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  1. Pretty much the cheapest nearly decent solid stainless steel case mechanical watches.
  2. Stainless steel case and bracelets, Mineral crystal. Lume is poor, bracelets have solid links but not solid endlink.
  3. NOT waterproof and much more fragile than a quartz watch. Examples in /wt/ have ranged from +4 s/d to +35 s/d.
  4. Moddable for cheap if these still have the DG28 movement which is yet to be confirmed.
  5. Quickset date (and day if applicable), hacking seconds - features not found in Japanese watches costing twice what bagels used to cost.
  6. Do NOT buy gold or black plated versions, they're plated V E R Y thinly and it scratches off quickly even with normal wear.
  7. If it's not listed here it's likely a bad pick - the chronographs are not actual chronographs and have a calendar instead. Black watches for less than $300 are always a bad idea, diamond set watches for less than $25000 are always a bad idea.
  10. Patricians (/WUSs) choice - specially white or blue dial.
  11. Nominally 40mm but the bracelet wears big as heck unless you apply dremel to some parts of the bracelet it'll only really work on very large wrists. Related video:
  12. Knockoff of Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711
  16. Bagel of choice for /wt/, kewl colored gasket around the edges of the crystal - crystal itself isn't colored at all.
  17. 36mm
  18. Rolex Milgauss
  22. These are so modified / frankenstein'd that they not really knockoffs anymore. Besides the black dial one that's picture but not available which is a straight up explorer 1.
  23. 36mm diameter, 45mm lug to lug.
  24. Rolex 116000 + explorer + datejust.
  28. Comfy, stealthy and might even work with a suit.
  29. 36mm diameter, 45mm lug to lug.
  30. Rolex Airking
  33. Gives you a 24 hour hand and date. Can be used for tracking a secondary timezone on the one with rotating bezel. NOT possible on the one with fixed bezel. A bit more info here.
  34. 40mm diameter, 48mm lug to lug.
  35. Rolex Explorer 2 (steel non-rotaing bezel) / Rolex GMT Master II 16710 with modern font and nipple dial.
  38. Most complicated but also gaudiest and most fragile.
  39. 36mm diameter, 45mm lug to lug.
  40. Rolex Day Date
  43. Dive watch that can't handle water too well. Painted bezel insert scratches fairly easily. Since it's Rolex most iconic model there are literally thousands of knockoffs of it. Ranging from abhorrent shitters to superficially nearly identical replicas. Don't buy this unless you're planning on modding. If you are modding, make a blue snowflake or 5517 and post in thread.
  44. 40mm diameter, 48mm lug to lug.
  45. Rolex submariner
  47. Links to mod parts:
  51. Parts and labor (or tools to apply the parts with) will cost more than the watch itself, but lower end stuff from Tiger concept and similar literally have the same cases and movements as these.
  52. Don't buy a new dial without buying hands - hands alone is the minimum mod. Hands, dial, crown and crystal would make it a nice watch for less than $200.
  53. Examples of mods:
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