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GBG Session 3: Things to Come

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  1. <Darkling> Pilots, you sit in your plugs, awash in LCL, the moment of battle hanging close in the air.
  2. <Darkling> Lit comes over the comm: "All levels look nominal, we're sending you out."
  3. Corrin sits, breathing in and out, almost serene. "Yes, sir."
  4. Rasia growls, a bubble escaping from her palate, through her teeth.
  5. <Darkling> And then the crushing speeds push you back into your seats as your Aesir jettison up to the surface.
  6. Corrin 's hands tighten around the controls as he is sent up, struggling to lean forwards despite the downwards force.
  7. <Lahja_Ilvainen> In contrast to Corrin, Lahja is anything but serene. She's twitchy and wide eyed, especially after the launch. That's definitely going to take some getting used to.
  8. Corrin won't fail. Can't fail. Won't fail. Can't fail.
  9. Wilhelm_Faustus grunts under the pressure, but doesn't look all that different from usual. He may, in fact, look more annoyed than usual.
  10. <Darkling> Then you emerge from the surface, white light pounding off white snow, and in the not so far off distance, the shambling form of the Jotun.
  11. <Corrin> "Enemy spotted."
  12. <Rasia> Unit 01 falls forward, just as it always does, tail whipping the snow behind it and eye-slits glowing faintly.
  13. <Corrin> Unit 02 stands tall, shield slightly awkward in its grip, and shoulder-mounted rifle twitching slightly.
  14. <Wilhelm_Faustus> As Null Drei steps free of the restraits its lifts into hovering position, feet not touching the snow as they hang down.
  15. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...yes, thank you, the rest of us clesrly didn't see it."
  16. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He closes his eyes, focusing. Null Drei's eyes flash as his AT Field unfolds and stretches out. Further. Further. There it is. He can feel the Jotun now, as much as see it.
  17. <Darkling> As if it can tell what you are doing, the Jotun turns, and heads in your direction.
  18. Corrin is still unused to the changed loadout, and, to a lesser extent, to the Eva in general.
  19. Rasia creeps ahead, Unit 01's shoulders rolling like a big cat's, the machine gun mounted on its nape bouncing lazily with each step. The metal plates on its claws vibrate until they turn red-hot, melting the snow around each step and making its armor bleed.
  20. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Unit 04 presses onward, moving somewhat behind Unit 01. Even as a new pilot Lahja notes the other pilot's Aesir looks the part of a meatshield. Perfect.
  21. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...it'll take all of us to make it vulnerable."
  22. <Corrin> "Those legs look weak. If we move quickly, we can take it down before it can respond." Corrin replies as he sends his Unit striding forwards up to Unit 04.
  23. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...don't underestimate it?" Null Drei leans forward slightly and follows after the other Aesir. A perfect fall of metal and flesh between him and the enemy.
  24. <Darkling> Seeing the oncoming stampede of Aesir, the Jotun crouches, it's four spiked legs digging into the ground before both of it's tails whip up.
  25. <Darkling> Both tails emit a bright beam that smashes right into Unit 01, erupting in a bright cross.
  26. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...see what I mean?" He comments lazily.
  27. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja squints at the bright display from the eruption. "Do you share the opinion on its legs, Wilhelm?" She asks, a hint of skepticism in her voice.
  28. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...not particularly."
  29. <Rasia> Unit 01 tears ahead, kicking up snow and ripping away deep grooves of soil. With a shared roar, Rasia leads it headlong into the beast's AT Field, belly bubbling as the Sync-system transmits the sensation of burned flesh.
  30. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "All I needed to hear." Lahja stares intently at the image of Lutr, carefully studying it and sizing the beast up as Unit 04 strides ahead.
  31. <Corrin> "I'm moving in." Corrin announces, staring directly ahead as he sends his Eva into a sprint.
  32. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Null Drei starts picking up speed to keep up with its fellow Aesir.
  33. <Darkling> The Jotun lashes it's two tails backwards, and again back up over it's body whipping another beam of energy, less intense than before, slamming it into Unit 02.
  34. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...I warned you, didn't I?"
  35. <Corrin> "I...I am going to tear that thing off its back." Corrin says flatly once he's recovered enough to speak.
  36. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...best to focus on finding the core, but what do I know?" His voice trails off.
  37. <Rasia> Unit 01's attacks scrape against the AT Field, distending the hexagonal shield ever so slightly.
  38. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Goodbye, mother." Unit 04 suddenly takes off, charging almost recklessly through the snow.
  39. Corrin shakes off the impact and throws his Unit forwards after the other pilots, a compact hammer dropping from a shoulder pylon and into one armoured hand as he moves.
  40. Wilhelm_Faustus takes in a deep breath, symbolic since his lungs are already full of LCL. "I art thou, and thou art I." He murmers. In a burst of speed, leaving behind a blur of blue hexagons, Null Drei rockets toward the enemy.
  41. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Snow and frozen soil kick up in their wake, a fresh burst kicking up as they stop suddenly, AT Field clashing with the Jotuns.
  42. <Darkling> The Jotun rears up, it's giant hooked feet releasing from the snow and ice, and smashes the front of it's body square into the snow in front of Rasia.
  43. <Rasia> Claws still bleeding, the predator's bound jaw rumbled with a growl, tail perking up. Measuring...
  44. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Incoming!" Lahja says in a cheerful, eager tone as Unit 04 comes charging forward, adding the strength of its AT field to that of the others.
  45. <Darkling> Blue hexagons meet and fizzle at each other.
  46. Corrin pushes, shield held ahead of him and hammer in his Unit's other, outstretched hand. Hands in a death grip around the yokes, he pushes the shield forwards as hard as he can, expression stretched and teeth showing. The strange, changing shapes are everywhere in his field of vision as he pushes the shield forwards...
  47. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Seeing the Jotun ready to dodge Corrin's strike he focuses Null Dreis' field, brilliant blue hexagons flaring to life before fading back to nothingness.
  48. <Corrin> "Die, die, die...."
  49. <Darkling> Lutr turns towards Unit 03, distracted.
  50. Corrin almost stumbles as the field abruptly weakens, and channels the momentum into a strike. With a triumphant cry, he swings the hammer, bringing its flickering head down onto the thing's carapace.
  51. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Null Drei's arms fold over its chest imperiously, looking down on the Jotun. One hand stretches out, hexagons gathering at the palm, rotating and heating...a blast of energy slams into the enemy!
  52. <Darkling> Apparently aggravated by the distraction and the blast, the Jotun whips it's tails in the direction of Null Drei, missing horribly the energy blast slams into the snow.
  53. <Rasia> Unit 01 continues to scratch and harass the Angel's AT Field, lacking even a pretention of the elegance required to pierce an AT Field.
  54. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Unit 04 moves as if to take on some sort of defensive stance. Unfortunately it mimics Lahja's earlier experience on the soccer field, the Aesir falling over with about as much grace as Rasia's attacks.
  55. <Lahja_Ilvainen> After recovering from the initial shock of the fall, Lahja's instincts kick in, bringing the unit up to an awkward stand.
  56. <Corrin> Unit 02 is sent sprawling by one claw-tipped leg, the impact sending up a gust of snow. At Corrin's prompting, it leaps back up and at the enemy.
  57. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Again Null Drei's AT Field flares to colorful life to distract the Jotun.
  58. <Corrin> "Got you." Corrin anounces flatly, raising the still-flickering hammer before slamming it down onto the carapace again.
  59. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Null Drei follows up with another blast from its AT Field, pounding the enemy.
  60. <Darkling> Staggering from the blow, it lunges forward, bashing it's body into the icy ground near Unit 02.
  61. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Unit 04 stands by in a combat stance. Having seen Rasia's attacks fail to penetrate the Jotun's field, Lahja seems to know her own won't dent it either.
  62. Corrin steps forwards, pulls his weapon arm back, then swings the hammer head-first in a tight arc and into the thing's body, sparks trailing in its wake.
  63. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Again Null Drei flares its field, swiftly following with a heavy blast of energy from its field.
  64. <Darkling> Shuddering under the onslaught, the Jotun again digs it claws into the terrain and whips it's tails at Null Drei.
  65. <Darkling> It's returns the heavy blast back with it's own, light flaring up into a cross around Null Drei.
  66. Corrin is briefly blinded by the light of the fired blast, reflexively closing his eyes for a moment.
  67. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Null Drei nearly crumples under the attack, flesh burning away beneath charred layers of armor. Inside the plug Wil hug himself, fighting back pain he knew wasn't real.
  68. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Seeing the blast take such a large chunk out of 02, Lahja directs 04 to recklessly attack the Jotun in the hopes that it might provide some small distraction.
  69. Corrin recovers from the light and sends Eva 02 forwards yet again, bringing his hammer arm back as he does so.
  70. <Corrin> "Just die." Corrin snarls, and slams the hammer head onto the same spot again.
  71. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...I agree. Your fate is already decided." He grits his teeth, and after another powerful flaring of blue hexagons he aims and fires another burst of energy into the Jotun.
  72. <Darkling> His blast knocks the legs out from under the Jotun, sending it sprawling on the ice.
  73. <Darkling> Struggling to get up, the Jotun fires off a blast of energy into the sky, crackling past Null Drei's head.
  74. 04 attacks relentlessly, albeit in vain. It's probably nowhere near the ferocity of Rasia's attacks, and it's clear that 04 simply wasn't built for close combat. The motions are far too awkward and unnatural looking.
  75. <Corrin> Unit 02 takes a jointed limb to the chestplate as Corrin tries to move forwards for another strike, and his disoriented return strike misses completely, the hammer's head sinking deep into the ice.
  76. Wilhelm_Faustus bends Null Drei's AT Field into another weaponized blast, hammering into the Jotun's right side.
  77. <Darkling> The blast sends Lutr back to the ground, blowing it's whole right side off, removing both legs and a massive portion of it's body. There, glowing amidst the mess is that shining red orb.
  78. <Darkling> It's tails twitch idly as it lays on the ground.
  79. <Corrin> "I see it. I see the core!"
  80. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...hard to miss it."
  81. <Rasia> Unit 01, without much instinct for preservation, swats at the Core so hard it's torn free of the body around it, leaving four deep grooves into the ruby sphere.
  82. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Seeing her chance, Lahja directs Unit 04 to put some distance between itself and the stationary Jotun. In one swift motion she swings the large gun at her target and pulls the trigger just once, sporting a smug grin as the shot flies toward the core.
  83. <Darkling> The shot spins and plummets right into the core, cracks spreading from the hole, and splintering out in white arcs before the whole thing ruptures and a white blast engulfs Units 01 and 02 and the surrounding area.
  84. <Darkling> As the blast clears, the Units are left unharmed, the wastes are set ablaze, and nothing is left of the Jotun.
  85. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...one down..."
  86. Corrin blinks away the spots dancing across his field of vision.
  87. <Darkling> "Good job pilots." Lit comes over the comm. "We're sending out crews to retrieve you. Stay put."
  88. <Corrin> "Nice shot, Pilot Lahja." Corrin comments as they wait.
  89. <Darkling> "We're going to bring you all to the infirmary to ensure there's no damage."
  90. <Darkling> --------------------------------------------------
  91. <Darkling> Pilots, you're all in a big white hospital room, each with your own bed and monitoring units, and hospital gowns that really don't cover much.
  92. <Darkling> The Valkyries move around each of you, writing down results, all of them good.
  93. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ". . ."
  94. <Darkling> One of the Valkaries holds out Wil's arm and jabs a needle in to draw some blood.
  95. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...no. Let go of me." He tries to pull his arm away. "Where's Dr.Freyja?"
  96. <Darkling> "Sit still! It will only hurt for a moment!" She struggling to hold his arms now.
  97. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja looks utterly dazed, having a thousand yard stare of sorts, albeit a pleasant one. For the moment she seems semi-catatonic, courtesy of a mix of exhaustion and post-combat thrill.
  98. Rasia sits up. She reaches across the gap, and grabs the Valkyrie's arm.
  99. <Darkling> The nurse jumps, dropping the needle to the floor which shatters.
  100. Corrin remains still, hands at his side as he watches the scene with Wilhelm. He's strangely passive, enthusiasm dulled.
  101. <Rasia> ...That'll work. Rasia stands, glass crunching under her feet, and begins to pace. This is habit by now, but with the boys there...
  102. <Darkling> *crunch crunch*
  103. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...thanks."
  104. <Darkling> The Valkyrie tuts and cleans up the mess, shuffling away as Lit strolls in.
  105. Rasia nods, managing some level of subtlety, at Wilhelm. She is, however, favoring that foot, now...
  106. <Corrin> "It's for our own good, Pilot Wilhelm." Corrin calls from his bed.
  107. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He furrows his brow and looks to his arm, quickly clamping a hand on.
  108. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...you don't understand."
  109. <Corrin> "What do you mean?"
  110. <Darkling> Lit smiles at everyone.
  111. <Darkling> He honestly couldn't look happier.
  112. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...none of your business." He looks to Lit, eyes narrow.
  113. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Bang... bang..." Lahja sways a little as she says that in an absent tone. She manages to wave at Lit, still dazed.
  114. Rasia lifts her foot, giving it a serruptitious nose-wrinkle, before looking at Lit.
  115. <Darkling> "You all did wonderfully today! No damage to the dome what so ever, and the damage done to the unit's is repairable."
  116. Corrin straightens, wincing as the movement causes the gown to brush his injury from the soccer match.
  117. <Corrin> "Thank you, sir."
  118. <Darkling> "Eh, Corrin... your gown is on backwards." He points, and sure enough it is, and open at the front.
  119. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "That's very good... sir." She starts to come out of her daze, albeit slightly, giving Lit a quick and awkward salute.
  120. Corrin jerks with a sort of quiet yelp, and hastily moves to fix it.
  121. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...can we leave here now?" His voice is hostile, he wants to go.
  122. <Darkling> "You have all been cleared, and are free to leave. So get changed, we're going out for dinner!" He claps his hands together happily.
  123. Rasia grumbles, lowering her foot. "...'out'."
  124. Corrin finishes fixing the gown just before Lit mentions "free to leave".
  125. <Corrin> "Yes, sir!" Corrin responds quickly, stepping off his bed.
  126. Wilhelm_Faustus stands and draws the curtain to hide behind, you can hear german swearing from the shadowy figure now moving behind it.
  127. <Darkling> "The best steak house in all of Greater Berlin! Courtesy of the Commander for a job well done."
  128. <Rasia> ...Rasia wipes at her mouth.
  129. <Darkling> "Anyways, get ready." He steps out of the room.
  130. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja is slow to act, her response to everything being delayed by a few seconds or more. She draws her curtain of privacy, then changes behind it.
  131. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "If only you were still here to celebrate my first successful defense of humanity, Ragnarok." Lahja says with a sigh, taking a few moments to stare at her heart shaped necklace before putting it on around her neck.
  132. <Darkling> ================END================
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