Dec 29th, 2021
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  1. "Thank you, Mordred." You take a step forward. "Morgan le Fay. Do you seek redemption for your past actions? Truly? I am well aware of your intent to bring King Arthur back among the living, your dagger Erosion was going to be used to pluck the soul from the body of a girl born to serve as King Arthur's host. You sealed Rhongomyniad within the Mystic Code Add in order to prevent it from losing it's mystery, and you even created... or at least used the Logos React to create a perfect copy of the mind of Arturia Pendragon, in order to have that copy inhabit the body of that very girl." It's an effective if exceptionally cruel method to create something that could be called "King Arthur" but at it's core it would be a copy created through cruel and evil means, of human sacrifice. Something like that could never truly bear the name of "King Arthur". It could never be anything more than a wraith born of evil.
  3. Part 18
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