Silkura 4

Mar 15th, 2018
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  1. >You stare at the ceiling of the tent
  2. >Yeah, you’re going to need to find your spider friends and apologize
  3. >You get out of the tent and find that the night is getting pretty bright, it must be getting pretty late, or early if you’re a non-nocturnal creature
  4. >You brush up your mane and let your tail do a little flick as you wonder where you would go if you were a spider
  5. >They’ve probably scattered all over the forest and-
  6. >You took flight and looked around and spotted a large mass of them in one place.
  7. >You fly over to them and land down, attracting a lot of gazes, mostly grumpy
  8. “So...hi...”
  9. >The spider all look away from you collectively, making you frown and your ears fold back
  10. “Listen...I know I said some mean things, but it’s not like any of you are completely innocent either”
  11. >Some of them turn to look at you
  12. “And I am feeling really bad and...you know...I’m sorry”
  13. >The rest of them turn to look at you now, making you smile a little as you fidget your hoof around awkwardly
  14. “So can we try to forgive each other?”
  15. >All the spiders shake their heads, making your mouth fall open in shock and your eyes go as wide as plates
  16. “O-oh. Well what would it make for you to forgive me?”
  17. >All the spiders point at a stripper pole that for some reason exists in the middle of nowhere in the woods
  18. “You want me to give you all a private show? B-but I don’t know how t-
  19. >You’re interrupted by the spiders
  20. “Yeah I did go there and dance, but that was...”
  21. >They keep staring at you and you hang your head in defeat
  22. “Alright...”
  23. >You go over to the pole, and grab on to it, trying top remember the things those mares in the strip club were doing, and what you were told by that one pony there
  24. >You grab on and do a little swing, being surprised by how much you spin around but managing to hold on, and then you sort of lean against it and rub your butt up and down
  25. >It’s kind of uncomfortable how it slides along the insides of your butt cheeks and you are not even sure if you are doing it right, but then you find that your little audience is cheering for you
  26. >Feeling less embarrassed and nervous, you begin to move and dance around a little bit more, the instructions on what to do flooding back to your head and you can almost hear the music that played
  27. >Give your butt a little shake, wiggle your hips, arch your back, spin, caress, rub twirl, lean down, bend, and brush your mane back...
  28. >You loose your track of time and at some point just sorta snap out of it as a lot of tiny spider legs are clapping as loudly as they can, which is not that loud
  29. >You blush red and get off of the pole, rubbing the back of your head nervously and fixing up your ponytail
  30. “I guess we’ve made up now huh?”
  31. >All the spiders nod vigorously and some are even carrying money onto the base of the pole, it must be loose change they have found on the ground
  32. >You squee in embarrassment as you realize you just pretty much put on a strip tease show for your spidery friends...you hope you’re not turning into an indecent and scandalous mare
  33. >N-not that there’s anything wrong with that, Night Watch is a good friend, it’s just that...being like that would be too much for you, there’s no way you could be that much like her because it’s just too embarrassing...
  34. >You lean against the pole but it suddenly gives in and there’s a crack and a thud before your whole world goes dark
  35. >...huh?
  36. >Mumbling-wait why are your eyes closed? And OWWWW your head hurts! Wait a bed? No wait, open your eyes first...
  37. >Slowly your eyes flutter open and you’re greeted by the ceiling of...a...where are you?
  38. >”Doctor, she’s woken up!”
  39. >Doctor?
  40. >You look to your side, your head pounding as a nurse bat pony rushes out of what appears to be a hospital room you guess?
  41. >You kinda fall asleep again and the next thing you know a obvious doctor pony is looking you over
  42. >”Oh, you’re awake, good. Can you talk? Do you know why you’re here? Do you know who you are?”
  43. >You look around while making a bit of a confused face, why would you not know who you are?
  44. “I’m Silkura...and this is a hospital? I don’t know why I am here...”
  45. >The doctor nods
  46. >”That’s good, that’s good, Silkura, you were brought here a week ago by a swarm of spiders, with a piece of wood, well, sticking out of your skull”
  47. >You stare at the doctor for a moment before reaching up and touching your head, finding that it’s wrapped up in bandage
  48. >”No worry, we managed to get it out safely, but...well, we ordered a hay burger and it came with free sweet potato fries”
  49. “...Wh...what do you mean?”
  50. >”It scraped out some of your...you know, brain matter”
  51. >The doctor gives you an awkward smile and you just stare at him as it sinks in
  52. “T-the stick pulled out a piece of my brain!?”
  53. >”Well, not a piece, more like scraping off some and making your hoof twitch like you were having a seizure but yes, you have lost some of your head filling, not much but just enough to cause us a bit of worry, so any memory loss? Can move everything?”
  54. >You just keep staring at him, utterly confused and shocked, and just sorta wiggle everything while the doctor takes notes
  55. “I-I guess I can, and I can remember everything like usual and stuff...but my head hurts so much...heck”
  56. >”Miss this is a hospital, I ask you to please watch your language”
  57. >You gasp and cover your mouth
  58. “S-sorry...I’m so sorry...I’m such a horrible pony...”
  59. >You shed a tear and sniff
  60. >”It’s ok, just get some rest, we can continue the next night”
  61. “O-ok...”
  62. >You lay down after swallowing the pills the nurse gave you, and surprisingly sleep comes easy even though you just had a bombshell dropped on you
  63. >You wake up again as the doctor wakes you up, and do a few little tests, and reassuringly he tells you that there does not seem to be anything wrong with you, even if you got brain scrubbed by a branch
  64. >and your headache seems to have stopped all together as well, and you sleep soundly throughout the day
  65. >The next morning starts with a tasty hospital breakfast, followed by the removal of the bandages
  66. >You have stitches at the side of your head, but thankfully your mane covers it and the prosthetic piece of skull underneath completely, you probably will have a scar of sorts but you can’t see it unless you really look for it within your mane
  67. >after a bit of doing nothing and reading a magazine on your hospital bed, the doctor comes back in
  68. >”You have visitors if you feel up for it”
  69. “I’d love to, it’s kind of boring in here”
  70. >You give him an awkward smile and he chuckles a little and lets in a huge swarm of spiders
  71. “You guys!”
  72. >You eeeeee happily as they gather around, while the doctor and nurse both shudder
  73. “Did you guys carry me here?”
  74. >They all start nodding
  75. “Thank you so much!”
  76. >They start making spider noises and...
  77. >And...moving their mouths?
  78. >Why...are they not saying anything
  79. “So how have you been?”
  80. >They keep making chitters and clicks and other spidery sounds but why are they not speaking
  81. “Come on, talk to me instead of making random noises”
  82. >They look at each other weird and then make more noises
  83. >The doctor comes over to you
  84. >”You...do spiders usually talk to you?”
  85. >You nod
  86. “Yeah...but I can’t understand them right now...why?”
  87. >”So do you have a history of delusional behavior or...”
  88. >You frown
  89. “N-no I can understand spiders, or could, we worked together, made things out of silk and...”
  90. >”Oh, and now you’re saying you can’t understand them?”
  91. >You nod
  92. >”Well...you did take a stick to the brain so I guess we finally found a side effect of that”
  93. >You start to feel panicked
  94. “You’re saying I can no longer understand my friends?”
  95. >All the spiders make sad faces at you and more alarmed noises and stuff, but you can’t understand at all what they are saying!
  96. >”Yes, I believe so. Your brain damage somehow has made you unable to access a talent you had before it, is it tied to your cutie mark?”
  97. >You nod
  98. “Yeah, it’s a spider..”
  99. >”Interesting...let me see”
  100. >He checks your cutie mark
  101. >”There’s no change here so it can not be anything else but the brain damage. I’m very sorry miss Silkura, it seems like you have completely lost the ability to understand what spiders are saying. I hope that is the only adverse effect and...”
  102. >His voice trails off as you stop listening, letting the situation sink in
  103. >The doctor takes notice of this and gathers up the spiders
  104. >”Ok, I think she needs a bit of privacy, out you go”
  105. >And chases the spiders out, and then leaves you by yourself
  106. >H-how...how are you going to-and what about...
  107. >you start to sob a little, and then get angry and grab a pillow and throw it at a wall, and then sad again, sobbing, and then sobbing about not having a pillow to sob on, and then to stomping the pillow for not being there when you need it, before noticing what you are doing, it’s ridiculous
  108. >Oh no you must be completely brain damaged for f-fucks sake!
  109. >And your dumb wound is oozing something icky and ewww gross!
  110. >You wipe it into the sheets and then grab the pillow, place it on the bed and then sob against it
  111. >And that goes on until you tire yourself out, which happens pretty fast, followed by sleep
  114. >You are Silky, the talentless, homeless, brain damaged bat mare...
  115. >You keep trying to thread the needle with some spider silk, intending to try making something but for some reason it just keeps failing and it’s just stupid and impossible and why won’t it go in stupid stupid stupid...
  116. “Screeeh!”
  117. >You throw the whole thing across the room, feeling horrible that you even failed something as simple as that, it’s like you just can’t do it and nothing works even if it’s supposed to
  118. >You bet it’s the fault of your damaged brain...
  119. >You are about to cry a little but quickly stop yourself as the door to your hospital room opens and-
  120. “Night Watch? Jasmine?”
  121. >You’re suddenly hugged by the two mares, and even see the bank pony walking in after them
  122. >”Silky are you ok? We heard what happened”
  123. >”That’s so horrible, poor you”
  124. >You just sorta hug them back, not having expected to see them
  125. >The bank pony also comes to you now
  126. >”Well, it turns out that our insurance does cover your hospital visit, and there seemed to be a mix-up with the papers, we’re building you a new house where your home was”
  127. >He comes a bit closer
  128. >”Just keep these two crazy mares away from me and we’re even”
  129. >Night watch shoots a glare at him and he quickly hurries out of the room, looking a bit spooked
  130. “Y-you’re back”
  131. >They both nod after they’re done with giving you a hug and Jasmine starts talking
  132. >”Yeah, we were surprised to see your house was gone and then heard the rumors, and then that you were in the hospital”
  133. >Night Watch continues
  134. >”And that the insurance company was about to deny paying your hospital bill even! That’s when we had a nice little chat with the insurance pony”
  135. >She snickers a little and Jasmine smiles
  136. >”Normally I’d say you went overboard, except this time”
  137. >You smile and wipe away a tear
  138. “Y-you two did? Thank you...”
  139. >”So how bad is it?”
  140. >Night watch nudges her head at yours
  141. “They say I’m fine, but...I don’t feel fine, I can’t do things I could do before and...I notice myself acting different every now and then...”
  142. >They both give you sad looks so you force up a smile
  143. “B-but it’s ok, and did he really say I’m getting a new house?”
  144. >Jasmine nods while Night Watch pets your head
  145. >”Yeah, they’re building a house about the same size as your old one there, in fact they already have been building one, the bank was going to sell it afterwards but they suddenly came to realize that it would be pretty good for them to show some goodwill”
  146. >Now you do start to cry, but from relief and happiness
  147. >Jasmine and Night Watch both look at each other and then at you, letting you get it out of your system
  148. >After a short while they have to excuse themselves back to their duties, and as they exit a few of the ponies who you did business with come to visit you
  149. >They were interested if you’re continuing your business, already ready to resume working with you, but you told them you need to heal up first and catch your bearings, keeping it to yourself that you have been unable to make anything
  150. >The rest of the week goes by with healing, more tests, rehab towards leaving the hospital and Night watch and Jasmine heading out for another assignment, for a bit longer than normal they say
  151. >Each morning before bed you made attempts at making stuff, or fixing, but you had very poor success, eventually you started to be able to make something but the quality and craftsmanship looked like it was made by a half interested filly in arts and crafts class
  152. >You did see your spider friends as well, but you could not understand a word that they said so they gave you a, what you understood, goodbye and you have not seen any of them since
  153. >And a day before your release the pony from the bank, who handles insurance and whatnot, came and dropped off your house keys, apologizing and looking a bit defeated
  154. >And then came the night of entering your new home
  155. >The house was more modern, and not as bit as the old one, being a one story house instead of a two story one but it looked less worn down as your old one
  156. >As you entered the house you found all of your camping items neatly inside the living room, carried in by somepony, or a spider or two
  157. >You look around the house, and find that outside a few bare necessities and furniture it’s completely barren of...well, anything
  158. >You take a shower and then dry off, examining your scar in the mirror
  159. >It’s hidden by your coat and mane, but if you know where to look for it you’ll find it
  160. >You sit down in the living room, chewing on a juicy, ripe peach
  161. >The days have just flown by lately, and now that you’re at home...your new home, time seems to have slowed down altogether and stopped
  162. >You are bored, and you do not know what to do
  163. >You are going to need money, so you need a job, but you do not know if you can do what you did before now that you just can’t seem to make it work
  164. >You stare at the ceiling and sigh
  165. “Eeeeeehhh...”
  166. >and then fall to lie on your back on the couch
  167. “Wehhh...”
  168. >You stretch a little
  169. “Bleh”
  170. >And then let out a little burp
  171. >what...exactly do you do now? Normally...yeah, what’s normal anymore?
  172. >You have brain damage, and nothing has been exactly normal this past month
  173. >You’ve lost a business, made friends, lost friends, did striptease, twice, got brain damage, got your life back but lost your talent and ability to work like you used to...
  174. >You glance at your cutie mark
  175. >What are you going to do with a special talent, when you can’t use said talent?
  176. >You let out a sigh, rolling onto your front
  177. >This couch feels nice...different, it’s not “your couch” but it’s your new couch
  178. >You rub your face against it a little, enjoying how it feels as it scratches your coat, letting out a slight ”eeee~”
  179. >Your life has been turned upside down
  180. >You get up and stretch a little
  181. >Maybe it’s not a bad thing? Maybe you should think of this as a new beginning? Even if your old life had nothing wrong with it
  182. >You suddenly spot a lone house spider skittering along the floor and gasp
  183. “U-uh, hi, can you understand me?”
  184. >But it completely ignores you, passing you by like you were just another pony, not understanding you at all
  185. >You were kind of hoping something else happened
  186. >next you dig up your last bit of silk you had left, that the spiders made for you when you were staying at the hospital
  187. >They’re sheets of silk, and you have some string, maybe...maybe if you try to make a simple lingerie it’d turn out ok? Nothing fancy, just simple, to see that your talent is not completely gone
  188. >You work, and work, and work, facing many setbacks and getting stuck all the time, but after doing it for the whole night you manage to get a pair of socks and panties done
  189. >You slip them on and then take a loot at yourself in the mirror, and smile in a sad manner
  190. >They’re crooked, uneven, too tight and too loose at parts and don’t really fit
  191. >They look damaged and struggling to be proper clothes, but not getting there
  192. >Just like you’re not a proper pony anymore, just a mare who’s not all there and can’t function properly no matter how hard she tries
  193. >You let out a sniff but refuse to cry, wearing your misshapen socks and panties and just climbing to bed
  194. >They’re not perfect but you don’t want to take them off, besides a brain damaged pony does not need the best, this is good enough for something like you
  195. >Yeah, these socks and panties are your friends, they’re the same as you and you’re going to give them proper use, even if better, store-brought clothes would do a much better job at what they are trying and struggling to do, b-but they’re
  196. >sniff
  197. >They do their best, it’s good enough, they just need to try
  198. >You snuggle up into a fetal position and lie in a bed that feels too new, and cold like it’s never been slept in before
  199. >You’re going to need to find a job...You might not be able to make stuff like you used to but you can still do simple things
  202. >...at pony, little bat pony”
  203. >Hmmwha? Who’s talking, you’re sleeping, go away
  204. >”Silkura...you are Silkura the bat pony, right?”
  205. >What’s that now?
  206. >You open your eyes, and then get up real quick because you are in some alien looking place, and a very famous pony is standing in front of you
  207. >Princess Luna, the night alicorn
  208. >What is this? Last you remember you were curled up in your bed and going to sleep while wearing poorly made brain damage socks and-
  209. >Oh...this must be a dream
  210. “I’m in a dream?”
  211. >Luna takes a step towards you
  212. >”Yes you are, I’ve become aware of your plight and...”
  213. >You stop paying much attention as you sink back into thought, of course it is a dream, this weird landscape that a pony would see if they ate the wrong kinds of mushrooms, and princess Luna herself would never come visit a nopony like you, of course you dreamed her up
  214. >”...so I came over and chased a nightmare away, you seem to be dealing with a lot of stress, and an amazingly bad luck”
  215. >You give Luna a sad smile
  216. “Thanks, that really does make me feel good, even if you are something I dreamed up”
  217. >She looks at you funny
  218. “Of course the real princess Luna would not come and visit a nopony like me”
  219. >She looks a bit confused now
  220. >”You...are aware of what it is I do?”
  221. >You nod
  222. “Yeah, you raise the moon and lower it, everypony knows that”
  223. >”And I also oversee the dreams of ponies”
  224. >You snort
  225. “That’s ridiculous, I knew I had brain damage but wow, this much brain damage, hah!”
  226. >Luna frowns
  227. >”What do you mean it’s ridiculous, I thought it’s common knowledge”
  228. “That’d be silly, there are so many ponies, if the princess really did oversee the dreams of everypony that would be way too much hard work for a single pony”
  229. >Luna sighs
  230. >”Oh you have no idea...does not help that my sister is not being that much of help when I am off my princess duty-but no this is not about me, it’s about you”
  231. >You pet her which makes her pause and look very much confused
  232. “It’s ok dream Luna, I know this is a dream but I don’t have any hurry to wake up, and I don’t think something I dreamed up could help me cheer up”
  233. >She frowns
  234. >”But I assure you I am the real deal”
  235. >You ruffle up her weird magic mane, it feels very silky to the touch and even just a hint cold
  236. “I know, I know, you think you’re real because that’s how dream work”
  237. >She looks like she’s confused about her if her existence is real or not for a brief second while shaking her head and using some magic to sit you back down
  238. >”Let’s just leave that behind...is there any worries you would want to talk about?”
  239. >Well, since you’re pretty much talking with your sub consciousness why not humor your dream a little bit
  240. “I think you already know them”
  241. >”Yes, I think I do, but it’s always best to get them out in the open yourself”
  242. >But you have another kind of an idea, if this is your dream, that means you can control it...you could do some fun things here!
  243. “I’d rather just dream up another scenery”
  244. >You wonder how that works, maybe if you think hard enough?
  245. >You start to think about a nice evening scenery at a serene pond, with fireflies and croaking frogs
  246. >And as you close your eyes to focus, you completely miss seeing Luna’s horn light up and force the scenery to change into what you were imagining
  247. >”So as I was saying-“
  248. “This is so beautiful!”
  249. >You suddenly hug Luna, since you felt like hugging somepony and she was the only pony there
  250. >”I-well thank you, but it was you who-“
  251. “Hey do you think I could dream up other things?”
  252. >She looks at you and then smiles a little
  253. >”I guess this is helping as well, what would you want to see?”
  254. “A big cake!”
  255. >Luna’s horn lights up, wow you’re impressed your brain actually does that in your dream instead of just popping things into existence out of nowhere
  256. >A big cake appears and you eee happily while flying to it, and then licking some of the frosting off
  257. “It’s so good!”
  258. >Luna uses her magic to slice herself a piece and take a bite while you start to eat like a savage, just ripping a chunk off of it and eating it with your hoof
  259. >you could have...You could have anything you want in here!
  260. “How about a big comfy spider web?”
  261. >Luna seems confused
  262. >”Comfy?”
  263. >You nod
  264. “Yeah, I got shrunk at one point and got to walk on one like a spider, they’re really neat”
  265. >”I guess I could try”
  266. >Soon enough a giant spider web magically appears and you go and crawl all over it
  267. “Eee I’m a scary sneaky spider!”
  268. >Luna lets out a little laugh as you crawl all over it and then come down
  269. >”You seem cheered up my little bat, I think it’s time for me to go and survey other dreams as well”
  270. >Wait, is this your brains way of telling you it’s time to wake up soon? You don’t want this dream to end!
  271. >Quickly, something that you can only experience in a dream, something, extreme, something weird, something-
  272. “Uhh, uhhm, give me a lot of male strippers dancing on poles!”
  273. >Luna misses a win-beat and falls down a bit in the air
  274. >”Excuse me?”
  275. >You blush a little even if you’re just talking to an imagined dream pony
  276. >W-well it was the most extreme thing you could think of, and Night watch once kept talking on and on about how she went to a place like that, and you’d never visit a place like that yourself in real life
  277. “A lot of male ponies, dancing on stripper poles while wearing skimpy uniforms...”
  278. >She seems to be making some kind of poker face before her horn lights up, and the strippers appear
  279. >And so does the music...w-well they’re wiggling things around a lot and dancing around
  280. >Luna lands next to you
  281. >”Is this what you ponies find enjoyable?”
  282. >You smile shyly
  283. “I don’t really know, a friend of mine told me she liked her visit to one and I could never do that in real life, that’s be too embarrassing...and I don’t see the point, they’re just showing off their bodies and...”
  284. >”Gentlecolt sausages”
  285. “Yeah...”
  286. >You keep looking, and so does Luna, and you start to feel just a bit warm
  287. >And as one starts to spin his...his thing around, you quickly look at Luna who too seems to be a bit red faced
  288. “Maybe that’s enough”
  289. >”I think you are correct let’s just get them away”
  290. >With a quick flash of magic the dancers are gone
  291. >You offer an awkward smile and a squee to Luna
  292. “Maybe I should have just asked for a lot of hay to roll in or a life sized fruit salad, that was kind of awkward”
  293. >Luna scoffs
  294. >”You have no idea, the amount of naughty dreams ponies have...”
  295. >You nod
  296. “Yeah, if the real princess Luna did survey a lot of dreams she’d have to see them a lot”
  297. >”Like seeing my sisters most trusted guardsponies dreaming of her pulling them to the side to service her sexually night after night...”
  298. >She takes flight
  299. >”Goodbye Silkura, and remember, no matter how dark things might seem and feel there’s always light at the end of the tunnel”
  300. >And with a flash of magic she’s gone
  301. >The dream does not seem to be ending, but you don’t feel that horrible now, and the giant cake is still there so you go to eating it before falling asleep in the little nest you chewed into the side of it
  302. >And after that you slowly wake up, feeling rested and comfortable
  303. >Falling asleep in a dream...how weird
  304. >You look at the clock and notice that it’s midnight already, you’ve been sleeping most of the night!
  305. >You stretch up and prepare a quick breakfast after your shower and then head on out
  306. >As you walk slowly, wondering what to do you pass one of the travelling rare non-bat pony merchants who are selling some exotic goods to customers
  307. >”Even princess Luna told me that our pineapples are one of the best she’s had when she visited my dreams”
  308. >You stop as a bat pony gasps
  309. >”Wow really? She’s never visited mine yet”
  310. >The merchant pony chuckles
  311. >”Maybe she has, we don’t always remember out dreams do we?”
  312. >The bat pony gasps even louder and lets out an eeeee
  313. >”Princess Luan might have even visited my dreams!”
  314. >You fly over to the two of them quickly and land down
  315. “Wait, you said she visited your dreams?”
  316. >The earth pony nods
  317. >”Yeah, took me by surprise but it was amazing, she helped me solve a personal problem and drove my nightmares away”
  318. >You gulp
  319. “S-she does that? I thought she only raises and lowers the moon”
  320. >The bat pony seems surprised
  321. >”Whoa you really need to get with the program, of course she does that, everypony should know that”
  322. >You scrunch your mouth
  323. >T-true that you have not been paying attention to things and news that much but-
  324. >Oh no...that means the Luna in your dream was real!
  325. >Y-You actually met the princess!
  326. >Wait...you actually petted the princess, were a bit rude to her, hugged her and asked her for male strippers!
  327. “Oh no...”
  328. >You blush very red and quickly return back to your home to scree against your pillow while feeling embarrassed of yourself
  331. >”And you’re still unable to speak with spiders?”
  332. >You nod to the doctor
  333. >”I see...”
  334. >You’re Silkura, and you’re at a follow up check-up because of your injury
  335. >”Silkura, are you sure that the spiders have ever talked to you?”
  336. >You give the doctor a confused look and he continues
  337. >”I just have never head of a pony being able to understand spiders, could you have imagined all of it?”
  338. >You giggle a little
  339. “Oh that’s just silly, I mean I tell them what to do and they listen, and we have nice conversations too”
  340. >”Well pets can be taught to listen to commands, and I’ve noticed you tend to move your wings around a lot while talking from time to time, especially when giving orders”
  341. “I...move my wings around when I explain things or give commands?”
  342. >The doctor nods
  343. “I’ve never noticed...”
  344. >You keep looking at him so he pulls up a little container with a spider in it that you recognize
  345. >”Well this is one of the spiders that brought you here, it took on living in this hospital, and we are going to do a little test”
  346. >The spider waves at you and you give it a wave back
  347. >”I want you to close your eyes, and pretend you’re in your home, and telling your spiders what to do, but instead of talking, just think about speaking, and otherwise just move around like you normally do”
  348. >You nod and close your eyes as the doctor lifts the lid off of the container
  349. >”And go”
  350. >You start to think back on how your house looked like...where the tables were, mannequins, the shelf full of spider silk, many spiders moving around and doing their thing...
  351. >You then imagine you’re working on a project, you think? You would tell those spiders this, and say that to those other ones, maybe walk over here and talk about your day-
  352. >”Ok that’s enough, you can open up your eyes”
  353. >You open them and to your surprise the spider is using its thread to sew together two pillows
  354. “W-how?”
  355. >”You signed a little with your wing and the spider picked it on and did what it was taught to do”
  356. >The spider looks happy and sows the two together, and then goes to do whatever in the ceiling after climbing the wall
  357. “So I...could never talk with spiders? But then how do you-“
  358. >”You told me you live by yourself Ms. Silkura, and I judge you’re not the most social or outgoing pony are you?”
  359. >You shake your head while your ears fold down
  360. “W-well no...”
  361. >”And how you are insecure of your ears, and how you played around with spiders instead of fillies and colt when you were young, and that you were running a big business all by yourself”
  362. >You nod
  363. >”I’m afraid you must have been delusional”
  364. “A-are you saying I’m a crazy pony? Wait how about that one time when a spider talked to me in pony tongue!”
  365. >You quickly explain to the doctor pony about the time with the daddy longlegs named Daddy and what happened
  366. >”U-huh, and were you under a lot of stress during that time, or much before that?”
  367. >You think back
  368. “I guess...”
  369. >”A mild psychotic breakdown”
  370. >You just stare at him with wide eyes
  371. >”Because if your special talent really were talking with spiders, loosing that ability should have affected your cutie mark”
  372. “B-but then how do you...I mean...then what is this cutie mark!?”
  373. >”I am afraid you have misinterpreted your special talent in your mental state. You’re a spider tamer Silkura, your special talent is to train and understand spiders just like an animal tamer and trainer can”
  374. >You just sit down, mouth hanging wide open
  375. >Could...but...it...w-well nopony else has heard them talk but...you’ve had conversations with them, telling them stuff and they answered back? Or did they, usually
  376. “Then how about the times they did what I asked by simply telling them?”
  377. >”Spiders are not the most vocal of communicators, you must know that”
  378. >You nod
  379. >”So I think that you have managed to train them so well that instead of sign language, which spiders usually communicate with, they learned to follow instructions from you, learning what word meant which signed command and then going by that”
  380. “So all this time I’ve been a crazy pony...”
  381. >The doctor shakes his head
  382. >”Well not crazy, just a little wonky. Since you have been able to function in normal life instead of being thrown to the loony bin. I think that the brain damage you received finally untwisted the wires that were a bit upside down in your head and cured you of your delusions”
  383. >You frown
  384. “So I...was always alone after all, and not surrounded by understanding friends, rather than trained pets...”
  385. >”I’m afraid so. Now what comes to your motor functions, I do believe you might recover them”
  386. >You look back at the doctor
  387. “So I can get back to making things?”
  388. >”Perhaps, what you do does require precision and you did get a brain scrub in the form of a stick to the head, so I can’t say for certain to what level your skill will heal”
  389. >You hang your head
  390. “Oh...”
  391. >”So I suggest you start to do something similar, but much simpler as a way for your brain to naturally recover, heal and re-learn. Stitchin sails, leatherwork, knitting and crocheting with thick wool yarn”
  392. “Or I could go and gather up my spiders and re-set shop”
  393. >The doctor shakes his head
  394. >”I’m afraid that spiders are even faster in going feral than pigs are when released back to the wild, we actually caught three familiar spiders, but...well I’ll show you”
  395. >He digs out two more containers and pours out two spiders that you recognize
  396. “Oh, it’s you two, I remember you”
  397. >But they don’t seem to remember you at all, scampering away and acting like your everyday wild spiders, completely unable to recognize you
  398. “Oh...but how can that be? I had arranged my house so that they could come and go as they please”
  399. >”But they lived with you daily, instead of out in the woods or in other ponies homes”
  400. “Yeah...oh no...”
  401. >It sinks in that you have lost your friends already...no, they were not friends even to begin with, just spiders you tamed and used while pretending you were one big, happy family, when you were just a crazy spider lady all along...
  402. >Honestly, so much bad has happened to you lately that you’re not even that torn up about it, which bothers you
  403. >”Well, at least you’re cured of your delusions now, it might have progressed into a full on psychosis if it kept up. I’d even say you were lucky you got your brain damaged”
  404. “I guess...”
  405. >You give the doctor your goodbyes and start heading home while he catches up and releases the spiders into the wild
  406. >You take a little detour and buy yourself some tools and materials, and then come back to your lonely, yet more modern and easier to manage home
  407. >You open up a can of mango slices in syrup and pour it into a bowl, not really feeling like cooking, and then eat it while absentmindedly flipping through the same newspaper you flipped through already during breakfast
  408. >Not bothering to wash your bowl you put it into the sink and then take out your “Knitting for fillies, super easy instructions and three good beginner designs to choose from, yarn not included” and some wool yarn
  409. >You quickly check the instructions to refresh your memory, and then get to it, making these more like wool fishnet socks rather than warm and robust wool socks
  410. >And it’s...it’s actually working!
  411. >You do make a few mistakes every now and then, but it really feels like you can do this, unlike what you normally do when your hooves don’t listen to you or move properly, and you get confused and stuck on patters and number of knits
  412. >Excited about this you keep knitting, until suddenly you have made four socks and you’ve spend 6 hours doing it without even noticing!
  413. >you put them on and they fit and look like proper socks, not things made by a mare with brain damage!
  414. >You let out an excited eeee and fly around in a little circle in the middle of your living room
  415. >This could work, you might be able to get your skills back!
  418. >Wow, you didn’t know you could knit and crotchet stuff like this!
  419. >Socks, woven lingerie, ear tuft lingerie and even teeny tiny wing claw gloves! All from various kinds and types of yarn, but all comfy!
  420. >You admire what you’ve accomplished, your hooves seem to feel steadier these days and you’re able to do stuff easier, maybe you are healing up!
  421. >But you also have noticed that you are just a hint more emotional now, or at least seem to get angry, happy, sad and whatnot easier than you remember you did, but that might just you be remembering wrong and not wanting to admit
  422. >Well...oh who cares, this is good!
  423. >So good in fact that you are just about to head out and show them to a few ponies you know, back from your silk working days, and ask what they think
  424. >Well that and they’ve been asking you to come over, feeling bad for you
  425. >So you gather up everything you have into a neat saddlebag and head on out into the busy night
  426. >You would still need to find a job though, your money is running short if this keeps up, you’ve been focusing on just recovering for now but that is soon going to have to come to an end
  427. >And not 5 minutes into flying, you end up not looking where you are going and feel something bump into you with an “Oof”
  428. >You stop and look down to see one of the little fillies you saw at Daylily’s house now gathering herself up, it’s the blue one
  429. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there, are you ok?”
  430. >You land down and look her over while she brushes her mane with her hoof
  431. >”I’m fine, no thanks to you, you bodyslammer”
  432. >You scrunch your mouth a little and help her brush some dust off of her back
  433. “W-well I...”
  434. >Suddenly you pause and feel the filly’s coat again
  435. >It’s...what is with this smoothness, and texture!
  436. >You suddenly find yourself pressing your cheek against her back before you know it and rubbing it against her velvety coat
  437. >”Uhh, what are you doing?”
  438. “Your coat, it’s so...”
  439. >”Scratchy, I know i-“
  440. “Smooth and sensual!”
  441. >”I-it is?”
  442. >You stop touching her, blushing a little as you become more aware of your surroundings
  443. “Yes, it’s like a high class fabric of sorts, is your tail special too?”
  444. >You grab her tail and at the same time lift it up, before realizing what you’re doing
  445. >”Hey! Don’t look back there!”
  446. >But it is too late, you now see her filly parts, and...are those freckles? White, silvery freckles, on her nether region
  447. >You let go of her tail and offer her an apologetic smile while she quickly hides her freckles with her tail
  448. >”Did you see?”
  449. >She’s scrunching her mouth and glaring at you
  450. “No worries, I only saw your freckles, I didn’t look at your fillybits because of that”
  451. >That should make her feel bette-or not apparently, she’s glaring at you harder now
  452. >”Gee well sorry for having such a gross vagina!”
  453. >Now she’s drawing very unwanted attention to you, and at the same time you realize that she must feel bad about her freckles like you do about your ears...huh, you haven’t even had the time to worry about them with all the bad luck you’ve been having, might need to buy tuft covers for them if there are any anywhere, or make your own
  454. “It’s not gross, it’s very pretty”
  455. >...did you just tell a filly she has a pretty pussy?
  456. >Scratchy Velour just huffs
  457. >”Yeah right, you’re just saying that...”
  458. >You shake your head
  459. “No, it’s...”
  460. >How will you talk yourself out of this one
  461. “Artistic, like well planned paint droplets on a canvas”
  462. >You smile awkwardly, not even sure if you’re helping or not while the ponies stop paying much attention to you two
  463. >Velour studies your expression, and slowly hers softens while her tail starts to return to a more relaxed posture as her cheeks begin to blush a bit
  464. >”You really think so?”
  465. >You nod, because it’s helping and you do find them cute, all freckles are cute, in fact you hope you had freckles yourself
  466. >...well, on the face at least, you can see how having them there can make a filly feel awkward, her those parts must draw extra attention because of it
  467. >”Well...thanks. I’ve got to go now, I need to meet my friends”
  468. >She fidgets her hoof against the ground a little
  469. >”And you’re pretty too...”
  470. >She takes flight and flies off to somewhere, looking much more like an embarrassed little sweetheart rather than a grumpy wumpy bossy filly
  471. >You can’t help but to smile a little
  472. >This was nice, this handled nicely, maybe little colts and fillies are not as bad as you thought they are
  473. >And not two steps later as you’re about to take flight you spot a young unicorn colt sitting by himself
  474. >And instead of letting somepony else approach him, you decide to close your wings back down and approach the colt
  475. >He has a striking orange mane, almost like a mango, and his coat is light blue
  476. >got to remember to buy some mangos as well
  477. “Hi, did you loose your parents?”
  478. >Already you are questioning yourself on why you decided to do this, but you write it off as being brain damaged
  479. >...you should stop doing that
  480. >The colt looks up and notices you
  481. >”No, I’m just thinking about my big sister”
  482. “What about your big sister?”
  483. >He lets out a sigh
  484. >”I can’t think of how to apologize for accidentally getting her coat messy when I was playing with a thing, I mean she did say she liked it, but I still want to give her something”
  485. >Awww, sounds like this little colt has a very nice big sister, she must have not wanted to make him sad about getting something on her. You wonder if it’s mud, or chocolate sauce and melted ice cream...hopefully not glue while doing arts and crafts, glue is hard to get off
  486. >”And then I lost my piggy bank that had all my coins...”
  487. >You sit down next to the colt and pet his back
  488. “I could help you look”
  489. >He gives you a weak little smile
  490. >”Thanks miss, but it’s too late, it fell on top of a carriage just about to leave town and before I could stop them, they took off faster than a Wonderbolt, and that was an hour ago...”
  491. >He sighs and lets out a whimper
  492. >Poor little colt...wait!
  493. “How big is your sister?”
  494. >He looks at you, surprised
  495. >”She’s pretty flat and not fat?”
  496. >You burst into a very brief and sensible chuckle while he keeps looking at you with a confused expression, his ear doing a flick as he blinks twice
  497. “I mean how tall, is she a filly or?”
  498. >he describes her to you, and as you thought you have just the thing
  499. >You open up your saddlebag and pull out a pair of socks that you made, that just happen to be younger pony size because you accidentally bought too little of the fluffy and soft knitting yarn
  500. “You could give these socks to her”
  501. >You hand them over to him as his eyes slowly widen up in amazement, his mouth falling open
  502. >”They’re so soft and fluffy, are you really giving these to me?”
  503. >You nod, making him look even more surprised and amazed
  504. “I don’t need them because I’m an adult sized pony”
  505. >The expression on his face brightens considerably until it’s a full on toothy grin and he suddenly gives you a hug, taking you off guard and making you squeak as he gives your tummy/chest a nuzzle
  506. >”Thanks miss! I’m sure my big sis will like these! You’re the best! I can’t wait to give these to Aronia!”
  507. >And with that he’s off, running somewhere excitedly while carrying the socks with his magic
  508. >You giggle a little, you didn’t know little colts could be this cute, you just wanna cuddle and snuggle him and give him little kisses and nips, and pinch his cheeks and-
  509. >You pause, where did that come from? You seriously hope your brain damage is not making your biological clock tick weirdly or anything...but he was just an adorable little sweetie~
  510. >You get up and start heading to where you were going, with a happier mood and a happy skip in your trot
  513. >Flop
  514. >That is what you do on your bed
  515. >Flop again
  516. >At least sometimes, you do use it for other stuff, like sleep
  517. >A picture of a cucumber flashing in your head makes you blush a little and get up with a sigh
  518. >Turns out that there is no market for the stuff you have been doing to pass the time, arts and crafts and knitting, so you are going to have to face not being able to support yourself by doing stuff you like to make and needing to get a job, any job
  519. >...but for now you should go and have breakfast at the local bakery!
  520. >You get up, completely ignoring your life problems and start heading out after quickly slipping your mane into a ponytail
  521. >But as you step out o the door you find the whole town in panic!
  522. >Ponies running and flying around, a building on fire, loud skreees and screees ringing in the air and ponies just panicking all over the place
  523. “W-what is-“
  524. >Suddenly a guardspony lands down right in front of you, making you jump back in surprise
  525. “Keeeee!”
  526. >”Please run away, there is a giant spider on the loose!”
  527. >That catches your attention pretty quick
  528. “A giant spider!?”
  529. >The guardspony nods and flies away, into the direction of some commotion, and you can’t help but to feel curious enough to follow sneakily, instead of escaping in the direction many bat ponies are escaping in
  530. >And soon enough you see a big, insanely big, hairy tarantula of sorts, and gasp in shock and amazement
  531. >It’s so big! And hairy...look at how thick its legs are, and the size of those fangs, and those big, cute eyes it has...
  532. >You start to drool a little as you stare at the huge thing while it stomps around and makes hissy angry spider sounds at the bat ponies flying around and trying to chase it off and back to the woods
  533. >Now that you look around more while hiding behind this empty wooden barrel, wow it has done a lot of damage, how?
  534. >How does a spider light a house on fi-no wait you should not be too surprised by that to begin with
  535. >Suddenly a guard pony, in fact the same one that you followed, gets knocked out of the air and straight into the barrel you are hiding behind
  536. >”Gaah...”
  537. >He gets up and then spots you”
  538. >”Wait why are you here? No civilians allowed!”
  539. >You make an apologetic smile with a squee while he frowns at you
  540. >”Wait, she could help”
  541. >You recognize that voice, it’s the doctor
  542. >”Her special talent is spider taming”
  543. >The guardspony looks surprised and looks at your flank
  544. >”Huh, a spider cutie mark, but are you sure she’s up for it? She seems weak”
  545. >Well...you knew you were not the strongest mare around but you still frown just a bit
  546. >The spider swats another bat pony out of the sky, but then takes a few jumps forward when another manages to poke it on the butt with a spear
  547. >You on the other hand look at the doctor pony
  548. “B-but...I don’t know if I even can properly, and-“
  549. >He silences you quickly
  550. >”Well it’s better than nothing, and if it does not work out he can get you out safely”
  551. >He as in the guard pony who’s wings he’s now inspecting
  552. >”Do I really have to?”
  553. >Part of a roof gets knocked down
  554. >”Yes, that spider is doing way too much damage as it is and the unicorn told that the spell won’t wear out until another 2 hours”
  555. >You make a confused face
  556. “Spell? Unicorn?”
  557. >The doctor points at the huge spider
  558. >”That there is a magical accident”
  559. >Suddenly the mailmare, Daylily, flies past the three of you with a war cry, flying towards the spider and holding a spear
  560. >Only for the spider to do a quick 180 and shoot a web out of its butt like it had a build in net launcher
  561. >And she simply thuds down to the ground as a tightly wrapped up ball of web that lets out a “Screeee!”
  562. >You shake your head to get back to focus
  563. “But doctor pony...who’s name I really never did get, are you sure I should-“
  564. >The doctor grabs you up easily, and throws you towards the spider
  565. >”Think of it as shock treatment, or at least a distraction for long enough for the rest of us!”
  566. >You skid along the ground and slide in front of the spider as it turns back around, instantly spotting you
  567. >You stare back at it as it takes a few steps towards you
  568. “Well...hi there spider, you’re a big boy aren’t you?”
  569. >You quickly dodge a stomp by diving to the left
  570. “Don’t do that, that’s not very nice and-“
  571. >Another stomp attempt so you take flight, now frowning
  572. “Hey cut that out”
  573. >It just wiggles its fangs at you and tries to take a bite, which you dodge quickly
  574. “This is for your own good an-“
  575. >Three chomps in a row now, dodge, dodge and dodge
  576. >You start to feel ticked off now
  577. “Bad dog!”
  578. >Before you know what you were doing, you notice that you punched the giant spider, on the face
  579. >It blinks and suddenly looks very sad, and starts to cry loudly, making you flinch and feel bad
  580. >To make maters worse the civilian ponies around you and the spider are giving the spider sympathetic looks and angry ones at you for making the spider cry like that
  581. >for some reason, even if it was causing such damage
  582. “Wait I-“
  583. >You reach a hoof towards the spider and it flinches, quickly taking a few steps back
  584. >Daylily struggles on the ground and makes more muffled, annoyed sounds in her bindings
  585. >The spider lets out a sad sniff, now having stopped crying
  586. “I’m sorry I hit you, but you were going to eat me...”
  587. >The spider sniffs again and nods slowly
  588. “But I bet you were just mistaking us for flies and feeling hungry, and then angry when you were about to have your butt kicked by a bunch of what you thought were fruit flies”
  589. >The spider nods a few times, wiping fresh spider tears from it’s eyes
  590. >Suddenly your eyes go wide, you-you’re talking with this spider! It’s not a delusion, but actually-
  591. >Almost as if the doctor pony can read your mind he interrupts your almost celebration
  592. >”Oh and the spell made it smarter than an average spider, so no, you still do not have any kind of special talents to speak with spiders”
  593. >The guard pony with him looks at the doctor weirdly
  594. >”Special talents?”
  595. >The doctor nods
  596. >”Yeah, she’s had a bad case of being delusional and stuff”
  597. >The guard pauses
  598. >”Wait you put the safety of the village into the hooves of a mentally unstable mare?”
  599. >You scrunch and look at the guard
  600. “Was mentally unstable, not is, thank you!”
  601. >The guard rolls his eyes
  602. >”Yeah right”
  603. >Now the spider has to hold you still as you try to go at the guard, and calm down after a flap or four
  604. >The doctor nods to the guard
  605. >”Yeah, that’s why I am a doctor, not a mayor”
  606. >You compose yourself and fix your mane
  607. “So what happens now? This big sweetie was not entirely at fault, maybe the spell made it angrier than it normally is? Look at what a well behaved spider he is now”
  608. >The spider frowns at you and you quickly fix yourself
  609. “Oh, I mean a she, you’re very pretty by the way...”
  610. >You make an awkward squee as the spider rolls all of its four eyes and both the guard and the doctor sit down before the spider, followed by all the other bat ponies who were helping with this situation starting to gather up and carefully study the spider
  611. >Local firefighter bat ponies are hurrying to put out the fires quickly and the doctor pony starts to speak up
  612. >”Well since the spider seems friendly, I guess we-“
  613. >Suddenly the ball of web that contains Daylily breaks up, Daylily shooting out with a war cry and stabbing the spider right between its eyes with her spear, making all of the onlookers gasp in shock while the spider wails in pain and takes a few stumbling steps back
  614. >Daylily lets go of the spear and quickly flies back, only to turn around swiftly and come flying back towards the spider with a flying kick, kicking the spear sticking out from the spiders face and driving it deep into the spider, killing it right away as the tip of it pokes out from its butt
  615. >The spider falls down and Daylily lands down gracefully while gooey spider blood and innards leak onto the ground
  616. >”It’s ok, I killed the spider everypony!”
  617. >She wipes some sweat and web off of her face and now notices the looks she’s getting from every pony at the scene
  618. >”...what? Why are you all looking that horrified? It’s dead now, you’re saved”
  619. >Your mouth just opens and closes a few times, a bit of gore spewing out from the dead spider and making a few ponies faint
  620. > You included
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