penis ozone

Sep 24th, 2016
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  1. 84320Need Doc who specializes in OZONE therapy in Salem OR
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  3. drjanseibert
  4. Sep 22 5:53 PM
  5. Hi NDCHATTERS,:-)
  6. Looking for a ND or other Med professional who can work with a patient of mine in the Salem OR area. Presently, pt has been have elevated PSA and BPH issues - using his own "OZONE penile catheter" set up. Really interested and motivated to have Ozone treatments done by practitioner who has been using this therapy for several years as opposed to someone starting out.
  8. Please message me if you have someone in mid.
  10. Thank you for your prompt replies!
  12. Janice Seibert
  13. Portland OR
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