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  1. MR. LonelyToday at 02:57
  2. well then now that ive finally gotten time to respond to this here we go
  4. i find it fairly weird that the person im asuming fired me lets u send the message and not himself the reason i think he did this was that i would otherwise think he did it cause he just doesnt like me even tho this may be his way of making clear it wasnt that it actually feels more like it is like that. i also think its weird that there were no warnings leading up to my denotion and i dont think that my negativity should be a reason for my demotion either if any of you wouldve informed to stop i would and now u must be thinkin “i did”  but did that come from some1 who yells at me or calls me dumb and stuff yeah it did and i dont see why i should let me be commanded anout non staf things by them. secondly the spawning platform is a solid reason but i still think a propper warning shouldve been thrown my way before anything happen seeing that warnings happen on multiple occasions. third pls point out the things i said in chat that werent fitting and please also note the date on when it happend just so we can see how often it happens and if its in dc then either it shouldnt count or you shouldve told me to stop talking like that. fourth and last not enough interaction with the community at this point in time the only contact i didnt have was chatting in the mc chat except when some1 mentioned my name or asked me anything and sometimes i overlook questions simply cause im either doing multiple things at once like my actual job or playin a game that requires my attention for 4 minutes. i also like to point out that ghost mentioned spawning platforms and flattening biomes werent allowed cause they looked ugly and now i think its unfair that tar hasnt received any complaints about him having a flattend and cleares jungleM
  7. sorry to bring this upon u lollero but either u or some1 else has made u the messanger and there for i trust ull pas this on to the person who decided to demote me
  9. LolleroToday at 03:18
  10. 1. you've been staff for around 3-4 months aka longer then me on here, we shouldn't have to tell you how to be a helper.
  11. Helpers are supposed to be always active with the community
  12. and like i noticed a lot of the time i got bommed with questions like which is okay that i get questions, But when i am getting bommed with them and i have 2 helpers online with me, and yall do nothing to help out and i ask if yall are asleep and you throw some joking answer to that, It makes me tick that you are here to just play around and not actually try to be a helper and help the people and also me.
  14. And if you are playing another game that takes you attention from helping, Well should have chosen one, Not two.
  16. 2. a staff member should know the rules. the fact that you made a spawning platform and didn't know that it was a rule was the big thing, And we talked about this rule being added before the reset.
  18. 3. chatting in chat is mostly your job. not answering questions and overlooking them sets a bad example because then it makes it seem like you are either not paying attention, or like we don't have helpers that know how to answer questions. it's okay if you miss a few, but not answering questions in chat and not speaking doesn't make it easy for anyone.
  20. MR. LonelyToday at 03:24
  21. 1 for what ive noticed people mostly specificly ask for you and therefor they might need a moderators attention/help for their problem. or they dm/msg you in which case im bot allowed to act on it.
  23. 2. i wasnt there when the rule was added and no1 informed of the pressence of new rules so thats kinda ridicules
  25. 3. i dont know if you noticed what i mentioned befor but im doing multiple things at once even when im not gaming i still need to make a steady income and i chat with a few people and most people dont even talk in chat in the hours that im online since basicly theres 1-9 ppl online then im alsp fairly active in either private chats with ppl on dc or in gen1
  27. LolleroToday at 03:26
  28. If other work takes your time away from being a helper, It should just be a clear as day choice to quit
  29. And like none ever msg's me for help its always in global chat
  31. MR. LonelyToday at 03:26
  32. and are they then specificly asking for u
  33. yes
  35. LolleroToday at 03:28
  36. Even when lets say Austin is on, And people are directing questions that i know the answer to, I answer them so that the so called "higher ups" can go on about their days without being issued with simple tasks that helpers can do
  38. MR. LonelyToday at 03:29
  39. and last time i checked i can do a lot less then u can seeing the permisions there are not that many things u can do that higher ups cant unless its real buisness like world edit console etc
  40. if theres a problem with a bug or a pokemon that im unaware of i cant help them
  41. if theres a problem between 2 ppl who share a house i cant help them
  43. LolleroToday at 03:30
  44. And the biggest reason why people don't ask yall to answer their fucking questions, Is because you don't communicate with them
  46. MR. LonelyToday at 03:30
  47. if some1 griefed some1 else i cant help them
  49. LolleroToday at 03:30
  50. I know that most of you people have had the mentality: Well lollero is on he can take care of it
  52. MR. LonelyToday at 03:31
  53. lmao
  55. LolleroToday at 03:31
  56. Well now i'm here i can take care of stuff, But if thats the thing well no need to be here
  58. MR. LonelyToday at 03:31
  59. if u think thats whats on my mind al day u obviously dont know
  61. LolleroToday at 03:32
  62. But well, they made to choice of too many complaints about you
  63. can't do much about that
  65. MR. LonelyToday at 03:32
  66. “complaints”
  67. and their choice
  68. rlly all that matterd i think was 1 ghost doesnt like me 2 no1 cares bout what i do even tho they dont see im doing things 3 i made 1 mistake
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