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Freyas Facts

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  1. <b><color=orange><size=40><align="center">Freyas Facts</align></color></size></b>
  2. <b><size=20>
  3. Discord Link : <link="https://discord.gg/jjHzzHj"><color=#6aff8fff>https://discord.gg/jjHzzHj</color></link>
  5. This is a fun server, if you're wanting to play SCP:SL as intended please visit Freyas Fortress #1 and #2:
  7. <color="red">Rules</color>
  8. Teaming is strongly encouraged no matter what class you are (come on, have a chat)
  9. Music/soundboards are allowed (please don’t spam)
  10. Respect everyone (admins and users alike)
  11. Last but not least, don’t be an asshole! (common sense)
  13. If you don’t follow these rules, it might lead to a kick or maybe even a ban (just try to follow the rules, it’s so easy)
  15. <color="red">NOTES</color>
  16. - If you try to join when the server is full it will likely say you've been "banned" just ignore this message, you haven't!
  17. </size></b>
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