My Teacher - 03

Jun 21st, 2020
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My Teacher

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Min-Soo Cheol / 민수철 MC
Kim Bo-Young / 김보영 FMC
Min-Soo Jeong / 민수정 MC's Guardian
Head Teacher / 교장선생님 Old Fatty who wants to fuck every female teacher
Hajoon Seong / 하준성 Rapist, Drug Dealer, Minsoo Jeong's Boyfriend

고손작: Author

호닷: Artist

Script Information:

Minsoo Cheol MC
Kim Bo-Young KB
Minsoo Jeong MJ
Head Teacher / Principal P
Hajoon Seong HS
Classmate C1, C2..

{Inner talk / Thought}

Chapter - 03

P: Now... Then..!

P: Shouldn't we finish our conversation where we ended it last time..?

P: What do you think, teacher Bo-Young Kim?

KB: Sigh.. Principal..

Title Drops

P: Teacher.. Nmmm..

KB: Wa... Please wait..!

KB: Aaah

P: Stay still! Woow ~

P: Don't tell me you're satisfied with just being a part-time teacher ~ Don't you want to become a full-time one?

P: Think about who picked you up when nobody wanted to an inexperienced teacher like you.

KB: Aaaah!


P: Even despite the strong opposition of the directors board!

P: If I remember well, during your interview you said you'll show me your potential ~

P: Kim Bo-Young, when are you going to show me your potential?

KB: You can't do this...

P: Looking from this angle, I can see a glimpse of your enormous potential. Kekeke..

KB: Principal..

KB: Teacher..

KB: Nmmm!

MC: {Fuck, I want so much to get out right now and destroy him..}

MC: {But I'm so afraid my actions will hurt my teacher's career.}
MC: {Because of me she could be expelled from school and hate me for the rest of her life.}

MC: {I've no other choice but to endure and stay still.}

P: I think you can become a full-time teacher in no time or go back to your miserable life.

P: Your future will depends on your decision and how you'll to satisfy me.

P: Of course you'll also have to provide me huge amount of money to show me your sincerity.

P: We're short on time, but if you show me how sincere you're, I think I'll be able to help you. Kukuku...



P: Uuh?

P: What is it? I'm busy right now so come back later!


T: Oh.. So you're a busy?

T: Then..

T: Should I say to the Chairman you're too busy to see him?

P: Uh..? The Chairman?!! Of course it's different..! Please, tell him I'm coming soon.

P: Teach Boyoung. Let's finish our business at a later date.

P: Don't forget to leave my office few minutes after I left!


KB: Sob

KB: Sob

MC: {To be so powerless in front of the woman I love and being forced to see her suffering like this..}

MC: {It's like I've been awaken from my dream..}

Music Melona YOUNG Heart Crush

HS: *Wow ~ It's Jiri and her group ~

HS: I'm supposed to invite these girls as guests.

MJ: Where? The Club?

HS: Yeah, if I could invite these kids and drag them into the VIP room, don't you think it'll be nasty?

MJ: What, inside the Night Club? Why would you do such a thing? Isn't it dangerous?

HS: You don't know anything about our VIP members, they can do whatever they want by just opening their wallets, nothing will happen to me. I might even be rewarded for doing such a thing.

MJ: It still sucks.

HS: It's useless to stay behind and to wait for my turn to come.

HS: Isn't it better to do everything in your power to live a better life rather than complaining everyday because you didn't have the guts to take the risk?

MJ: That.. It's better to take the risk..


HS: Let me see ~ Shouldn't you be proud for having suck a hot body?

MJ: Aah

HS: Kekeke you should pass by the club later and make them understand how hot you are

HS: Then once these VIP are turned on, I'll fuck you in front of them. They sure will give us a lot of money for giving them such a show.

MJ: Shall I really come? It's alright, I'll pass by later but what will you do if I'm hooked up by a rich man? Is it still alright?


MJ: Be quiet, Cheol is studying.

HS: Tsk.. Fine, let's go in your and fuck quietly.

MJ: Such a pervert haha..

KB: Now, question 24 you have to substitute y to x for..

C1: Teacher, can't we solve the problem, not x, by just assuming that ƒ(y) is an inverse function?

C2: {This bitch is once again trying to show off}

KB: Hmm? Wait a minute ~

KB: I suddenly feel so thirsty.

KB: Then, why not trying to solve y by assuming ƒ(y) is an inverse function?

MC: !

MC: {T..Teacher..}







KB: I cant?

KB: I also think Soo Cheol is right, so what should we do?

KB: Let's just use the first formula I taught you ~



MC: {I think I've gone too far with my feelings for teacher..}

MC: {I don't know anything about her and I still said I loved her..}

MC: {I don't understand a shit about teacher's life or worries..}

MC: {In what kind of predicament the teacher is to be forced to do such dirty things with this old man?}

MC: {I need to know first..}

MC: {What kind of difficulties she's facing..}

MC: {Don't worry teacher..}


MC: Have a nice day, Teacher!

KB: Oh Soo-Cheol ~

KB: You did great during the last math test. Good job ~ !

MC: It's all thanks to the teacher..

KB: Thank you very much for saying that ~

KB: Keep working hard ~ Soo-Cheol FIGHTING ~ !

MC: Yeah.. FIGHTING ~ !



MC: {Uh?}

MC: Hey.. Teacher ~

KB: Nmm?

MC: !

MC: Ah no.. Nothing!

KB: You scared me.. Well it's alright..

MC: Haha.. Sorry..

To be continued...
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