96. 7
  98. Witch is killed without issue. Jun says she doesn't want the grief seed, she just wanted to help Mitsune and the others. Kanae says she doesn't like this story. Kanae says she doesn't like seeing girls from other territories, it's too much of a hassle. Jun says her school is in Daito, but she lives in Chuo. Kanae says being neither in east or west must be complicated. Kanae says to take her friend, but leave the rest of the people to her. Jun thanks her.
  100. Mitsune wakes up in a park, asks if she fainted again, thinking it's scary being so weak. Kids say they were looking for a ghost, but Jun found Mitsune unconscious. Jun thanks the detective team for their work, Mitsune thanks everyone. Mitsune says she wants to go home since she's tired, says she's okay to walk since they're near a station. Jun once again says see you at tomorrow shop, Mitsune smiles back and says yes.
  102. Jun is talking to Kyubey at home, who mentions what Kanae says is true, the situation in Kamihama is troublesome. Kyubey asks why Jun hasn't heard there's territory invasions happening, doesn't she talk to other girls? Jun says she has no friends her age. Kyubey says she is good at becoming friends with younger children. Jun says it's only because she feeds them!
  104. Jun's mother knocks on her door, saying she has something to tell her. She goes to the living room, and asks what's wrong with her father. Both of her parents look upset.
  106. Mitsune says she remembers Jun talking to someone in the back alley. They were talking about something important. She remembers hearing Kanae say territory, mahou shoujo, police. What did she mean by that?
  108. 8
  110. Search: Mahou Shoujo Police
  111. Search: Sankyo Ward Territory Ghost
  112. Search: Tomorrow Shop Candy Rumor
  114. Mitsune finds something on the shop. A land shark was coming to buy it. Suddenly one day, they stopped going after the shop. A ghost was seen in the neighborhood, occult incidents are reported. Rumors of spirit spots. Mitsune has found a link to what's going on.
  116. Kids return to the candy shop the next day, ask Jun to go to Suitoku Temple with them, because they heard there's a power spot there. Jun asks if they even know what that means.
  118. Search: Suitoku Power Spot
  120. Jun spots Mitsune hanging out near the store, asks if she came over to play. Mitsune quietly says she did. That evening the kids say the temple was just ordinary after all. They enjoyed seeing a garden there, though. Boy wants to try another game tomorrow, saying he will win. Jun asks Mitsune if she would referee. Mitsune doesn't know the rules, but would watch. Mitsune thinks about how much she's improved already talking to people, thanks to Jun.
  122. Angry guy shows up, Jun says it's a land shark. She knows him a little, but he isn't after the Tomorrow Shop. Mitsune thinks the rumors on the net must be true. That night, Mitsune thinks Jun must be involved in the rumors. She lingers on the phrase mahou shoujo, recalling when she opened her eyes and saw Jun fighting something in different clothes. She's certain she wasn't dreaming, and Jun's existence is special. She wants to know what is going on, and why Jun is mixing truth with lies.
  124. Category: Urban Legends and rumors
  125. *Region: Kamihama City
  127. Title: Nanashi File
  129. There is an old candy shop in xxx of Sankyo Ward. Police and security are often involved with it. They come in contact with a girl through this store. This girl is called a "mahou shoujo." She is a girl that uses occult powers and special abilities, capable of solving unsolved mysteries that were caused by paranormal phenomena. An organization has tried to buy the store to learn the truth...
  131. Nanashi: Is this really it??
  132. Nanashi: It's a common scene.
  133. Nanashi: I saw this in a drama yesterday lol.
  135. Mitsune hears yelling outside her room. Someone yells out "What is this? It's about Tomorrow Shop! I mean, it's total nonsense! Who wrote this!?" She hears it outside her window, thinking it's someone in the next apartment.
  137. フッド (hood)
  138. 1. hood, headgear
  139. 2. きんじょ (頭巾)(Neighborhood), slang for neighborhood
  141. 9
  143. At the candy shop the next day, shop owner and Jun are both surprised that Mitsune is actually their neighbor. She shyly says it's because she rarely leaves her house. Jun comments even after getting to know each other she wouldn't even let her walk her home. Jun laughs that after she yelled about what she read, she got a message from Mitsune asking if that was her yelling just now. Mitsune looks happy to know Jun is also on the net. Jun's been on the internet forever, always saying nice things about the Tomorrow Shop, saying it's the best! Old lady is happy to hear it.
  145. Mitsune asks Jun what she saw before she sent the message (even though she already knows). Jun says she saw a strange post talking about a candy store in Kamihama. Something about an urban legend... but she... forgot.
  147. The music shop's owner enters a studio room to Kanae playing guitar, asking her how her playing is going. Kanae asks if it's already time. He says the store is free, and asks if he's in the way. Kanae smiles and says no. Kanae usually avoids playing classic sounds like MOUSE, but says it's good. The owner says it's surprising, it's an effect from 40 years ago. Everyone wants to use digital sounds these days. It's a retro sound. Kanae says it's genuine, so people should use it. Kanae packs up and leaves the studio after a while.
  149. Mitsune comes outside early today, knowing Jun can't hide her secret by lying. She sees Kanae talking to Kyubey nearby. Kanae senses a witch and runs off, Mitsune follows, wondering what that creature was.
  151. 10
  153. Mitsune wonders what Kanae is looking for. Kanae finds a witch, but realizes there's a stronger one nearby. Kyubey says she should hurry. They run off to the other witch, but Mitsune can see the weaker barrier, wondering what it is. Kanae mentions the weaker one was a familiar's labyrinth, but this one must be a witch's. Mitsune says when she looks at the strange thing, her eyes start flickering in pain.
  155. Mitsune is taken into the labyrinth, and she mentions it's the same as when she saw Jun. A familiar attacks her and she falls to the ground. She wonders if she is going to die, asking for Jun to save her. Jun shows up just in time and attacks. Jun says she felt a strange magic, got curious, and sure enough found something bad.
  157. Jun is disappointed it was only a familiar. Mitsune thanks her, but Jun says she doesn't have to. Mitsune isn't hurt. Jun forgets to transform back and is caught. She says she will explain if they go somewhere safer. She says there's no way Mitsune would believe her if she said it was a squid alien cosplay. Mitsune asks if she is what is called a mahou shoujo. She admits that she wrote about the Tomorrow Shop and the rumor of a mahou shoujo. She realizes this is the third time now that Jun has rescued her.
  159. They talk about how she was attacked three times in a row, and that Jun has incredible stamina to be fighting like that. Mitsune says this was a good thing since she's been rescued from her tower. Jun is completely confused as to what that means. Kanae comes back and finds the familiar gone. She apologizes for being late, then tells Jun to put her transformation away. Jun completely forgot, Mitsune laughs about it.
  162. 11
  164. Kanae tells Mitsune about what she just saw while Jun transforms back to normal clothes. Mitsune already understands that what she saw was like the ghost from before. She can see Kyubey and wonders why it can talk. Jun says Kyubey is like a mascot, and begins explaining witches, familiars, and magic. Mitsune asks if she is aware of the police reports, then asks Kanae about the government trying to find the secret base inside Tomorrow Shop. Jun quickly tells her that's not what mahou shoujo are about! Kanae also reassures her there's some misunderstandings.
  166. Mitsune mentions again that she rarely goes outside. Kanae says it must have been scary witnessing a disaster for her first time out in a while. Mitsune says she is scared, but it's okay because Jun would protect me, right? Jun smiles and says that's part of her job. Mitsune starts blushing, saying maybe it was Jun's magic that brought her outside in the first place. Kanae and Jun aren't quite sure about that.
  168. 12
  170. Nanashi: When you were a kid, did you try to reach the end of a rainbow??
  172. It's raining heavily outside the candy store. Jun says they should make a teru teru bouzu to make it sunny. Girl doesn't know how to make one. Short time later it becomes sunny, kids are cheering. Mitsune says she can see a rainbow. Kids say they can see the end of it, Jun asks if they want to go see. Mitsune says it's all the way towards the mountain, but Jun says they can take trains and buses to reach it. Mitsune isn't sure, but Jun quickly rallies the detective squad to go. Mitsune thinks maybe with Jun's magic it would be possible to get to the rainbow.
  174. They take a bus to the riverbed, Mitsune says it's still too far away. They take another bus. They arrive at a bridge, girl says it's still too far away. Jun says to keep trying. They arrive at a road with houses, Jun says the mountain is just up ahead. Everyone is still excited to go.
  176. Jun notices Mitsune looking down, asks her if she's tired. Mitsune says she hasn't gone on a trip like this since elementary school. The kids tell her it's not a trip, it's exploration! Green girl says Mitsune onee-chan is looking brighter than before. Mitsune is smiling to herself, Jun asks her if something is wrong. Mitsune says she never imagined she would be doing this.
  178. They reach a high point in the mountain with a rest area. The kids say this was where the rainbow was from the Tomorrow Shop, but it's not here now.
  180. Search: End of rainbow
  182. Mitsune says where the rainbow appears depends on where you view it from. Since they moved, the rainbow also moved. They absolutely can't get to the end of the rainbow. Kids are disappointed. Mitsune says in different countries, there's a legend that a pot of gold is buried at the end of a rainbow, but it's more like chasing a dream that will never come true.
  184. Boy yells at them to come look at what he found. They look over the city and see a ring of light around the sun. The kids ask if that's also a rainbow, but Mitsune says it's something a little different. Jun laughs and asks them if it was still worth coming here. Kids are happy again. Mitsune is happy, thinking maybe she shouldn't just look things up like that. She looks over to the ring of light, thinking it must be Jun's magic that made all of this happen.
  186. 13
  188. Evening at the candy shop, Mitsune and owner were waiting for Jun to show up. She tells Jun she was waiting since noon, which shocks Jun. Mitsune says even in her room, she doesn't have anything to do. She still can't bring herself to go to school. Mitsune says she still isn't good at making friends. Jun says she also can't really make friends, but still goes to school. She says when she was little, kids would hang out around here, but once she got to junior high school, they stopped showing up, leaving only her.
  190. Mitsune says she has always struggled to talk to kids since she was little. She has always been scared to go outside or go to school. Even when she met Jun she was scared, but, maybe, Jun has cast a spell on her. Jun says mahou shoujo don't really work like that. Mitsune says Jun was able to make land sharks stop going after Tomorrow Shop, so isn't that also her magic? Jun says that was her magic, but it's a different story. Jun says she found a pot of gold. A miracle happened, but not as big as Mitsune thinks it is.
  192. Kanae shows up on a motorcycle. She says she just bought it because of her part-time job. She asks if they can continue the conversation. Jun starts explaining the store was indeed saved by a miracle. It has always been protected by the old lady, who has always had good intentions with the place. Jun has always supported the place, but she's always been alone. If something like this were to happen again, Jun wouldn't be able to save it. That's more or less how a mahou shoujo's power works.
  194. Mitsune still doesn't really understand. She says she longs for the Jun that can do everything she can't. Mitsune says out loud maybe she should also make a wish. Jun yells out absolutely do not become a mahou shoujo! Mitsune is startled, then says she's going home. She starts tearing up as she says bye. Jun looks shocked and calls out to her.
  196. Kanae asks if they can chat, saying it's useless to chase after her right now. Kanae hands her a helmet and asks her to get on the back of her bike to go talk somewhere else.
  198. 14
  200. Now night, Kanae pulls over at a boardwalk or pier, Jun asks if she comes to this cool place often. Kanae says she no, she just bought the bike so she wanted to take a long drive. She says its calming to watch the sea. Jun thanks her.
  202. Kanae wants to talk about Mitsune, saying she's an oddity that has the qualities for becoming mahou shoujo. She could see Kyubey, but Jun mentions that Kyubey wasn't going after Mitsune for a contract. Kanae is worried that even though that's true now, Kyubey may be waiting for the opportunity to show. Kanae asks if she told Mitsune about wishes and contracts, but Jun hasn't, only witches and familiars. Kanae warns that she should tell everything to Mitsune before Kyubey pushes her.
  204. Jun says the problem isn't that Mitsune shouldn't contract, it's that Mitsune overestimates her. Mitsune acts like a chick that just saw her mother for the first time, and now she's dreaming of becoming a mahou shoujo. Everything that's happened to improve Mitsune's life has just been pure coincidence up to this point. Jun just wants Mitsune to start going out and socializing without magic. Kanae asks if Jun will continue to help her little by little. Jun says she is moving away from Kamihama.
  206. Flashback of Jun's mother asking her if she is awake, saying there's something she needs to tell her. Kyubey is in the room with Jun.
  208. Jun says the decision was sudden. Soon the day she can't say "See you at the tomorrow shop" will come. A girl's magic is a one-time use, after that they are stuck fighting witches. She used her magic to save the store in a pinch. Kanae asks if that's really all that is important to her. Jun remembers the kids and Mitsune, then says she thought nothing was more important than the Tomorrow Shop, but realizes there's other important things to her now. Kanae laughs and Jun thanks her. She says thanks to talking with Kanae, she has cleared her head and knows what to do now. She decides it may be better to talk a little instead of just vanishing from everyone's lives.
  210. Kanae offers a ride back home. Jun thanks her and hands Kanae her last stick of gum. Kanae accepts and grabs it, but it snaps on her finger like a mousetrap. Jun laughs, saying it's actually a bad toy that looks like gum. After telling a serious story, she managed to catch Kanae off guard! Kanae just looks away, saying Jun is a weirdo after all.
  212. 15
  214. Jun arrives at her house, saying she thought curfew would be stricter. She thinks about how such dangerous info was found online. Jun goes to a store nervously. She wants to buy something weird, but reassures herself it's not to make something bad. She buys a bunch of ingredients and goes home.
  216. Ring and a message on a phone: I have something to tell you, can you meet today?
  218. Mitsune goes to the candy store with Jun waiting for her there. Mitsune thinks to herself it hasn't been that long, but it feels like a long time since they last met. Grandmother goes to the back of the store since she feels it's going to be a serious talk. Jun bluntly says she's moving next week.
  220. Jun explains the rest of mahou shoujo life to Mitsune. She says she isn't exactly a human anymore, and sometimes she has to save people. She doesn't have the kind of magic that Mitsune is dreaming of. Mitsune thinks to herself ("She's not... a prince?"). Jun says that she won't be able to be around to protect Mitsune anymore. Jun says that to protect yourself, protect others, and make your dreams come true, you have to do it yourself.
  222. Jun also mentions that Mitsune has qualities to become a mahou shoujo, and the opportunity may come. Mitsune questions that she shouldn't contract. Jun asks if she really wants to fight those monsters she saw. Mitsune asks what she should do if she gets attacked again. Jun says that while yes, she was attacked several times already, she should prove you don't need magic. Mitsune asks what she means by that. Jun laughs.
  224. 16
  226. The next evening, Jun is complaining about having extra lessons making her late even though she's about to move. Jun asks where Mitsune and the kids are. Grandmother says they went to the next ward to explore, and Mitsune went with them. She says it's rare for them to have to wait for Jun. Jun thinks to herself that maybe Mitsune is already working hard to get used to being outside. They went to a new park in Shinsei Ward, near an abandoned construction site. Jun sends a message to Mitsune, and waits for a reply.
  228. Kanae shows up again, wondering where the kids are today. Jun asks if she can ride on the back of Kanae's bike again. Kanae asks if she liked it that much. They drive to the construction site, looking for the park. They find the kids frowning, and ask where Mitsune is. They say they went into an abandoned building with Mitsune.
  230. Mitsune found a witch and tells them to run away. The boy asks what a witch is, but Mitsune changes her story, saying she sees a pillar that's about to break. Two kids run away, but the pink girl says she lost her smartphone. Mitsune tells her to run away and she will look for it.
  232. Jun feels the witch's presence, asking if it's that building over there. Kanae says it's far away. Jun says "What a troublesome princess." Jun tells Kanae to watch the kids, she'll borrow the motorcycle. Kanae doesn't even get a chance to tell her to stop, and watches as Jun takes it, no license, no helmet. She looks to the kids and tells them... it'll be.. okay?
  234. 17
  236. Inside the building, Jun has somehow managed to stop the motorcycle. She says she should have asked how to drive it first. She searches different floors. She finds Mitsune still outside the barrier. Mitsune asks why she's here. She heard from the kids. Mitsune finally found the smartphone the kid dropped. They get trapped in the labyrinth.
  238. Jun says "Too late, what a waste of time, you are." Mitsune thinks Jun meant her and apologizes, but Jun asks why she's saying sorry. Jun says this witch might be the strongest one she's seen yet. Mitsune asks why she isn't transforming. Jun says to drop dead. Mitsune asks why!? Jun says she will prove she can kill it without magic. Jun starts laughing, saying the next time she saw a witch she was going to have something prepared.
  240. Jun holds out something. Mitsune says it looks like a pipe. Jun says it's actually a homemade bomb. Anyone can buy these ingredients anywhere. The timer, the igniter, all kinds of things. The witch starts attacking, Jun tells Mitsune to get back. Mitsune says it's impossible. Jun quotes her, saying "I don't know if I should, right?" Jun said she managed to get closer without being hit. She wants to have an escape ready. Jun gets ready to throw the bomb.
  242. 18
  244. Jun gets hit by the witch, but says it's just a scratch. She says she only got hit because she was getting candy. She pulls out a bright colored bag of candy and eats it. She gets a sugar high, saying she won't fail now! Mitsune is more worried than hopeful. Jun throws the bomb, but the witch doesn't go down with the explosion. Jun says it did work, and the barrier is about to collapse, so they need to run.
  246. They leave the barrier, and Jun sets another bomb, but this one has a timer. Jun says the bike is parked down below, so they need to leave the building fast. Jun asks if Mitsune is ready to get out of this "tower." She is. Mitsune notices it smells like gas. Jun says there must be a gas leak. It's gathered near where the time bomb was set, so they need to hurry! They make it to the ground floor, Mitsune notices Kanae's bike. Jun tells her to get on the bike and hold on tight.
  248. The bomb goes off, blowing up the entire building, while they ride off on Kanae's motorcycle. Mitsune freaks out, telling Jun to slow down or she's going to fall off! Jun says it's fine, just hold on! Mitsune asks that, maybe, Jun doesn't know how to actually stop? Jun doesn't say anything, which makes Mitsune even more scared.
  250. They arrive back at the park, covered in smoke. Mitsune says she's never heard such a loud explosion before. Jun says she didn't think the gas would ignite. Kanae wonders what in the world all of that was. Jun is at a loss for words on how to explain it.
  252. 19
  254. Kanae gets the explanation that the witch was killed with bombs, without magic. The only reason the building completely blew up was because of a gas leak. People nearby start yelling out about the explosion. Jun explains the rest, saying it's fine the building blew up since they found the girl's smartphone and protected something important. No one would believe her if she told the truth about using bombs. Since there was a gas leak, that would be the obvious conclusion. Mitsune says she will talk about it too, but she's worried if she will get suspended or expelled from school. Jun replies that Mitsune doesn't go to school anyway. Mitsune comes back and mentions that Jun is transfering anyway. They laugh, while Kanae is stunned, but glad everyone is okay.
  256. Later, Kanae returns to the building, and finds the witch barrier still standing in the rubble. She defeats it and makes it disappear. She says "Sorry, but you can't just easily blow up witches like this." She will silently take care of this problem and let it go, since this is her territory after all. She's fine with cleaning up the mess.
  258. 20
  260. A few days later, evening outside of the candy store. Grandmother says it'll be lonely without Jun around. Jun says she hopes she lives a long time. She says as long as there's customers she won't be dying anytime soon. The kids apologize for any troubles they've caused Jun. The boy asks if Jun was okay talking to the fire station. Jun says they were glad no one got hurt. Jun spoke to them honestly, and they wouldn't investigate further. They thought it was some explosives already there, and since the building was planned to be demolished anyway, it was fine.
  262. Mitsune shows up. Grandmother tells Jun to go say goodbye to her. Mitsune is already tearing up. Mitsune doesn't want to say goodbye, but Jun says in life there's goodbyes and new meetings. Mitsune starts crying, so Jun hands her a stick of gum. She says its a farewell gift. Mitsune thanks her, and gets snapped. Jun laughs that she caught another with her toy. Mitsune starts yelling "What are you thinking? I was being serious!" Jun says it's good to have that kind of energy.
  264. Jun tells Mitsune she can become whatever she wants to be without relying on magic, even if it's something that looks impossible right now. Slowly, and little by little. Jun says if you take care of yourself and keep that happy face, they'll meet again someday. So, someday, see you at the Tomorrow Shop again!
  266. Nanashi: I'm always lol, just someone that gets by without going outside.
  268. Nanashi: >>25 There's a high chance I'll go back to being a hikikomori.
  270. Mitsune reflects on the last words Jun told her. She says it's impossible for her to change. A quick shot of Kyubey outside is shown.
  272. ---
  274. 2 years later
  276. Jun is on a rooftop with a bag full of candy, saying it's been a long time since she's seen Kamihama. She wonders if that certain someone is doing well.
  278. Flashbacks of destruction throughout Kamihama are shown.
  280. Flashback of the grandmother is shown, she says "If I go back to the Tomorrow Shop... I'll have the same as usual."
  282. She decides to go show her face to the shop and see Mitsune and the old lady again.
  284. "Someday, I'll see you at the Tomorrow Shop again!"
  286. The End
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