Aug 18th, 2016
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  1. -- Anonfilly --
  3. >Pain
  4. >The incessant throbbing of your temples is the first thing to stir you from your slumber
  5. >Coupled with the pain is mild confusion because you don't remember getting into bed, or getting home for that matter
  6. >In all honestly, you've probably never been this hung over in your life
  7. >If you had thought that you had experienced hell on earth before, then you were absolutely wrong.
  8. >Your head feels like its going to explode
  9. >At least you made it to a bed, and you didn't have to open your eyes to know it wasn't your own
  10. >The caress of the silky soft sheets is a dead giveaway
  11. >You agonizingly grunt and rustle around in sheets in a futile attempt to will the pain away
  12. "Ugh...Fuc-!"
  13. >Something doesn't feel right
  14. >Or sound right for that matter
  15. >What is wrong with your voice? It sounds more than just a few octaves higher
  16. >Feminine
  17. >How much did you have to drink last night?
  18. >You have a faint but blurry recollection of haphazardly flopping around on a stripper pole
  19. >It's a wonder you didn't eat shit
  20. >But the recollection is the least of your worries
  21. >You try pushing the covers off of your head, but your arms don't seem to be working
  22. >Everything about your body feels foreign
  23. >A strange sense of dread fills you as you begin flailing in an attempt to escape the sheets
  24. >You finally manage to get the accursed covers off of yourself, but you freeze once you catch a glimpse of your body
  25. >Green
  26. >Fur
  27. >What the hell is this?
  28. >Are you hallucinating?
  29. >You move your arms up to your face to look at them, but you're greeted by a complete lack of hands
  30. >In there place is a pair of green stumps
  31. >You're on the brink of a serious meltdown
  32. >Wait a minute, are these...
  33. "Hooves?"
  34. >You gasp again
  35. >Hearing a voice other then your own coming out of your own mouth is unsettling
  36. >You attempt to flex your fingers, but watch as nothing happens with your new appendages
  37. >Simultaneously frightening and fascinating
  38. >You're broken from your limb-observant trance by the sound of an opening door
  39. >You look up to see a green and purple scaled creature entering the room through an open doorway
  40. >And it's carrying a pink feather duster
  41. >And humming a tune
  42. >Your eyes meet
  43. >It jumps in surprise when it notices you, but you can't even manage to move
  44. >"O-oh! I didn't realize Twilight had company! S-sorry I barged in."
  45. >It hastily does an about face and scurries back out, closing the door behind it.
  46. >wat
  47. >Who, or rather what the hell was that?
  48. >You feel your jaw hanging open, and close your mouth in realization
  49. >Something is seriously not right here
  50. >Part of you is convinced you're actually lying in a hospital bed tripping out on a myriad of medicinal treatments
  51. >You take a glance around the room to verify your suspicion
  52. >Various ornate dressers, tables, chairs, and various other bedroom furniture line the exquisite room
  53. >The door that thing came in from is just to your left, and there are two other doors on the far left wall.
  54. >The walls are made of a crystalline texture, patterned in a way that reminds you of a tree trunk
  55. >It feels like the room was carved out of the trunk of a massive crystal redwood tree
  56. >Wow, your drugged mind has an exquisite imagination.
  57. >Your gaze meets a vanity mirror that faces the bed on the opposite wall
  58. >and that's when you see it
  59. >and that's when you let out the girliest scream you could ever have mustered.
  60. >Your face
  61. >Its not there in your reflection
  62. >You looking back at someone, no, something different
  63. >A pair of large and vibrant green eyes stare back out you
  64. >The large eyes are accompanied by petite muzzle and fluttering eyelashes
  65. >The head is covered with a mop of messy hair and two horse ears
  66. >What are you?
  67. >Is this really your reflection?
  68. >You shake your head and attempt to drag yourself to the edge of the bed
  69. >This is all just too weird, and you've got to move
  70. >It feels like you're a wounded soldier trying to drag himself to safety without any limbs
  71. >Everything feels so weird that its hard to actually utilize your own body
  72. >You manage to make it to the edge of the bed but end up pulling yourself too far, tumbling over the edge
  73. "Ffff.."
  74. >The floor rushes towards your vision before you close your eyes and brace for the impact
  75. >A loud thud echo's through the room as you come face first into contact with the floor
  76. >The rest of your body flops to the floor as you come to terms with the new layer of pain that has been introduced to your head
  77. >You put your "hands" against the floor and try to push yourself to your feet
  78. >Your body topples back to the floor before you can even get upright
  79. >What the hell is this shit?
  80. >You roll on your back and look down at yourself
  81. >Your legs... they're hind legs
  82. >The hoof hands, the muzzle, the horse ears...
  83. >Are you a horse?
  84. >This is just beyond strange
  85. >You roll back over and push yourself up, this time standing on all fours
  86. >Your legs start wobbling a bit to the sensation of having four legs
  87. >Standing is difficult
  88. >You're definitely not used to being a quadruped, or walking as one
  89. >"Alright... how does it go?"
  90. >You have very limited knowledge of horse anatomy
  91. >You pick up your left front hoof and take a step forward
  92. >After a brief pause, you step forward with your right hind, then the right front, followed by the left hind
  93. >You manage to make a few weak steps before almost tripping
  94. >After a few more steps, you've managed to make your way over to the vanity
  95. >You look up to the mirror, and gaze at your reflection again
  96. >Cartoonishly large eyes stare back at you, smiting you with their cuteness
  97. >You bring up a hand... er hoof and rub your face to make sure its real
  98. >There's no way this can be real
  99. >This is impossible
  100. >How could you even become something else? A consciousness transplant?
  101. >What have they got you on?
  102. >The scary part is that despite how you try to reason it, everything seems real
  103. >Different, but real
  104. >And apparently, you're a horse now.
  105. >Wouldn't you be able to tell if you were high?
  106. >Sure, you have a hangover, but you don't feel like you're on anything
  107. >You're drawn from your internal monologue by the opening door
  108. >Looking over to the door you see a thing very similar to you
  109. >Whats up with the horses?
  110. >This one is purple, and it has wings and a horn
  111. >It looks around the room briefly before its gaze falls on you
  112. >Smiling, it takes a few steps into the room towards you
  113. >You're not sure what to make of this
  114. >You feel like you cant even move, or run if you wanted to
  115. >Where would you go anyway?
  116. >The scaled thing from before follows behind the purple horse, taking cover behind its hind legs
  117. >"Hello."
  118. >A talking horse?
  119. >Fucking strange bullshit overload
  120. >All you can do is stare blankly back
  121. >Its head tilts to the side in a mixed expression of curiosity and concern
  122. >"Uhh... are you alright?"
  123. >You blink hard
  124. "I..."
  125. >You trail off, but manage to pick your thoughts back up
  126. "I don't know."
  127. >You feel your legs starting to tremble again
  128. >The horse glances around the room a bit before returning its attention to you
  129. >"Whats wrong? Do you need to sit? Or a doctor?"
  130. >This is next level weird
  131. >You can't fathom any sort of reality where what is happening right now is real
  132. >Perhaps you're in a coma
  133. >Or maybe you're high as fuck on some turbo drugs
  134. >Is your subconscious having a conversation with you?
  135. >You're not totally convinced that you're experiencing reality, but you make a brief and rash decision to at least play along
  136. "Aren't you the doctor? I think you overdid it on my meds."
  137. >It seems you've managed to trick the purple horse of your subconsciousness
  138. >"Meds? what? I'm not a doctor, at least in medicine anyway."
  139. >So, it's a purple smart horse
  140. >You snicker to yourself
  141. >"Can I ask you how you got in here?"
  142. >You puff up your chest and sport a shit-eating grin
  143. "Hell if I know. Woke up after a night of being piss-drunk and now I'm seeing shit."
  144. >The confusion on purple horse's face quickly transforms into a scowl.
  145. "Do you have any aspirin? This hangover is fucking killing me."
  146. >"Excuse me?!"
  147. >You're pretty sure you caught an eye twitch and steaming nostrils in that reply
  148. "Damn, nigga. It's not like I stuttered or anything."
  149. >A vibrant purple haze appears in your peripheral vision though
  150. >probably another side effect
  151. >Before you can comprehend it, you feel a tight and painful pulling on your ear
  152. "Ouch! What the fuck?"
  153. >"I don't know who you are or how you got in here, but I wont be tolerating that sort of language!"
  154. >This really hurts
  155. >You notice the horn on the horses head is glowing in the same aura
  156. >Is this some sort of trick?
  157. >"Follow me. Now."
  158. >It turns around and starts walking out the door, and you feel the tugging on your ear dragging you to go along
  159. >You try to follow but end up stumbling and half falling over
  160. >You're still not used to the new set of legs
  161. >The trip pulls even harder on your ear and you let out a pained yelp
  162. >The pulling dissipates soon after as you sit hunched over on the floor, rubbing your new ear with a hoof
  163. "Fucks sake, what is your problem?"
  164. >The aura returns and engulfs your entire body
  165. >You feel yourself being lifted off the ground
  166. >At this point nothing is really surprising you any more
  167. >You cross your arms and pout as you float along behind the purple horse
  168. >You're carried out into a hallway lined with ornate crystalline pillars and various tapestries
  169. >There are lots of tree pictures and decorations
  170. >Someone must have a fetish
  171. >They would probably like to be a tree
  172. >What the hell is this place
  173. >And where for that matter
  174. >The purple horse walks a few doors down, and the doorknob illuminates in that purple glow
  175. >It seems to have the ability to manipulate objects though some sort of psychic ability
  176. >It enters the room and floats you in effortlessly behind it
  177. >The room appears to be some sort of reading lounge
  178. >bookshelves encircle the ornate couches and tea table while the curtained windows on the far side give off a relaxing light
  179. >What really catches your attention is the other horse
  180. >This one is pink
  181. >Are there more, and are they all this terribly colored?
  182. >And whats with the colors anyway?
  183. >you've also noticed they have strange marks on their ass
  184. >whatever those are for
  185. >Some sort of tattoo for edge-lords perhaps.
  186. >The pink horse is sitting on one of the couches reading a book
  187. >The book is floating in the air in front of it, surrounded by a similar ability displayed by purple
  188. >Is this some kind of magic?
  189. >The pink horse looks up when the two of you make your entrance
  190. >"Oh, hey Twilight, are we starting less..."
  191. >It trails off after noticing you
  192. >"Good morning, Starlight."
  193. >The purple horse floats you over to one of the couches and unceremoniously forces you to sit before relinquishing control
  194. >"And no, something has come up."
  195. >Twilight? Starlight? What kind of names are these?
  196. >Fluttery eyelashes? Soft feminine voices?
  197. >They must be females
  198. >Ah yis!
  199. >That doesn't explain the high pitch of your voice, however
  200. >"Oh! We have a visitor?"
  201. >"In a manner of speaking. I thought you might have seen her enter the castle last night."
  202. >"Nope."
  203. >"Could you check the wards for me?"
  204. >"For?"
  205. >"Spike found her sleeping in one of the guest bedrooms this morning. If she found her way in last night it should have triggered at least one of the wards."
  206. >"Uh, sure thing. I'll be right back."
  207. >Starlight rises from the couch and gives you a warm smile as she walks past you out the door.
  208. >Twilight doesn't even bother sitting, seeming to prefer to stand as lady over the coffee table
  209. >Brain.exe encountered an error and must close
  210. >Why is Twilight calling you a 'she?'
  211. >Unless this is reality and you've actually been living a lie your whole life, you know for certain you're a manly dude
  212. "Hold up, why are you calling me 'she?'"
  213. >Twilight gives you the 'are you fuckin' stupid?' look
  214. >"Peculiar..."
  215. >You decide to take a look down at where your twig and berries are supposed to be
  217. >They're gone!
  218. >You start prodding around frantically with your new horse appendage where your crown jewels are supposed to be
  219. >"What in Equestria are you doing?"
  220. >You ignore her
  221. >Ok, just calm down Anon
  222. >You end your self-fondling session and regain composure
  223. >This is just a trip after all
  224. >But everything feels pretty real
  225. >It shouldn't scare you, but its starting to
  226. >Twilight moves over to the couch opposite of you and hops up, sitting on her haunches
  227. >She takes a deep breath before speaking
  228. >"This is... somewhat awkward. Not usually how I go about meeting ponies, but the situation is atypical."
  229. >She grins, and you suspect it is at least half forced
  230. >"My name is Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship."
  231. >Ok
  232. >"And you are...?"
  233. >Oh, guess its rude to just ignore
  234. "Anonymous"
  235. >"Hmm..."
  236. >She rubs her chin thoughtfully with her hoof
  237. >"Interesting name. And how did you get into the castle?"
  238. "I don't know"
  239. >Her thoughtful look becomes an annoyed one
  240. >"Come on. Lying to me wont do you any good."
  241. >This is getting dumb and boring, you should just fuck with her
  242. "But I don't. Getting shit-faced does that sometimes."
  243. >whoops, you let a shit slip
  244. >oh well
  245. >"Watch that tongue, filly."
  246. "I'm not a filly."
  247. >"Oh? Fooled me."
  248. >she smirks
  249. >But... that does make sense. You're a small horse, and temporarily female
  250. >For now you suppose its true
  251. "This is all just some elaborate ruse. As soon as these drugs wear off I'll be back in my room, browsing anime imageboards while fawning over pictures of my beautiful waifu."
  252. >She gives you a confused look and rubs her head with a hoof
  253. >She magics a teapot from a far table you hadn't noticed before and pours two glasses
  254. >"Your parents must be worried sick about you."
  255. "I'm an adult, at this point my parents aren't that worried about me. I guess right now the might actually be though."
  256. >You wobble your arms around
  257. "Cause I feel and look like a horse right now."
  258. >Twilight seems to ignore your comment and uses her magic power to levitate one of the teacups over to you
  259. >"Drink this."
  260. >You hate tea
  261. "I hate tea."
  262. >"Too bad. Drink it"
  263. "No."
  264. >She's visibly angry
  265. >"Drink the tea. NOW!"
  266. >fucking she-beast
  267. >better not go too far
  268. "Fine. I'll drink your stupid tea."
  269. >You put your hooves out towards the cup, and she levitates the cup into them
  270. >As the purple field dissipates from the cup, it flops out of your hooves and falls on the floor, the cup shattering into pieces
  271. >"I... Are you serious right now??!?"
  272. "I don't know! How the fuck do you expect me grab shit with these hooves? You fucking dumb-ass!"
  273. >Twilight's face turns from purple to crimson
  274. >Before she can retort, Starlight returns
  275. >She bites her tongue, taking in angry short breaths while Starlight walks towards the two of you
  276. >"All the wards are in perfect working order. None of them have been triggered."
  277. >Speaking of triggered, The lid on the Twilight brand pressure cooker bursts open
  278. >"WHAT!? HOW?!"
  279. >Boy, that escalated quickly
  280. >Starlight flinches at Twilight's outburst
  281. >Part of you wants to laugh, but the other half should probably fear for your life
  282. >"Alright Anonymous, You're going to tell me whats going on, and you're going to tell me RIGHT NOW! No more games!"
  283. "No games. I've told you only the truth."
  284. >"LIAR! There's no way you could just appear out of nowhere! You've managed to bypass some of the most powerful magical wards in all of Equestria!"
  285. >Starlight perks up at that
  286. >"She... what?"
  287. >Twilight ignores her
  288. >"But in all honesty that doesn't bother me near as much as your mouth and your attitude."
  289. >You scoff
  290. "Aww, someone said some bad words. Do you need a tissue?"
  291. >Twilight angrily groans while Starlight continues to watch the debacle in awkward silence
  292. >"Disrespectful! Rude! Unbecoming!"
  293. "Calm your tits, Purple Horse."
  295. >Her veins are practically bulging out of her forehead
  296. >Starlight walks up to Twilight and puts a hoof on her shoulder
  297. >"Twilight, she's just a filly. She's probably lost and confused waking up in a place she's never been before."
  298. >She looks at Starlight, becoming noticeably calmer
  299. >"Still..."
  300. >Oh man, you're gonna have as much fun as you can with Twilight as long as this dreamworld lasts
  301. >"Never mind. I'm going to look up the latest missing pony reports and see if I can't find anything about her. Surely her parents have already reported her missing."
  302. >They're probably standing over you right now, laughing at you as you trip out on prescription medication
  303. >"Good idea, Twilight."
  304. >"I doubt she's willing to tell me who her parents are, or where she lives. Her missing pony report will tell me. Plus, I need something to do before I do something else that I might regret."
  305. >"What about today's friendship lesson?"
  306. >"I'm sorry Starlight, we'll have to postpone it for tomorrow. Or perhaps..."
  307. >Twilight looks back to you
  308. >"For your lesson today, you'll make friends with Anonymous here."
  309. >"Oh. Okay Twilight. This will be an easy one. I learned from the best after all!"
  310. >Starlight 'Brown-noser' gives you a warm smile
  311. >You have no intentions of being friends with stupid unicorn horses
  312. >They'll probably try to steal your freakin' kidney
  313. >"Now, If you'll excuse me, I have some work to do."
  314. >Twilight makes her way out of the lounge
  315. >She looks back and gives you a dirty look before closing the door behind her
  316. >what a cunt
  317. >You wonder what sinister force in your mind could create such a foul creature.
  318. >Starlight breaks the silence
  319. >"So... you're Anonymous?"
  320. "Yea. You can call me Anon."
  321. >"Okay, Anon. My name is Starlight Glimmer, but you can call me Starlight."
  322. >You'd already gleaned that, but oh well
  323. >You don't really care all that much anyway
  324. >You start testing the softness of the cushion with a hoof while Starlight shuffles awkwardly to the opposite sofa.
  325. >"So... what did you do?"
  326. >She hops up onto the sofa and makes herself comfortable
  327. "Hm?"
  328. >"You did something to get Twilight all riled up. I can only think of a few ways to do that."
  329. >You smirk to yourself
  330. "Yea, it was probably the f-bomb, or the stupid tea."
  331. >"F-bomb?"
  332. "Uh... Fuck?"
  333. >She frowns
  334. >"Yea, that's one, and its not a word you should be using."
  335. "I don't care."
  336. >"You should."
  337. "Why?"
  338. >"Well, ponies might not think well of you for doing so."
  339. "I still don't care because you're all not real"
  340. >You cross your forelegs and give her a sinister grin
  341. "Plus, Purple is a cunt, and I took great pleasure in watching her frothing rage."
  342. >"What do you mean we're not real? Are we not sitting here?"
  343. "It seems that way, but once this shit wears off I'll be back to my normal self. You stupid horses are starting to bore me anyway."
  344. >"You're weird."
  345. >She looks down to the broken teacup on the floor before using her strange ability to pour herself a cup
  346. >"And whats wrong with the tea? How did it spill?"
  347. "The stupid purple horse thinks I can grab things with these."
  348. >you wiggle your hooves at Starlight
  349. "No fingers!"
  350. >She is amused by your gesture, and replies with a small giggle
  351. >"Why didn't you just use your magic?"
  352. >It seems its her turn to confuse you
  353. "My... magic?"
  354. >She taps her horn with her hoof
  355. >"Yea, did you forget?"
  356. >You slowly mimic her and raise a hoof to your forehead
  357. >Sure enough, you feel a horn of your own protruding from your skull
  358. >You must have not noticed when you were looking in the mirror
  359. >Damn, you're one of them!
  360. "Magic? What? I have magic?"
  361. >The color drains from her face, and her voice becomes solemn
  362. >"You... can't use magic?"
  363. >Why did she become somber so suddenly?
  364. "Uh... no?"
  365. >"Oh Celestia..."
  366. >Her gaze turns to the floor for a moment before returning to you
  367. >"I'm so sorry, I didn't know..."
  368. >Great, now the hallucination horse thinks you're a cripple
  369. "None of this is even real, remember?"
  370. >your exasperation doesn't faze her
  371. >"It is..."
  372. >No
  373. >No its not
  374. >You refuse to believe this
  375. >Talking Horses? Weird magic bullshit?
  376. >Also, you being a horse?
  377. >This is impossible, yet here you are
  378. >Its all so alien and foreign
  379. >But consistent, and that's the troubling part
  380. >It becomes more and more difficult to convince yourself that it isn't real
  381. >And it scares you
  382. >You can only stare at the floor now
  383. >You're clenching your teeth
  384. >Your forelegs are trembling and your vision is going hazy.
  385. >"Anon?"
  386. "NO!"
  387. >You refuse to accept this
  388. "This isn't happening! How can this even happen?! I'm so fucking lost right now!"
  389. >Anger overwhelms your senses
  390. "This is FUCKING BULLSHIT!"
  391. >Your outburst is met with silence
  392. >The anger boiling inside you begins to morph into sorrow
  393. >You feel tears forming in your eyes, and you clench them shut
  394. >You don't want to cry, but the tears begin to fall
  395. >You're powerless
  396. >All you can do is sit here and sob
  397. >You don't care anymore
  398. >The tears are falling freely now
  399. >Suddenly you feel a warmth next to you
  400. >You know who it is and you don't care
  401. >She wraps a hoof around you
  402. >"Shh... It'll be ok."
  403. >The fuck does she know?
  404. >You instinctively bury your face into the warm embrace of her fluffy chest
  405. >She rubs circles on your back as you continue your sobbing
  406. >Wait
  407. >Why are you crying like a little bitch?
  408. >You're a grown man!
  409. >You force yourself to stop crying, and push yourself away from her chest
  410. >"Feeling better?"
  411. >She moves to give you space, but you grab her and pull yourself back to her embrace
  412. >Shit nigger, what are you doing?
  413. >You don't know why, but this is comfy as fuck
  414. >And strangely comforting
  415. >You cling to her chest and quietly sob until sleep takes you.
  416. >This is the most comfortable nap you've had in ages.
  417. >You've never felt so calm and peaceful.
  418. >What is this feeling?
  419. >And why do you like it?
  420. >You blink your eyes open to find yourself snuggled with Starlight on the couch.
  421. >She still has her hooves around you, and she's levitating a book where she can read it.
  422. >Without a second thought, you immediately push yourself away from her and compose yourself
  423. "This never happened."
  424. >Starlight giggles and sets the book down.
  425. >"Don't worry Anon. It's normal to cry every now and then. Nopony will think less of you."
  426. >Nopony?
  427. "You mean nobody?"
  428. >"Uh... what? Nopony."
  429. >Its a strange mutation of language that sort of makes sense, even if its fucking retarded
  430. >At any rate, you're too mentally exhausted to argue the point
  431. >"Are you hungry? You haven't eaten all day."
  432. >As if on queue, your stomach lets out a mighty rumble.
  433. >She giggles again.
  434. >Its kind of cute.
  435. >Stop thinking that shit, these are dumb horses.
  436. >"Lets find you something to eat."
  437. >Starlight moves off the couch and walks towards the door, beckoning you to follow
  438. >"Come on sleepy head."
  439. >You fumble your way off the couch and try following, but you're still not completely used to the whole walking thing yet
  440. >Starlight doesn't seem to notice, and you start to get the hang of it as she starts walking down the hallway with you in pursuit
  442. >You assumed that Starlight was leading you to a kitchen or something
  443. >Maybe not, because she doesn't seem to know where she's going
  444. >Doesn't she live here? Shouldn't she know where the kitchen is?
  445. >"I think its this one..."
  446. >She stops at a door to your right and opens it
  447. >Unfortunately for your hunger, its not a kitchen.
  448. >Rather, its a bathroom
  449. >The lizard creature from before is standing on a stool in front of the mirror with a towel wrapped around its waist, flexing into the mirror
  450. >Unfortunately for it, there isn't much to show off
  451. >"Ah yea, check out these guns baby."
  452. >He turns around and looks at the two of you like a deer caught in headlights.
  453. >"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Spike!"
  454. >Starlight slams the door shut and hurriedly shuffles down the hallway.
  455. >You're not sure whether you should laugh or cringe
  456. >You manage to laugh at least a little bit to yourself while trying to keep up
  457. >At least you aren't wobbling as much
  458. >What the hell is this place anyway?
  459. >And how are you going to get out?
  460. >What are you going to do?
  462. >You are Starlight Glimmer
  463. >And today has been an interesting day
  464. >This poor filly shows up seemingly out of nowhere
  465. >She's lost, alone, and confused
  466. >Not to mention she can't use magic
  467. >A unicorn without magic...
  468. >You did your best to comfort her, and you hope it was at least a little helpful
  469. >Fortunately you had managed to find the kitchen
  470. >You really needed to get a handle on finding your way around the castle
  471. >You were never really great at navigating large buildings
  472. >You've been living here for long enough that there really is no excuse
  473. >You were afraid poor Anon was going to starve to death
  474. >You're no chef, but you could at least make a daffodil sandwich and hayfries
  475. >You put the two pieces of bread together and set the sandwich on a plate.
  476. >Next to the plate is another plate with a sandwich for yourself
  477. >Using your magic, you grab a pitcher of juice from the fridge and bring the meals to a waiting anon
  478. >She's leaning in her seat with her chin on the table, eyes devoid of any semblance of joy
  479. >As you set the food on the table, she doesn't move or notice
  480. "Hey, are you alright?"
  481. >Your words seem to jostle her
  482. >"O-oh, yea, I'm fine."
  483. "I made you a little something to eat, I hope you like it."
  484. >She looks at the sandwich for a brief moment before tilting her head and lifting the top bread to look inside the sandwich
  485. >"What the..."
  486. >Has she never had a sandwich before?
  487. >What a poor deprived child
  488. "It's a sandwich, fillies love sandwiches!"
  489. >At least you think they do
  490. >"I know what it is... but... flowers?"
  491. "Uh..."
  492. >What in the world?
  493. >"...Sorry. Thank you."
  495. >She awkwardly picks up the sandwich with one hoof on top and the other on the bottom, barely managing to get it to her mouth
  496. >The large golden table makes having a regular lunch seem kind of awkward
  497. >You decide to pick the seat next to her
  498. >The two of you quietly much away at your lunches
  499. >You want to talk to her more, but honestly you're not very good at it
  500. >Plus, you've got a lot of questions on your mind and you're not sure now is the best time to ask them
  501. >She's certainly a strange filly
  502. >A unicorn who can't use magic, has difficulty walking and using her hooves for basic tasks
  503. >She seems very intelligent for her age, albeit a bit abrasive
  504. >And she seemed confused that you put daffodil on her sandwich
  505. >That's like making a sandwich without bread
  506. >What kind of life must she have lived to end up this way?
  507. >What kind of hardships has she had to endure
  508. >Is she a victim of abuse?
  509. >Where are her parents?
  510. >The two of you finish your lunch, and you take the dishes to the sink amidst the awkward silence
  511. >You return to the dining room to find Anon trying to walk around
  512. "Feeling better?"
  513. >"Yea, thanks."
  514. >Your attention is captured by the opening of the dining room door
  515. >Spike walks in, and notices the two of you
  516. >"Oh, hey Starlight."
  517. "Hey..."
  518. >What you walked in on earlier was a bit awkward
  519. "Could you take Anon back to the lounge? I should probably check on Twilight."
  520. >"Uhh, sure?"
  521. >Oh geeze, you should probably introduce the two!
  522. "Spike, Anon. Anon, Spike."
  523. >"Heya, Nice to meet you."
  524. >Spike extends a claw to the green filly for a handshake
  525. >She slowly returns the gesture with a hoof
  526. >"Mmmhmm."
  527. "Thanks Spike, I appreciate it."
  529. >You left the two on their own and started making your way to Twilight's study
  530. >It's a room right in the library, and fortunately the library is the one room that you can always find.
  531. >You make your way to the library, and to the study
  532. >It's a door off to the side with books stacked up around the door frame
  533. >The books are sign that she's really busy
  534. >You tap the door a few times with a hoof and call out
  535. "Twilight?"
  536. >You hear the ruffling of parchment and a few books being slammed
  537. >"I'm busy! Unless Ponyville is burning down then it will have to wait!"
  538. >Ha, she's in the zone
  539. >You better not interrupt her any more
  540. "Sorry!"
  541. >You decide to make your way to the lounge to check on Spike and Anon.
  542. >As you begin to move through the castle, you get lost
  543. >again
  544. >You really need to figure out the castle layout.
  545. >Its kind of embarrassing being lost in your own home.
  546. >After an unreasonable amount of time wandering, you finally find it
  547. >As you enter, you find Spike sitting on the sofa next to Anon.
  548. >"...and that's how I saved the Crystal Empire."
  549. >Anon responds by staring at the floor dejectedly
  550. >Spike looks to you as you enter
  551. >"Twilight's in her zone, isn't she?"
  552. "Yep."
  553. >You sit on the sofa with the others
  554. "So... I was wondering if we could talk a bit Anon. Maybe get to know you better."
  555. >She sighs and looks up to you
  556. >"Honestly, I'd rather not. I'd like to be alone right now, no offense."
  557. >Seeing the depression in her eyes cuts your heart
  558. >Part of you wants to tell her no, but you can't bring yourself to
  559. >She must need her space to adjust to whats going on
  560. "Ok, I understand. Spike, could you show her to the guest room? I'd probably get us lost."
  561. >"Sure."
  562. >The mood of the room hangs heavy as spike leads the sad filly out
  563. >All you can do is sit on the couch and think of what you could possibly do to help her.
  564. >You feel useless
  566. >After a bit of mulling, you were back to being muzzle deep into your book
  567. >You hadn't been able to put it down for days
  568. >At least only for important matters or essentials
  569. >Like Anon
  570. >You really did feel bad for her
  571. >As you're starting to get to the juicy parts of the story, you're interrupted by somepony entering the room
  572. >Of course its Twilight
  573. >And she looks a bit disheveled
  574. >You take a quick glance out the window to see the sun is well on its way to setting
  575. >You didn't think it would take this long for her to check the reports
  576. "Gosh Twilight, you look beat."
  577. >"Yea..."
  578. "Did you find anything about Anon?"
  579. >She sighs before continuing
  580. >"There's nothing."
  581. "Nothing? surely somepony is missing her."
  582. >"I've checked every single missing pony listing in the greater Equestrian region. There are no missing pony files that match her description."
  583. >Twilight makes her way to the opposite couch and unceremoniously takes a seat
  584. >"I also checked every census record for every filly between the ages of 5 and 12."
  585. >That explains what took her so long
  586. "And nothing?"
  587. >"Yes."
  588. >Another defeated sigh escapes her lips
  589. >"As far as anypony is concerned, she never existed."
  591. "Do you think she's..."
  592. >You hesitate
  593. >"Feral?"
  594. >You weren't going to say it, but the idea of it had been gnawing at you
  595. >"No, I don't think so. It would explain a lot, but she's very well spoken for a filly her age. It doesn't add up."
  596. >You had noticed as well
  597. >She was at the very least vocally articulate for her age.
  598. >But you don't know how old she is exactly
  599. >"I suspect she has suffered some sort of mental trauma. It would explain a lot of her... behaviors."
  600. >You can't completely disagree
  601. >But she seems mentally sound for the most part
  602. >It's really strange, but you still can't quite put your hoof on it.
  603. "That's certainly possible. At any rate, something really weird is going on."
  604. >"And I intend to get to the bottom of it, one way or another."
  605. >You're not sure if you should share your theory
  606. >You decide to anyway
  607. "It's almost like she's actually in a body that's not her own. Do you think that's even possible?"
  608. >"Possible? Sure. Likely? Probably not. Even then, the only magic in Equestria I can think of with that sort of capability is Discord."
  609. "Perhaps he is involved?"
  610. >"I hope not. If so, he has a one-way ticket to becoming a lawn decoration."
  611. >She pauses in thought
  612. >"Though unless I actually see any evidence of such, I'll have to give him the benefit of the doubt."
  613. >She's right
  614. >Guess that theory is bunk
  615. >Twilight yawns
  616. >"As much as I want to stay up all night looking for answers, I really should get some sleep. You should too."
  617. >You look out the window and see the sun has finished its retreat behind the horizon
  618. >The night comes on quickly
  619. "Yea, you're right. I'll see you tomorrow, Twilight."
  620. >You both share a curtsy before heading to your respective rooms.
  621. >As you're preparing for bed you can't get the situation out of your mind
  622. >It dances in your thoughts as you lay in bed
  623. >What in Equestria is going on?
  624. >Something is definitely wrong
  625. >And what can you do to fix it?
  626. >But finally, sleep comes.
  627. >Anonymous.
  628. >That's you.
  629. >But you aren't really all you anymore, are you?
  630. >You've awoken today to find yourself in an alien body in an alien world, and you're not sure what to do about it.
  631. >You've lost track of time since you've been up here.
  632. >For what feels like an age you've been watching this strange world play out through your window.
  633. >A portal view of another existence, except this is one you could actually join at any time.
  634. >A quaint and homely hamlet beckons you from the other side.
  635. >You watched as these horse creatures went about their day.
  636. >They would walk, run, fly to their destinations.
  637. >Some would stop and talk to one another.
  638. >They would laugh, hug, and share.
  639. >Almost human, but certainly different.
  640. >The winged ones caught you by surprise at first, but you really shouldn't have been.
  641. >A few of them had a horn like you did.
  642. >Several didn't have wings or a horn.
  643. >So unicorns, pegasi, and... what? Regulars?
  644. >You watched the sun as it sank below the horizon, and the moon rose to take its place in the night sky.
  645. >The streets emptied, and the town soon became a sea of lanterns, sending its glow in retaliation to the stars above.
  646. >But no matter how hard the defiant lights tried, they could not overpower the burning glow of the stars that gently illuminated the night.
  647. >It was serine; beautiful.
  648. >With the glory of the night in full display, you can't help as a small smile spreads across your lips.
  649. >You could have never seen a night sky like this at home.
  650. >Part of you used to hate home, but now you miss it more than ever.
  651. >They say that sometimes you never really appreciate something until its gone.
  652. >It seems you're learning that the hard way.
  653. >Life wasn't always perfect.
  654. >But it was yours.
  655. >And now its gone.
  657. >And now through some unexplained phenomena, you've become a miniature talking horse.
  658. >Your mind and thoughts have gone haywire.
  659. >What drove you to become a teary mess and take such comfort from Starlight?
  660. >It's completely unlike you, you don't even know her!
  661. >The main word on your mind is why.
  662. >Or perhaps what in you caused that to happen in the first place.
  663. >You take reprise from your stargazing to look back down to the world below.
  664. >You remind yourself of the height of the building.
  665. >It's quite a distance, a deadly one in fact.
  666. >Gruesome thoughts of plummeting yourself out the window invade your consciousness.
  667. >Could you actually bring yourself to go through with it?
  668. >All it would take is one jump.
  669. >No more pain, no more horse bullshit, and no more annoyance
  670. >Maybe you'd wake up in heaven, or hell.
  671. >Either way, If you woke up as your normal self it would be an improvement.
  672. >Maybe you're dead already.
  673. >Maybe this is hell.
  674. >Your hooves fumble with the window latch.
  675. >You clumsily manage to open the window.
  676. >The cool night breeze wafts the curtains, clearing your way to the ground below.
  677. >You step up in into the window sill and hold on to the side.
  678. >Your forehooves are on the edge.
  679. >Just one jump.
  680. >That's all it takes.
  681. >Gravity will do the work.
  682. >You lift one hind hoof in anticipation.
  684. >No one would miss you.
  685. >Especially that Purple bitch.
  686. >But what about Starlight?
  687. >You stare down at the cool grass below as it gently bends to the will of the wind.
  688. >Starlight was actually kind of chill.
  689. >What would she think?
  690. >Would she care?
  691. >She would probably be distraught to find you in a bloody mess on the ground.
  692. >What the fuck are you doing?
  693. >You shake your head push your self back from the window into the safety of the room and shut the window.
  694. >You're shivering.
  695. >You can hardly believe you were considering suicide as a reasonable choice.
  696. >Sure, this situation is crap.
  697. >But death?
  698. >A permanent solution to a temporary problem.
  699. >This is it.
  700. >The shit that's going on with your mind.
  701. >It happened on the couch with Starlight, and it happened just now.
  702. >It's like you're briefly becoming someone else.
  703. >It feels like not only your body has changed, but perhaps your mind as well.
  704. >You dejectedly make your way to the bed.
  705. >After a short ordeal, you manage to get on the bed and and wrap the covers around you.
  706. >They're very comfortable, but it does nothing to help you sleep
  707. >You toss and turn for an immeasurable amount of time.
  708. >Maybe tomorrow you'll wake up and this will all be a dream.
  709. >A crazy, long, and much too vivid dream.
  710. >Sleep eventually takes you into its embrace.
  711. >Sunlight flickers across your eyelids, waking you.
  712. >Your eyes pop open, and you feel immediate disappointment.
  713. >You're still in Twilight's castle, and you're still the little green filly.
  714. >The curtains flutter in the morning breeze through the open window
  715. >You would have sworn you had shut the window last night.
  716. >At any rate, you're too tired for this shit.
  717. >You close the window and hop back into bed with haste, hoping to get some more shut eye.
  718. >As soon as your eyelids start to droop, the sound of hooves rapping on the door pop them back open.
  719. "God damn it."
  720. >"Anooon! Are you awake?"
  721. >fucking purple horse.
  722. "No!"
  723. >You pull the covers over your head tightly.
  724. >She doesn't wait long to come in, and soon pulls the covers off of you with her magic.
  725. >"Time to wake up."
  726. "Fuck off."
  727. >You can practically hear her teeth grinding.
  728. >"You know what? Fine. Be a brat. I don't care."
  729. >She drops the blanket from her magical grip and trots back out of the room, closing the door hard.
  730. >You immediately pull the blanket back over yourself and attempt to sleep some more
  732. >You are Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship.
  733. >Today is a brand new day, but it could have started off much better.
  734. >You mull in thought after closing the door behind you
  735. >You're not really sure what to do with Anon.
  736. >You should probably head over to the orphanage today.
  737. >With Anon, of course.
  738. >It would definitely solve the problem, as much as you hate to think that doing such a thing would.
  739. >There is still something scratching a strange itch inside of you though
  740. >The oddity of how she got here to begin with. She is clearly no ordinary filly.
  741. >It gnaws voraciously at your curiosity, pushing you to put yourself through anything if only for an answer.
  742. >Your hooves clop against the stone floor as you walk down the hallway in thoughtful silence.
  743. >You've already been brainstorming plans today to show Anon around Ponyville.
  744. >Maybe you can get to know her better, perhaps she'll open up.
  745. >Maybe she's more normal than you realize.
  746. >Or maybe not.
  747. >At any rate, you should bounce the idea off of Starlight and Spike.
  748. >Their input is valuable, and always appreciated.
  749. >What are friends for?
  751. >You enter the dining room to find Spike and Starlight already digging in to breakfast.
  752. >You opt for a friendly jab.
  753. "Couldn't wait for me huh?"
  754. >"Well, you were taking so long, and I was starving."
  755. >You giggle at Spike's gem-crusted cheeks.
  756. "Well... Anon isn't exactly being agreeable this morning."
  757. >You pull up a seat next to Starlight, and dish yourself a helping of pancakes.
  758. >The ones without the lapis lazuli, of course.
  759. >Starlight addresses you with concern.
  760. >"Oh? What's wrong?"
  761. "Well, I went to wake her up, and she didn't want to get up. She still hasn't got the profanity out of her system yet."
  762. >You sigh.
  763. "I just let her do what she wanted. Honestly, don't know what to do with her."
  764. >You take a bite of delicious pancake
  765. >"Maybe its good to give her some space? She seems pretty distraught. Then again, its not really my area of expertise."
  766. "You could just mind control her with a spell."
  767. >She glares at you
  768. "Ha, bad joke."
  769. >You still giggle, and she does too, albeit more awkwardly.
  770. "Anyway, I was thinking maybe we could take Anon out later for a walk and picnic later. Show her around Ponyville, let her get some fresh air. Maybe she'll feel better, and open up a bit. What do you think?"
  771. >"It's worth a shot."
  772. >Spike interjects
  773. >"Rarity wanted my help today..."
  774. "Its ok Spike, I'm sure we can handle Anon on our own."
  775. >You all share a mild laugh as you continue to enjoy breakfast and each other's company.
  777. >You are Anonymous.
  778. >And you wish you could have managed to fall back asleep.
  779. >Instead, you tossed and turned, unable to do so.
  780. >You don't feel like getting up, or doing anything.
  781. >You don't want to be the filly.
  782. >You'd rather just fall asleep and never wake up.
  783. >There's knocking on the door again.
  784. >Of course its purple.
  785. >"Anonymous?"
  786. "Go away."
  787. >You pull the covers tight over yourself in an attempt to isolate yourself.
  788. >After a brief moment of silence, you hear the door open and close.
  789. >The sound of clopping hooves moving closer to the bed is unmistakable.
  790. "Fuck off, Purple."
  791. >"Wrong pony."
  792. >You're a little surprised that its Starlight instead of Twilight.
  793. "What do you want?"
  794. >"I... want to know why you're doing this."
  795. >You feel her sit on one of the corners of the bed, but you don't budge.
  796. "I suppose when you unwillingly find yourself slapped into a weirdo Technicolor cartoon horse world, It tends to depress you."
  797. >Silence fills the room
  798. >"You must be going through a lot right now. At least let us try to help you. We really do care."
  799. "Do you?"
  800. >"Would I be here if I didn't?"
  801. >She could be lying after all
  802. >"Anyway, we were planning on a walk through town and a picnic. Would you like to come along?"
  803. >Maybe she does actually want to help you.
  804. >If anything, It could lead to you figuring out what the hell is going on.
  805. >And it sounds crazy enough, but maybe you could be human again.
  806. >"I mean, if you don't want to then that's ok. I just thought I'd offer."
  807. >You could just play along
  808. >"We really do care."
  809. >Who knows, maybe it could lead you to some answers
  810. >Certainly more effective then what you're doing now
  811. "Ok."
  813. >The rows of thatch roof cottages really clashed with Twilight's castle.
  814. >You wonder who decided that horrendous looking tree-like monstrosity was a good idea.
  815. >It ended up being more of a tour than a walk, with Twilight showing you various places around the town.
  816. >Of course being overly descriptive, and downright boring about it.
  817. >Starlight follows silently in tow.
  818. >Ponyville, and you learned it was called, was ornate and quaint, yet homely and lively.
  819. >Ironic, how ponies live in a town called Ponyville.
  820. >The thing that really surprised you was just how friendly these ponies where.
  821. >They would all smile, wave, and offer greetings.
  822. >Honestly you couldn't even remember all of their names.
  823. >Everything seems so happy and peaceful here.
  824. >Maybe what happened to you wasn't so bad.
  825. >You would still prefer not to be a pony yourself though.
  826. >And deep down you're hoping that you wont have to
  827. >Magic is apparently a thing here, and you're hoping that the possibility exists.
  828. >"And here we have the town hall. This is where Mayor Mare and the city council administer..."
  829. >blah blah blah
  830. >She has to really draw this out, doesn't she?
  831. >You are about to fall asleep standing out, when a furious ball of pink in your peripheral vision catches your attention
  832. >Before you can completely react, a happy looking pink pony with a cotton candy mane is uncomfortably face to face with you
  833. >"Oh my gosh! I've never seen you before! You must be a new pony in town!"
  834. >You tumble backwards onto your rump in surprise
  835. >She start hopping excitedly on all fours
  836. >Your expression of alarm and confusion does nothing to deter her.
  837. >Before Twilight can say anything, the pink one speaks up
  838. >"Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie, whats your name?"
  840. >You're still trying to wrap your brain around what just happened
  841. "Uhh..."
  842. >"Uhh? Well its nice to meet you Uhh!"
  843. "Wait."
  844. >Twilight walks over to Pinkie and puts a hoof on her shoulder
  845. >"Jeez Pinkie, you can't even let her give you a response."
  846. >You pick yourself up and dust off
  847. "My name's not 'Uhh,' it's Anonymous."
  848. >Pinkie rubs her chin with a hoof
  849. >"Anonymous, huh..."
  850. >Her eyes light up and she sports an unrealistically large grin
  851. >"Oh my gosh, I don't have much time! See you later!"
  852. >She gives your hoof a quick shake and bounds off as fast as she came.
  853. >You can only manage to stand in surprised shock while you attempt to contemplate the crazy pink pony's antics
  854. >"Yep, that's Pinkie."
  855. >Twilight starts walking off down the street, and you follow
  856. >This place and these ponies are.... different.
  858. >Down the street seems to be a farmers market of some sort.
  859. >Ponies run the stalls, selling various foods and other wares.
  860. >It seems a bit old fashioned, which is kinda cool in its own way.
  861. >Twilight leads the group to a particular stall.
  862. >The decorative apple with a horseshoe in the center leaves no one wondering what is sold here.
  863. >An orange pony wearing a stetson manages the stall, and waves once she sees Twilight.
  864. >"Howdy Twi! Starlight!"
  865. >"Hey Applejack."
  866. >Twilight beams while Starlight offers a small but friendly smile.
  867. >"Lookin' fer apples? You came to the right place."
  868. >Twilight laughs
  869. >"Actually, we were just going to say hello, but some apples do sound nice for our picnic."
  870. >"Alrighty! That's one, two, three..."
  871. >Applejack looks down at you
  872. >"Who's your little friend?"
  873. >Twilight Beams
  874. >"This is Anon, She's new here in Ponyville."
  875. "Hello."
  876. >"Pleasure meet'n ya."
  877. >Applejack hands three apples to Twilight, who attempts to pay with some sort of gold coin, but Applejack rejects them.
  878. >"These are on me, sugarcube."
  879. >"Come on AJ, you work hard. You deserve to be paid for your work."
  880. >"And ah like treatin' my friends too. I insist."
  881. >Twilight shakes her head and puts what you presume is money back in her saddlebag."
  882. >"Thanks, Applejack."
  883. >But those apples
  884. >You can't help but stare at them
  885. >The seamless skin, perfect and without blemish
  886. >The stem and leaves giving it the perfect accent
  887. >Your stomach growls
  888. >Applejack laughs
  889. >"Heh, Somepony's hungry."
  890. >"Well... she kinda skipped breakfast. That's a whole nother story."
  892. >Applejack grabs another apple in her hoof and extends it out to you.
  893. >"Can't have nopony goin' hungry. Here ya go."
  894. "Uh... thanks!"
  895. >You take the apple, and its just as perfect looking as the others.
  896. >You sink your teeth into it and are immediately met with bliss
  897. >The perfect amount of juice, not to much to run all over, but enough to tease your taste buds
  898. >The skin is smooth to the touch, and not to hard to bite
  899. >The fruit is perfectly ripe with just the right texture
  900. >You let out a satisfied sound while chewing
  901. >"That good, huh?"
  902. "This is the best apple I have ever tasted."
  903. >"Heh, glad you like'm"
  904. >You hear some rustling behind the cart, and a small redheaded filly emerges from the side.
  905. >"A new pony in town? Mah name's Applebloom..."
  906. >She trails off and seems to be staring at your ass.
  907. >Suddenly, she's wearing a big smile
  908. >"Oh mah gosh! A blank flank!"
  909. >"Applebloom!"
  910. >Applebloom ignores Applejack
  911. "Uh... what?"
  912. >"You don't have your cutie mark yet! You should totally hang out with us crusaders and we could help you get it!"
  913. "My what? What's a cutie mark?"
  914. >All the ponies gasp at you, a few with hooves covering their mouths
  915. >"Ya don't know what a cutie mark is?"
  916. >Applebloom gasps
  917. "No."
  918. >The other ponies start looking at each other with concern.
  919. >What are they worried about? What is a cutie mark anyway?
  920. >"Now Applebloom, we still have the cart to tend to, ya hear?"
  921. >"Yes'm. I'll see you later Anon."
  922. >"Bye!"
  923. >You wave and share farewells as you leave the Apples to their business.
  925. >Up ahead you see a park.
  926. >Probably where Purple wants to have her picnic.
  927. >There is a large open field, and off to the side you can see some playground equipment.
  928. >Several fillies and colts are enjoying themselves while their parents sit nearby on the benches.
  929. >Various walking trails lead off into lightly forested areas
  930. >You also spot a few tennis and basketball courts.
  931. >It's actually a really nice place.
  932. >Certainly better than the run down scrap of land back home.
  933. >Time for that picnic.
  934. >It's a good thing because you're still hungry.
  935. >That apple was good, but you're hankering for another, and whatever food you can get your hands on.
  936. >Er, you guess its hooves now?
  937. >Twilight leads you and Starlight to a lightly shaded table under a tree.
  938. >Using her magic, she lifts out all of the picnic supplies and sets the table.
  939. >Sandwiches, treats, lemonade, and of course the apples.
  940. >"This was a good idea Twilight, It's a really nice day for..."
  941. >Before Starlight can finish you're already digging in.
  942. >The two colorful equines share a laugh before eating.
  944. >"So Anon, are you feeling better today?"
  945. >Oh great, Purple wants to interrogate you.
  946. >Can't say you're surprised.
  947. "I guess..."
  948. >You twirl the bendy-straw around in your presumably fresh squeezed lemonade.
  949. "I do appreciate your hospitality."
  950. >"It's no problem. Anypony would be more than willing to help another pony in need."
  951. "Am I in need? Honestly, I don't know what I am."
  952. >"Well, you did show up randomly sometime in the middle of the night. And... Well..."
  953. "Well what?"
  954. >Twilight looks at Starlight, who in turn looks to you before speaking
  955. >"You're weird."
  956. "Oh, thanks."
  957. >You made sure to drip your words with sarcasm while rolling your eyes.
  958. >"Well, no, I mean, not in bad way."
  959. >Starlight does a lot of fidgeting
  960. >Is she autistic or something?
  961. "What do you mean?"
  962. >"Well, you didn't know what a cutie mark is... That's like not knowing left from right."
  963. >She rubs her chin in thought
  964. >"It's like you're severely detached from the world. Like you've.... never been pony before."
  965. >She looks at Twilight, her face bright with this revelation
  966. >"It all makes sense!"
  967. "Finally. Someone's starting to get the idea."
  968. >Twilight frowns
  969. >"Not really. How is it even possible? How would we even begin to explain such an occurrence?"
  970. >"Come on, It totally makes sense!"
  971. >Twilight shakes her head 'no.'
  972. >"We would need some sort of evidence. I won't just settle for a convenient answer because it makes sense. Not to mention it could all just be an act."
  973. >You feel a little insulted, but it's not an entirely unreasonable position.
  974. "I don't care if you believe it nor not, honestly. It doesn't change who I am. Anonymous the human."
  976. >You barely catch it, but your last statement seemed as if it caught her off guard, but you're not sure how.
  977. >"Even if everything you say is true, this whole 'I'm actually not a filly,' thing, the fact is that you are now a filly."
  978. >She's not wrong, unfortunately.
  979. >"Unless you can provide me some evidence otherwise?"
  980. "No..."
  981. >"And fillies have certain expectations for behaviors... like the use of crude language for one."
  982. "Oh no, those poor ears."
  983. >"Keep using them if you like the taste of soap, because I promise you will learn its taste well if you continue to use that language."
  984. >Reality sinks in just a little more.
  985. >Everything she says is right.
  986. >Even though you know who you are, you cannot deny that you are a filly now.
  987. >And you don't want to eat soap.
  988. >Are you going to have to play along? Resist?
  989. "I... understand."
  990. >Twilight smiles and clops her hooves
  991. >"Good! I'm glad we can come to an agreement."
  992. >Twilight pulls out a parchment and quill with her magic and begins scribbling on it.
  993. >"I'll also make you a promise. I will remain open minded about the possibility of your story being true. I'll even do some research into it, I have to admit it's intriguing."
  994. >That's good news, but you're afraid there never will be evidence.
  995. >You're really stuck here, aren't you?
  996. >Anonymous the filly, forever.
  998. >You're going to have to play the part of a filly, be it for only a moment or forever.
  999. >But you're going to have a distinct advantage.
  1000. >The adult mind inside of a child's body.
  1001. >It's strangely like a second shot at life, a chance to redo all your stupid mistakes.
  1002. >Starlight interjects
  1003. >"Hey, I brought my kites! Anypony want to fly with me?"
  1004. >Twilight chuckles
  1005. >"Of course you did."
  1006. "I'll fly, why not?"
  1007. >"Awesome, lets go! Come on!"
  1008. >Starlight grabs the kites and trots out towards the open field
  1009. >You begin to follow her but look back to Twilight
  1010. "You're not coming?"
  1011. >"No, its fine. Go ahead."
  1012. >She beckons you on with a hoof
  1013. >You shrug.
  1014. "Alright then."
  1015. >You canter your way over to Starlight who is already getting her kites ready.
  1016. >She seems hilariously obsessed.
  1017. >She hands a reel over to you as you approach
  1018. >"Have you flown a kite before?"
  1019. "Yea, it's been a while... not since I was a kid, actually."
  1020. >The hilarity of that statement dawns on you, and Starlight laughs.
  1021. >"Well, If you need pointers or help you're standing next to an expert."
  1023. >Thankfully the kites are easy to launch with Starlight's magic.
  1024. >Both your kites are effortlessly fluttering in the wind in no time.
  1025. >"I like kites. You just let them fly, and all the stress of the day melts away."
  1026. >It may work for her, but you're not sure if its working for you.
  1027. >Starlight gives you a concerned look.
  1028. >"You're not ok, are you"?
  1029. >You sigh and look back up at the kites
  1030. "Honestly, I don't know."
  1031. >"Is it Twilight? I know she can be overbearing at times, but she really is a good pony."
  1032. "Well, sort of. I guess. A few days ago I was just living my life as normal, and now I'm sitting here in a pony world flying a kite with hooves."
  1033. >"Is it really so bad though?"
  1034. >Is it?
  1035. "Yes... and no."
  1036. >"Oh?"
  1037. "I don't mind it here, but the whole becoming a filly thing is a little unwanted."
  1038. >"Maybe you'll grow to like it?"
  1039. "Maybe it wont be permanent, at least I'm hoping."
  1040. >"That would be interesting to see."
  1041. "I'm afraid it is though."
  1042. >She bumps your shoulder with a hoof
  1043. >"Well I'll be your friend no matter what."
  1044. >You smile and bask in the silence of flying kites.
  1045. >Maybe it is soothing to the psyche.
  1046. >You're broken out of your relaxing kite flight by the sound of a raspy voice.
  1047. >"Scoots! Go long!"
  1048. >"I got it! I got it!"
  1049. >You turn to the sound of the voice to see a fast moving blur of orange and purple headed right for you.
  1050. >Before you can move it slams right into you, knocking you over.
  1051. >You land with a hard thump on the ground.
  1053. >The impact dazed you, and for now you can only lay on your back and try to comprehend what happened.
  1054. >"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, are you alright?"
  1055. "I... think?"
  1056. >Several hooves hook around yours and pull you up.
  1057. >One set belongs to Starlight, the other to an orange pegasus filly.
  1058. >Did she run into you?
  1059. >"I'm really sorry, I didn't hurt you did it?"
  1060. "I'm ok I think. Heads spinning a little."
  1061. >A light blue pegasus with a rainbow mane lands next to you
  1062. >You thought you had seen all the varieties of colors, but never expected one to have all of them.
  1063. >"Geez, Scoots. Really did a number on her."
  1064. >"I said sorry!"
  1065. "It's ok."
  1066. >You brush the dust off of yourself as the filly gives you a looking over.
  1067. >"Are you new? I haven't seen you in Ponyville before"
  1068. "In a manner of speaking, yes."
  1069. >"Oh, cool! I'm Scootaloo."
  1070. >She points over to the blue pegasus.
  1071. >"And this is Rainbow Dash, the coolest pony in Ponyville!"
  1072. >Rainbow dash ruffles Scootaloo's mane.
  1073. >"You know it, kid."
  1074. >Scootaloo playfully pushes back.
  1075. "I'm Anonymous."
  1076. >Scootaloo extends her hoof in what you would guess is some sort of pony handshake, and reciprocate.
  1077. >"Nice to meet you. I guess we'll let you get back to your kite..."
  1078. >"Oh my gosh! the kite!"
  1079. >Starlight starts looking around the air frantically.
  1080. >You dropped the string when you got knocked over, and the kite probably flew off somewhere.
  1082. >"Where did it go?"
  1083. "Could be anywhere."
  1084. >Starlight interjects
  1085. >"Lets split up and look for it. The wind is blowing in the direction of the trees, so it could be tangled up in there. Rainbow Dash and I will look on the left side of the path, Scootaloo and Anon take the right side."
  1086. >"Sounds good, lets go!"
  1087. >Rainbow Dash takes off and speeds towards the trees.
  1088. >Damn, she really flies fast.
  1089. >"Wait for us Dash!"
  1090. >The three of you run towards the trees in pursuit.
  1091. >Starlight starts looking for Dash on her side while you and Scootaloo start looking for the kite in the trees.
  1092. >The both of you keep your eyes in the canopy on the lookout for the kite.
  1093. >"So where did you move from? Fillydelphia?"
  1094. "Fillywhatia?"
  1095. >Oh great, she's probing you about your past
  1096. >Should you make up a persona, or just lay out the truth?
  1097. >"Uh, yea. Guess you're not from there, huh?"
  1098. "No."
  1099. >You decide to tell her where you actually lived before you ended up as a filly
  1100. >"Never heard of it."
  1101. "Yea, It's uh, pretty out there."
  1102. >"So why did you move here to Ponyville? Just curious."
  1103. "It's a long story..."
  1104. >"Oh, ok. What do you do for fun, besides flying kites?"
  1105. >Is she going to let up?
  1106. "Oh, just whatever sounds fun at the time. What about you?"
  1107. >Hopefully your deflection works
  1108. >"Well, Hanging out with my friends is my favorite. Also love riding my scooter around, and hanging out with Dash."
  1109. "I noticed."
  1110. >"Yea, should have watched where I was going. I can blame Dash though, it was her idea to do a long throw."
  1111. "But a short one wouldn't be awesome."
  1112. >"Yea, you're right."
  1114. >You catch a glimpse of colorful cloth hanging from a branch
  1115. "There!"
  1116. >You point towards the jagged branch with a hoof.
  1117. >"Awesome! I'm glad it didn't blow away, I would feel even worse than I already do."
  1118. "Stop beating yourself up over it, shit happens."
  1119. >Scootaloo gasps
  1120. >"Did you just say the..."
  1121. >oh, yea, you did
  1122. "Oops."
  1123. >You walk over to the branch where the kite is tangled.
  1124. >It's a good ways up there, and you're not sure you could even climb the tree to reach it.
  1125. >"Can you grab it with your magic?"
  1126. >magic? Oh, right.
  1127. "I can't use magic."
  1128. >"Oh..."
  1129. "You have wings, can you fly up and grab it?"
  1130. >"I... can't fly."
  1131. >Well, shit
  1132. "I guess we have something in common."
  1133. >"Ha, yea."
  1134. >She looks over to the lowest branch.
  1135. >"I think if one of us gives the other a boost, we could climb up and grab it."
  1136. "Or we could just find Starlight and Rainbow Dash."
  1137. >"But that's boring. Who's climbing, you or me?"
  1138. >You barely learned how to walk as a pony, there's no way you're going to climb a tree as one.
  1139. "You."
  1140. >"Alright, my fault it's up there anyway."
  1141. >You position yourself at the bottom of the tree and give her a boost, which enables her to grab the lowest branch.
  1142. >You watch as she gracefully pulls herself from branch to branch like a dexterous and youthful version of yourself.
  1143. >She reaches the kite and manages to untangle it, and works her way back down.
  1144. >She jumps off the final branch using the kite and flapping her wings furiously to slow her descent.
  1146. >You have to admit you're at least a little bit impressed by her agility.
  1147. "Awesome, thanks."
  1148. >"Mmmhmm!"
  1149. >The two of you head back to the field in relative silence.
  1150. >As you make your way back you see that Starlight and Rainbow Dash have already returned, and they're talking to Twilight.
  1151. >As the two of you approach you overhear a bit of their conversation.
  1152. >"Honestly I'm not even that worried about the kite, I can always make another one."
  1153. >"You sure? I can make a farther sweep of the trees."
  1154. >"Its fine Rainbow. Anon and Scootaloo are still over there anyway, maybe they'll find it."
  1155. >Twilight interjects
  1156. >"Maybe they'll be friends! I think Anon could use some, with her trouble and all."
  1157. >You're just about to rejoin them, but something in you decides you should eavesdrop instead.
  1159. >You wrap a hoof around Scootaloo's neck and pull her into a nearby bush with you.
  1160. >"W-wha?"
  1161. >You shush her and keep listening in on the conversation.
  1162. >Rainbow takes on a concerned tone.
  1163. >"Trouble, what kind of trouble? Is she ok?"
  1164. >"Yea, its just that she didn't arrive here in the best of conditions."
  1165. >"Oh, gotcha."
  1166. >Starlight gives Twilight a questioning look.
  1167. >Rainbow gently lifts off the ground
  1168. >"Well, I'll go take another look, maybe I'll find those two fillies while I'm at it."
  1169. >Before anypony can reply, she's already sped off
  1170. >"Anon, why are we hiding?"
  1171. "Shh... This could be important."
  1172. >Twilight and Starlight share a silence for a moment before Twilight speaks up.
  1173. >"You know, I have this crazy idea."
  1174. >"Oh?"
  1175. >"A crazy and stupid idea, and I want your input."
  1176. >"Can it be any worse then stealing the cutie mark magic of an entire village and bending everypony to your will?"
  1177. >Twilight chuckles.
  1178. >"No, not even close. Its about Anon..."
  1179. >She gazes out into the lush green field before continuing.
  1180. >"Just seeing her struggle to cope, It makes me want to be there for her. I've never had the chance to have a foal of my own, and she was practically dropped in my lap."
  1181. >She looks Starlight in the eyes
  1182. >"I think I want to adopt her."
  1184. >Starlight gasps.
  1185. >You feel a deep sickness in the pit of your stomach.
  1186. >"You're right, it is a crazy and stupid idea. I mean, becoming a mother just out of the blue?"
  1187. >"I don't know. Mares are naturally driven to nurture, and I don't feel like I'll ever have a foal of my own."
  1188. >Twilight flutters her wings.
  1189. >"It's not easy to get a date when you're an Equestrian princess."
  1190. >Starlight exudes her doubt in posture.
  1191. >"I don't know Twilight. What do you think Anon will say?"
  1192. >Twilight beams.
  1193. >"Well, it's either stay with me or live at the orphanage. I have a feeling she'll chose the former. What pony would choose to be an orphan?"
  1194. >You would, as you feel an anger swelling inside of you
  1195. >Who does she think she is?
  1196. >Thinking she can just use you as some sort of wish fulfillment vessel.
  1197. >Why can't she just leave you be, and let you live?
  1198. >Why is she trying to force you into this life that you don't want?
  1199. >You feel yourself grinding your teeth when Scootaloo puts a hoof on your shoulder
  1200. >"You alright? I didn't know you were an orphan..."
  1201. >You let out a breath
  1202. "I'm fine, lets go."
  1203. >"Good, I feel pretty uncomfortable spying on Twilight anyway. Can we not do this anymore?"
  1204. "Sure."
  1205. >You mentally prep yourself as the two of you leave the bushes and head towards Starlight and Twilight
  1207. >"Oh, hey! You found it!"
  1208. >Starlight waves at you once she sees the two of you approaching
  1209. >You put on a fake smile
  1210. >"Yea, with Anon's help I was able to pull it out of the tree it was stuck in. You should have seen it!"
  1211. >As if almost on queue, Rainbow Dash lands next to you, which startles you a bit given the speed
  1212. >"Awesome, you found it!"
  1213. >You stare off in the distance in an attempt to control your anger when Scootaloo bumps your shoulder
  1214. >"Wanna play some catch maybe?"
  1215. >Its time to deflect
  1216. "I have to poop!"
  1217. >You're certain you instinctively put on a retarded face.
  1218. >The group of ponies gives you a strange look
  1219. >Twilight points over to a small building by the edge of the park
  1220. >"Uh... the restrooms are over there."
  1221. "Thanks!"
  1222. >You take off as fast as your little legs can carry you while leaving behind a group of ponies confused by your antics.
  1224. >You didn't actually have to poop.
  1225. >In fact, you didn't even stop at the restrooms.
  1226. >You made sure the ponies weren't watching before you walked on out of the park.
  1227. >You had no place in mind, since you really weren't familiar with much beyond what Twilight had shown you earlier.
  1228. >You just didn't want to be anywhere close to them.
  1229. >Fuck them, especially Twilight.
  1230. >She wants to play mom to fulfill her own stupid desires at your expense.
  1231. >What about you?
  1232. >Does she care what you want?
  1233. >Are you doomed to play a pawn?
  1234. >You're starting to feel like you have no say in anything involving you, and its infuriating.
  1235. >You find yourself stomping through the street while ponies give you questioning looks, but you pay them no mind.
  1236. >An aggressive and angry walk is probably what you need.
  1237. >You don't want to make any stupid decisions without thinking things through.
  1238. >You just want to keep walking right out of this stupid town and never see any ponies ever again.
  1239. >But that's a terrible idea
  1240. >Where would you go?
  1241. >What would you eat?
  1242. >And sleep?
  1243. >Maybe you could talk her down.
  1244. >You could play along, at least to get what you wanted.
  1245. >You felt astute enough to game the situation in your favor.
  1247. >As you walk along the paths of the town in deep thought, you accidentally bump into someone
  1248. >Falling flat on your ass is painful
  1249. "AH!"
  1250. >You should have been watching where you were going
  1251. >In front of you lays Spike, sprawled on the ground surrounded by bolts of linens he was presumably carrying
  1252. >He must not have seen you either
  1253. >"Oh, sorry Anon, didn't see you there."
  1254. "Gah, its fine... I wasn't really watching either."
  1255. >"So... what's up? Where's Twilight?"
  1256. >Think fast
  1257. "She said it was ok if I explored Ponyville on my own for a bit."
  1258. >"Oh."
  1259. >Queue awkward silence while Spike picks up the bolts of cloth, with you trying to help to the best of your ability.
  1260. >"Well, see ya around, I guess."
  1261. "Ditto."
  1263. >You watch Spike walk off when a moderately evil idea surfaces in your thoughts.
  1264. >You're going to spy on Spike.
  1265. >Do you have anything better to do?
  1266. >Not really, It sure beats skulking around.
  1267. >Honestly, you're feeling angry enough that you just want to be an asshole to everyone.
  1268. >And test the limits of how much you can fuck with them.
  1269. >You creep slowly behind him, careful not to clop your hooves or be noticed.
  1270. >Sticking off to the edge and just out of sight, you follow him through the streets.
  1271. >You hide behind some empty barrels to watch which direction he'll go next, but you accidentally knock one over.
  1272. >He turns to look behind, and you quickly roll behind the others.
  1273. >"Huh, that's strange."
  1274. >Whew, that was a close one.
  1275. >You tail him for a bit longer until he stops at a particular building
  1276. >Spike finally makes it to what appears to be his destination, and enters.
  1277. >A vibrant and colorful building, It almost looks like carousel.
  1278. >As you approach, you see a sign above the door that reads "Carousel Boutique."
  1279. >Ha, clever.
  1280. >You're just tall enough on your hind legs that you can peer into one of the windows.
  1281. >You see Spike.
  1282. >He's talking to a white unicorn.
  1283. >She looks like a bitch.
  1284. >Probably not as much of a bitch as Twilight though.
  1285. >They're talking, but you cant make out what they're saying
  1286. >They move out of your sight.
  1287. >You think about going inside but you don't want to blow your cover.
  1288. >You're about to leave the window when they come back into view.
  1289. >Spike is following the marshmallow pony carrying several bundles of the fabric.
  1290. >And that look in his eyes.
  1291. >Ha! No way!
  1292. >Spike is totally orbiting this one.
  1293. >He's definitely got the hots for her.
  1294. >More sinister ideas enter your mind as you leave the window and make your way to the door.
  1296. >A telltale jingling announces your presence as you push open the door to the boutique.
  1297. >A feminine voice emanates from the next room.
  1298. >"Coming!"
  1299. >This place is interesting.
  1300. >Mannequins surround the room dressed in what must be considered fashionable apparel.
  1301. >Several vanity stations line the far wall.
  1302. >decorative curtains and mirrors hang from the walls.
  1303. >The white unicorn emerges from a doorway.
  1304. >"Welcome to Carousel Boutique! where every garment is chic, unique and magnifique."
  1305. >Ha, she's kind of cute actually.
  1306. >You guess Spike could have chosen a worse crush.
  1307. >"You're here all by yourself, darling?"
  1308. >You nod.
  1309. >"Well, was there something in particular you were looking for?"
  1310. >Speaking of crushing, its time to crush.
  1311. "I was wondering what Spike's girlfriend looks like. You're very pretty."
  1312. >Her marshmallow face turns crimson.
  1313. >"I-I, what?"
  1314. >You're holding back laughter.
  1315. >"Hey Rarity? Where should I set these bolts down at? They're kind of heavy."
  1316. >Rarity turns to the doorway.
  1317. >"Just put them anywhere, Spikey."
  1318. >Oh man, she's even got a nickname for him.
  1319. >This is just too rich.
  1320. "Oh my gosh! It's so cute!"
  1321. >You start walking slow circles around the flustered mare while wearing a smug smirk.
  1322. "He's always talking about how great you are. How you're the most beautiful mare there ever was."
  1323. >You lose your composure for a second, but thankfully it fits into the act.
  1324. "He was right."
  1325. >"W-we haven't met before, darling. What's your name?"
  1326. >of course she's trying to deflect.
  1327. >You'll just let it bounce back with full force.
  1329. "Oh! My name's Anon!"
  1330. >You beam and hop a few times.
  1331. "And you're Rarity! What a pretty name. It suits you."
  1332. >She blushes.
  1333. >"So darling, what exactly are you doing here?"
  1334. >Spike walks into the room.
  1335. >"Hey Rarity, wha- oh. What are you doing here Anon?"
  1336. >You beam
  1337. "I just wanted to meet your girlfriend."
  1338. >"M-my, girlfriend?"
  1339. >He's sweating
  1340. >You've got the brand right under his scaly bottom
  1341. >"Spike, why would you tell her that I'm your girlfriend?"
  1342. >Rarity gives him a stern look
  1343. >"I didn't! I swear!"
  1344. >He puts his arms up defensively
  1345. >You cant take it anymore
  1346. >You burst into a fit of rapturous laughter and roll on the floor
  1347. "AHAHAHA! Oh my god, the looks on your faces!"
  1348. >You're running out of breath
  1349. >Rarity turns her stern look to you
  1350. >"Darling, you shouldn't joke about personal matters like that."
  1351. >like you give a fuck.
  1352. >"Spike is not my 'boyfriend.'"
  1353. >Spike bows his head dejectedly.
  1354. >Tears of amusement roll across your cheeks.
  1355. >Spike speaks up.
  1356. >"Are you sure Twilight said it was ok for you to be by yourself?"
  1357. "Yes, would I lie?"
  1358. >Rarity chimes in
  1359. >"What is going on, Spike?"
  1360. >"Its kind of a long story. I'm pretty sure Twilight was planning on talking to everypony."
  1361. "Well, its been fun, but I've gotta run!"
  1362. >You merrily walk your filly behind out of the boutique, the bell signaling your departure.
  1363. >Be Twilight Sparkle.
  1364. >You're sitting in the grass reading a book.
  1365. >The bench had become a bit uncomfortable after a while, so you opted for the soft grass.
  1366. >'An Equestrian Essay of Bipedal Beings' by Quick Penn.
  1367. >You hadn't touched it in years, and recent events reminded you of it.
  1368. >Starlight had her kite back out.
  1369. >Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo had run off to play their game.
  1370. >And now that you think about it, Anon is taking a really long time.
  1371. >You get up and stretch your legs.
  1372. "I'm going to check on Anon, she's been in there for a while."
  1373. >"Maybe she fell in?"
  1374. "Ha Ha."
  1375. >You trot over to the restrooms, and poke your head inside the fillies room.
  1376. "Anon?"
  1377. >No answer.
  1378. >You look under the stalls and see no pairs of hooves.
  1379. >She's not here.
  1380. >Oh no, where did she go?
  1381. >You feel mild panic as you charge a teleport spell landing in front of Starlight
  1382. "She's gone!"
  1383. >"Gone?"
  1384. "Yes! As in not in the restroom!"
  1385. >Starlight reels in her kite
  1386. >"Really? Where could she have run off too?"
  1387. "I don't know, but honestly I'm worried about what kind of trouble she could get into!"
  1388. >You start preparing another teleport spell.
  1389. "Lets split up and ask around town if anypony has seen her. She can't have made it too far."
  1390. >Why would she just disappear like that?
  1391. >You let the spell fire to your first destination.
  1394. >You are Anonymous.
  1395. >You find yourself laughing out loud and you walk away from the boutique.
  1396. >As much as you hate to admit it, you found a strange sort of relief in causing mischief.
  1397. >A cosmic middle finger to whatever sort of god felt you deserved this punishment.
  1398. >A vindictive euphoria, if you will.
  1399. >Feeling accomplished, you can't help but wear a smug smile as you continue walking through Ponyville.
  1400. >Ponies smile back at you and a couple even give you waves.
  1401. >You of course wave back, playing along.
  1402. >It reminds you of yesterday when you were watching from the window.
  1403. >But now, you're actually on the stage.
  1404. >Maybe you shouldn't have run off
  1405. >You could always go back to the park, you're pretty sure you remember where it is.
  1406. >But you remind yourself of why you ditched them in the first place.
  1407. >You won't allow yourself to be a pawn.
  1408. >An adolescent servant.
  1409. >Because you know you wont be treated the same.
  1410. >And that infuriates you.
  1411. >As you walk you come to a split in the road.
  1412. >The quaint cobblestone road leads out of town, cutting its way through the lush flowered fields to a forest in the distance.
  1413. >It beckons you.
  1415. >You merrily trot your way down the path enjoying the scenery, the tree coverage becoming thicker as you go along.
  1416. >Eventually you come up to another fork in the road.
  1417. >One way splits off towards the forest
  1418. >The other to what reminds you of a hobbit cottage, only not in the ground.
  1419. >You wonder if there are hobbits here.
  1420. >Outside the cottage is a butter yellow pegasus with a soft pink mane.
  1421. >She is holding a watering can in her mouth, watering the flowers outside of the house.
  1422. >Your next victim.
  1423. >You slowly and quietly walk the path to the house
  1424. >She is humming a tune to herself, which hilariously disguises your approach.
  1425. >You sneak up right behind her, and she still hasn't noticed you.
  1426. "Boo!"
  1427. >"AHH!"
  1428. >The startled pony drops the watering can and scrambles for cover behind the bushes.
  1429. >You burst out into laughter, rolling on your back.
  1430. >You had expected a little jump, not a full on fearful flight.
  1431. >"That wasn't very nice."
  1432. >You pick yourself up off the ground, trying to get words out.
  1433. "I know, ha."
  1434. >After a few more giggles you compose yourself
  1435. >There is an awkward silence where you stare at her with a stolid expression, her unsure eyes eventually shifting.
  1436. >"So... umm... can I help you with something?"
  1437. "Can you get my dick and balls back?"
  1438. >She gasps in shock, putting a hoof to her mouth.
  1439. >"D-did you just..."
  1440. "Guess not."
  1442. >You nonchalantly walk off, taking the path that leads toward the forest.
  1443. >You notice the yellow pony flying up beside you
  1444. >"Where are you going?"
  1445. "This way."
  1446. >"Alone, into the Everfree Forest?"
  1447. "Yep."
  1448. >"But its dangerous! you could get hurt."
  1449. "Cool."
  1450. >She stops and lands as you keep walking defiantly towards the woods.
  1451. >It's almost as if the branches reach out to you, welcoming you home.
  1452. >You smirk to yourself and cross the edge into the woods.
  1454. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  1455. >You've been asking everypony you've run into about Anon
  1456. >A few had seen her, but didn't see where she went.
  1457. >You had asked everypony you could if they saw her that they should come find you.
  1458. >You checked sugarcube corner, quills and sofas, the bowling alley, and numerous other places.
  1459. >You still had plenty of places to check though.
  1460. >Hopefully Starlight runs into her.
  1461. >Next stop, the Carousel Boutique.
  1462. >You charge your teleportation spell and cast it, landing right in the lobby of the shop.
  1463. "Rarity!"
  1464. >Rarity pokes her head out from behind an archway
  1465. >"Twilight, darling, what ever is the matter? You usually don't pop in like that unless there is some sort of emergency."
  1466. >Spike walks out from behind her
  1467. >"Hey Twilight, what's wrong?"
  1468. >Do you really look that exasperated?
  1469. "Anon ran away! I was hoping you had seen her."
  1470. >Spike rubs his neck
  1471. >"Well..."
  1472. >Rarity scoffs
  1473. >"If you're talking about that devilish little green filly, then yes, we have."
  1474. "She was here?"
  1475. >"Yes, and she played an all not to nice prank on us."
  1476. >That sounds like Anon.
  1477. "You can tell me later, I need to find her before she causes any more mischief."
  1478. >Spike runs over to the door.
  1479. >"We can help Twilight, just let us know what to do."
  1480. >Rarity adjusts her mane.
  1481. >"I suppose, maybe I can eke an apology out of her."
  1482. "Thanks."
  1483. >The three of you head off in search of Anon's whereabouts.
  1484. >Who knows what she's up to
  1485. >And honestly, why did she just leave like that?
  1486. >Did you do something wrong?
  1488. >Be Anonymous
  1489. >As you trudge into the forest, you can't help but note how overgrown the forest is.
  1490. >The overbearing shrubs hug the edge of the path, and its a wonder they haven't consumed it entirely.
  1491. >The cobblestone path eventually wanes out to dirt.
  1492. >As you walk deeper into the forest, the canopy thickens and creates an artificial darkness.
  1493. >The thick brambles reach out into the path attempting to snare any that dare walk it.
  1494. >Eventually, the path seems to branch off, and you pick a direction.
  1495. >You feel a chill run up your spine.
  1496. >There is something weird about this place.
  1497. >You're not really sure where the path is anymore, because its indiscernible from the forest floor.
  1498. >You look back to where you came.
  1499. >You've got a feeling that you're lost
  1500. "Fuck."
  1501. >This is totally not good.jpg
  1502. >You turn around and start walking back.
  1503. >Of course, you don't find the edge of the forest.
  1504. >Now you really know you're lost.
  1505. >What are you going to do?
  1506. >Your not particularly keen on the concept of sleeping on the ground and foraging for food in a spooky forest.
  1507. >What exactly is healthy for a pony to eat?
  1508. >Is grass a viable dietary option?
  1509. >You remember being told to stay put when lost in the wilderness.
  1510. >But by god this place really creeps you out.
  1511. >You decide to keep walking, maybe you'll find a landmark or something of note.
  1512. >Or maybe a pony who can help you get out of here.
  1513. >You really regret the idea of walking into here now.
  1514. >You feel like you're being watched.
  1516. >You walk along carefully, but stop dead in your tracks when you see it.
  1517. >Glowing orbs in the darkness surrounding you.
  1518. >You feel like you can't move.
  1519. >You don't dare to look away.
  1520. >From the glowing orbs emanates a sickening snarl.
  1521. >Your fight or flight instincts kick in, and its definitely flight.
  1522. >You don't bother waiting to see what it is, and immediately bolt in the opposite direction, sprinting as fast as your little legs can carry you.
  1523. >You hear the thud of feet as whatever it is begins chasing after you.
  1524. >A quick glance behind you reveals a sickening wolf like creature made of wood.
  1525. >It's like some bizarre dungeons and dragons type of construct.
  1526. >This only fuels your fear as you push yourself to run faster, as the thing is right on your tail.
  1527. >You can practically feel it breathing on your hind legs when it takes a snap at you.
  1528. >Luckily it only grazes your leg as you let out a yelp.
  1529. >The path in front of you bends hard to the left.
  1530. >Maybe you can feign and jump over the bushes.
  1531. >Perhaps you could lose it, or at least buy you a second.
  1532. >As you approach the turn you attempt a slight feign, then leap through the bush.
  1533. >You don't quite make it over the top and some of the brambles scratch you, but you make it through.
  1534. >Unfortunately, you weren't expecting the drop into the ravine on the other side.
  1535. >You land rough, but fall over and roll down the side of the ravine.
  1536. >A good few bumps down and you land in a bush on the bottom, head spinning.
  1537. >You quickly gather yourself and look back up to see the wooden wolf already scaling down the canyon edge.
  1538. >You turn to run through the ravine, but see a small opening in the stone jutting out from the side.
  1539. >Hastily, you climb over to it and attempt to squeeze inside.
  1540. >It's a tight fit, but you manage to pull yourself inside as the wolf closes the distance.
  1541. >Right as you manage to get in, the wolf scratches at the hole with wooden paws and teeth.
  1543. >It's too small to fit, but still tries to reach you with hungry ferocity.
  1544. >Its wooden claws scrape on the stone like nails on a chalkboard.
  1545. >You can only lay on your back and watch as you try to catch your breath.
  1546. >What the hell is that thing?
  1547. >Eventually it seems to give up, and wanders off with an annoyed huff.
  1548. >You opt not to move, at least for a moment.
  1549. >You're pretty sure you've almost died, but not like that.
  1550. >You've never been actual prey before.
  1551. >You manage to stand, legs still shaking.
  1552. >You're in some sort of cave, and the deeper portions are illuminated by luminescent mushrooms and fungus.
  1553. >You really don't want to move right now, but you can't stay.
  1554. >You sure as hell don't want to go back outside.
  1555. >That thing could be waiting for you.
  1556. >But deeper into this cave?
  1557. >Who knows that is in here.
  1558. >But maybe there is another exit.
  1559. >You take wobbly steps deeper into the cave in search of an exit, being dutifully attentive to your surroundings.
  1561. >You are Twilight Sparkle
  1562. >And you've search all over Ponyville for the lost filly.
  1563. >All the way from Sweet Apple Acres to the rail station.
  1564. >She was nowhere to be found.
  1565. >You were half worried and half annoyed.
  1566. >Is she hiding somewhere, playing some sort of game?
  1567. >Hopefully the others have seen signs of her?
  1568. >You're all meeting up in front of the town hall.
  1569. >You fly down and land next to your friends
  1570. >Since you don't see Anon with them, you assume they've had about as much luck as you..
  1571. "I take it nopony has seen her?"
  1572. >They nod
  1573. "I guess we should start checking the outskirts then, I'll head over to Fluttershy's, it's one of the few places I haven't checked."
  1574. >You turn to head that way and almost bump right into Fluttershy.
  1575. >You hadn't heard her walk up behind you.
  1576. "Oh, gosh. I was just coming to ask you something."
  1577. >"Oh, well, um... there's kind of a problem."
  1578. >You express your concern.
  1579. "What is it?"
  1580. >"Well, there was this little filly who was by my cottage earlier, and she walked off into the Everfree."
  1581. "Wait... was this filly green with a black mane?"
  1582. >"And uncouth?" Rarity chimes in.
  1583. >"Yes."
  1584. >Oh no, this is not good.
  1585. >She has no idea about the Everfree forest.
  1586. >You forgot to warn her about it.
  1587. >She could be in a lot of trouble.
  1588. "Come on girls, there's no time! She could be in real danger!"
  1590. >You are Anonymous.
  1591. >This cave is deeper than you realized.
  1592. >The glowing growth on the walls and ceiling light the way as you squeeze through the stalactites and stalagmites.
  1593. >Who knows where this cave leads.
  1594. >You startle a few bats which flutter past you, startling yourself in the process.
  1595. >You can barely squeeze through some parts.
  1596. >As you pull yourself through another tight spot, you find yourself standing in a cavern.
  1597. >Bones of what look like various animals litter the floor.
  1598. >There is some kind of creature sleeping.
  1599. >It looks like some sort of lion with bat wings and a scorpion tail.
  1600. >Fuck.
  1601. >You freeze, hoping to not wake the creature.
  1602. >If its anything like the last one you saw, it will probably try to eat you.
  1603. >You notice an exit to the outside at the other end at the cavern.
  1604. >Unfortunately for you, the creature is between you and the exit, and not much room for you to walk past.
  1605. >You warily look back the way you came.
  1606. >You could either try to sneak out, or go back.
  1607. >Taking small but careful steps, you start making your way towards the exit.
  1608. >This is a terrible idea, but you'll get eaten for sure if you go back.
  1609. >Beads of sweat drip down your brow as you tip-toe closer and closer to the beast, avoiding the piles of bones.
  1610. >It looks like you'll barely be able to squeeze past.
  1612. >You make it to within inches of the creature, taking extra soft steps to squeeze between it and the wall.
  1613. >You can practically feel it breathing
  1614. >A clanking sound from behind you causes you to whip your head around.
  1615. >You accidentally kicked some of the bones!
  1616. >The creature begins rustling, and stretches its front paws out.
  1617. >You hold still like a statue, frozen in fear with feet still in the air.
  1618. >It's probably going to notice you, and you'll be dead for sure.
  1619. >You offer a quick thanks to a god for screwing you.
  1620. >Its paws rest between your hooves, barely managing to not touch you.
  1621. >You stand in place for several minutes before realizing you hadn't woken it, but now you were practically trapped.
  1622. >You're not sure if you can step through its arms.
  1623. >Your legs are starting to get tired.
  1624. >Slowly and deliberately, you begin taking steps forward.
  1625. >The hairs brush against your legs, but you manage to step out.
  1626. >You have to contain yourself to not bolt out the exit as you move forward.
  1627. >The breeze hits your mane as you exit the cave, the snoring beast at your back.
  1628. >You're back in the tree-hugged ravine, with no reasonable direction to go.
  1629. >At one end you see what looks like castle spires off in the distance.
  1630. >At last, signs of civilization!
  1631. >Seeing as you have no other sensible direction to go, you decide to traverse the bottom of the ravine in the direction of the castle.
  1632. >At first you go slowly, and pick up the pace until you're well away from the cave.
  1633. >hey, maybe you wont die!
  1635. >The walls of the ravine get steeper and steeper as you make your way through, eventually becoming perpendicular with the ground.
  1636. >As you make progress towards the castle, you soon realize that it is in ruins.
  1637. >The crumbling buildings and overgrown foliage dissipate any hope you had of finding a way out of the forest.
  1638. >But now you at least want to check it out, maybe you can find a map or something.
  1639. >If not that, then maybe you can climb up one of the towers and find a path out.
  1640. >The ravine ends up leading you right up to the castle, but you don't see any way to climb up out.
  1641. >After looking around a bit, you notice an unnatural staircase leading up out of the ravine, up to a rope bridge that leads to the castle.
  1642. >You start making your way to the staircase, but a glowing light catches your attention.
  1643. >It seems to be coming from an opening in the ravine wall.
  1644. >You're not sure why, but you really should see what it is.
  1645. >What could be creating that light?
  1646. >You abort taking the stairs and head towards the cave instead.
  1647. >As you approach and peek inside, you're taken aback at the scene before you.
  1648. >A glowing crystalline tree sits in the center of the cave.
  1649. >Glowing blossoms hang from vines off of the branches
  1650. >The branches are adorned with colorful gemstones, and a six-pointed star sits in the center
  1651. >Kind of reminds you of Twilight's ass tattoo.
  1652. >As you walk towards the tree observing its glory, you notice the sun and moon symbols on its trunk.
  1653. >What the hell is this thing?
  1654. >This world really does have magic.
  1655. >The idea of that both excites and scares you.
  1656. >If its anything like what you've seen in fantasy, there is also a dark side to magic.
  1658. >You sit in front of the tree, its unworldly glistening drawing your undivided attention.
  1659. >A certain peace fills you as you give audience to the grand tree.
  1660. >Your breath is slow and deep, deliberately tranquil.
  1661. >Your hairs stand on end as a chill runs up your spine.
  1662. >You close your eyes and lift your chin to the roof, feeling a slight breeze running through your fur, wafting your mane and tail.
  1663. >A particular energy fills your veins, like the morning coffee just kicked in.
  1664. >Your mind is clear.
  1665. >Nothing populates your thoughts but the tree.
  1666. >Its shape ingrained into your mind's vision.
  1667. >The gemstones pulsating their vibrant colors.
  1668. >Your tranquil is interrupted by growling.
  1669. >Your eyes go wide at hearing the sound you wont forget.
  1670. >You whip out of your trance to look behind you.
  1671. >The wolf creature from before stands at the cave entrance.
  1672. >And it brought friends.
  1673. >You had hoped there was only one wooden wolf, but there appears to be many more.
  1674. >The serenity you were feeling is now replaced with fear.
  1675. >The wolves start slowly closing in on you, and you walk backwards.
  1676. "N-now now, stay dog, stay!"
  1677. >They keep moving into the cave and to the sides, while you back up.
  1678. >Eventually your back is against the tree, with the wolves coming closer.
  1679. >You feel tears welling in your eyes.
  1680. "No... please..."
  1681. >You don't want to die.
  1682. >One of the wolves lunges at you, and you instinctively cover your head with your forelegs in anticipation.
  1684. >Be Starlight Glimmer.
  1685. >Flight spells were extremely useful.
  1686. >You had paired up with Twilight to search the Everfree forest for Anon.
  1687. >And having the ability to search from the sky meant the two of you could cover a lot of ground quickly.
  1688. >Though sometimes it was hard to spot anything through the forest canopy.
  1689. >You were really worried.
  1690. >You haven't spent much time out here, but you've heard all the stories.
  1691. >All the strange and twisted things that are out here.
  1692. >You always thought it was pretty bizarre to build a town right next to it.
  1693. >The two of you are coming up on what looks like the old sister's castle.
  1694. >That's a place you've been meaning to check out one of these days.
  1695. >And the tree of harmony too.
  1696. >but of course now is not the time.
  1697. >Twilight scans the grounds around the ruins.
  1698. >"Still no sign of her..."
  1699. >She sighs.
  1700. >"I just don't understand it, why did she-"
  1701. >Her statement is interrupted by a loud bang
  1702. >That was not a natural sound, it's clearly magical in origin.
  1703. >The two of you look at each other, then towards the source.
  1704. >A cave in the ravine below the castle.
  1705. "What was that?"
  1706. >"The tree!?"
  1707. >Twilight soars at top speed towards the cavern, and you follow in pursuit.
  1709. >Be Anon.
  1710. >You squint your eyes, bracing yourself for pain.
  1711. >From out of nowhere, a thunderous clap echoes through the cavern.
  1712. >You look up to see bits of wood and plant matter flying away from you, bouncing against the walls and ceiling.
  1713. >You are surrounded by a strange green aura.
  1714. >It seems to originate from your horn.
  1715. >Something that should feel natural, but to you is quite foreign.
  1716. "Wha..?"
  1717. >Did you just destroy that thing?
  1718. >Is this like the magic Twilight and Starlight used?
  1719. >The other wolves halt their advance on you with wary eyes.
  1720. >the aura around you begins to slowly fade, before dissipating completely.
  1721. >Before the wolves decide to attack again, two flying figures land at the mouth of the cave.
  1722. >Its Twilight and Starlight.
  1723. "H-help!"
  1724. >They both notice you with horns glowing.
  1725. >"Anon!"
  1726. >With a strange pop, they dissipate and reappear in front of you.
  1727. >You instinctively grab onto Starlight's rear leg and hang on for dear life
  1728. >You listen with eyes clenched shut to the sounds of magic blasts, snarling, and clattering wood.
  1729. >After the sounds of what you presume was a wooden wolf massacre die down, you refuse to let go of the leg.
  1730. >"Anon, are you alright?"
  1731. >You don't answer, choosing to instead cling to her.
  1732. >Starlight begins to sit down, forcing you to let go.
  1733. >She turns to embrace you, and you waste no time accepting it.
  1734. >You bury your face into her chest while she hugs you, running a hoof down your back
  1735. >You let out a few uncontrollable sobs
  1736. >"Shh... its ok. You're safe now."
  1738. >It was almost too much to take in.
  1739. >Getting lost, getting chased, this cave.
  1740. >The magic.
  1741. >At least you're sure it was magic.
  1742. >What else could that have been?
  1743. >You should have been toast for sure.
  1744. >And in a fucked up sort of way, it was kind of fun.
  1745. >You can't remember the last time you did anything even remotely exhilarating as this.
  1746. >You lift your head up to look at Starlight, but you start feeling a little light headed.
  1747. "I...uh..."
  1748. >"Anon?"
  1749. >You shake it off
  1750. "I'm fine."
  1751. >She gives you a questioning look
  1752. "I am!"
  1753. >Twilight walks up to the two of you.
  1754. >"Is that... blood?"
  1755. >You feel a wetness around your ears, and reach a hoof up to touch it.
  1756. >As you pull your hoof away, you notice that your frog is stained red.
  1757. >That can't be good.
  1758. "Uhh..."
  1759. >Your vision starts to blur, and the light headedness returns.
  1760. >Your consciousness fades.
  1762. >"Oh, I think she's waking up."
  1763. >"Anon?"
  1764. >Oh boy does your head hurt.
  1765. >Maybe death would have been preferable.
  1766. >You groan as you slowly open your eyes, adjusting to the light.
  1767. >Tiled ceilings, boring colors, and drab curtains.
  1768. >The ceiling fan lazily spinning.
  1769. >Yep, you're in a hospital bed.
  1770. >You groan as you struggle to open your eyes and sit up.
  1771. >On either sides of the bed are two ponies you don't recognize.
  1772. >"Whoa, take it easy there."
  1773. >The tan stallion with a brown mane and a stethoscope draped around his neck puts a hoof on your shoulder, preventing you from getting up.
  1774. >You presume he is a doctor of some sort.
  1775. >"Give yourself a minute. You've been out for a while."
  1776. >You groan again as you lay back down, staring at the ceiling.
  1777. >"Nurse, please inform the Princess and Ms. Glimmer that their friend is awake."
  1778. >"Of course."
  1779. >The white mare with the soft pink mane leaves the room.
  1780. >You last remember being in the cave.
  1781. >What exactly happened?
  1782. >You don't remember getting hit by anything.
  1783. >How did you get injured?
  1784. "So... what happened?"
  1785. >"Magical overload. Somepony overexerted themselves."
  1786. >That magic... it came from you?
  1787. "I didn't know I was capable."
  1788. >"Well, its pretty uncommon occurrence, especially for a filly your age. Your parents should be proud in a strange sort of way. It's no surprise that you're an acquaintance of the Princess."
  1789. >He lifts a notepad and a quill with his own magic and begins scribbling something down.
  1790. >"Go ahead and try to get up, but take it slow."
  1792. >You comply, slowly raising yourself to a sitting position.
  1793. >At least the pain in your head is starting to subside.
  1794. "How long have I been out?"
  1795. >The doctor skims through his notes
  1796. >"A little over a day. How are you feeling? Any pain? Nausea?"
  1797. >An entire day? Jeez.
  1798. "My head hurts a little, but its going away. And I'm tired."
  1799. >He scribbles more onto his notepad.
  1800. >"Hmm..."
  1801. >The door to the room opens, and Starlight and Twilight enter.
  1802. >"Anon!"
  1803. >Starlight trots over to the bed, giving you a hug.
  1804. >"You scared us!"
  1805. >Twilight walks to the doctor.
  1806. >"So, what's the prognosis?"
  1807. >"Everything seems to look good, but we should run at least a few more tests. This level of overload can be very serious."
  1808. >Great, just what you wanted - to get probed and tested.
  1809. "Oh boy, I can't wait."
  1810. >You made sure to drip your words with double the sarcasm.
  1811. >The doctor laughs
  1812. >"Well, lets not waste any time then. Please accompany me."
  1813. >You crawl over to the side of the bed and haphazardly shimmy down the side, landing on your rump.
  1814. >The doctor looks at you funny.
  1815. >"Are you alright?"
  1816. "Yea, beds are still an issue for me."
  1817. >Twilight picks you up with her magic and sets you on her back
  1818. >You cringe at the thought of touching her.
  1819. >But she's actually soft too, like Starlight.
  1820. >No senses, do not betray yourself!
  1821. >Twilight addresses Starlight.
  1822. >"I'll take care of Anon. In the meantime, you've got some friendship lessons to review."
  1823. >Starlight pouts.
  1824. >"Aww..."
  1825. >"No pouting, you're already a day behind, remember?"
  1826. >"Yea..."
  1827. >No! You want Starlight!
  1828. "I want her to stay!"
  1829. >Twilight eyes you
  1830. >"Nope, now come on!"
  1831. >The doctor walks out of the room, and Twilight soon follows.
  1832. >You watch Starlight as you're hauled away by Twilight, and she waves
  1833. >"I'll see you later!"
  1834. "NOOOO!!"
  1836. >You're now in an examination room
  1837. >"Alright miss, can you tell me how old you are?"
  1838. >You tell him your actual age.
  1839. >"Ah, a jokester. Care to give me your actual age?"
  1840. >Ironic
  1841. "What's my age again?"
  1842. >"I'm asking you!"
  1843. "But I already told you."
  1844. >"You look a little young to be that old, young lady."
  1845. >God damnit, every time they call you a female it grinds your gears.
  1846. >But it's technically true now.
  1847. >You shrug.
  1848. "What can I say? I've been stunted."
  1849. >Twilight is shaking her head.
  1850. >You have to admit, you enjoy fucking with other ponies.
  1851. >not that you're any good at it.
  1852. >You literally just tell them the truth.
  1853. >You want to call them horses, but they aren't horses.
  1854. >Ponies is the correct term.
  1855. >Except the doctor.
  1856. >You soon learned his name is actually Doctor Horse.
  1857. >Again, ironic.
  1858. >"You know what? I'll just leave it blank for now. After the physical we'll be able to approximate you age anyway."
  1859. >Damn.
  1860. >You win this time, doctor.
  1861. >He hands you a cup.
  1862. >You know what this is for.
  1863. >"For starters, we'll need a urine sample."
  1864. "Yea, I know what this is for. The question is how am I supposed to get it in this cup?"
  1865. >Doctor looks a mix between confused and embarrassed.
  1866. >"You just go... and make sure to catch some in the cup"
  1867. "Well, its hard to aim without my dic-"
  1868. >Twilight's magic grabs you by the ear with magic.
  1869. "OW!"
  1870. >"Just go and take the sample, Anon!"
  1871. >God damn cunt.
  1872. "Fine, I'm going! Nobody watch!"
  1873. >Doctor and Twilight reply in unison.
  1874. >"Nopony!"
  1876. >You are Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship.
  1877. >And today your patience is facing the ultimate test.
  1878. >Why cant Anon just behave?
  1879. >Or even just answer a question truthfully?
  1880. >Especially after that debacle yesterday.
  1881. >Does she not realize that you're trying to help her?
  1882. >You have a mind to get a paddle.
  1883. >It took what felt like forever, but Doctor Horse was finally able to finish the physical.
  1884. >You had sent Anon to the play room while the Doctor examined the results.
  1885. >After some time, the Doctor asks you to come back into his office.
  1886. >"Princess..."
  1887. >He trails off.
  1888. "Yes? What's the matter?"
  1889. >"I... I've never seen anything like this."
  1890. >He motions towards some reports and printouts on his desk
  1891. >"Overall, she is a perfectly healthy little filly. Surprising given how you brought her in. There is no permanent damage. It's nothing short of a miracle."
  1892. >He takes a deep breath before continuing.
  1893. >"This is extremely unusual. Anon is exhibiting signs of late puberty, even adulthood. But, based on her overall development, she can't be older than 13. Also, the rate at which it is manifesting is at least four times normal."
  1894. >Wow
  1895. >Ok, that is pretty unusual.
  1896. >But then, everything about Anon is unusual.
  1897. >Add that to the list of strange things about Anon.
  1898. >"These kinds of results given the circumstances are absolutely unprecedented. I would appreciate if you would bring her in at least weekly for checkups. I'm concerned about what this might mean for her overall psyche and health."
  1899. "I can do that, Doctor."
  1900. >He nods
  1901. >"Good. Also make sure to keep a close eye on her. She may have wild and unpredictable mood swings which could lead to extremely irrational behavior and decisions."
  1902. "Yea, I've already noticed that."
  1903. >"I mean, other that that, she's healthy as an ox! As long as we handle this particular issue, then I don't suspect there to be any long term complications."
  1904. "Thank you, Doctor."
  1906. >"Also, I would like to submit this case to the Medical Institution of Canterlot. Anon could very well be part of science that helps improves the lives of ponykind. I'll need your permission, of course."
  1907. "It shouldn't be a problem."
  1908. >Doctor beams.
  1909. >"I'm glad you value science as much as I do, even if we're in different fields."
  1910. "Science is science, after all."
  1911. >"Yes, of course."
  1912. >After you collect your copies of the paperwork, you bid farewell to Doctor and head back to the play room to pick up Anon.
  1913. >You have a sinking feeling in your gut.
  1914. >She's probably up to some kind of mischief.
  1915. >Not probably, guaranteed.
  1917. >You are Anonymous.
  1918. >Emperor Anonymous, first of his name.
  1919. >Or would that be Empress?
  1920. >Fuck it, we'll do it live!
  1921. >You are the ruler of all the lands before you.
  1922. >From the north side of the play room to the south.
  1923. >From the east to the west.
  1924. >Every inch of this land lies in your domain.
  1925. >And every pony within is your subject.
  1926. >All of them have submitted to your awesome power and will.
  1927. >You've set a particular group to work building your throne out of play blocks.
  1928. >The second group is working with the pretend grocery store, rationing out plastic food as needed.
  1929. >The last ones are building the wall to keep the riff raff out
  1930. >You're making the empire great again.
  1931. >You've assigned certain fillies and colts to be guards, arming them with foam spears and having them patrol your lands.
  1932. >All to ensure peace and prosperity within the empire.
  1933. >You nod in approval as you watch the enslaved ponies construct your grand throne.
  1934. >One of the colts comes up to your side.
  1935. >"Hey Anon? Maybe its somepony else's turn to play emperor?"
  1936. >Oh hell no.
  1937. "Sorry, Kid. That's not how it works."
  1938. >"What do you mean Anon? We're supposed to take turns!"'
  1939. >He pouts.
  1940. "Emperors don't take turns. Their rule ends when they die."
  1941. >"B-but that's not fair!"
  1942. "Who said anything about fair, faggot?"
  1943. >Before you can let him reply, you notice that your slaves have finished building the throne.
  1944. >You begin your ascent to the top, but are stopped by tugging on your flank.
  1945. >Its this stupid complaining faggot.
  1946. >"Anon! It's not fair! I'm going to tell my Mom!"
  1947. "Fuck your mom, and fuck you."
  1948. >All the little ponies within range of the confrontation gasp
  1949. >You jab at his chest as you speak.
  1950. "If you want my throne, you must challenge me to a duel to the death!"
  1951. >Your bold statements elicit another gasp from the onlookers
  1952. >Your would-be challenger is dazed.
  1953. "Well? Are you going to challenge me?"
  1955. >Your furious and emboldened stance weakens his resolve.
  1956. >"We're not supposed to fight! It's against the rules!"
  1957. "I make the rules. I am the Emperor. Get fucked, nerd."
  1958. >You're preparing to clobber this snot-nosed punk in his face, but he backs off long before you have the chance to.
  1959. >Holding back tears, he makes his way to join the rest of your subjects.
  1960. "GG NO RE."
  1961. >You garner no reply.
  1962. "Anyone else want to challenge my rule?"
  1963. >again, no reply.
  1964. "That's what I thought."
  1965. >You triumphantly ascend the steps to your new throne, and place yourself ceremoniously into the seat.
  1966. >This shit is really uncomfortable, but you've got to play along.
  1967. "Now! All bow before me and praise your Emperor! Long live Emperor Anonymous!"
  1968. >The colts and fillies follow your command.
  1969. >"Long live Emperor Anonymous!"
  1970. "Blessed be his rule!"
  1971. >"Blessed be his rule!"
  1972. >You're about to give them their next line, but abort
  1973. >Purple horse is standing in the doorway, staring daggers into your soul.
  1974. >You've got to act fast.
  1975. "Beware! The She-Devil invades our great empire! Arm yourselves and man the parapets!"
  1976. >Twilight is not amused.
  1977. >The fillies and colts look in her direction.
  1978. >"Oh wow! It's Princess Twilight!"
  1979. >"No way, really?"
  1980. >"Yea!"
  1981. >Your loyal subjects have suddenly become not so loyal
  1982. "No! Disloyal curs! Attack!"
  1983. >The commands fall on deaf ears as the ponies begin hoarding Twilight.
  1984. >She turns her attention to them and greets them with a welcoming smile.
  1985. >"Hello my little ponies, I'm here to take Anonymous home."
  1986. >"Can you stay an play with us for a while princess?"
  1987. >"I'm sorry. I really need to get Anon home. Maybe next time."
  1988. >"Aawww..."
  1989. >Twilight picks you up with her magic.
  1990. "Gah! Unhand me, vile beast!"
  1991. >"Anon, Stop."
  1992. "Nooo!!"
  1993. >Twilight hastily carries you out of the room.
  1994. >Your Empire is lost.
  1995. >You shout to the room before Twilight carries you away.
  1996. "Avenge Me!"
  1998. >You're back at the Castle of Friendship.
  1999. >It's a terrible name in your opinion.
  2000. >An opinion that Twilight didn't appreciate.
  2001. >Twilight had all her friends come over for what you assume is a "super important" meeting.
  2002. >They're all around that map table under the hanging tree ornament.
  2003. >What are they talking about?
  2004. >Its probably about you given how you appeared out of the blue and like to piss off Twilight.
  2005. >And a few of the others too.
  2006. >At the time you didn't even know it.
  2007. >It's a small world after all.
  2008. >You're sitting in the reading lounge with Spike standing by the door.
  2009. >You're being confined due to your recent tendencies.
  2010. "Cmon, Spike. Just let me out."
  2011. >"No can do, Anon. Twilight told me not to let you leave."
  2012. >Fucking purple horse.
  2013. >You want to leave.
  2014. >How are you gonna do fun shit with Spike blocking you?
  2015. "I wont leave the castle, I promise."
  2016. >If you still had fingers you'd cross them behind your back.
  2017. >Spike shakes his head.
  2018. >"Nope."
  2019. "Well shit, you're no fun."
  2020. >"And you're not supposed to swear either."
  2021. "Dude, do I look like I give a shit?"
  2022. >"Twilight does."
  2023. "Well fuck Purple Horse."
  2024. >Spike rubs his temples.
  2025. >"Why are you like this Anon? Why are you so mean? What did we do to you?"
  2026. "Being an asshole is how I cope with the pain that is my existence."
  2027. >"You know, Anon, I'm not sure what to make of you. You're so bizarre - Everypony thinks you're just acting out for attention or something."
  2028. >You take a deep breath and hang your head.
  2029. "Whatever, you're no fun."
  2030. >You lie down on the couch
  2031. "I'm just going to sleep now, you've got me all depressed and shit. Not like I have anything else worth doing."
  2033. >You don't sleep.
  2034. >You just brood in thought.
  2035. >Is there some way you can actually convince them you aren't a child?
  2036. >At least mentally?
  2037. >They must at least recognize that you aren't dumb.
  2038. >Do they think you're just some outlier child?
  2039. >Any time you try to talk to them about being out of body, they just dismiss you.
  2040. >Like what you think doesn't matter.
  2041. >Its irrelevant.
  2042. >You're just a kid now.
  2043. >You're too stupid to understand the intricacies of adulthood.
  2044. >But that's not true.
  2045. >The contents of the book are much more aged then the cover.
  2046. >You start thinking back to all the stupid crazy shit you've done.
  2047. >The dumb things.
  2048. >Your first kiss.
  2049. >Your last day in school.
  2050. >Your first job.
  2051. >Its starting to all seem so distant now.
  2052. >The life you've lived is starting to become the fantasy, and this magical technicolor cartoon horse land is becoming the real one.
  2053. >You want to run away.
  2054. >Just run and never stop, never look back.
  2055. >Your sadness starts to envelop you.
  2056. >You bury your head into the cushions.
  2057. >You want to scream at the top of your lungs.
  2058. >You want to break the couch into a million pieces.
  2059. >Tear every page out of every book in this stupid room.
  2060. >The door opening pulls you from these thoughts.
  2061. >You pretend to stay asleep.
  2062. >"Hey Spike, thanks for watching over her. You can go now."
  2063. >Its Starlight.
  2064. >"Whew, thanks! I was getting a bit tired."
  2065. >"I really appreciate it. Tell you what, I've got an emerald with your name on it for being such a trooper."
  2066. >"Really? Wow! Thanks, Starlight!"
  2067. >"Mmmhmm!"
  2069. >You listen to Spike leave the room.
  2070. >The clopping of hooves in your direction is unmistakable.
  2071. >You don't want to talk right now.
  2072. >She sits on the couch next to you.
  2073. >"Aww.. she's so cute when she's sleeping."
  2074. >You're not cute.
  2075. "I'm not cute"
  2076. >This startles her, leaving her cheeks a shade of slight crimson.
  2077. >"Oh, I didn't know you were awake!"
  2078. "Meh."
  2079. >You roll back over and pretend like you're asleep again.
  2080. >"Oh come on, Why are you such a downer?"
  2081. "Well shit, I don't know. One day I wake up in a body that isn't my own in a fantasy world of talking horses. I used to be a man, you know. Now I'm a tiny female horse. Also, being nearly eaten by a bizarre wooden creature doesn't help."
  2082. >Starlight gives you a raised eyebrow.
  2083. "Do you know what that's like? No, you don't. It's fucking depressing. It's frustrating, and it's humiliating."
  2084. "Having the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of a mature mind but being treated like an insignificant child is probably the most horrifically diminishing experience I could ever think of."
  2085. "I mean hell, my life wasn't perfect before, but god damnit it was mine."
  2086. >Starlight replies with a quizzical expression.
  2087. >"It's really true, isn't it? You were not always a pony?"
  2088. "Yes. I was six feet stall and strikingly handsome with a beard to my belt."
  2089. >It's a slightly embellished description of yourself, but you gotta roll with it now.
  2090. "Also, I had a dick and balls."
  2091. >She chokes on a breath.
  2092. >"That's not entirely believable."
  2093. "Whatever. Didn't expect you to believe it anyway. Nobody does."
  2094. >"You mean nopony?"
  2095. "Nopony, nobody, no fucking difference."
  2096. >She puts a hoof on your shoulder
  2097. >"Anon, please."
  2098. "Leave me alone."
  2099. >"Anon, I-"
  2100. "LEAVE ME ALONE!"
  2101. >She retracts her hoof
  2102. >"ok."
  2103. >You bury your head back into the pillows
  2104. >You feel her leave the couch
  2105. >Fuck, why did you just pour your heart out like that?
  2106. >And why are you so emotional?
  2108. >Silence hangs over the room.
  2109. >You prefer it.
  2110. >Starlight breaks it to your chagrin.
  2111. >"Anon. I'm sorry."
  2112. >What?
  2113. >What is she sorry for
  2114. >"I'm sorry. I should be a better friend."
  2115. >This has your attention
  2116. >You lift your head from the pillows and look at her
  2117. >She's seated on the opposite couch
  2118. "What do you mean?"
  2119. >"You ran away... did we do something wrong?"
  2120. >Well, that conversation you eavesdropped on did spark your anger.
  2121. >You're not about to tell her you did that.
  2122. "No."
  2123. >"Something is obviously troubling you, why did you just leave us?"
  2124. >Her eyes are becoming watery.
  2125. >"We don't want to hurt you, that's not what friends should do. Friends should help each other solve their problems."
  2126. >Can you really say that you are friends?
  2127. >You haven't been here long.
  2128. >But then, she's been the only one that's actually been real to you.
  2129. >Everyone else is pretty meh.
  2130. >But still, friends?
  2131. >might be a stretch.
  2132. "Are we actually friends?"
  2133. >"I..."
  2134. >she chokes
  2135. "I mean, I feel like a fucking prisoner right now to be brutally honest."
  2136. >fuck.
  2137. >Now she's sobbing.
  2138. >Tears fall from her face and splash onto the cushions.
  2139. >god damn it.
  2140. >You didn't want to make her cry.
  2141. >Sure, you're an ass.
  2142. >Just not that much of an ass.
  2143. >Most of the time anyway.
  2145. >You get up from your couch and make your way to Starlight.
  2146. >You hop up next to her and try you best to wrap your arms around her in a hug.
  2147. "Hey, its ok. You didn't do anything wrong."
  2148. >She tries to speak between sobs.
  2149. >"y-yes, I did. I shou-ld listen t-to you. Help you."
  2150. >That would be nice.
  2151. >Too bad she's the only one that thinks so.
  2152. >You nuzzle her foreleg with your face.
  2153. "Hey, my story is pretty crazy, right? It must be pretty hard to believe."
  2154. >She looks at you with teary and bloodshot eyes, and nods.
  2155. "Hell, I hardly believe it myself, but here I am."
  2156. >You continue your efforts to comfort her.
  2157. >She puts a hoof around you.
  2158. >"I just wish you thought of me as a friend."
  2159. >You know what?
  2160. >Fuck it
  2161. >You don't even have to think about the words.
  2162. >They come naturally.
  2163. "You are my friend."
  2164. >You give her a boop on the nose.
  2165. >She smiles.
  2166. >Your heart melts just a little.
  2167. >She boops you back.
  2168. >Whoa, what the fuck.
  2169. >That feels amazing!
  2170. >You both start giggling.
  2171. >"I'm glad, but can you promise me something Anon?"
  2172. "Sure"
  2173. >"Could you never run away again? Please, just talk to me."
  2174. "Ok."
  2175. >She sniffles.
  2176. >"And another thing, can you tone down the language?"
  2177. "But it's a defining characteristic of my wonderful personality!"
  2178. >"Ponies are less likely to take you seriously when you do."
  2179. >Your face scrunches
  2180. >"You are a cute little filly, you know."
  2181. "No I'm not!"
  2182. >"Yes you are!"
  2183. "No!"
  2184. >"Yes!"
  2186. >You give up arguing it for now.
  2187. >"Tell you what Anon, If you stop swearing I'll make you a deal."
  2188. >This could be interesting.
  2189. >"If you stop swearing, then I promise to give you cuddles."
  2190. >what?
  2191. >cuddles?
  2192. >why would you want cuddles?
  2193. >Starlight moves you closer into her embrace.
  2194. >You find your face buried in her chest fluff.
  2195. >oh no.
  2196. >This is amazing.
  2197. >Why do you love this.
  2198. >Before you can enjoy the moment any longer, it is abruptly cut short as Starlight pushes you away.
  2199. >This is so unfair.
  2200. "N-no! It's not fair! This is cheating!"
  2201. >"No, its simply business."
  2202. >She gives you that warm smile again.
  2203. >God damnit.
  2204. >She's really got you by the balls right now.
  2205. >You really want those fucking cuddles.
  2206. >You would do just about anything for them.
  2207. >They're so heavenly.
  2208. "AAHHHH!!"
  2209. >You groan, pulling on your ears.
  2210. >"So, is it a deal?"
  2211. >Fuck it.
  2212. >You have nothing.
  2213. >Its all over.
  2214. "Fine. Its a deal."
  2215. >She pulls you back into her embrace.
  2216. >You immediately savor the feeling.
  2217. >You could get used to this.
  2218. >You feel so relaxed
  2219. >It doesn't take long for you to fall asleep.
  2221. >Be Starlight Glimmer.
  2222. >You can't help but think this filly is cute.
  2223. >Especially when she was sleeping.
  2224. >Or anytime really.
  2225. >Sure, she might be a bit abrasive and have some deep seeded mental and emotional issues.
  2226. >Not to mention the physical ones.
  2227. >But at heart she was a sweet and innocent little filly.
  2228. >She just needed the right guidance and care.
  2229. >A mother.
  2230. >What happened to her parents?
  2231. >And how did she end up here in the castle all alone?
  2232. >Her story makes sense, but is it really true?
  2233. >With a craftsman's care, you gently pull the covers back from the bed.
  2234. >You lower the snoring figure into the sheets and tuck her in.
  2235. "Pleasant dreams, my angel."
  2236. >You plant a loving kiss on her forehead.
  2237. >She weakly smiles and mutters something under her breath.
  2238. >You nuzzle her before silently making your way out of the room.
  2239. >The realization hits you.
  2240. >Why are you acting so maternal?
  2241. >You shouldn't be doing this.
  2242. >Surely she still has her parents, right?
  2243. >And they still love her.
  2244. >You shouldn't get too attached to her.
  2245. >She probably wont be staying much longer.
  2246. >You've never stopped to settle down and have a foal of your own.
  2247. >Never met the right stallion.
  2248. >The whole going evil, removing everyone's cutie marks and creating a utopian society fiasco got in the way of that.
  2249. >It wasn't even on your to do list at the time.
  2250. >But now, the thought of it warms your heart.
  2251. >A content smile spreads across your lips.
  2253. >You love the way the late sunset reflects off the gems of the chandelier.
  2254. >How the myriad of colors coalesce and give off a fantastic aura
  2255. >A visual euphoria of the magic of friendship.
  2256. >As you enter the throne room, you pick up on the conversation.
  2257. >"Twilight, I think you're just making a big deal out of nothing."
  2258. >"Ah gotta agree with Dash on this one."
  2259. >It looks like they're still at it.
  2260. >You figured they would have been done talking about it by now.
  2261. >Leave it to Twilight.
  2262. >"You can't deny how strange it is. She literally just appeared out of thin air."
  2263. >"Ahm sure she's from somewhere, Twi. We just gotta figure out where 'somewhere' is."
  2264. >You pull up a chair from nearby and sit at the table with the rest of the girls.
  2265. >Twilight turns to you.
  2266. >"Where's Anon?"
  2267. "She fell asleep."
  2268. >This elicits 'dawws' from the girls.
  2269. >You look around at everypony.
  2270. "I mean, is Anon really that big of a deal?"
  2271. >Rainbow Dash nods her head in agreement.
  2272. >"Yea! I thought there was a monster on the loose or something! Not some boring slice of life stuff."
  2273. >"Ohh Ohh! I still need to put together an 'It's late but welcome to Ponyville!' party!"
  2274. >Pinkie is practically bouncing in her seat.
  2275. >"Well, after the stunt she pulled at the boutique yesterday I'm not sure she deserves one! It was rather uncouth."
  2276. >"Oh come on, Rarity! It was just a prank! Plus, everypony deserves a party, especially welcome ones!"
  2277. >Fluttershy mumbles something but you can't hear her.
  2278. >You usually never do.
  2279. >Twilight takes control of the conversation.
  2280. >"Ok girls, the reason you're here is because I want your advice and input about what I should do with Anon."
  2282. >This gets your attention.
  2283. >"Her appearance from practically thin air is strange in and of itself. At first I just chalked it up as a random occurrence."
  2284. >She pauses a second before continuing.
  2285. >"What really intrigues me is her little 'adventure.' I don't think its a coincidence that she found the Tree of Harmony and suddenly gained the use of her magic."
  2286. >She taps her hoof on the table
  2287. >"There is something going on here, and I'm going to find out what it is. Since we cant find any record of her anywhere at all, It is assumed she has no home or parents to return to."
  2288. >She smiles
  2289. >"And I plan to adopt her."
  2290. >The circle of friends express surprise.
  2291. >Applejack speaks up
  2292. >"Are ya sure you can handle her? She sure seems like a hoof-full."
  2293. >"I think so. I've already begun drafting up the required paperwork."
  2294. >She magics a surprisingly large stack of parchment from seemingly nowhere and sets it on the table.
  2295. >"I know it will be hard work, but with you all as my friends I know that I can't fail."
  2296. >The other ponies all express their agreement.
  2297. >Except for you, you're still pondering the implications of this.
  2299. >"What about you, Starlight?"
  2300. "Huh?"
  2301. >"What do you think?"
  2302. >What do you think?
  2303. "I... I don't think its a good idea."
  2304. >"Huh? why not?"
  2305. >Twilight's expression is perplexed
  2306. "Isn't it a bit early to make this kind of decision? And what about Anon? Shouldn't you ask her first?"
  2307. >Twilight frowns.
  2308. >"I suppose if she doesn't stay here, I know of a superb foal's home in Canterlot, and I think it would be a great place for her to be."
  2309. >That's an even worse idea.
  2310. >You don't want Anon to go.
  2311. >"Some medical professionals are already taking an interest in her, and I have full confidence she would be well cared for."
  2312. >Is she actually considering this?
  2313. "I'd rather she stay here with us. Her and I are getting along well. She seems much more calm and normal with me. I think I'm a source of comfort for her, and I don't want her to lose that."
  2314. >Twilight nods
  2315. >"I have noticed how well you two are together. I just hope this doesn't cut into your friendship studies."
  2316. "No, It wont. I'll just have to work harder."
  2317. >You'll do it for Anon.
  2318. >She deserves as much.
  2320. >Today is a new day, and you're up bright and early.
  2321. >Twilight was going to see Anon off to her first day of school, but the map called her to solve a friendship problem.
  2322. >You're happy to help of course.
  2323. >You decided to wait in Anon's for her to finish her shower.
  2324. >You're surprised she is up this early.
  2325. >but then she did fall asleep early.
  2326. >You sit on the bed and hum a tune.
  2327. >It is rather nifty that all the rooms have their own private bathroom.
  2328. >You've got a surprise for her.
  2329. >She's definitely not going to like it.
  2330. >You're drawn from your thoughts by a banging noise coming from the bathroom.
  2331. >Did she slip and fall?
  2332. >You rush over to the bathroom door as fast as you can.
  2333. >Its locked.
  2334. "Anon! Are you ok?"
  2335. >You hear some more shuffling and banging.
  2336. >"Y-yea! everyt-things f-fine-ah!"
  2337. "Are you sure?"
  2338. >"Yes!"
  2339. >You can't shake the feeling that she is irreversibly maimed.
  2340. >You mosey back to the bed and wait for her to finish.
  2341. >After some time, she comes out of the bathroom with a towel draped over her torso, and another over her head.
  2342. >Why is her face so flush?
  2343. >And she's walking a little strange.
  2344. "Are you sure you're ok?"
  2345. >"Yea... just a... really hot shower."
  2346. >you give her a tough look.
  2347. "You should be careful, you could burn yourself."
  2348. >"I know how to work the temperature, Glim Glam."
  2349. >She gave you a nickname!
  2350. >How cute.
  2351. >You whinny.
  2352. >"So... why are you in my room? Isn't this an invasion of privacy or something?"
  2353. >Probably.
  2354. >Oh well, too late.
  2355. "I have a surprise for you!"
  2356. >You magic the box from behind you and levitate it to Anon.
  2357. >She looks at you with a raised eyebrow before fumbling the box open.
  2358. >Gingerly, she removes the white blouse and plaid skirt
  2359. >"Sorry, Catholic school girl isn't my fetish."
  2361. >What?
  2362. >Why would she think that?
  2363. >Let alone say it?
  2364. "N-no, its not for that!"
  2365. >you feel your face flush red.
  2366. >She gives you a dry look.
  2367. "I thought you would want something nice to wear for your first day of school."
  2368. >The dry look transforms to one of dread.
  2369. >"Ha ha. School, nice joke."
  2370. >She doesn't have a choice in the matter
  2371. "No, I'm serious."
  2372. >She shakes her head
  2373. >"Nope. Nope. No. Nope. No way. Not happening."
  2374. "I'll drag you there myself if I have to. You can even pass on wearing the dress if you'd like, but I think it would make you look even more cute than usual."
  2375. >"I'm not cute!"
  2376. "Yes you are!"
  2377. >"No!"
  2378. "Yes, and you're going to school. End of discussion."
  2379. >"You cant make me."
  2380. >Challenge accepted.
  2381. "I'll brush your mane every day if you go to school."
  2382. >"What? that's dumb. Why would I agree to that? Plus, I don't want it brushed anyway."
  2383. >It really needs it.
  2384. >Even under that towel you can tell its a mangled mess.
  2385. >You magic a brush from the vanity.
  2386. >You simultaneously remove the towel and move the brush through her mane.
  2387. >"Stop! No! This is child abuse! I'll..."
  2388. >She stops mid sentence and leans a bit into the brush.
  2389. >"Mmm... GAH! No!"
  2390. >She takes a defensive stance.
  2391. >"Not again!"
  2392. >You giggle.
  2393. "Oh come on, you know you like it. Come sit with me and we'll brush your mane."
  2394. >She grumbles and makes her way over to the bed, and hops up with you.
  2395. >"You drive a hard bargain."
  2396. >You smile and resume brushing.
  2397. >"Be wise. You'll soon run out of ammunition to use on me. Then I'll be a hellion for sure."
  2398. >You roll your eyes, and quickly nuzzle her before going back to brushing.
  2400. >You are Anon.
  2401. >The walk to school was largely uneventful.
  2402. >Ponies offered greetings along the walk, and Starlight returned them.
  2403. >But you ignored them.
  2404. >You weren't exactly in the best mood.
  2405. >You're in a frilly dress and you're being led to school.
  2406. >It's hard to determine which is worse.
  2407. >The schoolhouse comes into view.
  2408. >It looks like it is strait off a box tops for education.
  2409. >You'd figured it would be larger, considering the size of the town.
  2410. >Maybe an actual school building with multiple classrooms and such.
  2411. >Upon entering, you see that there is only one classroom and a restroom.
  2412. >You were hoping you would be able to ditch classes and hide, but that seems unlikely now.
  2413. >The room is adorned with various charts and diagrams.
  2414. >There's only one pony who you presume the teacher is here
  2415. >Looks like you're early.
  2416. >She's humming a tune to herself while writing something on the chalkboard.
  2417. >The roseate pony turns as you and Starlight enter the schoolhouse.
  2418. >"Oh! Good morning Starlight. What brings you here today?"
  2419. >"Morning Cheerilee, I have a new student for your class." Starlight says while motioning her head toward you
  2420. >"Oh! She's a cutie!"
  2421. "I'm not cute."
  2422. >Both Starlight and Cheerilee giggle.
  2423. >They must think its cute when you object, you should probably stop feeding the flame.
  2424. >"What's your name, dear?"
  2425. "Anonymous. Anon for short."
  2426. >"Well, class will be starting in about ten minutes, pick any desk you like. They're first come, first serve."
  2427. >You pick a desk at random and sit in it.
  2428. >Starlight sets the saddle bags she was wearing next to your desk.
  2429. >"I almost forgot to give you your bags. You should have all the supplies you need as well as a lunch."
  2430. >How thoughtful.
  2431. >"I'll see you after school!"
  2432. "Yea, cya."
  2433. >You rest your head on the desk, not paying attention to her leaving.
  2434. >God damn, its going to be a really boring day.
  2436. >"Good morning, everypony!"
  2437. >The class responds in unison.
  2438. >"Good morning, Miss Cheerilee!"
  2439. >Cheerilee beams.
  2440. >"Today we have a new pony joining our class. Anon?"
  2441. >Oh, that's you.
  2442. >You weren't really paying attention.
  2443. >"Hi!"
  2444. >"Hello!"
  2445. "Mmmm."
  2446. >"Why don't you come up introduce yourself to the class?"
  2447. >Ugh.
  2448. >You begrudgingly leave your desk and make your way to the front of the room.
  2449. >Standing in front of the class, you deliver your forced introduction.
  2450. "I'm Anon, and I'm an adult man stuck in a cartoon horse body."
  2451. >The small ponies give you perplexed looks before breaking out into rupturous laughter.
  2452. >"ppffft!"
  2453. >"Oh wow, good one!"
  2454. >"ha ha!"
  2455. >You don't think it's funny.
  2456. >Being turned into a filly is serious business.
  2457. >"Oh, you're quite the comedian." Cheerilee smirks.
  2458. >"Maybe you'll get your cutie mark in comedy." a young colt remarks
  2459. >"Ha! Another blank flank with no cutie mark, how lame!"
  2460. >Ok, this pink filly is definitely a bitch, no question.
  2461. >So thats what they call these ass tattoos.
  2462. >you shrug.
  2463. >"Diamond Tiara!" Cheerilee reprimands her.
  2464. "Can I sit now?"
  2465. >"Yes, of course."
  2466. >You nonchalantly return to your seat.
  2467. >Cheerilee continues.
  2468. >"Now then class, today we'll be learning about addition and subtraction."
  2469. >Oh man.
  2470. >You're sure gonna get a lot of knowledge today.
  2471. >Sarcasm.png.
  2472. >You sigh and rest your chin on your hoof.
  2473. >You're not really looking at anything or particular.
  2474. >Or listening.
  2475. >You still cant believe that Starlight's ruse worked.
  2476. >Brushing your mane? who would have thought.
  2477. >You regret making that deal now.
  2478. >School is still as boring as you remember.
  2479. >Now that you think about it, Starlight has been acting kind of weird.
  2480. >Like she is trying to be your mom.
  2481. >She's trying to be extra attentive to you.
  2482. >Make sure you're ok.
  2483. >Hell, she even packed you a lunch.
  2484. >The flower sandwich is assembled with immaculate care.
  2485. >How should you feel about this?
  2487. >"Anon?"
  2488. >Wha.
  2489. >You jerk your head up.
  2490. >You've fallen asleep.
  2491. >"Sleeping in class is not allowed!"
  2492. >You move to rest your head again.
  2493. "Meh, I already know this stuff."
  2494. >Cheerilee eyes you crossly.
  2495. >"Is that so? Why don't you come up here and solve the problems on the board then?"
  2496. >You look up at the board.
  2497. >Oh man, dis gun b gud.
  2498. >6+7, what ever shall you do?
  2499. >You make your way up to the chalkboard will all eyes upon you.
  2500. >The problems are all really simple, and you fill out the answers as fast as your hooves can move.
  2501. >Once you finish them, you extend your hoof towards the class and carelessly drop the chalk on the floor.
  2502. >mic drop preschool style.
  2503. >your classmates gasp in shock.
  2504. >"She, she didn't!"
  2505. >You make your way back to your desk and sit down.
  2506. >Cheerilee's shocked expression draws an amused sigh from you.
  2507. >She looks furious.
  2508. >You think she was going to make an example of you.
  2509. >Her plan didn't work when you knew all the answers.
  2510. >She would have to do much better than that to stump you.
  2511. >Instead of reprimanding you, she just continues her lesson.
  2512. >You rest your head again and return to the realm of daydreams.
  2513. >This really sucks.
  2514. >You're really going to be stuck as a pony forever, aren't you?
  2515. >You don't want to give up hope, but hope becomes harder and harder to find.
  2516. >Maybe you should just give into it.
  2517. >Is this a second chance at life?
  2518. >A chance to do everything over the right way?
  2519. >Sure, you'd made plenty of mistakes that you regretted in your youth.
  2520. >Perhaps a clean slate wasn't a bad idea.
  2522. >The ringing bell draws your attention.
  2523. >The other students begin scrambling out of the schoolhouse.
  2524. >Some fresh air could be good.
  2525. >You slowly move to join them, but Cheerilee blocks you.
  2526. >"Oh, hold on just a second."
  2527. >God damnit.
  2528. >"Please, come up to my desk so we can have a little chat."
  2529. >Her stern glare bores into your soul.
  2530. >Probably the same look a snake gives its prey before devouring it whole.
  2531. >You drearily make your way to her desk.
  2532. >She takes a seat and turns her attention to you.
  2533. >"You really shouldn't be sleeping in class, but I think I can understand why you're doing so. You seem to already know quite a bit. Have you had any schooling before?"
  2534. "Yes."
  2535. >"How much? A year or two?"
  2536. >She takes a sip of water from a cup
  2537. "I have a bachelors degree, if that means anything here."
  2538. >She spits her water.
  2539. >thankfully it misses you.
  2540. >"A bachelors? what?"
  2541. "That's what I said."
  2542. >She shakes her head.
  2543. >"You're definitely too young to have a degree in anything, let alone finish primary education."
  2544. "You assume that I am young."
  2545. >She eyes you suspiciously.
  2546. "My body may be young, but my mind is not."
  2547. >"What do you mean?"
  2548. "Like I said, I'm an adult man stuck in a cartoon horse body."
  2549. >she shakes her head.
  2550. >"That's nonsense. What is a man anyway?"
  2551. "You don't believe me either? not surprising."
  2552. >"Hmm..."
  2553. >Oh great, she's thinking.
  2554. >You hope her idea isn't stupid.
  2555. >"Even if by some miracle that was true, you still need to pay attention and participate in class. I'd rather not have to take further disciplinary action."
  2556. >Not like you care.
  2557. >So far, living is a disciplinary action.
  2558. >"You can either follow the rules, or you can break them and get in trouble. I'll leave that choice up to you."
  2559. >Care levels are critically low.
  2560. >"That's all for now, you're free to go outside and play for the rest of recess."
  2562. >Recess.
  2563. >When you were a young lad, you would be reveling this moment.
  2564. >But now? There's no difference between being inside and out.
  2565. >You spot an empty bench on the far end of the playground.
  2566. >Decrepit with untended weeds hugging the supports.
  2567. >A perfect place to skulk.
  2568. >You begin walking over when you're interrupted.
  2569. >"Hey Anon!"
  2570. >You recognize the voice.
  2571. "Oh, hey... Scootaloo, was it?"
  2572. >Two other fillies are tagging along with her.
  2573. >Once is Applebloom, and the other unicorn you don't recognize.
  2574. >Scootaloo nods
  2575. >"Yea. I heard about what happened the other day. Glad you're not dead!"
  2576. "I guess."
  2577. >They give each other concerned looks
  2578. >"You wanna play ball with us? We need another player."
  2579. >You feign actually considering doing so.
  2580. "No."
  2581. >You turn away from the trio of dumbfounded fillies and keep on your path towards your chosen bench.
  2582. >You walk a quick circle around it.
  2583. >You test the bench with hoof.
  2584. >Its probably going to collapse if you sit on it.
  2585. >You look around.
  2586. >All the other ponies are in the other parts of the playground.
  2587. >Nice and quiet.
  2588. >To your surprise, the bench holds when you hop up onto it.
  2589. >Alright, honesty time.
  2590. >What the hell are you doing?
  2591. >Why are you putting up with this bullshit?
  2592. >Part of you wants to fight, kick and scream.
  2593. >You just want to be back home.
  2594. >playing vidya and shitposting on imageboards.
  2595. >But, another part of you wants to conform.
  2596. >For the most part, this place is actually pretty comfy.
  2597. >No cops or traffic lights.
  2598. >Some unseen force is tugging at your soul.
  2599. >Telling you that you should conform.
  2600. >Just give in, enjoy yourself.
  2601. >Be a filly.
  2603. >No!
  2604. >You can't forget who you are.
  2605. >You are Anon the Human.
  2606. >And you're going to find a way to fix this.
  2607. >Even if it kills you.
  2608. >"Well, well, well, look at this. The loser is sitting all by herself."
  2609. >You look up and meet eyes with the pink bitch horse from earlier.
  2610. >Another grey filly is tailing her.
  2611. >They share an obnoxious laugh.
  2612. "Fuck off."
  2613. >The pink pony gives you a condescending smirk.
  2614. >"Quite the mouth you have there, would be a shame if something happened to it."
  2615. "You don't have the balls to try shit, cunt."
  2616. >The condescending look is replaced with shock and contempt.
  2617. >She didn't expect you to stand up for yourself.
  2618. >"N-nobody calls Diamond Tiara that!"
  2619. "I just did. Deal with it, cunt."
  2620. >You lean in towards her, poking her in the chest when you pronounce each letter.
  2621. "C. U. N. T. That's you."
  2622. >She's fuming now.
  2623. >She looks like she's about to hit you.
  2624. >Fucking bring it bitch.
  2625. >"Oh, you're going to get what coming. I can promise you that!"
  2626. >She turns her nose up to you.
  2627. "Don't kid yourself."
  2628. >"I'm the alpha mare around here, and you would do well to remember that!"
  2629. >She turns around to leave
  2630. >"Come on, Silver Spoon."
  2631. "Yes, hurry. Don't want to keep your master waiting, dog."
  2632. >Silver Spoon glares at you before joining Diamond Tiara.
  2633. >Thank god.
  2634. >You didn't really want to fight a child horse.
  2635. >You would smash her shit.
  2637. >Arts and crafts?
  2638. >Its an improvement from learning shit you already know.
  2639. >Various colts and fillies are drawing pictures or gluing random things together.
  2640. >One is even making some origami.
  2641. >You?
  2642. >You're drawing a Pepe.
  2643. >At least you can say its rare.
  2644. >You drop your crayons on the desk in bored frustration.
  2645. >But then you have a mischievous idea.
  2646. >You grab a pencil from your bag.
  2647. >With a fresh sheet of paper you start drawing.
  2648. >You're going to draw a dick.
  2649. >Not some silly stick figure-esque one.
  2650. >But well drawn.
  2651. >With juicy veins, pubes and everything.
  2652. >With a bit of practice you've gotten the hang of using your mouth to move the pencil.
  2653. >Using care and precision, you create a picture of an amazingly detailed man sausage.
  2654. >You stifle a few chuckles as you bring the graphite genitalia to life.
  2655. >You are surprised that you can still draw anything at all.
  2656. >As you're adding some shading and the finishing touches, Cheerilee speaks up.
  2657. >"Alright class, It's time to show your work with the rest of the class."
  2658. >oh fuck.
  2659. >You didn't completely think this through.
  2660. >Well, it could be pretty funny.
  2661. >But are you comfortable with showing a picture of a dick to small children?
  2662. >You could give up your rare pepe.
  2663. >But fuck it.
  2664. >It's not a horse dick and if anyone figures out what it is the reaction will be priceless.
  2665. >"Make sure you write your name on your project so we know which one is yours. Once you're done pass them to the end of your row."
  2666. >The fillies and colts start passing them down.
  2667. >When you get the stack you make sure yours isn't on top.
  2669. >Cheerilee begins showing off the various art projects to the class.
  2670. >Mostly what you'd expect from a class of kids.
  2671. >Various terrible drawings with parents or something simple.
  2672. >You're practically squirming in your seat waiting.
  2673. >And there it is.
  2674. >The expanded dong in all its glory for the entire class to behold.
  2675. >"Ok, this one is Anon's! and, this is... a..."
  2676. >She's studying the picture dutifully.
  2677. >You're trying your hardest not to laugh.
  2678. >"Anon! Is this what I think it is?"
  2679. >The dam bursts.
  2680. >You're slamming your hoof on the desk as the laughs bellow from your chest.
  2681. >You're wheezing, trying to catch your breath.
  2682. >You almost fall onto the floor.
  2683. >"ANONYMOUS!"
  2684. >Yea, she's mad.
  2685. >Her stance has become rigid and she's giving you an angry glare.
  2686. >totally worth it.
  2688. >Its much harder to sleep when you don't have a desk to lean on.
  2689. >You're in the corner sitting on a stool, forced to face the wall.
  2690. >The dunce cap adorns your head with an alien sort of pride.
  2691. >You've been counting the lines in the wall while Cherilee gives her lesson to the class.
  2692. >You actually ended up learning some bullshit about equestrian history.
  2693. >But everything else was well below your challenge level.
  2694. >You can see the clock from your seat.
  2695. >The hands taunt you as you watch the time.
  2696. >You watch the hands move slowly on the clock until they finally reach the end of the school day.
  2697. >The second hand moves painstakingly in circles.
  2698. >The minute hand slowly moves closer and closer to the top of the hour.
  2699. >Just a few more minutes and you will be free.
  2700. >Hopefully after school detention isn't a thing.
  2701. >At long last, the time finally comes.
  2702. >The bell rings.
  2703. >You hastily grab your saddle bags from your desk.
  2704. >You run to the door as fast as your legs can take you.
  2705. >Sonic would be proud.
  2706. >"Anonymous?"
  2707. >Fuck, what do you want teacher?
  2708. >"The cap stays here."
  2709. "Nah, I should keep it. It's rather stylish if I say so myself."
  2710. >she face-palms, or is it a facehoof? hoofpalm?
  2711. >You take off the cap and set it on Cheerilee's desk.
  2712. >You just want to get the fuck out of here.
  2713. >"Alright, have a nice day, and I hope you learned your lesson."
  2714. >That you really hate this fucking place?
  2715. >Sure did.
  2716. "Ok."
  2717. >You make a break for the exit, hoping that nothing else hinders you.
  2719. >Your excitement of getting out of school is immediately squashed when you find Twilight waiting outside for you.
  2720. >She beams once she sees you, and trots up
  2721. >"So, how was your first day of school?"
  2722. "Uh... you know I'm perfectly capable of making it home on my own, right?"
  2723. >She blushes
  2724. >"Oh, well, yea. I guess."
  2725. >You follow Twilight with a lowered head as she leads you home.
  2726. >"So you never answered my question."
  2727. "It was fine."
  2728. >"Just fine? Not great? Or terrible?"
  2729. "Actually, terrible is closer to the truth."
  2730. >She stops and looks back at you.
  2731. >"Oh really?"
  2732. >You really don't feel like chatting with Twilight.
  2733. >You wonder where Starlight is.
  2734. >It would have been better if she was here instead of the purple one.
  2735. "Yep."
  2736. >She continues walking.
  2737. >"Well, I hope you didn't cause any trouble."
  2738. "And if I did?"
  2739. >"I'm certain you did."
  2740. >She laughs to herself.
  2741. >"After you see what I have in store for you, you might just change your mind about being naughty."
  2742. >This piques your interest.
  2743. "Oh really? Unless its a one way ticket home I'll pass."
  2744. >"How about you see it first before passing judgment."
  2745. >The rest of the walk home is uneventful.
  2747. >Once you return to the castle, you follow Twilight as she leads you to a room with a large stained glass door.
  2748. >She pulls open the door and ushers you inside.
  2749. >Curious, you oblige her and enter.
  2750. >What is this horse doing?
  2751. >You are greeting inside by a large circular library, with thousands of books lining the tall shelves.
  2752. >A tree stump table with chairs sits in the center, with several books stacked on it, and a chalkboard nearby.
  2753. >Oh god, this is not going to be fun at all.
  2754. >Twilight follows close behind you.
  2755. >"Please, have a seat."
  2756. >You walk up to the table and sit in one of the chairs
  2757. >In the corner of your eye you notice a strange looking mirror with what appears to be some sort of contraptions attached to it.
  2758. >You'll probably ask about that weird thing later.
  2759. >Twilight walks over to the chalkboard, and flips it over.
  2760. >"Magic 101" is written in big letters in the center.
  2761. >Is she serious?
  2762. "Uh... seriously? I'm not even supposed to be a horse, how can I use magic?"
  2763. >"That's where you're wrong kiddo."
  2764. >She picks up a piece of chalk with her magic, and begins drawing on the board with unnatural speed and grace.
  2765. >A figure of what you presume is supposed to be you is drawn next to what looks like a tree.
  2766. >"While you may have not been able to use magic before, you certainly did the other day when you found the Tree of Harmony."
  2767. >She draws some symbols you don't recognize onto the image.
  2768. >"While I'm not entirely sure, I think the tree... did something to you. Maybe it awoke some dormant potential you had."
  2769. >That actually makes sense.
  2770. >You did have that weird feeling when you saw it at first.
  2771. >And then that weird magic happened.
  2772. >"If it is true, then I would be more than happy to teach you how to use magic."
  2773. >The door opens to the library, and you turn your head to see who it is
  2774. >It's Starlight, and she's carrying some books.
  2775. >"Am I late?"
  2777. >"No, you're right on time actually."
  2778. >Starlight walks up to the table and takes a seat next to you
  2779. >"Hey Anon."
  2780. "Yo."
  2781. >"Now, as I was saying..."
  2782. >She clears her throat.
  2783. >"Starlight and I are more than happy to teach you how to use magic, but it's not free. It will require you to be on good behavior."
  2784. >Really?
  2785. >She has to resort to bargaining?
  2786. >You guess it could be worse.
  2787. >And honestly the thought of casting awesome magic spells sounds kinda cool.
  2788. "Alright."
  2789. >Your acceptance surprised Twilight
  2790. >"Well, that was easier than I thought. You won't regret this. Her and I are among the most talented magic users in Equestria."
  2791. >Twilight grabs a book from one of the stacks, and holds it up to you.
  2792. >Magic: Origins and Understandings by Starswirl the Bearded.
  2793. >"To begin, we're going to cover the fundamentals of magic and how it interacts with the world around us. Feel free to ask questions at any time."
  2794. >Ok, this might not be as cool as you thought.
  2795. >You just wanna cast spells that set things on fire.
  2796. >She sets the book down, and erases the chalk board.
  2797. >She draws another picture, this with three ponies.
  2798. >A pegasus, a unicorn, and the regular ones.
  2799. "So I've been meaning to ask: what is the term for ponies without horns or wings?"
  2800. >"Uh..."
  2801. >Twilight and Starlight look at each other before Twilight addresses you
  2802. >"Earth ponies."
  2803. >Ha.
  2804. >"Now, back on track..."
  2805. >She draws a strange symbol in each of the three ponies.
  2806. >"Magic in its most basic form is a form of energy. It permeates all things living and non-living, forming a weave that binds reality together."
  2807. >"All living things possess and use magic in some form or another. Life is created through magic."
  2808. >"Some living things can tap into this magic weave to use magic for various uses. For instance, pegasus ponies use magic to enable great feats of flight, as well as walking on clouds."
  2809. >They can do that?
  2810. >God that's weird.
  2812. >"Earth ponies magic brings them in tune with the earth, gifting them with enhanced physical capabilities and and affinity for agricultural pursuits."
  2813. >You should call them mud ponies for laughs.
  2814. >"And Unicorns can use their horns to directly access the weave to craft and manipulate spells of their choosing, such as how I am levitating the chalk."
  2815. "But you have wings and a horn..."
  2816. >"I am what is known as an alicorn, essentially a combination of the three."
  2817. >So she's super powered then.
  2818. >You haven't seen any others like her to be honest, and she seems pretty important around here.
  2819. "Alright, so how so I cast a spell exactly?"
  2820. >"We'll get to that soon enough. But first, you must learn how spells actually work before you can try to cast them. There are two major types of spells: Structured and wild. Structured spells are well documented applications of the weave that are well understood. You will usually find them written in books with instructions on how to produce the effect."
  2821. >She levitates the chalk over the table.
  2822. >"Levitation being a prime example. It is one of the most basic forms of magic, and the first one you will be learning."
  2823. >"Magic is ultimately a force of imagination, and the spells you cast will be based upon it. Structured spells allow you to use magic without having to expend the mental energy to create a spell from nothing."
  2824. >"The other type of spell is a wild one. These are spells without any structure or documented use. They are highly unpredictable and dangerous. A pure force of imagination, and not recommended for use except by very talented practitioners."
  2825. >"Now, repeat after me: I promise not to use any wild spells."
  2826. >So much for fun
  2827. "I promise not to use any wild spells."
  2829. >Twilight clops her forehooves.
  2830. >"Good! Now, lets move on to application. We're going to show you how to access the weave. Starlight, if you would."
  2831. >Starlight gets up from her chair and stands next to Twilight.
  2832. >Both of their horns light up with the aura, but nothing else happens.
  2833. >"Now, you're going to try the same. Stand up please."
  2834. >You hop off your own seat and stand.
  2835. >"Now, clear your mind and focus. You should feel a sensation in your horn."
  2836. >You close your eyes and attempt to clear your mind.
  2837. >Honestly that's been a difficult thing to do lately.
  2838. >The emotions you've been feeling swirl in your subconscious.
  2839. >"Keep trying."
  2840. >You clamp your eyes shut harder
  2841. >You picture in your mind a lush mountain lake with a serene waterfall gently flowing into it.
  2842. >The overgrown forest around it seals out any interference.
  2843. >You imagine a gentle breeze and birds chirping.
  2844. >Peace enters your mind, and you feel it.
  2845. >A faint but humming sensation.
  2846. "I feel it."
  2847. >"Now, imagine yourself reaching out with a hoof and grabbing it."
  2848. >You do as she says
  2849. "Ok, now what?"
  2850. >"It doesn't seem to be working. Don't feel bad, very few foals get it their first try."
  2851. >So even babies can accomplish this, but you can't.
  2852. >You start to feel anger, and the sensation starts fading
  2853. "This isn't working!"
  2854. >You hear hooves walking to you, and one placed on your shoulder.
  2855. >"You can do it, just focus."
  2856. >Starlight's words are encouraging.
  2857. >You clear your mind again with the scene, and feel the sensation again.
  2858. >This time, you reach out with a hand instead of a hoof.
  2859. >The sensation manifests itself in reality, and your eyes pop open.
  2860. >"Look!"
  2861. >A mirror has been conjured in front of you.
  2862. >A striking image of your self stares back, with a glowing horn.
  2863. "I did it!"
  2864. >You start hopping around, and lose the sensation.
  2865. "Da... darn!"
  2866. >You go through the steps again to re ignite the magic.
  2867. >"Don't worry. with practice you'll soon be able to do it without thinking."
  2869. >You lost track of time practicing this basic thing, but you got better and better at it with each try.
  2870. >It was nice to accomplish something, all things considered.
  2871. >You can only imagine how convenient the use of magic will be to you
  2872. >stupid hooves.
  2873. >And to think that the earth ponies and pegasai actually manage to grab things with hooves.
  2874. >Fuckin' hooves, how do they work?
  2875. >Twilight took an early leave for who knows why, so Starlight hung out with you while you practiced.
  2876. >Eventually she started reading a book while you constantly activated your magic.
  2877. >You could almost do it without much concentration.
  2878. >"Alright Anon, that's enough for today don't you think?"
  2879. "Nope."
  2880. >"Yep."
  2881. "Noooooooooo!"
  2882. >"I mean, you've been at it non-stop. You're still wearing the outfit that you supposedly 'don't like.'"
  2883. >Oh wow, she's right.
  2884. "Fine."
  2885. >You were getting a little tired after all.
  2886. >You head up to your room and change.
  2887. >You were glad to get that schoolgirl outfit off.
  2888. >It was kinda hot.
  2889. >As in temperature hot.
  2890. >Ok, maybe in both ways.
  2891. >It made you look cute.
  2892. >You didn't want to look cute.
  2893. >You were supposed to be a man, remember?
  2894. >Not some stupid sexy filly.
  2895. >As you walk out of your room, Starlight is standing there waiting for you.
  2896. >Kinda creepy, actually.
  2897. >"So... I was thinking we could... umm... celebrate at Sugarcube corner?"
  2898. >You give her a critical look.
  2899. "What are you trying to pull?"
  2900. >"N-nothing! I just thought it was a good idea. Celebrate your new magic and all."
  2901. >You're suspicious, but agree.
  2902. "Alright."
  2903. >What is a sugarcube corner anyway?
  2905. >The walk through the streets of Ponyville is boring now that the novelty has worn off.
  2906. >Starlight leads you through the town since you have no idea where you're going.
  2907. >"So how was your first day of school?"
  2908. "Dreadful."
  2909. >She nudges you.
  2910. >"Come on, it couldn't have been that bad! Is learning so bad?"
  2911. "I didn't learn anything."
  2912. >"How come?"
  2913. >You take a deep breath
  2914. "Because they failed to provide any educational material that I would consider challenging."
  2915. >"Oh, a smarty pants huh?"
  2916. "No, just a man in a cartoon horse body."
  2917. >"You didn't antagonize anypony, did you?"
  2918. >Your mischievous grin rivals the cheshire cat.
  2919. "You said I had to go to school. There was no mention of playing along."
  2920. >"Anon!"
  2921. "Hey! The dunce cap is pretty stylish. Its a shame she wouldn't let me keep it!"
  2922. >"Ugh, I can't believe you!"
  2923. >You shrug.
  2924. >"What am I going to do with you?"
  2925. "Nothing, probably. I'll just laugh at your pathetic attempts to discipline me."
  2926. >"You know, I'm pretty sure Twilight has a paddle somewhere."
  2927. "She's a kinky one, isn't she?"
  2928. >Starlight remains silent, a sign of defeat.
  2929. "Speaking of Purple, are you two, like, lesbians or something?"
  2931. >Starlight nearly trips on herself.
  2932. >"W-what!?"
  2933. "I mean, it would explain your intimate knowledge of Purple's paddle."
  2934. >her face is a dubious blend of shocked and horrified.
  2935. "Plus, it just makes sense. Two lonely mares living together."
  2936. >"N-no! we aren't a couple! We're friends! I'm her student!"
  2937. "Uh huh, sure. Friends with benefits."
  2938. >"ANON!"
  2939. >Oh shit.
  2940. >"You're on the fast track to losing some cuddles, young lady."
  2941. >Time to kiss ass, you don't want to lose access to that soft chestfluff.
  2942. "Sorry. I'll stop now."
  2943. >"Good, and don't try it again."
  2944. >She's probably going to use that as the end all to any argument.
  2945. >Why do you want her cuddles so bad?
  2946. >"Now come on. Hopefully you can behave for the rest of the day."
  2947. >You're not going to make any promises
  2948. >Only Starlight has any leverage on you
  2949. >Ponyville is a confusing place.
  2950. >It seems there was no grid plan in place when ponies first built it.
  2951. >Streets wind and bend, and buildings seem placed at random.
  2952. >Its a mystery how anypony can find their way around.
  2953. >Did you just think anypony?
  2954. >You meant anyone.
  2955. >You're curious about this 'Sugarcube Corner.'
  2956. >Whatever that is supposed to mean.
  2957. >You're pretty sure you're there though.
  2958. >This building looks like its made out of sugar.
  2959. "So... this is it?"
  2960. >"Yep!"
  2961. "And... why are we here again?"
  2962. >"You'll see!"
  2963. >Starlight nudges your rump up the steps with her muzzle.
  2964. "H-hey! I have legs! I can walk!"
  2965. >She giggles and keeps pushing you.
  2966. >Her magic opens the door and you both enter.
  2967. >Why is it so dark?
  2968. >Starlight closes the door behind her.
  2969. >Its pitch black.
  2970. >You hope you're not about to get raped.
  2972. "Glim Glam? Whats going on? Am I going to get ra-"
  2973. >"SURPRISE!"
  2974. >NO! You don't want surprise buttsecks.
  2975. >The lights come on.
  2976. >Party horns are going off and there is confetti everywhere.
  2977. >And a lot of ponies cheering.
  2978. >Oh thank god.
  2979. >At least its not.
  2980. >rape
  2981. >The banner hanging from the ceiling says "Welcome to Ponyville Anon!"
  2982. >In small and terrible handwriting next the 'Welcome' is the word 'late.'
  2983. "JESUS CHRIST! You scared me!"
  2984. >You lightly smack Starlight's leg with a hoof.
  2985. >"What's a Jesus Christ?"
  2986. "Don't worry about it."
  2987. >So all these ponies threw a party just for you?
  2988. >That's kinda nice.
  2989. >A very pink pony with a crazy mane bounces to you from the crowd of ponies.
  2990. >You recognize her from the other day.
  2991. >"Heya Nonny! I threw this party just for you! I hope you like it even if its late!"
  2992. >Her wide grin defies reality.
  2993. "Uh, thanks."
  2994. >"Come on! You've got to meet everypony! I know everypony is dying to meet you!"
  2995. >She grabs you by the abdomen and starts hauling you around.
  2996. >You reach for Starlight as you're hauled off by pink horse against your will.
  2997. >She laughs.
  2998. >God damn it.
  3000. >Pinkie Pie is introducing you to lots of ponies.
  3001. >Honestly there's a lot, you've already forgot most of them.
  3002. >You wont forget Pinkie Pie though.
  3003. >She's fucking crazy.
  3004. >After more greetings than you could possibly keep track of, you see ponies are starting to play some party games.
  3005. >Pin the tail on the pony?
  3006. >Pass.
  3007. >The music is alright.
  3008. >At least it would be if you had terrible taste.
  3009. >Ponies who aren't playing games are hanging out around tables talking.
  3010. >This is a pretty tame party.
  3011. >Once you're able to slip away from Pinkie you make your way the refreshments table.
  3012. >Chips... Salsa... Punch.
  3013. >You pour yourself a cup and drink.
  3014. >Fuck, no booze.
  3015. >You're not drunk enough for this.
  3016. >You internally cry a song of defeat and settle for a glass of chocolate milk.
  3017. >If you can't get drunk, may as well settle for something creamy and tasty.
  3018. >You sit down at a table and start drinking your milk.
  3019. >This milk is really fucking good actually.
  3020. >"Oh hi Anon!"
  3021. "Hello again, Pinkie."
  3022. >"Do you like the chocolate milk? I made it myself! Then again I made everything!"
  3023. >Huh.
  3024. >You hesitate.
  3025. >You hope she only made the chocolate part.
  3026. >"I only made the chocolate part."
  3027. >what the fuck?
  3028. >does she read minds?
  3029. "You must be a professional party pony or something."
  3030. >She stands strait on her hind legs on top of the table and puffs her chest out
  3031. >"The Best! You know it!"
  3032. "The balloons on your butt gave it away."
  3033. >She giggles cutely.
  3034. >The current song ends and a new catchy one picks up.
  3035. >"Oh! Come on Anon! Its time to dance!"
  3036. >Before you can protest you are carried away by.
  3037. >Its going to be a long night.
  3039. >You couldn't even dance as human.
  3040. >let alone as a pony.
  3041. >Sure, you can keep a beat but you don't actually know any moves.
  3042. >You end up just flailing your limbs around carelessly.
  3043. >Nobody else seems to mind.
  3044. >Everybody else is dancing having a good time.
  3045. >Pinkie is doing some weird dance move.
  3046. >But its definitely impressive.
  3047. >You begin to wonder if she is a wizard or something.
  3048. >You really start getting into the music.
  3049. >You're moving like a madman!
  3050. >The ponies give you space and start cheering you on
  3051. >"Yea go Anon!"
  3052. >You really start to get into it.
  3053. >You try doing a hand stand.
  3054. >Your front legs go weak and you fall on your face.
  3055. >Some nearby ponies help you up and you all share a laugh.
  3056. >Maybe this party isn't so bad.
  3057. >Feeling beat, you decide you want to finish your milk.
  3058. >better get it before it gets warm.
  3059. >As you're heading back to your table Twilight is walking past it.
  3060. >Her wing brushes against the glass.
  3061. >You watch in horror as it tips and spills all over the table.
  3062. >No.
  3063. >god damnit purple.
  3064. >she gasps in surprise once she notices the unfolding events.
  3065. >"Oh, my! Looks like my wings are still getting in the way."
  3066. >You walk up to her and poke her in the chest.
  3067. "You spilled my milk, Purple."
  3068. >She laughs.
  3069. >"My name is Twilight, and I'm sorry. I can get you another one."
  3070. "No, its fine. I'll get it myself."
  3071. >You wear a grumpy expression as you move back to the refreshment table.
  3072. >You try to pour yourself another glass, but there is no more milk in the pitcher.
  3073. >god damnit purple.
  3075. >Not all is lost.
  3076. >You have an idea.
  3077. >Maybe they have more milk in the fridge.
  3078. >You're pretty sure the door behind the refreshment table is the kitchen.
  3079. >You make your way over to the door and look over your shoulder
  3080. >When you're sure nobody is paying attention you push the door open.
  3081. >You check one last time before disappearing into the kitchen
  3082. >Wow, what a kitchen.
  3083. >Everything is spotless, the floors are immaculate.
  3084. >You wonder what sorts of delicious foods usually come out of this kitchen.
  3085. >You spot the fridges on the far wall.
  3086. >You tip toe your way over, careful not to make any noise.
  3087. >Maybe you should have just asked Pinkie Pie for milk.
  3088. >meh, too late.
  3089. >You tug on the bottom of the door until you manage to get the door open.
  3090. >plenty of foods here, most of them in plastic containers with expiry dates.
  3091. >Unfortunately, you don't spot any milk.
  3092. >You're about to close the door in sadness when something catches your eye.
  3093. >Its a bottle, but not any bottle.
  3094. >The letters on the label are in a fancy script.
  3095. >But you know the word.
  3096. >Chardonnay.
  3097. >You cry a single tear of joy.
  3099. >You hate wine.
  3100. >How anyone can stand to drink rotten grapes is a mystery to you.
  3101. >But with your current dry spell you'd drink just about anything
  3102. >fortunately it has already been opened.
  3103. >You manage to pull the cork out with your teeth with relative ease.
  3104. >you spit the cork out to the side and prepare yourself.
  3105. >bottoms up.
  3106. >You put the bottle to your lips and tilt it to the ceiling.
  3107. >You chug the wine for several seconds before bringing the bottle back down.
  3108. >Yea, you're supposed to sip on wine, but you're also not supposed to get stupid drunk off it either.
  3109. >But, you're trying to get drunk.
  3110. >You wipe your lips with your foreleg.
  3111. >Your throat and stomach feel warm.
  3112. >And wow.
  3113. >shit fuck balls.
  3114. >Everything is spinning now.
  3115. >you can barely focus your vision.
  3116. >You forgot to account for the fact that you're a filly.
  3117. >Much less alcohol tolerance.
  3118. >hopefully you don't damage your kid body.
  3119. >oh well, too late.
  3120. >You manage to work the cork back into the bottle without falling over.
  3121. >Placing the bottle back in the fridge was a challenge, but you managed.
  3122. >you close the fridge and make your way to the exit.
  3123. >you fall over a few times before making it to the door.
  3124. >This party is about to get a lot more fun.
  3125. >Or terrible, but time will tell.
  3127. >You are Starlight Glimmer.
  3128. >And you're finding yourself among friends.
  3129. >Enjoying another one of Pinkie Pie's fabulous parties.
  3130. >You're all sitting at one of the tables after a fun evening of dancing and playing games.
  3131. "Pinkie really knows how to throw a party."
  3132. >"Ha! Yea she does." Rainbow boisterously proclaims.
  3133. >"Well we are talking about Pinkie Pie." Rarity adds while idly stirring her straw in a cup of punch.
  3134. "Speaking of Pinkie, where is she?"
  3135. >The three of you look around the room.
  3136. >"YEAA!!! GO PINK HORSE WOOO!!!"
  3137. >Your attention is drawn to the outburst.
  3138. >And there she is.
  3139. >Anon is riding on her back.
  3140. >She has one hoof around Pinkie's neck and is waving the other about wildly in the air.
  3141. >Pinkie Pie is bouncing about giggling like a madmare.
  3142. >You and your friends share an amused laugh.
  3143. "By Celestia, that's cute."
  3144. >"It's almost no surprise the two get along. Then again, It's still Pinkie Pie we're talking about."
  3146. "Well, I'm glad Anon is making some friends. She's very... abrasive sometimes."
  3147. >"Oh, you need not remind me, darling."
  3148. >"Bah, you're just a bunch of softies!" Rainbow snorts
  3149. >"Oh come, Dash. There is a time for everything, And I'm sure Anon will get her jab at you before long." Rarity retorts
  3150. >"Ha. I can handle it. I am the best prankster in Ponyville after all."
  3151. >"We know."
  3152. >"So whats up with Anon anyway? Why is she so weird?" Rainbow asks
  3153. "Well, I'm not entirely sure."
  3154. >You think carefully before continuing.
  3155. "I guess its just part of her personality. Maybe something happened to her when she got here, like some memory loss or something. It's happened before - ponies waking up with a new identity."
  3156. >Rainbow and Rarity nod.
  3157. "We're betting on her finding herself at home in Ponyville and hopefully her wilder side will tame a bit. She's still very rambunctious but she's been getting better."
  3158. >"Well if you need help, I'm your mare!"
  3159. >"I suppose I could offer my assistance with her too, If need be." Rarity adds.
  3160. "Thanks girls."
  3161. >You take a sip of your drink.
  3163. >Rainbow stretches her wings and leans back in her chair, putting her hind hooves on the table.
  3164. >"Man, I can't wait for the after party!"
  3165. >You know the after party.
  3166. >You remember the first after party you attended.
  3167. >Well, parts of it anyway.
  3168. >The next parties were much more fun.
  3169. "Yea, they're always a riot."
  3170. >"Rainbow dear, please keep your hind hooves off the table. Its dirty!" Rarity chides.
  3171. >Rainbow sticks her tongue out at Rarity before complying.
  3172. >"Ah yea, I've got a keg of AJ's finest hard cider with my name on it!"
  3173. >Your conversation is interrupted by Pinkie Pie trotting up to the table.
  3174. >She is wearing a saddle and a bridle.
  3175. >Anon is still on her back in the saddle, with her front hooves holding the bridle and her back hooves in the stirrups.
  3176. >weird.
  3177. >You'd never imagined a saddle being used this way.
  3178. >"SooOOO what do you think of my hoRRRse? Isn't she pretty?"
  3179. >The three of you at the table stifle laughter.
  3180. >"Yes darling, She's very pretty."
  3181. >Anon grabs pinkie by the back of the neck and tries to shake her
  3183. >"Yea Anon! They think I'm pretty!"
  3184. >"Don't call me that," Anon wildly tips an imaginary hat.
  3185. >"Call me The Duke."
  3186. >She almost slips off the saddle but you catch her with your magic.
  3187. >"Nowwwww.... onward pretty horse! The Wild West calls!"
  3188. >"Okie Dokie The Duke!"
  3189. >Anon kicks the stirrups and Pinkie Pie bounds off with a giggle.
  3190. >Once they're gone, Rainbow speaks up.
  3191. >"Wow, that's really something."
  3192. >The three of you share another round of laughs.
  3193. >And later you'll share rounds of drinks.
  3195. >It isn't long before its time to wrap up the party.
  3196. >Anon is really having a blast playing with Pinkie.
  3197. >She has been very well behaved for the most part.
  3198. >Except when she was running around trying to stab red ponies with a plastic knife.
  3199. >Something about killing redskins.
  3200. >You should let the two play together often.
  3201. >It would be really great for Anon.
  3202. >You're walking out of Sugarcube Corner with Anon in tow.
  3203. >She's wobbling a bit.
  3204. >She must be exhausted from all the fun.
  3205. >Pikie Pie is at the door saying goodbye to everypony as they leave.
  3206. "Anon, say goodbye to Pinkie."
  3207. >"Goodbye to Pinkie!"
  3208. >She gives Pinkie a warm hug
  3209. >"Come back and play some more Anon!"
  3210. >"Oh I probably will..."
  3211. >Anon trails off and stumbles out the door.
  3212. >You follow.
  3213. >Is something wrong with Anon?
  3214. >Rainbow Dash is hanging around outside.
  3215. >"Hey Starlight, you're coming back, right?"
  3216. "Yea, I just need to take Anon home first, and It's almost her bed time. I haven't seen Twilight, so I guess it's relagated to me."
  3217. >"Gotcha."
  3218. >Anon walks up to Rainbow Dash and hangs onto her leg
  3219. >"ayy bby wan sum fuk..."
  3220. >Her vocal thought is interrupted as she turns her head towards the bushes and a stream of vomit spews from her mouth.
  3221. >Rainbow lifts her free hoof and looks at the filly with a shocked expression.
  3222. "Oh Celestia! Anon!"
  3223. >You rush over to Anon and hold her mane back as another wave of vomit comes forth.
  3224. >She's coughing and wheezing.
  3225. "Oh you poor thing, lets get you home."
  3226. >Was there something in the chocolate milk?
  3227. >The cake maybe?
  3228. >How did she get sick?
  3229. >Did she pick up something from school?
  3230. >"Yea... uh... good luck with that."
  3231. >Rainbow Dash bolts into the air with amazing speed.
  3233. >Holding Anon in your magical grip, you start running towards the castle.
  3234. >Wait, why don't you just teleport?
  3235. >You charge the spell and cast.
  3236. >In an instant, You and Anon are in the main hall of the castle
  3237. >"Fffuck mee."
  3238. >Normally you would reprimand her.
  3239. >But right now you'll make an exception.
  3240. >You barrel down the halls as fast as your hooves can move.
  3241. >You reach her bedroom and almost pull the doors off the hinges.
  3242. >She's starting to gag again.
  3243. >You quickly move into the bathroom and place her in front of the toilet.
  3244. >Another torrent of her stomach contents pours into the toilet bowl as she clutches the base.
  3245. >You seat yourself next to her and rub her back with a hoof
  3246. "There there, just let it all out."
  3247. >She groans.
  3248. >"T-thanks, you're a pal."
  3249. >You knead her back in reassurance.
  3250. >She seems to be done.
  3251. >She has a bit left on her mouth.
  3252. "Lets get you cleaned up."
  3253. >You grab a washcloth from a cupboard and wet it before dabbing her mouth.
  3254. >She probably isn't feeling well enough to brush.
  3255. >You lift her with your magic and flush the toilet as you leave the bathroom.
  3257. >"Uggghhh...flying."
  3258. >You roll your eyes and remove the covers from her bed.
  3259. >You place her in the bed and tuck her in.
  3260. >She curls in a ball clutching the blankets.
  3261. >So cute.
  3262. >You walk up to the bed and give her a warm nuzzle.
  3263. >She grabs you by the neck and pulls her face into you.
  3264. >You stroke her mane with a hoof and try to pull her away, but she wont let go.
  3265. >"Mommy, don't leave me."
  3266. >You freeze.
  3267. >Did she just say that?
  3268. >Your heart melts
  3269. "I wont."
  3270. >You lift the covers and scoot Anon over as you hop into the bed.
  3271. >Anon immediately snuggles up to you as close as she can.
  3272. >She paws at your abdomen with her hooves, trying to melt into you.
  3273. >"Mmmm... Mommy."
  3274. >Your heart jumps again when she says it.
  3275. >You wrap your hooves around her and keep her close.
  3276. >You were really looking forward to that party.
  3277. >But you have a filly that needs you now.
  3278. >A filly that called you mommy.
  3279. >And you will be the best mommy that you can.
  3280. >She needs and deserves as much.
  3282. >Be Twilight Sparkle.
  3283. >The party is wrapping up, and you can't find Anon anywhere.
  3284. >You begin frantically interrogating ponies who haven't left yet.
  3285. "Have you seen Anon?"
  3286. >"Hmm, nope"
  3287. >Did she run away again?
  3288. >Did she get eaten by a nocturnal creature?
  3289. >She wasn't in Sugarcube Corner, that's for sure.
  3290. >You step outside for a breath of fresh air, and to ask Pinkie
  3291. >If anypony saw anything it would be her.
  3292. >Especially with how her and Anon had been getting along earlier
  3293. >It was cute.
  3294. >Seeing Anon smile a genuine smile was rare, and you couldn't help smile just seeing her face lit up with joy.
  3295. >Pinkie is standing right by the doorway, apparently seeing the guests off.
  3296. >Before she can say anything, you grab her by the shoulders.
  3297. "Pinkie! Have you seen Anon?"
  3298. >"Of course! Starlight ran her off in a hurry. She looked sick though, no fun!"
  3299. >She's sick?
  3300. >What happened?
  3301. "Thanks Pinkie."
  3302. >You charge a teleportation spell and find yourself in the castle.
  3303. >You begin scouting where you think they might be, but everything's empty and quiet.
  3304. >Last place to check: Anon's room
  3305. >You open the door slowly to see Anon and Starlight snuggling on the bed, both snoring softly.
  3306. >You can't help but smile warmly.
  3307. >Celestia, that's cute.
  3308. >You slowly back out of the room, closing the door behind you.
  3309. >You can't help but feel envious of Starlight.
  3310. >And sorry.
  3311. >You are the one adopting Anon, and she is your responsibility.
  3312. >Between messing up and being busy, you've been putting that burden on Starlight.
  3313. >She shouldn't have to do this.
  3314. >You'll make sure to apologize tomorrow.
  3315. >And do your best to make things right.
  3316. >Not to mention you actually need to tell Anon about the adoption.
  3317. >Hopefully she takes it well.
  3319. >Be Anonymous.
  3320. >"EARTHQUAKE!"
  3321. >You jolt out of bed and immediately get under a table.
  3322. >The ground isn't shaking.
  3323. >Where did this table come from?
  3324. >You rub your eyes with your hands to get the sleep out of them
  3325. >Wait.
  3326. >Your hands!
  3327. >How did you get your hands back?
  3328. >And the rest of your body.
  3329. >You're human again!
  3330. >Hell, you aren't going to ask questions or complain.
  3331. >You get out from under the table and test your body.
  3332. >Still as good as you remember it.
  3333. >You should tell Twilight and Starlight the news.
  3334. >You go to open the door to the hallway, but the doorknob doesn't move.
  3335. "Huh, that's strange."
  3336. >A strong gust of wind almost pushes you into the door.
  3337. >Turning back, you see the window is wide open.
  3338. >You moonwalk over to the window with the intention to close it.
  3339. "Woopdy doodly do!"
  3340. >The town is gone.
  3341. >In fact, the entire world is gone.
  3342. >There is only sky.
  3343. >And the castle is floating in the air.
  3344. "When your stars are baked and your rivers fly, do you ever believe you were stuck out in the sky?"
  3345. >You just hope the castle doesn't break, and your feet are dry.
  3346. >A cloud is moving all on its own right into view of your window
  3347. "How convenient."
  3348. >Various cartoonish clouds float around.
  3349. >Characters you recognize from various video games and movies stand on them, acting out various scenes your remember them from.
  3350. >A few even have historical people as well.
  3351. >With a snap, crackle and a pop, Starlight is standing on one of the clouds.
  3352. "Yoohoo! Starlight!"
  3353. >You give her a cheery wave.
  3354. >When she looks at you, you see her eyes are completely black, oozing an equally dark fluid.
  3355. >Her mouth hangs open and leaks as well.
  3357. >As you watch Starlight, a small brown pony bumps into your leg, drawing your attention.
  3358. >"Can I assimilate just this one? It's been so long! I'm bored, and hungry!"
  3359. >She blinks and her pupils morph into a cats.
  3360. >Fangs start growing in her mouth.
  3361. >And tentacles out of her back.
  3362. "No, Thingpone. No assimilations, remember?"
  3363. >"Aww.."
  3364. >She retracts her growths and assumes the form of a pony again.
  3365. >You reach down and pat her on the head
  3366. >She smiles and leans into it.
  3367. >You look back out the window.
  3368. >A gargantuan silhouette of a man stands off far in the distance.
  3369. >It's like a mountain, but disturbing.
  3370. >Large enough that you can only see above his shoulders.
  3371. >He has no features, except his eyes.
  3372. >They stare at you.
  3373. >You watch as a small horned demon sprouts up on the same cloud as Starlight.
  3374. >It's holding a dagger, slowly creeping towards her while cackling menacingly.
  3375. "Starlight, look out!"
  3376. >Her head turns slowly towards you.
  3377. >She doesn't notice the threat.
  3378. >The black ooze that was dripping from her eyes and mouth becomes a waterfall.
  3379. >"Save me Anon."
  3380. >How can you?
  3381. >You look around the room looking for something you can use.
  3382. >If Thingpone didn't disappear she could have helped you.
  3383. >On the table in a glass case are the orbs with the stars.
  3384. >The dragonballs.
  3385. >You could use them to make a wish and save Starlight.
  3386. >But there's one problem, the four-star ball is missing.
  3387. >You look back to see the demon is about to stab Starlight
  3388. "Nooo!"
  3390. >Before he can launch his attack, a blue ray of energy strikes him in the back.
  3391. >He's gone, his form has dissolved.
  3392. "What the hay-biscuits?"
  3393. >You feel something smack you in the back of the head.
  3394. >When you blink, the world around you is gone.
  3395. >You're standing in a void.
  3396. >There's no walls or floor.
  3397. >Everything is pure white.
  3398. >And you're a horse again.
  3399. >"My, such strange dreams for a young filly to be having."
  3400. >You turn around to face the source of the voice.
  3401. >A tall mare with a starry flowing mane greets your eyes.
  3402. >Blue as the night sky.
  3403. "Uh, who are you?"
  3404. >Surprise invades her expression.
  3405. >"Do you not know of your princess?"
  3406. >You shake your head.
  3407. "Nope. Well, I guess Twilight's a princess but she's kind of a bitch so that doesn't count."
  3408. >Her jaw is hanging open.
  3409. "What the hell is going on anyway?"
  3410. >She shakes her head briefly and regains her composure.
  3411. >"I am Princess Luna, Princess of the Night. That you do not know of us is strange."
  3412. "Almost as strange as your grammar."
  3413. >"Come now, young filly. Surely you could be more kind towards us? We did rescue you from your nightmare after all."
  3414. >Your nightmare?
  3415. >Now you're the one who's jaw is hanging open.
  3416. "My nightmare? You're saying I'm sleeping right now?"
  3417. >"Yes, young one." She says with a smirk. "The realm of dreams is our domain, and we intervene when we feel it is necessary."
  3419. >She closes the distance between you, and puts a wing over your shoulder.
  3420. >"And your dreams, they are most... interesting, to say the least."
  3421. >This is a dream? Now you've got an idea.
  3422. "Hey Luna, can you change me back?"
  3423. >"Change you back?"
  3424. "Yea, back into a human."
  3425. >"A strange request, but not necessary of us."
  3426. >You grunt.
  3427. "Why not?"
  3428. >"It is your dream, you have complete control."
  3429. >Really?
  3430. >"I have left you in a lucid state so that you may rest with peace of mind."
  3431. >She grins before taking flight.
  3432. >"Consider it a valuable gift from one of your benevolent monarchs."
  3433. >A hazy blue portal opens behind her, and she leaves through it.
  3434. >You look around the white room.
  3435. >Your dream, your rules huh?
  3436. >You blink.
  3437. >You're human again.
  3438. >Feels good man.
  3439. >You snap your fingers, and a punching bag with Twilight's face pops out of the ground.
  3440. >Scantily clad sluts surround you, cheering you on.
  3441. >This is going to be a satisfying dream.
  3443. >Be Starlight Glimmer.
  3444. >You have to admit that Anon makes a good snuggle partner.
  3445. >It felt good to wake up beside her.
  3446. >To shield her from all the woes of the world.
  3447. >As you come to, you move to stroke her mane.
  3448. >Except its not her mane.
  3449. >Its a pillow.
  3450. >You jump in surprise as you realize you were cuddling a pillow and not Anon.
  3451. >Did she wake up early?
  3452. >That's not like her at all.
  3453. >Plus she must still not be feeling well.
  3454. >You hope she's ok.
  3455. >You make your way to the kitchen.
  3456. >Still no sign of Anon.
  3457. >Twilight is making coffee.
  3458. >Of course she is, she practically lives off of it.
  3459. "Hey Twilight, have you seen Anon?"
  3460. >"What? Who?"
  3461. "Uhh... Anon? You know."
  3462. >"No. I've never met anypony named Anon. That's a strange name."
  3463. >What?
  3464. >"Are you feeling ok?"
  3465. >Not really.
  3466. >You're kind of freaked out right now.
  3467. >What is going on?
  3468. "I need to find Anon!"
  3469. >Twilight looks as confused as you do.
  3470. >"Starlight..."
  3471. "No Time!"
  3472. >You start running through the castle.
  3473. >Hoping that she just wandered off somewhere.
  3474. >How could Twilight forget about Anon?
  3476. >This doesn't make any sense.
  3477. >You search every room.
  3478. >No sign of Anon anywhere.
  3479. >How did she just disappear?
  3480. >You're fighting back tears.
  3481. >You don't understand what is going on.
  3482. >How could this even happen?
  3483. >How could somepony just vanish into thin air.
  3484. >Maybe that's how she ended up here in the first place.
  3485. >She just vanished from somewhere.
  3486. >And now she's gone back.
  3487. >And now...
  3488. >She's gone.
  3489. >You collapse in the hallway.
  3490. >The stone floor is cold and hard.
  3491. >You don't care.
  3492. >You just want Anon back.
  3493. >To watch her laugh and play.
  3494. >To be there to put a band-aid on her scrape when she falls.
  3495. >To kiss it better, and to see her smile afterwards.
  3496. >So you can hug her tight.
  3497. >And to tell her that everything will be ok.
  3498. >You want her to love you.
  3499. >To call you her 'mommy.'
  3500. >To be her mom.
  3501. >But you can't anymore.
  3502. >You feel like a thousand steel needles have been jammed into your chest.
  3503. >You heave and cry in a sobbing mess on the floor.
  3505. >You look up, and you are surrounded by at least a dozen ponies.
  3506. >They're all ponies that live in Ponyville.
  3507. >And they're looking at you with stiff and sour expressions.
  3508. >"Anon isn't real."
  3509. >"Let her go."
  3510. >"She isn't worth raising."
  3511. >"You can't take care of her."
  3512. >"E-nope."
  3513. >"She isn't yours."
  3514. >"She is Twilight's filly, not yours."
  3515. >"Why are you trying to steal her?"
  3516. >"What kind of a friend are you?"
  3517. >Why would they say these things?
  3518. >You start crying even harder.
  3519. >You scream as loud as your lungs allow you to.
  3520. >Your shrill cries fall on deaf ears as the ponies all ignore your sorrow.
  3521. >But its to no avail.
  3522. >Anon is gone, and she isn't coming back.
  3523. "Why!? WHY!?!?! WHY!?!?!"
  3524. >You cry the mournful cry of a mother over her deceased child.
  3525. >A hoof on your back interrupts your sorrow.
  3526. >You feel an instant wave of calm and relief.
  3527. >You look up and the world has all turned to white.
  3528. >You spin your head to look at who is touching you.
  3530. >It's Princess Luna.
  3531. "I-its a nightmare?"
  3532. >"Yes."
  3533. >Your breathing is irregular and you can barely move.
  3534. "Thank you."
  3535. >"There is no need to thank us. It is our duty to ease the nightmares of our subjects."
  3536. >Luna begins channeling magic into you, and you feel your strength returning and your nerves calming.
  3537. >You stand and turn to face Luna.
  3538. >Before you can say anything, she speaks up.
  3539. >"Anonymous is quite an interesting filly to us. She is very active in the realm of dreams, and it seems that activity is passing on to you."
  3540. >One more thing to the bucket list.
  3541. "Do you know what's going on with Anon, Princess?"
  3542. >"Nay, we do not, but we would wish to know. We would like to meet Anonymous for ourselves."
  3543. >Maybe the princesses will be able to figure out the truth about Anon.
  3544. >"We will make the arrangements with Princess Twilight Sparkle so that it can be so."
  3545. "Thank you again, Princess Luna."
  3546. >"Think little of it, my little pony. Please enjoy the rest of your dream. We will see you soon."
  3547. >Within an instant, she is gone.
  3548. >You have much more pleasant dreams for the rest of the night.
  3550. >Be Princess Luna.
  3551. >The realm of dreams was a busy one tonight.
  3552. >At least for you, for you had things to do.
  3553. >You were almost done with your special work, then it was on to your regularly scheduled patrol.
  3554. >One last pony to visit.
  3555. >The dream orbs swirl around you, and you scan them for the pony you're looking for.
  3556. >Twilight Sparkle.
  3557. >You see it, and enter the dream.
  3558. >You find yourself standing in a quaint little country cottage.
  3559. >Twilight stands at the stove wearing an apron, cooking pancakes.
  3560. >A small green filly sits in the living room playing with letter blocks, stacking them up to spell words.
  3561. >You recognize the filly as Anon, but pay no mind.
  3562. >You walk up to Twilight, but she hasn't noticed you yet.
  3563. >"Breakfast is almost ready, honey!"
  3564. "Princess Twilight."
  3565. >She jumps a bit, looking back to you with a startled expression.
  3566. >"Luna?!"
  3567. >You nod.
  3568. >The scene around the two of you fades away into an endless white room.
  3569. "We are sorry to interrupt such a pleasant dream..."
  3570. >"No, its fine. Is something wrong?"
  3571. "Potentially..."
  3572. >You use your magic to whisk a floating image of Anonymous.
  3573. "Our concerns rest with a certain filly."
  3574. >"Anon?"
  3576. "Yes. Specifically, the content of her dreams. More specifically, the inclusion of humans within them."
  3577. >Twilight's expression drops.
  3578. >"So... its true."
  3579. "What do you mean?"
  3580. >"She mentioned humans once... 'Anonymous the human.' It startled me at first, but if what you're saying is true, then she actually does know about the other side."
  3581. >This is interesting
  3582. "As you can see, it is an important issue. If anything is crossing over from the other side, then it could very well be a threat to Equestria."
  3583. >"Of course... She just showed up in the castle one day. Maybe she slipped through without notice. Did you have a plan?"
  3584. "For now, we would wish to meet Anonymous ourselves to determine her intentions."
  3585. >"We can leave for Canterlot first thing in the morning!"
  3586. >You hold a hoof up.
  3587. "That won't be neccessary. We would not consider it an immediate threat, and sister and I are very busy at the moment. Perhaps a few days?"
  3588. >Twilight nods.
  3589. >"Of course."
  3590. "Then it is settled. We shall see you then. Pleasant dreams."
  3591. >You conjure an exit portal and fly through it.
  3592. >The night is still young, and you have work to do.
  3594. >You are Anonymous.
  3595. >And you've probably never been this hung over in your entire life.
  3596. >If you had thought that you had experienced hell on earth before, then you were absolutely wrong.
  3597. >Oh wait, you have.
  3598. >You're still a little green filly.
  3599. >Your head feels like its going to explode.
  3600. >At least you made it to a bed.
  3601. >deja vu.
  3602. >You really wish you would have woken up as a human.
  3603. >Too bad.
  3604. >Part of you had hoped that copious drinking was the key to pony-human transformation.
  3605. >But this time you're not alone.
  3606. >As you open your eyes, you are greeted by pink fur.
  3607. >You feel a pair of hooves wrapped around you.
  3608. >Why is Starlight in your bed?
  3609. >Did you get laid last night?
  3610. >Your memory is patchy after Twilight spilled your milk.
  3611. >How the hell did you end up drunk?
  3612. >You nuzzle your face into Starlights chest, and grab onto her as best as you can with your hooves.
  3613. >She is comfy as fuck.
  3614. >You'd be ok sitting like this all day/?
  3615. >A content sigh escapes your lips.
  3616. >You lay there for what at least feels like an hour before Starlight stirs.
  3617. >she nuzzles your head to wake you up.
  3618. >"Wake up, sweetie."
  3619. "I am awake. Also, I'm not Sweetie. I'm Anon."
  3620. >She giggles.
  3621. >"Glad to see you're feeling better."
  3622. >Does she know what you did?
  3623. >You better tread carefully.
  3624. "Mmmm... kinda."
  3625. >Starlight moves to get up, but you hold onto her
  3626. "No. Stay."
  3627. >She sighs.
  3628. >"Come on Anon, I can't sit in bed with you all day."
  3629. "Yes you can. Did you know it actually requires less effort?"
  3631. >Starlight pushes you playfully with a hoof.
  3632. >"You have school today, did you forget?"
  3633. >You don't want to go to school.
  3634. "But I'm sick! I can't go to school!"
  3635. >"You can't fool me."
  3636. >She smiles and nuzzles your face.
  3637. >You nuzzle her back.
  3638. >A heart aching warmth assaults your breast.
  3639. "But I don't wanna"
  3640. >"But you need to."
  3641. "Pwwease?"
  3642. >You give her a pouty lip and large eyes.
  3643. >"Cute, but its not working, Come on, lets get up."
  3644. >She gets out of the bed, leaving an empty space.
  3645. >Man, you were really enjoying that.
  3646. "But I'm totally sick though. Cough cough."
  3647. >She makes her way to the door.
  3648. >"You're going to school today."
  3649. >You pull the covers over your head.
  3650. >You don't want to leave the bed.
  3651. >Even if you aren't getting cuddles, you aren't moving.
  3652. >Before you can protest any further, Starlight lifts you out of the bed with her magic.
  3653. "Noo!"
  3654. >"Yes. Now get ready, you wouldn't want to be late."
  3655. >Her aura drags you over to the bathroom.
  3656. >You sigh and hang your head in defeat.
  3658. >You don't want to go anywhere.
  3659. >Or do anything.
  3660. >At least they have pony Tylenol though.
  3661. >You'll feel much better when it kicks in.
  3662. >But on the plus side, Starlight is brushing your mane.
  3663. >It feels so good.
  3664. >You close your eyes and lean into the brush.
  3665. >You love it when she brushes your mane.
  3666. >The bristles pulling out the tangles and gently massaging your scalp.
  3667. >Your mane is particularly unruly.
  3668. >While brushing helps, it still retains some of its wild shape.
  3669. >Maybe you should cut it off.
  3670. >Long hair was a pain in the ass to maintain.
  3671. >If you did that then you wouldn't get it brushed.
  3672. >You quickly dismiss the idea.
  3673. >Why do you like it so much anyway?
  3674. >Is it a pony thing?
  3675. >Is your mind being influenced by your pony body?
  3676. >Even if that's the case, you don't mind it too much.
  3677. >You really want your human body back.
  3678. >Hands are useful.
  3679. >And not being a kid is great too.
  3680. >But then, being a pony isn't so bad either.
  3681. "Mmm..."
  3682. >You are interrupted from your moment of tranquility by the knocking on the door.
  3683. >"Come in!"
  3684. >Twilight enters the room.
  3685. >Way to ruin a good moment.
  3687. >"Morning girls. Are you feeling better Anon?"
  3688. "Yes, Purple. What do you want?"
  3689. >Twilight frowns.
  3690. >"Luna came to my dreams last night. Did she visit you?" She looks at Starlight.
  3691. >"Yes, she visited mine as well." Starlight replies.
  3692. >Isn't that the blue one from your dream?
  3693. >Thats kinda creepy.
  3694. >You hope she didn't watch all your dreams.
  3695. >Some of them might have been a teeny tiny bit lewd.
  3696. >Oh please, they were extremely lewd.
  3697. >"Getting ready for school then?"
  3698. >"Yep, just finishing up her brushing and she should be ready to go."
  3699. >The brush comes back into contact with your mane, and you close your eyes in contentment.
  3700. >The presence of Twilight still nags you though.
  3701. >As soon as you start enjoying it again, the sensation is gone
  3702. >"All right, ready to go!"
  3703. "No! Brushie!"
  3704. >"Come on Anon." Twilight beckons from the door.
  3705. >Is she going to try walking you to school this time?
  3706. >You may have succumbed to going in the first place, but there is no way in hell you're going with Twilight.
  3707. "No! I want Glimmy!"
  3708. >"Don't be silly Anon." Starlight nudges you with her snout out the door.
  3709. "No Purples, I want Glimmy to take me!"
  3710. >It's not working.
  3713. >Be Twilight Sparkle.
  3714. >You just dropped Anon off at school.
  3715. >You tried some light chat on the walk to school, but she seemed mostly disinterested.
  3716. >After you reached the school, you saw her off to class and teleported back to the castle.
  3717. >Today was magic Wednesday.
  3718. >Starlight and you were going to work on advanced and complicated spells.
  3719. >Maybe even come up with some new ones.
  3720. >But before you do any of that, you need to have a good talk with Starlight first.
  3721. >You pop into the main library where Starlight is already waiting for you.
  3722. >She's sitting at a table, idly skimming through a spell book.
  3723. >She looks up at you
  3724. >"Alright, magic time."
  3725. "Actually, I wanted to talk about something first."
  3726. >"What is it? I though I was all caught up on the friendship lessons."
  3727. >You shyly canter over to the table and sit in seat next to her.
  3728. "No, no. Its not that..."
  3729. >You rub your chin with a hoof thoughtfully, trying to think of the right words to say.
  3730. "It's Anon."
  3731. >"What do you mean?"
  3732. "Well, I mean I'm adopting her, but I haven't been doing a good job. I feel like I've been putting that burden on you. A burden you shouldn't have to carry. She is my responsibility and I am failing."
  3733. >Starlight shifts in her seat
  3734. >"Oh, no. It's quite alright. I don't mind spending time with her at all."
  3735. >She giggles.
  3736. >"She seems to have a fondness for me, after all."
  3737. "Yea..."
  3738. >You trail off in thoughtfulness again.
  3739. "I have to say I envy you. You and her get along so well, and I struggle just to get her to talk to me. I'm the Princess of Friendship, not parenting."
  3740. >You sigh in frustration, while Starlight listens attentively.
  3741. "I'm just feeling like this was a mistake. Maybe you should have adopted her."
  3742. >Starlight's eyes widen in surprise.
  3744. >"M-me?! I don't know..."
  3745. >you nudge her.
  3746. "Come on, you're great with her. You're practically two peas in a pod. You realize I would have to drag her kicking and screaming to school without your help, right?"
  3747. >She rubs the back of her neck
  3748. >"Yea... I guess."
  3749. "I saw you two last night... It's as if you were meant to be there for her. I just suck at this."
  3750. >She puts a hoof on your shoulder.
  3751. >"You're not bad at all. I think you're doing fine."
  3752. "It doesn't seem like it though. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong."
  3753. >"Well, you two did start off on a bad hoof. After that it just escalated. Maybe she harbors resentment?"
  3754. >Maybe she's right.
  3755. >"And you remember yesterday when we were teaching her magic? You two had no problems. I think those moments are great for you two to find common ground."
  3756. >She definitely is.
  3757. >You're proud of the pony she is becoming.
  3758. >You are not perfect, and you're glad she can be there for you.
  3759. "Thanks. You're turning out to be a great friend."
  3760. >The two of you share a hug.
  3761. "Now, how about some magic?"
  3762. >The two of you smile wide
  3763. >"You've got to see these spell ideas I've been toying with."
  3764. "Lets see them."
  3766. >Be Anon.
  3767. >Sitting on your bench again, at recess.
  3768. >You decided to play along with school for the most part.
  3769. >Mainly because of the promise you made yesterday.
  3770. >You really want the magics.
  3771. >If you have to bullshit your way through elementary school again, then it was worth the cost.
  3772. >The other fillies and colts kept trying to get you to play with them.
  3773. >You had no interest in such trivialities.
  3774. >You may be in a filly body, but you're not a filly.
  3775. >Well, yes and no.
  3776. >You swing your hind hoof to kick a rock sitting under the bench, and it skips a few feet away.
  3777. >You sigh from boredom.
  3778. >Hopefully you can keep this up.
  3779. >Maybe at least until you learn some magic.
  3780. >To the point where you can learn it on your own.
  3781. >Then you can just ditch school.
  3782. >Or at least sneak a spellbook in and read it during the class.
  3783. >Since its kid level stuff, you don't even have to listen.
  3784. >And you can easily answer the questions if need be.
  3785. >"Looks like the loser is out here all by herself again."
  3786. >You look up to see the two annoying fillies from yesterday.
  3787. >Dumb bitches
  3788. "The fuck do you want?"
  3789. >"To laugh at your expense."
  3790. >Diamond Tiara laughs, and Silver Spoon follows her lead.
  3791. "And, you really think I care? Fuck off."
  3792. >"Aww, look. The autist is getting all mad."
  3793. >You just ignore her.
  3794. >Hopefully she'll get bored and leave.
  3795. >"Can't even make a friend, how saaaad."
  3796. >"She wont even play with anypony, must be something wrong with her." Silver Spoon joins in.
  3797. >They think they're going to make you mad?
  3798. >You start laughing.
  3799. "Nice try, faggots."
  3800. >You put on the best smug pepe face you can.
  3801. "You're still a cunt though."
  3803. >Tiara gets in front of you, putting her front hooves on the bench leaning in your face.
  3804. >"Say it again you little bitch!"
  3805. "Cunt."
  3806. >She hits you in the chest with her head, knocking you off the bench onto your back.
  3807. >You hit the ground with a thud.
  3808. >Between getting hit in the chest and landing on your back, you find yourself breathless.
  3809. >You try gasping for air as Tiara's form looms over you.
  3810. >She leans in close again, her muzzle almost touching yours.
  3811. >"Try saying it again if you want to get crushed, my little bitch."
  3812. >You grit your teeth, putting on a war face.
  3813. >With as much might as you can muster, you swing your left hoof as hard as you can at her face.
  3814. >Before she can react, you hoof connects with her cheek.
  3815. >She falls off to the side, stumbling a bit.
  3816. >You take the opportunity to stand up and take a fighting stance.
  3817. >Or at least what you would presume is a fighting stance for a pony.
  3818. >She puts a hoof to her cheek, testing the damage before turning her gaze to you.
  3819. >Anger fills her expression.
  3820. >She charges you with surprising speed.
  3821. >You try to dodge but end up tripping up.
  3822. >You're not as agile with this body as you think.
  3823. >Before you can get out of the way, she has tackled you.
  3824. >She pins you down by sitting on your stomach, and starts stomping on you with her front hooves.
  3825. >You put your own hooves up to try and block the blows, but a few still get through.
  3826. >Damn, this filly can really pack a punch.
  3827. >You regret trying to fight her, because you're really getting your ass kicked.
  3829. >"TIARA!! ANON!!! STOP!!!"
  3830. >You hear Cheerilee yelling with a vicious ferocity.
  3831. >It scares you more than it should reasonably.
  3832. >She runs up to the two of you, effortlessly pulling Tiara off you with one hoof.
  3833. >She tries to get back at you but flails effortlessly in Cheerilee's grip.
  3834. >Once she gives up, Cheerilee sets her down, standing between her and you.
  3835. >You painfully pull yourself up off the ground, dust falling off of you.
  3836. >"Both of you. Inside. NOW!"
  3837. >The two of you march towards the school house with solemn expressions and tails tucked between your legs.
  3838. >Cheerilee tails behind the two of you with a sour expression as the other fillies and colts look on.
  3839. >Tiara had hit you good on one leg, and you limp a bit.
  3840. >It doesn't even look like you threw a good punch.
  3841. >God damnit.
  3842. >Not only did you get your ass kicked, but now you've gotta deal with what you know is about to happen.
  3843. >The principal talk, or whatever it is they do in Equestria.
  3844. >But what sucks even more is what Twilight and Starlight might do.
  3845. >What if they decide not to teach you magic anymore?
  3846. >What if you lose those cuddles?
  3847. >Your eyes start watering at the thought, and a single tear falls from your eye.
  3849. >Cheerilee walked you to what you assumed was her office.
  3850. >There were a couple of chairs outside the door.
  3851. >"Anon, sit here."
  3852. >You immediately comply.
  3853. >Cheerilee opens the door to the office, and ushers Tiara in.
  3854. >She sticks her tongue out at you as she walks in, with Cheerilee following and shutting the door behind her.
  3855. >She's probably going to interview you one at a time to get the story.
  3856. >It's not like you haven't been in this position before.
  3857. >Kinda strange to relive it, actually.
  3858. >Fuck that pink little bitch.
  3859. >Soon as you have magic you'll whoop her ass with it.
  3860. >Though that's probably not a good idea.
  3861. >You're in enough trouble as it is.
  3862. >Perhaps you should avoid more.
  3863. >After what feels like ten or fifteen minutes, the door opens.
  3864. >Tiara trots out triumphantly, and sits next to you.
  3865. >"Alright Anon, please come in."
  3867. >You slide off the seat and enter the office, shutting the door behind you.
  3868. >Yea, this is definitely an office.
  3869. >Bookshelves line the walls, filled with various books and other nick-nacks.
  3870. >Two chairs sit in front of the desk.
  3871. >You take a seat at one.
  3872. >Cheerilee sits in the desk, looking at you with a stern look.
  3873. >She leans forward, resting her chin on her hooves.
  3874. >"Now, I want you to tell me exactly what happened. And no lies."
  3875. "Well, I was sitting on the bench minding my own business, when Tiara and her friend came up and started bothering me. Then she knocked me off the bench, and the rest is history."
  3876. >"So, why would Tiara do that? Did you say anything to aggravate her?"
  3877. >Should you lie?
  3878. "Yes."
  3879. >"What did you say?"
  3880. "I called her a cunt."
  3881. >Cheerilee attempts to hide her displeasure, mostly succeeding.
  3882. >"I see. And when she knocked you off the bench, did you try to fight back?"
  3883. >Is she trying to make this your fault?
  3884. "Yes."
  3885. >She leans back into her chair.
  3886. >"I have to be honest with you. I know exactly what happened. I watched the whole thing."
  3887. >Interesting.
  3888. >She watches you?
  3889. >Did Twilight put her up to this?
  3890. >"I do appreciate you telling me the truth."
  3891. >She shuffles some papers around on her desk.
  3892. >"I am going to have both of your parents come after school, and we'll proceed with what to do from there."
  3894. >For the rest of the day, you feel uneasy.
  3895. >School finally ends, and while the other colts and fillies get to taste freedom, you and Tiara are still trapped.
  3896. >You're now sitting in one corner of the classroom, and Tiara sits in the other.
  3897. >Cheerilee still sits at her desk, going over some papers.
  3898. >Tiara shoots you evil glances and grins now and then.
  3899. >It isn't long before a brown older looking stallion walks through the door.
  3900. >That white collar and gaudy red tie with a dollar sign on it makes you cringe.
  3901. >This must be Tiara's dad.
  3902. >The irony of this place makes you sad at times.
  3903. >She must be his little princess.
  3904. >"Tiara, what is the meaning of this?"
  3905. >She responds with crocodile tears
  3906. >"Oh daddy, it was awful! That mean filly tried to beat me up! She's jealous of me!"
  3907. >She starts sobbing, and her dad moves to comfort her, hugging her and stroking her mane.
  3908. >"There there, its ok."
  3909. >God, how pathetic.
  3910. >And he probably believes the sob story too.
  3911. >Another pair of clopping hooves signals another entry.
  3912. >And it's a not too pleased Twilight
  3913. >"Anon, are you serious?"
  3914. "Come on, you really think I started this?"
  3915. >"Honestly? yes."
  3916. >Great, just great.
  3917. >"Now now, I need to speak with all of you before anyone starts pointing hooves." Cheerilee interrupts.
  3918. >The four of you all stand in front of the desk, with the adults separating the fillies.
  3919. >"Thank you for coming Twilight, Filthy Rich."
  3920. >Gods, his name does not surprise you.
  3921. >"Now, I'm sure you're all upset about what happened today, I know I am too. It breaks my heart to see my little blossoms fighting like this."
  3922. >"But when it happens, I have to do what is necessary to maintain a positive learning environment for all my students."
  3923. >Twilight and Filthy nod while you remain stolid.
  3924. >"Which is why I am going to have to suspend both Anon and Tiara for one week."
  3926. >Filthy Rich looses his cool
  3927. >"What?! One week! How could you do that to my little princess? She didn't do anything wrong!"
  3928. >Filthy stomps a hoof.
  3929. >Cheerilee shakes her head no.
  3930. >You look up at Twilight to see she is frowning hard.
  3931. >"I have already prepared the weeks worth of work for them to do at home."
  3932. >She passes a packet of papers to Filthy and Twilight.
  3933. >Great, homework.
  3934. >Part of you was hoping you'd get the full vacation.
  3935. >"Hrmph, you know what? Fine. Tiara, lets go."
  3936. >Filthy and Tiara march out of the school house.
  3937. >You watch them leave, but they don't even look back.
  3938. >"Anon, I can't believe you."
  3939. >You look back over to a very annoyed looking Twilight.
  3940. >"I thought we had a promise, but you broke it. I want to trust you, I really do-"
  3941. >Fuck, that hurts right in the heart.
  3942. >"Twilight."
  3943. >Cheerilee catches her attention.
  3944. >"It wasn't Anon's fault."
  3945. >Twilight pauses her berating.
  3946. >"Wait... it isn't?"
  3947. >"No, I was watching her like you asked, remember?"
  3948. >Oh god, really?
  3949. >Fucking purple bitch
  3950. >Twilight nods.
  3951. >"She was minding her own business when Tiara accosted her. She may have done some things she shouldn't have but Tiara was clearly the instigator."
  3952. >"Really? Then why are you suspending both?"
  3953. >"Policy. Any two students who fight must both be suspended."
  3954. >"Hmm.... I see."
  3955. >"Just please don't be hard on her. She was doing really well today."
  3956. >Damn, she really has your back.
  3957. "Thanks, Cheers."
  3958. >"That's Ms. Cheerilee to you."
  3960. >You're walking back home with Twilight.
  3961. >Usually she's trying to chat you up.
  3962. >But now she's silent, gazed focused only on the path ahead.
  3963. >You weren't much for chatting with her anyway.
  3964. >Part of you is glad.
  3965. >But is she mad at you?
  3966. >Cheerilee told her what happened.
  3967. >Why would she still be angry?
  3968. >She really is a bitch.
  3969. >It doesn't matter what you do, life always seems to kick you down.
  3970. >You hang your head low as you walk, more tears welling up.
  3971. >Don't cry you little faggot.
  3972. >You can hardly see where you're going with the tears in your eyes.
  3973. >You blink a few tears out.
  3974. >The two of you solemnly enter the castle.
  3975. >You move to run to your room, but Twilight puts a hoof on your shoulder
  3976. >"Anon..."
  3977. "No!"
  3978. >You pull away and start running down a hall.
  3979. >The tears start falling freely
  3980. >You just want her to leave you alone.
  3981. >Of course Twilight cheats and uses magic to teleport in front of you.
  3982. >Fucking cheat
  3983. >"Anon, please. Just talk to me."
  3984. "Why!? I already know I'm grounded for life!"
  3985. >" You're not."
  3986. >Hold on
  3987. >She sits on the tiled floor in front of you with a sad expression.
  3988. >"If anypony is in trouble, it's me. I'm sorry."
  3989. >You're unsure what to make of this.
  3990. >"I shouldn't have done what I did. I'm not really good at this..."
  3991. >She huffs.
  3992. >"I'm sorry."
  3993. >You stand there in shock.
  3994. >Is she actually admitting fault for once?
  3995. >She stands up, and starts walking off, but looks back at you.
  3996. >"If you're still interested in a magic lesson, meet me in the library. If you're not feeling up to it, then I understand."
  3997. >She walks off while you sit in shock.
  3999. >Be Twilight Sparkle.
  4000. >You slowly made your way to the library.
  4001. >You hoped that Anon would come.
  4002. >As you enter, you see Starlight is already there.
  4003. >You give her a weak smile as you sit at the table with her.
  4004. >"You're back! Where's Anon?"
  4005. >You motion with your eyes to the door.
  4006. "Oh, she should be along soon..."
  4007. >You timidly rub your hooves together.
  4008. "I hope."
  4009. >"What's wrong? What happened?"
  4010. "She got in a fight at school today."
  4011. >Starlight gasps.
  4012. "Oh Celestia, is she alright?"
  4013. "Yea, she's fine... mostly. It wasn't her fault, but I blamed her for it at first."
  4014. >You sigh.
  4015. "Every time I try being a parent I just mess up."
  4016. >You lay your head down on the table.
  4017. "I just want to give up."
  4018. >Silence hangs in the room.
  4019. >How could you even give up though?
  4020. >Could you just send her away?
  4021. >You don't want to do that.
  4022. >You just want a happy little family.
  4023. >Is that too much to ask for?
  4024. >The library door creaks open, drawing your gaze.
  4025. >Anon walks in, and up to the table.
  4026. >She hops up onto the seat.
  4027. >Her eyes are red and puffy, obviously from crying.
  4028. >"I'm ready."
  4029. >Honestly, you're a bit surprised that she came.
  4030. >And glad.
  4031. "Alright, uh... lets begin then."
  4033. >By the end of the lesson, you've managed to teach her how to use leviation to manipulate objects.
  4034. >She's still getting the hang of it, but at least she has the tools available to her.
  4035. >She will be able to practice and enhance her ability to better use it.
  4036. >She has the pencil in her magical grip.
  4037. >Her eyes and expression focused.
  4038. >It bounces a bit on the table from the magical force.
  4039. >"I... got... this...."
  4040. >The pencil lifts off the table and into the air.
  4041. >She grins maniacally at her achievement.
  4042. >You hop excitedly at her performance.
  4043. "You did it!"
  4044. >You swoop in and pick her up, spinning in a circle on your rear hooves.
  4045. >She giggles as you swing her around, and you soon join her in said giggles.
  4046. >Flurry loves it when you do this.
  4047. >You pull Anon in close and nuzzle her cheek.
  4048. >You stop when you see how Starlight is looking at you like you're a weirdo.
  4049. "Ahem. Sorry."
  4050. >You set Anon back down carefully.
  4051. >You can feel your cheeks reddening.
  4052. >"Don't make this too weird." Anon snorts, giving you a similar look.
  4053. >You wave a hoof in dismissal.
  4054. "ha ha, sorry. I just got caught up in the moment."
  4055. >You just feel so happy.
  4056. >Very few things make you as happy as seeing your students succeed.
  4057. >Starlight, for the connoisseur of friendship she is becoming.
  4058. >Anon, for learning magic so quickly.
  4059. >Perhaps with Anon out of school, you'll get to spend more time with her.
  4060. >It might not be a good idea to think of suspension as something to look forward to.
  4062. >Be Anonymous
  4063. >You're laying in bed, staring up at the ceiling through the veil of darkness.
  4064. >You've lost track of time, since you can't just flip the light switch on to look at the clock.
  4065. >You'd long since blown out the candle after spending a few hours reading your book.
  4066. >To be honest you were starting to become fond of reading.
  4067. >However, that fondness was reserved for books about magic.
  4068. >That, and anything that would be considered mythology where you came from.
  4069. >You blew out the candle long after bedtime, and just couldn't fall asleep.
  4070. >Maybe you should just get back up and keep reading.
  4071. >You would probably regret it tomorrow.
  4072. >Even though you weren't going to school, you had a feeling a certain purple princess would be waking you up in the morning.
  4073. >Speaking of that princess, she's been really weird today.
  4074. >At first you thought she just hated you, but now...
  4075. >It's like she's trying to be a parent.
  4076. >Trying to be nice to you.
  4077. >But that actually makes sense when you think about the day you ran off.
  4078. >Why you ran off...
  4079. >Though the running off doesn't make sense.
  4080. >Is she actually going to go through with that?
  4081. >Maybe she already has?
  4082. >You shake your head
  4083. >You're never going to fall asleep with your mind so busy.
  4084. >You hop out of bed and grab a candle
  4085. >After lighting it, you try to use your magic to lift it.
  4086. >You manage to hold it for about 5 seconds before it drops back on the table.
  4087. >Fuck it, you'll just carry it with a hoof.
  4088. >You slip out of your room with the candle in hoof, and start walking down the hall.
  4090. >You know exactly what room you're going for.
  4091. >After walking down the hall, you slowly approach the door, and knock lightly.
  4092. "Starlight?"
  4093. >Nothing.
  4094. >You knock again.
  4095. "Glimmy?"
  4096. >You hear some mumbling from inside.
  4097. >You opt to push open the door.
  4098. >Your hooves clop loudly within the silence of the castle.
  4099. >The small glow of the candle barely illuminates the room.
  4100. >Starlight is laying on her bed, snugly nestled in the covers
  4101. >"Aahh... Anon?"
  4102. "Sorry... I can't sleep."
  4103. >She pulls the covers off her head, looking at you with sleepy eyes.
  4104. "I was wondering... if..."
  4105. >She smiles softly, and pats on an empty space on the bed next to her.
  4106. >You waste no time blowing out the candle
  4107. >You set it on the nightstand, and hop into the bed.
  4108. >You pull yourself into that sweet sweet chest fluff.
  4109. >Starlight puts a leg over you, and you nuzzle her chest.
  4110. "Mmmm..."
  4111. >Before you realize it, you've already fallen asleep.
  4114. >You're awoken by a hoof pressing on your shoulder
  4115. >"C'mon Anon, wakey wakey."
  4116. >God damn, you want more sleep.
  4117. >You ignore the call to wake up, and instead attempt to bury yourself in the cozy embrace of the pink pony.
  4118. >She nudges you again
  4119. >"If you don't wake up, I'll just drag you out of bed."
  4120. "Nuuuuu! But I'm not supposed to go to school!"
  4121. >Starlight gets out of bed.
  4122. >You try to cling to her with no avail.
  4123. >"That doesn't mean you still don't have work to do. I saw that homework packet."
  4124. >Damn.
  4125. >Maybe you could finish it fast enough to get back into bed.
  4126. >You pull yourself out of the bed and hop onto the floor.
  4127. >Now that you think about it, you've never actually been in Starlight's room
  4128. >Feels quaint compared to yours.
  4129. "Fine. I'll get up as long as I can sleep after I'm done."
  4130. >"Sleeping in the middle of the day, huh?" Starlight chides you.
  4131. >You hum in amusement.
  4132. "It wont take me that long."
  4134. >After a shower and breakfast, you're sitting in the library.
  4135. >The day's packet of homework sprawled before you on the desk.
  4136. >More lame ass arithmetic, a couple of very basic geometry problems.
  4137. >A spelling worksheet, and a history reading assignment.
  4138. >You grab a pencil with magic and weakly drag it towards your first worksheet.
  4139. >If anything, the real lesson is a magic one.
  4140. >The only thing slowing you down is the difficulty holding the pencil.
  4141. >You scribble your way through the work as fast as you can move the writing utensil.
  4142. >As you progress, it becomes easier and easier to use the pencil.
  4143. >It only takes you about an hour, but you're already done.
  4144. >You decide it would be best not to run off, and start doodling on a piece of paper.
  4145. >You draw a crude representation of Starlight standing next to another crude representation of yourself.
  4146. >As you're finishing up your picture, the opening door and clopping hooves of Starlight draw your attention.
  4147. >"Hey, just checking on you. How is it coming along? Need any help."
  4148. "Actually, I'm done."
  4149. >"Really? Let me see that." Starlight retorts incredulously.
  4150. >She grabs the stack of worksheets and begins skimming them.
  4151. >You grin smugly
  4152. >"Wow... You're serious..."
  4153. "Yea, so I'm going back to bed now, ok?"
  4154. >"Uh... sure."
  4155. >You go to dash past her, but stop.
  4156. >You pick up your doodle with magic and pass it to Starlight.
  4157. "I drew a picture for you."
  4158. >You skip out of the library before she can say anything.
  4159. >Nap time.
  4161. >Well, at least attempted nap time.
  4162. >You stayed in bed for good while before giving up.
  4163. >You had no way to block the sunlight from piercing the curtains.
  4164. >Rest in peace oh lovely man-cave.
  4165. >Boredom eventually stirs you from bed.
  4166. >You wander the halls of the castle for a bit before entering the main hall.
  4167. >You could go outside.
  4168. >Twilight and Starlight wouldn't mind, would they?
  4169. >You're not going to run away for sure.
  4170. >Especially not into the Everfree Forest.
  4171. >You trot up to the door, and pull it open.
  4172. >The sights, sounds, and smells of a nice day assault your senses as you gaze out the door towards Ponyville.
  4173. >A strange popping sound from behind you startles you, and you instantly let go of the door, letting it close.
  4174. >Did Twilight set up some sort of alarm system so you wouldn't leave?
  4175. >As you turn around you are flabbergasted by what you see.
  4176. >"Oh Twilight! Yoohoo!"
  4177. >It's a floating lizard-horse looking thing, with limbs from different creatures.
  4178. >It's wearing a gaudy Hawaiian shirt and shutter shades, with a pina colada in one had.
  4179. >What the hell?
  4180. >You watch in awe as it floats like a balloon, calling out for Twilight.
  4181. >The creature's head whips around back at you, with its body still facing forward.
  4182. >Its eyes meet yours.
  4183. >You audibly gasp.
  4184. >Oh shit.
  4186. >"Oh, you must be that Anon I've heard ab-"
  4187. >It stops mid sentence, scrutinizing you with an almost accusatory glare as its body whips around to match the head.
  4188. >Honestly, you're too stunned to reply, or do much of anything.
  4189. >"Clever disguise. Might fool almost anypony... Except me, of course."
  4190. "W-haa?"
  4191. >"What are you doing here?"
  4192. "I... live here?"
  4193. >It lifts up a hand and it snaps its fingers.
  4194. >You take a few steps backwards, but somehow fall off an edge.
  4195. >You blink and find yourself in a dark dungeon room, the only source of light being a handful of sconces along the aged stone brick wall.
  4196. >You're lying on a worn wooden table, with metal braces binding each of your limbs to it.
  4197. >You instinctively pull at the bindings to no avail.
  4198. >The creature walks up to you from out of the darkness, without the cheesy beach garb of course.
  4199. >It stops at the edge of the table, its red irises piercing into your soul.
  4200. >They aren't even the same size.
  4201. >You can only gaze in fear and shock as it stands above you.
  4202. "What is this? Who are you?"
  4203. >It laughs maniacally at your obvious expression of fear.
  4204. >"I should ask you the same, human."
  4206. >If you weren't already confused and scared, now you really are.
  4207. >What is this thing, and how could it possibly know what it does?
  4208. >Is it responsible for all of this?
  4209. "What... how... ?"
  4210. >The creature places its hands on the table, leaning in to scrutinize you.
  4211. >You feel naked and exposed, pulling on the bindings in a futile attempt to cover yourself.
  4212. >You're pretty sure this thing is a guy.
  4213. >Hopefully he doesn't plan on rape.
  4214. >"If you thought you could actually succeed here, then you'd be wrong."
  4215. >He disappears with a pop and reappears on the opposite side of the table, wearing a jester's outfit.
  4216. >"You can't make Discord a fool twice..."
  4217. >He rubs in chin in thought, eyes to the ceiling.
  4218. >"...well, at least again. There was that whole elements of harmony fiasco, but that's not relevant!"
  4219. >He devilishly grins as he raises his fist into the air, plunging it down on your chest
  4220. >You yelp in anticipation and clench your eyes shut bracing for the impact, but it never comes.
  4221. >You peek your eyes open to see his fist stuck in your chest
  4222. >Well, sort of.
  4223. >It's in some sort of white glowing hole portal looking thing that just happens to be on your breast.
  4224. >He pulls his fist out, and various strange strings of light burst from the hole, forming a translucent tapestry adorned with strange symbols.
  4225. "What the fuck..."
  4226. >He starts looking at the ghostly image, poking a finger at a few of the markings.
  4227. "What the hell is this? And how do you know that I'm human?"
  4228. >"Oh! That's easy! It's as plain as day, right here!"
  4229. >He points at one of the symbols, but of course you have no idea what the hell any of this is.
  4231. "What are you doing to me? You're not going to rape me, are you?"
  4232. >Those freaky red eyes fixate on you.
  4233. >"Rape? You're really clueless, aren't you?"
  4234. "Yea, no shit. I'm not sure if I'm high or you're a freak of nature."
  4235. >He cackles
  4236. >"Ha ha. To answer your inquiry: yes."
  4237. >He leans over you, putting his free hand in your face.
  4238. >He snaps his fingers inches away from your face, causing you to flinch.
  4239. >As you blink, you find yourself back in Twilight's castle, standing right where you were before.
  4240. >Before you can move, the strange creature is in front of you.
  4241. >He floats in front of you, putting an arm around your shoulder.
  4242. >"Well, we certainly got off on the wrong foot. You can't be too careful with humans, you know. Devious and dangerous things, not to mention... chaotic."
  4243. >His sly grin is unsettling.
  4244. >You meekly try to break the ice.
  4245. "So... who, and what are you?"
  4246. >"Oh, my manners!"
  4247. >He slithers through the air like a snake in front of you.
  4248. >He takes a heroic pose.
  4249. >"I am Discord, Spirit of Chaos!"
  4250. >A spirit of chaos?
  4251. >That actually makes a lot of sense, considering what just happened.
  4252. >That was some pretty bizarre stuff.
  4253. >But then should you really be surprised at it in a world of talking equines?
  4254. "Nice to meet you. I'm Anon."
  4255. >He extends his hand, and you reciprocate with hoof in a pseudo-handshake.
  4256. >"I think you and I will get along..."
  4257. >Before he can finish, Twilight comes clopping down the hall.
  4258. >She stops when she sees the two of you.
  4259. >"Oh, hello Discord."
  4260. >"Princess."
  4261. >Discord performs an inadvertently over the top bow.
  4262. >"I see you've met Anon."
  4263. "He was going to rape me."
  4264. >They both look back to you, Twilight wearing an expression of shock and horror, Discord one of amusement.
  4265. >Discord and you look at each other for a moment before breaking out in laughter, but Twilight is not amused.
  4267. >"Rape is not funny, Anon."
  4268. "Two out of three disagree."
  4269. >Discord wipes a tear from his eye, before pulling a glass bottle from behind his back and dripping the tear inside.
  4270. >"I was right. I usually am."
  4271. >He whisks his hand in a strange motion and the bottle is gone.
  4272. >Twilight shakes her head in frustration.
  4273. >"What are you doing over here anyway? Don't you have your schoolwork to do?"
  4274. "Already done."
  4275. >"What, really? I'd like to see that."
  4276. "Go ask Starlight."
  4277. >"You'd better be telling the truth."
  4278. "I am. But what would you do if I wasn't?"
  4279. >"Well, for one, your magic lessons would be on the line."
  4280. >Damn, its not good for her to have that sort of power over you.
  4281. >It's a good thing you're actually telling the truth.
  4282. >"Boooring!"
  4283. >Discord interjects and pushes himself between the two of you.
  4284. >"I've got something to ask you Twilight! Anon, I'll see you around, for certain."
  4285. >"D-Discord! No!"
  4286. >Before Twilight can resist, Her and discord are sitting on magical brooms being whisked down the halls of the castle.
  4287. "Christ..."
  4288. >That guy is fucking weird.
  4289. >But, actually cool in a way.
  4290. >It might be that the two of you share an interest: fucking with Twilight.
  4291. >You shake your head and turn back to the door.
  4292. >Shit, what were you going to do anyway?
  4293. >God damn it, Discord.
  4295. >You find yourself in the Library again.
  4296. >Going outside had been a consideration, but what would you do exactly?
  4297. >The last time you wandered you almost got eaten.
  4298. >So with that, you decided to browse books in the library.
  4299. >You hadn't really been much of a reader before.
  4300. >In particular, you were looking for books about magic.
  4301. >You figure you could use the free time to do something interesting.
  4302. >This library is massive.
  4303. >Is this library public, or is it Twilight's private collection?
  4304. >She is a massive nerd, that's for sure.
  4305. >You pick a random shelf and start skimming at random.
  4306. >Cooking 101, Cooking 102...
  4307. >Ok, these aren't magic.
  4308. >Of course, there should be sections.
  4309. >When is the last time you were in a library, you illiterate gibbon!
  4310. >Scanning the shelves, you notice labels that mark sections for certain books.
  4311. >Alright, non fiction... now for the magic section...
  4312. >You scan the sections, and finally happen upon it.
  4313. >Though it shouldn't have been that hard, it is one of the largest here it seems.
  4314. >You scan random titles until you find something that interests you
  4315. "Revisiting Rituals: A Practical Application by Sunrise Storm."
  4316. >Meh, why not?
  4317. >You grab the book with your teeth, and carry it over to one of the sturdy oak tables.
  4318. >A mild slam echos through the library as you drop it on the table.
  4319. >Hopping up onto the chair, you pull open the cover with a hoof.
  4320. >You start reading, right from page one.
  4321. >It's sort of interesting.
  4322. >Apparently there is magic that works by doing things like drawing symbols on the ground, sometimes placing items in said symbols.
  4323. >You think back to those kids in school that were into that weird sort of stuff.
  4325. >And also, Twilight wasn't up your ass
  4326. >That Discord guy must really be keeping her busy, because you doubt she would just let you go on your own.
  4327. >Meeting him was certainly an experience you wont forget.
  4328. >And one you don't really want to remember.
  4329. >Something about him really freaks you out.
  4330. >Especially that he knows you aren't actually a filly.
  4331. >Is he some sort of god or something?
  4332. >Able to distort reality.
  4333. >Maybe he has the ability to transform things
  4334. >Like you.
  4335. >He knows you're supposed to be human.
  4336. >Maybe he could change you back?
  4337. >It's worth a shot, even if he is a creep.
  4338. >You'll remember to try and get on his good side.
  4339. >Page after page flips, and the knowledge of the text floods into your brain.
  4340. >At least as well as you would hope, because everything in this book is well beyond anything you're capable of with magic.
  4341. >You can manage to turn the page with manipulation, and thats about the extent of your ability.
  4342. >Although the possibilities with ritual magic are very interesting.
  4343. >The clanking of the opening door draws your attention, and two very familiar horses gaze at you from the doorway.
  4344. >Twilight and Starlight trot up to the table with amused expressions.
  4345. >The princess nudges your shoulder with her head, taking a glance at your book while you try your best to ignore her.
  4346. >"Didn't expect to find you in here... what are you reading?"
  4347. "Leave me alone, purple horse."
  4348. >"Twilight, its Twilight."
  4349. "Purple."
  4350. >She groans, putting a hoof to face.
  4351. >"Are you gonna just sit inside all day?" Starlight jibes as she nudges your other shoulder.
  4352. >What are these mares getting at?
  4354. "Yes."
  4355. >They look at each other before looking back to you.
  4356. >"Well, you can't just sit inside reading all day. It's not healthy."
  4357. >Twilight nudges your shoulder again, causing you to loose your place on the page.
  4358. >"I used to do that, you know. I know from experience its not the way to be."
  4359. >You grunt.
  4360. "Well, Starlight is my friend, right?"
  4361. >Starlight blushes
  4362. >"Well, yea, of course."
  4363. >"No Anon, I mean friends your age."
  4364. >Oh boy, here we go.
  4365. "Ponies my 'age' are not intellectually interesting to me, as we would share no common ground or interests. How exactly would I make friends if that is the case?"
  4366. >Twilight puffs her chest in an authoritative manner.
  4367. >"Anon, you need to go outside and make some friends."
  4368. >It seems you weren't all that convincing.
  4369. >At least you can still be an ass.
  4370. "Why?"
  4371. >"Because... everypony needs friends. Friendship is magic."
  4372. "Sound's cheesy."
  4373. >Before you can try to ignore her again, you're enveloped by a familiar purple haze.
  4374. "Ugh, why can't I just be a reclusive NEET?"
  4375. >"I have no idea what that is, but the answer is no."
  4376. >You huff and fold your arms, scrunching your snout in a pout while being unwillingly drug through the air and out the library by a gleefully prancing princess.
  4377. >Starlight stays in the library, and gives you a sheepish wave as you're magically drug to who knows what kind of pain you'll have to endure.
  4378. >You would 'reeee' some more but it doesn't seem to work.
  4379. >"You're going to make some friends, and I know just the fillies that would be up to the task."
  4381. >Vibrant green apple trees speckled with their ripe red fruit line your path as you walk behind Twilight to who knows where.
  4382. >Thankfully she had put you down after she figured you wouldn't try to run off.
  4383. >You weren't going to, but she still looked back at you now and then to be sure.
  4384. >You jibe at her when she looks back again.
  4385. "Yes, I'm still here."
  4386. >"With a filly like you around, you can never be sure."
  4387. "Where are you taking me anyway? Ponyville is back there."
  4388. >You motion back in the direction of the town with a hoof.
  4389. >"You'll see." She replies with an otherworldly cheerfulness.
  4390. >It put you a little on edge to be honest.
  4391. >She had some little plan, and it probably isn't going to be something you agree with.
  4392. >But unfortunately you don't often find yourself in a position to effectively protest.
  4393. >You see a farmhouse coming up, but instead of heading towards it, Twilight leads you off into the orchard.
  4394. >The two of you stop in front of a treehouse built into one of the apple trees.
  4395. >The tree looks larger and sturdier than the other surrounding trees, making it a natural choice for such a construction.
  4396. >Twilight calls up to the treehouse
  4397. >"Oh girls, we're here!"
  4398. >You hear some faint shuffling before the door bursts open.
  4399. >Three little fillies who you recognize from school try cramming their heads through the door at the same time with questionable success.
  4400. >Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle.
  4402. >"Anon's here!" they cheer in unison.
  4403. "Great..."
  4404. >You mutter under your breath, focusing on the ground.
  4405. >You didn't want to make friends with annoying fillies.
  4406. >Twilight walks behind you and nudges your rump while the fillies climb down the ramp of the tree house.
  4407. >"Go on."
  4408. "But I-"
  4409. >"No buts, now go on and have some fun."
  4410. >You turn to resist, but Applebloom pushes you from the front while Scootaloo drags you by your tail.
  4411. "But I hate having fun!"
  4412. >Sweetie belle leads the other two up the ramp.
  4413. >"Come on already, the tea's going to get cold!"
  4414. >Oh by the gods no.
  4415. >"Have fun girls!"
  4416. >Twilight waves and gives you a cheery grin before teleporting away.
  4417. >Fucking purple.
  4418. >The fillies drag you into their tree house without much more resistance from you, since said resistance is futile.
  4419. >You feel a bit disgusted by the drab and mismatched pink curtains.
  4420. >In the center of the house is a crate being used as a makeshift table, set with a teapot, teacups, and various snacks.
  4421. >Random pillows are set around the table, presumably as seats.
  4422. >Once you're all inside, the fillies let you go and you begrudgingly sit at the table, with the other 3 joining you.
  4423. "So, I have a question. Why would you take the tea off the burner before you're ready to drink it?"
  4424. >They look at each other trying to come up with an answer.
  4425. >"Well..."
  4426. >They giggle at your criticism.
  4427. >They must not realize you're being serious.
  4428. >"The teapot is magic, Anon." Sweetie Belle answers.
  4429. >"It heats up when you activate the magic."
  4430. >Huh, that's actually kinda neat. And convenient.
  4431. "Cool."
  4432. >With that, Sweetie Belle start pouring out cups of tea for each pony present.
  4435. >You look down at your own cup, before picking it up with a hoof and taking a sip.
  4436. >Should have used magic.
  4437. >Also, you hate tea.
  4438. "Its weak, and lukewarm. And I hate tea anyway."
  4439. >You grab one of the buttered breads and munch on it to get the taste out of your mouth.
  4440. >Applebloom reaches down to the side of the table, pulling up a bag.
  4441. >"Good thing ma sis doesn't like it either, We got coffee too!"
  4442. >Now they're speaking your language.
  4443. >She fills up a spare pot with the water and coffee just for you.
  4444. >However, the idea of simply being at a tea party doesn't sit all that well with you.
  4445. >It feels childish. Or British, is there a difference?
  4446. >But then, you are technically a child now.
  4447. >You keep forgetting that fact.
  4448. >Twilight probably put them up to this, may as well be a good guest.
  4449. "Thanks Applebloom."
  4450. >"Yer welcome!"
  4451. >"Surprised that Twilight would even let you outside after getting suspended." Scootaloo chirps up.
  4452. "Yea, I guess so."
  4453. >"It's kind of a surprise really. Tiara has been a lot better about that kind of stuff since the day we got our cutie marks. Not really sure what that was about."
  4454. "Oh well, whats done is done."
  4455. >After an awkward silence, the three fillies start chatting like the little chatter boxes they are, and you pretend to be mildly interested.
  4456. >You really aren't, but you feign it to be nice.
  4457. >Girls will be girls, and that's what they do.
  4458. >Your mind is actually wandering.
  4459. >Mostly to the future.
  4460. >Is this going to be your life now?
  4461. >Back to the first grade, to being a kid again and doing pointless things.
  4462. >Are you really this jaded and cynical to hate it so much?
  4464. >"So Anon, you don't have your cutie mark yet?"
  4465. >Sweetie Belle's question stirs you from your thoughts.
  4466. "Oh, yea. I guess not."
  4467. >You didn't care.
  4468. >What was the point of these marks anyway?
  4469. >It's not like your purpose is set in stone at birth, right?
  4470. >Do we not carve our own paths through the winding river we call living?
  4471. >"Well, don't you wish it would appear alrealdy? I think you're the only one in class left without one!" Scootaloo pipes up.
  4472. >Sweetie nudges her.
  4473. >"Don't embarass her! It's like you forgot that we didn't have our own!"
  4474. "Oh, I really don't care."
  4475. >Sweetie and Scootaloo freeze, while Applebloom spits her tea.
  4476. >"WHAT?!"
  4477. >You're a little surprised, but feign a bit more
  4478. "Huh? What's the issue?"
  4479. >"Gosh, I never thought id see this. A pony who doesn't care about a cutie mark. Thats like, yer life callin'!"
  4480. "My what? That's nonsense."
  4481. >"No it aint! See!"
  4482. >The three fillies stand up and raise their flanks for you to see
  4483. >All their cutie marks are almost identical, with a variation of stylization in the middle.
  4484. >They're really ugly, but you decide to refrain from expressing that opinon.
  4485. >"Cutie marks are a representation of your talents, or your purpose."
  4486. >"Ours represent our journey in discovering our own cutie marks, and how we help others discover and realize their own."
  4487. >"Cutie Mark Crusaders forever!" They cheer in unison.
  4488. >You visibly cringe at the display.
  4489. "So... your calling in life is to help others find their calling... thats kind of depressing."
  4490. >They ignore your observation.
  4491. >"Maybe we could help you find your special talent!" Scootaloo bounces, flapping her wings.
  4492. >"Of course!" Sweetie clops her hooves.
  4493. "Why? It's just some dumb mark. I really don't care enough to even consider that."
  4494. >Plus you don't want to be around them more than you need to.
  4495. >"Gosh, she's serious, aint' she?"
  4497. >The three of them get up from the table and huddle nearby, whispering and giggling to one another.
  4498. >You eye them suspiciously while taking a swig of coffee, pondering what exactly it is they're doing.
  4499. >Damn sneaky fillies with their sneaky plans.
  4500. >They break their huddle and sit back down at the table.
  4501. >"So Anon, what do you like to do for fun?" Sweetie Belle
  4502. "Fun?"
  4503. >"Yea, you know... what do you enjoy doing?"
  4504. "I know what you mean, you dork."
  4505. >She giggles.
  4506. >You ponder for a second.
  4507. "Well, I like video games. Do those even exist here?"
  4508. >"Uh, yea. Have you lived under a rock your whole life?"
  4509. >Wait, really?
  4510. >This is good news.
  4511. "Where are these video games then?"
  4513. >She wasn't lying, there were in fact video games.
  4514. >The four of you stood in front of what was obviously an arcade.
  4515. >The sounds and bright lights take you back to years long ago.
  4516. >Apparently, Ponyville had an entire penny arcade and you hadn't even noticed.
  4517. >Though to be fair, it was hardly noticeable from a distance.
  4518. >It looked like a large sheet-metal storage shed.
  4519. >Sweetie Belle leads the charge inside.
  4520. >"Come on, hurry! lets go!"
  4521. >Applebloom and Scootaloo give each other a knowing look and laugh before following their friend.
  4522. >That was a bit suspicious, maybe something else is going on.
  4523. >You follow the trio of fillies into the gaming wonderland.
  4524. >As you enter, you feel like you're traveling through time.
  4525. >The whirring and blinging sounds assault your ears, and the bright lights flashing from the arcade games lights the would-be dark room like an overcharged disco ball.
  4526. >You can't help but grin from ear to ear as you make your way through the arcade behind the cutie mark crusaders, trying to take in all the sights of the arcade games.
  4527. >The place is fuller than you would imagine, with a majority of the games having at least one player.
  4528. >What's even cooler is that there are some games you even recognize.
  4529. >Of course, they're ponified versions.
  4530. >The similarities between Equestria and home were uncanny if not unsettling.
  4531. >At this point finding ponified versions of things from home was an expectation rather than a surprise.
  4532. >You're surprised to see a couple of RPGs in arcade form though.
  4533. >Dungeon Master catching your eye, which causes you to shed a single tear of joy.
  4535. >You finally catch up to Sweetie Belle, who is currently looking around the arcade, seemingly looking for something, or somepony.
  4536. >"He's not here Sweetie, come on!" Scootaloo pulls at her torso.
  4537. >Who is she looking for?
  4538. >Scootaloo grabs her by the neck and drags her along with the rest of you.
  4539. >After trading some bits for game coins, the group of you start wandering the arcade looking for a game to play.
  4540. >The transfer rate seems pretty good
  4541. >You should be able to play for a long time.
  4542. >"Lets find a game to play. Pick one Anon."
  4543. >You scan the arcade floor, looking for a game that looked like fun.
  4544. >Pinball, nope. PacPony, nope.
  4545. >When you're eyes land on it, you know that it is the one.
  4546. "That one."
  4547. >You signal it out with a hoof.
  4548. >The four of you trot up to the machine of your choice.
  4549. >"Gauntlet?"
  4550. "Yes, Gauntlet. Lets do this."
  4551. >You pull yourself up onto one of the stools, and slot a coin into the proper slot.
  4552. >It's very strange that there would be arcade games in what you thought was a medieval-tech world.
  4553. >Magic is obviously how these things work, because you distinctly notice no power cables.
  4554. >Things like these are what make you more and more curious about the function of magic.
  4555. >What it can do.
  4556. >The possibilities seem endless.
  4557. >And to top it off, the games weren't terrible either.
  4558. >For being arcade games at least.
  4560. >Four fillies, including yourself make your way out of the arcade in a chorus of giggles.
  4561. >You had lost track of time, but it was certainly approaching dinnertime.
  4562. >"I still can't believe you did that Anon!" Scootaloo snorts.
  4563. >"Wait, the high score, or her initials?" Sweetie raises an eyebrow in inquiry.
  4564. >"Both!"
  4565. >"Everypony walkin' by that game is gonna see 'SEX' on the top o' the screen." Applebloom giggles.
  4566. >In fact, you're all still giggling about it.
  4567. >It's something you had always wanted to do, but never managed to.
  4568. >To get the top score, and set your initials as something appropriateness.
  4569. >like ASS or SEX.
  4570. >The calm exterior almost feels foreign after being in the arcade.
  4571. >Almost like traveling to another world, and then back again.
  4572. >After walking for a bit, Scootaloo nudges Sweetie with her shoulder
  4573. >"Too bad Button wasn't there, huh Sweetie?"
  4574. >"N-no, its ok, wait."
  4575. >Scootaloo puts on a shit-eating grin.
  4576. >"Scoots!"
  4577. >Sweetie's cheeks turn crimson.
  4578. >"I can't help it, its always fun to tease you about your crush."
  4579. >"He's not my crush!"
  4580. >"Suuuuuuure."
  4581. >You roll your eyes.
  4582. >Scootaloo nudges your shoulder next.
  4583. >"So, Anon, who's your crush?"
  4584. "Uhh..."
  4585. >This is kind of awkward, they don't really know about you.
  4586. "Nopony."
  4587. >"Oh come on, you gotta like somepony! Even Applebloom has a crush too!"
  4588. "Well, uh... I..."
  4589. >How are you gonna weasel out of this question?
  4590. >Do you even like ponies?
  4591. >"C'mon, go easy Scoots, she's shy!" Applebloom chimes.
  4593. >The path ahead breaks off, with one direction leading to the castle.
  4594. "Oh, hey, uh, looks like this is my stop. Cya!"
  4595. >You take off running to the castle.
  4596. >"Wait! Anon!"
  4597. >You ignore Scootaloo and keep running
  4598. >"Ha, whatever. We'll find out soon enough!"
  4599. >So she thinks.
  4600. >After you look back and see they've moved on, you slow down to a walk.
  4601. >A few birds flutter by overhead, and you can't help but smile.
  4602. >Maybe life isn't so bad here.
  4603. >It's different, make no mistake.
  4604. >A much simpler experience; Relatively speaking, at least.
  4605. >You push open the large double doors to the castle, and merrily trot inside humming an old tune.
  4606. >As you turn to close them again, a voice startles you.
  4607. >"So cheery, somepony must have had fun."
  4608. >You whip around to find Starlight in the middle of the hall.
  4609. >Was she waiting for you?
  4610. "N-no I didn't! It was awful!"
  4611. >Starlight rolls her eyes.
  4612. >"Suuuure it was."
  4613. "But it was! Tea parties suck, and arcade games are the worst!"
  4614. >"The sound of a liar. Come on cutie, it's time for dinner."
  4615. >You grunt and follow her through the hallway
  4616. "I'm not cute either, b-baka!"
  4618. >Another day in Equestria.
  4619. >The days seem to be going by a little faster now.
  4620. >You guess that's part of doing anything new.
  4621. >At first it seems like such a chore, and the time goes by slow.
  4622. >Before you know it, you're in the swing of things and you find yourself getting grey hair.
  4623. >Figuratively, of course.
  4624. >You did actually go backwards in a sense.
  4625. >Or would it be more of a sidestep?
  4626. >You shake the daydream out of your head and focus back on the haphazardly spread out worksheets in front of you.
  4627. >You decided to do the entire week's worth of work now.
  4628. >It's really easy, and you're really bored.
  4629. >You scribble down the last few answers before tossing the quill onto the table.
  4630. >You're getting used to the magic thing.
  4631. >Using the quill is not even an issue now.
  4632. >Which is a good thing, because it tastes weird.
  4633. >How may ponies mouths have been on it?
  4634. >Isn't that unsanitary?
  4635. >Oh well, its not your problem anymore.
  4636. >You stack up all the papers neatly in a pile.
  4637. >A quick glance at the clock reveals the time to be much sooner than you had anticipated.
  4638. >Hopefully, Twilight or Starlight shouldn't bother you for a while, but you don't feel like waiting around for them.
  4639. >Oh well, you were going to have plenty of free time anyway, especially with all that work done.
  4640. >But Twilight would probably think of something to make you do.
  4641. >Damn Purple always tryin' to hold a nigga' down.
  4642. >You trot leisurely out of the library and head towards the room with the weird magic map table.
  4643. >Maybe somepony is in there, and you can bother them.
  4645. >As you approach the throne room, you hear the sounds of somepony talking.
  4646. >Well, its multiple ponies, and its obviously not Twilight or Starlight.
  4647. >The voices are too masculine.
  4648. >You poke your head through the door to see several ponies sitting at the weird map table thing.
  4649. >You recognize Spike and Discord, but you don't know the other two.
  4650. >A large red stallion with a straw colored mane, and a gray colt with an even grayer mane.
  4651. >What are they doing?
  4652. >You enter the throne room and walk towards the table, hooves clopping on the tiled floor.
  4653. >They seem too engaged in whatever they are doing to notice you.
  4654. >As you get closer to the table, you're able to start picking up on the conversation.
  4655. >"And we're about to enter the dungeon, and... oh, hey Anon."
  4656. >You reply with a cheesy smile as the others look at you.
  4657. >You look over the table quickly and immediately realize what is happening.
  4658. >Boxes and books, Various sizes and shapes of dice, grid maps with placeholders for characters.
  4659. >This has to be Dungeons and Dragons, or at least the Equestrian equivalent.
  4660. >You suppress a squeal of delight
  4661. >You want nothing more than to get in on this action.
  4662. "Hi. Can I play?"
  4663. >"Uh... this is a boys game." Spike asserts quizzically.
  4664. "Are you saying I'm incapable?"
  4665. >He glances around quickly to the other players before continuing.
  4666. >Out of the corner of your eye you see Discord eyeing you suspiciously.
  4667. >He still creeps you out.
  4668. >"No! I mean, its just... you're a girl."
  4669. "And?"
  4670. >"You really want to play?"
  4671. "Yes."
  4672. >"Huh..."
  4674. >Another familiar voice echos from the door.
  4675. >"Oh Anon! where are you?"
  4676. >Of course its Starlight
  4677. >And you're glad it wasn't Twilight.
  4678. >Before you can turn and reply, she's already trotting up to you.
  4679. >"I take it you're done with your schoolwork?"
  4680. "I finished it."
  4681. >"Oh, how much did you get done?" She smiles and clops her front hooves together, while sitting on her haunches.
  4682. "All of it."
  4683. >She pauses mid clop
  4684. >"All of it... what do you mean?"
  4685. "All of it. As in, every last bit."
  4686. >"Well... uh. Wow, ok."
  4687. >Discord cleares his throat, and Starlight flinches.
  4688. >"Sorry, we'll leave you to your 'guys night,' come on Anon."
  4689. >Starlight starts walking out, dragging you along with a magical grip.
  4690. "But I want to play!"
  4691. >She stops, dropping you and looking back incredulously.
  4692. >"Wait, really?"
  4693. >She looks over at Spike who shrugs.
  4694. >"I don't know... You know how Twilight is with her plans and schedules..."
  4695. >You give her puppy dog eyes
  4696. "Pwease?"
  4697. >"How long will you be playing, Spike?"
  4698. >"Uh, a few hours I guess?"
  4699. >"You know what? why not?"
  4700. >What really? She's just gonna let you stay here?
  4701. >Fuck yes!
  4702. >No complaints from you
  4703. >You wrap your hooves around her neck in a hug
  4704. "Thank you!"
  4705. >"You're welcome, sweetie."
  4706. >Wait, did she just?
  4707. >Forget about it, you're about to do something awesome.
  4708. >"I'll be back in a few hours then, and I expect you to behave Anon... and to be here when I get back."
  4710. "Yea, yea."
  4711. >You dismissively wave a hoof at her and grab a chair and pull up to the table.
  4712. >The other occupants of the table eye each other warily.
  4713. >Except for Discord, he's snoring.
  4714. "So... I know Discord and Spike. I'm Anon, by the way."
  4715. >Spike seems to be the leader of the game.
  4716. >"Oh, this is Big Mac."
  4717. >"E-yup." The massive stallion nods.
  4718. >Does he lift?
  4719. >"And this is Rumble."
  4720. >"u-um... h-hi."
  4721. >The colt hangs his head low, and wont even make eye contact.
  4722. >What's his deal?
  4723. >Whatever, it's time to get your /tg/ on.
  4724. >"So, Starlight follows you everywhere now?"
  4725. "Yea, it's part of being amazing."
  4726. >Spike rolls his eyes and hands you a set of rule sheets.
  4727. >"Alright then, you know how to play?"
  4728. >You skim it quickly.
  4729. >The rules are reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5
  4730. >A bit different, but you can easily squeak by.
  4731. >And break the game.
  4732. "Yes."
  4733. >"Alright then, What class do you want to play?"
  4734. "Wizard."
  4735. >"But we already have a wizard, maybe you should try something else?"
  4736. >"No, I'm playing a wizard."
  4737. >"Alright then... go ahead and make a spell list."
  4738. >You start writing down your list of spells.
  4739. >You smile to yourself.
  4740. >These nerds are in for a surprise.
  4741. >You hand Spike a copy of your spell list.
  4742. >He skims the list before looking up to you.
  4743. >"Uh... Are you sure you know how to play?"
  4744. >You raise an eyebrow.
  4745. "Yes, why would you say that?"
  4746. >"Your spells, there's no damage spells."
  4747. "And?"
  4748. >"What good is a wizard without damage spells?"
  4749. >Discord interjects
  4750. >"Whatever, lets play. I suppose you'll just have to carry her."
  4751. >So they think.
  4753. >Discord slithers into the air over the table and wiggles his fingers
  4754. >"Alright then - enough delays. Shall we?"
  4755. >"Yea!"
  4756. >"E-yup."
  4757. "Wait, what are you doOO-!?"
  4758. >Before you can finish, Discord snaps his fingers and you feel yourself falling before landing on a cold stone floor.
  4759. "Ow! What the hell!?"
  4760. >You look around but you can only see darkness
  4761. >What the hell did that asshole Discord do this time?
  4762. >A glowing light soon emanates from an object, which you soon recognize as a staff.
  4763. >Holding the staff is Spike, wearing a green wizard hat and cape and sporting a long gray beard.
  4764. >A bit too stereotypical for your taste.
  4765. >"Oh, sorry, forgot about one detail."
  4766. "What is going on?"
  4767. >"We're IN the game."
  4768. "Wait, seriously?"
  4769. >Spike turns and shoots a bolt of energy that hits a torch on the wall, which in turn spreads to other torches along the walls.
  4770. >It seems you're in some sort of underground chasm.
  4771. >The walls are made of rough unhewn stone, with a high reaching staircase in the center of the room.
  4772. >You can't see far enough to see where they lead, and there are no railings.
  4773. >Its as if the stairs were carved out of the stone itself.
  4774. >You pick yourself up and dust off, noticing your new apparel.
  4775. >A spellbook held by a golden chain is wrapped around your shoulder, and you're wearing a saddlebag with various pouches, potions, and other wizardy things.
  4776. >Could be cooler, but at least its not cliche.
  4777. >Big Mac is now a unicorn wearing black plate armor and a greatsword
  4778. >Rumble is wearing his own set of blue plate, with a spellbook much like your own, and a large shield strapped to his arm.
  4779. >The mace too... of course he's the healbot.
  4780. >And Discord...
  4781. >When you look at him you can't help but laugh.
  4782. >The Longbow, green tunic, leather bracers, and flowing blonde hair.
  4783. >You're surprised he didn't add pointy ears to the ensemble.
  4785. >Discord scowls at you
  4786. >"What's so funny?"
  4787. "ah, n-nothing, haha.."
  4788. >"So, here we are, at the entrance to The Squizard's secret lair, where he is holding the princess Shmarity captive" Spike chimes in.
  4789. >Your laughter bubbles to the surface again, but you barely manage to contain it this time.
  4790. >What a poor, helpless lad.
  4791. >This is going to be an 'interesting' adventure.
  4793. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  4794. >You're doing some very important work.
  4795. >Important enough that Anon must be kept busy, and away from the castle.
  4796. >Very, VERY important work.
  4797. >Fortunately, you have Starlight as a friend
  4798. >And she happens to be very good with your adopted daughter.
  4799. >You're still a little jealous of that, but Anon will warm up to you eventually.
  4800. >You're sure of it.
  4801. >Your visitor should be here any moment now.
  4802. >You have all of the containers ready.
  4803. >They're laid neatly on the tables in the library, ready for their contents.
  4804. >Starlight should be keeping anon busy, and everything will go according to plan.
  4805. >In truth it was better if both of them were gone for this.
  4806. >So now you sit, and wait.
  4807. >You're too nervous to read, or do much else.
  4808. >The room is silent, and you can hear clopping hooves outside the library.
  4809. >You think of sealing the room shut with magic, but the door opens before you can.
  4810. >It's Starlight.
  4811. >Oh shit, where is Anon?
  4812. "Starlight, where is Anon?"
  4813. >"Yea... about that."
  4814. "Starlight, remember how I said this was important?"
  4815. >"She... uh... wanted to play that game with Spike and his friends. Oubliettes and Ogres, was it?"
  4816. >You recoil in surprise
  4817. "Really?"
  4819. >"Yea, that was my response too. I tried to drag her out but she gave me those pouty eyes. I couldn't resist."
  4820. "You've got to be more strict with her."
  4821. >"I guess, I couldn't bear to see her sad, you know?"
  4822. >You sigh.
  4823. "Maybe... maybe this will work."
  4824. >She could be here at any moment, you need to think fast.
  4825. "Yes, this will work, I guess I don't need your help anymore."
  4826. >"I'm sorry Twilight."
  4827. "No, no, It's fine! How about you treat yourself to that new spa treatment you were talking about the other day? This is a perfect opportunity!"
  4828. >Her eyes light up.
  4829. >"Oh yea, what a good idea!"
  4830. >She trots to to door and waves back at you
  4831. >"I'll catch you later then!"
  4832. >you wave back.
  4833. "Yea! Bye!"
  4834. >As the door shuts behind her, you wrap a magic chain lock on the door.
  4835. >No interruptions.
  4836. >Impeccable timing too.
  4837. >As soon as you fastened the arcane lock on the door, the portal had already begun fizzling with energy.
  4838. >Electrical arcs of magical energy dance down the conduits and into the various components before activating the mirror portal.
  4839. >With a loud zap and a pop, a familiar amber pony comes tumbling through the mirror, landing on her belly.
  4840. "Sunset!"
  4841. >You quickly trot over to help her up.
  4842. >She's obviously a bit dazed and disoriented.
  4843. >"Oh god... Twilight?"
  4844. >You give her a hoof and help her up before giving her a hug.
  4845. >"Hey Twi... It's a weird feeling trying to walking on hooves after all this time."
  4846. "Thanks for helping me out on such short notice."
  4847. >"Of course."
  4848. >She tries to walk on only her hind hooves, almost falling over in the process.
  4849. >You stifle a giggle with hoof.
  4850. "Take it easy."
  4851. >"Eh, just gotta rewire my brain and I'll be good!"'
  4852. >You're glad she's here
  4853. >Hopefully everything will go according to plan.
  4855. >You are Anonymous.
  4856. >Actually, you are God.
  4857. >Well, that's your character's name at least.
  4858. >You are joined by your companions: Garbuncle the Magician, Sir McBiggun, Captain Wuz, and Deacon Cobalt.
  4859. >Or as you like to call them: Worthless, Big Stupid Fighter, Legolas "Should have rolled rogue," Greenleaf, and Healbot.
  4860. "Why did you put so many stairs in this dungeon? Did you forget we'd have to climb them?
  4861. >You and your party are climbing up the unreasonable amount of stairs.
  4862. >What idiot put no handrails on these stairs?
  4863. >Is this the cave of wonders?
  4864. >You hope there's a genie's lamp at the top
  4865. >If anything, there are probably baddies behind you.
  4866. >"Ask the Squizard, it was his idea after all." Garbuncle shoots back at you.
  4867. "Well, its your adventure design, isn't it?"
  4868. >Your retort irritates him
  4869. >"Can you at least try to stay in character? It's not cool to metagame!"
  4870. >Hm, can't argue that
  4871. >But still, it wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to physically climb all these damn stairs.
  4872. >You look over the side of the stairs, and the long drop sends shivers down your spine.
  4873. >As you're nearing the top, the stairs meet the cavern wall and a large ornate door.
  4874. >"Alright, this is the entrance, we just have to.."
  4875. >Garbuncle is interrupted by shouts from behind.
  4876. >"Its the intruders! Get them!"
  4877. >Wicked looking armor-clad skeletons are following you up the steps.
  4878. >Oh boy, here we go.
  4879. >"Oh no, we must stand our ground and fight toe to toe without falling to our deaths! They must have waited for this moment to attack!"
  4880. >And this is why you call Sir McBiggun "Big Stupid Fighter."
  4881. >"Oh, what a surprise! What ever will we do?"
  4882. >You couldn't drip your words in even a drop of more sarcasm.
  4884. >BSF readies his sword against the oncomming attackers, and the other party members ready themselves as well.
  4885. >By the gods why do they make everything so complicated?
  4886. >You facehoof before stepping in front of BSF, gently moving him to the side.
  4887. "Gods, just stop already, I got this."
  4888. >You roll your eyes while muttering the incantation of the spell as you channel it
  4889. >Several balls of slimy grease materialize over the stairs below
  4890. >They soon fall, bathing the steps in a slick covering.
  4891. >As your would-be attackers climb, they slip and fall on the now greasy stairs and fall off the sides, and back into eachother.
  4892. >As your group stands with mouths agape watching the carnage, you grab a match from your bags with magic, light it, and toss it into the grease.
  4893. >The stairs are now bathed in a layer of flames, preventing any more attackers from reaching you.
  4894. >"I... Uh... Okay."
  4895. >You smirk gleefully while walking back up the stairs past BSF, bumping his rump with your own.
  4896. "Leave killing to the pros."
  4897. >You step up to the door, with Legolas and Worthless already observing the door.
  4898. >"Its... locked. How will we open it?" Legolas ponders.
  4899. >"Gee... if only we had a shady but resourseful member of the party who could deal with this sort of problem..."
  4900. >Damn, passive aggressive much?
  4901. >Stupid worthless wizard is in for a surprise.
  4902. >You had prepared some lock opening spells before hand because you knew you would need one, because the rest of your party is retarded.
  4903. >With a gesture and a sprinkling of reagents on the lock, you hear the tumblers click and the doors slowly part.
  4904. >You let out a loud 'ha' before walking through the door.
  4905. "Yea, wouldn't that be something?"
  4907. >Your party makes its way through the lair with relative ease.
  4908. >Rooms and cooridors filled with the Squizard's minions put up stiff resistance.
  4909. >They were no match for your superior arcane abilities though.
  4910. >Sure, your group helped.
  4911. >Big Stupid Fighter soaked up all the damage.
  4912. >Worthless Wizard shot fireballs at things.
  4913. >Legolas put arrows in everything.
  4914. >Healbot kept them healed.
  4915. >You didn't need healing because you were too amazing to take damage.
  4916. >A little bit.
  4917. >Honestly, they would probably would be dead if it wasn't for you ability to alter reality.
  4918. >They would often celebrate their victory over your foes with rowdy cheers.
  4919. >Let the mortals have their fun.
  4920. >They would pick through the bodies after the carnage, taking whatever they thought was valuable.
  4921. >You weren't really that interested beyond the gold pieces.
  4922. >You were more interested in finding the Squizard's library.
  4923. >Maybe he has some neato spells that you havent come across yet
  4924. >More spells in the book is never a bad thing.
  4925. >But still, no sign of the dork himself, or his library.
  4926. >You're all back in the entrance hall of the dungeon.
  4927. >A large staircase leads up to the second floor from the center, and various doors and hallways lead to other areas in the labrynth.
  4929. >You're beginning to get disappointed.
  4930. >"So the Squizard is supposed to be here somewhere."
  4931. >No shit BSF
  4932. >"There's no question he is here, the question is where."
  4933. >"Perhaps there is some sort of ritual somewhere. It wouldn't be surprising if he has inter-dimensional refuges." Healbot adds
  4934. >Very likely, actually.
  4935. >At least Healbot is sort of smart.
  4936. >Even if he doesn't say much of anything, it's apparent he knows what he's doing at least.
  4937. >BSF leans on the stair railing, and it shifts to the side before returning to its place.
  4938. >You hear a deep rumbling of stone as the floor opens up into a descending staircase.
  4939. "Aw man, really? We could have just skipped the whole crawl and got to the good bits."
  4940. >BSF leads the way as you all make the descent.
  4941. >This damn Squizard guy really likes stairs.
  4943. >Stairs.
  4944. >Lots more stairs.
  4945. >What the fucking hell, these god damn stairs are going to turn you homicidal
  4946. >Your hooves are starting to hurt from all this clippity clopping.
  4947. >Could it get worse?
  4948. >Actually, yes.
  4949. >God damnit, why now of all times?
  4950. "Stop."
  4951. >The others turn to look at you with worry.
  4952. >"What is it? What's the matter?"
  4953. "I... need to pee."
  4954. >They all groan in unison.
  4955. >"Ugh, really? what's up with girls and having to pee all the time?"
  4956. >This Garbuncle fellow is a real treat.
  4957. >You start tip-toeing and hopping in place.
  4958. "Hey! Its not easy when you don't have a-"
  4959. >fuck, its getting worse.
  4960. "I need to BATHROOM NOW!"
  4961. >Discord rolls his eyes and tears a dimensional rift in the wall with a paw.
  4962. >"Hurry up, we'll be waiting."
  4963. >Without hesitation you jump through.
  4964. >You wouldn't normally jump into a tear into reality, but you need to plant your filly ass on a toilet ASAP.
  4965. >In a blink you find yourself standing in the throne room of Twilight's castle.
  4966. >You waste no time and run through the hall as fast as your little legs will take you.
  4968. >The halls fly by in a blur as you dart towards the restroom
  4969. >Although, it is a bit difficult to run when you're trying to pinch your hindquarters together so you don't pee yourself.
  4970. >hopefully you don't run into Twilight.
  4971. >Ain't got no time for her shit, you've got a bladder full of urine to drain.
  4972. >Speaking of the devil, you almost bump into her as you round a corner.
  4973. >Your face is mere inches from her breast
  4974. >"Oh, uh, hey Anon..."
  4975. "NO TIME! BATHROOM!"
  4976. >You shove between her and another pony she was with in a mad dash
  4977. >As you run past you realize you've never seen that mare before.
  4978. >That mane... is it ketchup and mustard? Maybe bacon.
  4979. >You skid to a halt at the restroom door, and slam the door open.
  4980. >As fast as you slam it open, you slam it closed and scramble onto the toilet.
  4981. >A great wave of relief washes over you as you do your business.
  4982. >Your pretty sure you just about peed yourself moments before sitting down.
  4983. >You make your way back throught the castle and to the throne room feeling much more comfortable.
  4984. >The strange and dangerous portal leers back at you, inviting you back to adventure.
  4985. >You can't help but wonder who that pony was.
  4986. >As you hop back through the portal, the group is sitting around on the stairs with a deck of cards out.
  4987. >"Took you long enough..."
  4988. >Garbuncle is a whiny bitch.
  4989. "Whatever, lets go!"
  4991. >The descent leads you into a large circular room with runes carved into the walls.
  4992. >On the far end of the room is a door and a cage.
  4993. >And there is a bizarre squid-looking thing standing in front of the door.
  4994. >Robes, wizard hat, check.
  4995. >You're pretty sure its that squizard thing Garbuncle was talking about earlier.
  4996. >What a retarded looking fuckface.
  4997. >The cage has another pony in it who you immediately recognize as a caricature of Rarity.
  4998. >"Oh, have the heroes come to save me?"
  4999. >You're going to need a bottle of wine to go with this cheese.
  5000. >"You dare defile my sanctuary?" The Squizard shouts from the other end of the room.
  5001. >"We're here to save the princess!"
  5002. "Well, I want your stuff."
  5003. >He scoffs.
  5004. >"Think you can just pilfer me? Think again!"
  5005. >He pulls a vase from his pocket and smashes it on the ground.
  5006. >The walls start to rumble as hulking creatures made of stone pull themselves out.
  5007. >Stone golems? what a noob.
  5008. >Your party readies itself for combat against the lumbering stones while you roll your eyes.
  5009. "Get them all bunched up nicely, and I'll make short work of them."
  5011. >"How? Aren't they immune to spells?" Cobalt queries.
  5012. "Not exactly."
  5013. >"Alright, I hope you know what you're doing."
  5014. "I am god, after all."
  5015. >You turn to Legolas.
  5016. "See if you can't put some of your dumb arrows in that douchebag, make him sweat a bit."
  5017. >"What about the golems?!" He scoffs.
  5018. "We'll handle them, just make Mr. Mage doo-doo his pants."
  5019. >Your team moves up to meet the advancing stones while you turn your attention to the wannabe.
  5020. >He's smiling a stupid squid smile.
  5021. >And you're going to wipe it off his face.
  5022. >You were prepared to deal with him today.
  5023. >He begins an incantation.
  5024. >Some stupid worthless spell no doubt.
  5025. >You've already got a counterspell ready for him.
  5026. >As the spell is released from his wand focus, your own spell is released and collides with his.
  5027. >As they spells collide they are both negated.
  5028. >You put on a shit-eating grin as you see his disgruntled expression.
  5029. >"H-how dare you! Nopony disrupts my spells!"
  5030. "Get fucked nerd."
  5032. >"Anon!"
  5033. >Big Stupid Fighter is shouting at you.
  5034. >Him and Healbot are taking heavy hits from the golems, but they're got their attention and they're all in a group.
  5035. >Perfect, they managed to be useful idiots.
  5036. >You channel your next spell and cast.
  5037. >The ground beneath the golems turns into corrosive acid.
  5038. >The hulking stone beasts begin sinking into the pool as their legs dissolve.
  5039. >Content with your work, you turn back to Mr. Mage.
  5040. >He's casting a spell, and its coming right for you!
  5041. >The magical bolt hits you right in the chest and knocks you over.
  5042. >The world is still spinning as you try to get to your feet.
  5043. >You're seeing spots.
  5044. >That hurt a lot and you're probably bleeding.
  5045. >Lucky bastard actually got a spell off.
  5046. >It wont save him though.
  5047. >You turn to him in time to see Legolas put a few arrows in his backside
  5048. >Hey, he's actually somewhat useful.
  5049. >Better a glass cannon then a waste of space.
  5050. >The mage grunts in pain as he falls to the ground.
  5051. >Big Stupid Fighter moves in and delivers the coup de grace and flexes triumphantly.
  5052. >"Ah yea, we showed him who is the boss!"
  5053. >Yea, let him have his moment.
  5054. >He wouldn't have had the chance if you weren't busy destroying everything.
  5055. >You shake off the spinning feeling and make your way over to him.
  5056. >Your other companions do the same as the golems are dissolved in the acid.
  5057. >"Yea! We're the best!" BSF and Garbuncle cheer while sharing a hoofbump.
  5058. >Healbot is tending to you.
  5059. >"H-hold still Anon, this will only take a m-moment."
  5060. "Fucking relax, its not like I have cooties or something."
  5061. >He hesitates a bit before continuing.
  5062. >You feel the tingling sensation of the restorative magic wash over you.
  5063. >It clears your bruises and closes your cuts.
  5064. >Feels like nothing ever happened to you.
  5065. "Alright, lets see what this guy has. Hopefully some juicy loot."
  5066. >"W-what about the princess?"
  5067. "Oh, yea, uhh, sure. You can handle that yea?"
  5069. >You are Starlight Glimmer.
  5070. >And you love the spa.
  5071. >They sure know how to pamper a pony.
  5072. >Hooficures, mudbaths, facials, the works.
  5073. >You haven't felt this great in a long time.
  5074. >Anon would have never agreed to do anything of this sort.
  5075. >And the both of you would have missed out.
  5076. >Such a stubborn little filly.
  5077. >Stubborn but lovable.
  5078. >You hope leaving her alone wasn't a bad idea.
  5079. >Hopefully you don't go to get her only to find that she's gone.
  5080. >Or she's done something bad.
  5081. >Knowing her, that's probably the case.
  5082. >And yet, it doesn't really bother you all that much.
  5083. >It definitely drives Twilight crazy.
  5084. >And her friends too, at least a little bit.
  5085. >Except for Pinkie Pie.
  5086. >But why is that?
  5087. >Why are you the one that has this bond with Anon?
  5088. >Not that you're complaining, It's just something you don't completely understand.
  5089. >But maybe you don't need to.
  5090. "Thank you, It was absolutely wonderful."
  5091. >"Glad you liked it, please come again soon!"
  5092. >Lotus cheerfully takes your bits and you make your way to the front door.
  5093. >Just a quick stroll to the Castle
  5094. >It shouldn't take you too long to get back.
  5095. >Part of you is afraid to see the result of leaving Anon alone.
  5096. >Hopefully the damage isn't too great.
  5097. >You chuckle at that thought as you pass through the streets of Ponyville leading up to Twilight's castle.
  5099. >A brisk walk later and you're standing at the door to Twilight's Castle.
  5100. >And you're really nervous.
  5101. >You pray to Celestia that nothing went wrong.
  5102. >You take a deep breath and push open the door.
  5103. >The structural integrity of the castle hasn't been disturbed
  5104. >Tapestries still hang from the walls, and candles remain in their sconces.
  5105. >Nothing looks destroyed as far as you can see, so it might not be as bad as you first thought.
  5106. >It's quiet though.
  5107. >Maybe too quiet.
  5108. >You trot briskly to the throne room where you left Anon.
  5109. >Your heart is thumping.
  5110. >You peek inside, and there she is
  5111. >She's standing on her chair, with her front hooves on the map table.
  5112. >She's grinning ear to ear, like she's genuinely happy.
  5113. >Your heart melts and flows out as a warm smile as you watch the cute scene unfold
  5114. >"Alright, I got his spellbook. We got everything we wanted out of this place right?"
  5115. >Everypony nods.
  5116. >"Awesome."
  5118. >Spike speaks up.
  5119. >"Well, thats a wrap for today."
  5120. >"What? No more?" Anon pouts.
  5121. >"Nah, I gotta get home soon. My mom will kill me if I stay too late."
  5122. >Rumble hops out of his chair while Anon groans in faux agony.
  5123. >"You're killin' me Spike."
  5124. >Spike starts packing up the game.
  5125. >"Sorry Anon. We play every friday night if you want to play next week."
  5126. >"Damn right I want to play again!"
  5127. "Anon!"
  5128. >She looks to you with wide eyes of sudden realization.
  5129. >"S-sorry!"
  5130. >You shake your head amusedly as you enter the room.
  5131. "How was your game?"
  5132. >Anon bounds off her chair to you.
  5133. >"It was great!"
  5134. >She hugs your leg.
  5135. >gods she's cute.
  5136. "Ready to go then?"
  5137. >"Yea..."
  5138. >She pauses in thought
  5139. >"Can I play next week?"
  5140. "Of course, if thats alright with your new friends."
  5141. >You look to the odd group at the table and they nod.
  5142. >"Sure, Anon's welcome. Its always fun to have another player."
  5143. >Anon turns to them.
  5144. >"Thanks guys, I'll see you next week!"
  5145. "Well come on then, It's almost your bed time, and you need to brush your teeth!"
  5146. >"Wait..."
  5147. >She tries to claw away like a cat but she's no match for your magic.
  5149. >You are Rumble
  5150. >You're watching Anon leave with her mom
  5151. >Rather, being drug out.
  5152. >That weird Discord thing already puffed out in a cloud of smoke.
  5153. >Big Mac already took his leave, so it was just you and Spike.
  5154. >You are trying to wrap your head around what happened today.
  5155. >You thought the group couldn't get any more bizarre, but you've been proven wrong.
  5156. >"Wow..." Spike says as he sets the board in the box
  5157. "Yea, that was something. A filly that plays O&O?"
  5158. >You hop back into your seat.
  5159. >"Not only that, but she just strait up dominated the game!"
  5160. >Spike nudges your shoulder with a fist.
  5161. >"And she's cute."
  5162. >Yea, she really is
  5163. >You feel yourself blushing a little
  5164. >"You should totally ask her out."
  5165. >WHAT
  5166. >You recoil and raise a hoof defensively.
  5167. "What?! N-no! I couldn't!"
  5168. >"Oh, come on!" Spike puts another board in the box
  5169. >"You're the one going on about being all the filly's favorite colt."
  5170. "B-but I cant!"
  5171. >"Why not? Are you chicken?"
  5172. >normally, no. But with her? Yes.
  5173. "No."
  5174. >"Then do it." Spike laughs, putting the last die into the box and closing the lid
  5175. >"Its obvious you like her, You could barely take your eyes off her." He chides you.
  5176. >Were you really checking her out that much?
  5177. >Was it so obvious?
  5178. >You hope she didn't notice.
  5179. >She had a nice plot.
  5180. >You had watched her slight sway as she had left.
  5181. >"Hell man, I'd ask her out myself If I didn't have my own... interests."
  5182. >You cant.
  5183. >You're too nervous.
  5184. >What if she said no?
  5185. >It would make you look dumb.
  5186. >You don't think you could handle the embarrassment of being turned down, especially in lieu of your bragging.
  5187. "Shes out of my league."
  5188. >"Nonsense. Tell you what: next week you ask her out, and I'll back you up."
  5189. >"If you don't I'll steal your cleric's holy symbol, and beat you up or something."
  5190. >He wasn't going to let you out of this.
  5191. >You sigh and hang your head in defeat.
  5192. "Ok."
  5193. >Spike let out a whoop and brohoofs you
  5194. >"Rumble's finally gonna get a marefriend! Now I'll have to make sure you get laid!"
  5196. "Laid!?! w-what?"
  5197. >You don't think you could.
  5198. >You've never even done that before.
  5199. >He laughs at your expense again.
  5200. >"Oh come on man, I'm just kidding! You're so nervous about asking a filly out, Just be yourself."
  5201. >Easy for him to say.
  5202. >Spike picks up the game box and makes his way to the door.
  5203. >"Well, see you next week."
  5204. "Yep, cya."
  5205. >You take your leave from the Princess' castle and start the walk home.
  5206. >As you walk home you can't get Anon out of your mind.
  5207. >Just thinking about her leaves a burning sensation in your chest.
  5208. >She was the perfect mare.
  5209. >Her smile.
  5210. >Her beautiful green eyes.
  5211. >Her rugged but alluring mane.
  5212. >How her eyelashes flutter just a bit when she blinks.
  5213. >That determined look on her face when she was making a game play.
  5214. >The way she just tore that dungeon apart and bent it over like her bitch.
  5215. >She's so good at the game it wasn't even a challenge.
  5216. >You have a suspicious that the difficulty was beefed up on the fly too.
  5217. >And her plot, oh man.
  5218. >She must be the most perfect mare you've ever met.
  5219. >You're stomach is wrenching from nervousness.
  5220. >You can't believe you let Spike pressure you into asking her out.
  5221. >You're excited and you want to cry at the same time.
  5222. >Its going to be a long week of sickening anticipation.
  5224. >Be Anonymous the filly
  5225. >Be sleeping in bed
  5226. >Be sly enough to weasel snuggles out of a certain pink unicorn.
  5227. >Of course, you're cuddled up next to her, enjoying the warm sensation
  5228. >And as always, you don't want to get up.
  5229. >Queue her nudging in 3... 2... 1...
  5230. >Starlight pushes you playfully with a hoof
  5231. >No!
  5232. "I don't want to get up."
  5233. >"You and I both have places to be today."
  5234. >Fuck
  5235. >You don't want to go to school.
  5236. "But, uh, I'm sick! I can't go to school!"
  5237. >"Its saturday."
  5238. >She smiles and nuzzles your face.
  5239. >You nuzzle her back.
  5240. >A heart aching warmth assaults your breast.
  5241. "But I don't wanna."
  5242. >"But we need to."
  5243. "Pwwease?"
  5244. >You give her a pouty lip and large eyes.
  5245. >"Cute, but its not working, Come on, lets get up."
  5246. >She gets out of the bed, leaving an empty space.
  5247. >Man, you were really enjoying that.
  5248. "What is so important that we have to get up on a saturday?"
  5249. >She makes her way to the door
  5250. >"We're going to Canterlot."
  5251. >Canterlot?
  5252. "Whats a Canterlot?"
  5253. >"It's a place, and we're going."
  5254. >You pull the covers over your head.
  5255. >You don't want to leave the bed.
  5256. >Even if you aren't getting cuddles, you aren't moving.
  5257. >Before you can protest any further, Starlight lifts you out of the bed with her magic.
  5258. "Noo!"
  5259. >"Yes. Now get ready, we're leaving soon."
  5260. >Her aura drags you over to the bathroom.
  5261. >You sigh and hang your head in defeat.
  5263. >After a morning routine, you're sitting on a stool in front of your vanity while Starlight sits behind you, brushing your mane.
  5264. >Even more odd, she's not using her magic with the brush, opting to use her mouth instead.
  5265. >Though you have to admit it does feel a bit more intimate.
  5266. >And like a predictable and terribly written fan fiction, Twilight once again interrupts your happy time.
  5267. >You glare in her direction, hoping to deter her.
  5268. >"Are you two ready? The next train for Canterlot leaves in an hour."
  5269. >"Don't worry Twilight, we'll be ready long before then."
  5270. >Twilight smiles.
  5271. >"Well then, meet me in the main hall in 45 minutes. Not a second later."
  5272. >Wait, Purple is coming?
  5273. >God damn double nigger.
  5274. >"Alright, see you!"
  5275. >Twilight nods before leaving the room.
  5276. >Even worse, Starlight stopped brushing your mane.
  5277. "No! Brushie!"
  5278. >"Your mane can't get any more perfect!"
  5279. >you pout.
  5280. "Fine. I guess I'll prepare myself for the inevitable suffering that will be Canterlot."
  5281. >"Oh come on, don't be such a party-pooper, we're going to have fun."
  5282. "Fun? With Purple?"
  5283. >"Oh come on, Twilight isn't that bad."
  5284. "Water isn't wet."
  5285. >"And you aren't cute."
  5286. >You grumble
  5287. >"Now come on, we've got a train to catch."
  5289. >Gods, this train is slow.
  5290. >And it's so boring.
  5291. >And you've only been riding for 30 minutes.
  5292. >The entire trip is supposed to be several hours.
  5293. >In a world without gameboys and music players, it is unbearable.
  5294. >You huff and look back out the window.
  5295. >The quaint countryside rolls by slowly.
  5296. >Every now and then you pass by a barn or a small country house.
  5297. >You were kind of interested in the world outside of Ponyville.
  5298. >And you had to admit, this 'Canterlot' had piqued your interest.
  5299. >What would the capitol of horse land be like?
  5300. >What is the blue princess like?
  5301. >Will she believe that you aren't actually a horse?
  5302. >If only somepony would just believe you.
  5303. >You look over to your two companions.
  5304. >Starlight is sitting next to you, and Twilight is on the opposite bench.
  5305. >They're both reading.
  5306. >Nerds.
  5307. >You have the train car all to yourselves.
  5308. >Canterlot must not get many visitors.
  5309. >You scoot away from the window and nuzzle up to Starlight.
  5310. >She is surprised at first, but embraces the gesture.
  5311. "Mommy, I'm bored."
  5312. >Starlights looks away from her book to you.
  5313. >"Want me to read to you?"
  5314. "Sure."
  5315. >Starlight grabs another book from her bags and starts reading it to you.
  5316. >You wrap a hoof around her arm as her soothing voice reads the story.
  5317. >It's about a princess being held in a castle by an evil witch.
  5318. >You imagine the princess looks like Starlight, and the witch is Twilight.
  5319. >Wait, did you just call her mommy?
  5320. >kinda weird.
  5321. >She didn't seem to mind.
  5322. >And even more strangely, neither did you.
  5324. >You're back to looking out the window.
  5325. >The view from the cliffs is spectacular.
  5326. >And kind of scary.
  5327. >You can see a lot of ground from this high up.
  5328. >Its almost like being on an airplane.
  5329. >Farmlands and forests litter the landscape.
  5330. >You can see the silhouette of Ponyville in the distance.
  5331. >And far off you think you can see what looks like a city in the clouds.
  5332. >You have to admit, this world and its magic impresses you.
  5333. >What kinds of things are possible with magic?
  5334. >Does it completely replace technology?
  5335. >Hopefully there's some magic somewhere that will change you back.
  5336. >Maybe the not bitchy princess will be able to change you back.
  5337. >Your view of Equestria is blocked as the train passes under a massive gateway.
  5338. >You must be here.
  5339. >Its impressive how an entire city could be built on the side of a mountain.
  5340. >The train slow lurches up to the train station.
  5341. >When the train is stopped you merrily make your way to the exit
  5342. >"Hey Anon! Wait for us!"
  5343. >Purple pls go.
  5344. >You're moving full speed out of this accursed train with two mares in tow.
  5346. >Canterlot was much different than Ponyville.
  5347. >The small but decorative buildings hug each other closely while wrapping themselves around the terrain.
  5348. >The narrow streets are filled with all sorts of ponies.
  5349. >Craftsponies, families, merchants, and even nobles fill the streets.
  5350. >There were even other creatures that were not ponies.
  5351. >There were what looked like gryphons, and even a minotaur.
  5352. >Is this world just teeming with life you had only imagined in fantasy?
  5353. >The place is bustling with life.
  5354. >Definitely a contrast from the quiet and serene Ponyville.
  5355. >The castle rises above the rooftops of the city in a majestic glory.
  5356. >Its golden spires pierce the sky as it looms over the city.
  5357. >You were about to run to the castle from the train station, but you realized you didn't know the way.
  5358. >You had to follow Twilight there.
  5359. >You almost lost her a few times just taking the city in.
  5360. >It was amazing.
  5361. >Part of you didn't want to leave.
  5362. >Ponyville be damned.
  5363. >The quiet town life had its perks.
  5364. >But so did the city.
  5365. >You passed by restaurants, shops and stalls selling all kinds of wares, and street performers.
  5366. >"Anon! come on! We can explore later."
  5367. >You get back on track as Starlight calls back to you.
  5369. >After winding through the streets of Canterlot, you make it to the castle.
  5370. >The gardens serve as a shield from the city, separating the two.
  5371. >"Princess Twilight."
  5372. >The two stoic guards at the entrance nod at Twilight before letting your group pass.
  5373. >Your trio enters the gardens through the decorative golden archway.
  5374. >The path leads directly to the castle, and various shrubberies adorn the edges.
  5375. >Various statues of historical figures line the path, a testament to the perseverance and might of the Equestrian nation.
  5376. >The beauty draws you in.
  5377. >The three of you pass through the main entrance into the grand hall.
  5378. >The checkered floor and red carpets pave your way.
  5379. >Tapestries with ornate patterns hang over the gold accented walls.
  5380. >Doors lead off the sides to various other areas of the castle.
  5381. >The staircase leads up towards a beautiful stained glass window before splitting off to the sides.
  5382. >One side of the window depicts the sun and day.
  5383. >The other the moon and the night.
  5384. >Twilight makes her way up the stairs.
  5385. >"The throne room is this way. We may not be able to see the Princesses just yet. Day court is still in session."
  5386. >princesses?
  5387. >as in plural?
  5388. "Wait, there's more?"
  5389. >Twilight raises an eyebrow at you.
  5390. >"Uh, yea. Have you been living under a rock?"
  5391. "No, I've been living in another universe."
  5392. >She sighs.
  5393. >"Are you ever going to quit with the whole 'I'm not me' charade?"
  5394. "No, because I am in fact not me."
  5395. >She groans.
  5396. >Starlight looks away.
  5397. >"Just... try to behave, ok? You'll be in the presence of royalty."
  5398. "Hopefully they aren't a royal pain like you."
  5399. >"By Celestia..."
  5400. >Twilight trails off as she leads you to the throne room.
  5401. >Fucking she-demon bitch.
  5402. >Why can't she just consider the fact that you just might be telling the truth?
  5403. >Is it really so farfetched?
  5405. >You all reach the entrance to the throne room, and there is a line of ponies waiting.
  5406. >Guards stand unwaivering at the doors, letting in ponies one at a time.
  5407. >Twilight walks up to one of the guards.
  5408. >"Please inform Princess Celestia of our arrival, we'll be waiting in the Sunrise Hall."
  5409. >"Yes, Princess."
  5410. >The guard ducks into the throne room while the rest of you leave.
  5411. >Huh, a Princess Celestia.
  5412. >She must be a sun pony.
  5413. >Cause the blue one is a moon pony.
  5414. >You laugh to yourself at the sheer simplicity.
  5415. >Twilight leads you down the halls to a set of double doors adorned with a sun creeping over a horizon.
  5416. >She pushes them open with her magic and leads your group inside.
  5417. >The massive room draws you in.
  5418. >Tall windows line the far wall, half draped with shimmering curtains but still giving a view of the city below, and of the eastern horizon.
  5419. >A decorative door leads out to a balcony.
  5420. >The walls are lined with bookshelves filled to the brim with tomes, as well as various plants and statues.
  5421. >Various spiral ladders lead up to thin walkways that bend around the bookshelves, giving access to the upper shelves and across various parts of the hall.
  5422. >a half dozen large sprawling couches adorn the center of the room, laiden with extravagent pillows.
  5423. >You could easily use one them as a bed for several ponies.
  5424. >Small tables are placed next to the couches, presumably for refreshments.
  5425. >It reminds you of the lounge in the Friendship Castle, but much larger.
  5426. >Twilight makes herself at home on one of the couches.
  5427. >"And now, we wait."
  5428. >what, waiting?
  5429. >You had to wait all day on the damn train, and now you have to wait more?
  5430. >You seriously doubt this room will keep you entertained for long.
  5431. "Ugh, more waiting. You're driving me crazy, Purple Horse."
  5432. >"My name is Twilight."
  5433. "Ok, Purple."
  5434. >Starlight snickers
  5435. >"Don't encourage her!"
  5436. >"S-sorry." Starlight stammers
  5437. >like you need encouragement.
  5439. >You wander the room for a bit before the decor bores you.
  5440. >Its nice, and interesting, but not for long.
  5441. >You have jack all to do so you're going to antagonize the purple horse.
  5442. >She's reading a book again.
  5443. >You sneak up behind her and wrap your hooves around her neck.
  5444. >She gasps in surprise.
  5445. "Hey, Purple. Whatcha readin'?"
  5446. >She hesitates.
  5447. >"A... book."
  5448. "About what?"
  5449. >"About transmuting inanimate objects into other inanimate objects."
  5450. "So you can spin straw into gold?"
  5451. >"Actually, yes. Theres a spell for that."
  5452. >You can tell you're making her feel very awkward.
  5453. "So why hasn't anypony done that and struck it rich?"
  5454. >"Well, transmutation in general is an advanced form of magic. Very few unicorns can actually perform it. A spell like this is really only used if there's a shortage."
  5455. >Its actually kind of fascinating.
  5456. "Can you cast the spell?"
  5457. >"Yes."
  5458. >You want to know more.
  5459. >plus your inquiries will probably annoy her.
  5460. "What other kind of stuff can you do? Water to Wine?"
  5461. >"Probably. I'd have to look in the index for specific substances and the magical components required for the transmutation."
  5462. "Thats actually kinda cool, and intriguing."
  5463. >"You think so?"
  5464. "Well, I'm also from a world without magic so theres that."
  5465. >She glares.
  5466. "What? Its fascinating to me."
  5467. >"So you knew nothing about magic or how it works?"
  5468. "Not really, no."
  5469. >Your attempts to pester the purple princess end up becoming an impromptu magic lesson.
  5471. >"...So after creating the fire and water elements, combining them with a fusion effect will result in a steam element."
  5472. "Hot water."
  5473. >"Yes. It can be very convenient, especially if you aren't near a water source."
  5474. "An easy way to make coffee."
  5475. >"I can't say I haven't done that before."
  5476. >Twilight giggles.
  5477. "Wish I could cast these spells."
  5478. >"Don't worry, Maybe if you study magic long enough, you'll become an expert in the nuances of focused magic."
  5479. >You were thinking of a witty reply when the opening door interrupts you.
  5480. >An elegant and tall white pony with a striped sherbet mane makes its way into the room.
  5481. >her warm smile draws you in.
  5482. >Her eyes shine with ancient wisdom.
  5483. >The wings and horn make it obvious
  5484. >This is another princess.
  5485. >"Princess Celestia!"
  5486. >Twilight makes her way to Celestia and they share a hug.
  5487. >Starlight and you join Twilight.
  5488. >Starlight bows before her.
  5489. >"Princess."
  5490. >"Please rise, there is no need."
  5491. >You get a look at Celestia's cutie mark.
  5492. >Her cutie mark is a sun, how pleasantly ironic.
  5493. "Hey Sunbutt."
  5494. >Starlight gasps and Twilight gives you a look of death.
  5495. >"ANONYMOUS!"
  5496. >Twilight looks like she's about to berate you further, but is interrupted by laughter.
  5497. >Celestia holds a hoof to her mouth in an attempt to control her snickering.
  5498. >"She's observant, and blunt."
  5499. >She soon composes herself.
  5500. >"It is a pleasure to meet you, Anonymous."
  5501. "You must be Princess Celestia. Charmed."
  5502. >You give her an embellished curtsy.
  5503. >"You don't already know of me?"
  5504. "Nope."
  5505. >"Hmm..."
  5506. >She shows no emotion or surprise.
  5507. >It makes the guards look like emotional pansies.
  5508. >"My sister should be along at any moment, let us relax in the meantime."
  5510. >A servant enters the room behind Celestia pushing the cart.
  5511. >A pot of tea and various pastries adorn the cart.
  5512. >"Thank you, Sunbeam. You may leave us."
  5513. >The servant nods to Celestia before leaving.
  5514. >Everypony makes themselves comfortable on the couches.
  5515. >You sit next to Starlight and idly munch on the snacks.
  5516. >Celestia and Twilight talk about the past few days.
  5517. >How you ended up in her castle one morning.
  5518. >And your adventures.
  5519. >And how you annoy Twilight.
  5520. >Starlight adding in at times.
  5521. >The conversation is cut by the opening door.
  5522. >You recoginze the newcomer from your dream.
  5523. >Its Princess Luna.
  5524. >She speaks with clarity and authority.
  5525. >"Salutations, ponies."
  5526. >"Afternoon, sister."
  5527. >You all rise to welcome Luna.
  5528. "Hey Moonbutt."
  5529. >Starlight facehoofs.
  5530. >Luna scowls at you.
  5531. >"Gah! Such disrespect towards us!"
  5532. >Celestia snorts.
  5533. >"Oh come sister, she is quite an endearing filly."
  5534. >You all return to your seats.
  5535. >Luna makes her way to the couch Celestia is resting on, and sits next to her.
  5536. >"Now then, since Luna is here we can get to business."
  5537. >Celestia turns to you.
  5538. >"Before we start, what we discuss here today must not leave this room. Is that understood?"
  5539. >You all nod.
  5540. >You may end up sharing anyway, depending on how juicy the gossip is.
  5541. >"While we wanted to meet you Anonymous, that is not the main reason we asked you to visit us."
  5542. >She looks at Luna and then back to you before continuing.
  5543. >"We want to know where you learned of humans."
  5545. >Is this real?
  5546. >Do they know what you really are?
  5547. >You realize your mouth is hanging open.
  5548. "How... did you?"
  5549. >"Humans?" Twilight asks
  5550. >Celestia ignores Twilight.
  5551. >"Anonymous, you have intricate knowledge of the human species, and we wish to know how."
  5552. >She clears her throat before continuing.
  5553. >"You are taking the form of a human in your dreams, and this can't be a mere coincidence."
  5554. >Will she actually believe you?
  5555. "Because... I am human."
  5556. >She studies you.
  5557. >"How can that be so?"
  5558. "I don't know. Somehow I was transformed or something, and ended up here."
  5559. >Celestia and Luna begin whispering to each other.
  5560. >You feel a lump in your throat.
  5561. >It seems they don't believe you either.
  5562. >Celestia turns back to you.
  5563. >"I hope for your sake you aren't trying to trick us."
  5564. >You tense.
  5565. "I-I'm not. I wish I could prove it somehow, but nopony believes me."
  5566. >You start breathing heavily.
  5567. "I just wake up one day in an alien body, Everyone thinks I'm just a kid. Do you have any idea how frustrating this is?!"
  5568. >You start to lose composure.
  5569. "And now you're just taunting me with what I lost? Is that it?"
  5570. >Celestia remains impassive.
  5571. "What? Not going to gloat? Put me in my place?"
  5572. >You take on a mocking tone.
  5573. "Blah blah blah! So unbecoming of a filly?!?! Blah blah blah! Learn some manners!"
  5574. >you lose it.
  5575. "Well FUCK YOU ALL!"
  5576. >You practically leap off the couch and stomp towards door
  5577. "I'm sick of this shit."
  5579. >You try to push the door open but it wont budge.
  5580. >They must be holding it closed somehow.
  5581. "God damnit, let me out NOW!"
  5582. >"Anonymous." Celestia beckons.
  5583. "NO!"
  5584. >The tears start flowing as you pound the door in vain.
  5585. "LET ME OUT!"
  5586. >You feel a hoof on your back.
  5587. >You turn to swipe it away, but stop when you realize its Starlight.
  5588. >She looks into your eyes, sadness overtaking her features.
  5589. >The rest of the ponies remain seated on the couches, watching the scene unfold.
  5590. "Just... just let me go. Please."
  5591. >"No."
  5592. "I... just..."
  5593. >You collapse on the floor.
  5594. >Starlight joins you on the floor and takes you into a hug.
  5595. >You cling to her and cry until there are no more tears.
  5596. >She hums a soothing tune into your ear.
  5597. >The familiar comfort of her embrace calms you.
  5598. >You hear the clopping of horseshoes on the floor approaching you
  5599. >"Anonymous."
  5600. >You look up at Celestia with red eyes.
  5601. "I don't care."
  5602. >"I want to give you the chance to prove what you say is true."
  5603. >Is she serious?
  5604. "How am I supposed to do that?"
  5605. >"Come with me."
  5606. >She turns back to Twilight and Luna
  5607. >"Everypony."
  5609. >The group makes its way through the decorative halls of the palace with Celestia at the lead.
  5610. >You had worn yourself out trying to beat down the door, so you were lying on Starlight's back.
  5611. >It was really nice of her to carry you.
  5612. >You turn down a flight of stairs, and begin the descent.
  5613. >As you descend, the smooth brick walls become rough and uneven.
  5614. >Dim torches sparsly light the way.
  5615. >You must be inside the mountain itself.
  5616. >At the bottom of the stairs, there is nothing.
  5617. >Just a plain wall.
  5618. >Celestia stops at the wall, and begins channeling a spell.
  5619. >A section of the wall dissipates into nothing, revealing a hallway beyond.
  5620. >Celestia makes her way through the doorway, and you all follow.
  5621. >It closes as you all pass through.
  5622. >"The... Royal vault." Starlight gasps in amazement
  5623. >"Only the Princesses of Equestria are allowed access, with guests of course." Celestia adds.
  5624. >The hallway briefly ends and opens up into a massive cave
  5625. >Gargantuan stalactites greet you from the ceiling.
  5626. >Various stalgmites rise from the floor in an attempt to meet their hanging twins.
  5627. >Floors have been carved into the cave surface, and are littered with furniature, shelves, and display cases.
  5628. >The architecture compliments the natural formations of the cave in a decorative manner.
  5629. >Ancient bookshelves filled with dusty tomes circle the cave.
  5630. >There are small passageways and doors that appear to lead to other parts of the cave.
  5631. >Celestia leads your entourage through the caves and stops at a door.
  5632. >She opens the door, and enters the room with the rest of you in tow.
  5633. >The small room is brightly lit, and mostly featureless
  5634. >A wooden table rests at the center of the room
  5635. >There are some things on the table but you can't quite see.
  5636. >An amber pony with a red and yellow streaked mane sits on a stool with its back to you.
  5637. >wait a second...
  5638. >The pony gets up and turns to the group, bowing before the royal entourage.
  5640. >"Sorry to keep you waiting, Sunset."
  5641. >Sunset breaks her bow, looking a little tired but still cheerful.
  5642. >"Don't worry about it, Princess. Happy to help."
  5643. >Why does this pony look familiar?
  5644. >That mane...
  5645. >"Everything is here, just like you asked."
  5646. >Celestia remains as stolid as ever.
  5647. >"Perfect."
  5648. "You."
  5649. >You hop off Starlight's back and step in front of everypony, poking Sunset on the breast with a hoof
  5650. "I've seen you. Yesterday, at the Castle. What is going on here?"
  5651. >You look back to the princesses for answers, but none come.
  5652. "I want answers."
  5653. >Celestia steps forward next to you while draping a wing over your body, the feathers softly caressing your coat.
  5654. >"And you shall recieve them. But first, I would like to show you something."
  5655. >Celestia leads you over to the table as Sunset steps out of the way.
  5656. >She beckons you to sit on the stool, and you comply.
  5657. >She starts walking around the table, giving you that same warm smile.
  5658. "What is going on?"
  5659. >"Do you recognize any of this?" Celestia asks.
  5661. >She motions a hoof towards the table, and your eyes follow.
  5662. >You hadn't been paying attention to it.
  5663. >A monopoly board game, a smart phone, shoes obviously made for a human, even a TV.
  5664. >All these things... they aren't of pony origin.
  5665. >At least you're pretty sure of it.
  5666. >These have to be from home.
  5667. >How did they end up here?
  5668. >Is this some sort of alternate universe?
  5669. >In what way is this even possible?
  5670. >Your mind is boggled just trying to understand.
  5671. "What... how?"
  5672. >"Well...?"
  5673. >Your thought snaps back into reality.
  5674. "Yes. These are all from my world. But..."
  5675. >Celestia studies you intently, probably guaging your reaction.
  5676. >She picks up an object from the table with her magic, and begins inspecting it.
  5677. >Its a Nintendo 64 console.
  5678. >It brings back a lot of memories.
  5679. >You look at the game cartridge still in the slot.
  5680. >Pokemon Stadium.
  5681. >You shed a single tear.
  5682. >"What is this? What is its significance?"
  5683. >You think carefully before continuing.
  5684. "This is a Nintendo 64. A video game console. It's kind of hard to explain."
  5685. >"Please try."
  5686. "The game console is connected to a television that displays pictures. You are able in influence and interact with the pictures using the controls."
  5687. >You look around for the controllers.
  5688. "The controls usually plug into the front here, but they are missing."
  5689. >"And you have used this device before?"
  5690. "Yes, but it's been a while. This is a classic."
  5691. >"Interesting."
  5692. >You spend some time telling Celestia about the objects.
  5693. >You give Celestia as much details about them as you can.
  5694. >Though its starting to make you feel depressed and homesick.
  5695. >She often shares glances with that Sunset pony, which really makes you wonder.
  5696. >Who is this pony and how is she related to all of this?
  5697. >You are about to describe the purpose of brass knuckles when Celestia stops you.
  5699. >"That's enough."
  5700. >You turn to her
  5701. >"Your knowledge of these items isn't something you could simply read or study anywhere. Its very personal and dear to you. I can see it in your eyes."
  5702. >She looks over the items briefly, then back to you.
  5703. >"Either you're telling the truth, or you're a great actor."
  5704. >She gives you a pleasant smile.
  5705. >"And I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt."
  5706. >You can't believe it.
  5707. >An immense wave of relief washes over you.
  5708. >Without thinking you leap out of your seat and wrap your hooves around her leg in a hug.
  5709. "Thank you."
  5710. >"You're welcome, my little pony."
  5711. >You look up to her.
  5712. "Pony?"
  5713. >You stop momentarily before continuing.
  5714. "Yea, I guess so."
  5715. >"Come then, we have things to discuss."
  5716. >Celestia leads you and the others back to the Sunrise lounge while Sunset excuses herself.
  5717. >You spend the next few hours talking to Celestia about your life.
  5718. >Life before you woke up in Equestria.
  5719. >About what you used to do, your family, places you lived.
  5720. >She listened intently, and was keeping notes on a scroll.
  5721. >Luna was also keeping notes.
  5722. >Twilight and Starlight listened on in fascination.
  5723. >After a few hours, Celestia stops you.
  5724. >"We can continue later, it is time to lower the sun."
  5725. >wait, lower the sun?
  5726. "What? What do you mean?"
  5727. >Celestia leaves her seat, and makes her way to the balcony door.
  5728. >"Join me, and I'll show you."
  5730. >You follow her out onto the balcony.
  5731. >The view of the city below is fantastic.
  5732. >You can see the silouettes of ponies finishing up their work for the day.
  5733. >Packing up their wares and bringing them indoors.
  5734. >Celestia lifts herself up into the air with a few deliberate strokes of her wings.
  5735. >The telltale glow of magic surrounds her horn.
  5736. >The sun begins to slowly descend.
  5737. >You watch as it drops below the horizon.
  5738. >The moon begins to rise to take its place.
  5739. >You can't believe this.
  5740. >Did she just move the sun?
  5741. >You notice Luna standing on a balcony farther off.
  5742. >Does she raise the moon?
  5743. >Its so bizarre, but makes sense in a way.
  5744. >Celestia, Princess of the sun.
  5745. >Luna, Princess of the moon.
  5746. "Wow."
  5747. >"It is something, Isn't it? Even after countless sunrises and sunsets, the magesty of the sun never ceases to amaze."
  5748. >Her hooves return to the balcony, and she turns to you.
  5749. >"Come, let us retire for the night."
  5750. >You oblige and follow her indoors.
  5751. >"Now, I would like to ask you to stay in Canterlot for a while, At least a few days. I would like to know as much about humans as you can possibly tell me."
  5752. >That doesn't sound unreasonable to you.
  5753. >Plus, its a good reason to stay in Canterlot.
  5754. >You like it here.
  5755. >but a question is knawing at your mind.
  5756. "How do you know about humans, and how did you get all that stuff?"
  5757. >"I will tell you all I know, but not today."
  5758. >Darn, its going to eat at you.
  5759. >How are the two worlds connected?
  5760. >Is that even how it works?
  5761. >"But I must remind you not to speak of anypony about what we discuss. You must not reveal your origins to anypony."
  5762. "Why not?"
  5763. >"I would rather not risk such knowledge being known, at least for now. I feel somepony could be able to use it for nefarious purposes."
  5764. >That kinda makes sense.
  5765. >But what kind of purposes?
  5766. >"Come, I will arrange for accomidations for everypony."
  5768. >You've been laying in bed for a while now.
  5769. >You can't sleep.
  5770. >So much has happened today.
  5771. >The trip here to Canterlot.
  5772. >Meeting the princesses.
  5773. >All of that stuff down in the vault.
  5774. >That ketchup and mustard-maned Sunset Shimmer.
  5775. >Its a lot to take in.
  5776. >Even if at least one pony believes you are what you are.
  5777. >That should bring at least a little peace.
  5778. >But Celestia wants you to keep quiet about it.
  5779. >Just pretend you're actually a pony.
  5780. >Is that really what you want to do?
  5781. >Celestia is the first pony to actually believe you anyway.
  5782. >And probably the only one that ever will.
  5783. >There has to be some way to change back into a human.
  5784. >That is your goal.
  5785. >You will find a way to become human again.
  5786. >Your mind is metaphorically bouncing in your skull.
  5787. >You can't get comfortable, and toss and turn.
  5788. "Fucking hell."
  5789. >You get out of the bed and make your way out of the room to the hall.
  5790. >You remember which room Starlight took.
  5791. >You don't even knock.
  5792. >You make your way to her bed.
  5793. >She's already asleep.
  5794. >You quietly hop into the bed and try not to wake her.
  5795. >You lay down in front of her and slowly inch closer.
  5796. >Her eyes pop open and she gasps, almost leaping out of the bed.
  5797. "Relax, its just me."
  5798. >"By Celestia, you scared me!"
  5799. "Sorry. I couldn't sleep."
  5800. >She calms, and moves closer to you.
  5801. >"Aww, poor baby."
  5802. "I'm not a baby."
  5803. >"Regardless of whatever has happened, you're a filly now."
  5804. "Fine. Just cuddle me already."
  5805. >Thankfully she obliges, and you savor the feeling of her embrace.
  5806. >Her hooves wrapped protectively around you.
  5807. >Her soft fur brushing against your muzzle.
  5808. >You clasp to her breast with your hooves.
  5809. >Sleep takes you quickly.
  5811. >Daylight breaks through the curtains, stirring you from your sleep.
  5812. >Starlight is sprawled on her back, and you're wrapped tightly around her hind leg.
  5813. >You have no intentions letting go.
  5814. >It isn't long before she stirs awake.
  5815. >"Morning, sweetie."
  5816. "Name's Anon, remember?"
  5817. >She coos and strokes your mane.
  5818. >"You're not going to let go, are you?"
  5819. "Not a chance."
  5820. >She sighs and pulls you off her leg with her magic.
  5821. >You reach your front legs towards her in a futile attempt to hold onto her.
  5822. "It's your fault for being so comfy."
  5823. >She rolls her eyes and gets out of bed before setting you down.
  5824. >You snuggle back into the bed, drawing in her scent.
  5825. "You can't drag me out of bed today."
  5826. >She walks over to the door before looking back at you smugly.
  5827. >"Oh, well. I guess I'll have to tour Canterlot all by myself today."
  5828. "WAIT FOR ME!"
  5829. >You bolt out of the bed with lightning speed and make a dash for the door.
  5830. >You burst through the door into the hallway.
  5831. >"Wait! What about breakfast?!" Starlight calls out to you.
  5833. >You are Twilight Sparkle.
  5834. >And you missed having breakfast with Celestia.
  5835. >Its great to come back to Canterlot every now and then to catch up.
  5836. >Your old friends, your parents, the princess.
  5837. >Normally your brother as well, but he's with Cadence in the Crystal Empire.
  5838. >You and Celestia are enjoying breakfast together in the dining room.
  5839. >Of course, the both of you are early.
  5840. >Starlight and Anon should be around soon.
  5841. >You munch on a piece of jelly toast while Celestia tastes a banana.
  5842. >The whole Anon incident has really been bugging you.
  5843. >You remember what she called Starlight on the train.
  5844. >mom.
  5845. >You had pretended not to hear.
  5846. >It hurt just a little bit, considering that was what you were supposed to be.
  5847. >You wanted your own littly filly to mother.
  5848. >You don't think that will ever be that to her.
  5849. >You quickly bury that thought.
  5850. "Princess?"
  5851. >Celestia looks to you.
  5852. "You really think Anon came through the portal, don't you?"
  5853. >Celestia looks down to her food.
  5854. >"It is possible."
  5855. "It would make sense. When I went through the portal I was changed into a human, and I become a pony again when I came back."
  5856. >"Yes. If Anon is from that world then traveling here would have presumably transformed her."
  5857. >She takes a bite of banana, thoughtfully chewing and swallowing before continuing.
  5858. >"But, the pieces don't all fit the puzzle."
  5859. "They don't?"
  5860. >"No. Don't you think somepony would have noticed the portal being used, least of all yourself? How could Anon have used it, especially without drawing attention on either side? Also, if Anon really was a male before, how would the journey have changed... her gender?"
  5861. >She has a point.
  5862. >"Also, as far as we know only ponies have used the portal, not the other way around. The effects could be different for residents of the other side."
  5863. "True. In any case, We may need Sunset Shimmer's help once again. Maybe she knows of, or could discover an Anonymous on the other side, and can help us get to the bottom of this."
  5864. >"Good thinking. I'm glad you're still as smart as ever."
  5865. >You beam.
  5866. >You're still a glutton for Celestia's praise.
  5867. >"But, I think in order to get to the bottom of this, we're going to have to use the portal."
  5868. >You gasp, dropping your toast onto the fine china.
  5869. "Y-you don't mean?"
  5870. >She nods.
  5871. "But, we agreed that it should remain absolutely secret."
  5872. >"... in case of dire need or emergency. Yes, I recall."
  5873. >She takes a quick glance out the window before looking back to you, her eyes piercing.
  5874. >"If it resolves the issue here, then I think the risk is worth it."
  5875. "And Starlight? Given her and Anon's, 'attachment," can we risk this information with her?"
  5876. >You recoil at your own words.
  5877. "Its not that I don't trust her or anything, but you know, state secrets and all."
  5878. >"That's the tricky part."
  5880. >Before you can discuss the topic any further, Starlight and Anon are led in by one of the maids.
  5881. >They must have been lost.
  5882. >How cute.
  5883. >"Sorry we're late, we got lost." Starlight says as her and Anon join you at the table.
  5884. >"Its 110% Glim Glam's fault."
  5885. >You roll your eyes.
  5886. "I suppose its time we told them the plan, Celestia?"
  5887. >"God Purple, can't a horse eat first?"
  5888. >Celestia picks up a banana from a plate on the table, and moves it to Anon.
  5889. >"Do you like bananas?"
  5890. >"I love them."
  5891. >Anon takes the banana from Celestia's magical grip and begins devouring it.
  5892. >You have to admit she's a cute filly.
  5893. >Shes kinda growing on you.
  5894. >Even if she was a pain.
  5895. >And was actually human.
  5896. >You still have doubts.
  5897. >But as more and more of the picture comes together, the more it makes sense.
  5898. >Starlight grabs a peice of toast and begins eating.
  5899. >"So, what is this plan?"
  5900. >Celestia turns to Starlight.
  5901. >"The plan is for Anonymous to stay here in Canterlot, at least for a few days. I need her contribution to our collective knowledge of humans, and I would like to help find out how she got here."
  5902. >It's not entirely true.
  5903. >Of course she doesn't mention the extensive knowledge we already have, especially from my own work.
  5904. >Nopony could ever compete with her improvization skills.
  5905. >One of your great envies.
  5906. >"I'm ok with this." Anon perks up.
  5907. >"I will see to it that Anonymous' needs are taken care of. Starlight Glimmer can return to Ponyville her convenience."
  5908. >Perfect. If Starlight is back in Ponyville then keeping the secret will be that much easier.
  5909. >...except the portal is in Ponyville.
  5910. >"So... Starlight has to go home?" Anon asks dejectedly.
  5911. >She's really getting attached to Starlight, isn't she?
  5912. >This could make things difficult.
  5913. >Actually... This will be better.
  5914. "Starlight can stay. That shouldn't be a problem."
  5915. >Starlight looks to you
  5916. >Behind her, Celestia gives you a raised eyebrow.
  5917. >"Are you sure, Twilight?"
  5918. "Yes. If Anon wants you to stay then I see no reason why you shouldn't."
  5919. >"What about my friendship studies?"
  5920. "It's not like you can't do them from here. Maybe you can just take a short vacation from them for a day or two."
  5921. >Celestia catches on to your idea, the corners of her mouth turning up ever so slightly.
  5922. >"Well, I don't mind the vacation, and Anon certainly enjoys my company."
  5923. >She gives anon a noogie
  5924. >"Glimmy, don't embarass me!"
  5925. >"Oh, they don't know about your addiction to cuddles, do they?"
  5926. >"Stahp!"
  5927. >Celestia and you share a laugh at Starlight and Anon's antics.
  5928. >That feeling of envy rises up in you again.
  5929. >But maybe its better this way.
  5930. >For her.
  5932. >You are Anonymous.
  5933. >And you want a sword.
  5934. "I want a sword."
  5935. >The rough looking blacksmith looks over his table, and down to you
  5936. >"Kid, you're too young for a sword."
  5937. >You pout.
  5938. "Mommy, buy me a sword."
  5939. >Starlight grabs you by the tail with her magic, and starts dragging you off.
  5940. >"I'm not buying you a sword. Come on."
  5941. "But I need one!"
  5942. >"What for?"
  5943. "For fighting, of course."
  5944. >"No."
  5945. >Damn, it was worth a shot.
  5946. >After breakfast, Starlight was awesome and decided to let you tour Canterlot.
  5947. >Canterlot was a really cool place.
  5948. >Ponies everywhere, all kinds of cool stuff to look at.
  5949. >The various stalls and shops beckoning you in.
  5950. >All the jewels, trinkets, supplies, and weaponry.
  5951. >And anything else you could think of.
  5952. >The restauraunts assault the street with the smell of culinary perfection.
  5953. >You can almost see the delicous wafts seeping out the doors.
  5954. >You take in all you can while staying as close to Starlight as possible.
  5955. >You don't want to get lost.
  5956. >You're trying your best to learn the layout of the city.
  5957. >The roads wind around the face of the mountain haphazardly.
  5958. >But you're starting to get your bearings of the place.
  5959. >You think you could stay here forever.
  5961. >The hours fly by whimsically, practically unnoticed.
  5962. >And you've had a pretty great day.
  5963. >You got to check out Canterlot and see all kinds of neat and interesting things.
  5964. >You didn't realize just how diverse this world was, It was kind of neat.
  5965. >So far, your best day in Equestria.
  5966. >You've surprised yourself.
  5967. >It turns out you can have a good time as a horse.
  5968. >You happily trot alongside Starlight as the both of you make your way back to the castle.
  5969. >The late summer breeze brushing against your coat.
  5970. >The soft fluffy clouds lulling about in the sky.
  5971. >You let out a content sigh.
  5972. >In all honesty, you haven't felt this good since you got here.
  5973. >Nothing could go wrong.
  5974. >You have everything you could ever want here.
  5975. >An awesome and interesting place to live, at least temporarily.
  5976. >Some of the ponies get on your nerves, but they all seem to mean well.
  5977. >And of course there are those that you do like.
  5978. >Like Starlight.
  5979. >You always want to be around her.
  5980. >But why is that?
  5981. >What is the true nature of your relationship?
  5982. >At first the 'mom' thing kind of slipped, and you've been mostly rolling with it.
  5983. >It feels good, and she doesn't seem to mind.
  5984. >Actually now that yout think about it, she actually seems to like it.
  5985. >Does she want to be your mom?
  5986. >Do you want to be her daughter?
  5987. >Or is it not quite set in stone, and a bit more complicated?
  5988. >This should make you feel weird.
  5989. >You make your way to the castle and make your way up the steps in the main hall.
  5990. >"Hey Starlight! Anon!"
  5991. >You look to see Twilight poking her head out from the hallway.
  5992. >She makes her way towards you.
  5993. >She's got her saddlebags on for some reason, is she leaving?
  5994. >If so, then awesome.
  5995. >"Hey Twilight, whats up?"
  5996. >Twilight removed a wax-sealed scroll from her bags with her magic and hands it to Starlight.
  5997. >"I've got a surprise for you and Anon."
  5999. >Knowing her its probably a book or something.
  6000. "Oh boy."
  6001. >Your reply drips with sarcasm, but she's either dense or ignored it.
  6002. >She beams.
  6003. >"I've arranged for a private tutor just for Anon. That way she doesn't have to worry about school while you're here."
  6004. >Isn't that pretty much the same thing?
  6005. "I don't need a tutor, or school."
  6006. >"Oh don't be silly! of course you do."
  6007. "I'll pass."
  6008. >She's not taking no for an answer.
  6009. >"The tests? I'm sure you will, you are smart filly!"
  6010. >Cheeky cunt.
  6011. "Come on Purple, I was having a good day and now you're throwing off my groove."
  6012. >She harrumphs.
  6013. >That's what she gets for trying to play your game.
  6014. >"My name is Twilight."
  6015. "I know, Purple."
  6016. >She shakes her head in frustration.
  6017. >"Anon, If you're going to live here in Equestria then we need to ensure you have a proper education."
  6018. "I don't want to live in Equestria. I want to go home."
  6019. >Twilight and Starlight share a pained look.
  6020. >"Well, we don't know how you can even get home."
  6021. >The truth of Starlight's words hurts.
  6022. "Yea..."
  6023. >"It's not so bad, You have ponies here who care about you!" Starlight says as she takes you into a light hug.
  6024. >You lean your face into her leg.
  6025. >She is right.
  6026. >You take some comfort in that fact.
  6027. >"Well, the next train to Ponyville is leaving soon. This scroll has Anon's schedule as well as a list of everything else she'll need. I trust you to handle everything Starlight."
  6028. >"Oh, you're leaving?"
  6029. >Twilight nods.
  6030. >"Yes. Celestia wants me to look through a few books in my personal library for information. I'm sure you can manage."
  6031. >"Of course. Thanks Twilight."
  6032. >"Anytime! Hope to see you two again soon!"
  6033. >Twilight makes her way out of the castle, and waves goodbye before exiting through the doors.
  6034. >You only notice out of the corner of your eye.
  6035. >After a moment, Starlight lifts your chin with a hoof so you're looking into her eyes.
  6036. >"Come on Anon, I'm sure the chefs have some ice cream. Lets get some and then I'll read you a story, ok?"
  6037. >You loved when she read to you last.
  6038. "I'd like that."
  6040. >Starlight's soft pink fur tickles your nose as you snuggle against her.
  6041. >The strands shifting and melding with your own green brand.
  6042. >You can feel the vibration of her voice as she reads the words of the story.
  6043. >Her soft and feminine voice bringing the words to life.
  6044. >You think this is what heaven really is.
  6045. >Being next to a mare that you really care about.
  6046. >Sharing every little precious moment that you can.
  6047. >You breathe contently and nuzzle her side every now and then.
  6048. >She gently squeezes you back in return.
  6049. >She adjusts her posture against the bed pillows, but you don't let go.
  6050. >She giggles a bit and continues reading.
  6051. >You can't think of anything that has ever made you so happy.
  6052. >The two of you enjoy the moment until the sun takes its reprise under the horizon.
  6053. >You could die right now and it would be ok.
  6054. >Because you know now for certain.
  6055. >It really hasn't been that long, but does it really need to be?
  6056. >You know that you love her.
  6057. "I love you mommy."
  6058. >She bends down and kisses you on the top of the head.
  6059. >"I love you too."
  6060. >Her rhythmic breathing and alluring voice draw you closer and closer until sleep takes you.
  6062. >Soft rays of sunlight batter your closed eyes through the thin curtains, pulling you from your sleep.
  6063. >You squint and stretch your legs.
  6064. >The familiar warmth of Starlight is missing.
  6065. >Your head shoots up in search of what you've lost.
  6066. >She's not here.
  6067. >You're in your own room.
  6068. >Damn, she must have moved you in here when you fell asleep.
  6069. >You're a bit sad you don't get to wake up to a face full of pink fur, but its too late to cry now.
  6070. >You decide to lay in bed all day.
  6071. >Twilight ruined your good life with work.
  6072. >Hopefully everyone will forget.
  6073. >Knocking on your door reminds you otherwise.
  6074. >"Anon! Are you awake?"
  6075. >You pull the covers over your head and try to hide.
  6076. >You hear the door knob click open and the soft clopping of hooves on the floor.
  6077. >"Come on Anon, time to wake up!"
  6078. "Glim Glam pls go."
  6079. >The blankets are covered in a teal aura before they are pulled off you.
  6080. "No! You're in trouble for putting me in my room all alone with nopony to cuddle."
  6081. >You look up to her with faux dejection.
  6082. "I could have died, you know."
  6083. >She rolls her eyes and pickes you up with her magic.
  6084. >"Come on, We have lots to do today."
  6085. >You flail your limbs in a futile effort to escape.
  6086. "Gah! No!"
  6087. >"Stop resisting!" She teases you
  6088. "Nope!"
  6089. >"We need to get ready, eat breakfast, and go over your schedule and not be late!"
  6090. "I'll be sure to take my time."
  6091. >She floats you over to the washroom.
  6092. >This is becoming a thing.
  6093. >"You wouldn't want to keep ponies waiting would you?"
  6094. "A Wizard is never late."
  6095. >She opens the door and sets you inside.
  6096. >"You've got thirty minutes. I'll drag you out sopping wet if you aren't done."
  6097. >She laughs and closes the door.
  6098. >Today is going to suck.
  6099. >After you finish your shower, Starlight hops off the bed and walks to the desk in the room.
  6100. >She floats a scroll off the desk with her aura.
  6101. >You recognze it as the one Twilight gave her yesterday.
  6102. >She unravels the string keeping it bundled up, and the paper rolls open.
  6103. >"Lets move on, we need to go over your schedule quickly, you're already running late."
  6104. >You pull the towel off your head and toss it on the bed before sitting one of the comfy chairs that accent the room.
  6105. >Starlight sits in another chair next to you and starts reading the scroll.
  6107. >"Alright... You'll need to go to the Canterlot library from 8 to 12 for your education."
  6108. "Wait. Why do I need this exactly? I've already been educated."
  6109. >"Because if you really are from some other world, then you know nothing about ours. If you're going to live here then you need at least a basic education."
  6110. "Stop having good reasons for things I don't like."
  6111. >She giggles.
  6112. >"Lets see... after that you're free until 3. Celestia wanted to see you afterwards, probably about all that stuff yesterday, and you'll meet her in the Sunrise Hall. You remember where that is?"
  6113. >You nod.
  6114. >That doesn't bother you at all.
  6115. >Celestia is pretty chill.
  6116. >Hanging out with here will be awesome.
  6117. >"...And thats pretty much it."
  6118. "Well it sounds pretty alright except for the first part."
  6119. >"If you'd like you can go to a regular school like the other fillies and colts."
  6120. >Honestly that would probably be more interesting.
  6121. >More helpless targets for you to terrorize.
  6122. >"Well, you'd be very late as it is. School starts at 7 and ends at 2:30. I'm sure we could work that in if its your preference."
  6123. >god no.
  6124. >You'll take the 4 hours over 7 and a half.
  6125. "No."
  6126. >"I'm glad you're agreeable today."
  6127. >She rolls up the scroll and places it back on the desk.
  6128. >"Now come on, we still need to eat breakfast."
  6129. >You begrudgingly comply.
  6130. >As much as you want to do nothing, you decide its best to please Starlight.
  6131. >After all, you wouldn't want to miss out on cuddles.
  6133. >One quick breakfast later and the two of you make your way to the Canterlot library.
  6134. >You're toting your saddlebags filled with any supplies you might need.
  6135. >Its not too far from the castle.
  6136. >Not even a block away.
  6137. >As you round the corner you immediately discern your destination.
  6138. >You're almost surprised Starlight didn't get you both lost.
  6139. >You've never been to the library here, but it's hard not to recognize it as one.
  6140. >Solid Marble statues of two proud unicorns on raised platforms stand vigil to the hall of knowledge.
  6141. >The steps lead up between them to a brick building lined with tall glass panes.
  6142. >A gold-framed glass rotunda juts out from the center of the roof.
  6143. >An ornate plaque portraying an open book rests atop a veranda supported by spiraling pillars.
  6144. >Golden doors separate the house of reading from the outside world.
  6145. >After a brisk trot the two of you are through the front doors.
  6146. >You stare in wonder at the massive interior.
  6147. >Several floors worth of balconies circle the rotunda with each floor holding massive amounts of books.
  6148. >The center of the floor is lined with many reading desks, and most of them are occupied.
  6149. >"Alright, now we just need to find her. Twilight's list says her name is Strict Rules."
  6150. >What an ominous name.
  6151. >You briefly consider forgoing cuddles in favor of no schooling.
  6152. >You scan the library floor looking at the ponies.
  6153. >Most of them are just sitting reading or looking for books, but the yellow unicorn standing off to the side catches your eye.
  6154. >She's holding as sign with her magic that reads "Anon"
  6155. >10 bits says that's her.
  6156. >You nudge Starlight and point in her direction.
  6157. >"That must be her. Go on, and try not to cause too much mischief."
  6158. "Oh come now, I'm a perfect little angel!"
  6159. >You give Starlight big eyes and flutter your eyelashes.
  6160. >"SSSHHH!!!!"
  6161. >All the ponies in the hall shush you.
  6162. "S-sorry."
  6163. >Starlight nuzzles you briefly.
  6164. >"I'll leave you to it, and I'll expect you back at the castle in time for lunch."
  6165. "Alright, cya."
  6167. >You make your way over to Strict Rules.
  6168. >Those thick glasses with a beaded chain.
  6169. >The mane in a tight brown bun.
  6170. >Could she be any more of a stereotypical teacher?
  6171. >You stop in front of her and stand tall and proud.
  6172. >As tall as you can anyway, being a filly.
  6173. "I'm Anon."
  6174. >She looks down at you frowning.
  6175. >"Yes, You're late. Follow me."
  6176. "Sorry, we were caught up with... things."
  6177. >Ignoring you, begins to make her way into the library.
  6178. >She leads you through rows of shelves that lead to more reading areas.
  6179. >You look at her cutie mark.
  6180. >Three pencils.
  6181. "Three pencils for a cutie mark? Appropriate."
  6182. >She ignores you.
  6183. >Why is everypony's cutie mark so appropriate anyway?
  6184. >Its like a badge of profession or talent, or something.
  6185. >You take a brief glance back at your own blank flank.
  6186. >If you had one, what would it mean?
  6187. >A few doors lead to what must be private study rooms.
  6188. >She opens one of the doors and beckons you in.
  6189. >Inside is a barren classroom.
  6190. >The bookshelves and walls are empty, and the desks are collecting dust.
  6191. >The green chalkboard shows signs of heavy use in the past.
  6192. >Strict Rules walks to the desk that is front and center of the class and places a hoof on it.
  6193. >"Sit here."
  6194. >You comply.
  6195. >As you sit down and take off your saddlebags, Strict Rules speaks up.
  6196. >"Now then, My name is Strict Rules, but you will address me as Mrs. Rules. Understood?"
  6197. "Sure."
  6198. >"And no 'sures' or 'uhhuhs' will be allowed. You will answer a yes or no question with yes or no."
  6199. "Ok."
  6200. >half of you wants to mess with her.
  6201. >But the other half says no.
  6202. >They probably don't call her Strict Rules for nothing.
  6203. >"Well then. We're going to start you off today by giving you a test."
  6204. >Aw man, tests already?
  6205. >"This first test will the the Equestrian General Education Competency exam. Every student in Equestria is required to pass this test before they can graduate."
  6206. >Wait a second, an exit exam?
  6207. >This is too good to be true!
  6208. >All you have to do is pass it and then you wont have to do this boring shit.
  6210. >"While I certainly don't expect you to pass given your age, Your results will give me a good idea of what you already know."
  6211. >She pulls a thick stack of papers from her saddlebags and places them on your desk.
  6212. >"You may begin now."
  6213. >She trots over to the decrepit teachers desk and sits in the chair to read a book.
  6214. >Ha, this bitch is in for a surprise.
  6215. >You flip open the cover to the test booklet and examine the first problems.
  6216. >Math? should be a piece of cake
  6217. >You weren't a huge fan of math in school but you should be able to handle this.
  6218. >The first problems are all very easy, basic stuff.
  6219. >By the time you work your way towards the end of the math section, you're refreshing your algebra skills.
  6220. >Fortunately they're all multiple choice, so figuring out the answers is easy.
  6221. >You feel pretty confident about your performance here.
  6222. >You flip to the next section, and its Equish?
  6223. >Must be the equivalent of English.
  6224. >After browsing the first few questions you aren't mistaken.
  6225. >They're questions about proper language and grammar use.
  6226. >You breeze through this section without issue.
  6227. >Not even the essay portion at the end will stop you.
  6228. >You look up at the clock.
  6229. >Its almost been almost 2 hours already, time flies when you're kicking ass.
  6230. >You flip over to the next section of the test.
  6231. >Oh fuck.
  6232. >Equestrian History.
  6233. >Yea, you're fucking boned.
  6234. >You scan the first few questions, and you have no idea what the fuck they're about.
  6235. >Unification of Equestria? Hearthswarming Eve? Luna's banishment?
  6236. >You just start filling in random bubbles, hoping to get them right.
  6237. >You remember the answers from one or two questions from your time at the Ponyville schoolhouse, but its not enough.
  6238. >The section takes you a short time to breeze through.
  6239. >Your smile and optimism: gone.
  6241. >The next section? Magical Theory.
  6242. >Amazing, a subject you still know virtually nothing about.
  6243. >You guess on most of these questions too.
  6244. >They seem to be questions about the magic in the world and how it works.
  6245. >You thankfully remember some tidbits in your brief lessons in magic with Twilight and Starlight.
  6246. >Unfortunately, most of this is way over your head.
  6247. >This really sucks.
  6248. >Hopefully you can score well enough on the test to get a passing grade.
  6249. >Before long you're finished with the test.
  6250. "I'm done."
  6251. >Strict Rules looks up at the clock.
  6252. >"So soon? Very well, lets have a look."
  6253. >Magic engulfs the test packets as she moves them over to her desk
  6254. >She starts reading over them.
  6255. >Should you just sit in the meantime?
  6256. >You grab a piece of paper and start doodling while she looks at your test.
  6257. >After thirty minutes or so, she roughly slaps the booklets down.
  6258. >"You're excused early today. Be back tomorrow at 8am sharp."
  6259. >You take a quick glance at the clock.
  6260. >Its only 10am.
  6261. >You're curious as to why she's letting you off early, but you're not complaining.
  6262. "Ok. See you tomorrow, Mrs. Rules."
  6263. >You pack up your things and leave the barren classroom.
  6264. >Since you have time, you decide to browse the library to see what they've got.
  6265. >You have a new goal now since you know what ponies are supposed to learn in school.
  6266. >One library card later and you're checking out 'Comprehensive Equestrian History' and 'Basic Magic Theory 12th Edition.'
  6267. >And a few fiction novels too.
  6268. >This 'Daring Do' seems kinda interesting, It might stave off some boredom.
  6269. >God damn horses haven't invented video games yet it seems, you'll have to get some new hobbies.
  6271. >You are Strict Rules.
  6272. >And you can't believe what you've just read.
  6273. >You dismissed Anon early because you have no idea how to handle this.
  6274. >A 96% score on mathematics and a 98% in Equish?
  6275. >Scores for a filly this age?
  6276. >This is absolutely astounding!
  6277. >Anon is quite the prodigy.
  6278. >It almost doesn't surprise you given Princess Twilight Sparkle sought you out personally.
  6279. >You're the best at what you do.
  6280. >The more surprising result were the history and magical theory scores.
  6281. >She missed practically every question.
  6282. >She obviously just guessed on the answers, and it explains how she had finished so fast.
  6283. >How is she so well versed in some subjects, but completely oblivious to others?
  6284. >You put your elbows on the desk and lean into your hooves.
  6285. >Has Anon been living under a rock her whole life?
  6286. >That can't be even remotely true, where would she learn math?
  6287. >This doesn't make any sense.
  6288. >For now, the best thing you can do is plan your lessons according to her knowledge.
  6289. >Ultimately it doesn't matter, you're getting paid a handsome sum of bits.
  6290. >You've got some time to kill, so you decide to clean up the room a bit with a conjured duster.
  6291. >This classroom hasn't been used in years.
  6293. >Why does a sandwich with flowers in it taste so good?
  6294. >You are Anonymous.
  6295. >And you're having lunch with Starlight at some corner cafe.
  6296. >The outdoor patio was a perfect place to have a comfy meal.
  6297. >The lattice fencing and light shrubbery compliment the umbrella shaded fine white tables and chairs.
  6298. >Starlight sits across the round table from you while enjoying her own salad.
  6299. >"So, how was your first day?"
  6300. "It was ok. Actually got off early"
  6301. >"Really, Anon? What did you do this time?"
  6302. >You put up a hoof in defense.
  6303. "I did nothing, I swear. She had me take some test and then let me leave after she looked at it."
  6304. >She gives you a questioning look.
  6305. "Its strange, I know. Decided to browse the library and pick up some books since I had the time."
  6306. >You reach into your saddle bags and pull out the books to show her.
  6307. >"Really? 'Comprehensive Equestrian History?' I shouldn't be surprised, considering your other hobbies."
  6308. >You look up to her to catch a mischevious grin.
  6309. >"Nerd."
  6310. >You stick your tongue out at her.
  6311. "I'm no nerd. I just want to learn this stuff so I can pass the test and don't have to go to school."
  6312. >"Pass the test?"
  6313. "She had me take some test, called it an exit exam."
  6314. >You pause to take another bite of your sandwich.
  6315. >Priorities young pony, your stomach needs its food.
  6316. >"Oh?"
  6317. >You finish chewing before continuing.
  6318. "I'm pretty sure I didn't. Mrs. Rules didn't actually say if I did or not, but I'm pretty confident I didn't. The important thing is I know what I need to know in order to pass."
  6319. >Starlight eyes you contemplatively.
  6320. "I just hope I get another chance to take it soon."
  6321. >"I think Twilight would be much more fond of you if she know how much of a nerd you were."
  6322. "I'm not a nerd!"
  6323. >"Oh sure, Oubliettes and Ogres? And now history books? It's as plain as day."
  6324. >You pout.
  6325. >Curses, she's got you in a corner.
  6326. >You take another bite of your sandwich and savor the flavor in an attempt to ignore the predicament she's put you in.
  6327. >Confound these ponies.
  6328. >They drive you to want to drink.
  6330. >after lunch, the two of you return to the castle.
  6331. >You've got more time to kill so you decide to do some studying.
  6332. >You never really were the type to study in your free time.
  6333. >But you're convinced if you can learn this stuff quickly enough you can get out of this school nonsense.
  6334. >Then you can focus on finding out how you got here.
  6335. >And how to become human again.
  6336. >Your eyes move between the book and the clock every now and then
  6337. >Idly checking on the clock.
  6338. >1, 2, and almost 3.
  6339. >You've already knocked out a decent chunk of the book.
  6340. >In a week you could have this book read.
  6341. >It's actually kind of interesting.
  6342. >All new material about a world you've never known before.
  6343. >Right as the clock hits three, the door opens and Celestia enters the hall with several scrolls and an inkwell in her magical grip.
  6344. >Her punctuality is uncanny.
  6345. >"Good afternoon, Anonymous."
  6346. "Hey Sunbutt."
  6347. >Your title for her elicits a warm laugh.
  6348. >"Do you always give ponies nicknames?"
  6349. "Just the ones I like."
  6350. >You rub your chin in thought for a second.
  6351. "Except for Purple."
  6353. >She takes a place on a nearby sofa and readies her tools
  6354. >You place a bookmark in your book and stow it in your saddlebags
  6355. >"Now I know we spoke briefly about yourself, but I'd like you to start again from the very beginning."
  6356. >The beginning?
  6357. "What do you mean 'the beginning?' As in the beginning of me, or the beginning of time?"
  6358. >"Beginning of time?"
  6359. "Well, the beginning of time as we know it."
  6360. >If you didn't have her attention before, you sure did now
  6361. >"Fascinating. Go ahead then."
  6362. >You don't remember everything about the subject, but you fill in as best as you can.
  6363. >You start telling her about what you know about the origin of the universe and the big bang theory.
  6364. >You talk about the life and death of stars, about how everyone is made of star stuff.
  6365. >You even manage to touch on abiogenesis.
  6366. >As you share your knowledge with Celestia she scribbles on the scroll with the quill.
  6367. >She only actually looks at the scroll every now and then.
  6368. >she must be able to write without looking.
  6369. >you're about to continue when she stops you.
  6370. >"Alright, I think that's enough for today."
  6371. >She points to the clock with her quill.
  6372. >6pm exact.
  6373. >Time must fly when you're having...
  6374. >was this fun?
  6375. >"Its very intriguing how you have a theory for the origins of life and the universe. As much as I'd like to continue, it can wait till tomorrow."
  6377. >You are Starlight Glimmer.
  6378. >And you've had a long and exhausting day.
  6379. >The soft candlelight illuminates the study as you crush your way through this tome.
  6380. >Twilight isn't letting you off as easy as you thought.
  6381. >She's already stacking lessons on you.
  6382. >Between the friendship lessons and arcane studies, you've got a full plate.
  6383. >You've got to make two friends this week!
  6384. >You don't even know anypony in Canterlot.
  6385. >It's hard enough making friends in ponyville.
  6386. >You sigh in desperation at the book in front of you.
  6387. >You tend to relax in a soft sofa when reading, but you settled for the desk today.
  6388. >You've really got to crack this one.
  6389. >Transformation spells.
  6390. >Twilights been obsessed about them lately.
  6391. >Thanks Anon.
  6392. >You laugh to yourself thinking about Anon.
  6393. >Such a cute little filly, even if she hasn't always been one
  6394. >You just hope she's ok with being a filly forever.
  6395. >You're drawn from your thoughts by the door to your room opening with a low creak.
  6396. >"Glim Glam?"
  6397. >You turn to the door to see a cute little green head poking in.
  6398. "Yes, Anon?"
  6399. >"You didn't come to dinner, just making sure you aren't dead or something."
  6400. "Oh no, I'm still alive. Come in."
  6401. >She trots her way in and closes the door behind her.
  6402. "I just got lost in my work, completely spaced it."
  6403. >She walks up to the desk next to you and pokes your book with a hoof.
  6404. >"Skipping food? Can't say I would ever do that over a book."
  6405. "Well, sorta"
  6406. >You point to the empty vanilla ice cream bucket.
  6407. >"Ice cream for dinner? No fair! I'm having ice cream for dinner tomorrow!"
  6408. "No you're not."
  6409. >"Try and stop me!"
  6410. >The both of you giggle as she prentents to make a break for the door.
  6411. >You hop into her path, and she turns around to run.
  6412. >Her escape is faltered as you playfully catch her.
  6414. >You scoop her up into your front leg and trot over to the bed.
  6415. >You plop you plot on the edge of the bed still laughing while holding Anon like a baby.
  6416. >"H-hey! I'm not a baby!"
  6417. "You're my baby."
  6418. >You give her a gentle nuzzle.
  6419. >"NNNNUUUUUuuuuuu...."
  6420. >Her resistance is cut short as she gives in and returns your gesture.
  6421. >Your face feels warm as you share the embrace.
  6422. >The two of you share breath as you gently rock her.
  6423. >She paws at you with her little front hooves.
  6424. >god thats cute.
  6425. >You love these moments.
  6426. >Sharing a special time with somepony else.
  6427. >Its something you never got to experience much in life before
  6428. >Feeling love for somepony.
  6429. >Its not a romantic love, something more along the lines of familial or maternal.
  6430. >It's the greatest feeling in the world and you wouldn't trade it for anything.
  6431. >Anon looks at you with heavy eyes.
  6432. >"Mommy..."
  6433. "Yes, baby?"
  6434. >"You're making me sleepy..."
  6435. >You boop her on the muzzle and her face scrunches.
  6436. "Yep, you're my sleepy baby."
  6437. >"Curse you."
  6438. >You boop her again.
  6439. >She starts figiting.
  6440. >"Come on mom, its not that late yet."
  6441. "But you're so cute, I can't help it."
  6442. >"Ugh! I'm not cute!"
  6443. "Yes you are."
  6445. >She huffs as you let her down on the bed.
  6446. >You let yourself fall back into the bedding as it tries to swallow you.
  6447. >Anon lets out a load groan.
  6448. >"Why do I call you mommy?"
  6449. >That takes you by surprise, but its also a very legitimate question.
  6450. "I... don't know. You just started and I went along with it."
  6451. >Anon curls up next to you, resting her head on your chest.
  6452. >"Sorry, it just slips out. I'll try to stop."
  6453. "Its ok, I don't mind."
  6454. >You put a hoof around her.
  6455. "Actually, I like it."
  6456. >"Oh..."
  6457. >It's kind of a weird thing, expecially considering that Twilight is supposed to be her 'mom.'
  6458. >Twilight is a friendship expert, but maybe not so much in this department.
  6459. >But then, can you say that you are?
  6460. >You've just been going along with it for two reasons.
  6461. >One, It seems to help Anon.
  6462. >Two, you actually enjoy it.
  6463. >You have a stupid and crazy idea not too dissimilar from Twilight's.
  6464. "Anon?"
  6465. >"Yea?"
  6466. "I was wondering if... uh..."
  6467. >You have trouble finding the rights words.
  6468. >She lifts her head and looks at you quizzically.
  6469. "... I could be your mom?"
  6470. >That sounded weird, and felt weird too.
  6471. >"uh... what do you mean, like adoption or something?"
  6472. >you nervously nod.
  6473. >What are you doing?
  6474. >What will Twilight think?
  6475. >She blinks a few times and looks down at your chest in contemplation.
  6476. >She drops herself on you and hugs you.
  6477. >"Yes. I can't explain it, but it just feels right."
  6478. >Relief washes over you as you return the hug.
  6479. >You're going to try and convince Twilight that its a good idea.
  6480. >Its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  6482. >Anonymous the green filly.
  6483. >That's you.
  6484. >Today is Tuesday, and today you aren't doing shit.
  6485. >Somepony usually shows up to drag you out of bed, but not today.
  6486. >You aint gettin' out of bed today.
  6487. >Starlight strait dumped you back into your own bed all by yourself.
  6488. >you 'REEE' interally.
  6489. >you've piled up your blankets on top of yourself to protect from intrusion.
  6490. >not even cuddles.
  6491. >you let out a content sigh as you draw the covers as close to you as possible.
  6492. >Its getting a little hard to breath, but it keeps the light out.
  6493. >so comfy.
  6494. >You begin reminiscing on your time in Equestria.
  6495. >Waking up as a filly was a bit jarring, but overall, it hasn't been so bad.
  6496. >It's been a lot of mixed emotions.
  6497. >You usually aren't the emotional type, so that alone has been alien.
  6498. >It hasn't been that long, but you're feeling more comfortable with your new self every day.
  6499. >It didn't take long for you to master moving around in your new form.
  6500. >Or to learn to manipulate objects with your hooves, mouth, and magic.
  6501. >You'll never understand how you're able to grab things without fingers.
  6502. >It really helps that ponies are looking out for you.
  6503. >Even Purple, as much as you hate to admit.
  6504. >Why do you hate Purple again?
  6506. >A knocking at the door draws your attention.
  6507. "I don't wanna take the doggie for a walk."
  6508. >You hear a stifled giggle at the door.
  6509. >"Anon, its me. Can I come in?"
  6510. >Princess Celestia?
  6511. >What is she doing here?
  6512. >Any other pony you would say no to, even Starlight.
  6513. >You don't say no to this horse.
  6514. "Yes."
  6515. >The door creaks as Celestia's regalia clops on the marble tiles.
  6516. >Somepony really should oil those hinges.
  6517. >"Are you going get out of bed today?"
  6518. "I don't wanna look at naked chicks and drink beer."
  6519. >She nudges you with a hoof through the covers.
  6520. >"Come on Anon, I have something important to show you."
  6521. "Show me?"
  6522. >"Yes, you may find it very interesting."
  6523. "Is it as interesting as sleeping?"
  6524. >She nudges you again.
  6525. >"More so."
  6526. "I don't wanna spank the monkey."
  6527. >"Pardon?"
  6528. "I aint gettin' out of bed today"
  6529. >Her hoofs start clopping away, probably back to the door.
  6530. >"Fine. I was just going to show you the portal to take you back to your world, but I guess I'll just let you sleep instead."
  6531. >WHAT.
  6532. >NO FUCKING WAY.
  6533. >You couldn't have lept out of that bed faster if it was on fire and full of bed bugs.
  6534. >You land in a dishevled pile of limbs and speak in an exhasperated manner.
  6535. "WHAT?! YOU'RE SERIOUS?!?"
  6536. >She looks back to you nods in amusement.
  6538. >"Not yet! A Princess needs her breakfast you know... and young fillies too!"
  6539. >God damnit, you need to see this shit right fucking now.
  6541. >After a quick shower and breakfast you were walking through the castle halls with Celestia.
  6542. >You were a bit skeptical of there actually being a portal, but you were keeping your hopes up.
  6543. >You also wonder how long Celestia has known about it.
  6544. >"In here."
  6545. >Celestia opens the door and beckons you into the room.
  6546. >This is the sunrise hall, how could the portal be here?
  6547. >The couches have been pushed out of the center of the room, and a strange circle has been drawn on the floor.
  6548. >You weren't a magic expert, but you've played enough dungeons and dragons to know this is some kind of ritual.
  6549. >A trio of unicorns stand over the circle in equidistant positions.
  6550. >One of them holds what looks to be a magical tome in their magical grip.
  6551. >It makes you think of some bizarre hollywood style satanic ritual.
  6552. >One of the unicorns speaks up.
  6553. >"Princess."
  6554. >"Good to see you. Thank you for showing up on such short notice."
  6555. >"Of course."
  6556. >You're still confused though, you were promised a portal back to Earth
  6557. "What is going on? Why are they here?"
  6558. >Celestia turns to you and rolls her eyes
  6559. >"Endearing as ever, aren't you Anon?"
  6560. "Of course, Sunny horse. What is going on? Are you pulling my leg?"
  6561. >Celestia interrupts your banter.
  6562. >"This is a circle of teleportation. It will allow us to travel great distances instantaneously."
  6563. "So... enough to send me home?"
  6564. >"Indirectly, yes. Normally we would take the train to our destination, but this is a short notice trip and time is valuable."
  6565. "Train... what?"
  6566. >Now you're even more confused.
  6567. >How does a train take you home?
  6569. >"I'll explain, for now we need to get going. Step into the center of the circle."
  6570. >You oblige, and Celestia steps into the circle with you.
  6571. >The three unicorns begin charging magic from their horns and channel it into the spellbook.
  6572. >A beam of magical energy bursts from the book onto the floor drawing, and the chalk begins to illumate.
  6573. >The world explodes in a bright flash of light.
  6574. >You close your eyes in reaction to the flash to find your vision replaced with a broad spectrum of colors.
  6575. >It feels like your feet have been swept from under you, hurtling your body at a million miles an hour.
  6576. >Your entire body is spinning.
  6577. >Before you can comprehend the sensation, its over.
  6578. >You slump onto the floor at your new destination.
  6579. >Your stomach protests as your breakfast threatens your taste buds with another helping.
  6580. >You curl up in a ball trying to process the surreal sensations you're experiencing.
  6581. >"Don't worry, the first time is always the worst."
  6582. >Celestia and another pair of hooves try to pick you up, but you push them away.
  6583. "J..just g-give me a sec."
  6584. >Once you got your bearings, you managed to open your eyes.
  6585. >The floor had remenants of a chalk circle, much like the one you had been standing in before.
  6586. >You immediately recognize where you are.
  6587. >Twilight's Library.
  6588. >And she's here.
  6589. >And the bigger question is why are you?
  6592. "Uh... What?"
  6593. >You should probably be angry, but rather, you're just dumbstruck.
  6594. >"This is it."
  6595. "uh?"
  6596. >Celestia gives you a comforting look, and points to that bizzare mirror contraption.
  6597. >You had looked at it before, even poked it a few times.
  6598. >It had the 'Do not Touch.' sign on it, so of course you had to.
  6599. >"This mirror is a gateway to another world. A world we presume is your own."
  6600. >So they weren't fibbing you.
  6601. >This shits real.
  6602. >And it's infuriating.
  6603. >This whole time, you were sitting right next to your ticket home.
  6604. "So... I can just walk through and go home?"
  6605. >You try not to grit your teeth.,
  6606. >Celestia nods.
  6607. >"Yes..."
  6608. >She looks over to Twilight who chimes in.
  6609. >"Based on what you've been discussing with Celestia over the past week and my own experiences on the other side, we are 97.49% certain that it is your home."
  6610. >Wow, thats new.
  6611. >Twilight has been to Earth?
  6612. >What a bitch.
  6613. "You mean you've been to Earth, and you thought I was just full of shit, and you didn't mention this portal at all to me."
  6614. >You've taken her by surprise, and her shocked expression betrays it.
  6615. "So here I've been being manic depressive since I've got here, and you've just kept this secret from me."
  6616. >You feel a seething rage burning inside of you, but you do your best to remain calm and collected.
  6617. >You feel your hooves start to tremble with anger.
  6618. "Just letting me suffer when the solution was right here the whole time."
  6619. >You turn towards the mirror.
  6620. "Fuck you!"
  6621. >You dash towards the portal mirror.
  6622. >Your mind briefly darts to thoughts of Starlight.
  6623. >You didn't even get to say goodbye.
  6624. >A slight pang of crushing guilt briefly overcomes your anger as you as you leap into the portal mirror.
  6625. >As you hit the mirror, your instincts expect a hard surface.
  6626. >Instead it feels like jumping into a pool.
  6627. >Only that pool is standing on its side.
  6628. >And its a pool of acid tearing at your flesh.
  6629. >Even so, its surprisingly painless yet thrilling.
  6630. >Your vision is taken over by a swirling myriad of colors.
  6631. >Your body feels like its falling apart and being put back together.
  6632. >As soon as the sensation began, it ends and you find yourself tumbling forward.
  6633. >You put your hooves in front to catch yourself, but you end up rolling on the pavement.
  6634. >You find yourself on your back looking up at the lightly clouded sky, a mix of dizziness, pain, and confusion swirling in your head.
  6635. "Ugh… what the fuck?"
  6636. >You lay there for a second to get your bearings.
  6637. >What the hell just happened?
  6638. >Are you home?
  6639. >You look down at your body to confirm your suspicion: You are still the filly.
  6640. >You push yourself up to rest on your haunches, and take note of your surroundings.
  6641. >The backdrop of quaint homes and a lightly clouded blue sky piques your interest though.
  6642. >With the soft rolling hills in the distance, they look almost cartoonish, almost too serine to be realistic.
  6643. >Where are you?
  6644. >behind you is a large maroon brick building with tall glass windows.
  6645. >The white accents give it a nice touch.
  6646. >Is this a school?
  6647. >You look back to where the portal here presumably was
  6648. >It seems you came through the base of the statue, but the statue is missing.
  6649. >But that only briefly catches your attention before you notice her.
  6650. >A girl.
  6651. >Not a pony.
  6652. >A real girl.
  6653. >As in, human.
  6654. >But something is off.
  6655. >She's standing next to the statue, shoulders drooped forward with her arms dangling to the side.
  6656. >Eyes wide and mouth hanging open, she stares at you.
  6657. >You can't help but stare back.
  6658. >A gentle breeze gently wafts her red and yellow hair.
  6659. >Now that you think about it, it reminds you of…
  6660. "Sunset Shimmer?"
  6661. >"Wha… I…"
  6662. >You furrow your brow.
  6663. "What the hell is going on? You look a lot like that bacon hair horse."
  6664. >She doesn't move or respond.
  6665. >Now it all makes sense.
  6666. >When you saw her at the castle, then in Canterlot.
  6667. >She must be Twilight's Earth-side operative or something.
  6668. >You stand up, rolling your neck and shoulders to make sure they still work.
  6669. >You realize just how small you are as the woman towers over you.
  6670. >You aren't even as tall as her knees.
  6671. "Hello?"
  6672. >You wave a hoof trying to get her attention.
  6673. >She finally blinks a few times, and seems to regain control of her body, running her fingers through her hair as stress takes over her features.
  6674. >"What… how is this possible? Every pony that has ever come through the portal has become human on this side. Is there something wrong with the magic?"
  6675. >Her external monologue only moderately helps your own confusion.
  6676. >You trot over to her and poke her shin with a hoof.
  6677. "You're Sunset Shimmer, right?"
  6678. >Your inquiry breaks her from her self induced trance, and she hesitates before nodding.
  6679. "Can you tell me what the hell is going on?"
  6680. >She looks both ways, and kneels down to you.
  6681. >"I don't know whats going on. You were supposed to come through the portal human, at least that's how it works for me."
  6682. >That doesn't answer your main question though.
  6683. "Where are we? Is this Earth?"
  6684. >"Earth?"
  6685. >She hesitates, which worries you.
  6686. >"This is Canterlot."
  6687. "Canterlot? What the hell?!"
  6688. >You raise your squeaky voice, and she shushes you while looking over her shoulder.
  6689. >"Don't yell, someone might hear!"
  6690. "Fuck you!"
  6691. >You stomp your hooves in anger and defiance.
  6692. >You don't know where you are, but it sure isn't home.
  6693. >Something just seems off.
  6694. >Not to mention, you're still a horse.
  6695. >In your fit, you glance a person walking down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street.
  6696. >All the other features evade you, because of his skin color.
  6697. >It's blue.
  6698. >And now that you think about it.. their heads.
  6699. >Completely out of proportion.
  6700. >And the eyes too.
  6701. >What the fuck is this place?
  6702. >You sit back on your haunches and rub your face with your hooves in a strained manner.
  6703. "This… is bullshit."
  6704. >At this point, you shouldn't be surprised by anything, no matter how bizarre it is.
  6705. >But now, the question is what are you going to do?
  6706. >"Hey… Anon?"
  6707. >You ignore her inquiry.
  6708. >This place… It might be ok.
  6709. >Maybe if you can become human again.
  6710. >Even if you look like an extra terrestrial from 20th century pop culture.
  6711. >Isn't that the whole point of everything you do right now?
  6712. >She said it herself: She was a pony but became human.
  6713. >Why are you different?
  6714. >But then…why even stay here?
  6715. >You furrow your brow before making demands.
  6716. "Send me back. Now."
  6717. >"I… Uh…"
  6718. >She still has that bewildered and confused look on her face.
  6719. >You grow tired of it, and look back at the statue.
  6720. >It must be the portal or something.
  6721. >How clever.
  6722. "Fuck off you Ayy-lmao."
  6723. >Without delay, you run as fast as your legs can carry you and jump into the side of the statue, which you assume is the portal.
  6724. >As the unpleasant feeling of being sucked through a time space continuum assaults you, you find yourself tumbling to the ground again.
  6725. >This time you actually recognize the intricate tiles before you faceplant into them.
  6726. >With a meaty thud your face tries its best to become one with the floor.
  6727. >At this point you don't care about the pain.
  6728. >You don't care about anything really.
  6729. >"Anon!"
  6730. >"Anonymous!"
  6731. >You hear Celestia and Twilight call out as you lay with your face on the floor, electing not to move.
  6732. >They hastily clop over to you, and you feel a leg pulling you to your hooves.
  6733. >Your eyes meet with Twilight, an unmistakable expression of concern on her face.
  6734. >Her eyes are red and still moist.
  6735. >Its obvious she was crying.
  6736. >"Anon… w-"
  6737. "No. Fuck off."
  6738. >You pull yourself away from her grip and slowly trot to the door.
  6739. >You grit your teeth as you feel their eyes on your back.
  6740. >The library is completely silent as you reach the door, pulling on it with tour magical grip.
  6741. >You step through nonchalantly and turn to close the door, the eyes of the two regal ponies still watching you.
  6742. >"Anon…"
  6743. >You ignore Twilight again and slowly push the door closed, staring back at them until the door breaks your gaze.
  6744. >You stare until you hear the 'click' of the door shutting, and you turn and walk off.
  6745. >You do think of running though.
  6746. >The idea of running into the Everfree Forest or right off a cliff in ghastly gorge sounds appealing.
  6747. >Appealing, but pointless.
  6748. >Even if you tried, they would stop you.
  6749. >So you just walk.
  6750. >But you have no where to go.
  6751. >Your brain feels like a scrambled egg.
  6752. >There is no escape.
  6753. >You will never go home.
  6754. >You walk past the door to your room, but stop and turn back to it.
  6755. >A hasty whisk of magic flings the door open and you trot in, slamming the door behind you with a hind kick.
  6756. >You continue as you do the same to the bathroom door.
  6757. >Strait for the shower.
  6758. >You turn on the water to the shower and plop your rump on the shower floor, letting the water run over your mane and muzzle.
  6759. >You don't care.
  6760. >You don't bathe, you don't wash.
  6761. >Just sitting there.
  6762. >The trickling of the water down your body, the sound of it spattering on the shower wall, and the rising hot steam are comforting.
  6763. >You honestly think you're in shock from the experience.
  6764. >It was so close, you could practically taste it.
  6765. >Home.
  6766. >So close… it seemed.
  6767. >It never really was there to begin with.
  6768. >It infuriates you.
  6769. >But should it?
  6770. >Why did you even think it would be possible in the first place?
  6771. >You fucking idiot.
  6772. >You're just a stupid ass little filly.
  6773. >Whatever masculinity you had before is gone, and its never coming back.
  6774. >Hell, you don't even have a dick anymore.
  6775. >Just a stupid little cunt, like the cunt you have become.
  6776. >You grit your teeth and stomp your hooves, the water splashing to the sides before obeying the command of gravity to enter the drain.
  6777. >You're never going to get it back, and you're always gonna be stupid.
  6778. >Just a stupid
  6779. >Little
  6780. >Retarded
  6782. >You shout at the top of your lungs and with all the fury you can muster.
  6783. >You violently stomp the shower floor, accenting each strike with expletives.
  6785. >Of course being the filly, it comes out as intimidating as a white fluffy bunny.
  6786. >Your impotent rage sends you over the edge, and you start bawling.
  6787. >The wails of sorrow echo through the walls as you hang your head low.
  6788. >Mucus drips from one of your nostrils, but you don't care to do anything about it.
  6789. >You collapse unceremoniously onto the shower floor curling up into a fetal position, the water flowing around your form.
  6790. >Nothing matters anymore.
  6791. >Only death with give you release from this hell.
  6792. >You wish you had jumped out the window before.
  6793. >You're going to now.
  6794. >"Anon?"
  6795. >Twilight must have followed you.
  6796. >You didn't notice her before.
  6797. >You force a reply between heavy sobs.
  6798. "Leave. me. alone."
  6799. >"Anon, please just talk to me."
  6800. "NO!"
  6801. >You continue sobbing on the floor while Twilight remains silent.
  6802. >Feathers suddenly wrap around your body and you are lifted off the floor.
  6803. >The water runs over your forms as she sits with you on the floor.
  6804. >She pulls you into a hug.
  6805. >You move to resist but her words stop you.
  6806. >"I'm sorry."
  6807. >Sorry?
  6808. "For what?"
  6809. >Is she capable?
  6810. >She stammers in thought, her face shifting while finding the words to say.
  6811. >"For treating you the way I have. For not telling you about the portal. for…"
  6812. >She begins chocking up.
  6813. >"…everything."
  6814. >She sobs as the tears form in her eyes.
  6815. >You would be lying if you said you weren't the least bit incredulous.
  6816. >You look into her eyes as well as you can.
  6817. >That look…
  6818. >sadness, and regret.
  6819. >It just seems so genuine.
  6820. >This pony.
  6821. >The first one you saw.
  6822. >The one who scolded and reprimand you.
  6823. >Who forced you to do dumb things like go to school.
  6824. >The one who treated you like a child.
  6825. >You thought she was the biggest cunt you had ever met.
  6826. >You despised her with every fiber of your soul.
  6827. >But now, looking into her eyes… into her soul.
  6828. >You knew she was telling the truth.
  6829. >And for some reason, it hurt.
  6830. >Like you had never given her a chance.
  6831. >You never tried to understand her or her motivations.
  6832. >After all, even though these are all ponies…
  6833. >They seem human on the inside.
  6834. >And she was human too.
  6835. >Just as much as you.
  6836. "M-me too."
  6837. >you bury your face in her chest as the next wave of sobs starts up.
  6838. >she hugs you just a little tighter as you both sob, the torrent of shower water having soaked her now as well as you.
  6839. >It's not long before the water gets cold, however.
  6840. >You both gasp from the shock of it, and Twilight quickly turns the water off with a flicker of magic.
  6841. >She simultaneously grabs several towels in her aura.
  6842. >Breaking the embrace, she dries herself with a few and moves more to dry you before pausing.
  6843. >"Oh… uh. You don't need my help, right?"
  6844. >You nod and grab the towel with your own aura, the color changing from purple to green.
  6845. >After drying yourself, you follow Twilight out of the bathroom.
  6846. >She turns to look back at you to you as you follow.
  6847. >"So… can we talk?"
  6848. "Sure."
  6849. >She sits on the bed and beckons you over.
  6850. >Following suit, you hop onto the bed.
  6851. >"Well… were to begin?"
  6852. "You could start by explaining why are you such a cunt?"
  6853. >She fumes for a second before calming herself.
  6854. >"You know what? You're right, I have been."
  6855. >She rubs her chin for a moment, no doubt jostling the thoughts in her head while you watch her intensely.
  6856. >With elbows on her knees, she leans her head into her hooves, eyes focues on the floor.
  6857. >"When you first arrived I didn't know what to think. For us, your mannerisms and behaviors were alien. I had no idea until you said that word."
  6858. >That causes you to raise an eyebrow.
  6859. "What word?"
  6860. >she puts her hooves down, turns to you and looks you in the eyes.
  6861. >"Human."
  6862. >What?
  6863. >The gears in your head start spinning.
  6864. >"After the circumstances of your arrival and what what Celestia and I later learned, we thought that you might be from the other side. We thought you must have somehow made it through to this side."
  6865. "Ok?"
  6866. >She senses your skepticism and sighs.
  6867. >"Having a portal to another universe in your castle isn't exactly something we like to publicize. Only a dozen or so ponies even know it exists. There have been… problems before, hence the secrecy."
  6868. >you nod, and she seems to feel better having gotten that off her chest.
  6869. >"So… why did you come back?"
  6870. "Lets just say it wasn't quite what I was looking for, and we'll just leave it at that."
  6871. >Another thought hits you.
  6872. "While we're airing out your dirty laundry, what about all this 'mom' and 'adoption' stuff, what was that about?"
  6873. >"Honestly…"
  6874. >she grimaces.
  6875. >"A stupid, stupid, STUPID idea. In retrospect I have no idea what I was thinking. It was crazy and selfish thinking that I'm even close to being prepared for such a role."
  6876. >She starts shaking, a new wave of tears preparing to burst forth.
  6877. >"And what's even worse, I tried to force you into it, disregarding your own circumstances in favor of my disgusting wish fulfillment."
  6878. >The tears start flowing freely
  6879. >And for some reason, you feel sorry for her.
  6880. >Sure, you may be a dick most of the time, but even you can tell that the pain she is feeling is real.
  6881. >You're frozen as she sits there and weeps
  6882. >You honestly have no idea what to do
  6883. >She's pretty much pouring her heart out to you
  6884. >Part of you wants to tell her to get fucked
  6885. >But that's only a part
  6886. "Eh, hindsight is 20-20."
  6887. >She forces a laugh.
  6888. >"I suppose, but what I did was wrong, and I don't know how to fix it."
  6889. >She's full on crying now.
  6890. >Should you console her?
  6891. >She's more or less been your nemesis since you arrived in this horse place.
  6892. >Fuck it.
  6893. >You move closer to her, and wrap your arms around her waist, trying to pull her into a hug.
  6894. >Rather, you end up pulling yourself into her.
  6895. >She recoils in surprise at first, but soon returns the hug.
  6896. >Her wings spread out and wrap around you, drawing the two of you closer together.
  6897. >You hate to admit it, but its kind of awesome, and super comfy.
  6898. >Don't tell Starlight.
  6899. >She sighs as her crying relents.
  6900. >"I… everything I've done… It conflicts with the pony I am. The lessons I've learned - and taught about friendship. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the portal. I'm sorry that I've treated you the way I have. It's… It's not right. I'm supposed to be the Princess of Friendship, and I've been anything but a friend to you."
  6901. >Another pained sigh escapes her lips.
  6902. >"I just hope I can someday earn your forgiveness. It's ok if you never do forgive me, I have to live with the consequences of what I have done. I hope that you can see the real me and not what I was."
  6903. >You gently squeeze her.
  6904. >Should you?
  6905. >Can you?
  6906. "I forgive you."
  6907. >She gently squeezes you back, and the two of you share moments of a quiet and tender embrace.
  6908. >Before too long, she breaks the hug.
  6909. >"I should probably check on Celestia, I'm sure she's wondering."
  6910. >You nod.
  6911. "Yea, probably."
  6912. >Twilight hops off the bed and slowly trots to the door.
  6913. "Purple… er, Twilight."
  6914. >Her head flips around to you faster than you could have ever anticipated.
  6915. >"Y-yes?"
  6916. >It's the first time you've ever called her by her actual name
  6917. "So… does this mean I still have to go to school… and all that stuff?"
  6918. >She smiles warmly, which is reassuring.
  6919. >"I… No. No, you're your own pony now. Your life is yours."
  6920. >She looks forward and walks to the door.
  6921. >You watch as she walks, your mind racing with a million thoughts, most of which you couldn't even put into a single sentence.
  6922. "Hey!"
  6923. >She looks back again.
  6924. "Could we… could we continue our magic lessons?"
  6925. >For the first time today, you see her beaming and genuine smile.
  6926. >"Yes, I'd like that very much."
  6927. "Thank you."
  6928. >She turns to leave you.
  6929. >"No, thank you Anon."
  6930. >She leaves the room, the door slowly closing, leaving you to yourself and your whirlwind of thoughts.
  6931. >You flop back to lie on the bed and stare at the ceiling.
  6932. >Anger, anguish, relief…
  6933. >You are your own.
  6934. >Your own man.
  6935. >No, pony.
  6936. >Your own pony.
  6937. >You are still Anonymous, the peculiar green filly.
  6938. >You watch the sun through the tall glass panes of the Friendship Castle Library as it lazily droops towards the horizon in the far distance.
  6939. >You aren't looking, but you know the moon will soon rise take its place in the east.
  6940. >The concept of interstellar bodies being manipulated by ponies is still obscenely fascinating to you.
  6941. >You rest your elbow on the desk and your face on hoof in lazy contemplation, but accidentally knock over your ink pot.
  6942. >You react by pulling back and make a pitiful attempt to catch it before it drops.
  6943. >It bounces off the floor and paints you, the desk, and the floor like a dalmatian
  6944. "Shit."
  6945. >You sorely hop off the bench to pick up the ink pot
  6946. >Your left hoof ended up in a spill and now you're leaving black hoofprints across the ornate carpet.
  6947. >Hopefully Twilight doesn't give a shit.
  6948. >Probably.
  6949. >Hopefully.
  6950. >You grab a few blank sheets of parchment off the desk and start dabbing the ink spots.
  6951. >As you're dabbing a spot on the carpet, the sound of the large door swinging open startles you.
  6952. >You jump like a scared cat and fall on your rump.
  6953. >"Oh…Fu…"
  6954. >You look to the doorway to see Starlight standing there, with a hoof covering her mouth.
  6955. >She's trying her best to hold laughter, but it noisily escapes through the corners.
  6956. "S-shut up!"
  6957. >You pout
  6958. >"By Celestia… this is cute."
  6959. "NO!"
  6960. >You defiantly hop to your hooves and take a determined stance
  6961. "Not cute! Never!"
  6962. >She shakes her head while laughing, trotting over to you while doing so
  6963. >"You're still trying to debate this? It's been settled already."
  6964. >Her horn lights up in its telltale glow aura
  6965. >Magical pink sparkles begin gently sprouting from the ink spots
  6966. >Within seconds, all the ink spots have magically disappeared
  6967. >As her spell finishes, she walks up next to you and nuzzles you
  6968. >You easily falter and return her affection.
  6969. >"You know, Twilight told me about what happened earlier…"
  6970. "Oh…"
  6971. >Oh great
  6972. >You really don't want to have this conversation.
  6973. >"Did you want to talk about it?"
  6974. "No."
  6975. >"And.. are you're ok?"
  6976. >You nod.
  6977. >She gives you a hug, and you return in kind
  6978. >"That's what matters."
  6979. >You turn to examine your posterior that is now void of spots
  6980. "Magic is cool."
  6981. >"Yea…"
  6982. >Starlight looks at your desk, specifically to the book you were reading
  6983. >"Bright Horn's Guide to Evocation, Volume 3."
  6984. >She looks back to you
  6985. >"You have a strange fascination with applied magic, you know."
  6986. "Yep."
  6987. >You hop back onto the bench and Starlight takes a seat next to you.
  6988. "Considering I lived my life without any magic whatsover, and I'm a huge nerd and find fantasy concepts incredibly interesting. It's not a surprise that I'm naturally drawn to it."
  6989. >"…Fantasy?"
  6990. >Oh, right. What is fantasy for you is reality for them
  6991. "I'm from a world without magic, remember?"
  6992. >"I can't imagine living without it. How did you cope?"
  6993. >A periphial glance out the window reminds you that the sun is making its final descent behind the distance
  6994. >As darkness attempts to envelop the study hall, the braziers on the walls immediately light themselves
  6995. "Ah, a perfect example! The lights here light themselves automatically when its dark, yes?"
  6996. >she nods
  6997. "With the use of magic?"
  6998. >she nods again
  6999. "Well, we have inventions with a similar function. Mainly the light bulb and electricity. I've seen light bulbs here, but not electricity in the traditional sense. It makes sense though, why invent electricity when you have a highly functional system already in place?"
  7000. >Now she just look confused
  7001. >"Electricity? Yep, I'm lost."
  7002. "Its alright. I'm not the best at explaining things. Electricity is basically charged particles used to provide energy to things. Mundane compared to magic, but very effective. I've touched on it briefly with Celestia and her reaction was pretty much the same."
  7003. >You sigh
  7004. "And honestly I feel too strung out to really have that sort of conversation right now."
  7005. >You turn back to the window and gaze out with hopelessness
  7006. >You will never have electricity again.
  7007. >Sure, magic is pretty dandy, but it isn't what you know.
  7008. >It isn't home.
  7009. >Looking out the window to the quaintness of Ponyville, you spot a few ponies dancing and celebrating.
  7010. >you hear the faint sounds of singing and music.
  7011. >"Are you alright?"
  7012. >You watch and the ponies dance in circles with hooked arms.
  7013. >The dance finishes, and the two partners share first a hug, then a kiss.
  7014. >You can't help but smile at the small but significant scene.
  7015. >It may seem insignificant to others, but it brings to you a certain understanding.
  7016. "Actually, yea."
  7017. >You shift a little bit and clear your throat.
  7018. "I'm just coming to terms with who I am. Well, who I am now. I'm no longer me in the same sense that I was."
  7019. >You reach down with your forehooves and pull on your flesh.
  7020. "I'm Anonymous the filly now, and I have to come to terms with that."
  7021. >You look back to Starlight, and she responds with a warm smile.
  7022. "It may not be ideal, or even something I'm completely on board with, but I'm sitting here now, and I have no choice. I think accepting the inevitable truth is the first step for me to get on with it, as it were."
  7023. >You tap the quill on the desk a few times.
  7024. "So here I am. Anonymous. Unicorn. Filly. I can only look forward to the future, and It will only be as bright as I make it, at least that - that is something I can live with."
  7025. >You give Starlight a challenging squint.
  7026. "Except for the 'cute' business. I will challenge that notion until I'm old and wrinkly on my death bead, so help me god."
  7027. >Starlight laughs while roughing up your mane with a hoof.
  7028. >"I'm glad. Just know that I'll be here with you, no matter what happens."
  7029. >She wraps a hoof around you, and you return the hug.
  7030. "Thanks."
  7031. >She hums into your ear in response and looks over your notes.
  7032. >"Mind if I study with you?"
  7033. "Don't you know this stuff already, being an 'extremely gifted unicorn' as Purple puts it?"
  7034. >She laughs.
  7035. >"Yea, but why pass up the opportunity to study with you? Plus, I have ice cream!"
  7036. >You don't know how or where, but she levitates a tub of ice cream from behind her back onto the table
  7037. >Its your favorite flavor too
  7038. >She knows you so well
  7039. "You know, I would like nothing more."
  7043. Part 2:
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