Book Mark FEMTO (3.0 Ed)

Apr 24th, 2019
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  1. -Character Information-
  2. Name: Book Mark
  3. Race: Unicorn
  4. -Racial Traits:
  5. --Unicorn Catalyst: Your horn counts as a casting catalyst.
  6. --Unicorn Telekinesis (Spell): Manipulate objects through force of will. It's about as strong as you are, and can't inflict harm.
  7. --Winkmaster (Racharge 2): You're an expert at teleportation, allowing you to teleport yourself a short distance provided you can see your destination. You may use this skill in combat to avoid non multi-target attacks.
  8. Gender: Male
  9. Age: 20
  11. Trained Talent:
  12. -Casting spells successfully stores a shred of the magic into your weapon. Each successful cast adds a +1 to your next weapon attack, up to a +3. Any Elementalist effects applied to your spell apply to this enhanced attack, and the bonus is expended upon a successful hit.
  13. Special Talent:
  14. - You're a bookworm at heart. You gain a +1 to rolls related to research.
  15. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  16. Class: Mage
  17. -Pure Skill:
  18. --Working with magic all your life gives you a deeper understanding of it. You have a +2 to identify spells, and their effects. Out of combat, you may also passively detect traces of magic, and detect spells recently cast in the area.
  19. -Free Skill:
  20. --Elementalist (Passive) [Ice]: You may apply your chosen Elementalist Effects to any spells you cast.
  21. ->Ice: Targets hit by an ice spell gain a non-stacking increase to their Critical Range (9+) next turn.
  22. -Class Skills:
  23. --Magic Bolt (Recharge 2, Spell, Ranged): You fire a volatile bolt of magic. Roll two dice for the spell with the same bonus, and use the higher of the two as the result. If either of the rolls crits, the other may be saved for the next Magic Bolt (This effect can not proc off of a saved crit.)
  24. --Reflect (Recharge 2, Unique, Spell): You focus your magic to form a barrier around a target. The next successful or critically successful action against them is reflected to the attacker instead. On a Crit the momentum of the next attack is absorbed, and the recipient of the barrier can choose whether to reflect the action or use the roll in place of their own.
  25. --Chain Magic (Recharge 2, Spell, Ranged): You blast a foe with a beam of magic that can arc to nearby foes. On a successful hit you may roll again to target another foe in the same zone for half damage. On success, you may make a third roll with the same restrictions. If any roll Crits, deal an additional 3 damage to all foes hit by this casting of Chain Magic.
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