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  1. [hide="Focus Sash"]
  2. [B]Don't use this set![/B]
  4. [I]Why not?[/I] First of all, this set is very reliant on entry hazard removal to function properly. If you are relying on this to revenge kill a setup sweeper but Stealth Rock is up, then tough luck. Second of all, it can only be used to prevent a sweep once. Third, it's very weak and easy to shut down with fat Pokemon like support Arceus formes. You don't always get mileage out of Endeavor, either, if the opponent is smart enough to break Marshadow's Focus Sash and then KO it from a high amount of HP.
  6. [I]What should I use instead?[/I] It depends on what you want out of Marshadow. The Life Orb set is significantly harder to wall and still acts as a great revenge killer for threats like Mega Rayquaza and Ultra Necrozma with Shadow Sneak. The Choice Scarf set lets Marshadow steal boosts from many setup sweepers including Mega Rayquaza, Necrozma-DM, and Zacian-C without being reliant on entry hazard removal.
  8. Marshadow @ Focus Sash
  9. Ability: Technician
  10. EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
  11. Jolly Nature
  12. - Spectral Thief
  13. - Close Combat
  14. - Shadow Sneak
  15. - Endeavor
  16. [/hide]
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