Super Crinkle Pony Adventures Alpha 1 info

hodgepodge Jun 23rd, 2014 (edited) 5,953 Never
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  1. Alpha 2 link
  4. Requires latest version of unity web player. Adblockers and noscript have been reported to cause issues with input and the game from loading.
  6. Alpha 1 Credits:
  7. Programming and writing: hodgepodge
  8. Lead Artist: FallingFerret he seriously deserves more
  9. attention.
  11. Artists:
  12. Lphooves
  13. Skitter
  14. stargrazer
  16. Dialogue help: Detrail
  18. Sound assist: lunanon
  20. Blame #crinkleponies ( for this
  22. Updated (7/5/14) -bug fixes and pone reacts to Twi's state.
  24. Feel free to leave me feedback/call me names at Currently accepting help in programming, art, sound and writing for the game.
  26. The game is a kinky & light hearted FiM game that contains a lot of fetishy material. The game mostly has diaper fetish content but depicts a few others. The game is a platformer/adventure game and is currently in alpha stages. ATM it mostly shows off basic platforming, scene and adventure game stuff. And no, there is nothing interesting past the giant slime (yet).
  28. Story: Trixie returns to ponyville with magic and confronts twilight,Trixie casts a spell that traps Twilight, her friends, and herself in another world. They are trapped in enchanted diapers that the spell forces them to wear and use, and they can only be changed if they are fully used. Trixie’s plan was to just trap Twilight and her friends, but botches the spell and locks herself with them. Can you escape this dimension? (unlikely with this version) Will Trixie reluctantly ban together with the mane 6 to escape from this dimension? (also very unlikely).
  30. Enjoy.
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