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  1. [17:51]  <Meowsqueak> How do I play a game? It's practically impossible to get it compiled, and once compiled, it's completely impossible to play. I've gotten as far as it starting a game, except that it says I won, instantly. Adding bots on different teams doesn't help...
  2. [17:52]  <Meowsqueak> I downloaded evolutionrts, but couldn't run it — there's no way to start it, no executables. Seems this client downloaded it (even though I already fetched from SVN!!!), but it still doesn't work at all.
  3. [17:53]  <[2up]knorke> compile? Oo
  4. [17:54]  <Meowsqueak> There seems to be no help anywhere on the internet about actually running the game. Only about playing it (useless if it doesn't run) and compiling and installing it (useless if it doesn't run afterwards).
  5. [17:54]  <[2up]knorke> which game are you trying to play? evo rts? ba? zerok?
  6. [17:55]  <Meowsqueak> evolution rts
  7. [17:55]  <[2up]knorke> on windows?
  8. [17:55]  <Meowsqueak> No, gentoo linux.
  9. [17:56]  <[2up]knorke> with springlobby?
  10. [17:56]  <Meowsqueak> I found a version of springlobby that was actually possible to emerge, and where it didn't fail emerging because the the .tar.bz2 is missing.
  11. [17:56]  <[2up]knorke> hehe
  12. [17:57]  <Meowsqueak> That's how I'm on this thing that looks like it might be an IRC server (don't know for sure).
  13. [17:57]  <[2up]knorke> yea that is the lobby
  14. [17:57]  <[2up]knorke> if it says SpringLobby at top
  15. [17:57]  <Meowsqueak> Joined #evolution, but it was about an e-mail client.
  16. [17:57]  <[2up]knorke> on top should be tabs, one is battlelist
  17. [17:57]  <Meowsqueak> Looks like that.
  18. [17:58]  <[2up]knorke> join one, it should autodownload the map and game
  19. [17:58]  <Meowsqueak> Anyway, it seems to start a game, just can't do anything at all, since it says my team won, and doesn't let me move anything, and only option is to quit.
  20. [17:58]  <[2up]knorke> oh
  21. [17:58]  <[2up]knorke> well that is somewhat good
  22. [17:58]  <[2up]knorke> means you have already downloaded everything and stuff
  23. [17:59]  <Meowsqueak> I tried joining lots of times, tried single-player and multiplayer, adding bots. Should I make them have the same team number as me, instead of different teams? (I was trying random numbers.)
  24. [17:59]  <[2up]knorke> look in this file:
  25. [17:59]  <ComModUs> Download all the mods!
  26. [17:59]  <[2up]knorke> upload it, there might be errors
  27. [17:59]  <[2up]knorke> even in sp and with bots on different teams it autoquits?
  28. [17:59]  <Meowsqueak> Yes.
  29. [17:59]  <[2up]knorke> and you are player, not spectator?
  30. [18:00]  <[2up]knorke> show that infolog file please
  31. [18:00]  <Meowsqueak> Log is mainly "GL_INVALID_OPERATION in glFramebufferTexture2DEXT".
  32. [18:00]  <[2up]knorke> dunno what that is, should not make you quit
  33. [18:00]  <Meowsqueak> Log is 8.5 MB...
  34. [18:01]  <[2up]knorke>
  35. [18:01]  <Meowsqueak> That has a limit lower than 8.5 MB.
  36. [18:01]  <ComModUs> is there a error message at the end which explains ?
  37. [18:01]  <[2up]knorke> there is probally some error that repeasts all the time? trim that down a bit
  38. [18:02]  <[2up]knorke> or use
  39. [18:02]  <ComModUs> Also.. you get into the game itself- you see the map, and the other players join?
  40. [18:02]  <Meowsqueak> I see the map, and I click 'Add bot'.
  41. [18:02]  <[2up]knorke> he said " I've gotten as far as it starting a game, except that it says I won, instantly"
  42. [18:03]  <ComModUs> ? In game.. with the 3dmap? The part in the lobby were you add bots and stuff is only preparation..
  43. [18:03]  <[2up]knorke> without the logfile can not do much
  44. [18:03]  <Meowsqueak> The log, with the lines sorted and duplicates removed:
  45. [18:04]  <ComModUs> he who finds the error first.. its on mr.knorke
  46. [18:04]  <Meowsqueak> I see the map in-game, and one unit, and a menu that doesn't work.
  47. [18:04]  <[2up]knorke> [f=0000000] Failed to load: api_subdir_gadgets.lua  ([string "LuaRules/Gadgets/api_subdir_gadgets.lua"]:36: attempt to index local 'g' (a nil value))
  48. [18:04]  <[2up]knorke> the script that spawns unit fails
  49. [18:04]  <Meowsqueak> I see one unit.
  50. [18:04]  <[2up]knorke> interessting
  51. [18:04]  <[2up]knorke> there is lua error though, maybe enemy gets no units
  52. [18:04]  <[2up]knorke> try to disable multi threading
  53. [18:05]  <[2up]knorke> hm it is already disabled it seems
  54. [18:05]  <ComModUs> [f=0000053] Skirmish AI "Bot1" (ID:0), which controlled team 0 is now dead
  55. [18:05]  <ComModUs> [f=0000064] Error: OpenGL: source<API> type<error> id<0> severity<high>:
  56. [18:05]  ** Server ** ComModUs was muted for spamming.
  57. ### Session Start at [2013-01-27 18:06]
  58. [18:06]  ** Kanal-Thema:
  59. [18:06]  Welcome to the main Spring server
  60. [18:06]  Frequently asked questions:
  61. [18:06]  Still have troubles?
  62. [18:06]  Forum:
  63. [18:06]  games & maps download mirrors:
  64. [18:06]  Mumble (voice comm) server: (mumble download:
  65. [18:06]  Need help? Try to ask it on this channel.
  66. [18:06]  **Eingerichtet von ChanServ
  67. [18:08]  <Meowsqueak> Using springlobby-147, since it's the latest version that actually compiles. Think 159 was supposed to work, but couldn't install it, since it doesn't exist, according to .
  68. [18:12]  <[2up]knorke> Meowsqueak: try different bot
  69. [18:12]  <[2up]knorke> try NullAI, it does nothing. = not crash maybe
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