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Dec 25th, 2011
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  1. cpufreq: introduce hotplug governor
  3. The "hotplug" governor scales CPU frequency based on load, similar to
  4. "ondemand". It scales up to the highest frequency when "up_threshold"
  5. is crossed and scales down one frequency at a time when "down_threshold"
  6. is crossed. Unlike those governors, target frequencies are determined
  7. by directly accessing the CPUfreq frequency table, instead of taking
  8. some percentage of maximum available frequency.
  10. The key difference in the "hotplug" governor is that it will disable
  11. auxillary CPUs when the system is very idle, and enable them again once
  12. the system becomes busy. This is achieved by averaging load over
  13. multiple sampling periods; if CPUs were online or offlined based on a
  14. single sampling period then thrashing will occur.
  16. Sysfs entries exist for "hotplug_in_sampling_periods" and for
  17. "hotplug_out_sampling_periods" which determine how many consecutive
  18. periods get averaged to determine if auxillery CPUs should be onlined or
  19. offlined. Defaults are 5 periods and 20 periods respectively.
  20. Otherwise the standard sysfs entries you might find for "ondemand" and
  21. "conservative" governors are there.
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