Jun 8th, 2014
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  5. Our adventure begins on the border of the Deep Core and the Core Worlds, on patrol aboard the Executor. Everything is as you would expect in the Core Worlds, WHEN SUDDENLY an Interdictor pulls an unknown ship from fucking Hyperspace. Considering this is the Deep Core/Core Border, getting caught smuggling shit basically suicide. Vader, the paranoid rebel murderboner he is, orders a gunner to fire a warning shot.
  7. And he does. Dead on. The turbo laser barrage splits this poor freighter in half and for the gunner’s 1-in-a-million-shot, he’s rewarded with a force crush into the deck plating. It’s still dented.
  9. The first PC to be introduced is our smuggler friend, we’ll call him Bucky. Bucky’s best friend dies in the barrage, being sucked into space. Bucky tries to get into the escape pod with the item he was smuggling (a fucking Holocron, not that we knew what it was), struggling between freezing to death and suffocating, somehow manages to get into said pod. Sadly, Bucky fails every roll hereafter, and manages to burn and freeze to near death. Somehow.
  11. The second PC, my Imperial Ace Vreim Voidhunter, a member of the glorious Black Eight Squadron escorts a Lambda from the Executor to the broken freighter, and he manages to find the escape pod and the near-dead occupant. Lucky for us, bad for Bucky. Bucky is taken to Vader’s personal chamber where he’s temporarily resurrected so Vader can choke him for information about Rebels he doesn’t know about.
  12. Part 2 of Session 1 incoming
  14. Vader decides to not waste him, and rebuilds him, painfully for Bucky, as his new agent. At this point, the third PC is introduced, an RX Prototype Astromech droid. Motherfucker, this droid was fucking weird, mostly due to its player, who not only followed Vader around (who questions an astromech?) but also records the rebuilding/torture of Bucky. He also fucked with the Imperial Ace, mostly by following him around for fun.
  16. Eventually, Vader deems Bucky fit for travel and assigns a trusted member of his pilots (my guy) and RX to keep an eye on Bucky, and are to find out if the buyers for said artifact are Rebel Scum. With an assumed name of Balric Brightfold, the freshly cyberized Bucky and our deranged RX we board our starship, a YT-2400 named the ‘Vagabond Star’ (I still hate him for that name), we fuck off to Nar Shaddaa to meet a Hutt.
  18. So, BOOM, we arrive without delay, and there we meet two of the other party members, the two bounty hunters, 4XL, a fuckhuge droid, and Gregor Clegane the mercenary (not his actual name, but may as well be). They escort us to see the Hutt, a sickly fucker named Nero. I think that’s his name, don’t have my notes on me. Anyway, in the Hutt’s party palace we meet the last few party members.
  20. An outlaw-tech-noble-who-can’t-diplomance, Nobleman we’ll call him. Player is okay guy, but can’t be fucked to know the system/setting that well. Then we have a swoop-racer Randum, who does not think. At all. Then we have the TOTALLY NOT EVIL Chiss Czerka Doctor. Doc. There’s also a clonetrooper.
  22. Clearly a band of heroes if I ever saw one.
  24. Part 3 of Session 1 incoming.
  26. So, once we all get intro’d, Nero wants to know what the fuck is up and where is his artifact that he paid A MILLION CREDITS FOR. The smuggler, who can’t fucking talk for his life, somehow manages to talk for his life. Damn good rolls. This is helped by the fact that (unknown to the party) about half of the million credits that Bucky lost somehow found its way back to Nero. The GM was being nice, I guess.
  28. So now that we’ve (me and the smuggler) talked out way into only owing half our lives to Nero (my pilot is guilty by association apparently), but fuck him, Gungan he’s gonna bomb this shithole of a planet as soon as he gets back to the Empire… Or so he thought anyway.
  30. So the Hutt asks the smuggler, the pilot, and the bounty hunters to go to his coliseum, as his ‘first task towards repayment’ and find out why his pet albino rancor is sick. No, really, this Hutt wanted us to check his goddamn pet. Nero gets the doctor (because he’s a doctor) and the rest of the PC’s to go too, because they owe him a favor or might be useful. What an asshole, I thought. How right I was.
  32. We get to the arena, and after talking to the handler (a twi’lek) we find out the rancor got sick as soon as it arrived. We spent the rest of that session futzing about trying to figure out what we were doing there, when after several rolls we all come to the conclusion that an invisible humanoid snuck into this pen and shot a diseased dart into the rancors butthole. I don’t even remember how we figured that out.
  34. Part 4 of Session 1 inbound.
  36. The doctor’s turn rolls around, and the player is fucking grinning like a sith lord (oh how fucking prescient I was). He uses his medkit to synthesize a cure, and a pheromone as well. What does he do? He gets a Gamorean guard, jabs it with his cure/eatmesmell, and knocks the poor fucker over.
  38. The rancor eats the guard, and begins to look better. No one managed to be there when the Chiss went full sithtard, so we all only assume the doc worked up a cure. By the Empire, Vreim got mixed in with some shady people.
  40. So, rancor cured, we go back to Nero and inform we actually managed to figure out what may have caused it. Nero, pleased by shit getting done, sent us off. Kinda. He didn’t actually say “go get my artifact now”, and I think the GM wanted us to stay and adventure on Nar Shaddaa more, but the party talked and Nobleman’s rivals on Serreno, House Dooku, had an artifact like the one Bucky lost. The party agrees to go get it, because fuck doing Hutt house chores.
  42. I should take an aside, and mention that the Chiss wasn’t here for the rancor. He was here to buy the holocron from the Hutt, but since the Hutt didn’t get it from Bucky, the Doc decided he’d just skip buying it from Nero who wouldn’t have sold it to him anyway.
  43. With all that in mind, the party decides “let’s fucking break into Dooku’s house and steal shit” and united in our cause to fulfill our obligations, we fuck off from the shitty, shitty planet of Nar Shaddaa. The GM didn’t expect that.
  45. Sidenote: the original plan the party had was to go back to the deep core (tython) and loot more jedi holocrons. They were quickly appraised on how retarded that plan was via common fucking sense check.
  47. We didn’t expect what happened next, though.
  49. Session 1 complete. Part 1 of Session 2 soon.
  55. I like to imagine the GM was shocked by our decision to fuck off from the Hutt. Maybe he expected us to stick around, do some side quests. But the party figured ‘let’s get it over with so we can do real cool shit’ and that was that, I suppose. Maybe what happened next was supposed to be a lead from the Hutt, or something, but we got it anyway.
  57. We’re flying through hyperspace, everything going fine when the RX unit detects a mass shadow approaching. Uh-oh. In retrospect, he could have done the sensible thing, slowed us down, let us know, SOMETHING. But instead, he just fucking shuts off the hyperdrive. Like, just off. He sends the pilot a “fly the ship plz” message.
  59. Thank fuck Vreim’s pilot skills were up to snuff. He had to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN as we exit hyperspace into a fucking asteroid belt. In deep space. This wasn’t on the star map. Goddamn navigation must’ve been off. So the Ace manages to slow down the ship, and we get our bearings. Some kind of strange asteroid belt for sure, but with power fluctuations on and off. We power down, slowly maneuvering through the asteroid field until we get a view of something… Big.
  61. A goddamned, fucking intact Venator-class Star Destroyer. Just floating there. What the fuck. Well, we figure out what the power fluctuations were eventually. A barrage of laser fire off our bow alerts us to the GODDAMN PIRATE CR-70 CORVETTE RIGHT BEHIND US. My pilot kicks the ship into as fast a speed as safely possible, and we start strafing the fucker.
  62. Part 2 of Session 2 incoming.
  64. Our opening salvo fucking hits critically, mostly as their shields were down (because they were low power mode too) and we have a decent chance of winning now. The pilot, gunners, and everyone else pitches in to wreck this shitty pirate corvette. Between the hackmaster-5000 droid, our critical-prone gunners, the reparing-wonder mechanic and doctor (somehow) we manage to tank the two hits we take and dish out enough pain to finally kill the fucking corvette.
  66. By now, we realize the Venator had two ARC-170’s hiding in it and they got delayed due to communication jamming. We manage to intimidate/convince the remaining pirates to fuck off, and the Venator is ours! Huzzah!
  67. Well, now what?
  69. We board the Venator, our ship barely holding together, and crumple into a nice landing zone. We spend almost a month there, getting supplies, trying to fix our hyperdrive (got borked in the firefight), dragging the corvette hulk into the Venator, and finding loot inside the Star Destroyer.
  71. The clone found himself some cool armor, Randum found a BARC speeder, Bucky found some new eyes I think, Gregor got a repeating blaster maybe, R9X got a new tech toy probably, Nobleman got… What the hell did he get, anyway? It’s hard to remember. The important thing Vreim found (well, the TWO things) was a brand new, goddamn Eta-2 starfighter (the Chiss having searched it beforehand and stealing the lightsaber in the glove box) and a funky spanner that’s actually a lightsaber he found in one of the deluxe quarters. He didn’t know it was a lightsaber.
  73. So after getting all of our delicious loot, we manage to cobble the ship together and set a new course! Vreim even manages to get a hyperdrive ring for his ship. With that, the party locks up the Venator and fucks off to our next destination… Onderon. Oh how fucked we were.
  75. Session 2 complete. Session 3 inbound.
  81. Onderon. Force damned Onderon. Words fail me, for Onderon is the first pivotal moment in Ace’s career. My poor fucking Ace. Let me tell you about Onderon.
  83. We all arrive, one way or another, to Onderon and get a landing pad to ourselves, because the Chiss fucking knows people and it’s a Czerka manned-port for the Empire. Fucking Chiss. We land, and right away we all fuck off because we’ve been in hyperspace for like a week or something and we need fresh air.
  85. The bounty hunters (Gregor and 4XL) go off to find bounties, with no success really. Nobleman tries… Actually he missed that session I think. I guess he was taking selfies. Yeah, you read that right. Nobleman’s player could give less of a shit about in universe stuff. He’s trying to be Tony Stark and failing. The clone and the doc have a brief thing, the clone wants a cure for aging crazy fast and the doc has a band-aid treatment. That was okay.
  87. Now, Scrappy-doo the biker… By the Force, he fucked up. He fucked up hard. Let’s begin. The guy is driving around on his speeder bike, minding his business, when the local city police pull him over. Probably because he’s on a swoop bike to fuck with him. Anyway, the cop is in short shorts (Reno 911?) and asks for Scrappy-doo’s license and stuff… So, he does the reasonable thing and flips a light side point to have it on him… Oh, wait, no he didn’t, he instead tries to draw a blaster, fails, and then hits the cop with his rear-end as he starts a HIGH SPEED CHASE.
  89. You can see where this going, right? WRONG.
  91. Part 2 of Session 3 soon fellow Imperials.
  93. This fucking player, man. He just doesn’t think at all. So he’s started a high-speed chase, for NO REAL REASON, and he’s dodging traffic and shit, and the cops are after him. By the Emperor at least it couldn’t get worse.
  94. How fucking wrong I was. I underestimated the ability of players to fuck things up.
  96. The hack-master 5000, R9X, decides our biker buddy needs some help so… He fucks up the traffic grid. No, really, he figured a reasonable way to help him was to FUCK THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOODS TRAFFIC SYSTEM. Oh dear Emperor it was a cluster fuck, only made worse by the fact that Gregor Clegane, the goddamn genius he is, figures he should help too. So when Scrappy-doo passes on his swoop bike, Gregor tosses a PLASMA GRENADE INTO TRAFFIC, so it CAUSES THE COPS AND EVERYONE THAT ISN’T SCRAPPY TO CRASH HORRIBLY.
  98. The GM was in shock I think, and it just happened. So was I. So now the goddamn Garrison is on high alert, TIE Fighters are launched because some guy on a swoop bike is apparently a master hacker who can break traffic grids and has plasma grenades. The TIE’s chase him, not randomly shooting (the pilots cared about civies, what good guys) but he slips into an alleyway and manages to lose them.
  99. He would have been home free, if he stayed there, but he decides he needs to fake his death. He tries to overcharge his blaster, and gets a Despair. It explodes, right in his hand, and the dumb fucker is knocked out. He’s later taken in by Imperial Intelligence and tortured. Holy shit.
  101. Part 3 of Session 3 soon, hopefully.
  103. That just leaves my Pilot, the Chiss, and Bucky. I can simply say my pilot just wanted a good drink, and not to be noticed by all of the Imperials because he’s goddamn semi-famous, so he finds a quiet bar and has a drink. He hears about the rebel terrorist on the news, but he doesn’t own a speeder bike so he can’t do jack shit. Besides, they caught the guy by the time he heard about it.
  104. As for the Chiss and Bucky, well…
  106. The Doc wants to go to his old Research Station on, surprise, DXUN. I knew right there shit was going to go downhill, but like everything else, I underestimated how fucked everything was. Doc grabs Bucky, because why not? He’ll need a hand later (it’s funny looking back). He gets a shuttle and off they go to Dxun. Sadly, Doc’s old research station is… Abandoned. Completely. Yeah totally. The place was overgrown, and you can could barely see the metal landing pad… Or the top of the fucking temple through the jungle. Yeah, his old ‘research station’ was a temple. What kind of temple, you ask? Well, think for a moment, how many temples on Dxun do you know about? Hrm? Oh, you know which one I’m talking about. That one. From KotOR 2. Bucky’s player never played that game, neither did anyone except Doc’s player and myself. The Sith-eating grin was on Doc’s player’s face the whole time, and I could nothing but tell Bucky’s player he was fucked.
  108. I was correct for once.
  110. Part 4 of Session 3 on the frying pan.
  112. Doc leads Bucky up to the Temple entrance via stairs, when out of the shadows comes this hulk of a man, wearing strange armor and wielding a huge fuck-off khopesh. The Doc slips into his not-Sith voice and exchanges dialogue with the Acolyte, with the Acolyte taunting him by saying ‘welcome home’ and kicking Bucky down the stairs. Bucky gets mauled by a beast from the jungle, because he’s just having that kind of day.
  114. Doc, meanwhile fights the Acolyte. The battle is short, Doc shooting the guy twice before knocking him over, and pressing something into his ribcage. The Doc, now in full-on Sithtard mode, goes ‘welcome home’ and presses a button. A red beam shoots through the armor and out the guys back. Yeah, that saber he ‘found’ earlier? The motherfucker got a red crystal for it. The acolyte dies, obviously, and he sheathes the saber.
  116. Bucky is still struggling with the jungle cat, and misses ALL OF THE EVIL that just happened. Doc watches Bucky struggle, and the poor bastard finally manages to shove a blaster into the fucker’s mouth, but for the trouble loses his robo-hand and his leg seizes up. So now the Doc hands him the khopesh to use a crutch, saying something Palpatine-esque going right over Bucky’s head. Poor Bucky is gonna be a Sith Brute by the end of this, I thought.
  118. Once again I hate finding out I’m right.
  120. Part 5 of Session 3 in the oven.
  122. So the Chiss and Bucky enter the tomb, of, yeah, FREEDOM NADD. Fuck. Any semblance of subtlety the Chiss had is gone by now, he’s full on Sith, egging Bucky on as they fought their way through the temple, killing a few Acolytes every now and then. Bucky, the poor fucking sod, hears all the mumbo-jumbo that the Chiss is saying (‘the dark side is with me, your anger is great but mine is greater!’) and, Bucky thinks that if it works for the Chiss, it’ll work for him! Oh Emperor did it work, Bucky is literally going full Sith Brute now, or as much as his broken hand and crippled body will let him. They start getting into trouble though….
  124. While that’s all happening, my pilot walks out of the bar, quite happy, looking up at the sky going ‘oh today will be great!’ when he feels like his stomach turns inside out, and he gets a REALLY BAD FEELING THAT SHIT IS GOING DOWN ON DXUN… Yeah, his gut’s never been wrong before, and he knew his buddies were up there (well, I say buddies, I really mean my ‘rebel connection’ and ‘strange alien doctor’) but he does the right thing and gathers the party to go save the day! Yeah!
  126. …..I should have fucking let them die.
  128. We fly straight up to Dxun, clear a landing zone and everyone rolls out, expecting the worse. What we find is our mild-mannered Doctor, not in Sith mode, and our crazed nigh-beserker smuggler. I try to figure out what happened, so the good doctor tells us our friend is simply jacked up on stimms. The doctor’s never wronged us before, so we agree to help him find his stuff that’s in this temple.
  130. We should have nuked it from orbit.
  132. Part 6 of Session 3 soon.
  134. We advance through this shithole dungeon crawl, killing crazed acolytes, and generally getting a REALLY BAD FEELING about this place. We eventually find a huge meditating chamber, with a massive pool of black-red liquid. My pilot wanted to leave right there, but then the Chiss did something fucking nuts. He walks into the pool. Or on it, rather. It looked deep, and it totally was, but from our angle it looked as if the Chiss was walking on the pool’s surface…. And he was. The liquid then envelops the Chiss entirely, and he’s replaced by a goddamn Force Ghost of some dude in a hood. The guy doesn’t do anything but raise his hand, fingertips extended. All of the players know OOC we’re about to die to lightning when…
  136. … Nothing happens. The GM lifts the screen, revealing 4 Force dice. All of them were on double light side results. The goddamn FORCE GHOST OF SOME SITH LORD, POWERFUL BEYOND REASON, FAILED TO USE FORCE LIGHTNING. We all died laughing instead of dying in agony. We of course freak out that there’s a ghost thing, Nobleman actually TAUNTS THE ANCIENT GHOST OF DOOM. Gregor shoots at it. It does nothing. Bucky, now fully broken by the evil in the place, decides he wants to go for a swim. Before Vreim’s eyes, the smuggler walks into the pool and vanishes. Fuck. Then the force ghost splits into 3 ghosts. Fuck fuck fuck. Then two of them start advancing. FUCK FUCK FUCK LET’S BAIL. The remaining party grabs those too stupid to live (the Nobleman) or incapacitated (the droid got stunned trying to get a sample of the liquid, stupid fucker).
  138. Part 7 of Session 3 soon, heroes of the Empire.
  140. We fucking book it, assuming the two swimmers are dead or worse because fucking evil pool, we’re running full speed down the hall trying to not get caught by the force ghosts. Luckily (or unluckily) Gregor Grenade-master happens to have a THERMAL DETONATER which he casually tosses behind him, because fuck it at this point. The force ghosts see it and send it back with BULLSHIT POWER, and, by flipping a lightside point, by guy goes ‘OH GOD IT’S BACK’ and spikes the goddamn thing with a one-time force move back into the ghosts. The shockwave sends us flying out of the temple, but alive, and the ghosts are gone. We all black out.
  144. The Chiss and Bucky are standing before a robed figure, the one the rest of the party ran from. They’re like under the pool surface but not. Fucking space wizard magic. Anyway, the Sith Lord (not Nadd himself, but a disciple) spoke at length with the Chiss and Bucky. The Sith offered to teach the Chiss and Bucky the ‘true way’ if they aided in the downfall of the Baneite heretics. This especially extended to Bucky who he said ‘we can show you how to be free of your chains’. Bucky’s a liability now, and my pilot has no clue. Fuck. The Sith Lord tells them that in 8 hours a Rebel Fleet is coming to fuck up the place, and if they wished to aid in the downfall of the Baneite(sp?) heretics, then they must bring down the planetary shields.
  146. Fuck.
  148. They agree, Bucky is basically Brute now, and the Chiss’ grin is beyond troll-tier. Everyone then, magically, wakes up outside the temple, the Chiss and Bucky included. After a brief stand-off involving ‘but you died!’ the droid tries to convince us it was ALL HOLOGRAMS BECAUSE LOL I’M A DROID AND YOU SHOULD BELIEVE ME. The Ace just pilots everyone home, because fuck this he doesn’t want to deal with this crazy shit anymore. We land of Onderon, with only two of the party members aware of the IMMINANT REBEL ATTACK… And they don’t inform anyone. For funsies.
  150. Session 3 end. Session 4 soon.
  156. Well, shit’s getting serious. The session begins nearly two hours before the rebel attack is scheduled to begin. The GM goes around the table, finding out what everyone is doing about it (or not, in the case of everyone who doesn’t know, so most of the party) so basically everyone kind of fucks off for the moment.
  158. My pilot is chilling in his Eta-2, trying to sleep away the nightmare that was the ‘Research Station’, and having not slept since he got to the shithole planet it was some well-deserved sleep. Gregor Clegane was also tired and powernapped. Nothing much exciting, right?
  160. Well, Sanic the Swoopracer is up, and guess what? He’s still being tortured (OOC I had completely forgot that he was still in jail from his GTA/Michael Bay Extravaganza last session, but the little fucker gave us all up as his ‘friends’. And of course, he’s telling all of this to not one of his torturers, but the one and only Revolver Ocelot. The motherfucker thanks him for his information and shocks him into unconsciousness. Fucking hell, thanks Sanic, here come the Imperials.
  162. So now we swap to our resident Mad Doc Chiss, working in his lab doing fuckall. Of course, he senses a new presence at the door, though not hostile, he lets them enter. Strutting in is Revolver Ocelot again, with a nurse in tow who’s pushing, guess who, Sanic on a crash cart. Sanic looks like he’s been worked over a fair amount, but he’s also sporting a new vat-grown arm. The Doc and Ocelot have a brief conversation, the Doc almost going full Sithtard voice but Revolver Ocelot is here for one reason: He’s a ‘Rebel/Sith?’ Operative, and he’s here to ensure we do the job. The Doc, a somewhat high ranking Czerka official, says sure yeah, we’ll have the shields down; he’ll schedule a maintenance routine.
  164. Fucking hell, man. Part 2 of Session 4 being written.
  166. Ocelot isn’t too sure, but he agrees on the condition that there will be a backup plan. He also leaves Sanic, totally unconscious, in the Doc’s care. The Doc waits until after he leaves, then orders a cleaning droid to dispose of the cart and the waste on it via incinerator. Here’s an OOC quote for his justification.
  168. “If his character is strong enough to pull himself off the cart before he’s incinerated, he shall prove his worth to the Chiss. If not, ah well.”
  170. That’s some cold shit man. So with that, the janitor bot goes to remove Sanic. However, our next player up, 4XL the Bounty Hunter droid, just happens to be walking along to the ship when he spots Sanic on the crash cart. 4XL was about to let it go but oddly enough the player didn’t let Sanic die. You see, 4XL’s motivation is, get this, TO MAKE FRIENDS. So, with that in mind, he grabs the organic, saving him from certain death. Shit man, that’s too funny. Only reason he saved him was so he could make a friend. And he did, actually.
  172. So 4XL brings the organic back on the ship, and with his new friend safely secured in medbay, he fucks off to hunt bounties. Now, when I say fuck off, I mean he goes to the star port AND STEALS A Z-95. BECAUSE FUCK WAITING FOR OTHER PEOPLE. He then promptly flies off to Dxun to find the smuggler base.
  174. Part 3 of Session 4 soon.
  176. With 4XL bugging out, we only have a few people left. Next up is Bucky and Noblespaceman. Bucky decides, without telling his Sithtard master, he’ll just go and turn off the shields I guess. Bucky was never good at plans. So he flips a light side point to get an IMPERIAL INTELLIGENCE uniform, grabs Terry Stark (the Noblespaceman who takes selfies) because he figures he needs a mechanic to turn off the generator, right? Well, the pair of them goes off to just walk into the planetary shield generator room and turn it off. Yeah, that was the plan. Bucky really can’t plan. They get into the base no problem, who the fuck questions an Imperial Intelligence officer? Well apparently, the last set of guards.
  178. They ask what the fuck is going on here, and, hang on to your sides, Terry Stark says “We’ll there’s been rumors about a bomb so we’re here to find it”. Needless to say Terry is never allowed to talk again. The Imperials either don’t believe him/question the fuck out of who he is, and 20 minutes of really bad lying/credentials happens. By the Emperor’s blackened bones, it was horrifying to watch them just slip deeper and deeper into a hole of certain death. Of course they need help, and we get it from a (slightly) unexpected source.
  180. We swap to R9X, chilling on the ship. A new torture victim gets his astromech boner going and he goes to prod and scan the broken Sanic when he finds a chip in Sanic’s foot. Upon deep scan, something in his memory banks activates. Welp, I guess being built by Imperial Intelligence WOULD make you a sleeper. Doesn’t actually do anything other than obey Imperial Intelligence orders. Which happens to come in right after.
  182. Part 4 of Session 4 inbound via pod racing.
  184. An Imperial Intelligence Agent and a contingent of Stormtroopers awaited outside the ship loading dock. The droid was told to open it up. One failed will roll later, he does so, and they go up into the ship. Anyone on the ship gets told that our ‘comrades’ (Terry Stark and Bucky) are in trouble, and they drop some duffle bags full of stormtrooper gear. At this point, the ‘retired’ clone trooper tells us that these guys are probably rebels because they can’t act for shit in that armor. Oh, and the agent?
  186. Revolver Ocelot. Yeah.
  188. Meanwhile, my guy is chilling in his Eta-2 when he sees a squad of Stormtroopers and Ocelot walk up our ramp. Now, being an undercover Imperial officer, he’s aware of the fact that the different Imperial Branches can and will fuck with each other without regard, so he slowly slinks into fighter and gets ready to blast them when the droid informs us they’re here to help our friends (like I’m trusting the droid ever again) and he’s about to join them when his gut seems to twist (Force Foresee roll). Oh fuck, rebels are coming. Fuck.
  190. At this point in the adventure, his lead to the rebels, aka Bucky, has basically failed at this point. Without knowing how long that will take to actually get somewhere, he has to make a choice. Does he fight the Rebels for the Empire, or does he fight the Empire for the Empire? Perhaps in the hardest and most difficult choice of his life to date, my poor Ace decided to aid the Rebels. Besides fulfilling his mission to Vader, he knew the Rebel fleet would fuck up the garrison regardless, so he decided to at least minimize losses. With that, he goes upward, getting clearance for atmos-depature.
  192. Much sadness. Part 5 of Session 4 soon fellow traitors.
  194. Where did I leave off? Ah, yes, the Planetary Shields. Bucky and Terry were futzing around and failing to get the guards to let them in, so the droid beeps in (or did Bucky get a Foresee roll? He might have) to let them know backup is enroute. And, by back up, well, I mean that as soon as Revolver Ocelot and the Party took the elevator down to the Generator doorway, and the doors opened up, Bucky and Terry slam into the wall as a hailstorm of blaster bolts shred the Generator Door Guards, and with a lucky roll Bucky manages to slam the alarm override device into the console. Holy shit they were lucky. The Rebel/Sith(?) Agents decide fuck the plan, and just plant explosives. Yeah, real subtle guys.
  196. That leaves 4XL in space, who notices the strange fleet, and is about to STRAFE THE SHIT OUT OF THEM IN HIS Z-95 (for some reason) but someone calls him and lets him know the plan. The player RELUCTANTLY decides to go with the flow and flies in formation with the Rebels. Because fuck it, apparently?
  198. The charges planted, the party goes back upstairs (but not before shooting the mechanic that the Chiss told to go turn of the shield generator, because MURDERHOBO ALL THE TIME, I think it was Sanic that shot him), and the bombs go off, and then Gregor Clegane tosses a plasma grenade into the stormtroopers at the guards and Terry re-enables the alarms because why not, oh Emperor that turned into a mess. If they got stuck they just threw plasma grenades until the problem went away. They could have walked out. But I guess when you have that murderboner going…
  200. Part 6 of Session 4 right after this.
  202. Well, anyway, in low orbit my pilot sees the planetary shield go down, does a 180 and guns it Full Throttle to the TIE Launchpad. By the Emperor’s black bones, I shit you not when I say I rolled two Triumphs. With that roll he was able to not only able to hit the launch pad with a difficulty of Easy, but he went Speed 10. In atmosphere. IN A FUCKING ETA-2. He felt the Speed, and it felt good and bad at the same time. He disabled the first wave and then joined the main battle. 4XL also fucked up some Imperials. [spoiler]The call-sign he told the Rebels to call him by was Republic-1, as his Eta-2 is still in Republic colors[/spoiler].
  204. The party, meanwhile, has managed to lose its Rebel/Sith(?) entourage to gun fire, and Revolver Ocelot decided he’d rather steal a Lambda than chill with us. I still have no idea if he’s actually a Rebel, an Imperial, a Sith or just some fucker doing his own thing for fun. Who knows. Not the GM, that’s who. They still fight on, with EXCESSIVE use of plasma grenades allowing a quick escape to the ship, Chiss and R9X onboard.
  206. Oh, they haven’t been doing nothing by the way. While ALL THIS WAS HAPPENING, the Chiss was organizing Czerka’s assets for minimal loss of life and resources, what a nice thing to do, while he secured some uh, ‘loose change’ some less secure Czerka staff members had stashed away. About 600,000 Credits? Something like that. The droid helped get the money, and then the Chiss paid everyone. I guess he thinks he’s employing us now. Hard for the party to notice in the middle of the battle, but I think the GM wanted us to spend it on the hidden Venator, but fuck the party is greedy and split it right away.
  208. Eventually, the party vacates the planet with the rest of the Imperial and Czerka refuges off planet to another imperial resupply center, droid included, but (un)fortunately my character left with the victorious rebels...
  210. Part 7 of Session 4 soon, and that’ll be a wrap.
  212. So, the party basically gets back to the Hidden Venator after saying goodbye to Doc’s Czerka buddies, and the all go around getting some rest, repairs on the ships, small stuff. That’s basically what they do next session as well, with my guy getting back there and then we fuck off to Roche for repairs and some new gear.
  214. But before that, well, my guy gets brought to the Captain of the Salvation, none other than his old squad mate Juno Eclipse. She immediately calls him out on his real name, and pulls a Lando-style “You rotten bastard” kinda deal. After a brief meeting we travel to a big room where Mon Mothma, leader of the Rebel Alliance, awards medals to the heroes who defeated the Empire at Onderon, Vreim included. It was a really nice ceremony .
  216. Later he and Juno share a nice bottle of wine and reminisce about old times. However, as he’s about to leave he runs into the one and only Rahm Kota who CALLS HIM OUT ON HIS double-triple agent bullshit, shows him that fancy spanner on his belt is a lightsaber and assumes he’s not evil just fucking incompetent, and lets Vreim go. All the shock. But after that, he fucks off to the Venator and that’s really it so far. I mean Session 5 was just us going to Roche, nothing exciting really.
  218. Worst part though is that all the Rebels are fucking really nice people who are friendly and very chill to hang out with. That's not what the Empire said.
  220. Questions? Comments?
  222. Oh, things I forgot to mention.
  224. 4XL, during the escape off of Onderon, found his target fleeing in a starship and followed him to the Refugee zone and bountied his ass.
  226. On the way to Roche, Vader called Bucky and called him a faggot. No, not really, but he was pissed that Bucky had nothing to show (I should note Bucky's player has allowed his obligation to rise to 50, and it will probably go up next session too). Vader force choked him ACROSS THE GALAXY because he was that mad but let him live.
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