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Readme and Disclaimer on Mods

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Aug 30th, 2014
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  1. Due to events, /gsg/ needs some baselines for mods. To avoid our little Iraq to be torn by sectarianism, the following guidelines are set for our users:
  3. 1. There are no official mods. Whoever claims we do is simply shitposting. /gsg/ is a diverse place and many people have different opinions. Some people like SWMH, some people don't. Read about mods you are interested in BEFORE asking for anything. Judge the mods that interest you yourself. So if you want recommendations, try the mods. If you really need to ask, ask for specific features you are looking, not something general. We will answer your questions about specific mods, but asking "what's the best mod for X game" will just cause shitposting. There is no best mod for X, there's only opinions.
  4. If you want to know what's the most popular mod, lurk more. There will never be reliable data for that, so always make your own judgements.
  6. 2. The names /gsg/, Vickymod or any name that implies any kind of officiality or official community mod will only be used by shitposters. Anyone posting a mod with that name is shitposting.
  8. 3. Someone will always say X is shit. Don't let that discourage you, try stuff and decide for yourself.
  10. 4. Search the archive before asking for mods.
  12. 5. Our OP is usually reserved for mods made by our regulars (the non shitposter kind of regular). So we will not add third party modders work. When some mods get old (as in not worked for a good time) and not updated anymore, we will take them out and you can find them in the archive. Try to download and read the mods readme's to see what they do before asking. If the mod doesn't come with a readme, the author is a faggot.
  14. 6. Modding is really easy. If you'd like to see something done in a mod, do it yourself. People will help you in the threads and you don't need to wait for updates.
  16. 7. Mods for finished games, like Victoria 2, will always refer to the last version with the latest patch. So any V2 mods are for Victoria 2 HoD 3.03.
  18. 8. Don't shitpost, don't bait people, don't try to stir shit and most important of all, remember, we don't have a steamgroup. Report any group that tries to pass as official, they are shitposters.
  20. Note: The mod formerly known as /gsg/minimod, started by finnbro and picked up by hisuibro aka rangerage is no more. The version in the archive named /gsg/vickymod final is NNM+Genocide decisions, which some argue is closer to finnbro original design. The version made by the other author is named ModWithNoName 2.0a and can also be found in the archive. Don't ask.
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