Cursed Application

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  2. →Username: @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  3. →Password: NIL
  6. →Name: Gou Mingxing (郭明星)
  7. →Other name/s: Alexis Gou, Kwak Minji (곽민지)
  8. →Nicknames: Xingxing, Alex, Lexi, Minnie
  11. →Nationality: Chinese/Australian
  12. →Ethnicity: Chinese/Australian
  13. → Birthdate: 23/09/00
  14. →Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
  15. →Age: 19
  16. →Weight: 48kg
  17. →Height: 169cm
  18. →Blood Type: O
  20. "DUNK SHOT"
  21. →Personality: She's polite and sensible, but also fun and cheerful. She is generous and caring towards others, always lending a helping hand or a listening ear. She is always balancing work and play, making sure that she gets everything done first before loosening out and messing around. Shes a joy to be around, doing weird things and pulling bad jokes. She can also be a really emotional person who thinks a lot, negatively or positively. She's also an indecisive person, especially when it comes to shopping. She could make her mind up on something, then change it a minute later. Lastly, she can get easily frustrated, stressed or upset. It isn't very easy to cool her down afterwards, but it isn't impossible if you are close to her and know her well. Overall, she's a helpful, fun, hardworking yet emotional, easily frustrated and indecisive girl.
  23. →Background: She was born in Sydney, Australia, where her Mother is from. She had no siblings then so she was close to her cousins. 2 particular cousins, 1 male and 1 female, were inseparable from her. They'd study together, play together and eat together. School was enjoyable for her with them around. Sadly, when she turned 5 she had to move to Chengdu where her dad was from. She was lonely in Chengdu, with only her friends from school until her Brother was born a year later. She adored him despite the age difference of 6 years. While growing up, she decided that she wanted to follow her mother's footsteps and pursue a career in the technology feild. After reasearching schools, she made up her mind that she wanted to study in a prestigious school in Seoul. Her Father was against her at first, but with a lot of convincing from her and her Mother for 2 years, she was finally allowed. She flew to Korea, sad to leave Mingrui behind, and joined the cursed school.
  25. "PARADISE"
  26. →Likes:
  27. - Plushies
  28. - Dogs
  29. - Blue
  30. - Cherry Blossoms
  31. - Japanese Food
  33. →Dislikes:
  34. - Bitter food
  35. - Creepy Crawlies
  36. - Bad People
  37. - Lightning
  38. - History
  40. →Habits:
  41. - Bites her lip.
  42. - Acting confused and lost.
  43. - Clapping her hands whenever she laughs really hard.
  44. - Speaking rapid Chinese when frustrated, stressed or angry.
  45. - Get's really hyper for no reason.
  47. →Hobbies:
  48. - Studying
  49. - Reading
  50. - Singing
  51. - Photographing
  52. - Shopping
  54. →Trivia:
  55. - Has 68 Plushies, 14 with her in Seoul and 54 at home in Chengdu.
  56. - Has a pet corgi called YeoYeo.
  57. - Fluent in English, Chinese and Korean.
  58. - Video calls her family at least twice a week because she misses them, especially Mingrui.
  59. - Has never been to Japan but dreams to go one day and see the cherry blossoms.
  60. - She has Vasovagal Syncope, where anxiety, stress or fatigue triggers her blood pressure and she faints.
  61. - Is a tiny bit sensitive to swearing but she can tolerate.
  62. - Her Lucky number is 6.
  64. "MAD CITY"
  65. Slot: My First And Last
  66. Backup Slot: La La Love
  67. Face Claim: Tzuyu (Twice)
  68. Backup Face Claim: Heejin (Loona)
  70. "SWITCH"
  71. Relationship with Family:
  72. Lauren Gou // Technician // Mother // 10/10
  73. Gou Shaoyoung (郭贾贤)// Teacher // Father // 9/10
  74. Gou Mingrui (郭明睿)// Student // Brother // 10/10
  75. Relationship with other slots:
  76. Firetruck: 9/10
  77. Cherry Bomb: 9.5/10
  78. Whiplash: 10/10
  79. Limitless: 8/10
  80. Boss: 7/10
  81. Chain: 8.5/10
  82. New Heroes: 9/10
  83. Without You: 10/10
  84. Touch: 9.5/10
  85. The 7th Sense: 9.5/10
  86. 0 Mile: 9/10
  87. Trigger The Fever: 10/10
  88. My Page: 11/10
  89. We Young: 10/10
  90. Go: 9/10
  91. La La Love: 10/10
  92. Chewing Gum: 9.5/10
  96. How you and your LI started dating:
  97. They didn't really pay attention to each other at first, but L/I realised that she was Chinese when she got frustrated and started her rapid Chinese. He thought it was cute when he went to calm her down and the two of them became close friends, him being the only one that can calm her down. They hung out with each other for a bit longer before he developed a crush on her and Haechan, who knew about the crush, spilled the beans. Luckily, she liked him back and that's how it all started.
  99. Requested Scenes with LI:
  100. » Purposely speaking Chinese to each other in front of those who don't know Chinese.
  101. » Studying together in a nice, quiet place in school.
  102. » Him stealing her plushies and hiding them for fun.
  104. Requested scenes with unit:
  105. » One Member accidentally scaring the living daylights out of everyone while they are exploring the school.
  106. » Them having a study session, but mostly ended up distracted.
  107. » Our unit with the other units all packed in the school cafe just for a bite.
  109. "VISION"
  110. Message to Author: Hiiii!!! I really love this applyfic and I hope it doesn't flop. Also, please tell me if I need to adjust anything! ^_^
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