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  1. “Fuck off!”
  2. “Now they need to cast some British agents. I nominate Jamie Draven, who would knock it out of the fucking park, and maybe justify starting up a UK 24 Spin-off with him as the lead.”
  3. “How I’d love for Jack to get hold of whoever was on the end of that phone, and that cunt on the boat at the end of S2.”
  4. ““Agent with a troubled past” How original! Whatever that past might be, keep it the fuck out of the plot.”
  5. “It must ail you sir, knowing there’s fuck all you can do about it.”
  6. “I hope we don’t see Morris, he was fucking shite! Also, an fyi for the american viewer no British person ever pronounces data “dar-ter”. Anyway, fuck him and his drinking problem. In fact, fuck all characters with drinking problems because nobody cares.”
  7. “Incidentally the plot and it’s characters seem to range from nothing special to shite.”
  8. “Imagine a girl in an abusive relationship who goes crying to her friends about her boyfriend abusing her. They feel sympathy and compassion at first… but when they watch her going back for more abuse time after time they stop giving a shit.
  9. I’m starting to feel that way about Jack. He comes back to save the world, then he’ll whine like a bitch about the system throwing him under the bus once again by the end of the day (which of course it will).”
  10. “After being utterly underwhelmed by pretty much all the casting news, I wondered what the fuck was going on. It seemed to be just one insipid looking fuckwit after another”
  11. “If you’re going to be dicks to the rest of the world, at least reconsider your position on the country that warmly welcomed you to its shores for the next few months.”
  12. “besides, ginger blokes have no business being leading men”
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