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  1. Upgrade Outdoor Space With Eye-Catching Deck
  2. Need to transform the outdoor space at your home? YOR Construction & Investments is your go-to deck design and construction company in Southern California.
  4. We provide a wide range of patio and deck services, including planning, design, budgeting and installation to simplify and streamline the whole process. Our attractive, sturdy, long-lasting concrete patios and decks can beautify any property,enhancing its value and giving it that perfect curb appeal.
  6. Our goal is simple: to offer customized solutions to cater to your specific project needs. When planning deck projects, we take into account various factors, including available space in a residential property, size, style and color of deck and more. You won’t find better deck builders in California!.
  8. Whether you’re personal preference is simple or grand, our professional design and construction team can install an eye-catching deck to help you make a lasting impression on your guests. All our patio and deck projects entail using top-of-the-line concrete materials that come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
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