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  1. >>Be the concerned aristocrat
  3. you are KRISTY SANGRY
  5. You LOOOVE the number four. You loooove it more than any troll should. It is your favorite. You have very purple blood. You are a sea troll and could easily take the throne if you wanted, but we are on the 9th solar sweep of this cycle so you feel it would be inappropriate. You have fourfold vision. This is not to be confused with the eightfold vision of the lower class, you have no control over this. Your left eye sees the future, and the right eye sees the past. You hate this gift and wish it on anyone else.
  7. Your many other INTERESTS include hyper grubno and many other forms of grubtronic music. You like those a lot. You are matesprits with a stuck up blueblood you like a lot but he doesnt care for the number 4 and prefers the number 9. What is his problem!
  9. You do not get along with most of the seatroll royalty because you are distanced from their qualms and attempts for the throne. You are busy with math and learning routines to the hottest new grubtronic songs. You could give a FUCK (4 letters) less what anyone else thinks about what you do. Who even cares about them.
  11. You are content with your matesprit even though he ends his lines in trollian with LMAO which is four letters and you are very ok with this, it offsets his horrible typing.
  13. Your trollian handle is quadrantMathematician, and you seem tota lkin grou psof four sn omat terw hat. your matesprit is eternalNarcissist and He alwasy msispelsl evrey wrod LMAO. you adore each other and are stuck together.
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