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  1. A gathering in reality as well as delusion.
  3. As he entered high school, Yuuta Togashi had sealed away his deluded flames of darkness and the Black Flame Dragon he had stored in his right arm. But is he at the end of his rope upon meeting the infected chuunibyou patient Rikka Takanashi, the self-created user of the “Devilish Truth Stare”, and becoming enchanted by her?! She’s guided him back to that world of adventure he created in his head! Feeling lost between the delusional chuunibyou soul he left behind and the reality of high school life, his story of anguish begins...
  5. At the core of this work is Rikka, a clumsy girl whose actions and speech are so cute it hurts! Not only that, in the anime there’s a middle school follower of Rikka’s chuunibyou: Sanae Dekomori. When she’s added, the cuteness hurts 3 times worse! Supervisor Tatsuya Ishihara has been able to portray Rikka’s failed creations, useless but cool-looking poses, and clumsiness in such a cute manner. In the past, he has been able to portray the troublesome, but cute Fuko Ibuki and separated from this world’s manners Kotomi Ichinose from Clannad, so we expect he’ll be able to portray Rikka’s charm perfectly this time as well. No doubt he’s up to the job!
  7. Supporter’s voice:
  8. 1. Characters:I’m sure everyone can picture Yuuta crushing his old “stronger self” that he designed as he grew up. But what if he shared that delusion with Rikka? That would certainly be the ideal student life Rikka has in mind for Yuuta. By all means, this would be the first topic to discuss!
  9. 2. Worldview: (spoilers, not translating) From the bloodthirsty reality into the utopia they create in this world. Of course they’ll pick that world!
  11. Characters (Right->Left)
  12. Kumin Tsuyuri (五月七日くみん)
  13. This second year high schooler always has a pillow prepared in her bag. An easy going person with a calming personality; she’s able to sleep anywhere. Her special talent is “Cell Phone no Cell Phone.”
  15. Sanae Dekomori (凸守早苗)
  16. Attracted by Rikka’s Devilish Truth Stare, this middle schooler became her servant. With her reckless personality, she and Rikka are sure to bother everyone with their chuunibyou world.
  18. Rikka Takanashi (小鳥遊六花)
  19. Speechless and emotionless, this first year high schooler is the self-created user of the Devilish Truth Stare. After forming something called a contract with Yuuta, she’s become emotionally attached to him. It’s strange since this clumsy girl is afraid of strangers.
  21. Shinka Nibutani (丹生谷森夏)
  22. Yuuta and Rikka’s classmate. This popular girl works together with Yuuta as class reps. Brightful, helpful, and beautiful, but she’s prejudiced against chuunibyou.
  24. Interview: Maaya Uchida (Rikka Takanashi role)
  25. - First, will you tell us a bit about this series’s charm and/or interesting points?
  26. Uchida: I think its charm is portraying the nostalgic times when Yuuta was infected with chuunibyou in addition to the difference between delusion and reality. That’s probably it!
  28. -Uchida-san, what do you think about when you hear the term chuunibyou?
  29. Uchida: An older European castle. Dark. Hands over your face. Painful.
  31. -Rikka’s chuunibyou appears to have been worsened. From that, what do you think her cute points are?
  32. Uchida: Her revolving facial expressions! Occasionally you’ll see Rikka and go “CUTE!”
  34. -In this work, there are other characters like Shinka, Kumin, and Sanae that appear. Which character is your favorite and which character would you become friends with?
  35. Uchida: I absolutely love Rikka. I’d like to go to Harajuku with her as friends.
  37. -Uchida-san, from around your middle school days to your high school days, did you ever contract the chuunibyou disease?!
  38. Uchida: Umm.... Perhaps now too....
  40. -What? Seriously? (sweats) Then if you were to obtain a chuunibyou style power, what would you create and what would you name it?!
  41. Uchida: After meeting a sea nymph, I received the Dolphin Break power (of swimming). To swim... or not to swim... (sweats)
  43. -After reading the novels, what image did you have in mind for your Rikka voice. How do you think you’ll perform as her during recording?
  44. Uchida: I think Rikka has a voice that’s experienced pain before, so I wanted to play it straight with her pain. She still may put up a facade though. By the way... what kind of pained voice should I use....?
  46. -Finally, please give a message to the fans!
  47. Uchida: Everyone, I hope you enjoy the show and I hope you love the Rikka I perform as! Full Throttle Chuunibyou! VIVA Chuunibyou! I look forward to performing for everyone!
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