Kiara Reincarnation Abuse

Mar 22nd, 2021
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  1. Looking down you saw her broken body, her clothes tattered and multiple stab wounds across her chest. Her once fair skin was battered and broken. That bright orange hair soaked crimson by her own blood. Her bloodied sword laid idly beside her body while the area around her pooled a similar red.
  3. But it wasn’t those things that terrified you.
  5. It was THOSE EYES.
  7. Those deadened violet eyes that lifelessly stared out towards you.
  9. You already knew what this was all about. You knew this all a part of her little game. Kiara was a phoenix, an undying immortal who could never truly perish. Despite this, however, she could still be wounded and temporarily die. But the regeneration would then kick in, and she would be back to normal in as little as a few minutes.
  11. You turned you back to her body, hoping to scrap the memory from your mind.
  13. You knew the second that you got involved in her life that she wasn’t normal, even by human standards. At first it was those forgettable little things that were normal to any person. Complaining about her low subscriber count, lamenting about her shadowbans from YouTube or her increasingly distant relationship with the reaper Mori Calliope.
  15. But then things took a turn for the worse.
  17. Kiara would come back to the house each day more agitated and hysterical than the last. When you tried to talk to her about her issues, however, she would either yell at you to leave her alone or break down crying on the spot. It was then the doubts in your mind began to form.
  19. It wasn’t safe here anymore. You needed to leave.
  21. You didn’t know what caused her to finally snap. But when she did…
  23. All hell broke loose.
  25. At first you were broken when you found Kiara lying ‘dead’ on the floor. With her throat and wrists slit and those dead eyes staring up at you, the knowledge of her being immortal seemed to have gotten lost. But the wounds then healed, followed by her awakening and then subsequently berating you and claiming how this was your fault.
  27. It then happened the next day. Another grizzly death, another awakening, another barrage of abusive words from her lips. It became so common that eventually you would be surprised to not find her body lying somewhere around the house. But even after all these times...
  29. The sight still horrified you.
  31. You didn’t even look back as you heard the sounds of Kiara awaking from your suicide-induced sleep. You already knew what was coming next.
  33. “Ahhh, darling.... I’m glad you checked up on me…” she said in a hazy voice while approaching you. You still didn’t turn, not wanting to see those damn eyes again.
  35. “Darling…? I want you to look at me…”
  37. You could hear her stop directly behind you.
  39. “Darling… you know what will happen if you don't turn… right?” she said with an oddly sweet sounding voice. You grit your teeth and curled your hand into a fist as you resisted the urge to turn.
  41. It wasn’t your fault she is like this. It wasn’t. It wasn’t. It wasn’t. It w-
  43. Your thoughts were interrupted when you heard her sigh and grab her sword from the ground. At that point you finally snapped and turned to face the phoenix. She was pressing the end of the blade directly against her exposed belly while a maniac smile was on her face.
  45. You saw those damn eyes again as Kiara walked towards you, blade still inches away from ‘ending’ her own life as she approached.
  47. You waited patiently. She was right. It was your job to keep her safe. It was your job to help support her and her career. It was something only you can do. You just didn’t want to see her ‘die’ again and again.
  49. The phoenix eventually stopped directly in front you and dropped the sword off to the side. As if by a silent command, you wrap the girl in a hug and press your face against the top of her head, not minding the blood still present on it. You could see the smirk grow on her lips and her eyes glow in response.
  51. “Ahhh, thank you darling… you understand now. You’ll always be there for me… right?”
  53. You could only nod.
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