Freyas Facts

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  1. <b><color=orange><size=40><align="center">Freyas Fun Server</align></color></size></b>
  2. <b><size=20>
  3. Discord Link : <link=""><color=#6aff8fff></color></link>
  5. This is a fun server, if you're wanting to play SCP:SL as intended please visit Freyas Fortress #1 and #2:
  7. <color="red">Rules</color>
  8. Killing is only allowed under the following conditions:
  9. - If agreed upon by both parties.
  10. - After the nuke has gone off.
  11. - During a server Event.
  12. - If you are being attacked, by all means, defend yourself.
  13. - Music and Soundboards are allowed as long as there is no spam/ear rape.
  14. Respect everyone, players and moderators alike.
  15. If you can't take the backlash, don't be a cunt to people.
  16. No racial slurs.
  18. If there's any questions or problems, ping and message the Freyas Fun moderators in Discord.
  20. <color="red">NOTES</color>
  21. - If you try to join when the server is full it will likely say you've been "banned" just ignore this message, you haven't!
  22. </size></b>
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