Want to join DeleteSec? See if you qualify here!

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  1. Want to join deletesec in the adventures of hacking? Then you must first qualify.
  2. -------------------=If you qualify with everything below, tweet @deletesec and ask to join.-------------------=
  4. You must know how to execute these vulnerabilities: SQLI, Blind SQLI, XSS, CSRF, Directory Traversal, LFI, RFI, CRLF, XPATH injection, and full path disclosure.
  6. You must hack a website within 3 months, otherwise you will be unfollowed and considered inactive.
  8. You must have some programming skills: Perl and Python are used the most in deletesec. C/C#/C++, PHP, Ruby, and ASM are also common but not required in deletesec.
  10. You must speak English fluently: Bad grammar can be tolerated to a certain extent.
  12. You must be a knowledge seeker: You're motivated and thrilled to learn new programming languages, attack vectors and everything else.
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