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  1. 800059020 The yellow flame of chaos...
  2. 800070000 O Three Fingers, throw wide the door.
  3. 800070010 Please, bestow unto me the yellow flame of chaos.
  4. 800070020 A frenzied flame to melt away the curses, suffering, and despair. And the Order, entire.
  5. 800070030 May chaos take the world.
  6. 800071000 The frenzied flame...burned me...
  7. 800071010 I was not... a suitable home.
  9. 800071020 Unknown warrior...
  10. 800071030 You, who reached the Three Fingers' abyss...
  11. 800071040 Tell the one... Who will become Lord...
  12. 800071050 Divest yourself of everything, and head to the door.
  13. 800071060 Divest yourself of everything...
  14. 800071070 And pray to the Lord...
  15. 800071080 To melt away the curses, suffering, and despair. And the Order, entire.
  16. 800071090 May chaos...take the world.
  17. 800071100 (dies)
  19. 800072000 The frenzied flame...burned me...
  20. 800072010 I was not... a suitable home.
  21. 800072020 Dear Lord, Lord of Chaos...
  22. 800072030 Melt away the curses, suffering, and despair. And the Order, entire.
  23. 800072040 May chaos...take the world
  24. 800072050 (dies)
  25. 800051000 Oh yes, about the cryptogram from the letter...
  26. 800051010 I think it's pointing underneath the capital.
  27. 800051020 I think it's pointing here, underneath the capital.
  28. 800051030 But I'm perplexed as to the path to take down there.
  29. 800051040 Well, the journey can wait, I suppose.
  30. 800051050 I'll settle here for the time being, and start looking into it.
  31. 800052000 Where...did you find this letter?
  32. 800053000 I can't imagine how it ended up there...
  33. 800053010 But the well might just lead under the capital.
  34. 800053020 To the spot indicated by the cryptogram from the letter.
  35. 800053030 Seems like an odd place for the Great Caravan...
  36. 800053040 But no amount of thinking will change anything. I'll be heading straight there, after some preparation.
  37. 800053050 Once again, I find myself in your debt.
  38. 800053060 Take this, as a token of my appreciation.
  39. 800053070 It's not from my usual stock, but something rather more special.
  40. 800053080 I hope you can join me at the Great Caravan, in fact.
  41. 800053090 Who knows what wonders there might be to trade?
  42. 800054000 Ah, you, is it...
  43. 800054010 Did you see? What they did to my ancestors?
  44. 800054020 The whole clan, buried alive. Sick. Maddened. Husks of themselves.
  45. 800054030 Have you heard their moans? They're hardly human anymore.
  46. 800054040 They think we worship the Three Fingers? That we called the maddening sickness down upon them?
  47. 800054050 Well. If that's what they expect from us, then that's what they shall get from us!
  48. 800054060 The world of grace and its people should have been content to see us sink between the cracks.
  49. 800054070 But to have intruded upon our solace... Having broken us upon their whims...
  50. 800054080 I'll never forgive any of you.
  51. 800055000 I'm sorry, but we won't be trading any longer.
  52. 800055010 And...I think it's time we parted ways.
  53. 800055020 Guided by grace, you seek to become Elden Lord.
  54. 800055030 I don't want anything to do with you Tarnished lot any more.
  55. 800056000 I should apologise to you.
  56. 800056010 It's my fault that we stumbled into this mess.
  57. 800056020 I'm sorry.
  58. 800057000 I'm sorry, but we won't be trading any longer.
  59. 800057010 I think it's time we parted ways.
  60. 800058000 Wait, what's that?
  61. 800058010 That burn...
  62. 800058020 Your eyes...
  63. 800058030 You've inherited the flame of frenzy!
  64. 800058040 Oh, that's it... That's what I need...
  65. 800058050 To melt away the curses, suffering, and despair. And the Order, entire.
  66. 800058060 The yellow flame of chaos...
  67. 800059000 Oh, that's it... That's what I need...
  68. 800059010 To melt away the curses, suffering, and despair. And the Order, entire.
  69. 800031000 We meet again, I see.
  70. 800031010 It's me, Kalé.
  71. 800031020 Thought I'd set up shop here for a time.
  72. 800031030 Right then. Care to purchase anything?
  73. 800032000 Have you seen a crow around here by any chance?
  74. 800032010 You know, a burial crow, with a letter fastened to its claw?
  75. 800032020 Well, if you do set eyes upon it, I'll buy that letter from you, no question.
  76. 800032030 I'd give you a generous sum for it, of course.
  77. 800033000 My thanks. I've been wanting to get my hands on this.
  78. 800033010 And I was willing to pay whatever was needed. Your reward, as promised.
  79. 800034000 So, about the letter you brought me...
  80. 800034010 It's just as I suspected, it features a cryptogram of my people.
  81. 800034020 And I'm sure it's come from wherever the Great Caravan disappeared to.
  82. 800034030 This could be my chance to get close to it.
  83. 800034040 Thanks to you.
  84. 800035000 Once I decipher that cryptogram, I'll be packing up shop again.
  85. 800035010 Don't worry, I'll leave a sign that shows where I've gone.
  86. 800035020 With any luck, I'll see you there, eh.
  87. 800036000 I've always preferred my own company, to that of other people's...
  88. 800036010 And I don't have any burning questions I wish to ask my ancestors...
  89. 800036020 But there's something I need to know.
  90. 800036030 My roots.
  91. 800036040 I want to know who I am. Where I came from. Where I'm headed.
  92. 800015000 The howl of a wolf, in the Mistwood...
  93. 800015010 I suppose he must still be skulking about...
  94. 800015020 Mmm, I know. Why not meet him for yourself?
  95. 800015030 Next time you hear the wolf's howl, make this signal right under the source.
  96. 800015040 Oh, don't fret, there is nothing to fear.
  97. 800015050 I just have an inkling the two of you might hit it off.
  98. 800016000 Oh, by the way. There's someone you should meet.
  99. 800016010 If you happen to hear a wolf's howl, make this signal under the source.
  100. 800017000 Oh, then you met Blaidd, did you?
  101. 800017010 Wonderful. I'm glad I pointed you in his direction.
  102. 800017020 He's boorish, blunt, and couldn't find his nose with both hands, but he's a good egg.
  103. 800017030 I think the two of you are sure to find the best in one another.
  104. 800030000 Ah, good to see you.
  105. 800030010 I knew leaving the sign would be worth the trouble.
  106. 800030020 Thought I'd set up shop here for a time.
  107. 800015050 I just have an inkling the two of you might hit it off.
  108. 730000120 Not the fool Omen King Margott
  109. 730000125 Nor the rank malformed twins.
  110. 700010000 The mausoleum prowls. Cradling failed champions within.
  111. 700010010 O Marika, Queen Eternal. It cradles your misshapen bastard.
  112. 700020000 O Sapling! Sapling of the great and glorious Erdtree.
  113. 700020010 Has your crystal teardrop ripened?
  114. 700030000 Unthinkable. Our hallowed resting place is violated.
  115. 700030010 To refuse the Erdtree's call to return, to live within Death... Sickening.
  116. 700040000 The demi-humans wax wroth, now their mother's been taken...
  117. 700040010 Where are you, Lord Kenneth?
  118. 700040020 The knight...bedevilled by blood.
  119. 700050000 Please, help me. I'm of noble blood.
  120. 700050010 If those hideous half-breeds eat me, I'll be forever cursed...
  121. 700050020 Anything but that, please! Think of the disgrace!
  122. 700060000 All I wanted was to fight. To fight, as a warrior, to the last...
  123. 700060010 So, why? Why, O guidance of grace, will this door not open?
  124. 730000100 One day, we'll return together.
  125. 730000105 To our home, bathed in rays of gold.
  126. 730000110 There is only one tree, and only its branches.
  127. 730000115 That bathe in true rays of gold.
  128. 730000120 Not the fool Omen King.
  129. 730000125 Nor the rank malformed twins.
  130. 730000130 O, we are the Golden Ones. The true and rightful heirs.
  131. 730000135 Our land's grown old, now ashen, and cold.
  132. 730000140 But look up, the Erdtree glows!
  133. 730000145 Is there still a place for us?
  134. 730000150 In our home, bathed in rays of gold.
  135. 730000155 They will always welcome us.
  136. 730000160 To our home, bathed in rays of gold.
  137. 736000100 Erdtree, O Golden Circle.
  138. 736000110 Grant us the droplets of life,
  139. 736000120 Structure us. Reveal our path.
  140. 736000130 We are your guardians.
  141. 736000140 We swat at flies, snuff out flame,
  142. 736000150 Repel the Omen, and undo Tarnish.
  143. 736000160 Blessed we, at your side, eternal.
  144. 736000170 Blessed we, at your side, on this journey.
  145. 736000180 Serve you we shall, in life, eternal.
  146. 743000100 Agheel, oh, Agheel...
  147. 743000110 Feral flame of Agheel, burn true...
  148. 743000200 Whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah.
  149. 743000210 We journey on a road so far,
  150. 743000220 Death's fortune's what we seek.
  151. 743000230 Coffin in tow, we'll find a hero
  152. 743000240 And scraps of his great deeds!
  153. 743000250 Whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah.
  154. 743000260 Who rode along this road before?
  155. 743000270 He did, but won't anymore.
  156. 743000280 Whoah, whoah, whoah, woah.
  157. 743000290 He did, but won't anymore.
  158. 743000300 <Incoherent rambling>
  159. 743000310 <Pathetic nonverbal wail that seems to suggest "Stop! Just go away!">
  160. 743000320 <Pathetic nonverbal wail when he suddenly notices a stranger nearby>
  161. 743000400 Erdtree, O Golden Circle.
  162. 743000410 Grant us the droplets of life,
  163. 743000420 Structure us. Reveal our path.
  164. 743000430 We are your guardians.
  165. 743000440 We swat at flies, snuff out flame,
  166. 743000450 Repel the Omen, and undo Tarnish.
  167. 743000460 Blessed we, at your side, eternal.
  168. 743000470 Blessed we, at your side, on this journey.
  169. 743000480 Serve you we shall, in life, eternal.
  170. 743400100 <Incoherent rambling. Very quiet, but sounds acutely irritated and on the verge of breaking out in madness.>
  171. 743400110 <The wings of a fly reverberate inside his headpiece, and it becomes too much to tolerate - he makes this sound as his psyche snaps.>
  172. 337010000 Well, what have we here...
  173. 337010010 You hunt Omen, do you?
  174. 337010020 Mm-hmm, yes it appears so...
  175. 337010030 Well, then perhaps we can talk.
  176. 337010040 For a barbarous Tarnished, you see the difference between right and wrong rather clearly.
  177. 337010050 Very well. I permit your stay in the capital for the time being.
  178. 337010060 And in the name of the house of Shanehaight, I beseech you hunt down the foul Omen.
  179. 337010070 The Undercapital is a repository of waste.
  180. 337010080 For ages it's teemed with repulsive Omen. Fiendlings, even, who've never lost a horn.
  181. 337010090 And what's worse, they've taken to bellowing in a most blood-curdling manner. You can hear it all the way up here.
  182. 337010100 A vile, ceaseless affront to the Erdtree's sanctity.
  183. 337011000 Get on with it, then.
  184. 337011010 Hunt down the vile Omen scurrying about in the Undercapital, and give us peace from those wretched howls.
  185. 337011020 I know you can do it. Do not dishonour House Shanehaight.
  186. 337020000 Haven't set off to hunt the Omen yet?
  187. 337020010 Well, you're certainly dragging your heels more than I foresaw.
  188. 337020020 I forgive you.
  189. 337020030 We Shanehaights are known for patience, a virtue amongst the noble.
  190. 337021000 Haven't set off to hunt the Omen yet?
  191. 337021010 That wretched screeching... I feel as if I could go mad.
  192. 337030000 Ohh, there you are, pleased to see you.
  193. 337030010 You must've expunged the Omen from the repository.
  194. 337030020 Otherwise their revolting screeches would still be affronting my ears.
  195. 337030030 Well, you've done us a fine service, I must say.
  196. 337030040 The Erdbishops will be very pleased to hear it.
  197. 337030050 No, this is above their station...
  198. 337030060 If I explained that this was all my idea,
  199. 337030070 I could be granted audience with Morgott, Lord of Grace.
  200. 337030080 What a wondrous opportunity.
  201. 337030090 That a viscount as myself might be seen by the Lord of Grace.
  202. 337030100 Such an honour will place me amongst the most venerated Shanehaights.
  203. 337031000 Oh, very sorry, I almost forgot about you completely.
  204. 337031010 This Shanehaight heirloom has been held for generations.
  205. 337031020 It is yours now, a reward for your fearless execution of my request.
  206. 337032000 I'm afraid its worth might be lost on a Tarnished, but...
  207. 337032010 For everything, there is a first. For you, and for House Shanehaight, and its newfound glory.
  208. 337033000 Now, I need to get myself ready.
  209. 337033010 If fortune favours me, and I am seen by the Lord of Grace,
  210. 337033020 I'd be put to shame if I didn't look my very best.
  211. 337040000 Kill our lord...
  212. 337040010 He is a stain upon all things golden...
  213. 337040020 Kill Morgott, kingly impostor!
  214. 337040030 (spits up blood and dies in agony)
  215. 337002000 Oh?
  216. 337002010 I didn't notice that you were Tarnished.
  217. 337002030 Now, you mustn't take this the wrong way.
  218. 337002040 But you must leave the capital at once.
  219. 337003000 It is for your own good, I assure you.
  220. 337003010 All things have their proper place.
  221. 337003020 We, having been chosen by grace, were given this Golden Capital.
  222. 337003030 You, on the other hand, have your own home, which is a far cry from here.
  223. 337003040 So far, in fact, that it cannot be further marred by your touch.
  224. 337003050 The Shattering caused a great many fools to overstep their bounds.
  225. 337003060 Their impudence led to insurgency against Morgott, Lord of Grace. They raised an army, and sought to lay siege to this sacred ground.
  226. 337003070 But do you see where it got them? King Morgott's rule would not be shaken!
  227. 337003080 Their attempt to defile the capital failed, and while we revelled in eternal grace,
  228. 337003090 the traitors were eyed by the grotesque Fell Omen, and their corpses piled high outside the wall!
  229. 337003100 The lesson here is self-evident.
  230. 337003110 The capital is simply not where you belong.
  231. 337004000 You mustn't take it the wrong way.
  232. 337004010 But you must leave the capital at once.
  233. 915006300 Horrific scream as the player's body is grasped by three gigantic fingers, the Frenzied Flame ignites within the palm, and the player's entire body is set afire
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