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  1. <Attious> ccryptcoin
  2. <Attious> dd9#KKDhjdS*IK
  3. <Attious> make a new github
  4. <Attious> that ones is burned
  5. <cryptowest> thanks
  6. <Attious> No thank you ;)
  7. <cryptowest> :p
  8. <Attious> hope you got some cheap too
  9. <cryptowest> fucker
  10. <cryptowest> lol
  11. <Attious> rofl sorry
  12. <cryptowest> cmon you cant reset the github 2fa? :(
  13. <cryptowest> i changed pass asked them to fix
  14. <Attious> sorry it's burned
  15. <cryptowest> alright
  16. <Attious> you have ann so you can post a new one
  17. <Attious> Once I give you op to channel
  18. <Attious> please ban me
  19. <Attious> Has to look good
  20. <cryptowest> hey lol now youre making it sound like i had something to do with it
  21. <cryptowest> cmon
  22. <cryptowest> im just trying to be peaceable about it :P
  23. <Attious> I know you didn't
  24. <Attious> ban me already so the coin can skyrockt
  25. <cryptowest> but yeah i will ban. i understand you dislike the group but we have no issues
  26. <Attious> and we get rich
  27. <Attious> it's just an irc channel m8
  28. <cryptowest> lol.
  29. <cryptowest> feg
  30. <Attious> no quarrels with you
  31. <Attious> :D
  32. <cryptowest> lol asshole
  33. <cryptowest> whatever thanks for giving the shit back
  34. <Attious> I planned to from the start
  35. <Attious> Also prom tried to FUD me
  36. <Attious> telling me he can get my burner's info because of a QR code with google auth
  37. <Attious> ROFL
  38. <Attious> like I wouldn't use a) a VPN b) not my real cell
  39. <Attious> even still you cant get info from google auth and QR
  40. * Attious has quit ()
  41. <Attious> I have to burn this alias now
  42. <Attious> It's been nice to get to you know m8
  43. <Attious> Good luck in all future endevours
  44. <Attious> 再见
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