Get Cutter Get Butter 9

Aug 1st, 2016
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  1. >The walk into town was quiet if a bit tense
  2. >You had let your lil' sis fill you in on every little detail as the two of you left the farm
  3. >Mares were complaining about their stallions' change in attitude
  4. >Her and the girls went to see what the hubbub was about
  5. >They came on a little too strong and made the stallions upset
  6. >The colts kicked them and Anon out of the gym and the guard had to be called
  7. >On paper something like this didn't seem like all that big of a deal
  8. >All the colts needed was some ice cream and a few gentle words and all would be better
  9. >But, from the way that your sister walked, the way that her eyes darted around, the tone of her voice, the ugly red marks that she still had on her legs from those bands, you knew that this was bad
  10. >What was going on couldn't be solved with a bit of ice cream
  11. >Not this time
  12. >Though you hadn't been in town all that much recently you HAD seen your fellow stallions' "transformation"
  13. >You had seen their muscles and their new shirts and how loud and aggressive they were in strutting their stuff around like it was the thing to do
  14. >It was nonsense, and just like when you first saw it you couldn't help but shake your head
  15. >You had nothing against going to a gym to lose a couple of pounds
  16. >You personally knew a good many of your cousins that went there to do everything from socializing to getting away from their kids to lifting away their stress
  17. >But that wasn't what most of these stallions had gone to the gym for
  18. >Sure, maybe it was at first, but now?...
  19. >You shook your head, feeling a headache coming on
  20. >You knew that Caramel and some of those boys were a bit... excitable but destroying a gym and trying to start a gender war?
  21. >That was stupidity to the tenth degree
  22. >...
  23. >Why hadn't one of those other knuckleheads stepped up and said something?!
  24. >Grumbling under your breath, you looked toward town just as the wind began to pick up
  26. >Even though you and Applejack were at the edge of town you could hear one heck of a commotion going on
  27. >You could hear screaming, things being broken, and, most disconcerting of all, laughing
  28. >...
  29. >You paused for a moment, turning and giving your sister a look
  30. >She winced, looking down at the ground
  31. >"...I know that me an' the girls shouldn't a' went bargin' in Anon's gym like we owned the place..."
  32. "Eeyup."
  33. >"We shoulda just talked ta the colts one by one. Maybe talked to Anon or somethin' like that."
  34. "Eeyup."
  35. >"But mares were right scared about their stal--"
  36. "Nope."
  37. >"But--"
  38. "Nope."
  39. >"I know that a stallion can have a hobby, Mac, but--"
  40. "Nope."
  41. >"Gosh darnit don't keep--"
  42. "Nope."
  43. >Your sister's green eyes flashed with annoyance
  44. >She opened her mouth to argue some more, puffing her chest out and taking a step forward
  45. >You just stared at her calmly, slowly raising an eyebrow
  46. >And just like that the hot air left her
  47. >"...Yer right," she grumbled, kicking at the dirt as she once again looked at the ground. "Ma and pa raise me better 'an that."
  48. >A small smile graced your lips as you reached over and gave her a reassuring pat on the head
  49. >Your lil' sis might have been a bit thick-headed at times but you knew that she had her heart in the right place
  50. >She was a knucklehead
  51. >But she was YOUR knucklehead
  52. >Flicking your head in the direction of town you both once again began walking
  53. >There were a lot of knuckleheads running around today that needed to be sorted out it seemed
  54. >And, while you didn't consider yourself a stallion that had the right to speak up on any subject other than apples and farming, you were going to do your best to keep the town from ripping itself apart
  55. >...
  56. >Or at least keeping Anon from ripping the town apart...
  57. >...
  58. >Or ripping any ponies apart...
  59. >With each step you took the sounds coming in the center of town became louder and louder
  60. >You could hear mares and stallions screaming, yelling, shouting insults, pleas
  62. >Heavy things were being thrown, wood was being broken and splintered, and you could even hear windows being shattered
  63. >The sharp, nearly buzzing sound of metal hitting metal made your ears go flat against your skull
  64. >...
  65. >This was going to be a mess
  66. >You could feel it...
  67. >Your eyes flicked up to the sky
  68. >Though the sun was still out in full force the sky seemed darker for some reason
  69. >The sun was dimmer and the blue sky seemed a deeper blue that it had been a hour ago
  70. >There was also chill in the air that made your fur stand on end
  71. >...
  72. >Yep
  73. >Your horse apples sense was a'tingling
  74. >This was gonna be bad
  80. >Applejack began to increase her pace, worry as clear as day on her features
  81. >Just as she was about to pass you you stuck out a hoof to block her
  82. >When she looked over at you you just shook your head
  83. >The two of you couldn't go running into this willy-nilly
  84. >You had to be calm and collected
  85. >The two of you needed--
  86. >As the two of you passed the last house and into the market district your jaws dropped
  88. >The scene before you could only be described as a battlefield
  89. >Guards and stallions were running around, fighting and kicking and biting and wrestling and swinging their weapons
  90. >All around you could see ponies slumped to the ground, whimpering and crying and kicking at the air whilst they nursed various bobo's
  91. >...
  92. >What the hay?...
  93. >Your gaze swept the market
  94. >You took in every damaged stand, every broken window
  95. >Every single building in the market was damaged
  96. >Windows had been broken, things had been put into walls
  97. >Nearly every cart had been broken in some way
  99. >Bits of them were missing, some had been splintered into a million pieces, and just like the buildings it looked like flames had been at them
  100. >The road itself looked no better
  101. >Covered in bodies and various... fluids it looked like somepony had taken a pickaxe to the whole street
  102. >There was a cart, its wheels missing, on fire near the town foundation where two donkeys seemed to be roasting marshmallows
  103. >Near the flower sister's stand you could see a stallion lying on his side in the fetal position
  104. >Just like everypony else you could see his shirt was ripped and he looked bruised and battered, but unlike everypony else he..
  105. >...
  106. >He... had something INSIDE of him
  107. >A pool noodle if you weren't mistaken
  108. >...
  109. >How did they even--
  111. >Your gaze flicked away from the poor stallion, who was probably going to need some therapy after all of this was over, to the center of this chaos
  112. >There, holding a blood-nosed and black-eyed Caramel high above his head, was a bloody, dirty, sweaty Anonymous
  113. >The human was completely naked you noticed
  114. >From a hundred feet away you could see that every muscle on that great big, sweat-covered body of his was bulging
  115. >His cock, out for all to see, was completely erect, slapping wetly against his stomach each time his belly heaved
  116. >There were a group of stallions around him
  117. >Unlike everypony else that you saw theses stallions didn't look too worse for wear
  118. >What they did look though was absolutely and completely terrified
  119. >You could see each and every one of them shaking in their horseshoes as they stood there, nervously poking at Anon with the butt of their barbells
  120. >Most of their half-hearted thrusts didn't even connect, but the ones that did didn't even seem to faze him
  123. >Both him and Caramel were looking into each other's eyes, one set filled with unspeakable rage and the other set filled with bed-wetting fear, as they screamed at the top of their lungs
  124. >...
  125. >They weren't doing anything else
  126. >Caramel wasn't trying to get out of Anon's grasp and Anon wasn't trying to throttle him
  127. >They were just shouting
  128. >...
  130. >...
  132. >...
  134. >Alright
  135. >Enough of that
  136. >As your sister stood there, gobsmacked, you began walking forward
  137. >You bucked as a wooden box flew over your head
  138. >You walked around a group of guards and stallions that were having one heck of a slap fight
  139. >For a few moments you stood by the... impaled stallion to see if he was alive
  140. >He was, he groaned and everything, but you were positive that he'd never be the same
  141. >Never
  142. >So you then stood over him and payed your respects
  143. >"Oh, hello Big Macintosh."
  144. >You stopped, looking to your left
  145. >To your surprise there was a couch sitting not five feet away from you
  146. >Upon closer inspection of said couch you saw that it had seen better days
  147. >The back of it had been snapped cleanly in half and you could see black burn marks on its sides and its front
  148. >One of it's arms had been ripped off and you could see that somepony had pierced it clean through with what looked like a ruined street lamp
  149. >And on that battered, broken couch was Princess Celestia herself, who was smiling pleasantly at you, along with Twilight, Rarity, and Pinkie, none of whom were smiling even a little bit
  150. >"You wouldn't happen to be here for the romp, would you Macintosh?" Princess Celestia asked, cocking her head to the side
  152. >Your eye twitched slightly when she produced a bottle of lube
  153. >"Because if you are I'm more than happy to get you ready for the occasion."
  154. >...
  155. >Just ignore that
  156. >Just ignore the fact that the ruler of your country just offered to lube you up in the same tone one might have when talking about the weather
  157. >...
  158. >Also ignore the fact that the couch and the ponies sitting on it smell like they've just been part of an orgy
  159. >You had enough horse apples to deal with
  160. "Nope," you said as politely as you could, shaking your head
  161. >A slight pout came to the alicorn's face
  162. >"Alright," she said, sounding a bit put out as she placed the lube in her lap. "If you're sure..."
  163. >You nodded resolutely
  164. "Eeyup."
  165. >Turning away from the princess, you looked around all every single pony, donkey, and human in attendance
  166. "Ahem," you said, loudly clearing your throat
  167. >You waited for a few moments, your nose scrunching up
  168. "A-HEM."
  169. >This time your voice carried over the sounds of screaming and yelling and the rest of the hullabaloo
  170. >You watched as the fighting slowly but surely began to stop
  171. >Ponies began lowering their weapons and stepping away from each other
  172. >Even Anon and Caramel stopped their yelling, though Anon didn't release his grip of the earth pony
  173. >Over two hundred sets of eyes snapped over to you as the last of the fighting stopped
  174. >For a few moments you shied away from the attention, taking a few steps backward
  175. >You weren't much for attention; you never had been
  176. >It made you uncomfortable, nervous, never a little bit scared
  177. >You managed two steps before an invisible force stopped your retreat
  178. >Looking back you saw Princess Celestia staring back at you
  179. >"Don't be shy dear," she cooed. "If you have something to say then go ahead and say it. We'll all be happy to listen."
  180. >Though her little pep talk was slightly ruined by the fact that she pouring some of her lube on her belly it was more than enough to help shake off your bout of shyness
  182. >Puffing your chest out, you raised your head up high and looked around
  183. >You DID have something important to say; something that everypony here needed to hear
  184. >This whole nonsense wasn't because of stallion's rights or sexist
  185. >A few mares got worried about their herdmates and they asked your sister and her friends to see what was going on
  186. >Should they have done that? Maybe not
  187. >They probably should have just let the stallions alone with their gym equipment
  188. >But just because Princess Twilight tried asking a few questions didn't mean that they had a right to act like they did
  189. >They had acted like a bunch of fussing colts, babies more like, and because of it they ended up destroying another stallion's place of business
  190. >And instead of sucking it up and admitted that they had messed up they had tried to turn the blame on somepony else
  191. >It was the mares' fault
  192. >They're trying to force us back in the kitchen
  193. >They're trying to make us lesser, inferior
  194. >If your daddy would have been alive right now he would have shaken his head
  195. >He had taught you that stallions WERE treated differently
  196. >Sometimes they weren't taken as seriously as mares, they had difficulties getting onto certain jobs
  197. >A stallion had to look like this, eat this, act like that
  198. >But he had also taught you that none of that mattered
  199. >Not the being looked down on, not being treated like a piece of meat
  200. >None of it
  201. >It didn't matter what gender, what race
  202. >It didn't matter how you looked or how you talked or how you did things
  203. >What mattered was that you woke up every morning with the intent to be better than you were the day before
  204. >So what if you had a few roadblocks along the way?
  205. >One of the greatest mages in history was a stallion
  206. >The pony that drew up the designs for the first train, a genius by all accounts, was a stallion
  207. >In Canterlot, at this very moment, their were stallions working with and against the nobility to make Equestria a greater place
  209. >None of these stallions were just doing this for "the fellas" or the "brotherhood"
  210. >They didn't slave night and day, forging metal and practicing spells and braving the great, scary unknown and unexplored just because it would make mares look bad
  211. >They did what they did for everypony
  212. >They knew, just like a simple farmer like yourself knew, that fighting for the sake of fighting wasn't gonna help anypony
  213. >Life was short; you only had a couple of years on this little patch of dirt before you were put in it
  214. >You couldn't, shouldn't, waste that little time spitting hate and blaming each other for every little thing
  215. >You needed togetherness
  216. >You needed love
  217. >You needed hard work and understanding and just a little bit of compassion
  218. >So, with all of that in mind, with hope and love flowing through your vines, you opened your mouth to deliver the speech of your life
  219. "Nope."
  220. >The effect was almost immediate
  221. >The anger and outrage seemed to drain from everypony's faces, mare and stallion alike
  222. >"...What the hay are we doing here, guys?" a stallion asked, looking down at the bend and chipped barbell in his hooves. "We're better than this!"
  223. >To your left you could see a stallion sniffle
  224. >"My herd was probably worried sick about me. Junebug... Jet Stream..."
  225. >A murmur ran through the stallions
  226. >You could hear fear and sadness in their tones
  227. >They knew that they were in trouble, that what they had done today was going to have very real consequences
  228. >Hopefully nopony would get any jail time but their was sure to be fines that needed to be paid, and you bet your bottom bit that they were going to be looking at a lot of community service
  229. >In the midst of their murmurs, somepony dropped their barbell
  230. >This caused a chain reaction
  231. >Stallions began dropping dumbbells and plates and throwing off their headbands and t-shirts
  232. >The guards, still looking a bit leery, began to round up the stallions and remove their weapons
  233. >You sighed, smiling a bit as you rolled your withers
  235. >You did good, Big Mac
  236. >You did--"
  238. >Your ears perked up
  239. >Before could turn your head you found Caramel flying toward you
  240. >Ohmuhapplz!
  241. >With a yelp you kissed the dirt as Caramel let out a shrill scream, covering his face with his hooves
  242. >You could feel his belly gaze your back as he flew over you and into the town fo--
  243. CRASH!
  244. >...
  245. >You looked over your shoulder to see that the stone figure of Princess Celestia had been broken in half
  246. >Caramel was floating face down in the pool below it, a leg twitch being the only indication that he was still alive
  247. >...
  248. >That was gonna leave a mark....
  249. >Uncovering your face, you looked up to see Anon stomping toward you
  250. >His gaunt was tight and angry and you could see that his lips were drawn back into a snarl
  251. >It looked like you made the big colt mad...
  252. >Oh boy...
  253. >Scrambling to your hooves, you tried to diffuse the situation
  254. "An--"
  255. >"SHUT THE FUCK UP, MAC!"
  256. "Bu--"
  258. >A low growl escaped the human's throat as he looked around
  259. >Not surprisingly, there wasn't a stallion that could look him in the eye
  261. >Anon took a few threatening steps toward the stallions, who nervously retreated
  263. >Anon's pace increased as he zoned in on one of the stallion's, who stood before him frozen in fear
  265. >Hey now...
  267. >Your eyes widened in alarm as Anon, now nearly foaming at the mouth and his eyes blazing, cocked a fist back
  269. >The stallion in front of him, now shaking like a leaf, whimpered quietly as he waited for his good night to come
  271. >With a snarl, Anon took a big step, ready to throw his punch
  272. >The ground cracked as he stomped his foot
  273. >Behind the stallion a skeleton appeared, a thick burlap bag in its devious, shooky clutches
  275. >OhmuhApplethatcolt'sgonnadie
  276. >Thankfully, before the punch could land, a golden glow surrounded Anon's fist
  277. >Out of the corner of your eye you could now see that Princess had gotten off of the couch and was standing next to you
  278. >"Anonymous, I know that you're upset but there is no need for anymore violence."
  279. >You couldn't help but jump a little bit as Anon's head whipped around
  280. >"THESE FUCKERS--"
  281. >"Surrendered after this fine young stallion spoke his mind, my little human."
  282. >The princess tried to touch you with a hoof but you quickly stepped away
  283. >You didn't want ANY of her touching you
  284. >Faust knows where she's been
  285. >"My guard will take them into custody so that the law may prosecute them to the fullest extent," the princess continued, making her way over to him
  286. >Anon's mouth twitched as the stallion in front of him was quickly dragged away by a guard
  287. >"THEY--"
  288. >His fist clutched even harder, causing the bones in his hand to crack as he took a deep breath
  289. >"They DESTROYED my fucking gym," he growled
  290. >"They did," Celestia agreed. "That and a dozen other crimes that I will personally see they are punished for."
  291. >A small smile came to her face as she placed a hoof on Anon's leg
  292. >"There is no need to rampage, Anonymous."
  293. >Anon's face went through a plethora of emotions as he looked down at the Princess of the Sun
  294. >You could still see that he was angry
  295. >He wanted to shout
  296. >He wanted to hurt somepony
  297. >He wanted to make them feel what he was feeling right now
  298. >...But he couldn't
  299. >...
  300. >Well, he COULD
  302. >But doing that would only get him in trouble too
  303. >The stallions were going to be tried and prosecuted
  304. >No doubt that they were going to have to pay for the damages that they caused and then some
  305. >Everything was going to be fine; he was going to get everything that he wanted
  306. >Snorting, Anon looked away from the princess and at the now thoroughly ashamed colts
  307. >You could see in his face what he wanted to say
  308. >You could see the hatred and betrayal in his eyes
  309. >"Fuck each and every single one of you," he said with a loathing that made you flinch
  310. >His eyes flicked to his gym
  311. >His broken, ruined gym
  312. >You watched as the anger in his eyes was replaced with sadness
  313. >The magic around his hand disappeared as his shoulders slumped
  314. >His cock, which had been throbbing proudly this whole time, began to wilt
  315. >"You're all banned from my gym. And if I ever see and of you fuckers setting so much as a hoof into it you're losing that hoof."
  316. >He cast one angry, hateful look around the market
  317. >Before any of you could say or do anything he marched over to his gym, opened the door, and slammed the door behind him with so much force that the hinges on the door snapped and the door fell to the ground with a loud bang
  318. >"FUCK!"
  319. >...
  320. >You looked at Princess Celestia
  321. >You then looked over at your sister and her friends
  322. >Sighing, you sat back on your haunches
  323. >Well...
  324. >That could have gone a little bit better..
  327. !--!()!--!
  329. >...
  330. >Everything was ruined
  331. >Weights had been thrown everywhere
  332. >Plates had been bend and cracked and chipped
  333. >Every single bar, be it barbell or curl bell, had been broken or was missing
  334. >Your mirrors had been broken into a million pieces
  335. >Glass was all over your floor
  336. >There was stuffing coming out of your benches
  337. >Every single wall had been damaged in some as, as had your ceiling and floor
  338. >And your power racks...
  339. >Your goddamn power racks...
  340. "FUCK!"
  341. >With a snarl, you drove your fist through a wall
  342. >You didn't even feel the impact as you shut your eyes tightly
  343. >All of it was gone
  344. >You might have been able to save a few of the plates, maybe a few of the dumbbells if you were lucky, but the rest of it was trashed
  345. >Tens of thousands of bits wasted
  346. >You'd be able to see the metal for scrap but that was it
  347. >You place was a bump
  348. >A ruin
  349. >The kind of gym that you'd find in the worse part of a bad town...
  350. >...
  351. >You slowly took your fist out of your poor wall, wincing when you saw the hole that you had just made
  352. "All of that time... All of that money..."
  353. >You began wading through the carnage, looking down at your still clutched fist
  354. >It had a thin film of dust and plaster on it but no blood
  355. >Your hands were tough
  356. >You had lifters hands
  357. >Strong hands
  358. >Concrete or metal, it didn't matter
  359. >...
  360. >Sighing, you walked over and sat down on one of the few benches that had managed to get out of this nonsense in relatively one piece
  361. >...
  362. >You should have felt angry
  363. >You should be as angry as you've ever been
  364. >But you didn't feel angry as you looked around
  365. >This entire gym, this dream that you had been working your ass off for, had been destroyed
  367. >And not only had it been destroyed it had been destroyed right in front of you by ponies that you had thought were your friends
  368. >Your gym brothers
  369. >Caramel, Thunderlane, all of them had taken what you had given them and destroyed it
  370. >They had killed your baby
  371. >Killed it and destroyed the remains...
  372. >You slumped down a bit as you thought of Rumble
  373. >That poor kid was going to be fucked up for MONTHS because of that shit his stupid ass brother had been giving him
  374. >His hormones were going to be fucked, he probably wasn't going to eat, sleeping would be hard no doubt
  375. >...
  376. >You were going to have to go and talk to his parents, make them take the little guy to the hospital
  377. >He needed to go see a doctor
  378. >Maybe they could help the little guy out...
  379. >Sighing, you kicked away a scrap of metal; no doubt a piece of your power rack
  380. >You didn't feel angry, you felt sick, hollow, empty
  381. >You could feel a weight pulling you down, sapping your strength, making it hard to breath
  382. >...
  383. >It wasn't supposed to be like this...
  384. >You gym was supposed to be a positive establishment in the community
  385. >You wanted to help people
  386. >You wanted them to leave this gym better than when they had come in
  387. >But you just didn't want that
  388. >You also wanted this place to be a beacon
  389. >You wanted people just like you, the hard core gym weirdos, to hear about this place and come to see what it was about
  390. >A bunch of people that ate six meals a day and lifted for three hours at a time
  391. >You wanted people that would argue about deadlifting form for hours on end
  392. >You wanted to cheer them on when they broke a PR
  393. >You wanted people talking and weights hitting the ground and forty-five's slapping together
  394. >...
  395. >You didn't get that
  396. >You didn't get that at all
  397. >You were betrayed, spat on
  398. >Alone
  399. "FUCK!"
  400. >Closing your eyes you bent yourself forward, placing your head in your hands
  401. >The gym was quiet now; horribly, terribly empty
  403. >There was just you, your broken equipment, and that twisting, sickening feeling in the pit of your gut may as well have been a stab wound
  404. >For what felt like hours you wallowed in this horribly, all-consuming silence, but then you heard a noise
  405. >Hoofsteps; the forceful and purposeful kind
  406. >"Oh my goodness will you look at what those RUFFIANS did!" someone dramatically cried
  407. >You kept your head in your hands as the someone began to fuss around what was left of your gym floor
  408. >"I had thought that many of those stallions were gentlecolts and that they wouldn't partake in outright destruction but it appears that I was wrong."
  409. >The pony, a mare, tsked as she made her way over to you
  410. >You opened your eyes, and through your fingers you could see a pair of marshmallow white hooves
  411. >"Why, if I could bring myself to strike a stallion, Anonymous dear, I would have had a thing or two to say to those urchins!"
  412. >Slowly, you picked your head up to look at the pony standing in front of you
  413. >That pony had the deepest blue eyes; they almost looked purple in this light
  414. >And, while her mane and fur were in disarray, and more than a little dirty, she gave off an aura of sophistication unlike any you've seen
  415. >But there wasn't just that; you could also see a compassion in those blue eyes of hers, a concern for your well-being
  416. >...
  417. >Finding that you didn't have the strength to look up anymore, you began to lean forward once more so that you continue in your wallowing
  418. >Rarity, with a quiet huff, quickly placed a hoof under your chin
  419. >"Oh come now, darling, there's no need to act so gloomy!" she said, picking your head up so that you could look at her. "It might look... bad at the moment but we shall rebuild!"
  420. >Her other hoof came up to join its sister to cup your face
  421. >With a quiet grunt she managed to pick your head up
  423. >"In a week or two we shall have this place as good as new! BETTER than new! Ponies all over Equestria will want nothing more than to come in here and work up a sweat!... Or whatever happens in these places..."
  424. >You wanted to keep looking up at her, it was only polite since she was talking to you, but once again your gaze settled onto the floor
  425. >Another sigh racked your frame
  426. >You could rebuild
  427. >You could buy new equipment, fix the ceiling and the walls, get the windows and door replaced
  428. >But then what?
  429. >What if this happened again?
  430. >What if everyone was scared off now that a fucking riot had happened in this place?
  431. >Your shoulders sagged as you pulled away from Rarity's hooves, feeling absolutely and totally defeated
  432. >...
  433. >You didn't know what to do
  434. >...
  435. >You didn't know anything anymore
  436. >Right now all you wanted to do was sit here and feel shitty until the sun came down
  437. >After that you wanted to do was sit here feel shitty while also being in the dark
  438. >Rarity's eyes narrowed as she looked down at you
  439. >For a few moments she said nothing, just studying your features, before she took a step forward and leaned down so she could nuzzle your cheek
  440. >"Oh look at you," she muttered. "Dirty and Bleeding..."
  441. >Her horn glowed, and not a second later you could feel her magic tugging at your hand
  442. >"Why don't we get you home and cleaned up, hmm?"
  443. >You half-heartedly tried to resist but dress horse would not be denied
  444. >She continued to tug on your hand with more and more force until she had yanked you to your feet
  445. >"There we are!" she chirped with a happy little bounce
  446. >She quickly took up a position next to you, a bright smile on her face
  447. "Now come along. If we hurry we can get you home before it gets dark out."
  448. >Through a mixture of hand tugs and verbal encourage Rarity managed to lead you out of your gym, bloody and dirty and naked as the day you were born
  450. >You should have just stopped and laid down
  451. >That's what you wanted to do
  452. >Lay down and close your eyes and let the bad feels come rolling in
  453. >But, for some reason, your feet wouldn't obey your commands
  454. >You let this little horse, a horse that was one-third your size, lead you into the street
  455. >"Now, I know that you haven't had a thing to eat yet, darling, so I took the liberty of asking Twilight and Pinkie if they would be so kind as to get us something to eat. I hope you don't mind but we weren't able to procu--"
  456. >As she rambled on she began walking closer and closer next to you
  457. >It subtle; she moved in a half-inch at a time
  458. >You didn't even notice what she was doing until you felt her side rubbing against your leg
  459. >"--I know that this pizza parlor might be a little more expensive but I always find that they're more consistent with thei--"
  460. >Even though she was just as filthy as you her coat felt silky smooth against your bare thigh
  461. >You could almost feel each individual hair with each step you took
  462. >It felt... nice, especially now
  463. >...
  464. >Reaching down, you placed a hand on the center of her back
  465. >The fashionista's body twitched slightly at the contact
  466. >She looked up and you, her eyes widened just a hair for a few moments before she smiled sweetly
  467. >You tried your best to return it, giving her back a little scratch
  468. >The walk home should have been a trek, but, with squiggle tail there chatting your ear off, it didn't seem too bad
  469. >"Ah, there we are. Home sweet home."
  470. >Humming a little tune to herself, Rarity opened the door to your modest home and ushered you inside
  471. >Barely stopping to turn on your living room light, she led you up to your bathroom
  472. >"My, my. I had assumed that your restroom would be larger than average but LOOK at that bathtub. You could fit half a dozen ponies in it!"
  473. >You shrugged
  474. >It really wasn't anything special
  476. >You got it for half off in from some shady zebra behind the sofa and quills store
  477. >Nice mare; you kinda wished that she quit talking about jungle fever so much whenever you saw her...
  478. >Rarity nudged your side with her rump, once again turning your attention back to her
  479. >"Anonymous, darling, would it be alright if I joined you?" she asked, batted her eyelashes. "I myself seem to be in need of a cleaning and I cannot BARE the thought of leaving you by yourself whilst I go home to freshen up..."
  480. >You raised an eyebrow but said nothing
  481. >Rarity continued to smile innocently, patiently waiting for your answer
  482. >...
  483. >You know what?
  484. >Fine
  485. >You nodded, nudging your head toward the bath
  486. >A happy sound escaped squiggle tail's throat
  487. >"Oh it had been AGES since I've shared a bath with somepony," she mused, clapping her hooves together
  488. >Her horn glowed, and with a simple flick of her horn she turned the faucet on
  489. >"Now, let's see what I'm working wi-- oh my goodness! Why on earth would you even THINK of using that conditioner, Anonymous dear?! I know that you're a very... practical stallion but even you should see the benefit of--"
  490. >She didn't stop talking even as she walked over and checked the water temperature
  491. >She was still gently chiding you as the tub quickly filled up
  492. >By the time the tub was full and she was nudging you into the tub the chiding had changed to an entirely different topic
  493. >You knew that she was just trying to fill the silence, trying to keep your mind occupied and focused on her
  494. >And you appreciated it
  495. >Just the thought that she was going out of her way to try to aleve some of your bad feels made that sick, twisted feeling in your stomach feel not so bad
  496. >You still feel shitty
  497. >...But a little less so now
  498. >You found yourself smiling a little as Rarity dragged your dirty, naked ass into the tub
  500. >It was barely a smile really, more like the edges of your mouth just happened to be raised ever so slightly
  501. >But... a smile nonetheless
  502. >As soon as you were seated in that perfectly temperate water Rarity had hopped in and immediately sat in your lap
  503. >And why wouldn't she sit in your lap?
  504. >She just wanted to make sure that you cleaned yourself thoroughly
  505. >And HEAVEN knows how you'd be able to get your back without her help
  506. >The two of you could help each other wash, she had said somewhere in her endless chatter
  507. >When she had remarked about it being romantic you had tuned her out, simply enjoying the feeling of her scrubbing your body
  508. >She started with your arms, then your chest
  509. >When she began to scrub your shoulders you had closed your eyes
  510. >Was that a kiss that you just felt on the tip of your nose?
  511. >Or ma--
  512. >"Oh Luna above, look at those SPLIT ENDS!" she loudly exclaimed as her hooves frantically mussed with your hair. "Your poor mane! I can practically hear it CRYING darling!"
  513. >Wrapping her hooves around your head to support herself, she began to make disconcerned horse noises, saying something about lathering and cocoa butter and scalps
  514. >Your lips twitched as you felt her wet , messy fur brush against your face as she pulled your nose into her chest
  515. >You could feel the warmth coming off of her little horse body
  516. >Sweat and perfume and Rarity's natural horsey smell graced your nostrils with each inhale
  517. >You could even feel her muscles shift and tense and relax with each movement
  518. >It was... nice
  519. >Not having to suffer by yourself
  520. >Having someone to take a bath with and talk your ear off about nothing in particular
  521. >...
  522. >"We'll have to go out and restock this ENTIRE bathroom from the floor up, dear. Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, oh, and we'll have to--"
  523. >Rarity paused as you quietly wrapped your arms around her barrel
  524. >The mare looked down at you as you closed your eyes, pressing your face a little more firmly against her chest
  526. >You felt her hooves wrap around your head
  527. >"That gym is going to be rebuild, Anon," you could hear her say
  528. >She sighed, resting her chin on top of your head
  529. >"While I've always thought that working out was a silly bunch of nonsense I know how much that it means to you."
  530. >Her hooves found themselves under your chin, forcing you to look upward into those blue, determined, fiery eyes
  531. >"Twilight, Pinkie, all of us know how hard you worked for that little building."
  532. >Her eyes narrowed slightly as she leaned down until your noses were touching
  533. >"So, even if you are feeling a little disheartened about what happened that little gym of yours it going to be restored."
  534. >She poked your chest with a hoof to bring home her point
  535. >"It will be restored even if the girls and I have to go and do everything ourselves!"
  536. >She poked your chest again, her eyes narrowed down to slits
  537. >You just looked up at her
  538. >You didn't say anything
  539. >You didn't look away from her
  540. >You didn't laugh at her admittedly adorable attempts to intimidate you
  541. >You just stared for a few moments before nodding
  542. "...Alright," you quietly said, giving her barrel a little squeeze
  543. >The smile that came to dress horse's face almost seemed to light up the room
  544. >"Excellent!" she cried with a happy bounce. "Then the girls and I shall be up with you bright and early to help with the cleaning!"
  545. >She pulled you into a hug, rocking you back and forth as she wiggled around happily
  546. >"While I can't admit to knowing ANYTHING about what goes on in a gym I DO pride myself on being a very business savvy mare. So, with your permission, I'd like to contact a few of my connects to see if we can find some of your equipment for a little cheaper and--"
  547. >You closed your eyes as Rarity began talking about how you and the girls would make your gym better than ever
  548. >Pinkie, with her friends all over Equestria, could find you new gym goers
  550. >Rarity would be able to get you contractors and suppliers, all the while making every single pony in both Canterlot and Manehatten know that a brand new gym would be reopening soon
  551. >Even Twilight, the little sperg that she was, would be able to pull strings and use magic to help you out
  552. >Your lips twitched upward a little more until they actually looked like a smile
  553. >Your child, your dream, might have been destroyed right in front of you
  554. >But now it looked like you'd be able to rebuild
  555. >Your little smile widened just a hair as Rarity, still talking away, leaned down and nuzzled your brow
  556. >And not only did you had a chance to rebuild you'd have help
  558. ~_~_~_~_~_~_
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