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POLUtils Guide (Renaming)

Byrth Apr 10th, 2012 4,744 Never
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  1. This is a guide for using POLUtils to change monster names.
  3. 1) Download POLUtils: http://code.google.com/p/polutils/
  4. 2) Download an XML changefile of your choice, and be sure to name it with the .xml extention.
  5. 3) Open POLUtils.
  6. 4) Click "FFXI NPC Renamer"
  7. 5) Click "Show Changes..."
  8. 6) Click "Apply Changeset..."
  9. 7) Select the xml file you downloaded.
  10. 8) Click "Write Changes..."
  12. If the program starts coming up with errors like "The starting name doesn't match the proposed starting name" look at it more closely. SE occasionally changes the monster lists for each zone, which changes their monster IDs and essentially renders the xmls invalid. You don't want to apply an incorrect xml or you will mess up all the monster names and be unable to revert it cleanly.
  14. You can do this process while FFXI is running, but you will need to zone out and back (or log out/in) in order for it to have any effect in game. So you can't rush in and apply the NI .xml after zoning in. It won't work until you exit and reenter.
  16. General POLUtils maintenance:
  17. * Though not technically required, it is good practice to revert your changes every time there is an update and reapply them again afterwards.
  18. ** If you have some personal changes you want to keep, click "Show Changes..." and then select the ones you want. Right click and choose "Save Changeset" or something to that effect. That will generate an xml file like the ones hosted on my pastebin. You can reapply them in the same way.
  19. * If you do not do this (or if you reinstall), you can end up with POLUtils thinking it has a bunch of monsters renamed when it in fact does not. If this happens and you want to reset, Do "Show Changes" and then "Forget All Changes"
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