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  1. Hyuk folds his arms as she would begin to explain further "To be even more Specific, chakra can indeed make a new reality if the hand signs are performed correctly. The very first jutsu you all will be learning will be something that will help you from the genin years on up, this jutsu is known as Kawarimi, an ability made to replace oneself with an object of equal mass. "
  3. He began to perform the hand signs for it, the three-four basic hand signs for the very jutsu, all in order to place herself with a log to show to the class. This was a quick lesson, she was not going to restrain the class because one person did not get it, and he knew she had to be hard on the kids, Mist students seemed to have been slacking ever since the times of the place becoming a great nation has passed.
  5. "I want you all to study, each and every hand sign, practice them and become faster and more accurate with each one. Focus on controlling your very chakra within, by using this very method. “He took out a glass jar, placing it on the table before her or behind him where he'd have an NPC shinobi sit down native style, placing the jar in the middle of his lap as he did the following steps.
  7. now aside the open fields next to the manor that was in its' state of reconstruction , the young lad had come to train by himself, alone and away from the others where he can fully concentrate, there was no other person around, for now , no one with him but himself, no one who could distract him but himself, the young teen went to the near edge of the mountain to look down the running waterfall, he took a deep breath, watching the very air itself as it flowed past him. He came because he needed to improve in just about everything he has learned, he wanted to improve in his chakra for the most and with that in mind, he took a jar along with him from his home. Why did he take a jar with him? He had a very method in mind that will help him with his chakra training in order to both build it up and to increase his control of it.
  9. Step One Sit down with both legs folded and both hands on the jar while holding it in the center.
  11. Step Two Focus, lose no concentration.
  13. Step Three slowly pour your chakra into the jar with your right hand acting as the positive component .
  15. Step Four, use your left hand as the negative component and pull that chakra you poured into the jar back into your body and chakra network.
  17. Step Five, speed up the process .
  19. Step Six, set the jar at a distance and recycle your chakra without direct contact.
  21. He has thought of these six steps when he was at home studying about chakra, he had first went by step one, closing his eyes and breathing slowly as he done so, now slowly pouring his chakra into the jar he would use his left hand as the negative component to absorb his own chakra back into his chakra flow and over and over will he do it again until he got used to the sensation of his chakra rushing through his body, he knew that in the future he would have to use it more often on the field and when not on the field of his career. NPC wanted to lead his family and set an example for what they could truly do, what their skill was and what they were good at. He wanted to show the village his family’s potential, with such motivation in mind he thought to himself, not trying to break any concentration but wondering. If he needed, who would truly be his sensei in the village and guide him to what he wishes to learn.
  24. As time went back while he speeds up the process of the chakra flowing through his body and the jar, he took a small break to prepare for the next step which was to set the distance between him and the jar. At first, it was an utter failure, without direct contact it was extremely difficult but soon the boy got it and was recycling the chakra just as well as he had done before, but this was extremely tiring for his part, in the end, soon after the boy would take a break, a nap even. When he was done he'd return to the village to see what was going on. This was also good for his medical training because to use such they'd need great chakra control.
  26. As Tetsuo watched the Shinobi finish the example of Chakra control training, well, the both basic and advanced version. He smiled, allowing him to leave if he wished to do so. Meanwhile, she'd say to the class.
  28. "Now I wish for you all to try, there is a tiny glass jar on each desk...Fill it up with chakra, then recycle that chakra back into your body..." he declared in a calm voice.
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