Great [Monster] Journey 22

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  1. “There isn’t any chance we could talk this out, is there?”
  3. Another growl. Seira slowly walked toward him.
  5. “Of course there isn’t.”
  7. He honestly couldn’t tell if Seira’s anger was directed at him, for offering himself to Mino, or at Mino, for being a slime. If it was the former, at least he’d be able to protect himself. Mino was in no such state. However, Mino didn’t allow him time to ponder his next move.
  9. The puddle pounced with such ferocity that Galen stumbled backwards. His entire crotch area was instantly undulated in the cool touch of slime. Somehow Mino had kept her body chilled in this burning-hot environment, and the contrast made Galen’s brow shoot upward in surprise. Steam came off his body where Mino touched it. Galen had just enough time to watch the steam rise before Mino started working.
  11. He gasped, trying to claw Mino off. While he had every intention of helping her, now was NOT the time. “C’mon, Mino, not now!”
  13. If she heard him, his pleas meant nothing. A swirl of current enveloped his length, beginning a deliberate pumping motion within the slime. Sybyll wasn’t exaggerating when she said Mino would know what to do. Even as nothing more than a mindless puddle, each of Mino’s stroke sent shivers down Galen’s spine. He almost stopped to bask in her pleasures, but another growl and the stomping feet of a certain manticore brought him back to the present. Galen spun back to Seira.
  15. She was sprinting, now. He had mere seconds.
  17. Mustering all the willpower he had, Galen forced his wearied body to stand, attempting to block out Mino’s caresses at the same time. His fists curled up as tight as they could possibly go and he glared at Seira with a ferocity to match his will. He tossed his pants away, knowing they’d only be a bother half-on, and there was no way Mino would let him pull them back up. Just as he let them go and braced himself, Seira pounced.
  19. Galen attempted to spin out of the way and let Seira’s momentum bounce off of him, but the fatigue of his journey and the constant assault of pleasure on his groin dulled his reflexes. While the mass of her body missed, her paw still caught him square in the chest and sent him rolling along the ground. He let out a grunt, immediately tensing up his chest in reaction to the strike, then shook off the pain as he struggled to his feet. Seira came again with a charge, and this time caught Galen still recovering. An embarrassing yelp of surprise escaped his mouth, the tackle taking the wind out of him. They tumbled over the dusty-red ground, Seira’s paws seizing Galen’s shoulders while her feet’s claws dug into his shins and her tail wrapped them up together.
  21. When they finally came to a halt, Galen somehow found himself on top but still dizzy from the tussle. He shook his head, trying to clear his vision. A thousand different sensations pounded on his brain at once. Mino was still working furiously on his member, Seira’s claws were digging into his skin, that tail kept constricting tighter and tighter, and the sweet scent of the Lands threatened to steal his sanity once more. His eyes flew as wide open as possible and he screamed, still facing Seira.
  25. Seira still fought, Mino still stroked, the Lands still beat down on him and his body still burned for rest, but for a brief moment, Galen’s mind was his own. And that was all he needed.
  27. He broke Seira’s grip by striking her elbows with his forearms. Once her paws were off, he went straight to Toneruth and pulled it free. The blade was hardly a knife, but Galen didn’t need anything more. He plunged the sword into her heart, gritting his teeth as the cold bite of the sword gnawed at his hand. Seira squealed and squirmed in pain and surprise, but her tail still bound them together. Huffing, Galen twisted the blade, wincing a bit in the reaction it caused, but it did the trick. Her tail came off, and Galen was instantly on his feet again, Toneruth held out in front of him.
  29. His conscience just now caught up to him, nagging at him about whether or not that was truly necessary, whether he’d gone to far, and if he’d done all he could to prevent this situation.
  31. Seira’s threatening growl shut that voice up rather quickly. She pounced forward, paw outstretched, and took a swipe at Galen’s head. He ducked under the blow, then threw all his weight behind a punch to her kidney under the striking arm. His fist gave a satisfying sound as it connected, but he’d thrown too much of himself behind the blow. He stumbled. Seira, however, had no problem taking the punch. The Lands had whipped her into a frenzy, and nothing short of an avalanche would stop her. Spit flying from her mouth, she brought a fist down on Galen’s back. It forced the air from his lungs and sent him face-first into the ground.
  33. Not a breath later, she’d pinned him down, their bodies facing opposite directions. Her upper paws seized his legs and pushed them down while her tail coiled around his face and neck. She shifted the grip on his legs to one paw, allowing the other to swipe at Mino. Slime flew everywhere. Her claws raked into Galen’s skin on his rear, but not nearly as badly as he thought they would. Grunting, he writhed and fought under Seira, but couldn’t throw her off. Unfortunately, he’d also landed with Toneruth underneath him and couldn’t bring it to bear to startle Seira off like last time. Frustration boiled to the surface. He wanted to scream at his own helplessness.
  35. It was then Mino shifted her tactics. Apparently a simple swirling stroke wasn’t getting Galen off fast enough. A dozen simulated tongues began lapping at his shaft while a pair of lips closed on his base and started moving up and down along his length. Galen’s eyes slammed shut. His hips started squirming more viciously, savoring Mino’s touch, while Galen fought to hold his concentration. Pushing Mino out of his head had been hard enough before, but in this position, helpless as he was under Seira, there wasn’t much else to occupy him.
  37. “P-please, Mino…”
  39. At the mention of the slime’s name, Seira’s tail tightened on Galen’s neck. He hacked mid-breath, moving his free hand to her tail and attempting to wretch it off. All his pulling amounted to nothing, however, leaving Seira free to swipe at the slime surrounding his waist, and Mino free to work faster and faster. Mino’s lips seized his member and swallowed with purpose. Her tongues coiled, licked, and caressed every inch of his length. Even as Seira tore more and more of the slime away, the suction and grip Mino held him with intensified. Galen struggled to breathe through Seira’s chocking tail, any thought of escape replaced with a need to release. His hips sought to thrust further into the ravenous slime, however pointless the action might be. As if sensing Galen’s impending climax, Seira roared at the sky and sunk her claws into Galen’s sides.
  41. But he was too far gone.
  43. With a moan twisted by pleasure and pain, Galen erupted into Mino, the orgasm reverberating through his body like a thousand tiny explosions. She eagerly accepted and consumed his seed, moving only faster at feeling his release. He mindlessly thrust again and again, giving up all he could to the wild pleasures. When Mino had drained the last spurt from him, he shivered, his body shutting down at the overstimulation.
  45. Seira hopped off Galen in order to roll him onto his back and expose his manhood where Mino clung tightest. Part of him told him to get up, to defend himself and Mino, but his limbs were as heavy as boulders. All he could do was hope Seira would come to her senses and Mino would be satisfied with what he’d already provided.
  47. He should’ve guessed luck would not be on his side.
  49. Mino had grown considerably despite all the slime Seira had tossed away. Instead of a formless puddle stuck to Galen’s crotch, a body had begun to form. While crude and unstable, Galen could recognize the legs and hips which had ridden him that night in the inn. She was definitely recovering… but that hardly meant she was stopping. The moment her legs formed, they locked around Galen’s waist and her hips began rocking up and down on his still-aching cock. Moaning, he threw his head back, panting as he tried to puzzle his way out of this situation.
  51. The sight served to incite Seira further. Her growl turned into a blood-curling scream and she raised a foot too stomp out Mino. Galen’s eyes widened when he saw the stomp was aimed right at his crotch and fought to roll away, but between his fatigue and Mino’s relentless fucking, he couldn’t muster the strength. He opened his mouth to scream--and was quite surprised to find something yank him out of harm’s way. Seira’s stomp crushed the ground where he’d been a moment before. She looked up to see what had saved Galen at the same time he did.
  53. “I am certain Mino’s body is feeling wonderful, but you will not win any spar by lying down as you were.”
  55. Sybyll stood over Galen, a claw holding the back of his shirt collar, that ever-passive stare on her face. Galen gaped at her. How could he have forgotten she was there? While she couldn’t do much directly in his fight with Seira, that didn’t mean she’d just stand around the whole time. Galen’s shocked visage shattered when a thrust from Mino’s still-forming body electrified his with a rapturous rhythm, throwing his concentration to the wind once more. He’d started thrusting back when Sybyll smacked him out of it and seized his shoulders, dragging him to his feet.
  57. “Do not lose your focus! This is not over yet.”
  59. He nodded. With Mino’s mass collecting, keeping his balance on his feet was growing difficult, especially knowing Seira would try to tackle him again. He planted his feet and faced Seira, using all his willpower to push thoughts of that tight, warming, pulsing pussy ravaging his member out of his mind. Almost like a challenge to Seira, Toneruth came up once again, ready to hold her off once more.
  61. She pounced in a blur. Her first strike, aimed for his head, came so fast he felt the wind scrape his scalp as he ducked. He yelped in surprise at her speed; her frenzy had pushed her beyond what he thought she was capable of. Spit flew out of her mouth on the second strike, aimed for his chest. He couldn’t bring himself to leap back with Mino’s weight wanting to pull him forward, but he was able to lean back far enough to avoid contact. Mino, however, was not so lucky, and the stump that had been her growing chest was swiped off by Seira’s paw. As if finally sensing the danger, two arms burst from Mino’s mass and wrapped around Galen’s neck as if in a hug. Her body pushed into his, still rocking back and forth, and thinned to spread out over his front. She also squeezed harder with her legs, drawing a stifled moan from Galen.
  63. When Seira’s third strike came at him, however, Galen found it somewhat easier to move around. With Mino’s body clinging so tight to him, his center of gravity was closer to what he was used to. He spun backwards out of the way of a slash meant for his left shoulder. A counterattack went for Seira’s kidney, but her wings took her over the strike. While in midair, she sent out a kick that connected with Galen’s face. His head snapped backwards, sending him stumbling. Again, Seira tried to bring him down, but his focus returned just in time for him to dodge out of the way.
  65. Panting, he brought Toneruth back up and prepared for her next attack. His legs weren’t moving as fast as he was used to, and sooner or later, Mino’s ministrations would intensify and break through his mental barriers like last time. Blood trickled down where Seira’s claws had dug into him. Compounded with the sheer speed and volume of Seira’s fighting, he came to one solemn conclusion: he was going to lose, sooner rather than later.
  67. He wracked his mind for alternate solutions, for tricks or tools to use, but the fact of the matter was they were out in the middle of a hostile land, worn and desperate, with each passing minute only worsening the situation. Even if Galen were to defeat Seira, what would become of it? They were about an hour out from the next waystone, assuming they kept the same pace as before, and there was no way Seira would let up while she was still able to walk. Mino might recover after draining Galen, but would she be of sound mind, or would she just keep fucking him until there was nothing left?
  69. Galen’s teeth dug into his cracked lower lip. This was such a stupid place to run into a wall! And for a stupid reason, too! The waypoint was broken? Seriously? Not just that, but if Mino had simply told him she was hungry before they set out, this could’ve been avoided! Blood seeped from his lip as he bit harder. Sybyll was right there, too, but all she could do was watch. Why did it have to be that way? Couldn’t she somehow get the power to touch other people and monsters just for a little while? It wasn’t asking much. This whole situation boiled his blood the more he thought about it.
  71. “Damnit, Seira, I don’t want to fight you!” he screamed, Toneruth shaking in his weak grip.
  73. Her eye flickered a moment, but her hesitation was nothing more than that. Again she came at him--at this time, he didn’t dodge. Or “couldn’t” may have been more accurate. Her shoulder took him full in the chest and brought him down hard. He grunted as pain exploded along his back, but the sensation was quickly overtaken by the thrusting hips still glued to his crotch. With Seira looming over Galen, pressing against the slime spreading across his chest and now developing into a full body, Mino must’ve felt a stronger sense of urgency and reacted. Strong currents flowed up and down his member, making Mino’s thrusts much smoother. She clutched his sensitive cock tighter now, her pussy matching him like a glove. Like before, a pair of lips appeared and closed over his tip before swallowing him whole. The lips moved opposite Mino’s thrusts, ensuring no rest from the torrent of pleasure. Galen moaned, raising his head as his resistance shattered.
  75. Seira snarled and raised her paw high. The look on her face bleed violent intention, a mix of fueled rage and determination. Galen struggled to squirm or roll out of the way, but Mino’s body was now large and heavy enough to pin him in his already exhausted state. There was no escaping the blow… and Galen didn’t know if Seira cared enough to avoid him. She wanted Mino off, the rest didn’t matter. Her muscles tensed. She growled.
  77. And was promptly pummeled to the ground by a shrieking harpy.
  79. Galen gaped at the space Seira had been occupying a second ago. His brain was still trying to catch up with what happened when another surge of pleasure struck his body. Wincing, he closed his eyes and unconsciously thrust into Mino. Her slime dominated his thoughts once again, the constant thrusts driving him to new heights. Breath shot out of his body and he started to pant. He wanted to look over to Seira to see what was happening, but Mino demanded his attention with every move she made. Her legs grew stronger and squeezed around his waist. Her head took shape and the arms hugging his neck pulled his head into her shoulder. With the immediate threat of Seira gone, nothing else mattered. Slime pussy, lips and current swirled, gripped, and stroked him for all he was worth. Wrapping his arms around Mino, he pulled her in even closer, and rammed his cock as deep as it would go into her body. Mino and Galen moaned simultaneously and he lost control.
  81. White-hot bliss exploded through his member as he came. Thick spurts of cum shot into Mino’s starving body and just like before, she coaxed every last drop from him. It was all he could do to cling to her, eyes squinted shut, and ride the orgasm out as long as possible. The fears of the moment melted away to Mino’s eager workings, his hands finding peace clutching her body.
  83. But when he collapsed onto the ground, spent, the heat, the stench, and the horror slammed into him once more. His hand searched around the ground for Toneruth, finding it after a few seconds of blind groping. He was lucky Seira hadn’t knocked it far away when she tackled him. With his muscles worn as they were, he could hardly sit up. Mino’s weight made standing all but impossible. Thankfully, after that last climax, she had stopped riding him. His softening member was still deep in her body, but she no longer groped or gripped it. He attempted a smile, but his face gave nothing more than a twitch. Even the corners of his mouth wouldn’t listen to him.
  85. Seira. His eyes shot up at the thought. He turned to where he’d seen her last, heart rate jumping through the roof despite all he’d been through. The sight told him things had only gotten worse.
  87. Two harpies, not just the one he’d sworn he’d seen, were on top of Seira, one straddling her waist and pinning her legs and tail while the other raked at Seira’s face with her talons. Seira was covering her vitals with her arms, but by the amount of her fur flying about, Galen knew she wouldn’t be lasting long at all.
  89. His legs exploded with energy, but it wasn’t enough to get him up. His face contorted with effort and pain. He struck the ground in frustration, but refused to give up. He’d pushed himself too hard to just quit now.
  91. “Mino! You have to get off me! I can’t get up like this!”
  93. “Hmm?” Her head rose up off his chest.
  95. He sighed in relief. She was acknowledging him now! And replying!
  97. “Get off! Seira needs my help and I can’t help her if I can’t get up!”
  99. “Scary Seira needs help?” She turned to Seira and the harpies, her face animated much like Galen’s had when he saw it. “Oh no!” She looked back to Galen, her eyes faltering. He must’ve looked as bad as he felt. “But you’re in no condi--“
  101. “That doesn’t matter!” He expressed his frustration by attempting to rise again, but this time Mino pushed him back down. When he opened his mouth to protest, Mino put a finger over it.
  103. “Let me help you.”
  105. Galen’s brow furrowed in confusion. Mino didn’t explain herself. Rather, she went straight to action. Her body began losing shape, spreading out over Galen’s body. Her cool touch reached to his ankles, his forearms, and up to his neck, clinging tight to his skin. He shivered when a small tentacle reached up from the goo and placed itself right outside his ear.
  107. “This is how I will help you! Whenever you try to move, I’ll add my strength to it too. That way, you can move above even when tired!”
  109. Galen’s eyes scanned the flowing red slime covering most of his body. He wasn’t exactly sure how Mino could pull this off, but he wasn’t in a position to ask questions. Seira didn’t have that kind of time. Instead, he nodded, tightened his grip on Toneruth, and stood.
  111. His body bounced up as if shocked, making Galen gasp in surprise. He stumbled forward, having a much harder time stopping himself than he expected. Every movement he made was amplified. Each time he tried to pull back on his legs to keep his momentum from running out of control one way, he’d end up stumbling back the other. Only after a few back-and-forths was he able to stabilize himself.
  113. “Any chance you could tone it down a bit?” he asked.
  115. “Sorry! I’m just getting used to it myself. I’ll try,” Mino replied.
  117. While he would’ve loved to test their arrangement out further before the fight, there was no time. Yelling at nothing, he brought the broken Toneruth up and charged at the harpies mauling Seira.
  119. The one holding her tail and legs heard his yell and reacted in time, taking to the air before he could get within striking distance, but the other was too focused on clawing off Seira’s face and didn’t turn until Galen was already upon her. Raising Toneruth above his head, he brought it down with a vicious stab right into her neck, huffing with intensity as the sword buried itself in the harpy’s body. She shrieked, her body dropping to the ground in a spasm. Galen pulled his head back, his ears ringing at the sheer volume of the harpy’s shriek, but before he could cover his ears, he found Mino had already done that for him. The smooth goo massaging his ears melted the pain of the harpy’s voice right away.
  121. “Thanks.”
  123. Mino gave a happy hum in acknowledgement.
  125. Galen looked down at Seira, his eyes softening immediately and his mouth twisting in dread.
  127. “Seira?”
  129. Her body was covered in scratches and cuts. Blood streamed out of a dozen wounds, gushing in some places with her faltering heartbeat. While her chest still moved, it was heaving up and down with effort. That stunning auburn hair that Galen so often found himself watching was splayed out, one braid ruined and the other dark from dirt and blood. Reaching down, he pushed the hair out of her face. Her eyes didn’t react to the touch, closed as if sleeping. Her head slumped off to the side and her tail was still.
  131. Things couldn’t end like this. He couldn’t let it. He still had to tell his dad about his journey, still had a promise to keep with the Kraken. He hadn’t gotten Seira to the monster lord’s castle, hadn’t set things right for the wrongs pushed upon her. He needed to talk to Sybyll, find out what weighed her down so, what invisible burden she carried across her back. Mino shouldn’t have to walk the world and search by herself; she’d been alone long enough. Now it was her turn to be happy, to have friends and companions, even ones as weak as Galen. He couldn’t stop, not for them, not for himself.
  133. A rustling of feathers and the sound of a soft landing came from behind him. He felt the foul air of the Lands grow fetid, the breeze carrying the scent of a familiar mothgirl and harpy. As the smell crawled up his nose and settled in his memory, and fresh emotion rose up within him. One he hadn’t given voice to in a long time.
  135. Rage.
  137. “You know, boy, we really didn’t come here for you or the slime, and we’d much rather avoid unnecessary deaths, especially monsters,” said the mothgirl, stepping forward. “Since we’ve still alive, I’m assuming that was your doing. The Khertaleon would never spare us if it were up to her. We do owe you one, so why don’t you go run along to wherever you were headed and leave her to us?”
  139. Galen closed his eyes. He couldn’t look at the broken manticore beneath him--that wasn’t Seira. Seira wouldn’t let herself get taken by surprise, wouldn’t let a couple of weak harpies defeat her. She wasn’t the kind of manticore that stayed down, no matter what became of her. She needed a little time, that was all. They’d had a long, tiring day and she needed a short rest.
  141. But for the ones who put her in that state…
  143. Galen’s head slowly turned before his body, eyes locking onto the mothgirl. Fire danced within them, one much more fierce and dangerous that the flames that decorated the Lands. His leer boiled with such fire that Galen could feel the heat pulsing throughout his body. He imagined the mothgirl melting before his stare, screaming as his rampant fury ripped her body to shreds. His eyes darted to the harpy. She would fall to his sword. A thousand stinging cuts would bury her where she stood. His teeth chattered between gnashing together and opening to scream in anger. His panting turned into huffing; he wasn’t gasping for air, he was forcing it to feed his lungs. Every muscle burned with enervation, but he tensed them regardless. His hand squeezed Toneruth with an iron grip, one he didn’t even know his fingers had left in them.
  145. “Ooo, what is with those eyes? You look like you still want to fight.” The mothgirl licked her lips, pulling her halberd off her back.
  147. “You’re not touching my friend.” His voice came out so low and rough he was surprised it was his own. His body turned fully to face the mothgirl, his free hand going to Toneruth next to the other. Galen tilted his head down to look up over his brow toward his opponent.
  149. “And what makes you so sure of that?”
  151. “I’m not dead yet.”
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