why i'm burning this shithole konoha to the ground

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  1. Hyuuga, Ruri says: Rye.
  2. Inuzuka, Lanza says: Rye rye, yer' gettin' it.
  3. Senju, Hideaki says: ....................
  4. Inuzuka, Lanza says: Ya' just do what'cha feel like, Ruri.
  5. Inuzuka, Lanza OOCs: (LMFAO
  6. Senju, Hideaki says: Ruri I swear to god you start talking like that and you're catching this bokken.
  7. Hyuuga, Ruri says: A'iight, nigga.
  8. Asa asks: Heh?
  9. Senju, Hideaki says: .................................
  10. Inuzuka, Lanza OOCs: (LMFAO
  11. Senju, Hideaki says:
  12. Hyuuga, Ruri whispers: Wait, can I put my own twist on it?
  13. Inuzuka, Chinatsu OOCs: (ok
  14. Senju, Hideaki whispers: NO!
  15. Senju, Hideaki whispers: NO YOU CAN'T!
  16. Inuzuka, Chinatsu OOCs: (omg u did it
  17. Inuzuka, Lanza whispers: Like wha'?
  18. Kameko, Rivet OOCs: (u mean you swear to Teii*
  19. Shotari, Kiyomi OOCs: (ok)
  20. Hyuuga, Ruri whispers: Like...
  21. Senju, Hideaki yells: NO YOU CAN'T PUT YOUR OWN TWIST ON IT!
  22. Shotari, Kiyomi says: Hi Hideaki.
  23. Hyuuga, Ruri says: Aiiqht, niqqa.
  24. Senju, Hideaki says: No, Kiyomi, not right now.
  25. Senju, Hideaki says: I'm m-
  26. Kameko, Rivet OOCs: (LOL
  27. Shotari, Kiyomi says: But I just wanna know what's up, nigga...
  28. Hyuuga, Ruri has been knocked-out by Senju, Hideaki
  29. You grab Hyuuga, Ruri.
  30. You release Hyuuga, Ruri.
  31. Kameko, Rivet OOCs: (Kiyomi jus got out right ignored yo
  32. Inuzuka, Lanza says: Yo, Hideaki.
  33. Hyuuga, Ruri OOCs: [all i want]
  34. Hyuuga, Ruri OOCs: [is to be real]
  35. Senju, Hideaki says: You. Ain't. Got. Shit.
  36. Inuzuka, Lanza asks: Can I 'ave my burger back?
  37. Senju, Hideaki says: You. Ain't. Rea-
  38. (*Aburame, Etsuko leans against the post, lazily observing.*)
  39. Hyuuga, Ruri says: A'iiqht niqqa chill.
  40. Senju, Hideaki says: Fuck you and your burger nigga.
  41. Hyuuga, Ruri says: Damn.
  42. Inuzuka, Chinatsu says: Nigga, nigga, niggas.
  43. Inuzuka, Lanza says: Nigga.
  44. Shotari, Kiyomi says: Nigga.
  45. Hyuuga, Ruri says: Niqqa.
  46. Inuzuka, Chinatsu yells: Niqqa! Leave his burqer alone!
  47. (*Senju, Hideaki hands this nigga back his cold ass crusty ass cheeseburger.*)
  48. Senju, Hideaki hands Inuzuka, Lanza a REAL NIGGA BURGER.
  49. Inuzuka, Lanza OOCs: (LMFAO
  50. Senju, Hideaki asks: ...How you been CARRYING AROUND A CHEESEBURGER?
  51. Senju, Hideaki says: THAT SHIT COLD AS HELL.
  52. Senju, Hideaki says: YOU ARE NASTY AS FUCK.
  53. Inuzuka, Lanza says: I only had it for an hour, bruh.
  54. Yamanaka, Zane OOCs: (Ok what is it with everyone saying Nigga )
  56. Inuzuka, Lanza says: Hope jus' made it fresh.
  57. Inuzuka, Chinatsu says: Nigga damn.
  58. Uchiha, Alakai says: He threw that shit at'a intruder of tha' village earlier, yo.
  59. Senju, Hideaki OOCs: [they're white people
  60. Kameko, Rivet OOCs: (omit
  61. Hyuuga, Ruri OOCs: [because we're wh-]
  62. Hyuuga, Ruri OOCs: [yea]
  63. (*Aburame, Dahlia is wearing a doctors mask because apparently cancer has gone airborne.*)
  64. Shotari, Kiyomi OOCs: (pretty much)
  65. Inuzuka, Lanza yells: IT'S FRESH OUT DA' OVEN, YO'!
  66. Senju, Hideaki OOCs: [sorry kokujo]
  67. Hyuuga, Ruri regains consciousness
  68. Uchiha, Alakai says: FK UP LANZA JUST FK UP
  69. Uchiha, Alakai says: omit]]
  70. Senju, Hideaki says: ....The....oven.
  71. Senju, Hideaki says: The...
  72. Senju, Hideaki says: oven.
  73. Inuzuka, Lanza says: ...
  74. Kameko, Rivet OOCs: (LOL
  75. Kameko, Rivet OOCs: (>oven
  76. Yamanaka, Zane OOCs: (no just don't get it why say it i'm white.
  77. Inuzuka, Lanza OOCs: (I AM SO DONE
  78. (*Aburame, Etsuko 's shoulders shake in quiet laughter from her vantage point.*)
  79. Inuzuka, Lanza OOCs: (Lanza's so dumb
  80. Yamanaka, Zane OOCs: (and who just call me kokujo)
  81. Hyuuga, Ruri says: Fresh outta' the oven, niqqa.
  82. Inuzuka, Chinatsu says: Right? Niggaaaaaaaa.
  83. (*Senju, Hideaki sounds so upset. His hands slowly outstretch, as if he desires to choke one of his best friends out on the spot. He's so stressed his face look like Eustace from Courage The Cowardly Dog.
  85. "B-bruh.." He angrily manages.*)
  86. Inuzuka, Lanza OOCs: (LMFAO
  87. Senju, Hideaki says: ...I am so done with you.
  88. Inuzuka, Lanza says: She's got an easy bake oven in tha' shit.
  89. Kameko, Rivet OOCs: (Ol' Eustace lookin nigga
  90. Aburame, Etsuko OOCs: ("ABOOGABOOGABOOGA")
  91. Senju, Hideaki says: She throws. Cheeseburgers. In an Easy Bake Oven.
  92. Inuzuka, Lanza says: Ye'.
  93. (*Inuzuka, Chinatsu pokes Ruri's shoulder, followed by Kiyomi's.
  95. "Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga! I say niqqa when you say nigga!" She'd exclaim. Very real.*)
  96. Senju, Hideaki says: Nigga shut the fuck up looking like Vicious from Cowboy Bebop.
  97. Senju, Hideaki says: I hate you.
  98. Senju, Hideaki says: Holy shit.
  99. Hyuuga, Ruri OOCs: [...LMAO]
  100. Inuzuka, Chinatsu OOCs: (LOL
  101. Inuzuka, Lanza OOCs: (LMAO
  102. Kameko, Rivet OOCs: (LOL
  103. Hyuuga, Ruri says: It's aiiqht, Lanza.  He just don't understand, bruh.
  104. Inuzuka, Chinatsu asks: Riite?
  105. Senju, Hideaki says: .......................
  106. Inuzuka, Lanza asks: Rye?
  107. Shotari, Kiyomi whispers faintly.
  108. Shotari, Kiyomi says: Yeah, 'bruh'.
  109. Inuzuka, Chinatsu says: --.. Yeah. That.
  110. Inuzuka, Chinatsu whispers: I'm still new at it.
  111. (*Senju, Hideaki turns slowly to Etsuko.
  113. "B-bruh." Is all the fuck he can say, but his eyes plead with her. 'End this madness', they say.*)
  114. Inuzuka, Chinatsu yells: Niqqa bitch!
  115. Senju, Hideaki says: Nigga. Bitch.
  116. Inuzuka, Chinatsu says: D'as no' rye.
  117. Aburame, Dahlia OOCs: (
  118. Aburame, Dahlia OOCs: (thats all i hear)
  119. Nara, Ikei asks: What's with all this bull?
  120. Hyuuga, Ruri whispers: Lanza, can I ask you a question?
  121. Inuzuka, Lanza whispers: Yo'?
  122. Inuzuka, Chinatsu OOCs: (idk why but im like
  123. Inuzuka, Chinatsu OOCs: (scared to click the link
  124. Hyuuga, Ruri whispers: Would I be right in saying all Yamanakas are "thots?"
  125. Aburame, Dahlia OOCs: (its a song)
  126. Senju, Hideaki whispers: ...You on time out.
  127. Inuzuka, Chinatsu OOCs: (LMAO
  128. Hyuuga, Ruri has been knocked-out by Senju, Hideaki
  129. Inuzuka, Lanza whispers: Yeah.
  130. You grab Hyuuga, Ruri.
  131. Hyuuga, Ruri OOCs: [rape]
  132. You release Hyuuga, Ruri.
  133. Inuzuka, Lanza whispers faintly.
  134. Inuzuka, Lanza says: Hideaki bruh.
  135. Inuzuka, Lanza says: One day.
  136. Inuzuka, Chinatsu says: Ah. Rye.
  137. Inuzuka, Lanza says: I'mma join tha' smart nigga team.
  138. Senju, Hideaki says: You know what? I bet you will.
  139. Inuzuka, Chinatsu yells: We all 'bout dat smart niqqa lyfe!
  140. Shotari, Kiyomi asks: Can I join the smart nigga team too?
  141. Inuzuka, Chinatsu says: Ya'.
  142. Senju, Hideaki says: Yes.
  143. Inuzuka, Lanza says: Ye'.
  144. Shotari, Kiyomi says: You should join too Hideaki.
  145. Inuzuka, Chinatsu says: Don' thin' he a niqqa.
  146. Senju, Hideaki says: I got shit to do that day that y'all join the smart nigga team.
  147. Senju, Hideaki says: Chinatsu please shut the fuck up you pastier than Strawberry Shortcake.
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