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eraldev Feb 19th, 2014 43 Never
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  1. signal_handler_init()
  2. Using system-wide paths (NOT RUN_IN_PLACE)
  3. path_data = /usr/games/../share/minetest
  4. path_userdata = /root/.minetest
  5. Debug streams initialized, disable_stderr=0
  6. 20:33:49: ACTION[main]: minetest with SER_FMT_VER_HIGHEST=20, VER=0.3.1 RUN_IN_PLACE=0 USE_GETTEXT=1 INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr BUILD_TYPE=Release
  7. INFO: Initial run of init_mapnode with g_texturesource=NULL. If this segfaults, there is a bug with something not checking for the NULL value.
  8. AuthManager: loading from /root/.minetest/world/auth.txt
  9. BanManager: loading from /root/.minetest/world/ipban.txt
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